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    1. Racing through income traffic in my car

      by , 01-29-2015 at 11:32 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Racing through income traffic in my car (Non-lucid)


      Full Dream (+1 pts)

      I was driving and got to some stangle town where there was a ton of people. It was night and there were some heavily tuned up cars with flashy colors. Some of them, appeared to be extremely fancy and with a massive horse power.

      I was in my car, which is a more than excellent car, but not for racing. However, I had a friend who was my copilot and he spawned out of nowhere next to me.

      My car suddenly started to run at a massive speed. I did not even needed to change gears, as it accelerated and changed gears on its own. I believe I was not even stepping on the gas while the car was running.

      Driving down the street, suddely I went into income traffic, but I did not crash into any single car, it was pretty amazing and scary at the same time, as I did not want to total my car.

      Tags: car, friend, race, tune up
    2. Blue colored fist sized bee!

      by , 08-24-2014 at 11:50 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Blue colored fist sized bee! (DILD)


      This dream started out in what would be my parents home, but the house was totally different from what it is in reality, since what was my room by then, it's tiny, but in the dream it was huge.

      There was a king size bed with white sheets and green curtains with a couple of rugs on each side of the bed. There were some frames with photos, but these photos were from random people and no one from my family. The night tables, were like the ones I have at home in my waking life, even with all the crystals and everything I have. On the other wall, there was an old school wardrobe.

      It seemed that this room had humidity problems and it felt cold in the dream. I saw on one of the corners a huge blue cocoon and I felt to feel uncomfortable. It was attached on the corner and it looked something like this:

      But instead of green, it was blue and more realistic bug-alike thing, not cartoonish. I started to feel uncomfortable and I did not want to sleep in there because I knew something flying was going to hatch from that thing.

      This is when I realize that way too much nonsense was going on, that such blue cocoon did not exist and felt happy I was dreaming. I was about to leave this place and go to space, but I remembered I was to dared to make a lucid task, so I visualized that a bee would hatch out from the cocoon, even though that bees do not hatch from cocoons, in a dream it could.

      I then started to see the cocoon shake and I started to hear a buzzing. I felt a little uncomfortable and fear started to build up, but I reminded my self that it was a dream. I was more peaceful but still a bit uncomfortable, as I a terrified of bees in waking life. Suddenly, the cocoon fell to the ground and a huge bee came out from it. The bee was fist sized at least, maybe a little bigger and it started to fly around the room. The buzzing was very strong and the bee was blue colored. Something like this:

      (I had no idea that blue bees existed, lol.)I knew I had to be friends with it. So I asked the bee that I wanted to be her friend and if she could just stop flying and stay on the bed.

      The bee flew around me a few times and then stayed on the bed. I was not afraid anymore and I felt that the bee wanted to be my friend. She was not buzzing and that is something that I appreciated a lot. I felt it would be right to pet her.

      As I approached my hands to the bee, she felt somehow like a metallic sensation and also like a vibrating cell phone, when I felt that vibration it was because it was buzzing, even though the wings were not moving.

      I went through a walk and the bee was flying next to me. I was happy because I felt that other bees would not bother me and also I was happy because completed Dreamer's dare

      A little after this, I said good bye to the bee and welcomed her to visit me in further dreams. I was going to take off to fly to space but I woke up and it was already morning.
    3. Meeting a friend in a bus station alike airport

      by , 08-24-2014 at 11:47 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Meeting a friend in a bus station alike airport (Non-lucid)


      I was in some random city, it felt very familiar to me in the dream and even though upon waking up I realized it is made up, I felt at home there in my dream. The city had a big plaza and it was like a round city and the city would grow in circles. There were no 90 degrees turns, but all were just mild turns.

      I was going to the airport and I believe I parked very far from there for some reason. When I got to the airport it was like a bus station, it was not very big and the planes would land in small stops, actually, as soon as she got off the plane, I met with her, there was no security, no baggage claim, no nothing
      (and I flew hundreds of times, way to go subconscious, lol) just if the plane was a bus.

      We went to some huge department store, selling mainly furniture and mattresses. I felt she wanted to be intimate with me and we had a lot of chatting about her trip.

      I told her I needed to go as I needed to get something done, but then I would meet with her again later in the day.

      Time passed like in forward mode and I was already trying to look for her, but I was not able to find the airport nor to find the place we went after picking her up.
      Tags: airport, bus, friend
    4. Zombified friends, getting late and giving healings.

      by , 05-25-2011 at 06:40 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Zombified friends, getting late and giving healings. (Non-lucid)


      I was going to the mall to meet some friends, one of them was Alex (yes, from DV), and a couple more were friends from Magic The Gathering. However, all these friends were zombies.

      The mall was huge and it was like a maze, so I was hopping I could find them fast. I was going to park near to it, as this mall was located in downtown. After parking and getting out from my car, I found out the streets were packed. I found it funny because it was late at night. I entered one of the malls.

      The mall had several stores, but I felt I would find them. I texted them that I was going to get a few minutes late. I was going to make it at 10:02 PM, and I was supposed to make it at 10:00 PM.

      I kept walking through the mall but could not find them. The stores were small and there were a ton. I wanted to call my wife, but the battery of my cell phone was totally dry.

      I started to worry and walking around. A few moments later, my cell phone worked again and my wife told me I had to go by a store called, "Body Happy" I realized I recalled how to get there. I exited the mall in an interior parking lot, but I walked through it and entered other lot.

      I got a text and my friends told me they needed to leave. As I was going to find them, I found some healers that were working with people in the middle of the mall. They invited me to help them to give healings to people, so as my friends left, I felt like it.

      While I was giving healings, one lady smoking started to talk with me when I woke up.
    5. Cat takes a run

      by , 05-24-2011 at 06:24 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Cat takes a run (Non-lucid)


      I was in a big home. It was a loft in the top of a building. I had huge doors that brought you to the street (even if I was in the top of a building)

      Suddenly, one of my carts ran away. I ran behind her, and for every time I called her, she would go further. Suddenly, I found myself on the streets chasing my cat.

      My cat suddenly entered a restaurant and jumped into a table. Somebody grabbed her and gave it to me.

      I got back home and found some friend on my way who came with me. While we were watching TV, my friend told me, "A guy purchased a Scooter in the Groupon site... guess for how much" I replied, "$700!!" He said, "$500!" I was super surprised.

      In the morning, I told my wife this dream. She checked groupon and they announced they had their very first bike. A Original Scotter for $2600 (instead of $3400)
    6. Best Buy scam delivery

      by , 05-23-2011 at 06:07 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Best Buy scam delivery (Non-lucid)


      I was with a friend, and this friend owned a huge store. The employees wore a red vest. For some reason I was going to work with him.

      We got a to a big room where he pulled out some crystals and gems. He had some odd board that looked like a model of a huge city. He placed a lot of cash inside (bills of all sizes, even $10,000 ones) We had to do something with the stones in order to win some cash.

      I threw some stones but ended up wining nothing. I was going to get started to work with him. I had to clean a lot of stuff, and wondered why I got such a crappy job if I did not needed.

      Suddenly, some guy knocked in a door. I ran to the door but other employee was there. A guy whose chest hairs could be seen had some sort of certicated envelope. This guy wore a Best Buy shirt. He had some weird document and he needed it signed. It was some sort of scam to make $180.

      We rejected to sign it. There was a hot co-worker who was next to me. This best buy guy asked her, "Wanna be my girlfriend?" She laughed and told him no. We all laughed and we started to talk about old friends.
    7. Mixing from reality

      by , 04-17-2011 at 07:02 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Mixing from reality (Non-lucid)


      Yesterday I spoken with a friend, who I am spiritually very attached. She told me her husband and her had a common friend online (over the Ikariam game) She told me she almost divorced because she "felt" in love with the other guy who she has never seen. She realized it was almost a confusion.

      I was watching this dream in 3rd person. I was following a guy who was arguing with his wife. His wife had a lover online. He was sure his wife loved him, and his very wife, also loved him, but he was confused. Some discussions happened during the dream. Suddenly, I was that guy with a made up wife. She started to lie to me and I reminded her I was able to read auras. I started to read her aura and found she was not being honest. She got nervious.

      I had a FA in my room where I explained to my wife this dream. She got mad at me for no reason. I woke up.
    8. Jumping between Planes of Existence

      by , 04-11-2011 at 06:33 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Jumping between Planes of Existence (DILD)


      I was in bed about to have sex with my wife. She told me she wanted to have a baby in that moment and get into business. I turned lucid, as we do not want to have kids so I realized it was a dream. I am aware that sex does not destroy my dream/lucidity, so I had sex with her (I will avoid details) My dream was blurry and a little distorted, so I flew for a while until it was stable.

      I remembered to attempt to Astral Project. However, I did not put a lot of effort on it, I knew I could blow the lucid dream and wake up, usually, I do not care as I get a lot of lucids, but for some reason, I did not feel like it. I started to fall on my back like in slow motion, I was not focused as much so I failed to project.

      I was in a house with some friends. I started to wonder if I was in my Astral Body. I did not feel the energy I feel when I project. I also touched myself and felt that my body was solid. I realized I was in my dream body and I was still dreaming. My friends were playing some cards. I attempted once more to project.

      I might had a partial astral separation, but I lost consciousness on the process

      I cannot remember if I actually did or I just lost lucidity, but I was with some made up friends talking about football. One lady showed me the photo on a computer of a Colt player (not sure who, I follow soccer, not football and I do not even follow the Colts, but the San Diego Chargers. She pointed at the Colt player and said he was dreaming with her.

      I turned lucid again for all the non sense. When I was about to take off, I woke up. It was 8am and time to start the day.