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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Telekinesis and Minecraft With a Sleepless Jake, and Being Pulled Over by Cops...in Minecraft

      by , 10-03-2012 at 04:17 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was inside of some weird Minecraft world. It was underground/nighttime. Jake was there with me. Well, he was sort of there with me. He was not doing so well; he was struggling with bad insomnia due to I think withdrawals. Some other people were around as well.

      I was walking around in this dimly-lit underground cave, when I saw a group of monsters coming from a dark space around the corner. A disembodied voice called them "Ents". They looked kind of like goblins, and not blocky like Minecraft mobs are. I avoided them as best as I could, not wanting an encounter.

      I was then in a dark room with Jake, who was tossing and turning in a bed. I heard my mom say to him that she struggled with tinnitus too. Weird. I thought to myself that maybe tinnitus was a withdrawal symptom.

      Throughout the dream, I was able to move and change things with my mind (a theme that recurred throughout this dream). For example: I could fill in spaces in the cave wall that exposed the outside with my mind. I could also teleport as well, just by thinking about it. I can't remember exactly when all of these events occurred, but they happened quite a few times.


      I was, again, in a Minecraft world, though this time, it had more real world elements in it. It was also, again, nighttime.

      I was at a house with Jake and some other people. I believe there was a little party going on. He wanted to go home and go to bed; he didn't seem to be having a good time.

      I was then riding in the back right side of a minivan. I'm not sure who was driving, but we picked up Jake, and a little later, a girl I know named Brittany. We picked them up from the road; I suppose they were trying to walk home. I guess we must have been in some sort of cab. I wanted Jake to come back to my place to stay, not with me in the same bed, but in a different bed, just so he was there with me, and not all alone.

      We were then pulled over by police as we were nearing my place. There were 2-3 cops there. One came to the driver's side window, shining a flashlight inside, and asking if we had any drugs in there. Everyone said no. They decided to pat us down anyway, just in case. A female cop patted me down as I was still sitting in the car. Another cop asked how it was going, and she said
      "Good, except for the left side of her chest," or something to that effect.
      I said back, stating a fact,
      "No, it's just the left side of my chest is..."
      The female cop interrupted with
      "A broken rib? Missing a rib?"
      "No," I replied, "my ribs kind of fold in on each other right there, so they stick out a little." This is a fact that's true IWL.
      She seemed good with this answer. I felt my ribs, thinking about one being missing, as the cop had thought.

      I then noticed, right before we left the scene, that Jake and Brittany had left. Apparently, we were around the vicinity of at least Jake's house, and he wanted to go home. I saw him walking through his front door. Sigh. Oh well, can't do much about it now.

      I was then at my old apartment for some reason. I was getting something from there that I had left when I moved, I suppose. I hoped my crazy old roommate didn't come home and see me.

      I was then in a Minecrafty house. There was a bed in there that I could sleep in, but I decided to make another, and try to place it way out of the reach of any mobs. I somehow accidentally placed it inside some light blue blocks on the ceiling. I could see its outline inside the blocks. Whoa O_O. I then "right-clicked" it (it was like I was there, inside the game, and right-clicking at the same time) to try to sleep in it, but it wouldn't let me. I looked out the window and saw blue sky, indicating that it was still daytime. I had to wait until nighttime to sleep in the bed.

      I then walked out of the room, and back into it. The bed was then on the floor, sitting at an angle. Well, I guess it glitched out inside the blocks on the ceiling, and moved onto the floor. I broke it down with my hand, and tried to place it back in the ceiling blocks. I couldn't get it to go there at first, but I think I finally succeeded. I was thinking about sleeping in it, going to bed early and how that would help me get some extra sleep. It would be safe, and away from any mobs that may spawn in my vicinity. It was still daytime, however, though evening was nearing.
    2. Odd Fragments

      by , 09-02-2012 at 04:16 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my mom and brother outside a weird, cartoony house somewhere, though I'm not sure where. For some reason, I was really mad at both of them. It had something to do with the job I had in the dream, though I can't remember what the job was. I was crying and screaming at them irrationally with my mouth full of beans and mashed potatoes. I remember spewing some little crumbs out as I did so.


      Something about watching these sex acts between guys and girls and also girls and girls. It was like it was happening to someone else as I watched, but it was indirectly happening to me? Like someone else and I were "getting away" with it. I remember we getting in my car in the parking lot at this outdoor mall we have, and getting stopped by cops. They talked to us through my open windows as we sat in the parking lot. We somehow were doing something illegal, though I'm not sure what. We talked our way out of it, and apparently had many times before, but I knew they were probably on to us.


      I was with Jake (maybe?) at my house. We were collecting items...some of the sex dream from before somehow had something to do with this dream. Collecting the items had something to do with the sex acts. I remember running and jumping to get this brown paper three-pointed hat from atop a very tall shelf. Apparently, no one else could get this.
      "Did you get it?" Jake asked.
      I uncurled my fingers, and the hat was all crumbled in my hand, but would be just fine if I uncrumpled it. It wasn't ruined or anything.
      "Yup!" I responded.

      Not a very restful night of sleep last night, sadly. -_-
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    3. An Odd Assignment, An Old-School Game, and a Crazy Elevator Ride

      by , 08-29-2012 at 03:22 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at what looked exactly like Jake's apartment with a bunch of other people, including my friend Rachel, and one of my old teachers from college, Mr. H. Apparently, it was some sort of class.

      Mr. H told us all to go around the apartment and memorize as many items that were there as we could "in order", whatever that meant. We all then started, and I stuck by Rachel. We named off all these items as we all scattered across the apartment. I remember seeing a lot of vegetables in the kitchen area. The one I specifically remember is cucumbers for some reason. I named off other items in my head, talking to Rachel about them. Everyone seemed excited.

      We only had a short amount of time to do this. Mr. H soon called us back, and we all sat on the couch in the living room (even the couch was the exact same as in Jake's apartment). He gave us worksheets, and we had to name off the items we remembered "in order", and answer some other questions about them. I had been trying to remember all the items I encountered, beginning with the first one, but I started to get confused, and just wrote down each of the individual vegetables and some other random things. That question was actually closer to the bottom of the worksheet.

      I noticed that others were having little to no trouble remembering the items; one girl even had over 500 items listed, I think the exact number was 534. Many were already turning in their assignments, which Mr. H was grading right away, and they were getting good grades. I know at least one person got a 100.

      I think I was the last to finish the assignment. I felt like I wasn't going to do very well. I turned it in to Mr. H, who was sitting on a kitchen chair in the living room, close to the door. I sat down in another kitchen chair close to him and waited. He gave my paper back shortly, and it said 54 on the top. Great. I got a 54. And everyone else is musing about their awesome 100s and such. Ugh, I feel like a complete idiot.

      But then, Mr. H pointed something out to me. There was some weird, small white sign between us with a red number on it. There was the number 119 written over the 54. I guess I got a 119. Um...yeah, I can live with that, that's awesome as fuck, but wtf?


      I was sitting outside my front door on the red brick stairs that lead up to it. It was sunny and nice outside; a great day. I want to say it was morning, actually. A small calico cat came up to me, and I started to pet her. She was so sweet! I was talking to her, saying she was adorable and such, and then I looked to my right, and there was a cop just sitting there, in his uniform, drinking a mug of coffee (I'm pretty sure it was coffee). He looked fairly young and had short dark brown hair and a mustache. Internally, I freaked out at first, then realized I had absolutely nothing to hide, nothing to freak out about. He looked at me. He looked content and relaxed with a happy look about his face, though not overly so. He said something about the cat's owner, whom I think was actually him.

      Then, I was playing this PC game that I used to play when I was a kid.
      I'm going to break from the dream for a second to explain the actual game. It was one of the first online games I ever played. It had come with this other game I had, some game from the "Jump-Start" series of PC games. I want to say the game was called Knowledge Land. You "walk" (slide) around a coarse 3-D world with other players with an avatar, the most common avatar being a mouse. You earned other avatars, such as tigers and even humans, by collecting different types of cards, some of which you earned by going into this cave thing and answering questions that this computer asked you, and some of which you could just pick up off the ground.

      Anyway, I was playing that for some reason, and I felt like I was a little old for it, and the game was waaay outdated, so I would more than likely be the only person playing it. But I was wrong, there were others playing. I was friends on there with some guy with a Japanese-type robot avatar. The game in the dream had the same idea as the real Knowledge Land, but it was very different graphic-wise; there was a more extensive 3-D world, and you could move about it more freely. I was helping the robot guy with something, though I can't remember what.

      Then, I was in an elevator with Andy, I think Jase, and some other guys. They were holding up these Star Wars t-shirts to their bodies, showing them off since they had just bought them. They were excited about them. I commented on Andy's, saying it was really cool.

      Then, the elevator started to move down very quickly, and I started to freak out a little because I was floating up towards the ceiling from the speed we were traveling. Everyone else seemed to be grounded but me. They were holding onto some railing I think. I was commenting on it to them. I then thought about curling into a fetal position as I usually do in these dreams with the elevator (a fairly common theme for me), but I started trying to get a handle on the handrail so I could stay put, even though I actually started to really enjoy the floating.

      The elevator then started moving in other directions, like forward and down hills and stuff.
      "Wooo!" I said, "It's like a roller coaster!"
      I was having fun. I could even see out these windows that were now in the elevator. We were being carried on this rail that was above us. There was water around I believe, and we were traveling through a building. I remember seeing lots of metal bars.

      We finally stopped and got off the elevator. I think we were in some sort of parking garage.


      I had another dream this morning, but I can't remember it right now.

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