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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. The House of Berevity (Lucid)

      by , 10-29-2014 at 01:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work, and a man with black hair and a foreign accent came up and asked me where just plain loaves of bread were. I went to go point out the ones against the wall, but...they weren't there. I got very disoriented, not sure where I was anymore. I then told him aisle 13 had other bread on it. He said it didn't. I said that it did and walked a little ways to see if I could see aisle 13, but...it wasn't there either. It looked more like I was in a mall than the bakery. He went towards the area aisle 13 was supposed to be.

      I thought for a minute...I was really confused. I then realized I was dreaming. Doh. Makes sense now. The dream around me started to change; I could see another scene peeking through the top right corner of my vision. I then was somewhere completely different. I was outside a large castle that had a forest around it. I was then inside said castle. The stone was blue steel colored. It wasn't smooth, but it was natural looking stone. I was standing by a spiral staircase that went upwards.

      In front of me, there was then a man, a big, older man wearing a suit. He told me I was in "The House of Berevity" (he may have meant 'brevity', but he pronounced it 'berevity', I'm not entirely sure). He then was telling me why I was there, and I can't remember what he said, because a question popped up in my head that I wanted to ask. I then asked
      "How old am I?"
      He seemed a little irritated that I interrupted him, but answered anyway, saying something about 'young', but that's the only word I caught, so I interrupted again and asked
      "No, like how old am I?", referring to my soul, not my body, though I didn't specify.
      he answered,
      "Eight billion, seven hundred trillion."
      I liked that answer.

      I wish I could recall more of the conversation. There was a reason I was there, but I can't recall what he told me. I feel as if we were walking up the staircase as we talked, or if not, we somehow ended up in the middle of it by the time our conversation was ending.

      We were then about to part ways. He started to go up the stairs even more, when I asked him
      "Wait! How do I forgive myself?"
      He turned back around and looked at me, smiled a genuine smile, and said
      "You already have!"
      I laughed out loud to express my joy. I was so happy to hear that!

      I then woke up briefly, didn't move and went back into a dream. It stayed in blackness for awhile while someone was talking me through it so I wouldn't wake myself prematurely. I then started to have images forming around me, then the dream. I was good now. I started to walk around, feeling something that was there so I could stabalize the dream. I then noticed that I was in a field. It was daytime. I started to walk towards a patch of different colored African violets. There were some black ones, some yellow ones, and I believe some purple ones. I was afraid of being stung by bees at first, but then remembered that it was a dream, and I would be fine. I walked through them, feeling them brush against me, completely unharmed; no bees in sights. I kept walking through the field of flowers and started to weep because it was so beautiful.

      I woke up briefly again, feeling as if I really had been crying, but again didn't move and went back into a dream.

      This time, I was standing on the edge of a very high cliff. It was daytime and so vivid. Below me was nothing but clouds. I could tell there was a very high wind. To my right, poking through the clouds was a building with columns. Out from the building, there were hundreds of balloons flying out. There were huge patches of them, and then only a few at a time would come out. They were all red, orange, yellow, and black. I decided to try flying into this. I stood at the edge of the cliff, scared at first, but reminded myself that, again, this was a dream, and even if I fell quickly and to my "death", I'd be fine. I put my arms out and let myself fall off the edge. I fell for a bit, but the wind caught me, and I flew.


      Sorry I haven't been around much. I have other things that I am currently focusing on, and need a break from concentrating on and writing out all my dreams. I have actually had some vivid NLDs lately. I also dreamed more last night, but did not want to type out all the NLDs. This one was a must share. I'll be on occasionally still if I have dreams that are interesting like these were (it will probably mostly be LDs when I have them that I will update with).
    2. Adding More Color, Smoking Pig Stuff, and Frozen Hamburger

      by , 09-04-2014 at 02:30 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Something about watching some people reenact something from history. It had to do with a huge group of people hiding in this small rectangular area just beneath the ground. It had to do with books or knowledge or something. They were being persecuted. I knew that they were going to die. The persecutors found them and started killing them.

      Then, I was in a bedroom, I don't know if it was mine or not, and I was looking through some clothes on the floor. I found some underwear that I hadn't seen in a very long time. I guess I had left it there and forgotten about it. I also saw a pair of sheer black boyshort-style underwear.

      I had been wearing, for I don't know how long, all black. I had on black leggings with small bows on the bottom and a black tunic. I was sad or mourning something, hence the all black. I figured that now, though, I should start adding some color back in.


      I was sitting outside somewhere, though I don't know where. I was in a semi-secluded area. I was sitting down by myself, waiting for Austin. I was vaping this weird drug that had something to do with pigs. It was supposed to get you really high. I inhaled some, and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. I was really high. I think there was weed there too that I was smoking.

      Austin then came. He had a friend with him I think. We were smoking together. My brother then walked up. I didn't want him to know I was high, but it was so obvious. He seemed disappointed in me.

      I then was looking in a bathroom mirror. I was so high that part of my face, the side that was affected by Bell's Palsy five years ago, was sagging a little, and I couldn't move it like I could move the other side of my face.

      Then, I was at work at the bakery, still high. I was in the back. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the store manager putting on a hair net and coming back. Crap. He would know I was high. I ran to the very back where the dish sinks are. I looked at one of the sinks to see if I could see my reflection. I did, and saw that my eyes were very red. I hoped he didn't come back and see.

      Then it was like Austin and a bunch of his friends lived in this apartment building. They all lived one to an apartment, and they all lived on different floors, but they lived in the apartments directly above and/or below one another so that when they smoked, the smell wouldn't alert a neighbor and they wouldn't get evicted. Something didn't go as planned, however, and they were all getting kicked out. There was a girl named Jessi that I worked with awhile back IWL who lived there too. She was one of Austin's friends in the dream. I wondered if I could live in the apartment with her. I saw her in the apartment. She was wearing all black. Then I couldn't remember if she had killed herself of not.

      At some point, I could see on my face that my nose looked pinker and more pig-like. I assumed it was a side-effect of smoking that pig stuff.


      I was looking at all of these boxes of frozen dinners. I had picked one out that was some sort of hamburger dinner. I really wanted to eat it. The others all sounded ok, but this one sounded the best. My brother then came up and he needed it for some reason. I let him have it. He asked if I was sure, and I said yes, I can eat a different one. I was looking at all the others, trying to decide which I wanted. One was a chicken dinner, and there were some different, more plain hamburger dinners as well. I don't remember which one I chose, but I want to say it was the chicken dinner.

      I was then walking with my brother out in the driveway of the house we grew up in. He was walking in front of me. I then started thinking about how he was gay, and I wondered if he had come out to one of his other friends who is also gay (my brother is not gay IWL, but his friend really is).
    3. Going Back Into Kohl's, Camping, and Beta Star Fox Manipulation

      by , 08-14-2014 at 02:06 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I went back into Kohl's for the first time since I quit. It was nighttime. I went over towards the customer service desk side, hoping that no managers would see me. There weren't many people there at all; I didn't see any customers. David (a supervisor) then saw me from a distance. I was fine with seeing him. He said
      "Krista!" and ran up to me.
      We talked for a bit. I had been noticing how different the atmosphere felt there, how it wasn't the same place I got hired at when I first started. I heard a girl's voice I didn't recognize paging on the intercom. I commented on this to David.

      Then, David led me up to this big, tall black stair step ladder that was over by the service desk. He walked me up to the top of it and told me in so many words that since I quit, I had to stand up there for awhile. He then left to go do something else. I felt silly standing up there so I got down.

      I feel as if I encountered David again, but I can't recall any more than this.


      I was with Cherie' and Jeremiah sleeping in these makeshift spaces outside. It was morning, and I was just waking up in my sleeping bag. It was like we were camping. I had been sleeping in this incomplete wooden structure that Jeremiah had built; it's as if the bottom half of it was done, but it was missing a top half and a roof. The structure also appeared to be partially sunken into the ground; you could see dirt from underground pressing against the incomplete portions of the walls. There was also an orange tent next to it that was mine. I had gotten it late, however, sometime after Jeremiah had built his structure. For some reason, I hadn't slept in it in a few days, but instead, I slept in Jeremiah's structure.

      I spoke with Jeremiah and Cherie' a bit. I told Jeremiah how the structure he built looked sunken into the ground; you could see dirt. I told him he was now at higher risk for snakes and pests invading his space. I then thought about how I hadn't slept in my tent in a few days, and my sleeping bag in the tent probably had spiders and stuff in it.

      At some point, I looked at my sleeping bag and noticed a stripe of light brown/reddish dirt on it. I couldn't think of how it got there.


      David was showing me some beta versions of some video games, Star Fox and some other game. The Star Fox beta was originally called "Bunny Adventure", where you played as a rabbit, probably Peppy Hare, in a Banjo-Kazooie type adventure game. A voice was narrating, as if I was watching an ad for the beta version of the game. It advertised the hero as having metal legs, which, in IWL Star Fox, they all do have metal legs. It said other things as well, but I can't remember what. I wondered if there was a full beta out there somewhere of this game since the game play in the ad showed a very complete looking game.

      Then, David was playing the game and making all these things happen that weren't programmed into the game merely by thinking about them (a nod to lucid dreaming). He made this Satan-like boss appear, and
      all these other dark things were happening too. It felt odd and a bit unnerving to watch him do this.


      I know I dreamed more than this, especially in the Kohl's dream. The last dream about the beta game is very hard to explain; it had more of a feel to it than anything that was unnerving towards the end.

      I haven't really been too focused on LDing these past few days, mostly just from dealing with daily life issues and focusing on work. This has also affected my recall, so it seems. When things calm down again, I'll shift my focus back.
    4. Underwear Lucidity, Daughter Fragment, and Walking Around Topless

      by , 11-15-2012 at 04:28 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was standing in my closet, looking through some clothes, when I came across a pair of black panties hung up. Hmm...odd. I don't have any hanging panties. I decided to test to see if I was dreaming, and thought to myself "I'll find another pair of black panties in here." Lo and behold, the next thing I came to was another hung up pair of black panties that looked slightly different from the ones I first found. I'm dreaming!

      I decided to keep on making panties appear, just to test my abilities. It kept on working, over and over, and each pair was black, but a different style. Some had bras hung with them.

      I then turned and looked in my full-length mirror. I was wearing a white bra. I decided to see if I could make the black underwear appear on my body. I concentrated, but all that happened was my bra turned pink. Close enough for now.

      I walked around doing other things in the house for a bit, but nothing exciting. I was mostly trying to hold my focus on the dream so I wouldn't lose it. At one point, I did somehow go back to the closet, and had to retest the lucidity the same way I did before by making the underwear appear.


      I had a small daughter, probably only about 1 or 2 years old. I protected her from something, though I don't remember what.

      Also, I think in the same dream, I dreamed I was watching this couple, a black man and an Asian woman, who were about to get married, and their friends booked the church for a wedding on the same day at the same time. It was some big to-do, and people got mad, kind of like you would see in a romantic comedy. At the end of the dream, I saw the black man and Asian woman again, but they were sort of disguised. They were at the church trying to do something about the double-booking.


      I was in London, working at a department store with some people that came with me, I remember one for sure being a guy. We had literally just gotten hired on that day. I was wearing a purple polo that reminded me of a purple version of my old Subway shirt with my clothing underneath, which happened to be a plain red shirt I had some years ago IWL. We also had these mini microphones clipped onto our shirts.

      I walked out, and there were these long counters where people would check out, kind of like the one I saw in my dream two nights ago. In fact, I made that connection during the dream last night, thinking I had just dreamed about the counters. There were many women, mostly small Asian women, manning the registers and checking customers out. The environment seemed very bland, everything being shades of white.

      I then was in the back with I think the guy who came with me. We were chatting and laughing, just having a good time. Our microphones kept on cutting in though, and the whole store would hear some of what we said and some of our laughter. I kept trying to stop it, but I was having a lot of fun, so I didn't worry a whole lot, though I knew we'd probably get in trouble.

      Which we did. Some guy, I guess our manager, came by and said
      "No talking!!! You're going to get fired."
      Shit. Well I guess we better shut up then.
      We were then behind the counter again, and everyone was working in silence. The "no talking" rule was very strict. It was just so...boring! And way too strict. I asked someone if we really weren't allowed to talk to each other, and they said yes, so I said
      "Well, I'm out of here then!"
      I walked out from behind the counter, quitting my job and feeling absolutely no remorse over it. I went to take off the purple polo, and ended up taking off both that and my red shirt as well. I also didn't seem to be wearing a bra, so I was completely topless.

      And for some reason, I didn't really care. Whatever!

      I walked back through the door to behind the counter, I guess to get my things or something, and barely covered up my breasts with my arms; you could definitely still see nipples. I was not taking that much care to hide them. I yelled
      "I'm topless!" to warn people that there was a topless woman coming through.
      The guy I was with said something to me about it all, sounding concerned that I had quit and was now walking around topless, and I just shrugged it off I think. I actually felt really good about myself during the quitting and walking around topless.

      I did have a thought that I'd get in trouble for some kind of public indecency thing, but I never did.
    5. My Antisocial Cat Finds a Friend, Cleaning a Gross Aquarium, and a Work Meeting/Possible Promotion

      by , 10-29-2012 at 04:19 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my room, watching my cat, Belle, who is an all-white, fluffy female cat, walk around and be cuddly with an all-black, fluffy male cat. IWL my cat doesn't like other animals...or well, anyone really. But in this dream, I was surprised at how she was acting towards this kitty.

      A cat identical to Belle then came up, and the black cat walked away, and Belle wasn't mean to her doppleganger, but she didn't interact with her at all. I thought maybe it was because they were both female.

      This is the second time recently that I've dreamed of my anti-social cat interacting with another cat in a friendly way. Hmm...


      I was in a huge room that seemed to be some sort of lobby area or something. Sunlight came in through the windows, lighting up the area. In the center of the room was a giant aquarium about the size of a pool table. There was a dark blue beta fish that looked like my brother's IWL beta, and some other fish as well, some small, round silvery fish and some others. There were other people milling about as well; I feel like a lot of them were famous.

      I then put some of the fish in a big, black cup with my pee in it? I don't really know why, but whatever I guess. I watched the fish swim around. How they weren't dead, I'm not sure. I dumped the fish back in the tank with some of the pee. I walked away and did something else for awhile, and then, when I came back, I noticed how cloudy the water in the tank was; it was white and almost opaque. Crap. I need to clean out that tank!

      I then got on one side of the aquarium, and pushed it to get some of the water out. Some of it sloshed out at the end, but a lot of it was blocked by some white mechanism on the edge of the tank. Enough had gotten out though so that I could fill in with more water. I did just that, I think with the large black cup, then freaked out a little because I almost forgot to put the solution in the water to make it breathable for the fish. Out loud, I exclaimed
      "Oh yeah! The solution!"
      I said this to someone in particular, and also to myself.

      I ran to grab the solution, came back, twisted the cap off, turned it over, squirted some in the white cap, and dumped it into the aquarium. I asked my brother, who was there apparently, how much solution he usually used. He said 3-5 capfuls. So I filled it two more times, quickly and a bit messily, and dumped them into the tank. I felt relieved after I did that, though I noticed the tank wasn't squeaky clean, it was a lot cleaner than it was. I still saw some debris floating around. I also noticed that there was this big white tube in the tank, running down the middle. It looked similar to a cat toy I have IWL that's a little fabric tunnel that my cat can run in and out of. It has small white aquarium pebbles in the bottom of it. I was trying to get it straightened out, but it was awkward to do so. I thought I had messed it up a bit when I dumped the water out.

      I then noticed that on the inside of the tank, there was now an air hockey table instead of the bottom the aquarium. The fish were gone too. I started to get mad, because I was afraid the fish would get hurt now. I saw the man who did it, who was a guy in a business suit, and I started to get mad at him, saying I just cleaned the tank and all that mess. He back off, and I pushed or cranked something that started to split the air hockey table down the middle, and back down into the tank, while the fish and all that were starting to be exposed again. I remember seeing lots of grey metal mechanisms inside the tank while this happened.


      I was in the same kind of area as the last dream. Someone, a woman my age, approached me, and told me the manager wanted to see me in the office, and talk to me about some sort of promotion. She mentioned that the manager wanted to hire a manager above them. I thought that was weird, and I wasn't sure how I felt about that idea since I was such a new employee, but I followed the woman to the office, which had a lot of people inside.

      The area was made out of a lighter-colored wood. It was also a pretty small area. On one side, there was us, the employees, sitting on benches carved out of the wall. On the other side is where the management sat, but they sat behind what looked like how you would see a concession stand set up, with them on the other side of a half wall with a wide, glassless window that they looked out of.

      I was sitting and joking with some guy that I think had a mask or costume on. I also think my old friend Cameron was there. I thought about how I hadn't seen him in ages.

      The manager was calling people up one by one to do some survey. She called someone, and then, the guy I was sitting with, but then, no one else got called; after only two people doing the survey, they said we were done. We got up to leave. I wondered when they would talk to me about the promotion.
    6. A Very Large Buffalo

      by , 10-01-2012 at 03:50 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my dad and I think my brother. We were outside doing something (vague statement is vague). It had something to do with all of our "homes". We were all in our separate spaces, but they weren't separated by walls or anything. I feel like we were decorating our spaces or something to that effect. Something about some game weird game I was playing with my dad. My dad seemed really happy.

      I then was walking past a big, vivid, slightly sloped, green field underneath a beautiful, clear blue sky, and I saw this HUGE, vivid, light brown-colored buffalo inside a fenced-in area. He was indeed quite large, even for a buffalo. I exclaimed my finding to the people I was with (it may have not been my dad and brother anymore); I was excited!
      "Look! A buffalo!" I said.
      I watched the buffalo walk down the slope, and some epic music was playing. I thought it was fitting, and then, at the end where the fencing closed off, I saw a guy putting a buffalo head mask on top of his own head, and wearing all black on the rest of his body. He was standing on the other side of the fence. He was trying to rile up the buffalo for some show. It was weird, like they were supposed to fight.

      I then remember talking to this guy later, when the buffalo mask was gone, though he was still wearing all black. He was an old, ex-military guy with many wrinkles and grey hair. He was very particular and strict about things, and kind of crotchety. He was talking to us a bit about the buffalo, and some other things which I can't remember right now.

      When we were talking to him, more people showed up. I then heard
      "Krista, do you remember me??" a voice said, loudly.
      I looked across from me to see who it was, and it was Lindsay, a lady I know IWL, but haven't seen in a long time, who is, in fact, normally quite a loud talker. I looked at her eyes. They seemed small, but pretty, a beautiful light brown color like her daughter's eyes. She was smiling. I acknowledged her.

      Right before I woke up, I dream skipped to talking on the phone to a female doctor about scheduling an appointment.

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    7. A Misplaced Word and Being Inside a Video Game

      by , 09-08-2012 at 04:42 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was reading a poem which was about three other poems, one of my poems being one of them. I was very honored that someone would pick one of my poems to write a poem about. The only thing I saw that was weird was a misplaced word, "yay", being in there.

      I then remember reading it from a different angle, like it was all in 3D. All the letters looked like they were encased in glass. Inside one of them was a reflection of the word "yay" in a light reddish-purple color. I supposed that the author of the poem-about-poems saw that and thought it was part of my poem, when really, it was only a reflection of a word from another poem.

      Then, there were all these shoes on this stage, and something happened depending on how you had them laid out. I kept moving some and knocking some over to see what would happen. There were black high heels, grey high heels, black knee-high boots, and probably more that I can't remember.

      Throughout this dream, my mouth was terribly dried out. I would try to drink water to wet it, but it was like the water wasn't even touching my bone-dry tongue. I couldn't even feel it enter my mouth.

      I woke up with my mouth being extremely dry from breathing through it, my nose being too stuffy to breathe out of. I cleared it out, had some water, and went back to sleep, finally able to breathe through my nose again.


      I was inside of some video game, one that I had beaten before, apparently. Jake was with me.

      We came up to Cinderella, who was somewhere outside, just standing in some grass by the road (which looked like a road close to where I live), and talked to her. She was dressed in her ball gown. She had this mission that she was on, saving people who were less than fortunate; they were tiny and deformed, not even really people, I guess. It was so weird. But anyway, she asked us to get this kitten in the room the tiny people were in, which was actually the bonus room at my house. She called the tiny people "middle class" something or others, I can't quite remember.

      So we got the kitten, a black and white kitten with these small black balls on the tips of its whiskers. It looked like my brother's girlfriend's kitten, save for the whisker balls. Well that room was where my cat, Belle, likes to stay, and she doesn't like other cats. The kitten just wanted to play, but my cat wanted no part in it. I then saw the tiny people come out from behind the couch. They were basically just heads and legs, reminding me of Mr. Saturn from Super Smash Bros.

      Then, Cinderella said something about how one of the tiny people had gone missing.

      Jake and I were then going through this glass tunnel. We went into this room, one that we were supposed to get for either Belle or the black and white kitten, and there was a boss to beat in there, this small, green monster that kind of looked like the Cheshire Cat. It had black stripes on its back. I wasn't ready to activate it yet (we had to talk to it or hit it or something to activate the battle), but Jake went ahead and did it anyway. I said
      "Alright, you can beat him then," and gave him a lightsaber that glowed red when drawn.
      He said something like "This is easy" in response.
      I watched him hit the creature over and over. When he was about to deal the final blow, the boss looked at me with the exact look my cat gives me when she's pissed, with ears back and eyes wide. I shut the door to the room that Jake and the boss were in and walked back down the glass tunnel.

      Then, I was in a kitchen, sitting in a chair at the table, and these two people, a mother and father, were talking to their little girl. Her parents were telling her that her grandparents and I were leaving the next day in the morning. The girl looked very sad. Then, her parents said they would leave after breakfast, and she perked up a little and said
      "Well at least I still get breakfast!"
      I was wondering how in the world I was related to this girl, because apparently I was. I looked at her, and that's when I noticed how much she resembled Honey Boo Boo from the reality show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" (in my defense, a show I've never watched, and never plan to IWL). I was then trying to get out of the chair I was sitting in, but for some reason, one of my legs was kind of stuck between the table and the chair. I kept saying "ow" trying to get it out, even though it didn't hurt. I finally freed it.

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    8. Yoga Pants Fragment (A.K.A. The Recall Dry Spell Continues)

      by , 08-15-2012 at 01:31 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was talking with some other girl. I'm pretty sure we were outside. She reminded me of a girl I know in waking life named Raechel. I said to her
      "I need new stretchy pants," referring to the old, worn out black yoga pants I was wearing. They were a pair that I actually do own in waking life. She looked at me funny and started to walking. I then continued as I trailed behind her
      "You know, like sweatpants!" I noticed she was wearing black yoga/sweatpants too, as well as a dark-colored top.

      Again, I know there was more here. I even woke up in the middle of the night, making a mental note of a dream event, and of course, I forgot it this morning. I know I dreamed this morning too, I can even still feel lingering emotions from the dream, but for the life of me, I can't remember it.
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      non-lucid , dream fragment