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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Brief Lucidity with Nicholas Cage, Dangerous Bakery Maze, and The Angry Jamaican

      by , 09-19-2014 at 02:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in some video game when I became lucid. The lucidity lasted for a bit, but all I can remember from it was asking a Nicholas Cage,
      "Tell me who you really are!"
      He looked at me with a straight face, and responded with something like
      "You don't want to know."
      We talked some more, but I started to feel like I was talking out loud in my sleep.

      I then woke up in another dream, laying on a pull-out couch. I asked whoever else was there, I think it was my brother, if I had been talking in my sleep. He said he didn't hear anything.


      I was at work in the bakery, but, as usual, it looked nothing like the bakery does IWL. We were by a checkout counter. Someone asked me if I would mix the dough. I told them no, I wouldn't, it was too scary. The reason I said that it was scary was because when someone went to mix the dough, they had to go to a different part of the store. They had to travel through dark, creepy, cave/maze-like areas with enemies that would shoot you. You had to be armed and shoot them before they killed you. It was kind of like Doom/Goldeneye 64. The area where you mixed was also threatened by enemies. I told them that last time I did it, I was sitting down, trying not to fall asleep with my shotgun because enemies kept coming. I "remembered" this happening. I didn't want to go through that again. I preferred the safety of the bakery. There was a guy there who had been doing it every day. He held his own pretty well and was much more of an expert on it than me.

      My manager then tried to toss me some frozen dough to take to the mixer. I don't remember what I did or said.

      I then was really close to an enemy, an archer who slightly resembled King Graham from the Kings Quest games. His back was turned to me. I was trying to sneak up on him and throw him in the lava. I was being quiet, until I made a small noise. He heard it and turned around. We fought a little, but I don't remember much about it.

      I then was going through the dark area for some reason. I had the guy in front of me who went all the time. I was shooting at enemies with a laser. I then started to get shot at, and my laser stopped working, so I turned around and ran the other way to get out of the enemy's sight. I looked down at my laser, and it was a Wiimote. When I'd fire it with the A button, the light on the Wiimote would turn red, signaling to me that I was too far away from a Wii for it to work. As I was turning a corner, a bullet grazed me, and it really hurt! That too was part of the reason I didn't like doing the dough; it hurt when you got hit, though if you died, you'd respawn.

      I then saw this open part of the maze to the dough. It was very dark there. There were people there with different colored lights all down the middle of the room to direct us where to go. They also had to defend themselves from the enemies. I saw a top view of this room, and then I was at the beginning of the room. I didn't go to far into the room. I also saw, at some point, a view of a room from some stairs.

      I then was at the checkout again. Someone came and asked if they had different dough runners, and they said yes. I then saw a shelf with bowls of dough on it for each day of the week, each with a different name on it. I really hoped my name wasn't up there. I looked, and didn't see it. I was, for some reason, a little disappointed, even though I didn't really want to do it.


      I was at what was supposed to be my house, but it looked nothing like it. I kept thinking about the weed I had from a while ago that was in the top drawer of this white three drawer organizer I have. I kept thinking about when I was going to smoke it. I was then in my room, which looked like the room of my first apartment. I opened the drawer, and the bag was in there with some weed in it. I "remembered" when I bought it. I had recently smoked, maybe a few weeks prior, so my sobriety was already blown. I didn't want to smoke it inside though because it would smell like weed, and my roommates might not appreciate it. I then thought about how this woman who was living there, an older woman, liked weed, and wondered if I should ask her to smoke with me. She was there currently, the only other one home but me. I didn't ask her.

      I then briefly woke up, still half in the dream world, thinking that I didn't really have any leftover weed. As I eased back into the dream world, I thought that of course I did. I went and checked again, and there it was.

      Then, there was this tall, young black man in our kitchen. He had a Jamaican accent. He was yelling at us about something that we did wrong. It had something to do with work. He was mostly getting mad at two of my roommates who weren't there currently. He was yelling more and more, when finally, I had had enough and chimed in.
      "Shut up! Shut the fuck up!"
      I continued to yell at him, saying other things, throwing around a lot of profanities. He kept yelling also. There was one point where I was standing on a chair in front of him. I grabbed his face in my hands, which somehow corresponded to a TV screen, like this was being recorded or something, and told him that the roommates (who were an FFX character, Lulu, and someone I knew it college) were my friends, and he needed to leave them alone. The chair almost fell backwards at one point. I figured I'd probably get in trouble for this, but I didn't care; this guy was insulting people I loved. I also kept thinking that now since I was so mad I was definitely gonna smoke that weed that day.

      The guy turned around and left, and I was now in the kitchen with Adam, the guy from college who was apparently my roommate, and one of the people the Jamaican man was yelling about. He was doing something by the stove. He was wearing a glittery brown plaid hat. I told him what happened. I then told him I loved his hat.
      "It's so..." I started to say, when he interrupted and said
      "Gay?" (IWL he is gay)
      "You just wear it well!" I said.
      "Thank you," he said.


      It's interesting how after not smoking for almost two years I am still having these dreams about smoking. I guess it was such a huge influence in my life for so long, and well, it's an addiction that I've been battling for 5 years now. I guess the dreams just come with the territory.
    2. Dark Bedroom Fragment, Buying a Car, and Poisonous Cat-Spiders

      by , 08-26-2014 at 02:43 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      The only thing I remember about this one is that I was in a dark bedroom at night, and I wanted to leave to go to a different apartment. Something about Cherie' and Jeremiah being there as well, or they were on their way. I thought about Cherie', Dallas, Jeremiah and I all sharing the same bed. Something about me trying to get Dallas to leave with me. He was in the living room.


      I was going to a dealership to purchase a car. I thought about how my husband had just done the same. I got out of my car and went inside. The showroom had a few cars on display in it. I saw the one that I was going to purchase. It was the exact car that Dallas got, but instead of a dark metallic grey/silver, it was slightly darker in hue. There were many salesmen in there. Mine finally found me. He was an older man with greying hair and a grey beard. He greeted me and we went into his office. I sat down at his desk across from him. He had the results of my credit check. He said they were bad. He handed me the paper, and on the right side there were some numbers, the last one being the amount I had to pay each month. I only had to make payments of $37 and some odd cents every month. Wow! My credit must not be that bad. I told the dealer that my husband had to make payments over $300 every month. My credit must not be that bad for such a seemingly low APR. I thought that maybe it was because Dallas had an accident that was his fault, and it upped his APR.

      I then realized I needed to transfer all my things into the new car and someone would have to drive the old one home. I got out my cellphone to call Dallas, but I then realized that I didn't have anyone's number anymore. I guess I got a new phone with the car. I went to my new car in the parking lot. It was dusk. I sat down in the driver's seat. I saw how the dash looked exactly the same as Dallas's car. I knew it would drive the same as well. I thought about this, thinking maybe I should have gotten something different to mix it up a bit.

      I was then at the house I grew up in, sitting on the couch in the living room. Courtney S. was sitting next to me. She had what looked like this HUGE spider. I freaked out; I hate spiders, but she told me it was some kind of cat spider? I then looked at it again, and it looked like a Siamese cat/tarantula hybrid. I started to pet it somewhat cautiously, but she seemed to like it. I asked Courtney S. if it was poisonous, and she said yes. I was careful to pet it the right way so it would be happy and not bite my hand. It went to the other side of the couch, hidden from view, and then came back and just looked like a white piece of paper with fold lines on it. It then moved, and was the spider cat again.

      There was also another spider cat, though I can't remember the breed. I was petting it also, now on the floor of the living room. At some point after that, Courtney S.'s cat spider bit me on two of my fingers. I told Courtney S., and asked if there was anything I needed to do. She said no, my fingers would just get kind of swollen. I imagined this happening.
    3. Realistic Nightmare and False Awakening, Ski Ball Bowling, Cake, and Roll Death

      by , 08-16-2014 at 03:14 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going into Dallas and I's bathroom. It was very dark. I had to get up out of bed to poop. I started to sit on the toilet, when Dallas came into the doorway and started coming towards the toilet.
      "What are you doing? I have to poop!" I said. He kept coming. I got up. I assumed he had to poop too.
      "Are you really gonna make me use the other bathroom?" I said. He didn't say anything. I took that as a yes. I started to head towards the doorway to our bedroom to go to the guest bathroom. Dallas started to shut the door to our bathroom. I then started to hear noises coming from the living room area, and started to panic a little. Someone was in our apartment. Before Dallas could shut the door all the way, I caught it with my hand. I said something like
      "Dallas, someone's in our apartment!"
      I started to panic, and all my vision went black. I tried to scream for Dallas, but nothing came out. I then realized that I had been dreaming, and decided to calmly wait for myself to awaken instead of panicking.

      I then woke up on Dallas's chest. Phew, just a dream. I was so glad. I then started to hear noises again. I was really confused. Was I not awake? I started trying to wake Dallas up, but he was dead asleep. I pinched him, I tried to yell his name but again, it wouldn't come out. Really? Is this really a dream again?I thought to myself. Vision went black again,
      and then I woke up for real.

      Another 10 minute nightmare. I wasn't asleep long at all.


      I was at a bowling alley bowling with Dallas, but it was more like ski-ball; we were throwing smaller balls at the pins down the lane instead of an actual bowling ball. There was almost no one there; we were the only ones playing. Dallas then said something about how the bowling alley was closing for good soon; it was going out of business. I looked around and I could see why. It was so dead in there. I then went to throw my ski ball, but it slipped out of my hand and I accidentally threw it behind me.

      I then saw a very small child, a male toddler, carrying what looked like a six pack of beer up to the lanes, but it was actually a six pack of ski balls.


      I had these two cakes made for me. I was at work I believe. Both were big and delicious looking with cream cheese icing on them (freakin yum). One had off-white cream cheese icing with red decorations. I had to do something with them to keep them safe or something, I can't quite recall.

      Then, I saw the outside of my apartment. Someone was coming up the stairs. It was daytime outside. Then, something happened; a roll in a bag of rolls died? And it seemed so inconsequential, but I couldn't proceed with anything at all now. It was like playing a Sierra adventure game, where you don't do something in the beginning of the game and you get to the end and you have to start all over. I had to "start over" from a point before that to see if there was anything I missed, anything I could do to prevent the death of the roll.


      Yay insomnia! Again! Woohoo. Also these 10-minute nightmares are very puzzling to me. It has happened to me quite often in the past few months. I guess what I don't get it how am I dreaming without being in REM? I thought REM sleep came later in the sleep cycle? Like, I will literally be asleep for 10-15 minutes for these nightmares. There was one that I was asleep for about an hour. Anyone have any thoughts?
    4. Honoring My Grandfather, Weird Marriage, Kohl's Crushes, and Work Vandalism

      by , 08-15-2014 at 03:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my mom and some other lady at a department store. The lady was looking for something specific. I split up from them and looked at other things on my own. We met back up at some point, and the lady kept going down aisles. I wanted to leave.

      Then, we were at I think my grandparents' place having a dinner in my dead grandfather's honor. There was an empty seat next to me, and then the seat where my grandma was sitting. I thought I saw my grandpa sit down next to me; it was like a hallucination, but then I remembered that he's dead and the hallucination disappeared.

      The dinner was more like a celebration of his life rather than one of mourning.

      There was more to this one, but I can't recall right now.


      I was married to Dallas, but Ashley lived with us as well. I had told her she could be our wife too. I "remembered" doing so. We were in our apartment.

      I was speaking with Ashley, and she was telling me I needed to give Dallas a bj. I didn't want to, but she seemed very firm about it. It didn't matter; I still didn't want to. She then said I needed to sleep in the room with Dallas at night, and she didn't want me to watch Netflix anymore before bedtime. I thought about myself watching Netflix in a separate room from them at night in bed. I told her I could turn it down, but she didn't care. She then said she was going to take it away, and I said no. I was adamant about watching my Netflix. I feel like she was speaking on Dallas's behalf about all of this.

      I then thought about something that I guess I hadn't considered when I had asked Ashley to be with us: We all had to have sex. But...we hadn't. I hadn't had sex with just Ashley, and Dallas hadn't had sex with her either. I thought about how this could complicate the relationship. I also thought Ashley probably really wanted to have sex with me. I had never had sex with a woman before.


      I had to go to work at Kohl's. I was working my last few days there, finishing out my two week's notice. I walked in, and it looked like I was walking into the back of my job now more than it looked like Kohl's. There were many people back there, though I do not think anyone from Kohl's was actually there. I seem to remember an old friend, Alex being there. A few people saw me, but I remembered that I left something important at home, and I needed to go and get it. I turned around and went back.

      Then, at home, Ashley told me that she called and told them that I had drank way too much the night before so I couldn't come in on time. Um...ok. I guess she thought she was somehow covering for me.

      I then was driving back to Kohl's, wondering why they were even letting me work since I hadn't shown up for some of my shifts that week. Oh well. As I was driving, I would drive through these areas where the road would get all unpredictable and spooky-looking and the sky was pitch black. I'd look down at my hands, and they would flicker in and out of being a skeleton. At this point, I wouldn't have control over where I was going; the road was skinny and one-way with no room to turn around, and no turns whatsoever. I "knew" about these areas (more "remembering"), and was afraid I'd eventually come to the point where I would be a skeleton for a long period of time instead of just the flickers. I got to a point where I just felt like it would happen for sure, and I started to flicker a lot, but then, I went out of the black area, and I was fine.

      I then was in traffic in a small downtown-like area. The sky seemed to be grey as if it was an overcast winter morning. I drove by this small car that had a small trailer hitched on the back of it. It didn't have any walls, just a frame, and I could see that it was carrying a space suit and something else. It looked as if it was about to tip over, and it did. I stopped immediately to help. So did many others. I went and picked some things up off the ground for the guy who was driving. I hoped the space suit wasn't damaged too much; it was valuable cargo.

      As I was going back to my car, everyone who helped the man was being congratulated, and being given a reward. I got one as well. It was a bunch of little sticker-type things. I was happy to be getting recognized for helping. I headed back to my car, which was right next to where the accident took place.

      I then was at Kohl's again. I wondered if anyone thought it was suspicious that I had left, Ashley said I was hungover, and I came back just fine. Oh well. I then saw David, and he gave me a hug. He then grabbed my butt as he was hugging me. I liked it. I guess he could do that now that I was leaving Kohl's. I guess he had a crush on me or something. I said something to him, but I can't remember what.

      After that, I saw Shane. Shane did have a crush on me. He sent me these cartoon movies/comics he had made that remind me now of Tomodachi Life graphics, of him and I being together and having fun. One of them was of him proposing to me. But I was married to Dallas, so that couldn't happen. He did other things for me as well on a computer. He was really in love with me.


      I was at my current job taking my lunch break. I was eating in some weird corner of the store that doesn't exist IWL with a coworker from Kohl's named Cheryl. We were eating and talking. I watched her talking, and noticed she had a grey mustache. I thought about it for a minute, but I didn't think it was weird. She then burped very quietly. I commented on it jokingly, saying
      "You can do better than that!"
      She then replied saying something about the burp, about how she couldn't do better than that. I came back with
      "I've heard you do better than that!" I "remembered" her burping a little louder in the break room at Kohl's. She laughed. I was glad she laughed; I wasn't sure whether or not she'd find that funny.

      Then, her break was over, and I still had some time left on mine. I decided I needed to grocery shop. I went and got a basket, and went to the produce section. I saw these weird, small oval-shaped tomato-like fruits that had zippers on them. I had wanted to try them before. I started to look through them, trying to find one that was fresh. They were very picked over, but I did finally find one, a small, round one. I put it in my basket. I thought about how I needed to get bananas for Dallas and, well, lots of other things. Too many to fit in the basket. I needed a cart instead. I wanted to put my basket down somewhere so I could grab a cart, but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to do that. I put it down on a white counter by the door, and nervously pondered on whether or not I should grab a cart real fast or not. I felt weird and drowsy at this point also. I then decided to ask if it would be ok for me to put my basket down while I grabbed a cart. There were three cashiers working, all with their backs to me. I said
      "Hey! Excuse me! ...Cashiers!"
      Nothing. They either didn't hear me, or were ignoring me. Whatever. I went out and grabbed a cart. I then went and had to do something else real fast, but I can't remember what. The cart was gone when I got back, however. Ugh. I knew that would happen.

      I then went outside. It was daytime and sunny out. I was underneath the overhang. I started to draw with these marker pens on part of the wall. I drew 3 or 4 cartoony faces with just eyes and a nose, no mouth, with an arm. Hard to explain what they looked like. I remember a boy and a girl being the first two that I drew, but I can't remember the gender of the others. I drew them all in a line together, and underneath it, I wrote, in cursive,
      "Sarah is dead "
      Sarah is my brother's fiance' IWL. Wow. (IWL I don't want her to die!). I had mixed feelings about what I wrote.
      To the right of the faces, I wrote something else. Underneath that something else, I started to write out one of my dreams. I then realized I needed to go back from lunch, but I needed to clean this up first so I wouldn't get in trouble. I spit on a paper towel and started trying to clean it up. It was kind of coming off. I was cleaning off these neon yellow and orange smiley faces. They would fade a bit, but weren't going away completely. I then started to rub them a certain way, and they disappeared. I did that to all of it to clean it up. It looked good as new. One of my coworkers, TJ, then came up and said he'd clean up my mess for me, but then, he saw that I already had.

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    5. 15 Minute Nightmare and Some Frags

      by , 07-21-2014 at 04:10 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was on the computer in the living room of our apartment. It was nighttime and extremely dark in the room, save from the light of the computer. I was showing my husband a YouTube video that had a song playing in the background. The song had something to do with poverty (I was reading something about poverty before I went to bed). I had a feeling my husband was annoyed because I was making him watch the video. The screen on the computer then went black. I had a general feeling of unease. I clicked something and it came back up on a different screen. I then clicked the YouTube tab that the video was open in, but it went black again. Now, the room was even darker.

      Then, I was sitting on the floor, and my husband on the couch. I was sitting right below him; I could see his legs. The feeling of unease was worse now. It was so dark...and something just didn't feel right. I could still sense the annoyance of my husband too. I was scared to look at his face, thinking the face of the devil would flash in front of my eyes instead of his. I climbed up onto the couch with him. I had my sleeping mask on now? I was "sensing" what he looked like without looking at him with my eyes. I could "see" his body, but when it got to his face, it was like I had heat vision, and it looked red. I couldn't see any details of his face. I then bravely took off my sleeping mask.
      "Dallas?" I said. I slowly looked towards his face.

      I did not see anything scary, but the feeling of unease came to a climax. I partially realized I was dreaming, and started to scream, trying to wake myself up. I then heard this terrible noise; the best way I can describe it is screeching, but that isn't accurate. It didn't sound like anything I've ever heard before. It was horrible and unearthly. I struggled trying to move my limbs as the dream faded to black; I wanted to wake the fuck up.

      I then woke up and was wide awake for awhile. I was only asleep for about 15-20 minutes for this nightmare.


      I was with this guy I "dated" when I was 11 years old (IWL he is gay now). I was with him, but I realized I couldn't be with him. So I had to break his heart, and he was very sad. He looked different too; he had blonde hair and a different looking face in the dream than in IWL, though I knew it was the same person.


      I was playing a video game. It was like Mario 64 but with something else in it. I was trying to beat Bowser, but the fight was a multi-stage fight that if you died on the last stage of, you'd have to start over again. I had played this boss many times trying to beat it, but I kept dying. Then, I figured out something about the fireballs coming out of the lava around the platforms, and when I would do a certain move with them, Bowser would get hit twice. There were two bosses here as well, not just Bowser. I remember pausing the game at some point.

      This dream was quite long, but the rest of the details evade me.


      My husband and I were shopping at Kohl's. We had split up to pick some things out. A lady then was going through our things and adding up the prices, but not at the cash register. Dallas had gotten lots of things, like peach-colored women's nightgowns, men's and women's shorts, and men's pants. We were racking up a bill of $555 before we were done going through everything, so I had to lay down the law and decide what we needed and what we didn't need. We didn't need the nightgowns, nor did I need new shorts, but he definitely did, so we held onto those. He had also picked out some nice short-sleeved button-ups that didn't look like anything he'd actually wear, but he said he needed them. I kept some jeans too that he wanted, and asked if they were size 32. He said no, they were 36x30. I asked if they fit better, and he said yes, so much better.

      I then saw that Dallas was dressed in one of the nightgowns. I was having trouble discerning whether or not the nightgown was supposed to be for a man or woman, though, looking back, it was obviously a woman's nightgown. He was being silly, making the nightgown sway at the bottom.


      Yeah, another mostly sleepless night. I was dog-tired last night too; I stayed over at work to help out because there was a call out, and we were very busy. Also, the night before I didn't get much sleep, so I thought for sure I would tonight. Guess again. Ugh, body, you are not cooperating with my brain. I want to have more LDs! Can't do that if I can't sleep.

      But I suppose I should be more patient about it. This happens to me from time to time, especially during times of stress. Things will calm down again soon, and I will have more LDs. Hopefully will be able to accomplish some of my goals as well, such as more dream sharing, and delving into past lives. Can't wait to tell you guys about these things when they happen!

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    6. Eating Raw Seafood, and Playing Pokemon With an Unwelcomed Presence

      by , 01-09-2013 at 07:31 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)

      I worked at Subway and the coffee shop I used to work at. I’ve had that dream theme before. I remember closing up Subway at night, and the back was very dark and eerie (a common occurrence in these dreams as well). And we were wading through water full of raw shrimp and lobster. We’d crack them open and eat them…raw. This happened more than once.

      I also remember feeling anxious about my schedule, thinking I had missed work at one of the jobs.


      I was playing a Pokemon game in my brother’s room with Jason. It was nighttime. As usual in these dreams, I didn’t know how he got there, who let him in, or whatever, but he was there. And he was kicking my ass at the game. I would KO him, I remember specifically using some crazy powered-up attack and killing him (he barely had any health left), but his Pokemon had some special move that revived him. It was a Squirtle-like Pokemon, and he used some move that had to do with his shell, and it brought him back up to full health. I had really crappy Pokemon for the most part, so he really had the upper hand. I kept on commenting on this. He really didn’t have a whole lot to say.

      I also remember him talking to my brother a little bit, and me wondering why in the world my brother was even tolerating his presence, knowing what he did to me.

      The whole time, I noticed the feeling I got when he was around: Nervous and excited. I figured it was coming from him. I just wanted him out. I wanted him to leave my house, but I couldn’t say it. I don’t know why.

      Then, the game turned into some cut scene that was like an anime show. As we watched (I was sitting on Blake’s old bunk bed on the bottom bunk and the TV was on the opposite side of the room from where it usually is), I took the opportunity for us to go in my room. Inside were Sara, Caitlin, and Nick B., the first guy I ever kissed. Sara and Caitlin were at my computer. I introduced them to Jason. Sara said
      “Who is he, your boyfriend?”
      And I said
      “No, it’s just…Jason. This is Jason.”
      I hesitated, because I wasn’t sure what to call him. I debated saying “friend”, but he isn’t my friend. So I just said his name. Jason repeated me and said “Jason” as he shook Caitlin’s hand.

      I kicked everyone out of my room and house because I was ready to go to bed, and ready to get Jason the hell out of my house.


      I then went on to dream of Jason and his family. We were now inside what appeared to be the Pokemon game. Jason’s family was sitting by a tree at night with their backs to him. I heard something about him having hurt his family in the past.

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    7. A Deadly Camera, and Flooding the Bathroom

      by , 10-12-2012 at 04:04 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was standing in the kitchen at my house. My brother and my mom were there, and outside, it was evening. My brother was standing at the open back door, talking to my mom. I then caught a glimpse of Austin, an ex, walking in the back yard towards the house next door. He was wearing a muted yellow hoodie that looked hippie-ish, similar to the clothing he wears IWL. He stopped for a second, and kept walking.

      What?! Austin? Weird. I thought I was imagining things at first, but no, he had been there, plain as day in the back yard. Doesn't he remember that I lived in that house? Did he see me too?

      I was then out in the front yard. The sun was going down. I saw that next door, in the driveway, there was a party. I assumed that's where Austin was. His girlfriend was probably there as well. I didn't go over. Instead, I sat/laid in my front yard. I was sure they noticed me there, so I felt a little weird about just lying down in the yard alone.

      I then was at Jake's apartment, spending the night. My brother was there too. We were all sleeping in the living room. I was on the big chair, Jake was on the couch, and Blake was on the floor. It was nighttime and dark in the room; no lights were on. Jake had this black camera with a red light set up on a tripod in the middle of the living room. It was a security camera that scanned the room, back and forth, and also, it could move around the room on the tripod. You could either arm it or not. Either way, if it saw you or a target, it would sound an alarm, and, depending on whether or not it was armed, it would either not hurt you at all, or it would shoot rounds and rounds of bullets at you. Jake was out of the living room and in his room, while I was still in the living room on the chair, when he told me that he had it armed. He said it like it wasn't a big deal. At this point, the camera was pointed away from me, looking in the opposite direction. I thought about if it saw me, I'd be instantly killed; this was no joke. I would die. But as long as I didn't move, I'd be fine.

      Then, I decided I needed to get up for some reason, and had to walk past the camera. I somehow got past it and back without getting shot at. Whew. That was close.

      Then, Austin and his girlfriend were there...and Jake hates Austin (true IWL, even though they've never met). But at this point, Jake was asleep on the couch. I was really baffled about Austin being there...it was weird. He seemed fine though. He was being his kind self, and his girlfriend, whom I've never met IWL, was being very sweet to me.

      I then started to talk to him about Jake. I think we were doing something with the camera at this point, or at least talking about it. That's when Jake woke up and started to freak out, telling us to shut up and to get out. Blake was still fast asleep on the floor throughout all this mess. I was worried the camera would start to shoot us, but it didn't. Jake was so angry, but he didn't hurt us or anything. He was just really pissed that Austin was there, and that we'd been talking about him. I guess he hadn't been asleep after all, but listening in to what we said. Or, I thought, maybe the camera had recorded us, and while we had our backs turned, he watched the recording of us talking about him.


      I was at my house, and Jake was there too, still pissed from the Austin thing. I don't know why he was there, I think to pick up some of his stuff. I remember him asking where one of his things was in my room. Whatever. I wished he wasn't so mad, but he was, and I guess there wasn't anything more I could do about it. I think we were talking about the camera too.

      I then walked into the bathroom. The light was bright in there. I used the toilet, flushed it, and it proceeded to overflow all over the place. I felt the cold water on my feet as it continued to pour out and flood the bathroom. It was coming out at a pretty fast rate. I tried to block the flow from getting much further into the bathroom with a dark blue rug we have by the toilet. It kind of worked, and the flow had also slowed down, but the toilet made a noise, and a fresh wave of water started to pour out. I called for someone, I think Jake, who was in my room. I opened the door that connects the bathroom to my room, hoping the water wasn't going to get in and onto the carpet. It wasn't yet, but if it flooded much more, it would spill over. I told him what happened. I think I also told my mom, because I needed help getting the toilet to stop, and also, cleaning up the mess.

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    8. Battling The Aura Seekers

      by , 10-09-2012 at 03:18 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my room with a couple of other people, I think a woman and her daughter. I shared a utensil or something with the daughter, then noticed she had a big, black looking cold sore on her lip. I then noticed the mom had one as well. I thought about the fact that I was now going to break out in cold sores.


      I was talking to my mom about my dad. She was saying how she always had to give in to him. I told her no, she didn't, and explained why, saying that he helped me with something.

      I was then in a Minecraft-like game that actually, now that I think about it, had sort of a Doom feel to it. I started in a dark hallway, and saw these glowing orange-yellow lights in the room in front of me. There were two rows of them on either side of something I couldn't see. I then knew they were eyes of this creature that detected people's auras and killed them. It saw me and went for me. I can't really describe what it looked like...it didn't look like anything even remotely living. It was black with these yellowish glyphs all over its body, which appeared to be made of some kind of black stone substance. I started to swing my sword at it, and I hit it a few times, but it kept hitting me too; when it would attack me, it would extend its arm and its hand and fingers, which was the only feature on the creature that looked even remotely human, and even then, barely so. My dad was supposed to be doing something in the room, I think helping keep the aura seekers under control.

      I was still battling the aura seeker, and I started to jump backwards so I could both avoid its attacks and hit it myself. I hit it quite a few times, but it wouldn't die. It had a large amount of health, apparently. I started to jump backwards down this hallway, and 2 or 3 other aura seekers started to come after me. Well shit. I started to head back to where I was. I killed a couple of the aura seekers, and they died like Minecraft mobs do, but there was one that I was having some trouble killing. I can't remember whether or not I killed it.

      I know I dreamed more than this last night, I know for a fact, but I didn't sleep very well. Oh well, there's always tomorrow night.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Partial SP Freakout, and Solomon's Coffee Shop

      by , 09-23-2012 at 03:13 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      This first part wasn't a dream, but it scared the bejeezus out of me.

      I woke up and opened my eyes. I started trying to move, but I barely could; it was like an invisible resistance was in place against my arms and legs. I started to panic a little. I tried to scream for help, but barely a sound came out. I kept trying as hard as I could, but all I could get was a rasp. I almost started feeling like my breathing was messed up too.

      Then, it just went away. It was like I was experiencing partial SP. I can't say that's ever happened to me before; it was terrifying.


      I was at the coffee shop I used to work at to ask my old manager for my job back. Only it was very different in there, now that it was under new ownership; it was in a different location, and it was more like a restaurant than a coffee shop. It was kind of dark in there; everything seemed to made out of a dark brown wood. I specifically remember an old couple sitting at a bench by the counter, waiting to be seated.

      I kept seeing my old manager running around, and she saw me there as well, but she was so busy, it was hard for her to talk to me. There were a lot of new employees there, people I had never seen before when I did work there. For some reason, I went in the back and put on some work clothes: Black straight-legged pants, a black shirt, and a green apron. It looked like a Starbucks uniform, but the coffee shop wasn't a Starbucks. I saw myself in a mirror with it on. I then thought better of just jumping into work, and left the back room.

      I finally caught my manager as she was leaving. We were in the parking lot. She was walking fast and quite a ways in front of me. I asked her
      "So, I doubt you can get me my job back, can you?"
      She stopped for a second, turned around, and replied
      "No. I'm not in charge anymore."
      I guess the new owners didn't want her doing the hiring anymore for some reason.

      After that, I wanted to go home, then I "remembered" that our house had been sold (we are trying to get it ready to sell IWL) to a couple of guys. I pictured the inside of the house being emptied of our things and replaced with barely any furniture or anything at all. It was kind of sad, since I grew up in this house.

      Then, I was back inside the coffee shop, sitting down at a table with my laptop. Everything looked lighter now; even the wood wasn't as darkly colored. I looked up from my computer and to my left, and there was a cute guy staring at me. He had the build of my friend Daniel, and had dark brown curly hair. He had some scruff, but no real facial hair. He was smiling a little as he stared. I smiled back at him, feeling a little flirty.

      Apparently, he was one of the new owners of the shop. His name was Solomon, and the shop had been renamed "Solomon's". His wife, Annie, was the other owner. I wondered if it was really Solomon, since he was married and kept giving me flirty smiles. Hmm...

      I then learned that he was a huge flirt and a womanizer; he slept with lots of women who came into the coffee shop. For some reason, that didn't really bother me.

      I was then approached by Solomon. He asked if he could kiss my neck. I said sure. He then went in to kiss my lips, and I realized I had terrible morning breath for some reason. I could taste it in my mouth, which also felt pretty dry. He then stuck his tongue in my mouth. When he pulled away, he said something about my mouth, like, he asked me if I had done something specific, and if that was why my breath was so funky; I can't remember exactly what it was that he asked if I had done. I said yes. He then kissed my neck. All in all, the breath thing didn't seem to bother him too much.

      Then, I saw him standing up by the bathroom with another guy, talking. I knew he was going to try to get a woman to come sleep with him in the bathroom. I wanted him to pick me for some reason. I want to say he somehow messaged me about it or something.

      I also remember him being seated again, and giving me another flirty little smile, and me returning it. I felt really good about myself then, like I was desirable. It made me feel confident.

      I know, at some point, I wondered about his wife, and if she knew about what he was doing.

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    10. Saving My Cat from Magma, and Seth Rogen to the Rescue!

      by , 09-16-2012 at 04:29 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at some kind of meeting or function. There were lots of people there. I want to say we were outside. I was sitting against a half a wall. Not quite stairs, though the wall could function that way; it's hard to explain. I'll just call them wall/stairs. There were some rooms or other areas up there.

      It was then dark outside. I was still at this function, when I noticed that the wall/stairs was leaking magma in certain areas. There were people, scientists or something, inspecting it and taking measurements. No one else seemed really concerned about the magma except for me and the scientists. I remember seeing some magma flow out onto a black scientist's thumb while he wasn't paying attention, and I thought for sure it would burn him, but it didn't; he didn't even seem to notice.

      I then got up and saw that I had been sitting with my back to a lot of magma flowing from this wall/stairs. I hadn't felt any heat or burning or anything at all. Odd. I watched the scientists some more as they collected samples. Some of the magma being examined had an unnatural glow to it. I watched one of the scientists walk by me with rubber gloves on covered in a reddish residue. I figured it was from the magma. I then watched some of the wall crumble as more magma slowly flowed out.

      Then, on two TV screens up above me (now we seemed to be inside instead of outside), there was a warning being flashed because of the magma, which also had some weird chemicals in it that made it even more dangerous than regular magma. We all needed to evacuate. That's when I realized my home was in danger. I ran up the short wall/stairs and into one of the rooms. There was a guy with me helping me out. He looked like the blonde scientist from Dark City (watched the movie last night IWL).

      The main thing I wanted to rescue was my cat. Apparently, I kept her in a big hamster/bird cage? Anyway, the blonde scientist scooped her out of her litter box. I was glad she was in there at that time, because otherwise, I was afraid I'd lose her. I took her from the scientist, and we both grabbed as much of her stuff as we could. I then walked over to my bed to grab some more things, like clothes and stuff. I sifted through a pile of pajama pants, trying to decide which ones to take. I was saying out loud that I couldn't decide which ones I wanted to take. I wanted to take the ones with Thumper the bunny on them since I saw them first (a pair I actually own IWL, but rarely wear), but there were others that I actually really liked and wore more often that I would rather have. I was in a hurry though, and didn't feel I had enough time to go through them all and decide that way. I just grabbed a bunch, the Thumper ones pink being some of the ones I grabbed. While we were running to a safer place, I noticed I was holding onto the cat too tightly, and loosened my grip a bit. She didn't struggle or anything.

      At some point, we noticed that my key chain had some keys broken off from it. I examined them, and noticed it was only the keys to Jake's apartment, the ones that no longer worked since the locks got changed. All the keys I needed were there.

      We were then in this quiet apartment, though in the same building as we were in, it was safe for some reason. I set up the cage, put her food dish in it, and told the blonde scientist that was with me to open the top of her cage to get the litter box in it. The litter box didn't seem like it should fit at all; it was way too big. But it fit. We put the cat in there too. I then told the scientist I needed to go get her water dish. The scientist picked up a small green bowl that we could use instead, since it was so dangerous where I had previously been. I said we could do that if I couldn't get her original water dish, and to myself, I thought I could grab some more things, like more clothes, out of there as well while I was over there. I ran off.

      When I got to the magma scene, I ran up and down the aisle, looking for my previous location. I could have sworn it was here. I looked to the wall/stairs to my left, and noticed a line of guys standing on top of one of the wall/stairs that was accumulating more and more magma. I had no time to think about why they were doing this; it was total chaos here anyway, the reasons were endless. I ran up and down the aisle a few more times, then, to my right, saw a hallway. I ran down the hallway, and it was light there, more peaceful, no smoke or chaos. At a desk sat my friend, Rachel. We talked about the magma for a second, asking one another if we'd heard about it. Then, I was where I needed to be.

      As I entered, it was smoky, and lots of people were running around in the craziness. I saw a huge section of fold-out chairs in front of me. At the front of them, whom I almost ran by, was Seth Rogen. He was just standing there. As I went by, I said
      "Seth, I need your help."
      He then agreed to help me, while saying to his friends
      "I'm going to go help this girl," with emphasis on the girl part. It was like he was trying to impress his friends, saying he was going to help a female, or something like that.

      I then ran with Seth behind me, looking down the aisles of chairs that were on my right. I knew the water dish was down one of them. There were a few people down all of them, panicking, trying to figure out what exactly they should do. We came to some of the middle sections, and I was sure the dish had to be down one of them. Though I was worried the panicking people would get in the way, I told Seth to go down to the end of one, and the dish should be there. He went down the aisle to look for the dish.
    11. Best Friend Gets a Consciousness Transplant, and a Visit With My Great-Grandparents

      by , 09-15-2012 at 04:02 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at my house, in my kitchen. My great-grandparents, whom in waking life I've never met and are long dead, were coming into town, and MK was getting a...body transplant? She was getting her consciousness put into another body, though the exact reason why eludes me. I want to say she was very sick. I kept thinking about and trying to figure out how in the world they could do that.

      Then, she was at my house in the kitchen with us, standing by the pantry, with her consciousness transplanted into another body. She looked almost exactly the same, only younger, more youthful. She also had straight bangs, which I don't know that she's ever had aside from when she was a child. She was wearing a blue and white striped sweater/shirt with dark blue jeans. Her outfit was really cute, like something she would actually wear.

      She looked happy, content. It was good to see her like that.

      Then, she walked over to the stove in the kitchen to get something. I saw her from behind. Her hair was very long, reaching the middle of her back; much longer than I've seen it in waking life. Actually, from the front, I had thought it looked quite short before she turned around.

      I then was in the living room. My great-grandparents walked in. My mom and great-grandma hugged. Everyone seemed happy. They didn't look that old at all, not even as old as my grandparents are IWL. The great-grandma even had some black hair left; it wasn't all grey. She was wearing a white and red striped shirt, and her hair was very, very short. The great-grandpa was sitting in a chair by the fireplace. He had a white, long mustache and white, wispy hair, but he was bald on the top of his head. He was a little bigger, while my great-grandma was tall and thin. He sat there with his arms crossed.

      I was then in some science center for kids, mimicking places like that I went as a child. I wanted to go down this long, dark tunnel, like I had as a child, because it was some kind of fun cave exhibit/tour. The tunnel was so dark, you could see absolutely nothing in front of you. I was standing at the entrance. I saw children running in and disappearing into the black, and started to run after them. Before I woke up, I thought that it may not be as fun because I'm older now, and I was gonna be the oldest person in there or something. That didn't stop me from going, however.


      I dreamed then that my mom was going to pick my great-grandparents up at the airport, and I wasn't sure whether or not I was going to go with her. I asked if she would be mad if I didn't. I don't remember what she said. She was then mad at my great-grandma for something. I then saw a flash of my pen pal's letter, saying he felt he was soon to die. Somehow, that connected with my mom being mad at my great-grandma. I felt her anger was irrational.

      I was then looking in the fridge for something, in a kitchen that looked completely different from my own, when Jackie from That 70's Show said
      "Good, now you can _________." (I can't remember exactly what she said there).
      She then went on about Kelso. I had only been going in the fridge looking for something to eat. I decided to just let her think I was doing whatever she thought I was doing.

      I then saw a photo of MK in her new body again. She was wearing the same clothes as in the last dream, and had the same hairstyle, but she was now wearing a cute black hat on too. She was at a restaurant, sitting at a booth. She was smiling.

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    12. GRE Fail, Inside a Video Game, Searching For Liquor, and Star Trek Weirdness

      by , 09-04-2012 at 04:42 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was sitting at a desk in a classroom with many other people, lots of them I knew from high school. The desks were all set up in this huge square. We were taking the GRE.

      It was very quiet in the room, of course, as we all bubbled in answers on our papers. There was a test proctor walking around keeping time (it's a timed test). During this time, I remember looking across the room and seeing Rob, this guy I went to high school with. I knew he had taken the test quite a few times because he kept doing poorly.

      We then had a break to all get up and go use the bathroom and such.

      I then remember sitting back down, this time I feel like I was sitting around the area that Rob had been sitting. I remember my high school friend Sara being there as well, though her hair was shorter than I remember. We were about to take the writing portion of the test. I went through the opinion/argumentative writing part, and felt just fine about it. Time was called, and then we started the next writing portion, analyzing an argument, a part of the test where you have to be able to read a simple argument, and pick out its fallacies. The short argument was on the paper in quotations, bigger print and italics. I don't remember what it said exactly, but I spent a lot of time thinking about what to write. I had been nervous about this part of the test to begin with. During this time, I actually remembered that this was supposed to be a computer-based test now, not paper-based, but I just didn't worry too much about it.

      I wrote a couple of sentences on my notebook paper, but then erased them. Someone close by to me warned me they were about to call time. Not two seconds later, the test proctor called time. Fuck! I didn't have anything written! I was going to have to take it again. The score was going to be completely unacceptable to any of the graduate programs I wanted to attend.

      I then was in the same room again, retaking the test. The same group of people was in there. I don't remember details of this part.

      Then, the tests were taken up when we were done. They were put in colored folders, I seem to remember purple being one, on this bin/shelf that looked like it was in my closet, but it wasn't my closet? Weird. Well, I wanted to see mine and maaaybe correct some things on it if I could, but I knew that was cheating, and I'm sure they kept a close eye on them. I kind of thumbed through them, but didn't make any corrections. I was afraid I'd get in trouble just for touching the tests. I remember seeing the bin/shelf of results throughout the rest of the dream.


      I was with my friend Mike and some other people. We were in some video game. I don't know what our mission was, but it involved getting some items to someone behind a big door at the back of the bar. The door was inaccessible unless we had these items.

      We were in an old, dark, dilapidated bar sometime in the distant future. There was all this swamp area inside of it that would kill us if we touched it. I don't remember who touched it first, if it was me or someone I was with, but we all ended up just jumping in the swamp. I remember thinking it would hurt to die, but it didn't. I remember floating down into the swamp, feeling a little weird, and then, we were alive again inside the bar.

      We then saw the bar as it had been thousands of years prior. It had a few people in it, and looked brighter and, of course, it wasn't worn out and dilapidated. There was also no swamp area. We went up to the bar and the bar tenders, I remember for sure one was a woman, said something to us.

      Then, it started to age in fast motion. I watched out a window as the trees outside withered and died (apparently this was the end of the world or something), and the light looked more and more orange, like a sunset. The bar was then the same swampy bar we had originally walked into. There were still people tending bar, but they were, of course, not the same people as when the bar was young. One of the girls that was with us reached behind the bar for these orange drinks.

      I remember us falling into the swamp again, and this time, I was more prepared for the feeling. I again saw the swamp around me, and the people I was with falling inside the swamp as I was. We were then alive again in the bar shortly after falling into the swamp.

      I remember something about us having to collect hairpins for some reason? I don't know if we ever did, but I remember it having something to do with our mission.


      I was with Mike again, but this time, it was just us. We were 15 years old again for some reason, but we knew we had been older before. It was weird.

      We were outside on a sunny day, and Mike wanted to find some booze. I asked him if he wanted beer, liquor, or wine, and proceeded to explain where we could find each of them. I don't remember what he said, but we went to go look.

      We approached this extremely windy tunnel, and Mike had the idea to get out this black umbrella so we could block the wind with it (it was kind of video-gamey here). We opened the umbrella, put it out in front of us to block the wind, and slowly walked through the tunnel. You could see the white wisps of wind around us, again, like you probably would in a video game. We finally made it out to the other side, and the umbrella was tattered and torn. But we made it out!

      Then, we were in some bar, and asked for a bottle of some kind of booze, I can't quite remember which, though I think it was liquor.
      "How old are you?" the bartender asked.
      I had my ID out just in case.
      "15" replied Mike.
      Lolwut. He isn't going to sell it to us now, idiot!
      He then went back to get us our liquor. HUH?!? That should NOT have worked!

      We then saw him getting our liquor, and another male bartender, who was apparently pissed at for some reason, spit inside the bottle before giving it to the original bartender to give to us. Ewww. He then gave us the bottle of liquor. I tried to take a swig of the amber liquor, but it was mostly slimy, like spit. I spit some of it out, and took another. The same thing happened. It rested in my mouth for a second before I decided to swallow it. Just the idea that I had drank someone else's saliva was gross, but I didn't puke or spit it out this time. I guess when you're 15 and you find liquor, you just take what you can get.


      Weird half-asleep dream this morning.

      I was inside some volcano that was going to erupt the next day; it was inevitable. Spock from Star Trek was building this very small (and when I say small, think a child's playhouse) building out of small, square, crumpled white pieces of paper. I saw many were not squared off, so with my mind, I squared them off. It was all then white wicker instead? Other Star Trek characters were there as well.

      The building was supposed to be sacred, a shrine of some sort. I remember the floor of it being completely wicker, and I remember building a lot of it with my mind, though Spock was supposed to be building it. I then saw Spock with long, straight black hair, and he was sad. He said it was no use, it would be destroyed by the lava from the volcano. The tiny building was complete, save for a roof. He then rolled this white rack over to an opening in the wall of the building
      "These are hangers" he said. I then saw some hangers on top of the rack. I supposed they were for coats or something for people visiting the building. I guess no matter how doomed the building was, he was kind of in denial about it, in a way. He wanted to believe it would be ok, even though he knew it was going to be destroyed.

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    13. Very Vague Fragment

      by , 08-12-2012 at 03:37 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a dark house, and the mood was kind of solemn and troubling, but nothing intense. I remember my brother being there, but that's all I can recall.

      This is sad. I used to be able to recall every dream in pretty good detail. I guess we all go through ups and downs with this stuff though, right?
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      non-lucid , dream fragment