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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Thanksgiving/High School Reunion Drama

      by , 01-11-2013 at 07:25 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Vampires turning other people into vampires. That's all I recall on this one.


      We were having a huge Thanksgiving at my house, not just with my family, but people I went to high school with as well; it was like we were having a high school reunion on Thanksgiving. It started out with just my family being there though. I remember my uncle being there, but no other specifics.

      The dining room table was set, and people started to show up, coming through the front door. I can't really remember specifics, not until Nick B. and Olivia showed up. I saw Nick B.'s sister, Rachel B., come in as well. Nick B. was the first guy I ever kissed IWL, and Olivia and I have never gotten along (Nick B. would go back and forth between us in middle school). Olivia looked as I remember her in high school, though she looks quite different now IWL. They walked in when it was already pretty crowded, letting themselves in as everyone else had been doing. I caught a glimpse of Nick as he walked by with Olivia behind him, but he would not make eye contact with me, which wasn't really surprising, but...why was he at my house, at this reunion, if he wasn't going to at least say hello? I kept on catching glimpses of him, but no matter how many times I'd look right at him, he would not make eye contact; I was being completely ignored.

      Then, I went into the dining room, and there were many people sitting and standing around the table to eat; there was certainly not enough room for everyone to sit down, much less convene in the dining room. I thought about this for a second. I remember sitting down at the table for a little bit, but then, I got really upset about being completely ignored by Nick B., so I got up with my plate and went and sat in a closet with floor-to-ceiling shelves that were full of stuff in a room that doesn't exist in my house IWL. I sat with my back to a wall and my knees to my chest, and just cried.

      My uncle then came by the closet, and asked why I was eating alone. I don't remember much of this exchange, but I found out that most of the people had left. I guessed it was because they were going to spend Thanksgiving with their families. I remember going into the dining room and seeing significantly less people. Nick B. and Olivia had also left, I assumed.

      I then was out looking for Nick in what I suppose was supposed to be his neighborhood (looked nothing like it does IWL). I was walking the street; the sky was grey, but it was daytime. I didn't see anyone out.

      I then spotted Nick B. a bit in the distance. I went after him; I had to find out why he had even come to the reunion at MY house if he was going to just ignore me. I also wanted to find out why the hell he had Olivia with him...again, in MY house. I caught up with him and got his attention. I started to ask what was up, and he just looked at me and kept going. I followed him, badgering him with questions; I was determined to find out what the hell was going on. He would not answer me. He went up the driveway to a house, towards the garage, and I followed him, continuing to ask him what was wrong and why he was ignoring me. He stopped and started to work with something in the driveway, though I don't remember what it was. I kept asking him over and over. He would talk to me, but barely. He never provided me with an explanation for his actions.

      Someone then came up to him and said something to him. They then left. That seemed to get him to talk to me some more for some reason. We then seemed to be on a sidewalk leading up to a front door on the other side of the street. I asked him why he had brought Olivia, and he said she told him if she brought him, she'd do some "sexual favors" for him. As he was saying this, he was looking down at a piece of notebook paper that had been folded up at some point. It made more sense now as to why he brought her. He talked a bit more to me, but I never really got a solid explanation as to what was going on.

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    2. On The Beach With My Guide, and "Female" Sparring with Poles...?

      by , 10-19-2012 at 04:33 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was sitting on a small sand cliff with a guy, I'm pretty sure it was my guide actually, overlooking a beach. It was a bright, sunny, perfect day, and we were sitting and watching my brother and his friends play in the ocean. The beach was beautiful, and, besides all of us, seemed deserted. We talked for awhile, and I was wanting to get in the water. I then thought that we hadn't put any sunscreen on; not me, my guide, or my brother and his friends. I mentioned this to my guide, saying we hadn't put sunscreen on, and it was such a bright day we were sure to get burned. The tide then must have been coming in, because it lapped up to where we were, and some of the sand we were sitting on became unstable. We got up to go get sunscreen, and I noticed my guide's upper right arm had fresh, white gauze wrapped around it, and had blood coming through it...dark red, fresh blood. I was mortified, because I had no idea he was hurt. I frantically told him I was sorry, and I had had no idea, otherwise we would have gotten help sooner.

      Throughout all this, I know he also talked, but I can't remember anything that he said. Hell, I can barely even remember what I said XD.

      Anyway, then, I was at my house and my mom asking me what was wrong with my arm. I told her it was nothing. I then looked at it in the mirror and really noticed it; I had red scratches and a rash on and close to my shoulder. I had no idea where it all came from. I then turned around in the mirror, and looked at my back and arms. I was in my underwear or a swimsuit. I thought my arms looked huge.

      I was then standing by a door, and one of my friends, a girl, asked me if I wanted to spar. I said sure. She then threw me this huge pole with a sphere attached to both ends. Apparently, sparring in this dream isn't what I thought it was. I had thought we were going to fence or something like that, but this was supposed to be "female" sparring, where they use poles. But I was apparently the only one using a pole; everyone else had different things they were doing.

      Well, they had all thought I had done it before, I guess we had a miscommunication there because I never claimed that, but I never had. We walked through the door into a room to do the sparring, and everyone started getting ready and taking their places, but I just threw my pole to someone else and told them to do it, and that I had never done that before. The girl I threw it to, I think an Asian girl, seemed surprised, and said she thought I had done it before. I told her no, I hadn't.

      I also remember something about seeing one of my stones, my piece of raw blue lace agate to be exact, being on the ground. I was worried about it for some reason.

      I dreamed more than this last night (I'm actually surprised I remember this much), but I went to bed WAAAY late (2am is way too late for me to be going to bed...my usual bedtime is between 10pm-11pm) because I was out having a few drinks with a friend to celebrate my new job . I'd say that's a good reason to sacrifice some sleep.

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    3. Rehearsing for A Variety Show...as a Saber-Toothed Tiger...Dating a T-Rex. Yes, You Read That Right.

      by , 10-15-2012 at 03:06 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in what seemed to be high school choir again, on what seemed to be an island, though there were many other islands around too. It was covered in short, bright green grass, and some grey rocks. It was daytime, and the sky was clear and blue.

      We were rehearsing for the variety show on this island. My choir teacher was showing us the choreography she wanted us to learn for the show; we were all grouped up, and she was in front of us. She did some jumps and dance moves, but she went over it all very quickly.

      We then were left to practice on our own. We all gathered in a circle around the edges of the island, and we started to do the routine. There was then a full-sized T-Rex in the middle of the island, but it was one of the students; his part in the show was being a T-Rex. It scared me at first, but we all ran around his feet and repositioned; it was all just part of the show. He then turned into Godzilla, and was much more threatening that way. Again, it was part of the show. I feel like we ran through this sequence a few times. I found myself trying to go over the choreography in my head, remembering one move after the other.

      I then figured out I was playing the part of a saber-toothed tiger, though, unlike T-Rex boy, I didn't transform, but I was merely acting like a cat, or, I guess how I would imagine a saber-toothed tiger would act. I was also supposed to be the T-Rex's girlfriend as the saber-toothed tiger. Alright then, I could do that. I got down on my hands and knees, and walked around. I went over to some edge away from everyone else, sat down, and meowed. I was trying to play the part well. I thought about myself acting, making facial expressions to match the mood of the show.

      We then went back to the beginning of the show to rehearse some more. I now wasn't quite sure where I was supposed to be. The T-Rex guy said I needed to stick by him, but I got in the circle around the edges of the island again anyway. I had a feeling I had taken someone's space, though I didn't think we had assigned spaces yet. Oh whatever. I wondered if there were any solos in the piece of music we were doing.

      I then remember being atop a ledge on the island, overlooking the circular part, with T-Rex guy. We walked around a bit, I remember us being in a small cave for a little while. He was telling me he liked being Godzilla better than the T-Rex. He started to remind me of my IWL pen pal, Gabriel.

      I was then running back onto the circular part of the island with everyone else. I remember running over some light grey rock, and thinking about how exciting it was to be back in choir and performing.

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    4. Lucid: Trouble With Phasing, and a Flyer of Me...Naked?!?

      by , 10-11-2012 at 04:01 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I fell asleep, and knew I was dreaming almost immediately after entering the dream. It felt unstable and dim, as if I was only very lightly asleep. My mom and brother were there in the house as well.

      I wanted to get out of the house. I tried to phase through some things to do so, like the ceiling and the door, but all were solid, and I couldn't get through no matter how hard I intended to (this is something I've done successfully many times in the past; I don't usually have this much trouble phasing through things). I decided to try to phase through a window instead. I went up to it, and slammed my body into it. I didn't phase through, but the window fell out, leaving me an opening. Woohoo! I went outside.

      I was then walking down the road outside my house on a sunny day. My mom and my brother were there too, I think walking a bit in front of me. I, of course, had to fly. I got a running start, hoping this wouldn't turn out like earlier when I was trying to phase through things and having no success. I took off into the air, and was flying! I looked down and saw my mom and brother walking on the road. I was up over my neighborhood, flying over roofs and beautiful green treetops that were starting to turn with the seasons.

      I was then starting to slowly lose height. I tried to think myself back up higher, but it was proving to be difficult. I finally gained a bit more height back, but it wasn't where I wanted to be; I wanted to fly as high as the highest treetops! I kept trying to think myself up there, but I couldn't get any higher than I was. Besides, I was starting to sink again.

      I then briefly thought about myself being so high up, I could see the curve of the Earth; almost up in space! I thought I shouldn't be afraid of this height, because I'm dreaming, and I can't get hurt.

      I then remember being outside someone's house. I decided I wanted to go in and explore. But first, I really needed to RC and make sure I wasn't awake (as if flying wasn't enough). I checked my hand, and I had 5 very short, stubby fingers, which then enlongated a bit, and I had 6. Yeah, definitely a dream.

      I decided to try to phase through into the house. Of course, this wasn't working out too well. I finally got frustrated enough to where I finally phased through, and everything turned black with lots of purple flecks overlaying my vision (a common thing for me to see with my eyes closed anyway IWL). I also felt a very interesting sensation when I phased through, one I can't ever recall feeling before when phasing through things. As soon as I stepped into the door and things went black, I felt this warmth overlaying my body, like a soft, comfy, warm blanket being draped over me. I've felt that when meditating before, but never in dreams.

      Spoiler for Explicit content:


      I was in my room, and so were Blake and my dad. My dad was sitting on my bed by my chest of drawers, and I was standing by my mirror on top of my dresser. I was changing clothes for some reason. I told my brother and dad to close their eyes. I then felt that I wasn't wearing a bra. Weird. I took my shirt off, and put on a light blue bra. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and it almost looked like I still wasn't wearing a bra, but it was just extremely light blue. I felt kinda weird, but I trusted that they weren't looking. I then said
      "Well I guess you can open your eyes now," before I put a shirt on.
      Eh, whatever. They're my family, I doubt they'll look anyway.

      My dad then said something, and I turned around. He had opened up my second drawer in my chest of drawers, and apparently, I had Barbie dolls in there? He was brushing the naked Barbie's blonde hair with a toy brush. I also noticed the top drawer was slightly opened. It had ashes in it from my pipe. I figured if he saw it, he wouldn't really care much, so I stopped worrying about it. He then said something inappropriate about the Barbie, about how he put it back in there.

      I was then looking through one of the windows by the front door, and I saw these flyers, one with Blake's picture on it, and one with mine. It looked as if I was sitting with some friends in an auditorium, and my hair was shorter, like it was when I was younger. I got excited, because we had tried out for something, and we had made it! I called for Blake to come and look.

      We then stepped outside to read the flyers as well. There were two lists posted. I saw Blake's name on the first one, and pointed it out to him. He was doing some technical work for a play or some kind of show. I then looked at the other one, and replacing the picture of me from earlier, was a picture of me naked from the shoulders down. What. The. Fuck. Who got this naked picture of me? Where? WHY?!? I was baffled, confused, and insulted. The picture then started to move, and it changed its angle to being from the bottom, showing my butt and my vag as I walked. Wow. Privacy=violated.

      At any rate, I had made it into the same play or show Blake was doing the technical work for.

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    5. Staying the Night at Jake's Parents' Place, Car Washes, and Seeing Old Friends

      by , 10-08-2012 at 03:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with Jake, staying the night at his parents' place, though it looked nothing like either of their IWL houses (they aren't together IWL either). The house was beautiful, clean, and spacious. It almost reminded me of a vacation home. I was lying in a bed that looked like it was in a big living area with these huge floor-to-ceiling windows. The colors in the room were neutral white and off white colors. I remember Jake being beside my bed as I was falling asleep.

      In the morning, I awoke to the sound of Jake's parents coming home. I was so tired, I didn't really care much. I peeked out from my sleeping mask to see if the sun was up yet, and saw that the room was very bright with sunlight. I gathered it was probably around 10am, a time I don't usually like to sleep in to. But I really just didn't care much that morning for some reason, though, I did get up and go walk over towards the windows.

      I then was in a wooden hallway near a sliding glass door that had lots of excited dogs on the other side. A girl was there. She opened the door just a little, I think just to get one of the dogs inside or something, and they all started to come in. She seemed overwhelmed and couldn't figure out what to do. I walked over to the door and the dogs and started commanding them back through the door, one by one. And one by one, they ran back through the door. I got them all outside, one doggy at a time.

      I then was walking back to my bed in the big living room area. I was coming from the direction of the windows. I then saw Jake's parents standing in the middle of the room, just looking out the window. I debated saying hello to them, but decided to just ignore them. They didn't say anything to me either. In fact, they didn't even look at me as I walked over to the bed, which now looked like a small pull out bed from a chair or couch. I curled up under the comfy covers, still very sleepy, slid my sleeping mask over my eyes, and that was that.

      Before I woke up for real, I remember briefly dreaming of chakras and auras, seeing aura photos with the chakras in them.


      I was with Jake again. This time, I wanted to go get my car washed. I told Jake this, but we rode in his car, which in the dream was an older, big navy blue car, to the car wash, which looked oddly like my waking life garage. We got out of the car.

      There were many people working in there, and there was another car pulled in on the other side of the garage as well. When we got there is when I realized that I had wanted to wash my car, but Jake's car was in there instead, since he had driven. I commented about this to Jake. One of the people, a guy, then asked Jake what make his car was, and he completely made up an answer because he wasn't sure. He told them his car was a "Minu (pronounced min-you)". As he said this, he was standing there facing the closed garage door.

      I was then in some room with some people I knew from high school, my friend Leigh being one of the people there. I saw Rachel B., a girl I used to be friends with, walk by with Cora, another girl who used to be my friend but is now just an acquaintance. Rachel B. and I don't talk anymore IWL. As they passed, I heard someone say "Hi, Krista!" I had, at first, thought it was Rachel B., but when I turned around to see who it was, it was Cora who had said hi. She walked past me. They were both wearing the plain black dresses we used to wear for choir concerts in high school.

      I was then in my garage, and I think Leigh was with me too. The garage doors were open this time, and it wasn't like a car wash anymore. In fact, no cars were there. I saw my friend Drew D. standing by the wall in the garage. I said hello to him and we started to talk. I noticed he looked skinnier than I remember him being IWL, and the right (his left) half of his face sagged a little. It looked like he had gotten Bell's Palsy, an infection of one of the facial nerves with the HSV I virus that can temporarily paralyze one side of your face (I've had this IWL). He just kept talking like nothing was wrong, like it wasn't a big deal, which was awesome, but I didn't say anything to him about it, though I wanted to. I just listened as he talked. Another girl then came up excitedly to say hello to him, and gave him a big hug. I figured that was my cue to cut the conversation off.

      I walked away, and out of the garage. It was a sunny day outside. I looked into the garage, and it looked like the floor had been filled with white concrete or plaster or something, some of it looked like it was covering up most of the tornado shelter that's built into the garage. It looked like the house was being completely renovated on the outside; I barely recognized it as the old house I grew up in, though it was still the same aside from the renovations.

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    6. Driving Through an "Obstacle Course", and Phone Calls from Old Coworkers

      by , 10-06-2012 at 02:45 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was outside in the daytime, driving something up into the cul de sac by my house, not sure if I was in a car or what, but in the middle of the road was a tree, just growing in the asphalt. I drove past it. It was supposed to be some sort of obstacle course I was driving on, one that my brother was watching me go through. He may have even set it up.

      At any rate, I went around the cul de sac, and then back down towards the road, and next to the tree, almost completely blocking my path, was a lawn mower, one of the ones you can ride on while you mow. I said something about this to Blake, whom I assume must have been at the bottom of the cul de sac, and he said the neighbor, Doc, had been doing something with it, and that's why it was there. I somehow drove whatever was carrying me around both the tree and the mower.

      I then was in my living room, on the phone with my mom. I talked to my her, and then Leslie, a girl I used to work with, was trying to beep in on the other line. I told my mom I had to go, and I took her call. We talked for awhile. I then got off the phone, and it rang again. I looked at the phone, and it said "Tim Carey", also someone I used to work with at the same job. I answered the phone and we started to talk. I was surprised to be hearing from him; we were never really close, but we got along just fine. I figured he just wanted something from me; it's the only reason I could think of that he would be trying to contact me.

      At some point during this conversation with Tim, I remember being outside in the cul de sac again. The tree was still in the road I believe, but the mower was out of the road and in Doc's driveway (IWL Doc doesn't live in the cul de sac; he lives next door to us). It almost seemed as though the road sank down enough to where you would have to jump to get up to the driveway and the mower. The wall that this caused was a white color.

      Then, Tim was in the living room with me. He looked a bit different than I remember, mostly because he had a more sandy blonde color to his hair than he does IWL. He was laying on his side on one of the two red chairs we have with his head propped up on his hand. I walked by him and ruffled his hair, or patted his head.

      Woke up around 6am or so and couldn't go back to sleep because I started to worry about things. Typical. Shut up, brain! Sleep is more important than your crazy, overactive worrying. -_-
    7. A Very Large Buffalo

      by , 10-01-2012 at 03:50 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my dad and I think my brother. We were outside doing something (vague statement is vague). It had something to do with all of our "homes". We were all in our separate spaces, but they weren't separated by walls or anything. I feel like we were decorating our spaces or something to that effect. Something about some game weird game I was playing with my dad. My dad seemed really happy.

      I then was walking past a big, vivid, slightly sloped, green field underneath a beautiful, clear blue sky, and I saw this HUGE, vivid, light brown-colored buffalo inside a fenced-in area. He was indeed quite large, even for a buffalo. I exclaimed my finding to the people I was with (it may have not been my dad and brother anymore); I was excited!
      "Look! A buffalo!" I said.
      I watched the buffalo walk down the slope, and some epic music was playing. I thought it was fitting, and then, at the end where the fencing closed off, I saw a guy putting a buffalo head mask on top of his own head, and wearing all black on the rest of his body. He was standing on the other side of the fence. He was trying to rile up the buffalo for some show. It was weird, like they were supposed to fight.

      I then remember talking to this guy later, when the buffalo mask was gone, though he was still wearing all black. He was an old, ex-military guy with many wrinkles and grey hair. He was very particular and strict about things, and kind of crotchety. He was talking to us a bit about the buffalo, and some other things which I can't remember right now.

      When we were talking to him, more people showed up. I then heard
      "Krista, do you remember me??" a voice said, loudly.
      I looked across from me to see who it was, and it was Lindsay, a lady I know IWL, but haven't seen in a long time, who is, in fact, normally quite a loud talker. I looked at her eyes. They seemed small, but pretty, a beautiful light brown color like her daughter's eyes. She was smiling. I acknowledged her.

      Right before I woke up, I dream skipped to talking on the phone to a female doctor about scheduling an appointment.

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    8. A Reunion With My First Flame

      by , 09-24-2012 at 03:32 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was seeing my old friend from middle school, Jennifer D., at her house. She was wearing a royal purple shirt. We were in her bathroom, which, now that I think about it, looked kind of like my parents' bathroom at my house. I started talking to her about some movie they made about my high school called "The SHS Tornado Movie" (obviously this didn't really happen IWL). I then "remembered" watching it on a bus. I saw a scene with her and her ex from middle school, who was also my first kiss IWL, Nick. He was wearing a baseball cap. They were crouching down in a dark hallway with other students, and he was being a jerk to her. I also saw him standing by a wall that had been taken out by the tornado, and these whiffle-ball sized white things, I guess they were supposed to be hail, were swirling around close to him. I thought I was also in the movie too, albeit briefly.

      I then asked Jennifer what the story was between her and Nick. I knew they had broken up way back when we were all 14 and 15 years old, but I didn't know what really happened. She started to tell me. I knew it had something to do with her vag, I guess he did something to her she didn't want done or something. That's what I always assumed happened anyway.

      Then, Nick was there. He looked very young, like he was still in middle school, though it was years later. Neither Jennifer nor I had seen him in years. He got in the shower, which was located in the very left corner of the room (there were like 4 showers in the bathroom for some reason). He started saying he was washing off a lot of grime. Jennifer didn't seem too uncomfortable, but I felt the tension. I don't think Nick felt weird about it at all, but I know Jennifer did.

      When he got out of the shower, he stood next to me in the hallway. He asked Jennifer to do "twinkle toes". Jennifer was reluctant, because apparently, it was kind of stupid, but he kept trying to get her to do it anyway. She finally caved, and started to do these exaggerated tiptoes down the hallway. Nick then joined her and started to do the tiptoes towards her. They then tiptoed around each other. Apparently, it was just something they came up with when they were dating.

      Nick then got in the shower again, but this time, it was a different shower, one in the middle of the bathroom by the wall. Jennifer's mom then came in the bathroom, and looked in the shower and saw Nick. He said hi to her, and she talked to him back. I thought she was going to be pissed, but she wasn't.

      Jennifer was then gone, but Nick and I were still in the bathroom. He was then in another shower. I kept feeling like he wanted me to get in there with him, but I wasn't going to do it. He then pulled the curtain back to where I could see the entirety of his naked body. I tried to avoid looking directly at his junk by looking right at his face as he talked, but I could still see them in my peripheral vision. I want to say he was talking to some random girl at this point. She was outside the shower, and fully clothed. He didn't seem sexually interested in her.

      I then went over to one of the other showers in the room. The shower was actually two different showers connected to each other. I exclaimed this out loud, because I thought it was cool. I then felt like I had been there before, like I had watched that "SHS Tornado Movie" in that shower. I then looked at the bottom of the farthest left of the connecting showers, and it was filthy. I assumed this was the grime Nick had been talking about, since he had used that shower. I walked over to the other one, and it was less dirty, but still pretty dirty around the drain, which was covered in small stones. I assumed the stones were for decoration or some kind of fancy filtration system. I tried to run some water to clean it, but though it did wash a little of the dirt away, a lot of it was stuck tight to the shower floor.

      I then remembered something from another dream I had a long time ago. I remembered it as if it happened in real life. It was dark outside, and I was seeing Courtney's house. She lived next door to Nick (this is true IWL). I must have been in the 7th grade or something. I apparently hadn't been to either house before, and, while at Courtney's, I went inside of Nick's house. I remember it all being very unfamiliar.


      I woke up and went back to sleep.

      I wanted to find Nick again. I kept thinking I was going to ask him to have a drink with me or something. Something about him being in the shower again.


      Woke up and went back to sleep again.

      I found Nick, after years of not talking or seeing one another. I was outside in the daytime. I had heard he worked at some pizza place. I saw lots of outdoor venues and kiosks on the street I was walking down. Many men were walking around there, busy as ever. I looked around, trying to find a place with lots of pizza dough. I saw a place that looked like it had balls of pizza dough to be prepared.

      I then saw Nick, carrying some full white sacks. He was wearing all white. I approached him. He was telling me about some guy he was dating, and it wasn't going well. It then looked as if he had been trying to lay the sacks down, but they were attached to his white clothing at the sleeves. I then just gave him a hug. He said something, like "You don't have to do that", but I kept hugging him. He hugged me back, and we started to sway back and forth, like we were slow dancing. He then said something to the effect of
      "We always start dancing again when we see each other."
      We then switched to each only having one hand on the other person, my left hand on his shoulder, and his hand, though I can't remember if it was the left or the right, I think his right hand, was either on my shoulder or waist, and we started to actually slow dance.

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