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    1. Sideways walking

      by , 10-28-2014 at 03:38 AM
      I am in a large lift. Then it went sideways, backwards then forward. The floor and walls became transparent. Outside a man asked

      "what time is it?"

      I looked at my left wrist. There was a leather womans watch band but no time piece. I said

      "I don't know"

      as I pasee the man.

      So, I thought that next years 1st object would be a watch band?

      I woke from that dream yesterday and thought that watchband was to be the 2015-week one target, but now I donít. Now I think the dream character was asking if the dream game was beginning now.

      I think Our dreaming mind is like and innocent infant. It lives in the now. It needs to be communicated with, gently because It can be easily confused or frightened. And folk don't know that.

      I'll take that into consideration when comunicating with with Our dreaming mind, then, Our dreaming mind will respond enthusiastically and with remarkable results.

      This morning I woke from a dream where I was skipping-sideways.

      When I got up to start pacing my room for exercise, I followed the dream and walk sideways. Then I walked backwards as well as forwards.

      Oh wow

      I just read yesterday's dream. The lift went backwards, forwards and sideways.

      My operation and post-op problems mean I can't exercise or walk far. So I walk for 20 mins, three or more times a day, in my room, resting between 20 minute indoor walks.

      Our dreaming mind is encouraging me and communicating with me to use other muscles by walking backwards and sideways.