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    1. Flight at the beach

      by , 10-03-2011 at 06:18 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Flight at the beach (DILD)


      I found myself in one of my meditation/healing groups. The meditation was almost over when I noticed that I have been there for a while. I wondered if I slept through all the meditation as I could not recall what happened. I was also surprised that I could not recall the healing sessions. I knew that usually people comes to me asking if I could give them a healing, but I did not recall giving any, so I started to think that something funny was going on.

      I entered into an elevator. The elevator was all gray and it had a pale light. The elavator did not have buttons, but started going down on itself.

      I realized that as I was dreaming, I could travel with the elevator. I really missed my dream beaches, so I focused on finding a beach as soon as the doors opened.

      After a few moments, the doors opened and I could see a very bright sunny day and a swimming pool. I realized I was at the Melia Alicante hotel swimming pool.
      I used to go a lot to this hotel when I lived in Spain as a child.

      I was surprised that I ended up in that pool and flew a little bit to make sure that the beach was there as requested. I also wanted to check if it was the hotel indeed. It was very sunny and the sky was very blue. There were a lot of people at the swimming pool. I was going to jump in the pool when the lifeguard told me to shower first.

      I decided to shower, but then, to fly at high speed and feel the chills. I flew very fast over the beach, feeling my wet dream body drying under the sun. I flew for a while when I saw a big wall. It was around 200 feet tall. A dream character told me it I could jump over it without flying. I did jump over it a few times, some of my jumps were backflips and it was kind of fun.

      I was about to attempt to Astral Project when my cat awoke me.
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