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    1. Jupiter's great red spot... beware of the Shitties if you go there...

      by , 06-06-2011 at 04:16 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Jupiter's great red spot... beware of the Shitties if you go there... (DILD)


      This broke my lucid dry spell. Its count was up to 10 days. I have been extremely busy these days where I did not even recorded dreams. I told my self I had to do the ToTM this month. I have a 10 month streak completing the ToTMs within the first 7 days, so I did not want to break it.

      I had a different job, with a few days off in between. For some reason I could not be at home so I spent most of the day out. I decided to enter a bank and spend the day there, using their wifi with my laptop. I was in the lobby, next to the ATMs and some PO Boxes. A post office employee arrived to drop some mail. I felt I was on the way so I moved away. I realized that if I went there everyday, they would end up calling the cops thinking I was homeless or something, so I exited there.

      I decided to go to a McDonalds. I met some people there, along with some girlfriend I had. We sat in front of each other and we had some talk. Suddenly, a train with milk and condiments passed behind me (inside the McDonalds) and dropped some milk on me. I got pretty pissed and complained about it. After some chat with the manager, he told me to sit in other place. I sat on a different table, and the manager sat on my old seat, next to my dream girlfriend. I texted with her a few times and also went by her and kissed her. The dream started to fade, but I wanted to travel to the future to see what was going to happen.

      I was in a huge church. I remembered I wanted to search for that girl and find out what was going to happen. I met with some folks and her dad. I told him I was her boyfriend. The dad smiled and told me where she was

      I suddenly turned lucid and realized I was dreaming, but I wanted to follow the plot. I saw my real wife sitting in a table, alone, and she said hi to me. I ignored her but then I went back next to her. She looked at her hand and wore no ring, she was shocked. I could feel my ring in my hand. I told her I was dreaming and I had some girlfriend, but no worries because it was just a dream and I loved her in real life. I kissed her and left.

      While I explored this church, I recalled the ToTMs and how late I was this month. I started to fly and flew through a few windows, as usually, they shattered. It was very sunny and warm. I saw a huge sea, where I decided to dive into it. I needed to find some sunken treasure. I went down and down and it became darker, but I saw a wooden chest. I opened it and found a few golden bells. I shook them and they made some noise
      (Same noise as Polar Express ones) I found it funny and brought them back up into the surface.

      As I was flying with the basic done, I started to fly at a very high speed, and told myself I was going to fly high up to the moon and beyond. I realized that I needed to go to Jupiter and realized it was going to be quite a trip. I saw a heavy storm and I flew to it, again, at a very high speed. I landed where the storm was and realized that I could teleport from storm to storm. I felt the wind and could hear the lightnings. Suddenly a rough voice (the storm's voice) told me what I was doing. I demanded the storm to teleport me to the Jupiter's storm, on the great red spot. The storm asked me if I was sure, I said yes.

      My body lifted and I started moving at light-speed. A few seconds later, I could see Jupiter and how I was approaching to the red spot.

      I was excited in seeing Jupiter for the first time. I suddenly landed abruptly and I was there.

      The ground was intensely red. I could see the clouds. They were red, gray and black. The wind moved super fast, I felt a few times how the wind hit me in the face and body. However, the wind never lifted me. I could hear a lot of lightnings, happening like every 1-2 seconds.
      I looked up into the sky, and all I saw was a huge mass of red and black clouds.

      I tasted the storm. It had a watery taste, but it was sour and salty. I also could feel the smell of sulfur and rotten water. I felt the water very strong on my face and hands. The water was warm, but not too hot.

      As I was done with the storm, I planned to go back to the previous plot, however, I saw beyond the storm an enormous city with a ton of lights. It looked extremely futuristic. In addition, it was crowded. I decided to explore the city instead and see how Jupiterians were.

      The storm told me, "Do not go there, you will piss of the shitties!!!" I ignored the voice of the storm and flew over this town. As I was flying over it, I could see how this futuristic town vanished and saw instead small orange houses inside a red forest. I started to land and these houses looked like pumpkins. I landed and I could not hear any noise, until a Jupiterian appeared. They were like giang grasshoppers. They looked angry at me and became hostile. They were walking on two paws, the largest ones they jump with. The other two pair, were like arms.

      I started to fly away from there while I could hear the storm saying, "You won't be able to scape now, the Shitties will eat you. You will not even be able to scape your dream body!" I felt that was a lot of nonsense so I started to fly away Jupiter, while the storm said, "The atmosphere in this planet is way far than yours. It is an extremely long flight to exit this planet, you will not be available."

      I kept flying for a long while, until I tried to wake up myself, as I felt it was time to record the dream. I appeared in my bed, but it was extremely hard to open my eyes. I could sense the shitties fighting my eyes so they would keep closed. I saw a dark figure behind my bed, but ignored it. I felt it might have been my dream guide in Freddy Krueger form waiting for help. But I was fine on my own. I kept fighting to not fall back asleep until I woke up for real.