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    Chronicles of Ethos

    1. Fighting My Father, Girl Transformation, Psychic Investigation, Lucid Fragment (February 23, 2012)

      by , 03-03-2012 at 03:20 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Fighting My Father

      I was sitting in the driveway of my old house in Loudonville. I think it was winter and the fog was so thick I could only see a few feet. I was sitting there with my arms tied up with rope. My father was there and he had just finished tying me up. I could see him pulling out a pistol aiming it at me from behind. That's when I decided to get up and start running. I wasn't really scared or anything, but I went into survival mode and was determined to live. He chased after me and started shooting at me. I managed to dodge bullets by running behind trees. It also helps that the bad guys always have terrible aim.

      I stopped hearing gun shots and didn't sense any danger for the next 5 seconds. Then suddenly, he's driving truck next to me as I'm running. (I just now realized I was running at like 50mph in this dream.) He turned the truck towards me and I slowed down time. I jumped and rolled over the hood of the truck to avoid being hit.
      I became lucid once time flowed normally again. The truck had crashed into some random boulder in the middle of a field. I did a partial morph on my hands so I would have dragon claws. I managed to cut the rope and free myself.

      I saw my father get out of the truck and limp towards me. I walked towards him to meet him half way. He looked as if he wanted to end it all with a fist fight now. He took off his sun glasses so they wouldn't get broken. Then he took off his other sun glasses, his safety goggles, his colorful glasses, and finally his contacts. I just gave him a "wtf" stare for a moment. I then took off my own glasses and my vision blurred. I realized and he realized that was a stupid move on my part. The dream started fading away. I think we did exchange a few kicks, punches, and claw swipes though.

      Girl Transformation

      Well this is kind of a short and awkward dream. I was in a subway station just standing around doing nothing. Then some gay man comes in and just stares at me. It was very awkward, but I just tried to ignore him. Then out of no where he tackled me and tried taking off my clothes. So he was pretty much trying to rape me. Somewhere in my fight with him I became lucid. My first thought was to do something that would scare him away from me. So I decided to transform into a girl. He seemed confused that he was now trying to rape a girl when he is gay. I kicked him in the balls and pushed him off of me. I then stared into his eyes and used my fear spell to make him run into a corner and cower. The last thing I remember was me standing over him and beating the crap out of him as a girl.

      Psychic Investigation

      I don't remember much of this dream. I was down at the road in front of my old home in Loudonville again. It was spring this time though and it was warm, bright, and sunny. I was with a few other guys who were searching the area for something. They looked and acted like detectives, so I assumed they were. I then remembered that someone went missing here and I decided to help them out. My attention was then drawn towards the bridge. I slowly walked towards the bridge while staring intensely at the bushes. I then stopped a few feet away from it and got a vision. It was the middle of the night and a van was parked on the bridge. There was the sound of a gunshot and 2 men got out of the van with a body. They threw the body in the creek and drove off.

      My vision returned to normal and I became lucid after having this experience. I then turned around and started walking away from there. I didn't want to have to see the dead man. One of the detectives then stopped me. He could tell something was wrong by the expression on my face.

      "What's the matter? Did you see something?" He asked.
      "I found the man who went missing..." I said.
      "Where? Where is he?!" The detecive asked excitedly
      "He's dead... In the creek behind the bushes." I told him.

      The detective then got a sad look on his face and called over the others. They walked over to the bridge and pulled out a body. I saw them put him in a body bag. I did some other things in the dream, but I can't remember what.

      Lucid Fragment

      So for some reason I was sitting in the void with my grandparents. I had a computer and I was on youtube looking up music. For some reason I became lucid when I pulled up Anima Libera. My grandma started yelling at me for listening to Italian music. I then remembered that my grandmother had died.

      "Seriously? I finally get to see you again and you're going to yell at me for listening Italian music?" I asked her.

      That's all I can remember.