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    Chronicles of Ethos

    1. Battle With Steggies; A Different Perspective (March 16, 2012)

      by , 05-11-2012 at 01:55 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Battle With Steggies

      It seems this dream started out inside a city. It wasn't like a modern city though, it was more ancient. It was most likely built like a medieval city. I was walking down a stone path in the middle of the city with my dream guide, the old man. Oddly, the streets were empty. He said something about the city being under attack and was guiding me towards the city walls. When we reached the walls, we climbed a set of stairs to the top to get a good view. Over the wall I could see a vast desert and some mountains off in the distance. Not far away from the wall I saw Chris, Claire, and a bunch of monsters surrounding a hole in the ground. Chris and Claire were in an intense battle with the monsters.

      After seeing 3 dream guides, monsters, and a battle happening, I started to think for a second.
      I quickly became lucid and everything started making sense. "Ha, I hardly had to say anything this time," the old man said. I believe this was a reference to his ways of helping me reach lucidity. When I looked back at the battle, I started to worry a little about Chris and Claire. "I should go help them," I said, preparing to jump over the wall. "Stay here," he said, "We have everything under control. There's no need to put yourself in danger."

      I stepped back and watched for a few seconds. It was starting to look like we were losing. I also didn't feel comfortable about not helping them out. Despite what the old man said, I ran forward and jumped over the wall. I morphed into a white dragon and started to fly towards them. "Dragonborn!" the old man shouted, "Come back! It's not safe!" I didn't care about what he said or how dangerous it was. I just wanted to help them.

      When I flew over the hole where the battle was taking place, I got a better look at the monsters. They were small little dinosaurs with golden spikes. Kind of like a mini stegosaurus, but carnivorous. I'll just call them steggies for now. I dove down and breathed fire on a group of steggies that were surrounding Chris. I landed outside of the hole, next to Chris, and felt a sharp pain in my feet. I started hopping around in pain and looked down at the ground to see what would have caused it. Those steggies had scattered tiny golden thorns all over the ground. It was really annoying at first, but I learned to deal with it.

      Chris jumped back a distance away from the steggies and summoned his bow. He then proceeded to snipe steggies that were surrounding me and Claire. Claire was fighting them off with her sword and lots of lightning. I was mostly just breathing fire and smacking steggies around with my tail. It was hard to fight them because of their sharp teeth and protective spikes. With each one we killed, more would just crawl out of the hole in the ground.

      I switched to using ice magic to see if that would work better. Using my ice breath, I was able to freeze large groups of steggies that Claire could easily break apart. It still wasn't enough though and more and more of them just kept coming out of the hole. Eventually the steggies cornered the three of us together and surrounded it us. "Get down!" I yelled to Chris and Claire. I activated fury mode for a few seconds and used the energy to fuel my lightning magic As soon as they ducked down I released a huge wave of lightning in all directions. The spikes on the steggies acted like lightning rods and zapped the hell out of all of them. We killed them all, but I lost my dragon transformation out of it.

      Now that there were no more steggies on the surface, I decided we should try to find the source. The three of us jumped down the hole together and landed in an underground cavern. I could then sense the energies of the steggies and could feel them in the walls. They then started crawling out of the cave walls and we started running. At this point there really wasn't a plan anymore and we just wanted to get away. I could see a light up ahead and knew we were almost out of the tunnel. Near the end of the tunnel though was a trap. It was a spiked wall slowly descending from the roof of the tunnel.

      I slowed down a little bit to try to stop the steggies while Chris and Claire ran ahead. I shot a few flames down the tunnel and then started running again. By the time I reached the trap it was low enough that I would have to slide under it. I dove towards the ground and slid a few feet, but it only got me about half way through. I quickly started crawling towards the other end as the spikes got closer. When I was far enough, Claire grabbed my hands and pulled me out before it could impale me.

      When I exited the tunnel I was standing in a field. I also completely forgot about Chris, Claire, and the steggies for some reason. There was a house in the field, so I walked over to check it out. There were many family members inside the house and they were having some sort of reunion. I got into an argument with my mother about something but I can't remember. After the argument I saw some people grab some wands off a shelf and walk outside. I looked out the window and saw them tossing a ball back and forth with wands. It looked fun and got my attention, so I grabbed a wand off the shelf and went outside.

      I followed them out to the field where they had 4 bases and a pitching mound set up. For some reason I didn't feel like they would want me to play, so I sort of just casually walked into the outfield. I was trying t look like I was already part of the game. The game started shortly after and everyone moved into position. The pitcher levitated a baseball off the ground with his wand. He then flung the ball towards the batter. The batter swung his wand and knocked the ball back with a magic blast.

      The ball was flying fast towards me and I started running back to try to catch it. I stuck my wand in the air and tried to catch it with a telekinesis spell. I managed to pull the ball towards me, but I accidentally dropped it. I levitated the ball off the ground with my wand again and tried launching it back towards second base. I somehow threw the ball at the wrong angle though and it flew towards third base instead. The ball hit the catcher at third base in the head and knocked him out. "Sorry! New guy with a new wand!" I yelled back at them. They decided to cancel the game right after that and help the guy out. I decided to walk away and pretend nothing had ever happened.

      I also decided that I should get some more practice with the levitation spell. I saw a small chest lying in the field and used that for practice. I swished my wand and flicked it while saying, "Wingardium Leviosa!" It slowly levitated a few feet above the ground and was a little shaky. I tried to lift it to face level, but it fell back towards the ground. I got a little frustrated that it failed and started to think about what I could do better. I then remembered how the Lumos didn't work, but my own Illumina spell did. I flicked my wand towards the box and shouted, "Levitate!" this time. It wasn't a fancy word, but it worked. I had much more control over it this time and could easily lift it up and down over my head.

      Out of nowhere I remembered Chris and Claire again. I realized that they might still need my help. I looked around the field and tried to find another entrance to the tunnels that we were in before. I found a small hill with a hole in it and I knew that was the cave i was looking for. I ran into the tunnel and looked and looked around for Chris and Claire. I ran into a few more of those spike traps from before, but I just rolled under them. I ahead I could see a large room where a bunch of men in robes were gathering around in a circle. I could also see Claire passed out on the ground. I started running faster and there was just one more spike trap to get past. When I tried rolling under this trap though, something grabbed my foot and tripped me.

      I looked down and saw a red rug under me that had wrapped around my foot. I tried to untangle it, but the rug came to life and started to attack me. It wrapped itself around me and started choking me. To make it worse, the spikes were still getting closer to me. I remembered the spell I had just been practicing earlier and tried to apply it to the rug. I shouted, "Levitate!" as I tried to wriggle my hand around. I then unwrapped the rug around me with the spell and and flung it up into the spikes. I tried crawling out from under the spikes, but there wasn't enough time. Right when I felt the spikes touch my back, someone grabbed my hands. I was quickly pulled out from under there and saved. It scratched the hell out of my back a little, but I was alive. The person who had saved me was Claire again. The dream pretty much faded away at this point.

      A Different Perspective

      I think this dream might have been a DEILD. Mostly because it was very similar to the last dream and I was lucid right from the very start. In this dream I wasn't really myself, but I was Claire. I was running through the tunnels again. This time I was trying to be a little more stealthy at first. I was still spotted though and these guys in blue robes started attacking me. There were maybe 15 of them. I used super strength to kick and punch them hard into the walls. It wasn't anything fancy and I just kept super punching and super kicking them. Sometimes I would use super speed to teleport to their positions and hit them hard.

      After I fought off all of these guys I came into a large room. It looked just like the one I saw at the end of the last dream. It was empty though. Suddenly, a bunch of doors appeared in the walls and men wearing red robes walked out of them. They surrounded me and a black robed figure appeared in front of me out of nowhere. It appeared to be a bunch of Draflams and a shadow man working together. I grabbed my sword from behind my back and lunged towards the shadow man. Before I could even attack, they had combined their powers and electrocuted me with one powerful lightning bolt. I fell to the ground and passed out for a moment.

      When I regained consciousness, my vision was blurry. As I focused a little harder, I could see the robed men gathering in a circle. They were trying to perform a ritual and it definitely didn't look good. Some sort of weird dimensional portal appeared above them. I think they were trying to summon something. I tried to move my body around a little bit and get back up. Once I was off the ground, I felt a little better and my vision became a clearer. I knew I had to do something to stop their ritual.

      I jumped between the group of robed men and charged up my lightning magic. Before they could even react, I launched a very powerful blast of blue lightning in all directions. Anything in that room the room that wasn't me was toast. It was the most powerful lightning blast I have ever produced. To be fair though, It was actually Claire's lightning blast and not mine.

      At this point I could feel that the dream was about to end. I didn't really mind it so much because I thought the story had ended. I then started to hear some noises coming from another tunnel. I held on to the dream a little longer to check it out. When I looked in the tunnel I could see me fighting with the magic rug. I saw me kill the rug and me trying to crawl out from the under the trap. I ran forward and tried to help myself out. I grabbed my hands and pulled myself out from under the spike traps. The dream ended just like the last dream, but through Claire's perspective. That's a very strange thing to think about.


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    2. Meeting My Team (April 28, 2011, Dream 2)

      by , 04-29-2011 at 03:22 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      General text non-lucid dream Awake lucid dream

      This was the second dream/dream set that I could recall from last night. It started sometime after 6:20am and ended at 8:00am. I think a lot more happened in this dream than the last one. That or I just remember this one better because it was the last dream of the night. I had instantly changing scenes in this dream as well, so I'm not sure if it was just 1 dream or if it was a linked set of dreams.

      The dream started with me standing on a balcony. The balcony was about 3 stories high and overlooked a back yard and forest. In my dream I was a ninja on a patrol mission to guard some rich guy's mansion. It was boring for the first minute, but then I got a haircut...

      I was just looking down below the balcony and then I looked up. There was a rather large and very sharp looking shuriken flying towards my face as I looked up. I used my time control ability to slow down time just enough for me to dodge the shuriken. Not a complete dodge though. It shaved off half the hair on the right side of my head. The shuriken had a blue flame color patern on it, but I'm not sure why I can remember that so well.

      I looked back to find the source of the shuriken, and the only person in sight is a girl with another shuriken in her hand. I'm usually not good at remembering what DCs look like, but I remember her details more than I do other DCs. She wore something similar to a black bulletproof vest, black pants, and had orangish-brownish hair. In general, she looked like a ninja/assassin.

      I screamed, "Kakashi! (Naruto character) I need help!" The dream scene then changed to Kakashi standing on a mountain. All he did was stare with wide eyes in fear until the dream scene changed back to the mansion. Seeing as Kakashi was going to be of no help, I reached into my backpack and grabbed my own shuriken.

      As we threw shuriken at each other, she made her way over to the mansion and climbed up to the balcony. We had some close combat fighting, but she somehow pinned me to the ground. I managed to kick her off me though, and I ran through the door into the mansion behind me. I locked the door and layed against it to make sure she couldn't get in. "Why did you attack me?!" I yelled. I don't remember getting a response, so I just walked away from the door. I was going to go explore the mansion. After a few steps into the mansion though, she started to cry and yelled, "I just wanted to join your team!"

      I suddenly became lucid at this moment. I thought to myself, "Oh... So that's why she was trying to kill me!" (lol dream logic) I then tried to reverse time to invite her to join my team and get rid of the sad moment. I was back on the balcony and asked her to join my team. She responded with, "Ha! I knew you would fall for that trick!" (Time control didn't have an affect on her I guess and the crying was fake.) She then hugged me in acceptance to my invitation. I was annoyed though because she tried to kill me and then she tricked me. We started to walk into the mansion and I asked, "Wait. What is this team you keep talking about?" She just smiled and said, "I'll show you." Everything went black for a moment...

      The next thing I remember was standing in some tunnel complex with her and a few other people. By this point I had lost lucidity, but it seemed to be a continuation from the last dream. One of these new DCs was a man in heavy metal armor with a large 2 handed sword. Another one was woman wearing weird robes and holding a wand in her hand. The other new DC was a woman wearing leather armor and a holding bow. These new DCs were refered to as Warrior, Wizard, and Archer. The only different thing I noticed about the assasin was she now had a katana strapped to her back. My backpack was also missing.

      We all walked to the end of the tunnel and entered a large storage room. It was well lit with no source of light, full of stacked crates, and two other tunnels. I started to explore the storage room and I walked around a wall of crates. As I turned the corner I saw a large beastly dog sleeping in the middle of the room. It must have been a guard dog and it snarled at me. I looked back to see if the rest of my team was ready to fight the beast, but the only one still with me was the assassin. The warrior, wizard and archer had run off to search another room. The girl drew her sword and the beast pushed me out of the way. She slashed the dog with her katana and made a wound; it didn't seem to have much of an effect on the beast however. The beast was about to lunge at her, but I got up and pushed the dog away. I was able to distract it long enough for my friend to hit the beast with the killing blow.

      When we finally caught up to the rest of our team, we found them surrounded by an army of evil red-eyed koalas. There were fireballs and arrows flying, and the warrior was in the middle of it all, slaying demonic koalas with his sword. We fought with some of the koalas and then ran off to an exit tunnel. At this point I blacked out a little again.

      I was soon in a new dreamscape on a large ship. It looked like there was a party taking place. We were being celebrated for something we did, but I'm not quite sure what. It was kind of fuzzy in this dreamscape. The last thing I could remember was Mickey Mouse being strangled by Mini Mouse on the ship.

      After that, my alarm woke me up at 8:00am. After thinking about my dreams, I started to laugh at Kakashi and Mickey Mouse. Later that morning I also asked my sister if my hair had grown back yet. Forgot that was only a dream.

      My Thoughts on this Dream

      I just realized that this dream set was actually linked to a previous dream that night. When I met the warrior, the archer, and the wizard, it might have been based on the story I wrote in my last dream. The ship I was on at the end also looked just like the flying one. Looking at this now, I realize my dream control still protects me even when I'm not lucid. Time control saves the dream once again!

      I will probably laugh now whenever I see Kakashi on TV or koalas. I don't like the idea of hurting animals, but personally, I think this was necessary. That dog nearly killed us and those koalas were like little furry demons! <-- = koala!

      I'm also wondering if the girl I met could have been my dream guide. She may have tried to kill me, but she seems more intelligent than other DCs, she led me to the tunnels and the ship, and she was the only one who didn't abandon me in the tunnels. Dream guide possiblity number 1: The sea turtle with mind altering abilities. Dream guide possibility number 2: The assassin girl who stood by my side in battle.

      Induction Type: DILD

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