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    1. Lengthy Lucid: A Freeing Flight

      by , 08-15-2011 at 04:20 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was sitting in a room on a couch. It slightly resembled the living room in my parents' new house in Oregon. I was messing with my phone, which I was having trouble getting to work; I couldn't get my screen to come on properly. I remembered it was because I dropped it beside some train tracks at the airport (that really did happen yesterday in waking life). I then thought it was weird that I had my phone at all, since the airport hasn't sent it back to me yet.

      Finally, I got the phone to work. The battery was almost dead. I looked through my texts, and saw some messages from my friend Tori. The text said something about a moth. Hmm...weird again. I looked away from the phone and looked back, and Tori's picture had changed. I then decided to jump into the air and see if I flew. I jumped, and floated. I'm dreaming!

      The next thing I knew I was in the driveway of my house in my hometown. I saw my old cat, Ziggy, next to me. I wanted him to fly with me, so I told him to come along. I jumped into the air to fly, and was having some trouble staying in the air. I landed in the back yard in the grass. I examined my hands, and only counted 5 fingers on each. I tried a couple more times, but with the same outcome: 5 fingers. Oh well, I still knew I was dreaming. I can't fly in waking life, unfortunately.

      The wind then started to pick up. I knew it was my chance to fly. I jumped into the wind, and sure enough, I was in the air, soaring up, up, and up. I was riding the wind, and it was the most amazing feeling ever. I could feel it blowing around me as I flew over my neighbor's house. It was so amazing!

      Then, I remember being back in the living room. I lost my lucidity for a bit. I was walking, and there was some older lady behind me kissing up my neck. No thanks. I got away from her, and talked to someone on my phone. Other things happened, but I can't recall exactly what.

      Something then triggered my lucidity again. As soon as I realized I was dreaming, I did another hand examination/finger count. Still 5 fingers on each hand. I kept examining my hands so I could stabalize the dream.

      I decided to try to draw and use a portal, since it had been so long since I've done that. I tried to think of someone to try to visit, and I decided to try to see Hyu. I walked up to a wooden wall in the living room and drew a huge circle. It appeared as it usually does. I then wrote 'Hyu' in the middle of the portal, and started trying to shade the portal in with my hand. I then realized I had forgotten to voice my intent, so I did.
      "I want to see Hyu," I said.
      I noticed that the portal wasn't filling in as it usually does. It was smearing the name I had written in it. Hmm, odd. I decided to try to jump through it anyway. I headed through the portal.

      I was then taken back to the living room. The portal failed. Lame. I tried again, and drew a smaller one. I don't remember what happened after I jumped through that one, but I know it too failed.

      I then remember looking through what looked like the bonus room doors at my hometown house. They started to become transparent, and I phased through them.

      Then, I was outside in the driveway again. It was getting dark outside. I decided that more flying was in order. I did another hand examination, mainly to keep the dream this time, but I counted my fingers out of curiosity. Still 5 on each hand. I jumped into the air and flew. I looked up at the sky, and noticed it was very cloudy. I could see very few stars. I flew over the roof of my house, and tried to see how high I could fly. I kept going up, but knew that losing the visual I had of the ground below would make me lose my dream. I stopped going up and kept flying around quickly. It felt so freeing! I looked down at the roof of mine and my neighbor's house and the trees. The trees looked especially vivid. It was beautiful.

      I then started to go towards the holly bushes in our back yard. I wanted to try something else, since all I had been doing was flying, and racked my brain trying to think of something. I then felt everything dimming, and I felt anxious and tried to examine my hands. As I was flying over the holly bushes, I woke up.

      Yay for being lucid again, and not just for a few seconds!! I was so happy to finally have another lengthy lucid. Now, I've just gotta get my portals back up to par.
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