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    Chronicles of Ethos

    1. Ninja Body Guard; A Giant Snake Problem (March 17, 2012)

      by , 05-11-2012 at 08:23 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Ninja Body Guard

      This dream started off with me standing on the top of a mountain cliff with a girl. I think she said her name was Eriko. The dream was anime style and I looked like Naruto. I think I watched so much of it the day before that I started dreaming about it. I was on a mission to escort this girl to another village and protect her. I was walking near the edge of the cliff and I look down to see a bunch of people at the bottom. They were Leaf Ninjas carrying one of those things that kings travel in because they're too lazy to walk. They were carrying it towards the mountain we were on.

      Something didn't feel right about them so I tried to keep Eriko out of their sight. She wasn't happy with that though. She actually wanted to meet all of the other ninjas. She ran pass me and jumped down the cliff. She landed on a rock half way down and then jumped off again. I panicked at first because I thought that would kill her. I started thinking about how someone could jump off a cliff like that and not die.
      I became lucid after realizing the only explanation is that I am dreaming.

      I jumped down the cliff and chased after her because I didn't feel it was safe. "Hi!" she greeted them. "Are you ninjas too?" she asked. One of the ninjas pulled out a katana and ran towards her. I landed right behind her, picked her up, and jumped back before they could hurt her. She held onto me tight and was really frightened. The other ninja then pulled out their kunai knives and started throwing them at us. I used super speed and jumped back towards the side of the cliff. I started running up the side of it while holding onto Eriko and dodging knives. At the top of the cliff there were a lot of large rocks and boulders lying around. I hid Eriko behind a boulder and said, "Stay here and hide."

      I walked back into the open and prepared to fight. All of the Leaf Ninja and the Third Hokage appeared at the top of the cliff. The Hokage decided to sit down and watch while the rest of the ninja ran at me. I can't remember many details from this battle. I was moving at a really fast speed during the fight. For the most part I was punching, kicking, and using other martial arts techniques. I also remember there were many kunai knives and shuriken flying through the air. I had to block those with my own kunai during the fight. I was doing pretty well in the battle, considering I only got a little scraped up.

      After a few minutes of fighting, everyone stopped for a moment. The other ninja looked towards the Hokage, who was now standing on the opposite side of us, away from the cliff. He started laughing and powerful orange energy started flowing out of him. It was very similar to the nine-tailed fox's chakra. He looked like he was losing control, so me and Leaf Ninjas decided to work together to stop him.

      I made a plus sign with my hands and created four clones. The five of us surrounded the Hokage and tried to attack him all at once. He released a powerful burst of energy and knocked us all away. The clones were killed and I was launched into the boulder that Eriko was hiding behind. After I crashed into the boulder, I fell to the ground, and I started to cough some blood. That hurt a lot. Eriko rushed out from behind the boulder to see if I was okay. I decided that it didn't hurt too badly and got back up. "Don't worry, I'm fine. Just stay hidden." I said to her.

      I made a plus sign with my hand again and created a clone. I was trying to create a rasengan. Working together, me and the clone created a spinning ball of energy in my hand. When the rasengan was complete, the clone disappeared, and I ran straight towards the Hokage. He tried taking a few swipes at me with his orange aura, but I managed to dodge and flip around them. When I got close to the hokage, he moved all of his energy in front of him to shield himself. I struck the shield with the rasengan. I was slowly starting to break through his shield and energy was being blasted in all directions. I then gave the rasengan all the energy I had to power it up. I blasted straight through the shield struck the Hokage with it. There was a huge flash of light and I woke up.

      A Giant Snake Problem

      This dream started off with me being in my old home in Loudonville. Oddly, everything was scaled like 3 times bigger than it was in real life. Just like the last dream, I was Naruto again. I was standing in the living room with Sasuke. The two of us were just watching something on TV at first. Then I could sense something strange behind us. I turned around and there was a giant rattle snake slithering around the other side of the room. I tapped Sasuke's shoulder and pointed pointed at the giant snake. He then pulled out his sword and went into a fighting stance. It was around this point I became lucid.

      We both ran forward at the snake and it hissed at us. Sasuke tried swiping at it with his sword. The snake grabbed it though and threw him across the room. The snake then turned towards me and was about to attack. I performed the hand signs for the fireball jutsu and then breathed out a large flame in front of me. This damaged the snake a little and kept it at a distance for a moment. While I was breathing fire on it, I noticed that it was putting a lot of extra effort into keeping its tail safe. I realized that the end of its tail must have been a weak spot.

      "Sasuke! Try to cut off the tail!" I yelled to him. I then lunged at the snake, so I could give Sasuke some time to strike. I grabbed onto the snakes head and started punching at it. This was the best distraction I could think of. Sasuke did the hand signs for his chidori jutsu. He charged lightning chakra into his hand and dashed towards the snake. He swiped his hand over the tail and cut it off. The snake collapsed to the floor and died almost instantly.

      I somehow lost lucidity after that. I spent the rest of my dream chasing a small white mouse. That's all I can really remember now.

    2. Meeting My Team (April 28, 2011, Dream 2)

      by , 04-29-2011 at 03:22 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      General text non-lucid dream Awake lucid dream

      This was the second dream/dream set that I could recall from last night. It started sometime after 6:20am and ended at 8:00am. I think a lot more happened in this dream than the last one. That or I just remember this one better because it was the last dream of the night. I had instantly changing scenes in this dream as well, so I'm not sure if it was just 1 dream or if it was a linked set of dreams.

      The dream started with me standing on a balcony. The balcony was about 3 stories high and overlooked a back yard and forest. In my dream I was a ninja on a patrol mission to guard some rich guy's mansion. It was boring for the first minute, but then I got a haircut...

      I was just looking down below the balcony and then I looked up. There was a rather large and very sharp looking shuriken flying towards my face as I looked up. I used my time control ability to slow down time just enough for me to dodge the shuriken. Not a complete dodge though. It shaved off half the hair on the right side of my head. The shuriken had a blue flame color patern on it, but I'm not sure why I can remember that so well.

      I looked back to find the source of the shuriken, and the only person in sight is a girl with another shuriken in her hand. I'm usually not good at remembering what DCs look like, but I remember her details more than I do other DCs. She wore something similar to a black bulletproof vest, black pants, and had orangish-brownish hair. In general, she looked like a ninja/assassin.

      I screamed, "Kakashi! (Naruto character) I need help!" The dream scene then changed to Kakashi standing on a mountain. All he did was stare with wide eyes in fear until the dream scene changed back to the mansion. Seeing as Kakashi was going to be of no help, I reached into my backpack and grabbed my own shuriken.

      As we threw shuriken at each other, she made her way over to the mansion and climbed up to the balcony. We had some close combat fighting, but she somehow pinned me to the ground. I managed to kick her off me though, and I ran through the door into the mansion behind me. I locked the door and layed against it to make sure she couldn't get in. "Why did you attack me?!" I yelled. I don't remember getting a response, so I just walked away from the door. I was going to go explore the mansion. After a few steps into the mansion though, she started to cry and yelled, "I just wanted to join your team!"

      I suddenly became lucid at this moment. I thought to myself, "Oh... So that's why she was trying to kill me!" (lol dream logic) I then tried to reverse time to invite her to join my team and get rid of the sad moment. I was back on the balcony and asked her to join my team. She responded with, "Ha! I knew you would fall for that trick!" (Time control didn't have an affect on her I guess and the crying was fake.) She then hugged me in acceptance to my invitation. I was annoyed though because she tried to kill me and then she tricked me. We started to walk into the mansion and I asked, "Wait. What is this team you keep talking about?" She just smiled and said, "I'll show you." Everything went black for a moment...

      The next thing I remember was standing in some tunnel complex with her and a few other people. By this point I had lost lucidity, but it seemed to be a continuation from the last dream. One of these new DCs was a man in heavy metal armor with a large 2 handed sword. Another one was woman wearing weird robes and holding a wand in her hand. The other new DC was a woman wearing leather armor and a holding bow. These new DCs were refered to as Warrior, Wizard, and Archer. The only different thing I noticed about the assasin was she now had a katana strapped to her back. My backpack was also missing.

      We all walked to the end of the tunnel and entered a large storage room. It was well lit with no source of light, full of stacked crates, and two other tunnels. I started to explore the storage room and I walked around a wall of crates. As I turned the corner I saw a large beastly dog sleeping in the middle of the room. It must have been a guard dog and it snarled at me. I looked back to see if the rest of my team was ready to fight the beast, but the only one still with me was the assassin. The warrior, wizard and archer had run off to search another room. The girl drew her sword and the beast pushed me out of the way. She slashed the dog with her katana and made a wound; it didn't seem to have much of an effect on the beast however. The beast was about to lunge at her, but I got up and pushed the dog away. I was able to distract it long enough for my friend to hit the beast with the killing blow.

      When we finally caught up to the rest of our team, we found them surrounded by an army of evil red-eyed koalas. There were fireballs and arrows flying, and the warrior was in the middle of it all, slaying demonic koalas with his sword. We fought with some of the koalas and then ran off to an exit tunnel. At this point I blacked out a little again.

      I was soon in a new dreamscape on a large ship. It looked like there was a party taking place. We were being celebrated for something we did, but I'm not quite sure what. It was kind of fuzzy in this dreamscape. The last thing I could remember was Mickey Mouse being strangled by Mini Mouse on the ship.

      After that, my alarm woke me up at 8:00am. After thinking about my dreams, I started to laugh at Kakashi and Mickey Mouse. Later that morning I also asked my sister if my hair had grown back yet. Forgot that was only a dream.

      My Thoughts on this Dream

      I just realized that this dream set was actually linked to a previous dream that night. When I met the warrior, the archer, and the wizard, it might have been based on the story I wrote in my last dream. The ship I was on at the end also looked just like the flying one. Looking at this now, I realize my dream control still protects me even when I'm not lucid. Time control saves the dream once again!

      I will probably laugh now whenever I see Kakashi on TV or koalas. I don't like the idea of hurting animals, but personally, I think this was necessary. That dog nearly killed us and those koalas were like little furry demons! <-- = koala!

      I'm also wondering if the girl I met could have been my dream guide. She may have tried to kill me, but she seems more intelligent than other DCs, she led me to the tunnels and the ship, and she was the only one who didn't abandon me in the tunnels. Dream guide possiblity number 1: The sea turtle with mind altering abilities. Dream guide possibility number 2: The assassin girl who stood by my side in battle.

      Induction Type: DILD

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