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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Another College Fail Dream, and Dallas's Bagels

      by , 10-02-2014 at 02:05 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I had some college courses I had signed up for, 4 or 5, but had only gone to a few classes. I was trying to recall the last time I attended class. I wanted to drop them, but it may have been too late in the semester and I was going to have to fail them. I had someone that I was with look on a computer at my grades for me because I was too embarrassed to. I don't think there were any failing grades, strangely. but I kept thinking about missing tests and how that had to affect it. I then thought about the teachers calling roll every day and my name still being on the roll because I hadn't dropped the class yet.


      Dallas was ordering food. He got a sandwich and a bunch of everything bagels, some in a bag and I think he was carrying one. I was thinking about how that couldn't be healthy for him to eat so many bagels. I wasn't hungry, but I had food too. I went to go into this room that was supposed to have a long table and some chairs in it to eat on, but looking through the window, I saw a bunch of small desks and chairs in two vertical lines. No one was sitting in them. I opened the door and saw there was a teacher in there, a young man. I suppose he was getting ready to test his class or something. We still wanted to sit in there and eat, and he seemed ok with that. He then asked me to hang him a croissant. He pronounced it very French-like. I was looking around for them but didn't see them immediately. I then saw a plastic container with some slightly overdone croissants in it. I handed him one. I then sat down.
    2. College and the Bloody Musical, and Being Taught to Fill a Syringe

      by , 09-10-2014 at 01:55 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in college. It was the first day of the semester. I was in what looked like the break room at work putting things in a locker.

      I was then in a theater in a theater class. Dallas was the teacher. He was showing us footage of a musical that he wanted us to do. It was about this group of people who just went around and shot people. I wanted to be in the chorus, not a main character, and I said so to Dallas/the class. I then thought about Dallas and this was his first time directing a musical. I knew he'd be nervous, especially on opening night.

      We kept watching the footage. It was quite the bloody show. People would get shot, and there would be a lot of blood.

      I then was in the locker/break room again. I was sitting at the table in there. A lady gave me a sheet back with grades on it. I was doing really well! Not all perfect scores, but lots of good scores. I thought about how this time around I was going to all my classes, as opposed to all the other times when I would neglect a class all semester and fail it or have to drop it (this never happened IWL, but has in my dreams many times).

      I was then back in the class, but this time, I was on stage with some other girls. We were the shooters at some sort of outdoor party underneath a pavilion. I remember something about trying to load a silver gun for one of the other girls. I loaded it up alright, but was having trouble turning off the safety and getting it ready to shoot. Someone took it from me and did it themselves.

      I then was in some sort of formation with the girls. It was a T shaped formation, with two in the front and the rest of us behind in a single file. There were maybe 5 of us total. I was second, being only behind the two in the front. It was then like we were very deep underwater, thought the pavilion was still there and everything, and we had to link our arms together in a special way while at the same time plugging our ears because of the water pressure change. It was weird. We were being directed how to do so by some people talking to us, I believe my mom was one of them. I was looking in front of me, and saw that my dad was one of the people in front of me. He had this tube coming out of the back of his head by his ear with a plastic bubble around it. There was pink liquid medicine in the bubble. I somehow got it to go in the tube, because that's how he was taking his medicine, but it came right back out again. Um...not sure what to do about this. He had no idea what was going on with the meds, and for some reason, I didn't tell him. I somehow got him to tilt his head forward, and the meds went back in the tube. Some came out again. Ugh.

      Then, we were getting ready to go up to the surface. We linked arms in the weird way we were supposed to, but I couldn't get my hands up to my ears to plug them. It was too late though, we were racing up to the surface quite fast. I heard my mom's voice call out
      "Protect your ears!"
      I was trying really hard to get my hands to my ears. I got my left one, but my right one was still uncovered. I couldn't get my hand to it. My right ear started to ring and I felt a lot of pressure in it.

      I then woke up before we hit the surface.


      I was being taught how to fill a syringe with medication for shots. A woman was showing me how to do it. We filled this syringe with a medicine that looked like apple juice. She didn't have me tap it for air bubbles, and I thought back to seeing nurses doing that with syringes that had the glass shaped in such a way that it looked like bubbles connected together. I don't know how else to describe it, and I can't find a good picture on the internet to show you what I mean. I asked the woman about that. I don't remember her response, but for some reason, we didn't have to tap the type of syringe we were using for bubbles. I guess only the people with the bubble-shaped syringes had to do that. I assumed something about them also being amateurs.

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    3. Screwing Up in a Repeat Class, and Practicing Writing on Cakes

      by , 08-31-2014 at 02:33 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a college classroom, and we were each assigned a personality type and had to find the description in the book, fill it in on a worksheet, and the read it out loud to the class. I had taken this class before, but I couldn't recall the answer. I flipped through the book looking for it. I finally thought for sure I found it. I read it out loud, but I was then told that I was wrong. Ok...so I flipped around the book some more and found another one.
      "Ok, this is for sure the right one," I said. I really did think it was.
      I then read it and filled in the blank on the sheet. It still didn't sound right. Upon second glance, I noticed that I had read the description for "Pepsi". I got up to go somewhere really fast. I hoped no one noticed my now second error.

      I came back and was assigned, by the teacher, who was a middle-aged female, an extra assignment to help me understand the personality type better. Everyone then left.

      I then was going to another class taught by her. It was the same subject matter, but a higher level; it was a 4000-level class. It was really late at night though; I was looking at the white analog clock on the wall and seeing that it was almost 10pm. I was also the only one in the classroom besides the teacher. I figured that no one had signed up for it but me. I "remembered" when I signed up for it. I also "remembered" taking many classes on this subject in the past, and she was my teacher every time. The subject was something like social work. Since it was just her and I, I told her that I had taken many classes before and I had the notes all somewhere but not with me. I don't remember what we talked about, but we didn't really talk about the subject. I do feel like it was easier for us to talk one-on-one instead of in a crowded classroom. We didn't get to leave until almost 11pm. I figured that this class would probably get cancelled since I was the only one in it. I thought about how this would affect my credit hours; it would put me right at 15, the minimum I had to have to stay a full-time student (it's 12 IWL). I also thought about how I would want another class in the same subject to replace it. I also noticed that it didn't really feel that late; it felt like it was only 7pm or so. I said this to the teacher. She was talking about getting home to her kid and how getting out so late affected that.

      I then was somewhere else, I believe in the teacher's office. She was telling me that the class got cancelled. She was standing up doing something in a small closet at this point, and I was standing very close to her on her left side. I noticed the gray in her hair. She then started to talk about _____ Williams (can't remember the name she used). He was her nephew. I knew right away that she was talking about my old friend Jennifer's husband. I told her
      "I know Jennifer. She was my first friend when I moved here."
      She then asked me
      "Would you like to go to church?"
      Not being a church person but not wanting to be rude, I asked
      "What church do you go to?"
      "I don't go to one," she said.
      This answer caught me off guard.

      Still in the school, I then was watching my husband, who was wearing a light blue shirt and shorts, walk into this passage that slanted upwards. The opening was the interstate. He was going to take the interstate to get somewhere faster. I didn't want to take the interstate, so I walked inside the building to wherever I was going. When I got there, I saw many people walking out of an opening. It reminds me now that I am going back and thinking about it of people getting off an airplane and walking into the terminal. I saw my husband walking out as I was getting there. I guess the interstate really wasn't any faster since we got there at the exact same time.


      I was at work. Shannon wanted me to work on writing on cakes. She gave me a cake and told me to practice writing "Happy Birthday Charles" on it. She gave me some icing. I twisted the bag and let some excess come out of the tip before I started. Little strings of teal icing came out and went onto the floor. I then went to the cake and started writing. For some reason, I was writing "Charles" first at the top, as if I was going to write "Charles, Happy Birthday" instead of "Happy Birthday Charles". The icing was coming out way too big, and I wasn't going to be able to fit Charles on there because I was also writing way too big. I didn't finish his name before I reached the end of the cake. I scraped the icing off and started again.

      I tried over and over to do this, always starting by squeezing some icing out first. The closest I got to succeeding was when I wrote "Happy" too far to the right, but it fit. I had started it too far to the right, but the H was very pretty and it looked really nice. The second word I don't think was "Birthday" but I'm not sure what it was. At any rate, it looked like it was moving, and it had some red, white, and blue star-shaped sprinkles around it. The effect that it looked as if it was moving was really cool, and I knew Shannon could do it, so I was really proud of myself.

      I was then looking at different cake templates. I was writing on an actual cake, but at the same time, it was a book I was flipping through, looking at the different templates for cakes.

      I then was going to write on the wall in icing. I was writing very close to a light switch. I wrote "Call" and then below it, I started to write "5-5-5". As I was writing it, I started to hear a beep every time the icing was coming out of the bag. I knew that this was some kind of icing that you set with heat. It was coming out in a thin, blood-red gel. I got a little nervous, hoping Shannon didn't hear it because it could stain the wall. I then turned the tip to switch the setting of the icing to a different type and color. I continued to write the 5's. The icing was still red, but looked more like a strawberry jelly now, and no more beeps. I was writing big, so I had to write the 5's at an angle because the light switch was in the way.
    4. Getting Kicked Out Of Band, Muscle Men in The Ocean, and Adopting Annabel Lee (the Cat)

      by , 07-19-2014 at 03:14 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a school, a college. I was trying to pick out a class to get me to 18 credit hours to complete my major. I was filling out a paper, but it was like the paper was also a computer. I needed to choose one of these medical classes that I really was interested in taking, and the course numbers were 96, 98, and 99. I saw one, and then it disappeared. I could not find them anymore on the paper; they had already filled up. The only course numbers I was seeing were numbers in the 60's and I remember seeing 89. Those were not courses I wanted to take, however. I was frustrated. I wouldn't be able to take them until they were offered again the next fall.

      I was trying to fill in the credit hours so I could stay a full-time student, so I signed up for a music class with my husband. I sat down in this single arch of chairs in front of the conductor's podium. It wasn't in a classroom; it seemed to be open to the whole building. In fact, the whole building seemed to be set up this way. At any rate, I noticed the band was all reed instruments, which was fine, because I play the bass clarinet. I remember seeing people with saxophones and bassoons. It was also a very small band. I sat down somewhere towards the right on the arch. The band instructor stepped up to the podium. She was a shorter black woman with lighter skin with reddish hair. It was actually difficult to tell if she was black or white. She seemed like a hardass; she never cracked a smile as she addressed the class. I was nervous too; this seemed like a class full of musical experts, and I had not played my bass clarinet in years. She wanted us to get right down to playing, and singled me out, since I seemed to be the only bass clarinet, telling me to play. I told her I could not play that day because I didn't have a reed, but I would get one for the next time. She said
      "Get out of my classroom."
      I guess she really didn't like that I wasn't prepared for class. I got up and left, angry and a little embarrassed. I wasn't going to come back either.

      I talked to my husband later in the dream about the class, about the instructor. I remember also seeing the small reed band practicing as the instructor instructed them.


      I was working at Target, setting up some summer set in one of the departments. I was a new employee there. I think it was the accessories department. I was unloading boxes and putting things on the shelves. I felt like there wasn't much rhyme or reason to it, but they had not given me any. I kind of had the freedom to put them where I saw fit. I can't recall exactly what items I was putting out.

      I then had to go take some empty totes to the back, and had to ask someone where the back was and what to do with the empty plastic totes. I had the empty totes on a cart, and rolled the cart behind me as I followed the person to the back room. It was a large back room; I remember seeing a dumpster, and someone throwing boxes into it. I don't remember what this person told me to do with the totes, but she was pointing out where things were back there.

      I was then back out on the floor in the accessories department. I had to go find something for the display that I didn't have on me. I went walking around, searching for these items. I encountered a room that had flowers floating in tubs of ice water. They were pretty white flowers, and looked healthy. I knew they were in the ice water because it was so hot and the water needed to stay cold for the flowers.

      The dream then shifted as I was searching, an absolutely seamless dream shift. I was walking around, looking for something, a job that I enjoyed. I was transitioning into these random areas, one I remember being a movie theater. I remember then seeing a girl sitting on what appeared to be my parents' bed in the house I grew up in. She was blonde, but her head was shaved. She looked quite androgynous, almost like a girl I knew at my old job IWL, though the girl at my old job had red shaved hair. I got this jealous feeling about her.

      I then encountered Jake. We were then looking around together for something we enjoyed doing. We then walked onto a beach. It was a sunny day. We went out into the ocean, which was so calm that there were no waves at all, and noticed these men swimming in this formation around some kind of float in a deeper part. Their formation was perfect; think synchronized swimming. Looking closer at the men, I noticed that they were all super buff and muscular. We asked what they were doing, and they said they were some kind of coast guard or beach guard, though those weren't the words they used; I can't remember exactly what they said. But Jake joined in with them; he really wanted to be a part of it. They seemed like they were glad to have him, even though he was not buff and muscular; they were very accepting and happy. I noticed the androgynous girl was with him too. I knew they were good friends, maybe even lovers. That is why I got the jealous feeling about her when I saw her.

      I did not want to participate, and started to swim back to shore. I watched them swimming with the men, and noticed that they were not perfectly in sync with them, but it would, of course, take practice to get as good as they were.

      I then started to walk somewhere else. I was on a paved walkway that was shaded by trees. Looking back on it now, it was kind of like in the area that the Renaissance Fair is in every year here. There were many people about.

      I then noticed a very fluffy cat; her fur was a creamy, very light tan color, almost with a pinkish hue to it. She looked scraggly and dirty. I noticed she had clumps in her fur too. Poor baby! She was a stray! A couple of people said something about her, and I said
      "Well if she isn't anyone's, I'm going to take her in!"
      I didn't think twice about it; the kitty needed a home, and I was going to take her. I named her immediately, calling her Annabel Lee after the poem by Edgar Allen Poe. I pet her scraggly fur after that at some point.

      I remember her being in a warehouse-type area with me after that.
    5. Being Kicked Out of My Own House, A Bit of Lucidity, and School Anxieties

      by , 01-15-2013 at 05:48 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going to my house with Caitlin and her boyfriend, Israel. I'm pretty sure my brother was there too. It was nighttime. We had apparently bought a new house, and this one was on the market or something. But Caitlin and Israel wanted to stay there and hang out all night.

      When we walked in, a younger Mexican couple came in shortly after we did, and told us we needed to get out. They had a key, and let themselves in the front door. They were in charge of the house now that no one really owned it. They yelled at us for awhile, and then left.

      Right after they left, I remember looking out one of the windows next to the front door. Caitlin and Israel had parked their cars on the other side of the road to make it look like they were at the neighbor's place instead of ours. I remember a white pickup truck being out there.

      Of course, we didn't leave. Caitlin and Israel gamed in the living room, and I went upstairs to my room to try to sleep. All the furniture was still there, my bed included. I slid my sleeping mask over my eyes, and tried to sleep, hoping that if the Mexican couple came back, they would take pity on us because I was trying so hard to get some rest. I tossed and turned (which is exactly what happened last night IWL).

      Then, two little Mexican girls climbed into bed with me. I was happy to have them there. I figured that now the couple could never kick us out, seeing that there were small children here.

      Morning then started to break, and only one child was there now, curled up under the covers. Though now, she wasn't a child, but a kitten, a white, fluffy kitten resembling my waking life cat, Belle. I remember seeing her fluffy tail poking out and waving. It was kind of like she was still the girl, but in a kitten's body? I dunno, it's hard to describe.

      I then noticed that the little girls were playing a joke on me. They put up these really inappropriate posters on my walls of naked, HUGE women (they sort of resembled Jabba the Hutt they were so huge). One had speech bubbles coming from the mouths of the women. It was supposed to be funny, though I don't remember what it said. I was really concerned that the Mexican couple would come and see. I told the girls to take them down. They ripped the one with the speech bubbles off the wall, tearing it down the middle, leaving the side scraps taped to the wall. Underneath it was a fat, cartoon vagina.

      I then had a thought to myself "This is a dream". Wait. This is a dream! I floated up from my bed, and saw some posters above my bed. I decided to phase through the wall to see where it would take me, though I didn't really think about the destination; I was a bit hasty with that decision. I just ended up back in my room after easily phasing through the wall.

      Well, I thought to myself, I better think this through. I then really noticed one of the posters above my bed. One was of a bald, younger black man with lighter-colored skin trapped inside a crystal (it looked like the crystals you can break in Super Mario Galaxy, which I have been playing a LOT of lately). I decided to try to phase through to see what kind of world he was in. First, though, I tried to interact with him. I put my hand up to the crystal, and he did the same, and smiled at me. I started to phase through, and I went somewhere VERY briefly, though I can't remember any details because I either woke up or went into another, non-lucid dream.


      I was in a math class with a woman teaching. We were finding number patterns. For every one that we found, the teacher would give us a $50 check. I remember we were asked to find a sequence, and I was writing it down in pencil, and I raised my hand to give the complete sequence, which happened to be the numbers 1-16, in order. I was writing the sequence down on a white envelope that had been torn open. I can clearly remember writing the numbers down, correctly and in order, despite dreams liking to mix things like these up. I received a check for $50.


      I was now in a doctor's office or hospital, though it did not resemble one. I'm not sure why I was there. There was a man there too, who was getting worked on before me. A nurse then came in and examined my foot. She took a silver tool that resembled pliers/some sort of clamp, clamped it on my big toe, and squeezed down, cracking my toenail, which had old, lighter-colored blue nail polish on it. It took me a second to realize exactly what she was doing, because she offered no explanation beforehand; she just did it.

      "Are you removing my toenail??" I asked, taken aback.
      "Yes," she replied.
      "Why? It's going to hurt isn't it?"
      She replied, saying that removing the nail would make something easier, though I can't remember what.
      I then said back, very upset,
      "I don't want you to do that. Fix it! Fix it!!! There's no reason for this!"

      But it was too late; the nail was cracked in three places. I removed my foot from her grasp and refused to let her remove the nail.

      I then went on to a psychology class I was apparently taking. A friend was there with me, though I can't remember whom, or if it was someone I even really know IWL. The teacher was female, and she started to lecture, giving us the definition of psychology. I figured i should take notes. I scrambled through my things, looking for a sheet of paper. I realized I was so not prepared for this class. All the paper I had didn't have lines, and there were very few sheets anyway. I started to write, in orange highlighter, on the inside spine of a black and grey fabric trapper keeper. I write in huge letters, and spelled psychology "Psychollogy". I was desperately trying to keep up with her as she lectured.

      The class ended shortly after, since it was only the very first day of classes. I couldn't remember if I had another class after that or not (in the dream, it was Thursday, the day school starts back up again IWL). I was going through my things again, looking for my schedule. But I just couldn't find it. I racked my brain trying to figure it out, and thought that maybe I had chemistry afterwards. I then remembered a dream memory like it was real life; I had dreamed that I had another chem class, and I skipped most of the classes (I did actually dream this once; in my dreams, I remember many dream memories as if they really happened). I thought that I had tried to take chemistry 3 different times.

      I then was looking through a book I had, and I found many $50 bills tucked away inside its pages. I also found a fake-looking $20 bill that had a blank back side to it. I remembered the math class. I suppose I had forgotten about the money. I figured I should put it in the bank.


      I was in my room, laying in bed. It was morning, and I could hear my brother talking to my mom. My brother was supposed to be out of town with his girlfriend, so I figured something must had happened with them.

      I was then at my brother and I's friend Charles's house. I walked in the kitchen where Charles was, which looked different than his waking life kitchen, mostly because it looked like it was on the opposite end of the house, and my brother was there too, along with another person, I think it was supposed to be Charles's little brother (he doesn't have one IWL). Blake (my brother) was talking to Charles about what happened with his girlfriend, but when he saw me, he stopped talking. I asked them what was going on, and my brother just held up his hand to me like he wasn't going to tell me. I guessed they needed some guy time, and I was intruding.

      Charles's little brother then chimed in and said something about Blake's girlfriend situation, and either Charles or Blake told him to be quiet, or shushed him.


      IWL I'm about to start going back to school to work on another degree, and I guess I'm a little anxious about it since I haven't been in school for over a year now. I'm sure it will be fine, but I'm taking some difficult classes, I have two labs, and I'm also working part-time. Glad I got a bit of lucidity, though I'm surprised I did since my sleep has been hella fragmented lately. Hoping for some better, more restful sleep tonight.

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    6. Weird High School Reunion, and Quitting an Unjust College

      by , 09-30-2012 at 04:48 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was watching something that looked like Pokemon with Jake on the TV in the living room of my house. It was nighttime, and I was gonna try to sleep, so I paused the show. Then, Jake unpaused it. We kept going back and forth like that, until I got irritated and told Jake I was trying to sleep, and that's why I was pausing it.


      I was watching some movie, or was involved in some movie-like situation, where the woman who plays Dr. Cameron on House was a photographer, though she looked like the character she played briefly on How I Met Your Mother, Zooey. Yes, that's right, I was in the band again at my old high school. My old band teacher wanted some photos of apartments made. Apparently, this got done every year. My band teacher really liked her photography for some reason. She was supposed to be taking pictures of apartments for him. He started to look at them, and they were obscure pictures. Like weird pictures of inside the apartments. I remember one being of right outside the apartment, the stairs leading up to it and the sign above the door which read "APARTMENT".

      Well, the band teacher didn't like that. He was looking for pictures of the apartments from a bird's eye view, not this weird abstract stuff. He fired her, and then, someone told her she was going to die at 25. She didn't believe it, since she was 24, but apparently, she did end up dying.

      Leonardo DiCaprio was in there somewhere too, but I'm not sure where he came into play.

      I was going to some high school reunion thing (IWL a couple of weeks ago I went to a brief choir reunion to sing the National Anthem at my old high school's 10 year anniversary, where they named the football stadium). I remember Kayla being there. I put my purse in a locker in the girl's locker room, which, in the dream, was underneath the stadium. Many other people were there as well. The lockers were very tiny, and I didn't have a lock, so I just put my things in a locker in the middle of the wall of tiny lockers and hoped for the best.

      I also saw a girl I knew of in high school and actually met and had classes with in college, Megan H. In IWL, she's very conservative and Christian. In the dream, she was a photographer, and only put on the front of being very conservative and religious, though I seemed to be one of the only ones who could see that. She had apparently gotten in big trouble with the law at some point, like gotten arrested, but I'm not sure why. She still acted like her bubbly, Christian self in the dream, though it seemed almost strained. She came up to me with a smile and started talking to me. She was holding a camera.

      Megan, Kayla, and I all went up into the stadium, which was HUGE and very packed with people who had gone to the high school in the past 10 years. It was nighttime outside. As we were walking, I heard the brass players that were on the field play this one chord, and I got annoyed, because they were going to start playing some silly song that they always played in high school (the brass sections were such goof-offs in high school IWL -_-). They were a few of the brass players that went to high school with me. I remember specifically a trumpet player named Micheal being down there. They were wearing their high school band uniforms.

      We sat down on the far right edge towards the top of the stadium. Megan sat behind me, and I think Kayla as well. Megan started to talk and talk and talk to us. I turned around to listen. She started talking about weaves, and some black guy with, and I quote, "plastic in his hair". A big black girl with a weave and a white V-neck shirt that was sitting next to Megan (who btw is very white haha) turned to her and said "Mmmhmm!" as if she was agreeing. I then turned back around, and everyone around us was quiet and turned around staring at us, as if they were waiting for us to shut up so they could do the National Anthem or something. I felt a little embarrassed at first, but Megan kept obliviously talking, and I just ignored the stares since I had barely said a word; it was all Megan. I then thought about a waking life memory, how the choir alumni had been down there a couple weeks prior doing the National Anthem instead of the band alumni.

      Then, I wanted to check my phone for the time or something, but it was dead. I would hold down the button, but it wouldn't turn on. I had had a feeling it was going to die, since when I had gotten there the battery was so low. I got up to leave during this part for some reason, when everyone was waiting quietly for the National Anthem. I was the only one getting up to leave. I started to go down a stairway that lead to underneath the stadium, but the dance team was under there doing some slow, almost interpretive dance, and then behind them, I saw pom-poms and only a little bit of the cheerleaders. I went down another way.

      I was then back at the lockers, and lots of people were there again. Part of the wall and lockers had been removed, and you could see to the other side of the wall, which was the guy's locker room, I believe. It reminds me now of Minecraft; it looked as if "blocks" had been removed from the wall. I asked someone who did this, and I think they said some Freshman girl did it or something. At any rate, my locker was still there. As I opened it to grab my purse, I hoped no one had stolen anything. I felt the bottom of my purse to see if I could feel everything that was in there. I was especially checking for my wallet. At first, I didn't feel it, but then I did. Thank goodness!

      I checked my phone again, and it was still dead. It came on very briefly, and then died again.

      I was then riding home with Megan's family. Megan's dad was driving. We got into my neighborhood, and he dropped me off at where my street starts so I had to walk a couple houses down to get to my place. I got out, and was holding this blue notebook. Papers and folders were crammed into it and falling out. I was trying to get it all together, when I said to Megan's dad
      "I've been unemployed for 9 months," and I said other things as well, but I can't remember what. We had been talking about how I'd been, I guess.
      He responded with
      "Good morning, Superman." He smiled when he said this.

      I then woke up.


      I was at my college again, but it was like it was mixed with Minecraft. I remember going through some caves, seeing obsidian and torches and some wooden doors. I saw lots of zombies too, and they would change appearance randomly with the light levels. I killed them.

      Then, I was heading out of the cave and onto the campus. A tall, handsome, kind-looking Arab man then approached me. He didn't speak English very well. He offered me a single pink rose, and asked me to walk him to class. He told me his name, but it was something really complicated, so I can't remember it, and couldn't throughout the dream. Anyway, I took his hand, and I walked him to his class. We were walking over blocky, stone Minecraft terrain that was imposed on the campus. It was daytime outside. We talked while we went to his class.

      This happened again too, where he found me standing at another cave entrance, and asked me to walk him to his class. He gave me another single pink rose, and we walked around campus to his class. He was so kind, a very sweet person whom I really enjoyed being around. This time, before we parted, I gave him a big hug. It was so warm and loving, a beautiful embrace. We lingered for a while, just hugging.

      For a little bit, I thought about how JP had been represented in some of my dreams as an Indian or Middle-Eastern man. I then thought that this man was nothing like JP or the character that represented him, and carried on, walking by myself now that the Arab man was gone to class.

      Then, he stopped showing up. I was really upset, because I knew it was because the dean of the school, who looked like my old high school principal, Mr. Nolan, didn't like him because he was Arab, which automatically made him "suspicious", as if he were a terrorist or something. I was absolutely furious. The area I was in at this point was cave-like, and had another, older looking Arab guy around, and some other people as well. I think I asked him where the other guy went. When I asked, I simply referred to him as Ahmed, because I couldn't remember his complicated name. I don't remember what he said, though I already knew what happened. I was going to take action; this was absolutely disgusting and ridiculous.

      I went into the dean's office. Apparently, Mr. Nolan wasn't there that day, and the guy standing in for him looked kind of like an old assistant principal, Mr. Lichens, except for he had a bowl cut and was much skinnier than the real Mr. Lichens. He had the same color hair, red, and glasses though, as the IWL Lichens does. He looked up as I entered. I immediately started to go off. I began by throwing a small object, and yelling, filled with rage, (this isn't word-for-word, but it's as close as I can remember it)
      "I quit this school! You bastards, Ahmed is not a terrorist! He is a nice person who just wants to learn! You're just afraid! Not every Arab is like Osama bin Laden!"
      I'm sure I said some other things too. Lichens lookalike started to look angry the second I started to yell. I stormed out, and he immediately got on the phone with Mr. Nolan, telling him that I just quit the school, which I could hear through the door I had come through. God damn, I was angry. I was so very, very angry. It was so unfair that they did this! I turned around and yelled at the door, hoping he could hear me through it as I could hear him. I think I called them bastards again.

      I was then standing with some people, one I remember being a girl named Melissa that worked at the job I recently quit. She was standing with another girl, apparently her partner. They were so in love, it was so sweet. I hugged Melissa, and she was whispering to me about how happy and in love she was with this other girl. I was very happy for them.

      I was then getting some things out of a cubby in the band room from high school. My tennis shoes were in there. I thought about all the high school band kids there.

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    7. A Machete to The Thumb, And Various Odd Happenings In My Room

      by , 08-27-2012 at 04:08 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was somewhere with my mom. We were inside, and I remember the colors being bright tones of purple, blue, and there was some darker red in there. She was showing me how to cut things with a machete. I don't like knives or things like that, it's kind of an irrational fear I posses in waking life, and apparently in my dreams too. I wasn't really too scared though, more just worried that she would slip up and hurt me. I kept thinking that a machete blade was so sharp, it would slice at the slightest contact.

      My mom was showing me some way to cut where you threw it in the air and it would come back down. When she did that, it grazed my left thumb. It didn't hurt, and I looked at my thumb and didn't notice anything immediately weird, but then I saw a slight line that went all around the pad of my thumb. I told my mom I needed to go to the hospital right away. I touched the cut part of my thumb, and it was barely attached. It then started to ooze some blood out the sides of the cut. Then I noticed the pain. I held the piece of my thumb to the rest of it, worried it would fall off and I wouldn't be able to save it. I knew there was a time limit on reattaching digits and limbs, and I wasn't about to let that piece of my thumb go.

      We were then at the hospital, which had the same color scheme as wherever we were before, and we went up to the counter. I was holding my thumb, and telling the ER nurse that we needed to get in quick. I hoped she thought it was enough of an emergency to send us back right away.

      Thankfully, she did. We were sent back, and my mom told me that they would put this clear gel stuff around the cut that would "dissolve part of the nerve". I thought they were going to kill my thumb, but I think it was designed to seal the wound quickly, kinda like a heavy-duty liquid band-aid.

      I sat down, and a man with messy brown hair that was a bit shorter than mine and a mustache sat across from me and started to doctor my thumb. I couldn't watch as he lined the cut with the gel. My mom was sitting to my right getting the same thing done by a woman doctor I think. She didn't have a cut though, so I wasn't sure why she was doing it. Oh well.

      When the doctors were done, we got up. My mom showed me the veins in her wrist, and how the medicine was causing some of them to look a white-ish clear color. I then put my wrist out and noticed the same thing. Apparently, that was a normal reaction to the medicine.

      I looked at my thumb, and it looked like it was healing well enough. No blood, and I could barely see the cut anymore. Then, I saw my cat underneath a kitchen table and some chairs, and she was messing with something that apparently was supposed to be my thumb, but looked nothing like it. It was this small white thing, maybe it was the cat's paw or something. At any rate, part of it came off, and some string thing extended from it, like that's what was holding it together. I then saw that the pad of my thumb has fallen off, leaving an indention where it had been before. Well crap, that sucks. I accepted it, however, since there really wasn't anything else I could do about it. I examined the thumb, and it looked like someone had just scooped a bit from the middle. It still had the lines and creases of a fingerprint. I felt alright about it, I knew it was something I just had to get used to.


      I was in my room, and my mom came in and started to look through my stuff since the people painting our house had to do something in my room (IWL we are having the house painted). I went into my closet and watched her do it, hoping she wouldn't get into my top dresser drawer where my pipe was. She then headed over there and asked something about the dresser. My POV then switched to me being behind the dresser. She started to open the drawer, and I ran out and shut it, saying
      "You don't want to look in there. Please don't look in there."
      She didn't argue or anything, she just opened another drawer instead.

      Then, I remember walking out of Peck Hall, a building at my old college, and I was with some other people, my friend JT being one of them. He had his arm around me. In front of me, I saw the back of a girl in a cute black sun dress with grayish flowers on it. She was wearing a headband in her straight blonde hair. It looked just like my good friend Kacey, whom in waking life moved away to another town last year. I asked JT if it was Kacey, and he said no. I knew it couldn't have been anyway. We kept walking.


      I remember a brief fragment about Gabriel texting me saying he was busy or something.


      I was in my room again, looking at some painting that The Sandman apparently did, of an Indian girl getting fucked by a white dude on my bed by the closet...I could hear him explaining it to me. It wasn't his original plan to paint that, he had just started to paint a hand on the closet door, and he was inspired to paint two people fucking. Lolwut.

      Then, there was some weird black contraption in my room. It was a dolly that the painters were using to carry packages or heavy loads, but at first I thought it was a weird sex toy. I touched something that protruded from the center, which I assumed was used for, well, sexual purposes. Hmm...interesting. I then saw the wheels and realized what it really was.

      I then saw this guy laying on the floor next to this girl I had some classes with in waking life named Natalie. At least I think it was her. Anyway, she was giving this guy shot after shot in the leg, right where it bends, a little below the side of the knee. They were supposed to be steroid shots or something. Natalie was giving the shots like a professional nurse would. They were talking as she gave him the shots. I said something about my mom getting steroid shots in her shoulders for her pain. He would occasionally say it hurt, but they would keep talking.

      She finally finished giving him shots. I have no idea how many he gave her; it was quite a few. I saw the part of his leg that was getting the shots was slightly swollen in the spots the needles had gone in.

      I finally got to sleep last night after struggling for hours to do so. I take ambien to sleep now, and I guess I've built up a tolerance, or this batch just sucks. Either way, it's not helping me sleep right now. I had to take an allergy pill to even have any hope I would fall asleep, which I obviously finally did after sitting up half the night watching documentaries on Netflix. Hoping that a visit to the doctor will straighten out the sleeping meds problem. I do eventually need to get off the Ambien, and I will once my life slows down a bit.

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