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    1. Carving pumpkins, playing made up instruments, fighting dragon, visiting the zoo and finding Dreamer

      by , 10-07-2014 at 08:31 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Carving pumpkins, playing made up instruments, fighting a dragon, visiting the zoo and finding Dreamer after several secret theaters (DILD)


      This is probably one of the longest lucids in my life (well, I cannot remember when I was a children, but as a grown up probably it is, plus I made so many challenges tonight that I can feel them vanishing from my memories, so I got into my PC, giving up my last hour to sleep to write this whole thing down. I have been through a minor dry spell of lucids and good recall as I had some very busy days. Yesyterday, Monday the 6th of October 2014 I had the day starting pretty bad, but it had a great ending and I felt today was gonna be a good day, so I wanted to start the day awesomely with a nice lucid. I woke up at 5am and I had memories of a dream (now, with this mega-dream is totally forgotten) and I felt too tired to write it down. I went to the bathroom and then it was very hard for me to fall back asleep (this is not normal, I usually fall asleep fast.) I layed on my back to meditate (since I could not sleep) and I ended up falling asleep. I believe this lucid might have lasted about 1h 30 minutes, as I woke up from it at 7am.

      I do not even recall very well the non lucid part with this dream. I have vague memories of being with a friend, who was male and I believe we either were going to meditate or we were going to look for our wives. It was afternoon and it was sunny. We were in a park somewhere and we were about to go to an apartment and have a couple drinks, I believe until our wives met with us. As we were talking, I told him that I felt weird like if I was in a dream, like I did not feel awake. He started to laugh and I rose my hands.

      I had six fingers on each hand and no thumbs. Where the thumb was supposed to be I had a very long finger (over than one feet long) and told him, "See! I am dreaming!" I right away started to fly away from him. The dream quality was very high and I realized I was in the suburbs of some town. It was day and the air felt very clean. There was not a single cloud on the sky and I felt happy to have broken the dry spell I had. I immediately recalled I needed to get the ToTM done and so I would collect my wings, and then, I planned to get as many dares as I could also, I wanted to break my record.

      I recalled the first one opening a pumpkin and finding what was inside (which ended up being one of the tasks) so I saw a big house with a massive backyard (it was about 30 yards wide) and a lot of pumpkins (also pretty big.) So I floated and landed in the garden. I glided towards the pumpkins and pulled a carving knife out from my pocket (lucky me!)

      The pumpkin looked better than this, pretty much perfect and it was standing. As I approached it and carved the top of it, it was loaded with sour strips, different sour candy, some chewing gum and I believe I saw a mithrill vest from the lord of the rings. Even though I saw that, I felt that opening the pumpkin was good enough and wanted to get done other tasks (I did not remember that trying on a costume was another ToTM.) I heard some voices approaching at me and I figured I could do another ToTM, which it was doing trick or treat to the people living in that house (which ended up not being one of the ToTM.) So, I glided silently behind one old woman that was looking where the noise came from and I roared like a vampire. I believe I might had even vamp teeth as she freaked out for a few seconds, but then I announced "Trick or treat!" as I landed again on the ground. The lady started to laugh and to look at me with a smile and she started walking to her house. I followed her, now walking, to collect my treat. There was also an old man at the house asking what was going on.

      As she collected the treats (some similar candies as I found inside the pumpkin earlier) I was able to spot a goblet sitting on an altar with two candles:

      I figured it would have blood and I would accomplish one of the Advanced tasks of the month (which ended up being another basic task.) I found funny that my dream put that inside this house and if I would not be lucid, I would find these old couple to be very weird, lol. So I just entered the house, and I believe that this old couple was outside, they were okay with me entering the house. I approached at the Goblet and looked inside. Yep, it was blood indeed and I found also some blood over the altar. I just took a sip and it tasted pretty much like blood taste. I did not feel any effects and I was glad about it, but since it was another ToTM I went ahead and celebrated I succeeded at it.

      From here, I recalled that I needed to confront my greatest fear through summoning a boggart. I did not feel like doing this, for some reason I felt this could threaten my dream and provide premature awakening, so I passed on this. Since I felt I did accomplish already one advanced task, I was happy (lucky me I completed the bonus, or I would be wearing only one pair of wings...) and I focused on the last ToTM. I recalled it was a bonus tasks to play a made up instrument that does not exist in waking life. I saw laying on the ground like a large semi-transparent stick, made out of plastic. I grabbed it and pretended it was a flute, but the noise it made it was like when you try to blow air through a stick! I figured that was way too lame for a bonus task and I could do better, so I went ahead to the old man and asking him, "Can you please show me an instrument that does not exist in waking life, please?" He smiled and said, sure thing!

      He walked me towards the front deck of the house where he had a small portable kitchen. He turned on the fire and placed a brass bowl on the fire, filling it up with water. From here, he got some of these lab tubs and placed them inside the bowl.

      All the tubes were standing (despite they were placed in a bowl) and the tubes had different heights. Suddenly, after a small while, vapor started to come out from the tubes, but some tubes would release a denser vapor than others and all these had different tones of white and gray. The old man told me to start blowing through one of the handles on the brass bowl. I figured I would not burn myself. As I started blowing, I could hear some music, but it was a mix of the noises that a boat makes (just not as loud) plus the noise from a harmonica and then I believe from a bag pipe. It was some instrument alright, weird indeed but I was able to pull it off!!

      I still had a huge quality of the dream, so I wanted to get some dares also and hit the jackpot. First of all, I wanted to get an easy one done, since I did it on the past, so I went ahead and laid down in bed to WILD within a lucid dream in order to accomplish (Induce a dream within a dream, Inception style (Maxis) ) As I laid down, I felt the dream fading fast, but I focused in just going into a deeper layer of a lucid dream, which I successfully did. I heard some nature sounds but I had no vision, so I demanded for vision. After a while, it came back successfully completing one dare. With this dare done, I recalled that I wanted to look for the blue room that I visited back in 2011 with Dreamer. (Revisit the blue room where you first met me in your dream (early 2011.) Get me to show you how I draw portals with my finger, then jump through with me and see where it takes us! (Dreamer) ) So I started to look for a way to do this, I noticed I was with my wife and she was acting like hypnotized, she was pretty much motionless and not talking. So I told her to wake up and give me some conversation. We were now in downtown, probably appeared there after from inducing a dream within a dream, so I started to look for a portal or maybe attempt to make one and see where it took me. I heard people crying and screaming and I saw a huge red dragon:

      I also recalled that I had to defeat a dragon for one of the anyone lucid dares (which ended up not being one neither) so I glided to the dragon and landed in front of me. He appeared to call down for some reason. I had no clue how was I going to defeat the dragon, so I hopped I had kinetic powers in my dream. I just pointed at him with the palm of my hands and he crashed in another building, roaring in pain and falling to the ground. From there, I believe it either vanished or turned into ashes... some dragon that was... what a disappointment!

      I told my wife that the dragon was lame and that I wanted to visit the zoo (Visit a zoo and describe the kinds of animals you come across. (That should be easy but I'm hoping you stumble across interesting or new species ~ NyxCC) I started to walk around downtown and got inside a shopping mall, as for some reason, I felt that I could find a zoo in there. The shopping mall was deserted and there were no people around. I saw a small white building that had a big panel on the top of it that was decorated like if it was a rainforest and I hopped for it to be a zoo. Tough luck, it was not. It was a pet food store that had the appearance of a zoo in order to attract customers. So big bum!

      I floated high as I figured I could see the zoo from the high and just fly to it. I found no zoo and I realize this whole downtown was just an island. I also saw that the waves were extremely strong, hitting the beaches entirely and creating small Tsunamis. I felt that something was very wrong with this island and felt I was loosing control of my dream. I saw the waves getting bigger until a massive wave covered my head to the point of seeing the light of the sun to vanish. A few seconds later, I saw all darkness and I could hear some noises of people, but did not see a thing. I also felt my body in bed and I knew I was on the verge of waking up. I started to focus on the dream itself and focus on the sound that people was making in order to anchor back in the dream. I then tried very hard to open my eyes, monitoring if the sounds vanished or got louder (waking vs going deeper in the dream) and I started to see day light, so I was happy as I was still dreaming.

      I was standing in the middle of the road and right behind me, there was a white bus, which was parked. I had a good feeling and I walked behind the bus to find this:

      I was like, "Awesomeness." That tile wave ported me there. I entered the zoo and recalled I would have no problems at all since it was free (
      it is the Chicago one that is free, I mixed both) I saw some people monitoring the entrance and we needed to walk through a small machine with a ton of LED lights and a small monochrome screen. I could see a lot of data being stored in there, including my weight and psychic gifts. I figured that since it was free, we were going to get spammed big time on our e-mails at a later time.

      The zoo here was indoors and I found mainly lizards. But these lizards looked weird, as they were purple and they had several legs. I also noticed some hens walking around where other people was and I could spot feathers and poop on the floor. There were a lot of people selling stuff and trying to get my attention, but I just keep focusing on the zoo to finish my task properly. I also saw a sheep, but instead of its white fuzzy appearance, it had the skin of an elephant. What a twisted blend my mind was making. I felt that was good enough of a zoo visit
      (I am not a huge fan of zoos in waking life, but this dream was fun and worth it, thanks for the dare!) so I really wanted to get to meet dreamer and that would accomplish all my current personal dares also.

      I wanted to teleport but I was not successful, so I figured I would look for some aid to be able to do this. I started to look for the color blue, and to find a blue room. I found a somewhat blue room so I entered it hopping it would be the room. But it was not, it was a movie theater. They were showing a movie, I believe it was the Fantastic Four, but I did not get distracted. I heard a noise coming from one of the walls. On the walls, I could see different pictures, all art and I found a huge Mona Lisa:

      But it was a bit distorted and the vividness of the paint was way more vivid than the real thing. I recalled this was another dare (Jump inside a picture of your choice, what happens? (Hukif) ) So I got excited as I was accomplishing another dare more. I just jump into it and hopped to find the blue world behind this paint. But instead, I have found another theater. I saw a small board that said, "A Secret Theater." I found that mysterious and funny. There were some people watching a different movie. I believe it was either a classic black and white movie or a documentary. But I did not want to focus on that so I kept exploring this room.

      On the same corner where the Mona Lisa was on the previous room I saw a small hole on the wall and like someone crossing it. You had to crawl to go through. I started to get more excited and I crossed this hole. I saw some stairs, but these were broken and it was impossible to cross, but since I was dreaming, I just glided through the stairs and walked through a door to reach... yes, you guessed, another theater... and another board that said, "An even more secret theater." There were also people inside, but the people here looked in pretty bad shape, like if they were sitting there for hours or even days, as they were dirty also. I was already getting tired of this theaters, but once again, I saw an even more tiny hole on the whole, and I somehow shrunk myself to go throught it.

      I got into a futuristic room, said room had like futuristic tubes that were elevators. I wondered what was going on and that I really wanted to find dreamer. I also found another board here that said, "Magic proof elevators." I was a bit worried that my dream control would not work here for some reason and I figured I could not go further. But a voice said, "You are in the elevator and you will be trapped here." I tried to break free without being successful and the voice announced me that I was going to be tossed in the huge can pools and I had to stay there. I saw four cans on the ground, but these cans were each like a 20 story building, they were massive as I could see hundreds of people swimming on each of them.

      Also, the entire room was blue, including the cans and there were blue crystals on the walls and there was a blue mist around. I was tossed in a can with only four-five people. I tried to fly away to look for dreamer but I was not able to do so. I felt bummed as I figured that on the can right in front of us, I would find her because it was loaded with people. While I was looking around, I heard a sweet voice saying, "Percy?" As I looked back, I realized it was Dreamer however, she did not look at all like she is on waking life, she had brown here, blue eyes and two pony tails. She also had very cheeky chicks and was smiling. She wore a brown and green swimsuit. She had a lot of curves and she approached at me. Dreamer told me, "I am glad you finally came." She looked into my eyes and hugged me, giving me a sweet kiss. I felt happy I finally accomplished this one, but my subconscious ended the task for me because Dreamer said, let's open a portal now. I figured it would not work as we were in a magic-proof place (
      my lucidity was fading fast) Dreamer rose her hand and a small vortex appeared on the edge of the can we were swimming at:

      She grabbed my hand and said, "Lets go together through it." As we traveled through it, I reached the crystal cave where I first met with her and she gave me another hug and said she was very happy. I started to look around the cave but suddenly, it became very bright until I woke up.

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    2. Flying in the nude and eating junk food with Dreamer before visiting an alien planet.

      by , 07-06-2014 at 10:24 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Flying in the nude and eating junk food with Dreamer before visiting an alien planet. (DILD)


      I was in some sort of party, somewhere in south california. I was surrounded by people that I have never seen before. I was wondering what i was doing in such party as it did not appear to be anything that I knew before. As I was wondering this, I told myself, "Wait a minute, I moved to Spain, how come I am still here?" After a few moments of confusion I realized I was in a dream. As soon as I did, the dream quality skyrocketed and everything became very clear.

      I immediately recalled the basic task of the month, which was being naked in public, something I have no problem at all as I have done it previously. I took my shirt off as well as my pants and my boxers. I had no shoes or sok whatsoever so I was completely butt naked.

      I walked through the party and some of the DCs stared at me, a female DC seemed to be very attracted to me. She was very good looking, but I did not want to engage in lucid sex and risk my "to-do" list so I took off right away and started to fly. It felt great to be flying in the nude, it always does since I've done it several times.

      After some quality time flying and being very anchored in the dream, I landed in what looked some sort of downtown, with a lot of tall buildings and a lot of people dressed in business attire. I figured I could cause mayhem being naked in the business district, but I did not care, what I did was entering the building and looking for an elevator.

      The building on the inside, looking like the Ritz hotel. There was a lot of red and green carpeting, windows had silk covers and there were huge chandeliers and a violin-played soft music. I looked for an elevator to enter it for the "advanced" Task of the Month
      (this is a basic task, Opehlia, come on!! LOL You can ride an elevator in waking life) As I entered the elevator, it looked pretty much like the photo posted here on page one (I think I used that photo for another major elevator-dream a few years ago.) Everything appeared to be working efficiently, except for the buttons, which were random numbers, letters and some of them had weird symbols. I felt the excitement rushing through my body, as elevators are amazing in dreams. As I was about to push a button and see what happened, Dreamer entered the elevator and hugged me. She was smiling at me and told me, "I hope you settle soon so we can start to dream together" (this is funny, because Dreamer told me something similar in waking life as I told her I arrived to Europe) I found it funny, because we were already dreaming together, even though I knew somehow that this one could not be a dream-share, since she knew I am still moving and settling.

      I told Dreamer, "Well, you know, the Special Task of the Month is to dream with another Dreamviews member, so I am excited you came."

      Dreamer was smiling and then I could see her excitement in her eyes, so I suggested to ride the elevator. Before I could press a button, Dreamer did and a very strange noise sounded. The elevator started to shake and move oddly. I hopped the elevator would take us to someplace instead of just break down
      (as it happens a lot of times) so I could accomplish the advanced task. The elevator stopped and the doors opened, but it was between two floors. I exalted, "Of course! Why I am not surprised." Dreamer jumped out the elevator and I followed her.

      We were in a big lobby, what appeared to be a brunch buffet of some sorts, but there were no chairs. Just a huge table where over one hundred settings. I recalled another task of the month, where we needed to make/eat as much junk food as we could. There was a huge tray in the middle of the table and suddenly, a lot of stuff spawned around the table. Chocolate cakes, cookies, candies... everything hundreds of calories and sugar. I grabbed with my hands what appeared to be a frozen chocolate cake. Dreamer grabbed some random cookies, marshmallows and other sweets. She tossed them on the tray as well. I tossed some whipped cream, some M&Ms and some strawberry syrup. Dreamer emptied an ENTIRE bottle of corn syrup over the mix
      (Jesus Christ... this is a nuclear bomb) and started to laugh. Somehow I tossed cotton candy over the mix and started to mix everything. I wrapped it up with some chocolate cookies and more random candies.

      We started to eat the monster-junk-food we created. The taste was extremely sweet, too sweet to be honest. Tasted of chocolate, candies, plain suggar and it was so overwhelming, that we both only ate a bite or two.

      With that being done, and while I was with Dreamer I recalled the other advanced task, which was visiting an alien planet. In that moment, I also felt that for the special task I had to actually fly with a DV member, so we both took off and left the Earth. I almost lost the dream here and started to allow the dream to take me away, but I felt it would be cool to accomplish all tasks in one shot, so I kept focused on the dream.

      We flew through a wormhole and it was very dark. I could feel Dreamer's energy so I knew that we flew for a while together, but at this moment, I struggled to keep up with the dream, until I saw a green planet in front of me. I focused on anchoring on the dream and staying lucid. As I was approaching the planet, the dream became more clear again, and to the time I landed in the planet, I did not see where Dreamer went but I felt that the dream would not last long, so I explored the planet for a bit.

      There were some small beings, grey and green colored, non-humanoid that appeared very gentle. I felt they were welcoming me somehow to the planet, knowing I would cause no harm to them.

      I explored this planet for a bit longer. They had houses, but they were made out of green ooze and I did not want to touch them in case i broke them. They sky looked like Earth's, but green instead of blue.

      I wondered how funny it would be if I found an elevator in that planet and I used it, but as I was thinking this I realized that was dream was fading very fast until I woke up.
    3. Farmer's Market & Candy World

      by , 06-02-2014 at 04:55 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Farmer's Market & Candy World (DEILD)


      I believe I had a very nice long non-lucid dream prior to this one, but this dream was very long and I entirely forgot the previous dream, so this will start from a FA.

      I felt my body in bed and I needed to get out of bed to write down my dream, since it was a nice one. But I felt I was waking up once again and I felt with more intensity my body, even though my eyes were closed. I could feel my hands weird, like heavier and I tried to reach them. I started to suspect that I was lucid and I focused myself on anchoring to the dream. I touched my hand and I had more fingers on it, and I thought it would be nice if I was lucid, since it was already morning (prior to this dream, I woke up and I had 45 minutes left of sleep time or so, and I felt I was not going to be able to make it for this night, something I almost promised to do.) and then I tried hard to look at my hand and I could count 7 fingers, where the 2nd one was half the size of the others. The dream went very clear and high quality, so I got off from bed and went to my living room as usual. There were a ton of boxes on the ground, blocking the door to exist my apartment. I still opened the door with little to no effort and took off in flight to be able to keep the dream more stable.

      It was clear day and very sunny as well as warm, there were no clouds on the sky and I had no problems in flying. After flying for a short while, my dream quality was great and I saw like a farmers market going so I landed to get started with the tasks of this month.

      I landed in an area that looked pretty much like the place that holds psychic fairs that I am a reader at, but instead of just psychics, there were people selling farmers market stuff as well as a lot of people standing trying to ask you to donate for whatever random charity. So I walked by a 40 years old lady who asked me:

      - So do you want to donate?

      I knew I had to repeat, so I replied

      - So, do you want to donate?

      The lady was looking at me, she did no appear bothered and she replied to me:

      - Yes, I am donate
      (yes, with that poor English.)

      So I replied the same, "Yes, I am donate." The lady looked at me, smiled at me and then walked away and started to talk in Spanish. Okay, whatever, the task is done.

      My goal was to try to make all the ToTM, so I knew I might as well kiss another guy. I was not looking forward at all for that, but hey, it is a dream, so who cares.

      There were some 16-18 years old playing soccer. I found it kind of gross kissing another guy, but I approached one of them and asked them to wait for a second, that I had something from him. As I approached him I gave him a tiny pick kiss on his lips and then moved away. The taste of his lips was a mix of sweat and male testosterone
      (I have no idea how testosterone tastes, but it was not the same feeling as kissing a woman, it was gross, so...) and he also walked away clearing his lips saying, "Gross... dude!!!!" And they resumed playing soccer. There was a 16 years old lady, not very pretty to be honest that was looking at me and said, "Well, I would love to kiss." And I looked at her like saying, "Huh?" And she continued speaking, "Yeah... I would love to kiss that guy, he is so handsome..." And she started to sigh. I was thinking like, "Whatever, this is a waste of dream quality time."

      I knew both tasks were done, so it was time for the advanced ones. I thought that one of the advanced ones was a bit yucky that had to do with flowers, and I was not motivated at all
      (I was blending it with the bonus one about the aquarium, the only one I did not feel a strong connection to do.) So I recalled the other advance task is to create a Candy World.

      I started to focus on that as soon as I turned, Candy World would appear and I would get there. I turned around and I saw Candy World. It was like a theme park, but it was all made out of Candy. As I approached this world, I could see how the buildings around me vanished, and how the world turned from a steel and concrete to a colorful sugared world. Also, the sun started to set, and I thought that the day went by so fast in the dream, but did not focus much on it.

      As I was walking by in Candy World, I noted several roller-coasters ( made out of candy as well) and a lot of stores that they were selling (yes, you are right) candy.

      First, I took a piece of candy from the ground (the ground was actually made of candy) and it tasted pretty much like a regular strawberry candy, nothing funny here.) I wanted to eat some more to make sure I did a quality Task, so I went to one of the stores and since I had no idea if I had money or if I could spawn it, I just grabbed a bag that held chocolate covered raisins (but white chocolate, not regular) and I ate some. They tasted similar to the real thing, but sweater and I could not find the raising.) Then, I grabbed a bag full of those green watermelons that are chewing gums. I ate one and it pretty much disintegrated and melted in my mouth, leaving no trace of chewing gum, but more like if it was some soft candy
      (in waking life, those watermelons are very hard, and once you munch them, they are chewing gum.)

      Then, the store clerck came to me very rudely and said, "Hey! What do you think you are doing? You need to pay for that." He had a lot of anger and he was very rude. I asked him how much was it and he replied $1.79. I reached my pocked and took out my wallet. I hoped to find money just to pay him with the biggest bill I could find. I had a lot of bills in my wallet, like a ton. Most of them were $20 and $5, but I was able to pull a $100. Nice! i gave it to him with a smile and she started to use foul language trying to reach for change.

      I left this store ( I believe I never collected my change, and I started to walk the streets of this Candy world. I could not recall one of the bonus tasks, and the other one, about the pregnancy, I did not feel like having sex with some random DC and then making them impossible for her to show sings of pregnancy, so I decided that since my goal was done, I would look for ~ Dreamer ~ So I walked down a street that was no longer Candy land and hopped to find her. I planned to visit the Magical Forest if I was not able, but I saw ~ Dreamer ~ coming and saying, "Hi Percy!!" She was smiling and gave me a hug. She tool me it was cool I summoned her and asked me if I did my ToTMs. I told her I just did and that we could go back to Candy land and ride some roller-coasters. ~ Dreamer ~ appeared to be excited and we turned around and candy land still was there. Even though right now it looked more like a regular theme park, but whatever, the tasks are done.

      I know we were chatting about Dreamviews and well, a few things that I cannot share here, lol. Until we reached a roller-coaster. There was no line or anything, even the theme park has almost like completely silent, but it was open as an employee sat both of us down in a weird looking wagon and we rode the roller-coaster.

      When the ride ended, I started to look again from ~ Dreamer ~ but I could not find her and my dream quality was fading. I wondered if we truly shared our dream, I knew she was awake, but since there is no linear time in the Dream plane, I knew she could have dreamed that hours ago and then matching with my own dream.

      I started to think that this was a very long dream and that it was time to wake up. I was about to take off flying to throw myself at sometimes and wake up from the impact when I heard my wife talking to me. She was a bit upset and she was saying, "It is like 12 pm already, I have been trying to wake you up for 30 minutes and you did not move an inch." I figured that could not be, that it was probably around 8am
      (I always wake up between 7 and 8) I kind of ignored my wife's complains and told her that she was in a dream, to let go and to enjoy. I started to levitate, about three feet from the ground and moved my hand towards here saying, "Lets go and fly." She was telling me that she could not fly and more stuff, but I took off and flew to a restaurant.

      As I got to the restaurant, a young lady said that she found me to be hot and wanted to make a baby, grabbed my hard and started running towards a bathroom in the restaurant, but she could not find any, it was an outdoors restaurant and she went to a dead end where all there was it was a tiny door with silverware. The lady kept running wanting to have sex with me but my dream started to fade and I thought that I was glad it was over, I did not want to forget details about this dream.

      I woke up in bed and my wife was hard asleep. I wanted to go write down the dream but I could not move in bed, so I figured I was still in a dream, but I really wanted to wake myself up, as I was trying to recall my non-lucid dream (yes, while I was lucid) and I already couldn't so I did not want to ruin the lucid part.

      I had a second false awakening and my wife told me something about Spain and then finally I woke up for real.
    4. Dreamer... a princess?

      by , 09-27-2011 at 06:12 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Dreamer... a princess? (Non-lucid)


      I was going to visit a castle in a different city. There were a few security checkpoints, border patrol controls and I think a DUI control as well. We had to go through each control. On one of them, they were not very happy with my wife's ID for some reason, and they wanted to check mine again. I pulled my wallet and the Driver's License's slot was empty. I opened my wallet and found my license with my credit cards. After showing it, they allowed us to go thru.

      We needed to pass thru other check point. An employee was throwing all our goods inside a basket to scan them. She grabbed my glasses and threw them as well. I was afraid she could break them.

      I arrived at a hotel, which was pretty expensive and I was wondering how I was goint to pay. I was going to meet with the princess of the castle. I managed to talk with the princess over the phone and she told me where the Royal room was.

      The castle on the outside looked very old and abandoned, but on the inside, it was vivid and well maintained. I could see armors with axes on pedestals placed on the sides of the walkway. Big crystal chandeliers and huge windows brought a lot of light inside. Red carpets covered the entire walkway's floor.

      I found the princess, who looked like exactly Dreamer. She told me she was very happy to see me and wanted me to stay at the Royal bedroom with her. She told me that besides her bed, she had two extra beds and I could use one of them. I saw messages around the walls talking about Dreamer's boyfriends as well as something like, "My vibrations rose in waking life, my aura is brighter" I was not sure when I had to go back home, but I wanted to spend some time with Dreamer.

      I exited the castle and I was in a mall. The mall's music was from The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Title Theme Music.
      I was surprised about this, it has been years I did not hear this song. I found funny the played such music at the mall.

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    5. More Fire song

      by , 05-10-2011 at 01:06 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      More Fire song (L-DEILD)


      I had a FA in my room. I found funny that my L-DEILD technique failed, as it was fail-proof... I decided to write down my dreams, so I went to the kitchen table and opened the microwave for light... but it never opened.

      I looked around and my vision was very blurry, found it out but I thought I might be tired. My wife woke up and said what I was doing up in the middle of the night.
      I told her the Microwave was not working, that I might been dreaming. She told me to stop talking junk and to go back to bed, that the microwave always worked bad (it does on my dreams, lol) I told her that I did not feel awake. I jumped a couple times but did not levitate. My wife got mad at me and started to talk out loud. I showed her my hand and told me, "So, having four tiny fingers is normal for you?" She said, "Yes" and kept complaining I just crushed the door and left flying while my wife was arguing.

      It was day now and I decided to fly at high speed. I was about to look for Dreamer when I reached a big home where I met with my brother. I told my brother to compose a song about fire for me, to make my song longer.

      My brother said he needed inspiration. I invited him to do pyrokinesis. His hands started to release smoke, but never fire. However, he said:

      - Oh fiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeeeee,
      you destroy treeeeeeeeeeeeees,
      make them fall
      crash some trains
      carrying teeeeeeeeees!

      My brother said he needed a fire costume. He said he needed to go home to look for one. I touched him hoping his outfit would change, without success. He insisted in leaving. I told him that he was not my real brother as we were not sharing a dream. If he left, he would vanish. He left so I decided to fly away and look for Dreamer when I woke up.

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    6. Messing with a Garden table and kicking the moon

      by , 05-04-2011 at 05:06 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Messing with a Garden table and kicking the moon (WBTB)


      After a while awake, I went back to bed thinking over ToTM. It was already the 4th in the morning and I was not done yet. I also recalled that it was time to dream with Dreamer and based on my time, she was sleeping, so I could catch her. I fell asleep pretty fast.

      I had a FA in my bed. In fact, it felt like if I never felt asleep. However, I had no vision at all. I focused on my surroundings and on my own body. I felt my body in bed like when I am awake. I could also hear my ears buzzing, but I considered is was normal because I wore ear plugs. I got out of bed, slowly, still without vision. I decided to jump and see if I levitated. Most of the times it works, but I just jumped. However, I made an odd noise when stepping the floor. I decided to jump again, and it was the exact same noise, so I wasn't sure. I took off my sleep glasses and walked to my living room. Everything was normal, even my cats behaved normal. I was not satisfied so I looked at my hands. They looked and felt normal, but when I counted my fingers, I counted eight, in addition, they were super thin.

      I turned lucid and felt it was funny the resistance my mind was opposing this time, and how I overcame it. I looked right away in the sky, but it was day and I saw no moon. After a short flight to make my dream stable, I landed on a field. I started to look for Dreamer, but I could not see her. I saw instead a lot of zebras walking. I felt like some psychokinesis so I pointed at the zebras and taunted them. The zebras started to walk towards me, all of them, they were around eight or nine. I found it funny but I knew it was no psychokinesis. My dream was not stable enough and it had no quality, so I felt like more flying was appropriate. I flew at a hight speed, I could feel the wind in my face and the heat (not much) of the Sun on my skin. While I was flying, I lost vision only on my left eye. I focused on how to dream feels on my body when I recovered vision.

      Suddenly, the quality of the dream dropped dramatically. I lost vision on both eyes and I knew that was going to wake me up. I kept feeling the wind on my face, so I anchored myself to that feeling. I also focused on Dreamer and our field, to take profit of the imaginary lost. Blackness was all I could see. I tried to use conventional dream recovery abilities. I knew that those never worker for me, as I was used to do my own recovery techniques since I was a kid. I started to spin, but I did not feel I was fast enough and it had no success. I also tried to rub my hands as last resort, but I recalled one lucid that I tried, and just ended into a faster awakening. My hands felt like if I had plastic gloves on, so I took them off and kept rubbing my hands. A few seconds of complete nothingness of feeling and seeing happened, until I started to see some sun light. I though I was awakening and what I took previously, were my sleep glasses. However, I started to feel wind on my skin, so I realized I was not in bed indeed. I could see a big field, made out entirely of grass. I saw mountains around me. As the imaginery recovered completely, Dreamer was in front of me and told me, "Finally Mister! It was about time! I missed you!" She hugged me. I told her the both of us have been very busy and we did not focus as much.

      Dreamer grabbed my hand and we started to fly. She told me to go and mess up with the moon. We had a few minutes (or felt like it) of flight, however, I recalled that I needed to do psychokinesis first. We landed in a high end neighborhood. Dreamer told me that she wanted to speak with some guy and make a joke on him. Dreamer told the guy about something on his house, so this guy entered his house. When he was going, I saw a white garden table.

      I opened my palm facing the table and channeled energy the same way I do in waking for energy healing and PSI Balls. The table started to shake and it soon levitated. I rose the table about eleven feet (four meters) and kept it floating right over the door of that guy. As he came back from the building, he grabbed the table without surprise and placed it around his neck. Then he walked to the left site of the patio and said something to Dreamer. I started to focus on the table again and it started to move, but the guy grabbed it hard and did not move. I focused on the feet of the guy and did the same hand movement. The guy (with the table) started to levitate and freaked out. Dreamer laughed and suddenly, grabbed my left right and started to fly saying, "Moon time!"

      I was curious how my mind was going to handle not one, but two flying to the moon, holding hands. I knew Dreamer was dreaming, but I was not sure if we were sharing the dream. We got pretty fast to the moon. Dreamer told me we could kick the moon and set it right into the Earth. However, we were on the actual moon, so it was going to be hard. I told Dreamer, "You are good in growing your size! Let's do that" Suddenly, we were on Space, and the Earth was about four times our size. The moon, was three times as big as a basketball, but it still looked like the moon. I told Dreamer we could kick the moon. I also told her I actualy suggested that over the boards. I kicked the moon with my left foot and Dreamer with her right foot. The moon started to move at a fast speed towards the Earth. Suddenly, it became a fireball entering the atmosphere of the Earth. A few seconds later, the Earth itself started to crumble and exploded.

      After it was done, Dreamer told to just enjoy our mutual company and fly together, so we did, but shortly, I woke up.

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    7. Cash drop hour!!

      by , 02-20-2011 at 08:46 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Cash drop hour!! (DILD)


      I was attending a class of something. It was probably a class about ESP or some sort of psychic stuff that I already archive and use on a daily basis, I cannot remember well.
      The teacher was pretty eccentric and I was feeling bothered because the teacher was trying to teach me something she was well aware I already archived.

      We went to some sort of beach with the entire class. The teacher told me how to do some kind of energy work, but I told her I knew well about it. While we were waiting for other students, a red parrot flew by me and turned into a dark red pigeon. It stopped by me and the teacher stared in amazement. I started to pet the pigeon and it started to purr like a cat. I was surprised of such situation and looked at the animal. It was a cat, a beautiful red skinned cat. It almost glowed. The cat was asking for love and purring very intensely.

      Suddenly, I waked to a kiosk with a stage. A sat in the stage with a few random psychics that I do not know in waking life. One psychic told me to create a PSI Ball and throw it to one guy or gal in the public. I did. My PSI ball hitted a guy who woke abruptly from his chair and grabbed a can of coke. He drank the whole can in one gulp and died. I was surprised of what happened. Another psychic threw a PSI Ball to other gal in the crowd. She stood up and grabbed a can of Red Bull. She drank it in one gulp and died as well.

      A third member of the crowd got hit by another PSI Ball, but before she could grab a can of a soda, I threw a bottle of water. She drank from it and did not die. I told the other psychics that sodas were not good. From here, we did some sort of manifestation against soft-drinks distributors.

      I walked to my neighborhood and I saw a few DC (both adults and kids) picking up cash and stuff from the floor. I saw a small banner that said, "Cash drop hour. Next event at 2:45 PM" I figured that some rich people arrived to throw free money. I went upstairs, home, where I met with a random DC. We were watching some TV when she realized that more people was dropping cash. I ran and exited my building. I grabbed a $1,000 bill before it scape, but it had a white face, so it was fake. I focused on picking up as much cash as I could from the ground. However, I arrived late. I realized that at least I could pick up some cash. I had a few $10 bills and two $500 bills. I was happy because I could pay of some credit cards I have some balance left. I also had some credit vouchers from restaurants and some Magic the Gathering cards. I ran home and when I arrived to show the DC all I gathered, I had none. Both the DC and I ran downstairs and exited our home. We saw some people picking up stuff from the floor. The next cash drop event was going to take place in a street, but my friend did not want to go.

      Suddenly, the dream rewinded itself to the beach.
      I realized I just been there, so I turned lucid. My level of lucidity was very low and I had little control over the dream and the plot guided me. I recalled the Cash drop hour and I wanted to be there first, so I decided to teleport there.

      I arrived at my street and I saw a TV where they announced that several people was dying fast. I saw it was the kiosk where I was with those psychics. I felt sorry for them as I knew the solution, but I wanted to be there first so I could take some cash to the waking world.

      I saw a few kids with a big stack of Magic the Gathering cards. One of them told me, "I got his amazing card. It is some awesome! I might throw it at the cash drop even to make it more interesting!" I asked the kid to show me the card. I replied, "It is just Liliana Vess. She is a nice planeswalker, but I got a few of those... she is work about $10... nothing to freak out" The kid showed me some useless cards and some other good, but not big dollar cards.

      I wondered when the cash drop was going to start. I was not sure how long the dream was going to last and I wanted some cash. I asked to myself if I really could take any cash at all.

      It was sunny and I wanted to do something, so I decided to draw a portal with my fingers like I did in the past, with no success... I did not focus really into the task as I wanted to wait for the cash drop thingy. I snapped my fingers twice in order to summon Dreamer, but I neither put a lot of effort, so it failed. I had no control on this dream and I was neither thinking straight. While I waited for the event to happen, I woke up.

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    8. Blue dimension

      by , 02-19-2011 at 06:15 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Blue dimension (DILD)


      I was in San Diego downtown. I was with my meetup group of meditation. I was in front of the Red Lotus Society for a guided meditation session.

      I realized it was thurday, there was no meditation of Thursday and I was not hosting one either.
      I figured I was dreaming. I saw a female friend who comes to my meetup group. For some reason, I lost lucidity.

      I wanted to meet with her somewhere around the area. She told me with telephaty that she was at the sports bar. There were several sports bars around. I entered a couple but I could not find her.

      I turned lucid again for some reason and decided to look for Dreamer. I recalled she opens portals with her fingers, so I attempted the same. I drew a circle with my fingers, however, the portal was too small, I could not find it.
      I attempted to draw another portal, with success. I entered the portal and I was floating in a different dimension. There were nothingness. It was empty, however, it was all blue. I was in an endless blue atmosphere. I could see different tones of blue but that's it.

      I figured I was going to be alone for a long time in there, so I drew another portal. I exited the portal and appeared in a beach.

      I lost lucidity. Something happened with a car, but I do not recall well.

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    9. The moon wipes me out from a LD induced within a LD induced within aLD induced within a LD with WILD

      by , 02-14-2011 at 08:04 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The moon wipes me out from a LD induced within a LD induced within a LD induced within a LD from WILD. (WILD)


      I woke up about 2am in the morning to write down some fragments from my previous dream. I was planning to move to my reclining chair to Astral Project, but I decided to WILD instead to some weird favor I was asked.

      Vibrations trigged pretty fast and I was tempted to pass on the LD thing and induce Astral Projection, but I wanted to complete the goal, so I decided to not to project.

      A few seconds later, I had a false awakening in my room. The dream was fuzzy so I decided to make my dream stable. It was night and it was beautiful. I felt a flight would be nice before doing anything, but I just flew within my room to go back to sleep, in my own room.
      After a few seconds of flight, the dream was pretty stable, so I decided to lay down in my bed in order to try to WILD within a lucid dream.
      I laid down in my dream bed and focused I wanted to WILD within the dream to enter another dream. I almost woke up, but I moved my eyes and the dream became stable again. I attempted a second time, with success and without waking up.

      I had a FA in a different room. I was in a big house and my bed looked also different, it was greenish. I did not have any specific feelings, other than my regular feeling from a lucid. I did not feel like I was in a deeper connection with my self. This was a second level of dream within a dream. The dream was stable, so I attempted a second WILD. Once more, I laid down in my dream-dream bed and felt a shock around my entire dream body.

      I had another FA inside a pyramid. I was still lucid and I wondered why the hell I was inside a pyramid. My "bed" was the lid of a sarcophagus from some pharaoh who I had no idea who was. My dream was still stable and I realized I was in the third level. I was asked to do a waking WILD and three WILDS more in the LD, so I had one more to go. I still had the same feeling, control and personality from previous dreams, with perfect waking recall and also recall from what I have been doing since lucid.
      I laid down in my dream-dream-dream bed and focused in entering deeper in the dream.

      I had another FA in another room. I checked my hands to make sure I did not blew the progress. My index finger was really thin and long, so I succeeded. I was in the fourth level as I was asked to. I was still myself, with my same personality and my same dream body. I did not feel deeper nor connected with myself, I felt like a regular lucid dream.
      As I was done with the tasks, I decided to look for Dreamer. I exited my room hoping to find her. Instead I found a guy who was my dad.
      My dad was pissed at me for some reason. I knew he was a dream character and I was aware that my psychic powers were greater in a dream. I wanted to have a PSI Ball fight with my dad and cause him a big headache. I was in a big room and he started to ask me a lot of questions. A female DC also started to ask me questions in order to see what was wrong with me that I did not get along with my jerk dad. I did not feel like wasting valuable time in the dream.

      I exited my house, along with a couple more dream characters. It was night and suddenly the moon turned red and threw a fireball at us. I decided to follow the dream instead of controlling it. I wanted to see where my subconscious was going to take me. Someone told me that I belonged in a different dream, so the moon was going to try to make that happen.

      The moon obliterated all the DC that were with me. I saw the moon turning green. When the moon was green, it would poison me. Also, the moon turned blue, if you made eye contact with it, you would become paralyzed. The moon could turn black and a big whirlwind appeared from it, sucked you into it and brought you to the previous dream.

      I explored these odd dreamworld while the moon was randomly changing within these colors. Sometimes it turned on its regular color, which made it become harmless.

      I suddenly got to a place where I could see a lot of DC. They were for a Nintendo event for some sort. I wondered what my subconscious had for me. I jumped the line and a guy asked me for my member card. I though if I opened my wallet, I would pull one, so I did. He also asked me for my ID. I tried to search for my ID while the moon was aiming at me and turned red. I did not want the moon to hit me, so I ran from there. The moon when was red it looked like this:

      However, the red colors where very intense, very bright and then, a cloud of fire approached at me. I ran and hided somewhere. All the DCs did not seem to care. I entered a small kiosk, it was not bigger as a voting booth. I realized it was a Gamestop and I could purchase videogames swiping my card in a machine. I saw a Bowser, a Mario and Yoshi painted next to the keypad. I wondered what games my subconscious made, but I could hear fire from the moon, so i left.

      As I was walking, I avoided a fireball in the last second, when I witnesses the moon turning green and throwing me a cloud of green poison. The moon looked like:

      I saw the cloud of green poison on me, I jumped to hide in a plant, and I could see how the poison killed the plant. I was fine so I left the place. The moon was white, looking normal. I saw from the far distance the moon changing, but it was not attacking me. I observed how the moon turned black and absorbed someone.

      I was flying by a lake. I am positive it was the Michigan Lake. It looked like it, like if I was in Chicago. Suddenly, I saw the reflection of the moon in the lake. It was a blue reflection and I looked to the moon.
      It is impossible for me to imitate what I saw on Photoshop. It was an extremely beautiful and shinny blue. It was bright as light, but it was blue. It was also semi transparent, but it was so beautiful. I was amazed for such a beautiful moon my mind created. I wanted to enjoy this moon with Dreamer, so I tried to summon her. While I started thinking about her and staring at such amazing blue moon, I realized I was paralyzed and recalled that eye contact with a blue moon induced paralysis. I tried to regain control of my dream when suddenly, the moon switched to its black, absorption mode, color:

      A huge whirlwind came from the moon and hited me in a spit second. I traveled at a high speed towards the moon. And lost imaginary.

      I had a FA in the pyramid, the previous place I was before WILDing to a deeper dream. However, now there were people with me. I entered a chamber and I had my Tarot Deck with me. A DC wanted to see it. She also had a Tarot deck, so I asked to see hers. I tried to channel and ask the Tarot a question, however, I do not recall the question. I cannot remember the first card, but the second one was called, "Bent Spoon and Fork." The image of the card was a lot of bent spoons and forks, bent with psychokinesis. I tried to channel and figure the meaning of the card without realizing that I was looking at the card too much.

      I had a FA in a weird room, a room where I did a WILD on previous dreams. I exited the room and the quality of the dream was decreasing dramatically. I went to the restroom and tried to make the dream stable.

      I had another FA in my room. I was back in the first level. My dream quality was terrible and I doubted I would have enough time to meet Dreamer. I felt I was not going to recover the dream at all. I tried to focus on Astral Projection within my lucid dream, but I woke up.

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    10. Meeting Dreamer

      by , 02-11-2011 at 04:51 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Meeting Dreamer (DILD)


      I was in some sort of fighting tournament. The tournament was playoff based, with only one fight per round. All the DC I saw were random and appeared very strong. Also, there was a female DC.
      It was my turn to fight and I entered the arena, I was a little afraid but I had to embrace. The battle ended pretty fast making me a victor. It was also my turn to fight again and I felt I did not rest from the previous fight. I was walking around the resting area a little worried. The resting area was made like a Colosseum. The walls and the floors were made of big squares of dark gray stones and some dirt. I had to fight a huge guy, but for some reason, I saw a book in the battle arena. I opened the book and realized it was that guy's Akashic Records. I started to mess up with them until he went bananas and defeated himself.

      I exited the area waiting for quarter finals. I had to face this female DC and she told me, "Do not even thing in messing up my Akashic Records. I am a psychic and if you try, you will get confused and defeating you will be easy."

      While I was planning what to do, I asked to myself, "What the hell I am doing in a battle arena? I do not fight! I am a spiritual person, not a fighter. I turned lucid and wondered where the that weird dream came from.

      I exited the Colosseum and saw a dirt road. I decided to fly to make my dream stable. The sky was very blue, not even one cloud. I could feel the warmth from the sun on my face. I felt great. Dreamer came to my mind and the warm feeling arrived. I saw mountains on my way and flew faster, hopping to find Dreamer.

      The mountains were very high but I could fly over them. I landed in a green and beautiful field. The field was surrounded by mountains and the sky was still very blue. The ground, was all dark green grass. I saw Dreamer meditating in the middle of the field. I flew towards her and I sat in front of her. I had a very intense warm feeling, bigger than ever and I was very happy. All I wanted to do was to stay with Dreamer. She opened her eyes and she hugged me. I felt joy. The dream started to fade and I really wanted to stay more time with Dreamer. I started to move my eyes and the dream quality increased.

      Dreamer told me, "I am very happy to see you. I feel very connected with you. It is so great we are dreaming of each other all the time." I realized that due our time zone, she was not dreaming yet, so I figured she might have been thinking about me or a piece of her consciousness traveled to my dream. Dreamer did not act nor had the same energy as a regular DC.

      Dreamer decided to lie down in the grass. I also did. We were looking at each other eyes. It was a continuous, permanent and without distraction eye contact. I knew I was going to ruin my REM, but I did not care. It was the perfect moment. Dreamer and I were looking into each other's eyes and after a while, the dream started to fade. I allowed it to end and woke up with a perfect image of Dreamer face, eyes and smile.

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    11. The dungeon to 1800s city.

      by , 02-09-2011 at 07:40 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The dungeon to 1800s city. (Non-lucid)


      I was in a big room. I was looking for a secret passage or something that would lead me to Australia and get to meet Dreamer. The room was very dark, it was lit with candles and torches with oil burning. The floor and the walls were made of solid stones. The room was very dark, I could barely see.

      There was a secret compartment that hace a small statue of Nelson's Head (from The Simpsons) When the compartment opened, I could hear his laugh, "Haaaaaaaa-haaaaaaaaa" I decided to enter this hole and explore, maybe it would lead me to where I wanted to go.

      I entered the hole and appeared in a different dungeon. There were a few stone briges and I followed them until I saw light. I exited to a very old school town. I observed how a stoned door closed on my back, making me unable to return from where I came. There were no big buildings and the construction was mainly made out of stone. The walls were painted with pale colors, oranges, pinks and blues. I started to wonder if I could get home. I was in an odd city that I did not know and I knew I was not near home. There were no cars, only vehicles pulled by horses. I was excited to explore the place, but I needed to go home. I had an odd map that looked like:

      I was able to understand the map. I walked in a small old school market. They sold mainly produce, but some, had brass figurines and other artifacts. I could hear the voices from other DC announcing their stores.

      I started to jump to ceilings in order to get back home. I remember I wanted to meet with Dreamer, so I started looking for her. I had a FA somewhere and then I woke up for real.

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    12. Welcome to my dreamworld's home! I am very happy to see you.

      by , 02-03-2011 at 07:58 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Welcome to my dreamworld's home! I am very happy to see you. (MILD)


      I want to say, I have been recording several longs dreams, but I have never had time to record them properly (still on paper) I have been lately very busy, as usual.
      Most of my recent dreams, are a lot related with Psychic stuff. The demanding for Tarot Reading has spiked and I have been doing a lot of readings to different people. Being channeling so many time (in order to generate a proper and accurate reading) plus my focus on Astral Travel, meditation, teaching the classes for MILD and getting started to offer guided meditation classes (not online and not free) has my focus in the subject.

      I was teaching a class of MILD to my students on a big class. The desks were green and had a small drawer for workbooks and stuff. After teaching the class, I went to another class, but this time, it was some sort of psychic class. I was not the professor now, but a student.
      I somehow realized I was dreaming, but the quality of the dream was not good. However, as time passed, quality increased. Suddenly, I realized that Dreamer was missing. My dream quality spiked. Someone said he could try to find Dreamer and find out the reason she is missing class. I said, "No, I will do it. I am very energy sensitive and I am pretty attached to Dreamer I will take care of it.

      I started to meditate, I wanted to follow the plot of the dream. I recalled I had some non lucid dreams with Dreamer and I wanted to start working on dream sharing. I focused on her and suddenly a metallic chain appeared. This chain would lead me to Dreamer.

      The dream scenery changed. I was traveling at a very high speed. All my surroundings were gray and all I could see, was a huge chain under me. After a few seconds, I got to a different place. This new place it appeared to be like a big home, however, it was not a regular house, it was like a cave, but with proper lighting, very clean and proper furniture.

      The entire place was all blueish. Most of the furniture was blue, the light was blue. I saw a small bookshelf with several energy stones. All the stones were lapis lazulis and blue tiger's eyes. I also found some hematites, but these were blue as well instead of black/metallic. I think I saw a few stuffed animals, blue and blue cyan. Suddenly, my heart pounded and I felt a presence. I heard a very sweet voice (a voice I imagine talking with Dreamer) I turned back and she was smiling at me.

      Dreamer welcomed me and said, "Welcome to my dream plane. I am very very happy of seeing you here!" Come with me! Dreamer started to walk and toured me around the dream plane that was created. She told me that blue was the best color out there. Among all blue, I saw a large Onyx stone (actually, pretty large, about a feet long, but it was not heavy) The stone had some letters on it, but I did not want wake up trying to read them out. Dreamer told me, "I know you are afraid from bees. Keep this stone. You helped me already to fight my doctor's dream, now is time I help you back. The stone is yours."

      I was very happy about that. I also saw some additional stones: quartz, lapis lazulis, opals, tiger's eye, jets, moonstones... a lot. There was a bigger stone that had several random stones attacked to it. For some reason, I decided to smell it. It smelled like freshly cut grass... like a rain forest... it smelled very good.

      Dreamer invited me to enjoy a flight. We flew over the dream plane I felt very happy, but the dream ended as it was time to wake up.

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