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    1. I assassinate the assassin, find some flowers and catch a ghost

      by , 04-07-2011 at 08:40 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      I assassinate the assassin, find some flowers and catch a ghost (DILD)


      I was going to a big building that had a bar on the top of it. I needed to go to that bar to complete a compliance audit. That building was well populated with assassins. I was worried that some assassin would spawn from somewhere to try to kill me. The cash I was going to receive was worth the risk. I told to myself that I was good at sensing energies, so I would be able to detect the assassin before he stabbed on my back.

      I entered an elevator. All walls were made out of steel. It was a very old school elevator. The ceiling of the elevator was like a regular home, white ceiling. There was a small hole on the ceiling, but it was just a few inches wide.

      I started to realize that an assassin could get through the hole and I was trapped in the elevator. I realized as it was a dream, the assassin could shrink and then grow back. I told to myself to not think in an assassin otherwise, one would probably spawn. I tried to focus in reaching the top floor.

      The elevator's door opened and I had a big bar in front of me as I was expecting. It was as big as a cinema. Where the screen was supposed to be, there was the actual bartender with the drinks. All the remaining area, had cinema seats. I was going to seat next to a guy. The place was pretty crowded. I could see a couple of 40'' TVs that where showing a Boxing fight. When I was about to seat down, a guy told me, "Don't seat here or he will get mad" I realized it might be the seat of a mob or something. I sat somewhere else. I took a few photos and tried to leave.

      A guy told me that if an assassin would spot me leaving while the boxing fight did not end, he was going to kill me. I left the area and there was no elevator. I started to walk down the stairs. The entire building was made out of iron. I found a room that looked alike some storage room. I helped the guy with a few boxes and left.

      I was now at the street. I saw an assassin who looked pissed at me. I told the assassin I just needed to wait for a friend. He told me to wait there and not leave. The assassin ran to a far away car, so I decided to run like ever and get the hell out of there. The assassin spotted me and he outran me. He had a sword on his hand and started to hit me with it. I felt like he was cutting my neck, but it did not hurt.

      I had one of my huge knives from work (for Serrano Ham) and one tiny (for the machengo cheeses) I decided to keep hidden the big knife. I fought the assassin with the little knife. The assassin got confused for a second and I stabbed him with the big knife. I repeated several times until the assassin was no more.

      I saw a few more people running at me. I was worried they would be more assassins. I started to walk home as I did not remember where my car was. I crossed a forest, a river and I got to the Hwy 805. I felt I was far from home, but I had no other chance but walk. I attempted to fly with success. I found funny I could fly in waking life.

      For some reason, I re-spawned at the top of a huge building. The sky was very blue and the building was huge.
      I turned lucid because I realized that I got there magically. I jumped out of the building and started to fly to make it stable. However, the dream was pretty good and I remembered I needed to find a bouquet of flowers. I saw a few of them by the windows of the building, so I picked up one. It had mainly roses and some weird brown flowers. Basic completed. I took flight again and threw the flowers away.

      While I was enjoying the flight, I lost vision. I could feel the wind on my face, the sound of the freeway (wtf) and the smell of the sea. I suddenly felt double consciousness and started to wake up. I increased the speed of the flight and entered the ocean. After a while, I decided to exit the ocean. I had my vision back.

      It was night now and I was flying over a huge town. All the building where very tall and the imaginary was very dark. There was no moon. I could hear some crowded city noises from the far distance. I enjoyed the tranquility of the sky at night. Suddenly, I saw something over a building, shaped like the Empire State. There was a human shape, but about 8 feet tall and with more than one arm. It was invisible but I could see the imaginary blurry behind it.

      I saw this thing was eating souls of some sort. I realized it was a ghost. He was pulling stuff from the Empire State Building, but it was like ghostly stuff, because the building itself never became damaged. I felt he was a threat so I wanted to capture it. I also remembered it was the advanced task of the month.

      I decided to crease a PSI Ball. I was sure that as I was dreaming, I could make it visible. I did within seconds. A second later, the ghost was surrounded by my PSI Ball and it was trapped. I made the PSI Ball smaller. I could see how the ghost was also smaller, trying to get out without success. I made it vanish.

      I lost lucidity at some point and I decided to go to a beach. I saw some wild animals that were attacking humans. I saw a couple of wild-boards, a tiger and a walrus walking (wtf!!) I also got to some tiny boat that I owned in the dream, but it was rocking extremely hard. Harder that if there was an earthquake. The sea was nuts.

      Something else happened with me and a copy of me that was like a sculpture of ice.