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    1. Tiny lucid saves the night - Just a flight

      by , 02-02-2015 at 10:09 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Tiny lucid saves the night - Just a flight (DILD)


      Morning sex saves the day... could have been the worst night ever, but mornng sex lead to a tiny little falling alseep and triggering a tiny DILD.

      First DILD(+10 pts)
      Full Dream (+1 pts)
      Basic Flying (+4 pts)
      Stabilize Dream (+1 pts)

      I was hearing the voice of my wife, or something, not sure, when I realize that we were supposed to wake up, but I might have felt alseep after sex. I laughed because I had done nothing this night (other than having a very good sleep without even waking up once) So I decided to take a flight to make my dream stable. I enjoyed the blueness of the sky when the dream went blurry abruptly and I woke up.
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    2. The morphing toilet by the dark mirror takes me to call Sensei instead of finding the blue world aft

      by , 09-21-2014 at 11:38 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The morphing toilet by the dark mirror takes me to call Sensei instead of finding the blue world after failing to Astral project. (WILD)


      After a brief visit to bathroom at 2am I decided to Astral Project. I relaxed my entire physical body in bed. My mind was already relaxed enough that I could focus well on this task. Within what felt a couple minutes, I started hearing a buzzing within my eyes. I focused on the buzzing in order to make it grow and become more intense. It got to a point that it was decently loud and I experienced vibrations around my entire body. I recalled that a couple of nights ago I was using the same technique (it is a new technique I am working on) and it kind of blew me off due an overcharge of energy (you may want to read here as a reference)

      Overcharging my body for Astral Projection and failing - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      So I decided not to be -energy greedy- as just start the separation process out.

      As I focused in my Astral body lifting from my physical body, I could feel the vibrations very intense, but for some reason, I was not completely able to come out. I decided to ask for assistance (you may do this if you struggle to leave your body) and I felt there was an entity around me (I asked who this one and it was one of my Spirit Guides.) I asked her to pull my Astral Body out. I felt here working on my feet and literally like she was pulling my feet, even that it felt physical at some degree, I know it was my Astral Body being pulled. I was able to separate and I found myself floating over my physical body. I had with my dad a conversation about my previous event and he told me that the same would happen to him and that once he projected out, he would charge his physical body with energy for it to feed further the Astral body) As I attempted this, I focused way too much on my physical body and I did return to my physical body.

      I was back in my body, but still in the WILD stage, so I figured I would once again, pull myself down after charging a bit more extra energy. During the process, my mind lost focus and I found myself thinking about a couple Dares I wanted to complete.

      I found myself floating above what appeared to be downtown. It was day so I realized that I was not Astral Traveling anymore but I did fall asleep during the process, which I was still happy since I was lucid. Not what I was looking for, but no complains neither!

      I decided to land as the dream was very stable. I recalled I wanted to work on some dares, since the thread is almost dead. So I entered a building and I wanted to look for a bathroom in order to do
      "Find a mirror and talk with your reflection." Once I got inside of the building, it appeared like a hardware store and there was almost right by the entrance a toilet and next to it, a sync with a mirror. So I got myself in front of the mirror and said, "Hi, whats up?" It looked like me, but like if on the other side of the mirror there was no light, or like if light did not reflect at all, because it was the same looking as me but it was really dark (in colors, not that it was evil, just like a person looks like in the darkness.) I did not hear any reply, so I attempted again and visualized being answered. This time, I could hear a faint voice coming from the mirror that it said "Mario Party" (what the heck???) and I did not feel like staring more into the mirror and wake up, since it replied to me, I figured it was valid.

      I also recalled the Advanced task of the Month. Even though I already completed it within the first week
      (my super-lousy lame patronus

      Expecto Patronum at Downtown - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      I wanted to complete also the toilet one as I told to Ophelia, and well... I had a (not so beautiful and dirty toilet) right next to me. An awesome gift from my subconscious. It was not extremely gross, just dirty and old looking:

      I just step over it after opening the lid and I hoped it would not break, as I recalled someone trying to do this and getting the toilet broken in the process, thus failing the task. Luckily it did not break. I visualized getting pulled inside the toilet. I could feel my feet shrinking and getting wet and I started to be pulled in, until most of my body was inside the toilet, only my upper chest and head were out. I knew I needed to enter it entirely to pass, so I pulled myself further in, but I was stuck. I tried hard to get in, but I was not successful, I realized the toilet turned into a Urinal:

      It was sparking clean but I was completely stuck. I tried to flush a few times but the water would come out from it around me. I was thinking what was going on with all the dream toilets for everybody. I jumped out of it and it morphed back into the same old dirty toilet. Since I was in a hardware store I looked for something to help me. I realized that if I could find one of those shrinking mushrooms from Mario it would help a ton:

      I was able to find some, but they looked like real mushrooms with leaves. I grabbed a bunch of them and step over the toilet right now (and I believe it got bigger) I ate the mushrooms and I shrunk immediately, falling inside the toilet. It flushed itself and I travelled through the pipes at a very hight speed. There were some religious figurines that they were cut in half
      (I bet I know where this comes from, Ophelia lol) and some other stuff, but the water was not gross at all.

      I then appeared at some place else, right back in down town. I was happy I did the toilet thing, even though I already had the Advanced ToTM wings.

      I then focused on Dreamers lucid dare and started to look for the blue dreamworld. I entered another building, pretending it would take me there, but I had no success. It took me to an almost empty office, with just a desk and a pc:

      But it was much bigger than this. I started to open different doors and going through different rooms. Apparently, I was not inspired enough and did not think to open a portal as I gave up on it and told me I would do it other night.

      I instead tried to recall more dares to do, as I want to complete all of them. I recalled an easy one, Call Sensei on the phone. I pulled out my cell phone and pushed the call button (dialing is so overrated and unnecessary, lol.) I could hear a voice that said, "Sensei is here..." I said, hello, what's up and I Sensei said something like, "Habla espanol? Alo alo? Mexico?" and suddenly my phone turned off. Well, I did call Sensei, so I guess it is valid, despite the weird call, lol. I then tried something interesting, and I tried to connect with my subconscious through my phone in order to come here and check out more dares as I could not recall any. I was able to get to the dreamviews page, but it looked like an app and I could only see our logo.

      A little afte that, I managed to get to the thread "Task of the month for September. And I saw some of Box77's posts. I tried hard to look for more dares
      (never realized that I was in a different thread, my lucidty was falling fast) but I was unsuccessful. I realized I was staring way too much at my phone until I entirely lost lucidity and something related to apples was going on, but I woke up almost immediately right after that.
    3. Blue colored fist sized bee!

      by , 08-24-2014 at 11:50 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Blue colored fist sized bee! (DILD)


      This dream started out in what would be my parents home, but the house was totally different from what it is in reality, since what was my room by then, it's tiny, but in the dream it was huge.

      There was a king size bed with white sheets and green curtains with a couple of rugs on each side of the bed. There were some frames with photos, but these photos were from random people and no one from my family. The night tables, were like the ones I have at home in my waking life, even with all the crystals and everything I have. On the other wall, there was an old school wardrobe.

      It seemed that this room had humidity problems and it felt cold in the dream. I saw on one of the corners a huge blue cocoon and I felt to feel uncomfortable. It was attached on the corner and it looked something like this:

      But instead of green, it was blue and more realistic bug-alike thing, not cartoonish. I started to feel uncomfortable and I did not want to sleep in there because I knew something flying was going to hatch from that thing.

      This is when I realize that way too much nonsense was going on, that such blue cocoon did not exist and felt happy I was dreaming. I was about to leave this place and go to space, but I remembered I was to dared to make a lucid task, so I visualized that a bee would hatch out from the cocoon, even though that bees do not hatch from cocoons, in a dream it could.

      I then started to see the cocoon shake and I started to hear a buzzing. I felt a little uncomfortable and fear started to build up, but I reminded my self that it was a dream. I was more peaceful but still a bit uncomfortable, as I a terrified of bees in waking life. Suddenly, the cocoon fell to the ground and a huge bee came out from it. The bee was fist sized at least, maybe a little bigger and it started to fly around the room. The buzzing was very strong and the bee was blue colored. Something like this:

      (I had no idea that blue bees existed, lol.)I knew I had to be friends with it. So I asked the bee that I wanted to be her friend and if she could just stop flying and stay on the bed.

      The bee flew around me a few times and then stayed on the bed. I was not afraid anymore and I felt that the bee wanted to be my friend. She was not buzzing and that is something that I appreciated a lot. I felt it would be right to pet her.

      As I approached my hands to the bee, she felt somehow like a metallic sensation and also like a vibrating cell phone, when I felt that vibration it was because it was buzzing, even though the wings were not moving.

      I went through a walk and the bee was flying next to me. I was happy because I felt that other bees would not bother me and also I was happy because completed Dreamer's dare

      A little after this, I said good bye to the bee and welcomed her to visit me in further dreams. I was going to take off to fly to space but I woke up and it was already morning.
    4. Exploring Space - 500th Dream recorded!

      by , 05-16-2011 at 08:23 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Exploring Space (MILD)


      The 500th dream was coming up. I was aware that with 500 dreams I would get the "Epic Dream Journal" award. I wanted to have an epic lucid dream and I knew it was a one lifetime opportunity, so no chances to make it wrong.

      I was living with some friends for some reason. I had a girl friend instead of a wife. She was very different from my wife as well. We went to the beach and we were going to have sex. She told me that she would meet me later after doing some assignment I had. She was very happy to see me.

      I realized all the nonsense of the dream and turned lucid. I decided to take a flight to make my dream very stable. I flew over a huge town. It was night and I could see the whole town lit. I was happy as it was a high quality lucid dream.

      I flew over a lake between the tall buildings. I could see boats floating and also, submarines. In addition, I saw like stores that were sunk, but they were supposed to be like that, as I could see customers inside (it was made out of glass)

      Double consciousness triggered. I could feel one of my cats and the dream quality dramatically fell. I needed and epic dream to celebrate my 500th dream. I grabbed a piece of bush and started to squish it with my hands, so I would stay anchored to my dream. It worked fine, double consciousness ended and the dream quality skyrocketed once again.

      I got to a more quiet place of downtown. However, it looked more like a low end neighborhood. I found a dog that needed to be walked either on the dream or Astral plane. I was going to walk the dog and see if it changed the physical plane and actually walked the real dog. I realized it made no sense what I was saying.

      I decided to enter a building and see what my mind created. There were a few people, but they were acting very dumb. I found a container with Cola Cao (chocolate powder) so I opened and tasted it. It looked like blue crystals, but it tasted like the real thing. As I was about to exit this weird house, I saw a giant yellow plastic duck next to me. The nonsense surprised me.

      I looked up to the sky and saw the moon. I decided to fly to the moon, however, when I started to reach it, it fell! It started to melt until it vanished. I was wondering what could I do by then.

      I decided to have a flight in Space. I was sure another moon was going to spawn. As I reach to space, I saw several black holes and explosions

      Different shapes and a lot of colors were seen during this flight. Some of these happened right on my head, but I did not feel anything and it did not changed the path of my dream.

      I saw a wormhole and decided to enter it. I started to travel at high speed until I got to a different dimension. All I could see was nothingness... a few seconds later, I saw a lot of starts and different colored letters... as weird as it sound. It looked freaking like Sesame Street!!! Each time I stepped on one of this letters, I could hear the sound of it.

      I stayed there for a few moment and decided to take off again. I saw another wormhole and entered it. I got to a different planet. It looked like the Earth, there were humans and everything, but the sky had three suns and it was red.

      I entered a building and suddenly, the daylight turned into night. I decided to exit the building and fly to keep the dream stable, but I was loosing it fast. I got to the top to a building where there was a restaurant. The tables of this restaurant were round and they had white cloths. There were two servers who were dressed up in business professional. I also could hear a violin playing. It looked very upscale. My dream was almost gone, so I asked the server if I could borrow a towel. He told I could, they had spare ones. I started to rub my hands with the towel and my dream got stable again.

      I once more entered the building to explore. It was pretty similar to what I explored before. I even found the Cola Cao again, and once more, it was made out of blue crystals. As I exited, I found the same plastic duck too.

      As I exited, I saw the sun and decided to fly to it. It was very cloudy and I felt like not flying through the clouds or I would wake up due blurry vision, so I flew at super high speed. Soon, I was in space again and I could see the Sun. As I approach it, the dream ended extremely abruptly.

      I had a FA and I wrote down the entire dream when after I while I woke up for real and almost forgot the whole dream.
    5. I assassinate the assassin, find some flowers and catch a ghost

      by , 04-07-2011 at 08:40 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      I assassinate the assassin, find some flowers and catch a ghost (DILD)


      I was going to a big building that had a bar on the top of it. I needed to go to that bar to complete a compliance audit. That building was well populated with assassins. I was worried that some assassin would spawn from somewhere to try to kill me. The cash I was going to receive was worth the risk. I told to myself that I was good at sensing energies, so I would be able to detect the assassin before he stabbed on my back.

      I entered an elevator. All walls were made out of steel. It was a very old school elevator. The ceiling of the elevator was like a regular home, white ceiling. There was a small hole on the ceiling, but it was just a few inches wide.

      I started to realize that an assassin could get through the hole and I was trapped in the elevator. I realized as it was a dream, the assassin could shrink and then grow back. I told to myself to not think in an assassin otherwise, one would probably spawn. I tried to focus in reaching the top floor.

      The elevator's door opened and I had a big bar in front of me as I was expecting. It was as big as a cinema. Where the screen was supposed to be, there was the actual bartender with the drinks. All the remaining area, had cinema seats. I was going to seat next to a guy. The place was pretty crowded. I could see a couple of 40'' TVs that where showing a Boxing fight. When I was about to seat down, a guy told me, "Don't seat here or he will get mad" I realized it might be the seat of a mob or something. I sat somewhere else. I took a few photos and tried to leave.

      A guy told me that if an assassin would spot me leaving while the boxing fight did not end, he was going to kill me. I left the area and there was no elevator. I started to walk down the stairs. The entire building was made out of iron. I found a room that looked alike some storage room. I helped the guy with a few boxes and left.

      I was now at the street. I saw an assassin who looked pissed at me. I told the assassin I just needed to wait for a friend. He told me to wait there and not leave. The assassin ran to a far away car, so I decided to run like ever and get the hell out of there. The assassin spotted me and he outran me. He had a sword on his hand and started to hit me with it. I felt like he was cutting my neck, but it did not hurt.

      I had one of my huge knives from work (for Serrano Ham) and one tiny (for the machengo cheeses) I decided to keep hidden the big knife. I fought the assassin with the little knife. The assassin got confused for a second and I stabbed him with the big knife. I repeated several times until the assassin was no more.

      I saw a few more people running at me. I was worried they would be more assassins. I started to walk home as I did not remember where my car was. I crossed a forest, a river and I got to the Hwy 805. I felt I was far from home, but I had no other chance but walk. I attempted to fly with success. I found funny I could fly in waking life.

      For some reason, I re-spawned at the top of a huge building. The sky was very blue and the building was huge.
      I turned lucid because I realized that I got there magically. I jumped out of the building and started to fly to make it stable. However, the dream was pretty good and I remembered I needed to find a bouquet of flowers. I saw a few of them by the windows of the building, so I picked up one. It had mainly roses and some weird brown flowers. Basic completed. I took flight again and threw the flowers away.

      While I was enjoying the flight, I lost vision. I could feel the wind on my face, the sound of the freeway (wtf) and the smell of the sea. I suddenly felt double consciousness and started to wake up. I increased the speed of the flight and entered the ocean. After a while, I decided to exit the ocean. I had my vision back.

      It was night now and I was flying over a huge town. All the building where very tall and the imaginary was very dark. There was no moon. I could hear some crowded city noises from the far distance. I enjoyed the tranquility of the sky at night. Suddenly, I saw something over a building, shaped like the Empire State. There was a human shape, but about 8 feet tall and with more than one arm. It was invisible but I could see the imaginary blurry behind it.

      I saw this thing was eating souls of some sort. I realized it was a ghost. He was pulling stuff from the Empire State Building, but it was like ghostly stuff, because the building itself never became damaged. I felt he was a threat so I wanted to capture it. I also remembered it was the advanced task of the month.

      I decided to crease a PSI Ball. I was sure that as I was dreaming, I could make it visible. I did within seconds. A second later, the ghost was surrounded by my PSI Ball and it was trapped. I made the PSI Ball smaller. I could see how the ghost was also smaller, trying to get out without success. I made it vanish.

      I lost lucidity at some point and I decided to go to a beach. I saw some wild animals that were attacking humans. I saw a couple of wild-boards, a tiger and a walrus walking (wtf!!) I also got to some tiny boat that I owned in the dream, but it was rocking extremely hard. Harder that if there was an earthquake. The sea was nuts.

      Something else happened with me and a copy of me that was like a sculpture of ice.
    6. Blue dimension

      by , 02-19-2011 at 06:15 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Blue dimension (DILD)


      I was in San Diego downtown. I was with my meetup group of meditation. I was in front of the Red Lotus Society for a guided meditation session.

      I realized it was thurday, there was no meditation of Thursday and I was not hosting one either.
      I figured I was dreaming. I saw a female friend who comes to my meetup group. For some reason, I lost lucidity.

      I wanted to meet with her somewhere around the area. She told me with telephaty that she was at the sports bar. There were several sports bars around. I entered a couple but I could not find her.

      I turned lucid again for some reason and decided to look for Dreamer. I recalled she opens portals with her fingers, so I attempted the same. I drew a circle with my fingers, however, the portal was too small, I could not find it.
      I attempted to draw another portal, with success. I entered the portal and I was floating in a different dimension. There were nothingness. It was empty, however, it was all blue. I was in an endless blue atmosphere. I could see different tones of blue but that's it.

      I figured I was going to be alone for a long time in there, so I drew another portal. I exited the portal and appeared in a beach.

      I lost lucidity. Something happened with a car, but I do not recall well.

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    7. The moon wipes me out from a LD induced within a LD induced within aLD induced within a LD with WILD

      by , 02-14-2011 at 08:04 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The moon wipes me out from a LD induced within a LD induced within a LD induced within a LD from WILD. (WILD)


      I woke up about 2am in the morning to write down some fragments from my previous dream. I was planning to move to my reclining chair to Astral Project, but I decided to WILD instead to some weird favor I was asked.

      Vibrations trigged pretty fast and I was tempted to pass on the LD thing and induce Astral Projection, but I wanted to complete the goal, so I decided to not to project.

      A few seconds later, I had a false awakening in my room. The dream was fuzzy so I decided to make my dream stable. It was night and it was beautiful. I felt a flight would be nice before doing anything, but I just flew within my room to go back to sleep, in my own room.
      After a few seconds of flight, the dream was pretty stable, so I decided to lay down in my bed in order to try to WILD within a lucid dream.
      I laid down in my dream bed and focused I wanted to WILD within the dream to enter another dream. I almost woke up, but I moved my eyes and the dream became stable again. I attempted a second time, with success and without waking up.

      I had a FA in a different room. I was in a big house and my bed looked also different, it was greenish. I did not have any specific feelings, other than my regular feeling from a lucid. I did not feel like I was in a deeper connection with my self. This was a second level of dream within a dream. The dream was stable, so I attempted a second WILD. Once more, I laid down in my dream-dream bed and felt a shock around my entire dream body.

      I had another FA inside a pyramid. I was still lucid and I wondered why the hell I was inside a pyramid. My "bed" was the lid of a sarcophagus from some pharaoh who I had no idea who was. My dream was still stable and I realized I was in the third level. I was asked to do a waking WILD and three WILDS more in the LD, so I had one more to go. I still had the same feeling, control and personality from previous dreams, with perfect waking recall and also recall from what I have been doing since lucid.
      I laid down in my dream-dream-dream bed and focused in entering deeper in the dream.

      I had another FA in another room. I checked my hands to make sure I did not blew the progress. My index finger was really thin and long, so I succeeded. I was in the fourth level as I was asked to. I was still myself, with my same personality and my same dream body. I did not feel deeper nor connected with myself, I felt like a regular lucid dream.
      As I was done with the tasks, I decided to look for Dreamer. I exited my room hoping to find her. Instead I found a guy who was my dad.
      My dad was pissed at me for some reason. I knew he was a dream character and I was aware that my psychic powers were greater in a dream. I wanted to have a PSI Ball fight with my dad and cause him a big headache. I was in a big room and he started to ask me a lot of questions. A female DC also started to ask me questions in order to see what was wrong with me that I did not get along with my jerk dad. I did not feel like wasting valuable time in the dream.

      I exited my house, along with a couple more dream characters. It was night and suddenly the moon turned red and threw a fireball at us. I decided to follow the dream instead of controlling it. I wanted to see where my subconscious was going to take me. Someone told me that I belonged in a different dream, so the moon was going to try to make that happen.

      The moon obliterated all the DC that were with me. I saw the moon turning green. When the moon was green, it would poison me. Also, the moon turned blue, if you made eye contact with it, you would become paralyzed. The moon could turn black and a big whirlwind appeared from it, sucked you into it and brought you to the previous dream.

      I explored these odd dreamworld while the moon was randomly changing within these colors. Sometimes it turned on its regular color, which made it become harmless.

      I suddenly got to a place where I could see a lot of DC. They were for a Nintendo event for some sort. I wondered what my subconscious had for me. I jumped the line and a guy asked me for my member card. I though if I opened my wallet, I would pull one, so I did. He also asked me for my ID. I tried to search for my ID while the moon was aiming at me and turned red. I did not want the moon to hit me, so I ran from there. The moon when was red it looked like this:

      However, the red colors where very intense, very bright and then, a cloud of fire approached at me. I ran and hided somewhere. All the DCs did not seem to care. I entered a small kiosk, it was not bigger as a voting booth. I realized it was a Gamestop and I could purchase videogames swiping my card in a machine. I saw a Bowser, a Mario and Yoshi painted next to the keypad. I wondered what games my subconscious made, but I could hear fire from the moon, so i left.

      As I was walking, I avoided a fireball in the last second, when I witnesses the moon turning green and throwing me a cloud of green poison. The moon looked like:

      I saw the cloud of green poison on me, I jumped to hide in a plant, and I could see how the poison killed the plant. I was fine so I left the place. The moon was white, looking normal. I saw from the far distance the moon changing, but it was not attacking me. I observed how the moon turned black and absorbed someone.

      I was flying by a lake. I am positive it was the Michigan Lake. It looked like it, like if I was in Chicago. Suddenly, I saw the reflection of the moon in the lake. It was a blue reflection and I looked to the moon.
      It is impossible for me to imitate what I saw on Photoshop. It was an extremely beautiful and shinny blue. It was bright as light, but it was blue. It was also semi transparent, but it was so beautiful. I was amazed for such a beautiful moon my mind created. I wanted to enjoy this moon with Dreamer, so I tried to summon her. While I started thinking about her and staring at such amazing blue moon, I realized I was paralyzed and recalled that eye contact with a blue moon induced paralysis. I tried to regain control of my dream when suddenly, the moon switched to its black, absorption mode, color:

      A huge whirlwind came from the moon and hited me in a spit second. I traveled at a high speed towards the moon. And lost imaginary.

      I had a FA in the pyramid, the previous place I was before WILDing to a deeper dream. However, now there were people with me. I entered a chamber and I had my Tarot Deck with me. A DC wanted to see it. She also had a Tarot deck, so I asked to see hers. I tried to channel and ask the Tarot a question, however, I do not recall the question. I cannot remember the first card, but the second one was called, "Bent Spoon and Fork." The image of the card was a lot of bent spoons and forks, bent with psychokinesis. I tried to channel and figure the meaning of the card without realizing that I was looking at the card too much.

      I had a FA in a weird room, a room where I did a WILD on previous dreams. I exited the room and the quality of the dream was decreasing dramatically. I went to the restroom and tried to make the dream stable.

      I had another FA in my room. I was back in the first level. My dream quality was terrible and I doubted I would have enough time to meet Dreamer. I felt I was not going to recover the dream at all. I tried to focus on Astral Projection within my lucid dream, but I woke up.

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    8. Welcome to my dreamworld's home! I am very happy to see you.

      by , 02-03-2011 at 07:58 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Welcome to my dreamworld's home! I am very happy to see you. (MILD)


      I want to say, I have been recording several longs dreams, but I have never had time to record them properly (still on paper) I have been lately very busy, as usual.
      Most of my recent dreams, are a lot related with Psychic stuff. The demanding for Tarot Reading has spiked and I have been doing a lot of readings to different people. Being channeling so many time (in order to generate a proper and accurate reading) plus my focus on Astral Travel, meditation, teaching the classes for MILD and getting started to offer guided meditation classes (not online and not free) has my focus in the subject.

      I was teaching a class of MILD to my students on a big class. The desks were green and had a small drawer for workbooks and stuff. After teaching the class, I went to another class, but this time, it was some sort of psychic class. I was not the professor now, but a student.
      I somehow realized I was dreaming, but the quality of the dream was not good. However, as time passed, quality increased. Suddenly, I realized that Dreamer was missing. My dream quality spiked. Someone said he could try to find Dreamer and find out the reason she is missing class. I said, "No, I will do it. I am very energy sensitive and I am pretty attached to Dreamer I will take care of it.

      I started to meditate, I wanted to follow the plot of the dream. I recalled I had some non lucid dreams with Dreamer and I wanted to start working on dream sharing. I focused on her and suddenly a metallic chain appeared. This chain would lead me to Dreamer.

      The dream scenery changed. I was traveling at a very high speed. All my surroundings were gray and all I could see, was a huge chain under me. After a few seconds, I got to a different place. This new place it appeared to be like a big home, however, it was not a regular house, it was like a cave, but with proper lighting, very clean and proper furniture.

      The entire place was all blueish. Most of the furniture was blue, the light was blue. I saw a small bookshelf with several energy stones. All the stones were lapis lazulis and blue tiger's eyes. I also found some hematites, but these were blue as well instead of black/metallic. I think I saw a few stuffed animals, blue and blue cyan. Suddenly, my heart pounded and I felt a presence. I heard a very sweet voice (a voice I imagine talking with Dreamer) I turned back and she was smiling at me.

      Dreamer welcomed me and said, "Welcome to my dream plane. I am very very happy of seeing you here!" Come with me! Dreamer started to walk and toured me around the dream plane that was created. She told me that blue was the best color out there. Among all blue, I saw a large Onyx stone (actually, pretty large, about a feet long, but it was not heavy) The stone had some letters on it, but I did not want wake up trying to read them out. Dreamer told me, "I know you are afraid from bees. Keep this stone. You helped me already to fight my doctor's dream, now is time I help you back. The stone is yours."

      I was very happy about that. I also saw some additional stones: quartz, lapis lazulis, opals, tiger's eye, jets, moonstones... a lot. There was a bigger stone that had several random stones attacked to it. For some reason, I decided to smell it. It smelled like freshly cut grass... like a rain forest... it smelled very good.

      Dreamer invited me to enjoy a flight. We flew over the dream plane I felt very happy, but the dream ended as it was time to wake up.

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