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    1. 1-26-15 Fragments - Checking Lucid Tasks

      by , 01-26-2015 at 11:47 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      1-26-15 Fragments - Checking Lucid Tasks (Non-lucid)


      Fragment (+0.5)

      I was at Dreamviews checking the lucid dreaming contest.

      I was checking all the tasks and dares I had to work with.
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    2. Banishing a spirit and beating the god of wine to a drink contest

      by , 01-25-2015 at 12:28 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Banishing a spirit and beating the god of wine to a drink contest (DILD)


      I was called to check one home's paranormal activity because apparently, the people living there had a very hard time every day, hearing noises, feeling drained and very tired. As soon as I got into the house I could feel that the energy was pretty bad and pretty low. I also checked on the auras of the people living there and I could see they had several negative sentient beings to them.

      I toured around the house sensing the energy and to get started to perform a spirit banishing ritual. Since the tenants were in a negative energetic shape, I felt that I had no other choice but to banish whatever spirits were lurking in there. I told them to follow me as I was cleansing the house but just do not touch me nor look directly at me, just to gaze and follow my steps behind me.

      Everything was going fine ultil I entered into a room and sensed a very strong spirit who apparently was evil. He was at first showing like a being of light, as I saw white orbs around the room, but the energy emanated from these was awful.

      I closed the door behind me asking them to stay outside and I was getting ready to fight them with a behavior like, "Bring it on."
      (This is not done this way in waking life, but well, it was a non-lucid dream...) I started to channel white light directed to the different orbs and they would just vanish away, making the banishing ritual a success.

      The people of the house was very happy and they invited me to some sort of dancing event. At first I was watching the event, but then, I found myself dancing break dance and other weird modalities. However, the music was soft and classical and there was some sort of trainer/guy who was getting pissed at me and he told me, "I am tired of this, I quit!"

      I realized the nonsense of the whole dancing thing, so I realized I was in a dream. I did a couple reality checks to make sure I was indeed dreaming and to score points. I checked my hands, and I had a mising pinkie and my second reality check was a gravity test, which I floated for a few moments knowing that indeed I was in a dream.

      I took off flying, to make my dream stable. And took a nice flight
      (It was a nice smooth flying, so I will not count it as advance flying.)

      I considered if doing the ToTM or since this month I have been so busy with work and still did not do them, to go ahead and do a ToTY instead. I remembered one of them, where I had to challenge Baco/Dionisius to a drinking contest and win it. So i decided to land and pretend the god of wine was going to be there. As I was landing, I saw a table similar to alice in wonderland:

      And there was some guy with grapes on his head and he was huge. I told him if he was the god of wine. Upon saying yes, I told him to do a drinking contest. I saw a lot of different bottles of wine and different liquors. I recalled that I was going to do the basic ToTM as well, while I was at it. I also recalled someone did an anyone dare to drink a whole bottle of vodka down.

      I grabbed a bottle of wine and chucked it in one blow. It tasted similar to raspberry juice, but I felt nothing really going on. The same I did with the bottle of vodka, and this one tasted like water, but if like the water was extremely cold, almost frozen. I felt heat in my throat but nothing apparently seemed to happen here.

      The god of wine did not seem to be very thrilled with this, so I just kept drinking, one bottle after another. My dream stomach started to bother me for some reason, but the dream imaginary was the same (maybe a little blurry, but I blame dream quality to it.) Suddenly, the god of wine turned into an old teacher a had years ago, who I a vodka-only drinking contest. I saw how he was throwing a bottle of vodka away saying, "I can't, I am going to puke." I asked him if he was still the god of wine, to make sure, he said yes and that he felt pretty bad, that he was done.

      I was happy I got a few things done in this dream. I started to focus on more personal dares but I lost the dream and woke up abruptly.

    3. Throwing snowballs, Gizmo songs and massive six combo of lucid task dares done!!!

      by , 12-08-2014 at 01:54 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Throwing snowballs, Gizmo songs and massive six combo of lucid task dares done!!! (DILD)


      I think I did it again and surpassed my plateau of length of lucid as well as goals accomplished during a single lucid. As I have been saying for the last three days, I had the feeling of a lucid coming, and I did not have a good sleep a few nights ago (getting adjusted to the new house) but yesterday's night I slept well, yet no lucid, which surprised me, and last night, turned lucid.

      I remember faintly how did I exactly turned lucid and I neither recall what I was dreaming before that.
      I believe I was in some wax museum and the sculptures were talking. I exited the museum and, fully lucid I took a small flight to make the dream stable. I was very happy that I turned lucid and that finally I broke my dry spell. The quality of the dream was exceptional and I was exited to get finally my wings back and hit some dares while I was at it. I started to walk down the street. The road was made out of little stones, pretty much like on the roman ages. All the buildings were made out of stone as well and there was no lightning, however, it was a warm morning. It looked something like this:

      I started to think about the tasks of the month. I thought of throwing a snowball at a dream character, however, it was warm. I reminded myself that in a dream, all could happen. I started looking for snow, and after walking for a while (I was no longer flying now) I saw a little bit of snow on the road. It was like when almost all snow is gone an melted, that you can find a flake here and there. I turned the corner and I saw a small plaza, that had a decent amount of snow. Lucky me, there was a lot of people around, so I grabbed some snow from the ground and made a snowball. I approached at a female character
      (no, she did not fell back with her legs in the air first!, and I would have tossed the ball before anything else...) She was looking at my snowball and hit her on the face. She was shocked for a brief moment and then, she continued walking like if nothing happened. (Talk about dummy DCs hahaha.) This officially completed my basic Task of the Month:

      Quote Originally Posted by Basic ToTM
      Hit a DC with a snowball and report their reaction - (kilham)

      It was time for the advanced task of the month. Despite I am almost as Christmas freak as Elf is, I did not feel like going hunting for Santa and sneak into his sleigh and I neither wanted do to do the snow globe task. Only Gizmo was left, not very excited but a very easy task. I saw a store, it was pretty old on the outside. When I entered the store, it looked like a Winery store I worked when I was 18 but much bigger. I told them I wanted to buy a present where Gizmo was wrapped up in. I was taken to the backroom, which looked exactly like the backroom from the Winery store, but much larger. A female employee handed me a green box with a golden ribbon. I felt it was going to be an awesome present for someone, but I knew that my task did not ended here and realized that it was a dream gift anyway, so I could not actually give it to anyone in waking life.

      I left the store holding the box, and apparently, no one cared that I just walked by the register without the intents to pay... oh well. There was a bench right next to the store. I could hear a little voice inside the box, like if it was signing. I opened the box and Gizmo was in there, and I believe it was actually the real thing and not a plastic toy. I started to pet it and it felt soft and warm:

      I told Gizmo to teach me a new song. Unfortunately, I forgot most of it because there is a long way to go still on this massive dream. But I believe it was something like. "One, two, three, gizmo, gizmo, four, five, six, gizmo, gizmo." Then, I think he sang a mantra from Lord Ganesha, at least, the lyrics were familiar to me, but my recall for the actual song is vague... I remember I sang the song back to gizmo and he was happy. I sang it a few more times to keep it in my mind and write it down once I woke up. Advanced ToTM, checked!

      Quote Originally Posted by Advanced ToTM
      Find which present Gizmo is wrapped up in, and get him to teach you a new song. - (ThreeCat)
      I started to explore the new place I was at. Instead of a roman old school city, I was now in Chicago downtown. It was easy to recognize as I was next to Marina City:

      So much for the Roman city into Chicago!! My mind amazes me sometimes! I focused on hitting some of the easy lucid dares for anyone to get more bonus points. At this stage of the dream, I did not remember I had outstanding personal dares to complete. I first though of an easy task, to summon Nfri. Which I did. I rose my hand, sorcerer style and asked for Nfri to show up. A tall and slim female showed up. I could not tell her hair color because she wore winter clothing (once again, amazing mind dressed the summoned dream character accordly to the weather on December at Chicago, lol.) Her clothing was all pink and she was dressed very sexy. She smiled at me and she was standing, which a sexy look. She looked something like this (but her hair was covered, and the raincoat was a clearer pink.

      I was happy because I completed one dare already
      (funny to find upon checking the dares thread that Nfri is a dude.)

      Quote Originally Posted by Anyone dare Completed
      Summon Nfri and describe how he looks (Nfri)
      As this female version of Nfri kept approaching at me, I knew right away what was going on, but my dream quality was high and I did not want to waste time, so I recalled another anyone dare I could get done. I walked by hear and faced her, face to face. She tried to get intimate with me (yes, in the middle of Chicago downtown!) but I refused to interact and just turned her my back and walking away. It was actually easy task, I think my drive to make a big record was strong!

      Quote Originally Posted by Anyone Dare Completed
      Face an attractive DC and refuse to have any interaction with her/him. (NyxCC)
      I kept walking down the street and I recalled another anyone dare. I was unsure if I using my phone as a catalyst for dream control was an anyone or someone's else personal task. I took my phone out from my pocket, which looked like my waking life phone. I was in front of a cross street and traffic was very heavy, but cars were driving fast. I pointed at one of the roads with my phone and with my thumb, I slide it right to left, with the intents to push all the cars to go in reverse. Amazingly, it worked first try, and even more amazingly, no one crashed. I started to swing my cell phone left and right very fast, with the intent of accelerating the traffic, which happened, but neither no one crashed
      (I wasn't thinking they would crash neither trying, probably the reason it did not happen.) I tapped my screen to see what would happen, and the whole dream froze, I think even dream went silent. The whole thing was frozen. That was some amazing effects from just a phone!

      Quote Originally Posted by Anyone Dare Completed
      Use your phone as a catalyst for dream control. (Sensei)
      It was exciting, but I suddenly found my dream getting obliterated in seconds. I did not have time to even to try to save it.

      I had a false awakening in bed, I felt satisfied about the dream and getting two ToTM and three dares done. I reached my journal to write down the dream and tried to turn the lamp on that I have in waking life. (the green one)

      Not working. I tapped it a couple more times. Nothing.

      I turned lucid right away. I exalted "Lamp not working... hahaha, these lamps always work." My wife woke up and asked me what was wrong, if I was cold or something. I told her that I just got tricked with a false awakening and that I was still dreaming. My wife told me that I was talking nonsense. I checked my hands and indeed I was lucid, they looked like a hologram. I jumped off bed and recalled since I was able to remember the whole lucid dream, I decided to continue my dreaming. My wife followed me, pretty upset stating I was asleep. We exited the house and we were in a modern city surrounded by trees, definitely not the same as waking, proving I was indeed dreaming. Wife kept insisting I wasn't. I rose my hand and pointed at it with my other hand saying, "Do you think my hand is supposed to look like this?" My ring finger was like a quarter inch long. I took of to fly, but for some odd and rare reason, I could only bounce about 10 feet tops or so. My wife kept telling me, "See, you can't fly, you are awake, go back to bed before someone calls the cops." Like if jumping 10 feet was normal. I just walked away ignoring my wife, after all she was a dumb DC reflected by my mind. I saw a UFO saucer gliding above some trees. It was semi-transparent and it was vanishing:

      I grabbed it before it took off and I thought of the next dare. To fly to the sun. I felt it would be easy to use this vehicle to get there faster, so I set that intent and the saucer to take me there. It was going at high speed and I could feel fire all around me. Now, the saucer looked like a regular shuttle from NASA. I was already in space and realized I was in my pajamas... oh well, big deal. We were getting closer to the sun and I released the shuttle, as in theory, I had to fly through the sun. I kept flying and I entered the sun. I could see my whole being burning, but it did not hurt, I kept flying until I passed through it and I was on the other side of the sun.

      I could see a whole lot of different planets that were not from our solar system. This is nonsense in waking since all the planets surround the sun, but in the dream, is like all the planets were in front of the sun (what we see) and others (unknown) behind it.

      Quote Originally Posted by Anyone Dare Completed
      Fly into the sun (CanisLucidus)

      I felt free, I was away from Earth and I felt I wanted to fly home (not Earth...) and a huge smile and feeling of freedom and bliss surrounded my whole being. However, I recalled right away that I had personal dares and they were still to be done. I freaked out a bit because I wanted to give priority to those and I forgot, so I remembered one of them, and since I was in space, I started to glide north until the whole space turned white, so I asked to be taking to the Creator of the Dream. I was taking to God, or what I had a impression of god, a huge amount of white light, made of pure love, light and bliss, it was a massive consciousness with a very powerful energy. I asked this energy/God, "What does this dream mean?" The creator replied to me, but funny enough, instead of through normal words, he did it through my clairsentient ability (psychic hearing) and he told me, "You are like Messi, breaking records all the time." I laughed because I never thought of it, but it was true that I was trying to break a record indeed, and Messi, just broke another record in the soccer match I watched yesterday."

      Quote Originally Posted by Personal Dare Completed
      Find the creator of the dream you are in and ask what the dream means. (Marce)
      I was happy that my dream was still stable so I decided to go back to Earth to get my two more personal dares done
      (Too bad I was realizing that one of them was an anyone dare that I challenged everybody else too and that I was missing to kick Dark Vather's ass as it was one of my dares and being at space, I had a golden chance to do it, oh well.)

      I flew back to Earth and got very quickly back to it. I entered Earth in a kind of an odd way, shoulder first and I heard a massive noise and saw fire all around me. I was like a fireball and I thought, "This is not going to end well! But I laugher."

      A few moments later, I was inside a house (what the heck???) There was some dude who was pretty pissed of at me. He wanted me to study and do my homework
      (I finished school many years ago, lol.) I wanted to get out the house. I did not feel it had good energy. I feel this house was in the middle of nowhere, somewhere around Texas among massive corn wheat fields. I wanted to explore the area. The dude tried his best to prevent me to leave. I saw there was a bar right next to me. The back of this bar was made out of windows and I could see a ton of futuristic buildings (so much for "middle of nowhere") and a huge pool with a lot of people around. There were three stools and three young woman having a drink. These woman appeared to be also pissed at me. I tried another of my personal dares. I rose my hands and started channeling energy, to the intent to make time go faster.

      At first, nothing happened, but then I realized that these ladies looked like they were on their 50s and they kept aging fast. Some shrunk in size and one of them had her hair turn white. I kept pushing energy and set the intent for hundreds of years to happen. I saw through the windows how all of the people on the pool and walking by were also aging. However, they never died, turned into skeletons (or dust, zombies... nothing) they just went as old as you can imagine and even older than that

      The building and other inanimate objects did not seem to be affected at all. I was very surprised this worked.

      Quote Originally Posted by Personal Task Completed
      Force a city and its inhabitants to age in front of you for some hundred years. I'm curious to know what could your mind will come up with when their age exceed the average life span. (Box77)
      They all kept aging, getting more wrinkles and looking more like a skull, but they remained alive and they kept doing whatever they were doing prior to do this. I felt it was enough of the aging and released the energy. They progressively went back to their original ages, except for the ladies next to me sitting on the bar, which stopped de-aging at the age of 50s.

      Suddenly, everybody got on their knees and started to adore me like I was a God. I believed this was another of my personal dares
      (without knowing it was my dare, and the requires of my dare were different.) I kept thanking people for adoring me and they brought me x-mas gifts (lol) I felt happy and I thought I had all my personal dares done, so I decided to wake myself up, as I seemed to still be with a decent quality dream, but I was risking too much if I continued working on more dares and not getting my butt out of my real bed to write all down.

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    4. Walking backwards and stumbling against a wall of bushes.

      by , 11-27-2014 at 11:06 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Walking backwards and stumbling against a wall of bushes. (WBTB)


      This was an odd way to get lucid, well, not really but the situation is. Having here a bit of a hard time adjusting to the winter in my new place, it is humid and very cool, and the heat at the house is not strong enough for me (I am used to San Diego year round summer) So I woke up around 5am after waking up a million times earlier and feeling the cold hitting my bones... got frustrated and got into the computer. After 30 minutes or so, I went back to bed, hoping i would fall asleep fast as I was sleepy. As I was falling asleep, I was thinking like "some WBTB... maybe I turn lucid."

      And pretty much I found myself in a dream, however, it was not a WILD but I had a false awakening and I felt that I was in a dream, even though, I was still feeling cold. I grabbed a little lamp that I had and I figured it would no longer work. As I turned it on, it started to do a very weird play of random colored lights, knowing I was indeed dreaming.

      I got out from bed and glided outside from home. I was happy I finally fell asleep and I was feeling refreshed from the lucid. I was in the middle of the road and it was night. This was similar to the road in front of my house, and there were no cars. I saw a wall of bushes, similar to this:

      I recalled
      "Walk backwards until you bump into something/someone. Turn around to see what it is. (Jenkees)" so I turned around and start walking backwards, assuming I would stumble against the bushes. It took (what it felt) a while to even hit something. As I did several steps back, way more than the distance from where I was at first place and the bushes. I was tempted to look back to see what was going on, but I figured I could fail the task, so I just kept walking backwards for a while until I hit a ton of leaves. The bushes were different now, as it was like branches with autumm brownish leaves. I felt satisfied as accomplishing this task.

      I focused it was time to go kick Dark Vather's butt (a new dare I just got) and maybe fly to the sun in the process (an anyone dare and old goal of mine) but as soon as I started levitating to fly to space, I lost the dream like instantly and woke up.

      From here, I had a chain of mini-lucids and double consciousness state, with a very blurr memory of what happened.
    5. Making out with a Giant and traveling inside her brain.

      by , 10-30-2014 at 11:52 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Making out with a Giant and traveling inside her brain (DILD)


      I was in my old house, when I used to live with my parents. The room looked different though. I had barely just a bed and a wooden table, said table was clear and pretty much empty (I believe it just had a lamp and that's all.) The light in the room was very dim and the door was closed. The door had a metallic door knob that looked like this:

      Suddenly, the door know started to grow and it had an evil looking face, it would grow larger and approach at me.
      I immediately realized I was dreaming as this was a classic nightmare I used to have when I was a small kid, which I found funny to dream that out of nowhere. As I was lucid, the door knob said, "Lucid Nightmare, yes?" I told the knob that screw that and just jumped out of the window and started to fly.

      It was night and there was little to no lightning at the street. I saw a female DC that was on the street and I approached her but she freak out, started to scream and ran away. I took a nice stroll (this time I did not fly for some reason, weird for me) and I was gazing at a sky full of stars. I suddenly saw in front of me a very hot DC, but she was huge, like eight feet tall. I felt like lucid sex and realized that this was an actual dare, as I remember I needed to stare for over one minute, so I pulled her pants and panties down and stared into her privates for a while, in addition of playing with them (I won't be graphic) but it was for over a minute. I also recalled that the exact wording was to look into her eyes, so I also looked into her eyes and made out for a while, over a minute without waking up
      (So I guess I have to say, FryingMan, you were right and Stephen LaBerge was wrong with this... first time I focus on staring and I did not wake up, as the dream continues...)

      After a while making out, I recalled my last dare to go, to go inside a DC's brain and find a DC within representing an emotion. I did not find any hardships on this as I would think in real life. I asked her, "Can I go inside of your brain now?" She accepted and she hugged me. I felt like pulled inside her body and suddenly, the dream went blank. I felt I was going to wake up but I started to spin to bring stability. I saw a giant brain in front of me, or most likely, I shrunk to a tiny size:

      I started to fly towards it to enter it. As I approached the brain, I felt how the imaginary changed. I was flying like through a sea of neurons, that looked pretty much like space. I landed on one of the connectors that interwined one neuron with another and I could see around a lot of energy, and even like stars:

      After a while, I kept flying until I entered, I believe, a neuron. I landed and there was a DC dressed in a business professional attire. I asked him what emotion he did represent, and he replied, "Feeling of happiness." I kind of felt it was a bit of weird form to represent happiness but... oh well, that is what came out from this dare and it was now completed.

      As I kept exploring the brain, I tried to recall more dares, realizing that I had no personal dares to do and I was not able to recall any of the anyone dares. I believed there was something to do with an armor and being a knight
      (which there is none) but I could not recall more so I figured it was not a dare.

      Suddenly, I felt like if I was in some sort of forest, but I believe I was still inside the brain because I saw neurons. However, I could see the sky with millions of stars, but instead of blackness, it had a faded reddish color, which I found to be pretty amazing. I felt like flying there and check it out, but I woke up.
    6. Carving pumpkins, playing made up instruments, fighting dragon, visiting the zoo and finding Dreamer

      by , 10-07-2014 at 08:31 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Carving pumpkins, playing made up instruments, fighting a dragon, visiting the zoo and finding Dreamer after several secret theaters (DILD)


      This is probably one of the longest lucids in my life (well, I cannot remember when I was a children, but as a grown up probably it is, plus I made so many challenges tonight that I can feel them vanishing from my memories, so I got into my PC, giving up my last hour to sleep to write this whole thing down. I have been through a minor dry spell of lucids and good recall as I had some very busy days. Yesyterday, Monday the 6th of October 2014 I had the day starting pretty bad, but it had a great ending and I felt today was gonna be a good day, so I wanted to start the day awesomely with a nice lucid. I woke up at 5am and I had memories of a dream (now, with this mega-dream is totally forgotten) and I felt too tired to write it down. I went to the bathroom and then it was very hard for me to fall back asleep (this is not normal, I usually fall asleep fast.) I layed on my back to meditate (since I could not sleep) and I ended up falling asleep. I believe this lucid might have lasted about 1h 30 minutes, as I woke up from it at 7am.

      I do not even recall very well the non lucid part with this dream. I have vague memories of being with a friend, who was male and I believe we either were going to meditate or we were going to look for our wives. It was afternoon and it was sunny. We were in a park somewhere and we were about to go to an apartment and have a couple drinks, I believe until our wives met with us. As we were talking, I told him that I felt weird like if I was in a dream, like I did not feel awake. He started to laugh and I rose my hands.

      I had six fingers on each hand and no thumbs. Where the thumb was supposed to be I had a very long finger (over than one feet long) and told him, "See! I am dreaming!" I right away started to fly away from him. The dream quality was very high and I realized I was in the suburbs of some town. It was day and the air felt very clean. There was not a single cloud on the sky and I felt happy to have broken the dry spell I had. I immediately recalled I needed to get the ToTM done and so I would collect my wings, and then, I planned to get as many dares as I could also, I wanted to break my record.

      I recalled the first one opening a pumpkin and finding what was inside (which ended up being one of the tasks) so I saw a big house with a massive backyard (it was about 30 yards wide) and a lot of pumpkins (also pretty big.) So I floated and landed in the garden. I glided towards the pumpkins and pulled a carving knife out from my pocket (lucky me!)

      The pumpkin looked better than this, pretty much perfect and it was standing. As I approached it and carved the top of it, it was loaded with sour strips, different sour candy, some chewing gum and I believe I saw a mithrill vest from the lord of the rings. Even though I saw that, I felt that opening the pumpkin was good enough and wanted to get done other tasks (I did not remember that trying on a costume was another ToTM.) I heard some voices approaching at me and I figured I could do another ToTM, which it was doing trick or treat to the people living in that house (which ended up not being one of the ToTM.) So, I glided silently behind one old woman that was looking where the noise came from and I roared like a vampire. I believe I might had even vamp teeth as she freaked out for a few seconds, but then I announced "Trick or treat!" as I landed again on the ground. The lady started to laugh and to look at me with a smile and she started walking to her house. I followed her, now walking, to collect my treat. There was also an old man at the house asking what was going on.

      As she collected the treats (some similar candies as I found inside the pumpkin earlier) I was able to spot a goblet sitting on an altar with two candles:

      I figured it would have blood and I would accomplish one of the Advanced tasks of the month (which ended up being another basic task.) I found funny that my dream put that inside this house and if I would not be lucid, I would find these old couple to be very weird, lol. So I just entered the house, and I believe that this old couple was outside, they were okay with me entering the house. I approached at the Goblet and looked inside. Yep, it was blood indeed and I found also some blood over the altar. I just took a sip and it tasted pretty much like blood taste. I did not feel any effects and I was glad about it, but since it was another ToTM I went ahead and celebrated I succeeded at it.

      From here, I recalled that I needed to confront my greatest fear through summoning a boggart. I did not feel like doing this, for some reason I felt this could threaten my dream and provide premature awakening, so I passed on this. Since I felt I did accomplish already one advanced task, I was happy (lucky me I completed the bonus, or I would be wearing only one pair of wings...) and I focused on the last ToTM. I recalled it was a bonus tasks to play a made up instrument that does not exist in waking life. I saw laying on the ground like a large semi-transparent stick, made out of plastic. I grabbed it and pretended it was a flute, but the noise it made it was like when you try to blow air through a stick! I figured that was way too lame for a bonus task and I could do better, so I went ahead to the old man and asking him, "Can you please show me an instrument that does not exist in waking life, please?" He smiled and said, sure thing!

      He walked me towards the front deck of the house where he had a small portable kitchen. He turned on the fire and placed a brass bowl on the fire, filling it up with water. From here, he got some of these lab tubs and placed them inside the bowl.

      All the tubes were standing (despite they were placed in a bowl) and the tubes had different heights. Suddenly, after a small while, vapor started to come out from the tubes, but some tubes would release a denser vapor than others and all these had different tones of white and gray. The old man told me to start blowing through one of the handles on the brass bowl. I figured I would not burn myself. As I started blowing, I could hear some music, but it was a mix of the noises that a boat makes (just not as loud) plus the noise from a harmonica and then I believe from a bag pipe. It was some instrument alright, weird indeed but I was able to pull it off!!

      I still had a huge quality of the dream, so I wanted to get some dares also and hit the jackpot. First of all, I wanted to get an easy one done, since I did it on the past, so I went ahead and laid down in bed to WILD within a lucid dream in order to accomplish (Induce a dream within a dream, Inception style (Maxis) ) As I laid down, I felt the dream fading fast, but I focused in just going into a deeper layer of a lucid dream, which I successfully did. I heard some nature sounds but I had no vision, so I demanded for vision. After a while, it came back successfully completing one dare. With this dare done, I recalled that I wanted to look for the blue room that I visited back in 2011 with Dreamer. (Revisit the blue room where you first met me in your dream (early 2011.) Get me to show you how I draw portals with my finger, then jump through with me and see where it takes us! (Dreamer) ) So I started to look for a way to do this, I noticed I was with my wife and she was acting like hypnotized, she was pretty much motionless and not talking. So I told her to wake up and give me some conversation. We were now in downtown, probably appeared there after from inducing a dream within a dream, so I started to look for a portal or maybe attempt to make one and see where it took me. I heard people crying and screaming and I saw a huge red dragon:

      I also recalled that I had to defeat a dragon for one of the anyone lucid dares (which ended up not being one neither) so I glided to the dragon and landed in front of me. He appeared to call down for some reason. I had no clue how was I going to defeat the dragon, so I hopped I had kinetic powers in my dream. I just pointed at him with the palm of my hands and he crashed in another building, roaring in pain and falling to the ground. From there, I believe it either vanished or turned into ashes... some dragon that was... what a disappointment!

      I told my wife that the dragon was lame and that I wanted to visit the zoo (Visit a zoo and describe the kinds of animals you come across. (That should be easy but I'm hoping you stumble across interesting or new species ~ NyxCC) I started to walk around downtown and got inside a shopping mall, as for some reason, I felt that I could find a zoo in there. The shopping mall was deserted and there were no people around. I saw a small white building that had a big panel on the top of it that was decorated like if it was a rainforest and I hopped for it to be a zoo. Tough luck, it was not. It was a pet food store that had the appearance of a zoo in order to attract customers. So big bum!

      I floated high as I figured I could see the zoo from the high and just fly to it. I found no zoo and I realize this whole downtown was just an island. I also saw that the waves were extremely strong, hitting the beaches entirely and creating small Tsunamis. I felt that something was very wrong with this island and felt I was loosing control of my dream. I saw the waves getting bigger until a massive wave covered my head to the point of seeing the light of the sun to vanish. A few seconds later, I saw all darkness and I could hear some noises of people, but did not see a thing. I also felt my body in bed and I knew I was on the verge of waking up. I started to focus on the dream itself and focus on the sound that people was making in order to anchor back in the dream. I then tried very hard to open my eyes, monitoring if the sounds vanished or got louder (waking vs going deeper in the dream) and I started to see day light, so I was happy as I was still dreaming.

      I was standing in the middle of the road and right behind me, there was a white bus, which was parked. I had a good feeling and I walked behind the bus to find this:

      I was like, "Awesomeness." That tile wave ported me there. I entered the zoo and recalled I would have no problems at all since it was free (
      it is the Chicago one that is free, I mixed both) I saw some people monitoring the entrance and we needed to walk through a small machine with a ton of LED lights and a small monochrome screen. I could see a lot of data being stored in there, including my weight and psychic gifts. I figured that since it was free, we were going to get spammed big time on our e-mails at a later time.

      The zoo here was indoors and I found mainly lizards. But these lizards looked weird, as they were purple and they had several legs. I also noticed some hens walking around where other people was and I could spot feathers and poop on the floor. There were a lot of people selling stuff and trying to get my attention, but I just keep focusing on the zoo to finish my task properly. I also saw a sheep, but instead of its white fuzzy appearance, it had the skin of an elephant. What a twisted blend my mind was making. I felt that was good enough of a zoo visit
      (I am not a huge fan of zoos in waking life, but this dream was fun and worth it, thanks for the dare!) so I really wanted to get to meet dreamer and that would accomplish all my current personal dares also.

      I wanted to teleport but I was not successful, so I figured I would look for some aid to be able to do this. I started to look for the color blue, and to find a blue room. I found a somewhat blue room so I entered it hopping it would be the room. But it was not, it was a movie theater. They were showing a movie, I believe it was the Fantastic Four, but I did not get distracted. I heard a noise coming from one of the walls. On the walls, I could see different pictures, all art and I found a huge Mona Lisa:

      But it was a bit distorted and the vividness of the paint was way more vivid than the real thing. I recalled this was another dare (Jump inside a picture of your choice, what happens? (Hukif) ) So I got excited as I was accomplishing another dare more. I just jump into it and hopped to find the blue world behind this paint. But instead, I have found another theater. I saw a small board that said, "A Secret Theater." I found that mysterious and funny. There were some people watching a different movie. I believe it was either a classic black and white movie or a documentary. But I did not want to focus on that so I kept exploring this room.

      On the same corner where the Mona Lisa was on the previous room I saw a small hole on the wall and like someone crossing it. You had to crawl to go through. I started to get more excited and I crossed this hole. I saw some stairs, but these were broken and it was impossible to cross, but since I was dreaming, I just glided through the stairs and walked through a door to reach... yes, you guessed, another theater... and another board that said, "An even more secret theater." There were also people inside, but the people here looked in pretty bad shape, like if they were sitting there for hours or even days, as they were dirty also. I was already getting tired of this theaters, but once again, I saw an even more tiny hole on the whole, and I somehow shrunk myself to go throught it.

      I got into a futuristic room, said room had like futuristic tubes that were elevators. I wondered what was going on and that I really wanted to find dreamer. I also found another board here that said, "Magic proof elevators." I was a bit worried that my dream control would not work here for some reason and I figured I could not go further. But a voice said, "You are in the elevator and you will be trapped here." I tried to break free without being successful and the voice announced me that I was going to be tossed in the huge can pools and I had to stay there. I saw four cans on the ground, but these cans were each like a 20 story building, they were massive as I could see hundreds of people swimming on each of them.

      Also, the entire room was blue, including the cans and there were blue crystals on the walls and there was a blue mist around. I was tossed in a can with only four-five people. I tried to fly away to look for dreamer but I was not able to do so. I felt bummed as I figured that on the can right in front of us, I would find her because it was loaded with people. While I was looking around, I heard a sweet voice saying, "Percy?" As I looked back, I realized it was Dreamer however, she did not look at all like she is on waking life, she had brown here, blue eyes and two pony tails. She also had very cheeky chicks and was smiling. She wore a brown and green swimsuit. She had a lot of curves and she approached at me. Dreamer told me, "I am glad you finally came." She looked into my eyes and hugged me, giving me a sweet kiss. I felt happy I finally accomplished this one, but my subconscious ended the task for me because Dreamer said, let's open a portal now. I figured it would not work as we were in a magic-proof place (
      my lucidity was fading fast) Dreamer rose her hand and a small vortex appeared on the edge of the can we were swimming at:

      She grabbed my hand and said, "Lets go together through it." As we traveled through it, I reached the crystal cave where I first met with her and she gave me another hug and said she was very happy. I started to look around the cave but suddenly, it became very bright until I woke up.

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    7. The morphing toilet by the dark mirror takes me to call Sensei instead of finding the blue world aft

      by , 09-21-2014 at 11:38 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The morphing toilet by the dark mirror takes me to call Sensei instead of finding the blue world after failing to Astral project. (WILD)


      After a brief visit to bathroom at 2am I decided to Astral Project. I relaxed my entire physical body in bed. My mind was already relaxed enough that I could focus well on this task. Within what felt a couple minutes, I started hearing a buzzing within my eyes. I focused on the buzzing in order to make it grow and become more intense. It got to a point that it was decently loud and I experienced vibrations around my entire body. I recalled that a couple of nights ago I was using the same technique (it is a new technique I am working on) and it kind of blew me off due an overcharge of energy (you may want to read here as a reference)

      Overcharging my body for Astral Projection and failing - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      So I decided not to be -energy greedy- as just start the separation process out.

      As I focused in my Astral body lifting from my physical body, I could feel the vibrations very intense, but for some reason, I was not completely able to come out. I decided to ask for assistance (you may do this if you struggle to leave your body) and I felt there was an entity around me (I asked who this one and it was one of my Spirit Guides.) I asked her to pull my Astral Body out. I felt here working on my feet and literally like she was pulling my feet, even that it felt physical at some degree, I know it was my Astral Body being pulled. I was able to separate and I found myself floating over my physical body. I had with my dad a conversation about my previous event and he told me that the same would happen to him and that once he projected out, he would charge his physical body with energy for it to feed further the Astral body) As I attempted this, I focused way too much on my physical body and I did return to my physical body.

      I was back in my body, but still in the WILD stage, so I figured I would once again, pull myself down after charging a bit more extra energy. During the process, my mind lost focus and I found myself thinking about a couple Dares I wanted to complete.

      I found myself floating above what appeared to be downtown. It was day so I realized that I was not Astral Traveling anymore but I did fall asleep during the process, which I was still happy since I was lucid. Not what I was looking for, but no complains neither!

      I decided to land as the dream was very stable. I recalled I wanted to work on some dares, since the thread is almost dead. So I entered a building and I wanted to look for a bathroom in order to do
      "Find a mirror and talk with your reflection." Once I got inside of the building, it appeared like a hardware store and there was almost right by the entrance a toilet and next to it, a sync with a mirror. So I got myself in front of the mirror and said, "Hi, whats up?" It looked like me, but like if on the other side of the mirror there was no light, or like if light did not reflect at all, because it was the same looking as me but it was really dark (in colors, not that it was evil, just like a person looks like in the darkness.) I did not hear any reply, so I attempted again and visualized being answered. This time, I could hear a faint voice coming from the mirror that it said "Mario Party" (what the heck???) and I did not feel like staring more into the mirror and wake up, since it replied to me, I figured it was valid.

      I also recalled the Advanced task of the Month. Even though I already completed it within the first week
      (my super-lousy lame patronus

      Expecto Patronum at Downtown - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      I wanted to complete also the toilet one as I told to Ophelia, and well... I had a (not so beautiful and dirty toilet) right next to me. An awesome gift from my subconscious. It was not extremely gross, just dirty and old looking:

      I just step over it after opening the lid and I hoped it would not break, as I recalled someone trying to do this and getting the toilet broken in the process, thus failing the task. Luckily it did not break. I visualized getting pulled inside the toilet. I could feel my feet shrinking and getting wet and I started to be pulled in, until most of my body was inside the toilet, only my upper chest and head were out. I knew I needed to enter it entirely to pass, so I pulled myself further in, but I was stuck. I tried hard to get in, but I was not successful, I realized the toilet turned into a Urinal:

      It was sparking clean but I was completely stuck. I tried to flush a few times but the water would come out from it around me. I was thinking what was going on with all the dream toilets for everybody. I jumped out of it and it morphed back into the same old dirty toilet. Since I was in a hardware store I looked for something to help me. I realized that if I could find one of those shrinking mushrooms from Mario it would help a ton:

      I was able to find some, but they looked like real mushrooms with leaves. I grabbed a bunch of them and step over the toilet right now (and I believe it got bigger) I ate the mushrooms and I shrunk immediately, falling inside the toilet. It flushed itself and I travelled through the pipes at a very hight speed. There were some religious figurines that they were cut in half
      (I bet I know where this comes from, Ophelia lol) and some other stuff, but the water was not gross at all.

      I then appeared at some place else, right back in down town. I was happy I did the toilet thing, even though I already had the Advanced ToTM wings.

      I then focused on Dreamers lucid dare and started to look for the blue dreamworld. I entered another building, pretending it would take me there, but I had no success. It took me to an almost empty office, with just a desk and a pc:

      But it was much bigger than this. I started to open different doors and going through different rooms. Apparently, I was not inspired enough and did not think to open a portal as I gave up on it and told me I would do it other night.

      I instead tried to recall more dares to do, as I want to complete all of them. I recalled an easy one, Call Sensei on the phone. I pulled out my cell phone and pushed the call button (dialing is so overrated and unnecessary, lol.) I could hear a voice that said, "Sensei is here..." I said, hello, what's up and I Sensei said something like, "Habla espanol? Alo alo? Mexico?" and suddenly my phone turned off. Well, I did call Sensei, so I guess it is valid, despite the weird call, lol. I then tried something interesting, and I tried to connect with my subconscious through my phone in order to come here and check out more dares as I could not recall any. I was able to get to the dreamviews page, but it looked like an app and I could only see our logo.

      A little afte that, I managed to get to the thread "Task of the month for September. And I saw some of Box77's posts. I tried hard to look for more dares
      (never realized that I was in a different thread, my lucidty was falling fast) but I was unsuccessful. I realized I was staring way too much at my phone until I entirely lost lucidity and something related to apples was going on, but I woke up almost immediately right after that.