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    1. Parallel Dimension Planet: Namusiki

      by , 10-04-2011 at 05:43 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Parallel Dimension Planet: Namusiki (DILD)


      I had a space shuttle travel for some reason I do not recall. I landed in a planet that was deserted. I did not know what I was going to do, as I was alone, in the middle of nowhere and without supplies.

      I passed out and awoke in a hotel. It was a small room and it was sunny out. I knew that I was still not in planet Earth. I was very excited about being in a different planet that looked alike Earth. I pulled my phone and I was surprised it worked. I was so amazed that Verizon Wireless had coverage in a remote planet.

      I started to investigate this planet. The inhabitants were humans as well, but slightly shorter. I entered inside a pub and wanted to get a drink, but they did not want my cash.

      I started to wonder about this planet, how did I get here and its history if any. I then wanted to call a friend and share about it. Suddenly, a huge storm started to happen. The sky got very dark and it rained very intensily. In matter of seconds, the rain stopped. The sky was blue and very sunny once more.

      I drove a car I had access to and parket in a non pavimented area. My car as well as other cars would move backwards even on park. I was told that that section of the planet had small quakes constantly, so I decided to park further ahead.

      As soon as I did, I started to wonder how the roads, freeways and other stuff were in this planet. I saw a taxi driver and planned in asking him to drive me to a museum and check it out.

      I realized I was in a dream and wanted to find out more.

      I asked the cab driver about the planet. He told me that the planet was called Namusiki. He explained to me that the planet was located in a paralell dimension, right behind Earth.

      He told me that it was a very small planet, with a day of 4 hours and a night of 3. As he shared this with me, the sunny day changed within seconds into night. The taxi driver shared with me also about the weather of the planet and invited me to come visit other time. A little later, I woke up.
    2. The life of Her

      by , 04-13-2011 at 07:55 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The life of Her (Non-lucid)


      This was an extremely long dream. I can only recall fragments from the first part of the dream. Several days, nights, months and years happened in this dream. I think I was a spirit guide from a lady since she was born until she was old. The whole dream covered the life of her. She had no name, so I call her, "Her" It felt odd to be a dream, I was not lucid and I was not Astral Traveling either.

      - Her was born. Female, blonde, special child. She could see me.
      - Years passed, she had a hard childhood. She only could trust me.

      I was in a hotel with Her. Her was about 10.. The hotel did not have much decor, it was mainly a wooden closet, a bed with a green cover and two brown lamps. There was an odd lamp by the closet that made noises and revealed images from the future when you walked by, but I was uncomfortable, so I left. I started to talk with Her. Music sounded in the dream. She was sad because she had no friends. I told her to be assured people loved her. I told her she had indeed friends.

      Now I was at a swimming pool. Her was about 18. Her was nervous and excited at the same time. She was going to have a race. She jumped on the second aisle of the right of the pool. Two female ladies tried to screw her, however, a third lady, who was Mexican jumped between then and pushed Her to the corner. Her was happy that she did not have to deal with the other two ladies anymore. A gun was shot and the race started. Her dove and started to swim very fast, she arrived second, someone arrived prior to her and received the gold medal.
      Her left the swimming pool to me her only friend, or maybe two friends. I was floating in the middle of the pool, now empty. I could see the spectators seats. The seats were wooden and they had a shape like a pyramid. The sits were so next to each other that I could slide on them and get into the pool. Oddly, I did not splashed.

      Now I was in some gardens. Her was about 40. Her found some hidden stuff of a friend. Her told me she was not a fancy city gal but a more rural gal who grow in the woods. She told me she had to act like a city gal to fit in. There was a small wooden house under a couple of trees. There was a sink in the middle of the house, but not faucets, just the sink. The sink looked old and damaged. There was not pipe on the bottom of the sink. I saw some blood under the sink (on the ground)

      I was in a big forest, but it had almost no trees. Her was on her 80s. One of her last wishes was to take a picture of me, with her. I told her I did not belong to that world and I doubted the camera could picture me, but I tried. There camera had a two inch radius objective that was tried to a cord. She moved the objective and placed it on my forehead. Her said, "Right where the Third Eye is!" Then, she moved the objective back to the camera. It was dawn and after several tries, only her appeared on the photo. I decided to take some pictures of her and I told her that my energy would be within her photos. Her was happy. She smiled, lied down in the ground and died with a smile on her face. Shortly, I woke up.
    3. Blue dimension

      by , 02-19-2011 at 06:15 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Blue dimension (DILD)


      I was in San Diego downtown. I was with my meetup group of meditation. I was in front of the Red Lotus Society for a guided meditation session.

      I realized it was thurday, there was no meditation of Thursday and I was not hosting one either.
      I figured I was dreaming. I saw a female friend who comes to my meetup group. For some reason, I lost lucidity.

      I wanted to meet with her somewhere around the area. She told me with telephaty that she was at the sports bar. There were several sports bars around. I entered a couple but I could not find her.

      I turned lucid again for some reason and decided to look for Dreamer. I recalled she opens portals with her fingers, so I attempted the same. I drew a circle with my fingers, however, the portal was too small, I could not find it.
      I attempted to draw another portal, with success. I entered the portal and I was floating in a different dimension. There were nothingness. It was empty, however, it was all blue. I was in an endless blue atmosphere. I could see different tones of blue but that's it.

      I figured I was going to be alone for a long time in there, so I drew another portal. I exited the portal and appeared in a beach.

      I lost lucidity. Something happened with a car, but I do not recall well.

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