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    1. Fly and running down the city during a nap

      by , 02-06-2015 at 08:20 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Fly and running down the city during a nap (WILD)


      2nd WILD (+5 pts)
      Full Dream (+1 pts)
      L-DEILD (Chain) (+2 pts)
      Stabilize (+1 pts)
      Advance Flying (+10 pts)
      Eat something (+4 pts)
      Invincibility (+7 pts)
      Phase through objects (+8 pts)
      Interact with a DC (+2 pts)

      Took a big while to perform my WILD, struggled for this one.

      Suddenly, my meditation reclining chair started to shake and I realized I was in a different room, knowing the WILD worked. The dream had a terrible quality and as soon as I tried to save it, I felt myself innevitable waking up, so I focused on L-DEILD to recover it.

      A few moments of darkness, I found myself next to a small city, with a few houses down the road and with huge gardens. I had crystal clear quality but I still wanted to make the dream stable, so this time I grabbed a branch and rubbed it within my hands. From there, I took off to fly. It was very warm and very sunny (while in waking has been cold, windy and rainy) so I decided to fly at super high speed through the clouds and feel the breeze.

      After flying for a while, I wanted to try super speed and run very fast, but for some reason I was afraid I would hurt my self or something, so I started looking for a star to give me invencibility:

      After a attempting on a few garbages around, I did find one and I ate it. It tasted like a marshmallow and I felt stronger, so I decided to run at very fast speed and tried to walk through the buildings. I was able to run through one building, but the entire building, was thick brick instead of being hollow on the inside (rooms, furniture, etc) The other buildings, I think broke as I hit the wall.

      I suddenly saw a cop saying that I was making a big mess and I had to go with me. I said to him that he could mind his own business and took of flying again.

      I wanted to do more stuff, but I either do not recal (I doubt it) or I just woke up, because I felt there was a lapse of nothingness followed by awakening.
      Tags: city, cop, flight, running
    2. I morph into a cartoon dolphin

      by , 02-05-2015 at 08:23 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      I morph into a cartoon dolphin (WILD)


      Having to recurr to WILD naps!!! Tough competition!

      Full Dream (1 pts)
      Nap-Wild (5 pts)
      RC (1 pts)
      Advance fly (10 pts)
      Teleport (7 pts)
      DC interact (2 pts)
      Eat something. (4 pts)
      Advance summoning. (10 pts)
      Use electronics. (4 pts)
      Full transformation. (10 pts)
      Fully Phase through Big Solid Object (8 pts)

      I felt noises under my bed, like if there was an engine or something, and it felt harder than usual, so I decided to do a RC to make sure I was in a dream, and indeed I was, my hand hight eight slim fingers. So I immediately took of to fly.

      I decided it would be great to go fly to space, something that I enjoy and many of you know I truly love this. I decided to go flying for a while, and while scoring some points, enjoy my time there. I saw amazing stars, some of them were made out of different colors, and some of them vanished when I stared at them. I felt a lot of empty space, it was a bit strange. Most of the stars were missing and I could not find any planet. Usually my space dreams are colorful, but this is the first time I did a space flight in space,, so maybe was that.

      I focused on coming back to earth and do a few tasks, maybe to try the pandora's box again. I closed my eyes and started to spin, since I had no place to "jump" in space (my way to teleport.) So after spinning, I found myself in a beach in front of a big hotel. I believe it might have been the Bahamas because the water looked like very crystal blue and there were a lot of people surfing. The heat of the sun felt very nice. I saw there was a female DC wearing only a tie and panties (she was topless) and she had a tray with food. I grabbed something like looked like chocolate, but tasted like sand, even the same texture. I told her it was disgusting, but she ignored me.

      I took of to fly again as I wanted to look for a much busier place. As I was flying, I wanted to summon Dreamer, it was a long time I did not have her in my dreams. I called her out loud and she came up, appearing right in front of me. She also was in a swimsuit with purple hair (and I think the swimsuit was purpple too) There was another guy next to her, funny that someone came up as an extra during a summoning. I asked, "Are you anotherdreamer?" He said, "Ya! She is my girl!" and then something else I can't remember.

      I had here a false memories, were I needed to go underwater with dreamer. I thought it was a task giving me more points and I hopped anotherdreamer being in the picture would not be a big deal. Out of the blue, I wondered if I could morph into a dolphin. I recalled one episode from some cartoons where some dude morphed into a dolphin. Shortly after, I felt weird, and I saw myself like in third person being a dolphin, but it was a cartoon one! I think dreamer was gone now, same for anotherdreamer and wondered if I would earn the points
      (I had no idea that full transformation gave points, well, not in the dream...)

      I kept swimming just moving my torso up and down (I had a fin I guess) and I could swim fine. I saw a huge brick wall, and I figured that since I was a cartoon dolphin, I could just pass through it without smashing it (as it usually happens) so I kept my eyes open to earn the points and it was like a hologram, a sunk brick hologram wall. But it was a real one as other fishes would hit it and avoid it. I think I kept swiming until I woke up.
      Tags: dolphin, flight, space
    3. Taking a nice flight

      by , 02-03-2015 at 10:58 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Taking a nice flight (DILD)


      Full Dream (1 pts)
      First DILD (10 pts)
      Advance Flight (10 pts)
      Stabilization (1 pts)
      Advanced Telekinesis (10 pts)
      Invincibility (4 pts)
      Bet (5 pts)
      DC Interaction (2 pts)

      Apparently I was in a shopping mall. We were driving to some place for vacation and we needed to pump gas. As we were in the gas station we found a shopping mall that sold Japanese stuff. We saw a Pokemon store and they had a lot of gadgets. There were some pokeballs and the store owner told me they were real and they had real pokemon. My wife opened one of the Pokeballs and a bastiodon came out:

      I was excited because it was my favorite pokemon and I was wondering if I could take it with me. My wife told me, "Well, this is worth a reality check, because I did not thing they actually existed." I laughe and I said, "I know right?" And kind of looked at my hand making a joke out of it, while I was convinced it was real.
      To my surprise that I had a missing Index finger and realized I was indeed dreaming.

      I think my wife might have left, but I decided to start flying to make my dream stable.

      I wanted to fly at high speed because it always feel very fun to me. I flew very high and I started to see stars, but I did not want to go to space because I wanted to do other dares. I decided to fly like a Kamkaze airplane and see what happened when I hit the ground. I crashed in the ground a little shortly and the ground felt the same like a jumping bed, it was very soft and the ground bounced, even though I did not bounce.

      I wanted to look for a store and find Pandora's box, so I entered a (indian store I believe) and asked for a Pandora box. The retailed said that they did not have that. I was almost insulted saying that it was a lot of non-sense and that I could not buy that anywhere. I then got pissed at him and I wanted to make a big mess in the store. I tried to use Telekinisis but did not work at first. I started to do small jumps and imagined that all the stuff would fall to the ground. A lava lamp, I believe, fell to the ground and the store employee told me I had to pay for that. I kept concentrating and little short after I saw several small items (lavalamps, some soccer balls and I believe, some vases) were flying all around moving randomly around the store. I was laughing and I was told he was calling the cops. For some reason (maybe loosing lucidity) I felt uncomfortable so I visualized all the items crashing to the ground. Most of them crashed but I think some either vanished or just kept levitating.

      I left the store looking for another store to find a pandora's box. As I was trying to find another store, I felt the dream to get very fuzzy and even though I tried to stay in the dream, I failed.
    4. Tiny lucid saves the night - Just a flight

      by , 02-02-2015 at 10:09 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Tiny lucid saves the night - Just a flight (DILD)


      Morning sex saves the day... could have been the worst night ever, but mornng sex lead to a tiny little falling alseep and triggering a tiny DILD.

      First DILD(+10 pts)
      Full Dream (+1 pts)
      Basic Flying (+4 pts)
      Stabilize Dream (+1 pts)

      I was hearing the voice of my wife, or something, not sure, when I realize that we were supposed to wake up, but I might have felt alseep after sex. I laughed because I had done nothing this night (other than having a very good sleep without even waking up once) So I decided to take a flight to make my dream stable. I enjoyed the blueness of the sky when the dream went blurry abruptly and I woke up.
      Tags: blue, flight
    5. Farming points! Very low quality lucid.

      by , 01-27-2015 at 05:53 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Farming points! Very low quality lucid. (WILD)


      WBTB - Failed (It was intended for a previous dream) (2 pts)
      Full Dream Recall (1 pts)

      Suddenly, I found myself with a massive blurry vision and I felt my body almost weightless, so I realized I was dreaming and that the WILD worked
      (10 pts) so I walked away from bed and decided to exit the house. I decided to take a small flight, but instead of just taking off as usual, I first levitated myself using telekinisis on myself (4 pts) and it worked fine. I kept myself floating, but I was unsure if this would be valid, so I stared at a pillow until it levitated. From here, I decided to take a flight to make my dream stable [B](1 pts) as usual. Flying was a success (4 pts) and I flew over a small town.

      My dream quality was pretty poor, and I did not feel I was going to be awake for a long time, plus I recalled I was WILDing around 7am, and my alarm clock could trigger soon. I decided to just farm points for this dream and not do anything hard, lol.

      I first imagined that Zant from the legend of Zelda would appear when I opened a door
      (9 pts) and he was sitting doing nothing.

      So much for action, my dream quality was horrible. I said, "Hey, what's up?" in order to do a small interaction
      (2 pts) I believe he said, "Bananas" (Okay... whatever.) I saw another room, which appeared to be an old restaurant, and one table had like nuts sitting around, or at least, they looked like nuts, so I decided to eat one (4 pts) which tasted like wet sand. Was pretty gross actually. From here, I saw one of the computers that the waiters use (it was empty) I tried to use it to score more points, but the thing did not turn on, so I guess I cannot claim points for this.

      I intended to fly to space and stay up there till the dream ended, but as I started to pass through the clouds, I felt myself waking up without being able to prevent awakening.

      Updated 01-27-2015 at 06:01 PM by 31830

      Tags: flight, foggy, zant
    6. The airport turns into a mall

      by , 01-10-2015 at 07:52 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The airport turns into a mall (Non-lucid)


      I was in an airport about to travel. I went through a counter than said, "Latino, Hispanic" I wondered why I went through there, since I am a US citizen. As soon as I went through the gates, I found myself in the locker rooms of a gym. There were a lot of females, some of them naked, a few of them tried to flirt with me, but I was in some sort of rush to catch my plane.

      I never managed to catch my plane so I re-winded the dream (I was not lucid) as I felt I could just go back in time (happens sometimes on non-lucids) This time, I was talking to a friend about going through a different counter. Now, the airport looked like a huge shopping mall and I saw a counter that said Galician/Spain and wondered if the service was better there. It seems I had to book the hotel and a car rental for when I arrived to my destination. A friend advised me to not go that counter because the employees were lousy.

      I visited a few counters and I tried to find one fo US Citizens, but I was unable too.
      Tags: airport, flight, mall
    7. Comet ISON tracking, Sphinx revival and flight.

      by , 11-30-2013 at 06:30 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Comet ISON tracking, Sphinx revival and flight. (DILD)


      I had a false awakening and it was night. The room was very dark, darker as usual and my wife was not there. I went to the living room and saw my wife looking at the TV, even though, the TV was off.

      There was an iPad laying on the TV
      (note, we own Samsung, not iOS) and it had a real time tracking software on comet ISON and it was beeping every two seconds. My wife told me she was tracking the comet to see if it survived the sun or not.

      I looked outside the window and I could see a sky full of stars. I realized that there was no electricity at all. Even though, my computer was working. I wondered if the grid went down, but a few seconds later, all the street lights started to lit and the stars went away. I dozed off.

      I had another false awakening in some weird warehouse.
      I kind of realized that I was dreaming, as I did not know the place where I woke up. The dream was very low quality and I could not make it stable well, so I opened a small window and started to fly to make it stable, but lost the dream.

      I had another false awakening in the same warehouse and now there were people. I somehow believed I was still dreaming, so ran outside. I met a guy and asking him where to go to exit there. He looked at me like if I was nuts and pointed the exist. As I exited, I was in a forest with a lot of trees. I tried to take of flying but I could not, even gravity felt normal. I told myself, "Well, I am dreaming, I think..." And looked at my hand. My fingers were made out of energy and wavy, so I indeed was dreaming and reminded myself flying is an easy task to do for me, so I took off.

      As I was flying, I saw a desert and reminded myself in the tasks of the year. I recalled I had to do the Sphinx one, so I landed and was near the Great Sphinx. There were other buildings around (western buildings) but the pyramids were there, and specially, the Sphinx .

      I flew to the top of her and placed my hands in front of her nose, which was chipped and damaged. I started to channel healing energy like I use to do in real life and a new nose spawned. Easy and done, lucky me...

      Suddenly, the Sphinx started to move and I flew on her above the pyramids. As I was flying, the pyramids shrunk and some weird metallic buildings spawned out of nowhere, after a short while, the Sphinx landed and then, she flew away. She kind of looking half stone half flesh, but, I flew on her so I was good to go.

      I started to focus on making an L-DEILD and get the last task of the year done, but I started to feel my body in bed and rapidly, lost the dream and woke up.
    8. Graffiti on the Great Chinese Wall

      by , 10-20-2013 at 04:32 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Graffiti on the Great Chinese Wall (DILD)


      I woke up in the morning and lost a long dream, so I told myself I needed to come up with something and started to focus on another task of the year.

      I was in some sort of school and I believe I was younger that I was. Suddenly, a guy and a gal who wore old clothes came and tried to abduct me. They claimed they were going to ask for $1,500 in order to release me. I found that it was a pretty much retarded amount for all the trouble they were going through and I tried to play it smart. I told them I would tour them around the school and show them the areas were rich boys were and were they could ask for more money. I had a plan to save my butt and get to call the cops.

      The school was very long and it had two restaurants, which one of them was very fancy. I showed them it was a good place. The school now looked like very old school and it had like different stories. We went to the arts class and the music class. We went through different places until one rich looking kid appeared out of nowhere. The guy grabbed him and started to run, leaving me alone with her female partner, who was not over 5 feet tall, very slim (and hot,) blonde with very clear eyes and very clean skin.

      We entered in some sort of Auditorium with Opera and told her that the school had gifted children with a lot of money. We existed the school and went for a walk. As we were outside, I started to question the realize and
      realized I was in a lucid dream. I did not do any reality checks, but I knew I was dreaming. I asked her if she wanted to have sex. She agreed and we started to make out. I focused in trying to not wake up, but she was so hot and good looking I did not care really if I woke up. I did not, but I lost reality. We could have sex because another car pulled next to us, and an exact replica of her, just a bit older stepped down to the car. There was a guy in the car that looked that the abductor from before and they had the children he grabbed. I knew there was some sort of jump in it time and she told me that we needed to get going.

      We just went down the road and we stopped in a street that only had houses around, so we wondered were to have sex. i tried in the car without success. I realized it was snowig and the grounds were snow covered. I told her it was amazing that it was snowing in San Diego, California.

      We went inside to where I believe it was their house and I could hear the cries from the abducted child. I needed to wait outside and i start to feel worried if they did not try to abduct me, since I was inside their house and they had low lights. A door opened and I saw her dressed in a very sexy pajama, and that is all she wore, She smiled at me and called me, pushing me inside the restroom and looking the door behind her. We had some amazing sex.

      As we were done, I exited the restroom and the house. I was in a different place now and some guy asked me, "How was she?" I told him, "She is a amazing, easy to handle as a doll."
      I started to realize that I was again dreaming and while I was thinking about it, this guy was telling me that the tree above him had amazingly beautiful animals... I looked up and all I saw where huge bees. I indeed knew I was dreaming and looked at my hands and even though I had five fingers, one of them started to grow and stretch and then, it started to become wider, but only on the tip.

      I decided to take off and fly away, while the guy kept talking about the bees. I was on the top of the roof of a store and told myself I needed to get down another Task of the Year. I took off and flew high, the dream could you a bit more clarity, so did the same technique about pulling my glasses out of nowhere. It worked again. I kept flying until I saw the whole Earth, so that way I could travel easier to the target country. I flew down and I entered in Italy. I told my self, "No, no, no... I do have nothing to do here." I recalled the Great Chinese Wall thing. So I started to look for a Chinese restaurant and use it for a portal. It was easy to find, as I entered it a Chinese guy greeted me and told me if I wanted to dine with an accent. I told him, "Yeah, sure, sure." I kept looking for a door without any success. I saw that the restaurant at the end had a garden. so I pretended that the garden would be China, but all I found was a small garden and a tiny replica of the Wall. I doubt that would work so I started to fly and glide above this garden. I could hear a voice telling that I had to ay to be there, but I ignored her. I saw another door and flew through it. As I did, I was stepping on the real Great Chinese Wall.

      I was happy but i knew I was not done. I tried to start to tear down the wall, but as I tried to pull out a rock, it wouldn't move. I tried to brake it with energy balls but neither worked, so I decided to pull a Red Spray and do some graffiti. That is vandalizing after all. I wrote, "I rock" and as soon as I ended, I heard voices. I saw Chinese guys coming towards me with assault rifles and riding horses. I got in fighting stance and as they came I started to knock them out of the wall, until I finished a ton of them. I told my self I was done with the task so I was going to do something else, but i lost focus and
      so lucidity.

      Now there was water around the wall and some female Chinese people like making photos. I started to grab them and fling them to the water, but there were a few steps of concrete before the water. I grabbed a light one and flung her. He fell on the ground hitting her head and I started to feel bad, I did not want to injure anyone.

      My wife came out of the blue and made a photo. She told me that it was the girl that Fabian like and told me she was going to post on Facebook what I did. I woke up.

    9. A Black Hole sends me to an alternate dimension.

      by , 10-03-2013 at 12:02 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      A Black Hole sends me to an alternate dimension. (Non-lucid)


      I was flying through space until I saw a blackhole starting to form around Marsh and it started to suck up everything, so I immeditately glided towards the earth to warn my wife.

      My wife turned on the TV and it could be seen how the blackhole started to grow and come out from the TV. I was excited about leaving this earthy life, but my wife was terrified. I held her hand and told her that everything was going to be fine.

      I had a very hard to describe feeling, a feeling that it is not existant in this planet. I felt my body being teared appart, but I felt free. I was soon in space next to my wife and then, we ported to apparently another Earth.

      I was in a snown forest with buildings around, I saw a building that looked like an old house and as opened a door, I appeared in a totally different landscape, it was sunny and very green. I moved back and forth through these teleporters and memorized the location of them for future dreams.


      I was flying through space until I saw a blackhole starting to form around Marsh and it started to suck up everything, so I immeditately glided towards the earth to warn my wife.

      My wife turned on the TV and it could be seen how the blackhole started to grow and come out from the TV. I was excited about leaving this earthy life, but my wife was terrified. I held her hand and told her that everything was going to be fine.

      I had a very hard to describe feeling, a feeling that it is not existant in this planet. I felt my body being teared appart, but I felt free. I was soon in space next to my wife and then, we ported to apparently another Earth.

      I was in a snown forest with buildings around, I saw a building that looked like an old house and as opened a door, I appeared in a totally different landscape, it was sunny and very green. I moved back and forth through these teleporters and memorized the location of them for future dreams.
    10. Flight at the beach

      by , 10-03-2011 at 06:18 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Flight at the beach (DILD)


      I found myself in one of my meditation/healing groups. The meditation was almost over when I noticed that I have been there for a while. I wondered if I slept through all the meditation as I could not recall what happened. I was also surprised that I could not recall the healing sessions. I knew that usually people comes to me asking if I could give them a healing, but I did not recall giving any, so I started to think that something funny was going on.

      I entered into an elevator. The elevator was all gray and it had a pale light. The elavator did not have buttons, but started going down on itself.

      I realized that as I was dreaming, I could travel with the elevator. I really missed my dream beaches, so I focused on finding a beach as soon as the doors opened.

      After a few moments, the doors opened and I could see a very bright sunny day and a swimming pool. I realized I was at the Melia Alicante hotel swimming pool.
      I used to go a lot to this hotel when I lived in Spain as a child.

      I was surprised that I ended up in that pool and flew a little bit to make sure that the beach was there as requested. I also wanted to check if it was the hotel indeed. It was very sunny and the sky was very blue. There were a lot of people at the swimming pool. I was going to jump in the pool when the lifeguard told me to shower first.

      I decided to shower, but then, to fly at high speed and feel the chills. I flew very fast over the beach, feeling my wet dream body drying under the sun. I flew for a while when I saw a big wall. It was around 200 feet tall. A dream character told me it I could jump over it without flying. I did jump over it a few times, some of my jumps were backflips and it was kind of fun.

      I was about to attempt to Astral Project when my cat awoke me.
      lucid , non-lucid
    11. Weird looking villain.

      by , 09-07-2011 at 06:15 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Weird looking villain. (DILD)


      I had a false awekening and left my house. It was day and very clear. I looked at the clock and realized it was already 1pm. I was worried because I had a lot to do in the morning.

      I suddenly realized that I must've been dreaming. It was impossible for me to wake up so late. I took a small flight and suddenly realized there was a villein that looked pretty much like this:

      I decided to follow the plop and realize what was going on.

      I soon lost lucidity and saw this guy, laughing very loud. His laugh sounded very metallic and echoed. I saw some tanks and a hord of bikers. They were all supposed to fight. I felt that the tanks were going to win the battle, however, there were hundreds of thousands of bikers, so I felt that maybe the could win.
    12. Jupiter's great red spot... beware of the Shitties if you go there...

      by , 06-06-2011 at 04:16 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Jupiter's great red spot... beware of the Shitties if you go there... (DILD)


      This broke my lucid dry spell. Its count was up to 10 days. I have been extremely busy these days where I did not even recorded dreams. I told my self I had to do the ToTM this month. I have a 10 month streak completing the ToTMs within the first 7 days, so I did not want to break it.

      I had a different job, with a few days off in between. For some reason I could not be at home so I spent most of the day out. I decided to enter a bank and spend the day there, using their wifi with my laptop. I was in the lobby, next to the ATMs and some PO Boxes. A post office employee arrived to drop some mail. I felt I was on the way so I moved away. I realized that if I went there everyday, they would end up calling the cops thinking I was homeless or something, so I exited there.

      I decided to go to a McDonalds. I met some people there, along with some girlfriend I had. We sat in front of each other and we had some talk. Suddenly, a train with milk and condiments passed behind me (inside the McDonalds) and dropped some milk on me. I got pretty pissed and complained about it. After some chat with the manager, he told me to sit in other place. I sat on a different table, and the manager sat on my old seat, next to my dream girlfriend. I texted with her a few times and also went by her and kissed her. The dream started to fade, but I wanted to travel to the future to see what was going to happen.

      I was in a huge church. I remembered I wanted to search for that girl and find out what was going to happen. I met with some folks and her dad. I told him I was her boyfriend. The dad smiled and told me where she was

      I suddenly turned lucid and realized I was dreaming, but I wanted to follow the plot. I saw my real wife sitting in a table, alone, and she said hi to me. I ignored her but then I went back next to her. She looked at her hand and wore no ring, she was shocked. I could feel my ring in my hand. I told her I was dreaming and I had some girlfriend, but no worries because it was just a dream and I loved her in real life. I kissed her and left.

      While I explored this church, I recalled the ToTMs and how late I was this month. I started to fly and flew through a few windows, as usually, they shattered. It was very sunny and warm. I saw a huge sea, where I decided to dive into it. I needed to find some sunken treasure. I went down and down and it became darker, but I saw a wooden chest. I opened it and found a few golden bells. I shook them and they made some noise
      (Same noise as Polar Express ones) I found it funny and brought them back up into the surface.

      As I was flying with the basic done, I started to fly at a very high speed, and told myself I was going to fly high up to the moon and beyond. I realized that I needed to go to Jupiter and realized it was going to be quite a trip. I saw a heavy storm and I flew to it, again, at a very high speed. I landed where the storm was and realized that I could teleport from storm to storm. I felt the wind and could hear the lightnings. Suddenly a rough voice (the storm's voice) told me what I was doing. I demanded the storm to teleport me to the Jupiter's storm, on the great red spot. The storm asked me if I was sure, I said yes.

      My body lifted and I started moving at light-speed. A few seconds later, I could see Jupiter and how I was approaching to the red spot.

      I was excited in seeing Jupiter for the first time. I suddenly landed abruptly and I was there.

      The ground was intensely red. I could see the clouds. They were red, gray and black. The wind moved super fast, I felt a few times how the wind hit me in the face and body. However, the wind never lifted me. I could hear a lot of lightnings, happening like every 1-2 seconds.
      I looked up into the sky, and all I saw was a huge mass of red and black clouds.

      I tasted the storm. It had a watery taste, but it was sour and salty. I also could feel the smell of sulfur and rotten water. I felt the water very strong on my face and hands. The water was warm, but not too hot.

      As I was done with the storm, I planned to go back to the previous plot, however, I saw beyond the storm an enormous city with a ton of lights. It looked extremely futuristic. In addition, it was crowded. I decided to explore the city instead and see how Jupiterians were.

      The storm told me, "Do not go there, you will piss of the shitties!!!" I ignored the voice of the storm and flew over this town. As I was flying over it, I could see how this futuristic town vanished and saw instead small orange houses inside a red forest. I started to land and these houses looked like pumpkins. I landed and I could not hear any noise, until a Jupiterian appeared. They were like giang grasshoppers. They looked angry at me and became hostile. They were walking on two paws, the largest ones they jump with. The other two pair, were like arms.

      I started to fly away from there while I could hear the storm saying, "You won't be able to scape now, the Shitties will eat you. You will not even be able to scape your dream body!" I felt that was a lot of nonsense so I started to fly away Jupiter, while the storm said, "The atmosphere in this planet is way far than yours. It is an extremely long flight to exit this planet, you will not be available."

      I kept flying for a long while, until I tried to wake up myself, as I felt it was time to record the dream. I appeared in my bed, but it was extremely hard to open my eyes. I could sense the shitties fighting my eyes so they would keep closed. I saw a dark figure behind my bed, but ignored it. I felt it might have been my dream guide in Freddy Krueger form waiting for help. But I was fine on my own. I kept fighting to not fall back asleep until I woke up for real.
    13. MMA Fights

      by , 05-16-2011 at 06:50 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      MMA Fights (DILD)


      I was in some place about fighting, possibly the MMA or some boxing place. The place was huge. There were big locks and chains. There were some training devices that were like videogames.

      The screen was about 50 inches and it had several cameras. You had to fight (for real) with a guy and the device would say how good or bad you performed. I realized I am not a fighter but a more spiritual person. However, I wanted to give it a shot.

      Some slender guy who was taller than me approached and got read to fight me. I was not afraid as I knew how to deal with tall people. This guy threw me a kick so I grabbed his leg and swept his other leg. As he fell to the ground, I fell on him, elbows first to do extra damage on his face, however, for some reason I hit his ribs. I started to punch his face, right, left, fight, left... His face was not damaged, but he fainted due the pain.

      I was excited because I was going to be respected if I won two fights in a row. A friend congratulated me and told me my next opponent was coming up. Another male, who was African American approached at me. He looked very strong and sharp. My friend told me, "This one does not talk! Watch out!"

      The fight was more like an MMA fight, the both of us got hit. Suddenly, this video game beeped indicating that we both were about to loose. I started to hit him stronger, but he blocked all my attacks when he hit me once. I was up for more, but the system told I lost. I could see some status indicating our damage. The other guy was 99% damaged. I was a little pissed as I almost won, but ended up loosing.

      I went outside and told about this to a friend. My friend told me it was a strong one and that it was very good for me that I almost beat him.

      I had a FA in my room and went ahead to write the dream now. The clock of the microwave was blue instea of its regular color.
      I turned lucid and decided to go for a flight. I got out from home and started to fly, however, I realized that my previous dream was too long to start a new one, so I wanted to wake myself up to write it down and then, induce a LD.

      I had another FA in my room. I went to my microwave and instead of the time it had └■ [COLOR="#DC143C"]I felt a little annoyed because I did want to wake up, and opened the microwave assuming it would not lit up, it did not. I woke myself up again.

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    14. Escaping in a plane

      by , 05-15-2011 at 06:43 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Escaping in a plane (Non-lucid)


      I was in an airport. It was day and most planes looked like from the Military.

      There was a huge plane (like three four times bigger than the biggest passenger plane, Jumbo) Also, the plane was painted with camouflage. It was loaded with soldiers and the plane started moving with one hatchet open.

      I started to run and jumped into the plane right before it took off. I was sure it was going to take me to some war zone, but I needed to get out of where I was.

      The plane on the inside looked like a normal passenger plane, except for the pilot, who has driving the plane standing up and he was located where the food is supposed to be.
    15. More Fire song

      by , 05-10-2011 at 01:06 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      More Fire song (L-DEILD)


      I had a FA in my room. I found funny that my L-DEILD technique failed, as it was fail-proof... I decided to write down my dreams, so I went to the kitchen table and opened the microwave for light... but it never opened.

      I looked around and my vision was very blurry, found it out but I thought I might be tired. My wife woke up and said what I was doing up in the middle of the night.
      I told her the Microwave was not working, that I might been dreaming. She told me to stop talking junk and to go back to bed, that the microwave always worked bad (it does on my dreams, lol) I told her that I did not feel awake. I jumped a couple times but did not levitate. My wife got mad at me and started to talk out loud. I showed her my hand and told me, "So, having four tiny fingers is normal for you?" She said, "Yes" and kept complaining I just crushed the door and left flying while my wife was arguing.

      It was day now and I decided to fly at high speed. I was about to look for Dreamer when I reached a big home where I met with my brother. I told my brother to compose a song about fire for me, to make my song longer.

      My brother said he needed inspiration. I invited him to do pyrokinesis. His hands started to release smoke, but never fire. However, he said:

      - Oh fiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeeeee,
      you destroy treeeeeeeeeeeeees,
      make them fall
      crash some trains
      carrying teeeeeeeeees!

      My brother said he needed a fire costume. He said he needed to go home to look for one. I touched him hoping his outfit would change, without success. He insisted in leaving. I told him that he was not my real brother as we were not sharing a dream. If he left, he would vanish. He left so I decided to fly away and look for Dreamer when I woke up.

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