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    1. Lucid: "Crazy DC!"

      by , 07-11-2011 at 10:20 PM
      I become lucid in a place that looks like my yard. I stabilize it and slowly fly over very vibrant green grass toward some wooden framed houses being built in the distance. I see two police officiers of something arguing about the trouble with "River Street" (that is the name of a road at my college) and how the students from there have been giving the neighborhood lots of trouble. I half climb-half fly up to the top of one of the wooden frame houses, like the gravity is very low.

      Next thing I remember I am in a field near my house practicing energy beams with my hands. They begin to change colors (from orange to green to red) and emit a energy cloud that looks like what you see radiating off pavement on a hot day. Then my mother approached me and told me something that struck me as odd because it seemed to suggest this was WPL (waking physical life). I told her that this is a dream and she became upset and said she was going to my room to get my "powder" or something. Apparently she believed it was witchcraft or something I was doing. After she finally left I realized that it was nighttime now and there were a great many stars in the sky.

      Lastly something kind of bizarre happened. A girl DC started running across the field towards me and kicked me square in the bottom of the chin! I flew backwards about 20 feet, kinda shocked. She approached me again but this time I was ready and I grabbed her leg, slinging her in a circle and throwing her about 50 feet away (looking back I wish I would have asked her who she was or why are you attacking me). After that the dream faded out.