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    INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal

    A mysterious journey inside the mind of ineverwakeup97, who adventures both lucidly and non-lucidly through his own mind. These adventures can be both fun, dangerous, or make absolutely no sense at all. Either way, his mind is like a great adventure story, so come along for the ride!

    1. First Lucid In An Eternity!

      by , 04-18-2015 at 05:16 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      So I had my first lucid dream in several months last night, and I'm really happy I did! It wasn't too eventful, but it was still awesome to be able to experience lucidity after what was probably my longest dryspell in 5 years(aka since I've started the practice of lucid dreaming). So without further adieu:

      I dream I'm in a retail store of some assortment(I think a Wal-Mart), and I'm getting some work done(I guess I have a job there in this dream). I'm currently having the worst possible day from what I recall, and working is just a real drag at this point. In the midst of my horrible day, I go and sit down on some boxes to take a break for a moment, and I sigh heavily.

      "Can this day get any worse?" I say, jinxing myself.

      And sure enough, I hear an all too familiar voice call my name with a nagging voice. I turn and see my old boss from my real life job, Kristina, and she's yelling at me(but don't get me wrong, she was nice from time to time). Upon seeing her yelling at me, I realize just how much I jinxed myself, and I put my head down and sulk.

      "This can't be real right now," I say, and I plug my nose.

      To my extreme surprise, my airways aren't blocked, and I'm breathing right through my plugged nose. I raise my eyebrows in disbelief, and I decide to double check. I look at my hands, which are pudgy and deformed, and they freak me out a little. I look away from my hands, and I stand up happily. I'm clearly dreaming!

      I run over to a different aisle now, ignoring my boss's nagging, and I see some windows high up on the wall. I jump once into the air, and then suddenly I'm flying. I exert as much force as I can, and I fly straight through one of the glass windows.

      Outside it's dark and beautiful, and I now have all of this power in my hands to use. I turn around and see some real life friends walking by, and I greet them gleefully. I then fly away and land on top of a rooftop on another building, and I look up to the midnight sky.

      I haven't had a lucid dream in forever, so I decide that I can't waste this dream doing something stupid. After consulting with myself, I decide to bring out the nerd in myself and do something for old time's sake. I cup my hands to my side, and I smile as a rush of nostalgia strikes me.

      "KA...ME...HA...ME..." I begin shouting at the top of my lungs.

      I look at my hands, and sure enough a blue ball of energy is forming within them, and I'm ready to fire. I point my hands up at the sky, and a massive blue beam of ki illuminates the air as it sails into space.


      After my successful Kamehameha, I stand on the rooftop, and I feel refreshed. I haven't done anything this fun in awhile, and I need to do more in the future.

      Unfortunately, my recall is a bit shot after this moment. I loosely remember flying elsewhere and trying something else I can't recall, but that was most of the dream. Nonetheless, I was happy to have a lucid dream again!
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    2. Random...6/26/11

      by , 06-27-2011 at 07:24 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I find myself at my apartment development. I'm standing out in the parking with the one and only, annoying, asinine, Jimmy(From School DS) He acts like a total prick all the time. He's currently using a purple bow and arrow to kill chickens running around the area. I decide, what the hell? and join him. We both have purple bows and arrows and we start shooting. Soon, I have to go inside. I am with a different family. I have an understanding Mom, a few siblings, and an asshole Dad. He always seemed so pissed about everything. He made me really pissed(can't recall how), so I went outside to stay away from him. I ran into some random blonde chick. I wa talking to her about how I'm really pissed off right now. I started to talk to her about school(DS), but then I realized I was dreaming. Yay! Time to leave this shithole. I now fly up into the air leaving the blonde behind. I landed on a rooftop, where I saw a person shape shifting. He was trying to attack a girl. There was a large hole in the rooftop. He then transformed into Super Baby Vegeta 2. Shit! I now jump up in front of the girl. I quickly do the Final Flash formation.
      "Final Flash!" I shout. I now fire a blue blast at Baby. It has no effect. Dammit! He now transforms into Great Ape Baby. Fuck! I extend one arm.
      "Big Bang Attack!" I now launch a large blue ball at him. No effect. Damn! He now flies up. Shit! I'm no match. Then, someone lands by me. He asks me to do Fusion with him. I agree. We do the gay Fusion dance.
      "Fu...sion...HA!" We say simultaneously. We are now one person. We're ultimately stronger now. Time to kick some ass. I fly up and am at the same height as Baby. I put both of my hands out.
      "Big...Bang...Kamehameha!" I shout with two voices. Then, a large blue blast fires out and hits Baby. It kills him. Got that fucker! Then, I soon
    3. Destroying Flavors of Pop...6/24/11(Late Morning)

      by , 06-24-2011 at 04:04 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I find myself awaking in the same ditch again. I walk down a little and start to think about school(DS). Wait...I now do a reality check. I can breath through my nose. Then, I look at my hands. My middle fingers are extremely small! Well, okay. I'm now lucid! Awesome. Time to go have some more fun! Then, I see Shenron flying around. What the hell's he doing here. He passes by, and I jump up on him. I crawl up to the green dragon's head.
      "What's wrong Shenron?" I ask. He pauses.
      "A lot." he replies in his really deep voice. We are now circling a field. "Those kids down there(I look down and see four kids in a circle)are causing Hell!" He continues to circle. I cup my hands to my side.
      "KA...ME...HA...ME...HA!" I now fire a blue ki blast in the middle of their circle. They all jump back.
      "What kinda crappy shot was that?" one asks. I jump down from Shenron.
      "A warning shot." I notice it's night time. They now tell me that they're planning to destroy the flavors apple, grape, orange, and cherry. Orange has already been destroyed. Damn! Wait...what the fuck?!
      "Now, we'll destroy another." One says.
      "Not if I can help it!" I say. "Check this new move out!" I cup one hand to my right side and charge my ki. Suddenly, a green ball surrounded by green aura appears. A Final Shine attack! Then, one of them splashes me with super cold water. Shit! I'm now a girl. Damn cold water! I realize my green ki ball is gone. My right hand is too cold to do another. Left hand it is!
      "The only way to stop us is to destroy that indestructible net!" one says. One of them is standing in front of the net. BIG! MISTAKE! I now do the Final Shine with my left hand. The one in front of the net looks scared. Indestructible my ass!
      "FINAL SHINE ATTACK!" I shout. I now launch a GIANT green blast at the net. It instantly blows right through the net. The guy in front of it got caught in the blast and landed by the hot chick house. I now speed fly over there, and laugh at him. I now speed fly back. They are all in shock. But, I then
    4. Casablanca...5/8/11(Early Morning)

      by , 05-08-2011 at 10:02 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Casablanca TOTY

      NOTE: I've been a slacker, so I haven't posted an of my Nonlucids. Don't worry, I'll start up with them again.

      I'm at the store with my mother. Obviously, we are shopping. We run into a Spanish woman wearing all black clothing. We say excuse me and keep shopping. We quickly finish and go to check-out. While we're checking-out, my mom tells me to go find the Spanish woman and ask where the taco stuff is. Odd, tacos are Mexican. But, I don't refuse, and go. I end up searching for a long time. I give up, apparently she's not here anymore. I start to head back. On my way, I accidentally bump into Nathan A. from school. He's pissed at me for bumping into him. I see he's also with Lauren M. from school as well. From being pissed, he challenges me to a fight, here and now. Oh shit. Nate A. could kick my ass anytime, anywhere. Well, I had no choice, especially in front of Lauren. I accept. Now we both claim our fighting positions. I get in the fighting pose Goku uses in his first fight against Vegeta. Nate looks at me like I'm a total faggot. He starts to laugh at my pose. Then, the fight starts. He comes at me, and throws the first punch. I easily dodge it. Wow, that pose did really help. I twist around. Now I'm facing Nate's back. I through a heavy blow. Then, I follow up with a continuous punching rush. I continue until I knock him out cold. I was surprised that I actually won. Lauren looked impressed(too bad it wasn't real, I really like her). Now, I walk away. I rather not get in trouble. I see my mom isn't at check-out. It's also very dark out now. I go outside. There is only one car in the parking lot. It's not my mom's...FUCK. Did she really leave without me?! Son of a bitch! That sucks some major balls. Soon, I see a police car come over to me. The officer asks what I was doing here so late. I explain the situation. Then, he tells me I should be in school. School?! It's fucking 12:00 A.M. for all I know! Well, I figure not listening to the police is a bad idea. So, the officer drives me all the way to school. I go in, to see that the place is over taken by some evil dude. All these shadowy figures are going around. This is really freaking the fuck outta me now. I am sent to room 110, Mr. Brown's room. I go in and sit down. We have desks instead of tables. They're all lined up in perfect rows. I also have different classmates with me. I sit down. It's completely dark in here. Biut some lite is still emminating from the hallway lights. We have no teacher with us either. Sydney B. comes in and points at me. She says she told the principal what I did. Then, an evil voice comes over the PA. It says I'm supposed to report to the office. Sydney is now seated with us in the silent room. I get up an go over to her. I tell her, if I don't come back alive, it's on her conscience. I go out into the hallway. What did I...was it because I beat the hell outta Nate? But now, I become lucid without dream signs! Awesome. Time to get the fuck outta here. I go through the hall way. All the demonic creatures are approaching me now to take me to the office. Not on my watch bitches. I get in a fighting stance. I don't know if this will hurt them, but it sure as hell will distract them. I cup my hands to my side. Now I shout while putting my hands out.
      "Kamehameha!" Then, a blue ki blast fires from my cupped hands at the demons. There's an explosion. Now's my chance! I jump up, then I start to fly away. I land at the main enterance. Oh right! I have to do the Casablanca TOTY. I do the turn around method to make Rick's Bar appear. I do it about three times, and no results. What the hell?! Where's the damn bar at? I go outside now, then I notice it was here since I first tried to make it appear. It was where I couldn't see it though. Wow. That's disappointing. I have no time to waste now. I jump up on a car now. I see my friend Zaine's also on the car. I also notice it suddenly became day time. Interesting. I say I have no time to waste. We both charge our ki up. Now we speed fly towards the bar. We both start blowing away the place with ki blasts. I see Sam on his piano. I go in and ask him to play something. He starts to play four notes repeatedly. Awesome! I did the task! Now, I leave, but I soon
      wake up.
    5. Strange Series Of Events...4/30/11(Early Morning)

      by , 05-01-2011 at 06:04 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: I once again forgot to do the TOTY. But I'll try and remember next time. But I've got five done now.

      Ah! A beautiful day in a the city. The sun is out, and not a cloud in sight! I can see all the nicely size buildings in the area. What could ruin such a nice place? Answer given. As I walk by a large building, I see cop cars and news vans. A big man runs out of the building with a shitload of money. Oh, some big official government bank I see. He waves in a friendly way into the cameras and keeps running. A cop chases him. He ends up catching up with the theif. The theif knocks him down quickly. Damn, this thief's pretty damn good. Then the theif lifts up a mini van. Holy shit! He holds it over the cop. The back-right wheel is positioned over the cop's groin. The theif drops the car. I quickly look away. Oh fuck! I heard a very loud crunch with a smash, then the loudest scream ever. That mini van had just crushed his groin. I shout OHHHHHHHH! about five times. I hope that guy has kids, cause he can't have any now. Damn, that was fuckin' brutal. Just getting smashed by a mini van would be bad enough. But the man's groin?! Yikes! Now, I quickly get away. I keep going until I reach a house full of my classmates. I see Victor(Redbullman4). I tell him the events from a few minutes ago. He's pretty surprised by that. I exit, and now I begin to explore the city. While I'm in the city, I become lucid without my dream signs! Hell yeah! In the city, I fly up to a building top. I see some commotion is going on now. A guy is terrorizing everyone on the building top. I decide to end this bullshit quickly. I call out to him. He says he'll be impossible to beat. I chase him around for quite some time. I'm not having any luck with catching the bastard. He's too fast to catch! Dammit! Plan B! I tell him that I'm gonna end him now. I get in my stance. I cup my hands. "Kamehame..." He laughs. He says he's too fast for me to attack him like this. Then, I use Instant Transmission. Now I'm less than a foot away from him.
      "HA!" Now, a large blue ki blast fires out and hits him. Thank goodness. People like him piss the fuckbout of me. He's now officially dead. Shit, I didn't even leave a body behind. That's pretty brutal(But not as brutal as the car incident). I tell each person individually that they're safe. They all thank me. Welp, time to hall some more ass! I turn left, and...it's the Empire State Building! I decide I wanna climb it. But, it's too tall. Plan B again. I shape-shift into Godzilla. I now jump up on the building. I put my fingers through the windows to grasp easier. I keep climbing for about 30 seconds. Now, I'm at the tip-top tip of the building. But, now it starts to collapse. Shir, Godzilla's too fat. Now the building tumbles down explosively. Shit. That was epic. Mow I turn back into my normal human form. Now I'm walking down a dark and desolate road. Soon, a large bus drives by. It's filled with groups of people. I wave for them. The keep going. Infirm around and walk now. Oh well. Then, the bus stops. A hot blonde comes out. She runs up to me and stops me. She offers to take me on the bus. I have better things to do, I explain. She goes to Plan S. She pulls down the left side of her shirt. I can now see her bra. Now, I agree and go with her. But I soon
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