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    1. Magic Spell - Rigoperro

      by , 09-18-2014 at 10:18 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Magic Spell - Rigoperro (Non-lucid)


      I was at my house and it seems that my wife was practicing magic, Harry Potter's style. She had a wand as well and she was trying to make one spell that fixed things to work.

      I figured that since I am psychic and I can channel, I can could cast the spell as well if I asked for help to my spirit guides. I knew from hearing the spell that I had to chant "rigoperro"
      (No idea what that even means... but lol...)

      I went to a mirror that has a dented edge and I tried to fix it. As I chanted "rigoperro" fire came out from my hand and burnt the mirror. My wife told me that my hands were always warm and I could not do that spell.

      I wanted to look for my selenite wand:


      But it was buried in some drawer and I could not find it. I wanted to find it and master that spell.

      After this, something with a girl who came out of nowhere and then a false awakening.
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    2. The Doom of Disney Tower Terror Mayhem

      by , 09-05-2014 at 05:28 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Disney Tower Terror Mayhem (Non-lucid)


      This is a very weeeeeeeeeeeeeird dream... I tell ya! I haven't been watching any Disney movies lately, despite I love them... but haven't been watching them... so who knows where this comes from. In addition, I had a lot of struggle to write it down, I almost would fall asleep writing it, and might have written some with my eyes closed.

      I entered a tower with a few friends, and each of the floors of the tower, had like an entire world, a world of Disney movies that's it.


      I wanted to go to the highest floor and then, I appeared into a scenery that appeared to be Mulan.
      (I have not even watched Mulan, I just know the characters.) And a little red dragon asked me to help him from some emperor. I wanted to help him get out of there, but as I was trying to find a way out, suddenly some emperor started to follow me. Might be this one:

      And I felt it was better to get my butt out of there for a reason. So I walked through some doors without success. For some reason, this small dragon started to breath fire everywhere, and I felt like the world world was going to consume, including myself, so I tried my best to flee and I finally walked through a door and got into the stairs of the tower.

      As I ran down the stairs, the dragon was gone, too bad for him. I entered another door and I reached the world of The Little Mermaid. I was walking through this world (despite being underwater

      It seems, that my challenge and lesson here was to keep the water within
      (I know this does not make a lot of sense.) So as I was exploring this world, I saw how the water was starting to vanish and I needed to make sure this world stayed full of water and save all the characters life. I did not see Ariel, but I did find Ursula, who was chanting a spell that was going to hurt me big time:

      I considered it would be the best to just leave this place, as Ursula was really creeping me for some reason. It started to be hard for me to move, despite the fact I was walking, there was a very strong current that felt like a super strong wind and I had to struggle to be able to keep walking and quit the place.

      As I reached a door and I exited this place, I felt the water coming out from the door, and getting into the "real world" where this tower was. I could also hear the sound of fire burning up the top floor of this tower, so I somehow ruined two Disney worlds already or I was unable to save them.

      As I walked down the stairs, I heard sounds of angry soldiers, who were trying to find out what was going on with the Tower. I assumed they would blame me for everything, so I hided inside a closet, or what I thought it was a closet, when it was another door to another world instead,

      This time, I found myself in Alice in Wonderland... like if I needed more madness! I was told by a voice that I needed to converse my sanity here. The world started to melt by itself and the very existancer of where I was, started to be a very weird experience. So weird that I do not recall what happened here.

      The next thing I recall, was exiting this world, and the word itself where I was (The tower) started to suffer like distortions... like the reality was becoming more and more twisted here.

      I ran downstairs to the ground floor and I saw some of my friends, who appeared to be happy, enjoying a great time with Aladdin and the Genie of the Lamp.

      There were getting a party ready, and there was a huge table with a lot of settings. I started to feel that it could not be good that characters from Aladdin would be wandering around the tower, after all, each Disney movie world was locked behind a door and not wandering around the tower.

      I was going to ask my friends what was going on, but then I saw Alice running freaking out and screaming and climbed a different set of stairs I did not see before. I figured that I left the Wonderland door open and things were getting even messier. I started to hear, "Off with their heads!!!!!!!!" In a very loud voice. I figured it would be the Queen of Hearts, mad for some stupid nonsense reason:

      She was the last one I wanted to deal with, so I run through a third set of stairs I found, and I found myself on the top of another tower. As I looked outside the window, I could see a very cartoonish garden and I could hear lots of screams and threatening calls coming from the tower. I wanted to hide somewhere before I was spotted and I saw another tower, where the Queen of Hearts was messing up a drawer, looking for something or for someone. She was very angry.

      I felt I was trapped in this tower and that if she decided to climb to it, I was going to die, as I had no way to scape. I figured what if I jumped through the window, even though probably not even my head would fit. A little after, I woke up.
    3. Electrical Madness and the Elemental Warrior

      by , 02-04-2013 at 07:02 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Electrical Madness and the Elemental Warrior (Non-lucid)


      I was in some sort of alternate world that had mystical creatures and a ton of weird stuff. There was some sort of warrior (and I believe I was this warrior) that could control the elements of fire, water and wind. This warrior was about 12 feet tall and very muscular. For some reason, this warrior died and a huge tomb was made on his honor.

      Suddenly, due some sort of magnetic disturbance, the electronics went berserk, is like they had consciousness. Suddenly, everything that had at least a microchip would start working on its own. It felt very dangerous because there were some sort of Uzi guns that had a microchip that assisted in automatic shooting. I could see small items that were attacking other people.

      Someone went to the warriors tomb. It appears than an Uzi gun was inside the tomb and it would ressurect the warrior somehow. The warrior resurrected, but three small replicas of him instead. Each replica controlled an element.

      The fire replica would shoot fireballs with his hands and he was able to incinarte buildings entirely. The wind one created tornadoes and the water one got killed almost right away it spawned, so I had no idea.

      The warrior replicas were fighting but they ended up being destroyed.
    4. I morph into the God Phoenix!

      by , 09-26-2011 at 05:22 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Morph into the God Phoenix! (MILD)


      I woke up in the early morning and told myself I wanted to have a nice lucid dream.

      I was walking in a big field. I was away from home and from the busy civilization.

      I turned lucid spontaneously. The dream went crystal clear. As usual, I took a flight to make sure the dream was stable. It was a very hot day and the sky was dark blue. Not one single cloud. I could feel the heat from the sun beams in my face... I really enjoyed this flight until I saw a young dark haired female DC.

      She approached at me and asked me to take a flight with her. We did take a flight, and suddenly, we appeared right in front of a castle. The castle looked medieval, so I figured we could have time traveled.

      As we approached the castle, the sky got darker, until it was night. The entrance of the castle had a regular door, instead of the huge hatches castles have. When we entered, I saw a big bazaar. There was a lot of stuff to sale, the aisles were very tight. But I did not focus on this. There was a battle going on within the gardens of the castle.

      I wanted to join the fight, but not in human form. I thought it would be cool if I morphed into a phoenix. I realized that morphing is not my big thing in a dream, and turning into a whole phoenix could be kind of hard.

      I visualized flames around me and wings. Suddenly, I saw myself as a phoenix. I was flying over the gardens. These had a big pool in the very middle and I could see my reflection.

      I then visualized fire coming out from my body into the soldiers. I saw right away all the soldiers runing in dispair. I could see they were in flames. I also saw how the gardens were burning down and even, some flames were in the pool, still burning.

      After a few minutes, I found myself running out of fire, but I could lit myself up again.

      A while later, when no more soldiers were running around, I found myself in my regular body.

      After that, I had some plot with a lady and trying to have sex, without lucidity, and with little recall from here.
    5. More Fire song

      by , 05-10-2011 at 01:06 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      More Fire song (L-DEILD)


      I had a FA in my room. I found funny that my L-DEILD technique failed, as it was fail-proof... I decided to write down my dreams, so I went to the kitchen table and opened the microwave for light... but it never opened.

      I looked around and my vision was very blurry, found it out but I thought I might be tired. My wife woke up and said what I was doing up in the middle of the night.
      I told her the Microwave was not working, that I might been dreaming. She told me to stop talking junk and to go back to bed, that the microwave always worked bad (it does on my dreams, lol) I told her that I did not feel awake. I jumped a couple times but did not levitate. My wife got mad at me and started to talk out loud. I showed her my hand and told me, "So, having four tiny fingers is normal for you?" She said, "Yes" and kept complaining I just crushed the door and left flying while my wife was arguing.

      It was day now and I decided to fly at high speed. I was about to look for Dreamer when I reached a big home where I met with my brother. I told my brother to compose a song about fire for me, to make my song longer.

      My brother said he needed inspiration. I invited him to do pyrokinesis. His hands started to release smoke, but never fire. However, he said:

      - Oh fiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeeeee,
      you destroy treeeeeeeeeeeeees,
      make them fall
      crash some trains
      carrying teeeeeeeeees!

      My brother said he needed a fire costume. He said he needed to go home to look for one. I touched him hoping his outfit would change, without success. He insisted in leaving. I told him that he was not my real brother as we were not sharing a dream. If he left, he would vanish. He left so I decided to fly away and look for Dreamer when I woke up.

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    6. Composing a song.

      by , 05-10-2011 at 01:05 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Composing a song I (DILD)


      I was driving my car and going to the mall with my wife. It was night, very late, but for some reason the mall was open and full of cars. The cars were driving recklessly and it was hard to park, there were little to no parking spots left.

      I parked in a place but I was not well parked, so I decided to park in other spot. I parked in reverse gear so it would be faster to get out when I was back. However, I noticed that after parking, I was parked in drive... I told my wife and she said it was OK. I told her no way, I was parked in reverse. I pointed at the gears and said, "See... it is on reverse!" When I noticed it was on Drive...

      I told her I was dreaming, that this was making no sense at all. My wife started complained and got mad at me. She started arguing that I was wasting valuable time. I started to fly and left my "wife" speaking and shouting in the middle of the now empty parking lot.

      I took a flight but realized my dream was stable and clear enough. While I was flying I started to recall that I needed to do something that was requested over Dreamviews... I took me a while to remember, until I remembered Rman told me to compose something in a dream. I found it funny because I am not into music at all, and neither into poetry.

      I chanted the following:

      - Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeee eeeeeee, oh fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
      - oh fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, of fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
      - great fire, that burns it all
      - like the phoenix..... I rose....... from fiiiiiireeeeeeee"

      I decided it was good signing and enough. I decided to look for Amity. I got to a big lot with signs. It was day now and I could see on a sign, "This is Amity: We are astrally connected, we always have been. I influence and change my dream world, so you do on mine"

      I flew for a while more until my dream started to vanish, so I decided to L-DEILD
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