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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Teaching With my Friend, and Being Terrorized and Shot by College Boys

      by , 06-16-2016 at 12:48 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I dreamed a little more than this last night, but I really felt the need to record these, as they were quite vivid, the second one also being very intense.

      I was teaching at a summer school/camp with my friend Rachel, who is also pregnant. Her baby had a rare birth defect where its heart was developing outside the body (this is a real thing btw for those who aren't aware). She and I were sitting together and she started crying. I closed my eyes and felt so sad for her. I put my hand on her leg. I believe I may have even shed a tear. I asked her about the operations they would have to do on the baby. The sadness I felt for her was very intense.

      We were all assigned one child for the program. They would actually live with us (and apparently I lived at my parents' old house with them). Mine was a little blonde girl in the 5th grade.

      The program's classes were divided into grade levels. Both Rachel and I's kids were in the 5th grade level. The classes were held outside in these station/kiosk type things. I saw my child playing there. I then had to pee so I went to the bathroom. The stall was like a port-o-john but only had a small, narrow place to sit and a narrow hole to go in. It was built for kids, and I "remembered" this from when I was at this same school as a child. I started to go but was peeing on the floor. I adjusted and peed on my underwear. They were soaked by the time I was done so I took them off and threw them in the garbage. I then heard people outside. A young female teacher saw the pee on the floor coming out from underneath the stall. She assumed the toilet had been backed up and overflowed and I let her think that, as I didn't want to tell her that I peed everywhere. She got a plunger-type thing and started to plunge it. Dirty, poopy water came out and splashed me in the face; I guess it was backed up.

      I then was walking back to the play areas outside with the teacher; it looked to be evening outside. I was telling her that I had never planned on becoming a teacher, but I was excited to start my real teaching job in the fall.


      I was in what was my mom's car in a parking lot at night with my brother. We were parked but I'm not sure why. Both of our parents were dead; they had died not long ago in the dream, maybe days or weeks prior. We now were using their car.

      These two college-aged white guys came up to the car and started trying to harass us into letting them in. They wanted to rob us. We locked the doors and wouldn't let them in. They started to laugh and got an ax and baseball bat and took them to our tires. Whatever, we were still safe. I saw and heard glass breaking as they did this, but I wasn't sure what it was coming from. We watched these douche canoes fuck up our car. I kept thinking about our parents, and how empty it felt without them.

      I then decided to call 911. My brother was just going to call the police, but I felt we needed urgent help. I misdialed it at first, dialing 912 or something instead, and then redialed and was given hold music. I didn't care, I'd wait if I had to.

      My brother then had to get out of the car for some reason; I think the cops were there. The guys saw the opportunity and tried to get in the unlocked door, but I locked it and the back door (which was also unlocked for some reason) quickly, before they could get in. They were mad, and I gave them two birdies, one with each hand. This infuriated them, and one pulled a gun on me and started to shoot. He hit me in the neck multiple times. I saw the hole in the barrel light up with each shot, and felt the shock of being hit. I was in shock, surprised that he had actually opened fire. He seemed surprised as well that he had actually shot me. I was holding my neck and saw a cop in the back window. I held my hand out to him and he reached back to me.

      I then was out of the car, I think with my brother, walking to an ambulance. I was getting dizzy and woozy from loss of blood. We walked by the guys who tormented us; they were sitting on a curb smoking (at least one was smoking) while police searched their car. I hoped they were going to get arrested. I was then laid on a gurney on the back to the ambulance, which was actually on an open trailer being pulled behind it. I heard them say they could see my bone and my heart, which is how bad the wound was. I was then being driven with my neck wrapped up tight in a scarf. No one was back there with me.

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    2. The Tower, Posing For Provocative Pictures, and Trying to Avoid Work

      by , 10-20-2014 at 01:50 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going to get married to my high school boyfriend, Brett. His mom was talking to me about it; she was really excited. I kept thinking that I would rather be with Dallas, but for some reason, I agreed to marry Brett.

      We were then in the building we were getting married in. It was a tower. The room we were in was very large and had tall ceilings. There was a very large, almost floor-to-ceiling window to the right. There were very few people there, only immediate family. We were up at the front, about to get married. All the sudden, we heard thunder. We went to look out the window. It was nighttime, and you could see many other towers outside the window, as if we were in a city. There was then a very large bolt of lightning. The thunder coincided with it, however, it struck a tower that was in front of us, and the thunder just...stopped. It was like it hitting the building muted it. I think it had something to do with the sound barrier. The tower that was hit started to crumble. It then started to collapse. It was hitting a tower directly beside it as well, which was making it fall too. One of the towers then started to lean towards our window! I thought for sure we were done for; this was the end. My mom started to yell
      "We're gonna die! We're gonna die!"
      The top of the tower then came crashing through the large window we were observing from. I noticed my brother was in the path of it, and I tackled him out of the way. The tower crashed down inside the building, crushing Brett and his family, but my mom, brother, a random guy, and I were all safe.

      I then replayed this scene over again for some reason. I already knew what was going to happen the second time around. Nothing changed except for the fact that I already knew what was going to happen.

      This dream was very intense and vivid. The feeling of being scared, about to die and accepting it is really powerful. As soon as I woke up, I had the urge to wake my husband up and tell him about it, but I let him sleep.


      I was in this area that was just a lot of rooms. It's like the rooms were many room-sized stalls lined up. They didn't have a ceiling. In my room, I was getting provocative pictures taken of me by a young, blonde female photographer. I believe it was nighttime. We took a break from it, and I left my room and saw that next door, Ceejay, this girl I used to work with at Kohl's, was also getting provocative pictures taken of her. She was naked and sitting on the floor. There was a huge glob of yellow-tinted (I assumed it was used) lube sitting on a pillow next to her. She was talking to me, and I kept looking at the gross lube.

      Then, this tall, sturdily built blonde woman who was supposed to be my mom, looked into my room and saw the photographer and all the equipment. She was a very conservative woman, so I knew she'd be pissed. After a few minutes, I ran into her, and she told me that she told the photographer to go home. She said other things, but I can't remember. She was stern about it. I'm sure at some point she told me not to do that, blah blah blah whatever.

      So anyway, she left, and I saw my photographer walking by. I wanted to stop her and tell her to stay. I don't think I did. I then was thinking about how I didn't normally like to get my picture taken, but if it was a provocative photo, I enjoyed it.


      Dallas and I had just gotten back from being out all day. It was my day off. I was playing some game though I don't remember much about it. I was then thinking about how I had picked up a shift at work that night. Why had I agreed to do that? I then couldn't remember what time I had agreed to. Was it 5? 6? 7? I then saw it written down on a piece of paper. I still couldn't tell if it was 5, 6, or 7. I looked at the clock and it was past 5, but I was then pretty sure it was 6. Boo that.

      I then was in this hospital room with Dallas. It was a very large hospital room with many beds lined up. The lights were half off and no one was in the room but us. I walked down to the 4th bed down and started telling Dallas about how I was in that bed one night when I was having very bad stomach pains. The doctors checked me out and I was fine, so they sent me home. I "remembered" a guy being in the bed to my right.

      I then was at the bakery with Dallas. I wasn't on the clock; I was honestly hoping that they would forget that I agreed to come in that night. The manager, Shannon, was there by herself. We got to talking. She was being very nice to me. I then made a comment about her being there all the time. She then said something about me being there all the time.
      "The kids would like it if you were here all the time," she said.
      It made me really happy to hear her say that. I must be good at talking to the kids who come up wanting free cookies.

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    3. Realistic Nightmare and False Awakening, Ski Ball Bowling, Cake, and Roll Death

      by , 08-16-2014 at 03:14 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going into Dallas and I's bathroom. It was very dark. I had to get up out of bed to poop. I started to sit on the toilet, when Dallas came into the doorway and started coming towards the toilet.
      "What are you doing? I have to poop!" I said. He kept coming. I got up. I assumed he had to poop too.
      "Are you really gonna make me use the other bathroom?" I said. He didn't say anything. I took that as a yes. I started to head towards the doorway to our bedroom to go to the guest bathroom. Dallas started to shut the door to our bathroom. I then started to hear noises coming from the living room area, and started to panic a little. Someone was in our apartment. Before Dallas could shut the door all the way, I caught it with my hand. I said something like
      "Dallas, someone's in our apartment!"
      I started to panic, and all my vision went black. I tried to scream for Dallas, but nothing came out. I then realized that I had been dreaming, and decided to calmly wait for myself to awaken instead of panicking.

      I then woke up on Dallas's chest. Phew, just a dream. I was so glad. I then started to hear noises again. I was really confused. Was I not awake? I started trying to wake Dallas up, but he was dead asleep. I pinched him, I tried to yell his name but again, it wouldn't come out. Really? Is this really a dream again?I thought to myself. Vision went black again,
      and then I woke up for real.

      Another 10 minute nightmare. I wasn't asleep long at all.


      I was at a bowling alley bowling with Dallas, but it was more like ski-ball; we were throwing smaller balls at the pins down the lane instead of an actual bowling ball. There was almost no one there; we were the only ones playing. Dallas then said something about how the bowling alley was closing for good soon; it was going out of business. I looked around and I could see why. It was so dead in there. I then went to throw my ski ball, but it slipped out of my hand and I accidentally threw it behind me.

      I then saw a very small child, a male toddler, carrying what looked like a six pack of beer up to the lanes, but it was actually a six pack of ski balls.


      I had these two cakes made for me. I was at work I believe. Both were big and delicious looking with cream cheese icing on them (freakin yum). One had off-white cream cheese icing with red decorations. I had to do something with them to keep them safe or something, I can't quite recall.

      Then, I saw the outside of my apartment. Someone was coming up the stairs. It was daytime outside. Then, something happened; a roll in a bag of rolls died? And it seemed so inconsequential, but I couldn't proceed with anything at all now. It was like playing a Sierra adventure game, where you don't do something in the beginning of the game and you get to the end and you have to start all over. I had to "start over" from a point before that to see if there was anything I missed, anything I could do to prevent the death of the roll.


      Yay insomnia! Again! Woohoo. Also these 10-minute nightmares are very puzzling to me. It has happened to me quite often in the past few months. I guess what I don't get it how am I dreaming without being in REM? I thought REM sleep came later in the sleep cycle? Like, I will literally be asleep for 10-15 minutes for these nightmares. There was one that I was asleep for about an hour. Anyone have any thoughts?
    4. A Brutal Murder, Being Berated, Cars and Spiderwebs, and a School Project

      by , 07-28-2014 at 03:59 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work, but it looked different. We were behind the counter. I was there with a couple of other people. There was one girl there who looked very tired. She had long, straight light brown hair and very tired eyes. She was probably about my age (25) or a bit younger. She needed a ride home from work. We got into my car. I was kind of tired too. The car was driving, but I noticed that I was sitting in the back seat with the tired eyed girl.
      "I should probably be sitting in the front," I said to her. I stopped the car as we were going through this gate and got in the front seat.

      Then, there was this lively old woman with us. She was quite energetic. She wanted us to drop her off on the side of the road so she could walk to her vehicle. We did just that. We got out though as well. We were walking on the sidewalk with this woman. She had a cane, but she wasn't using it. In fact, she started to jog! We couldn't keep up with her. We then were approaching her vehicle, or at least what we thought was her vehicle. It was a golf cart. It had a black bag with a big bow on it strapped over the seat. I thought she had been very trusting to leave that outside. Upon further examination, the golf cart had this HUGE control panel. It was so big, it took up the entire front window; you could not see out of it at all. I figured that maybe it drove itself. The old woman sat down in the seat, and was wondering how you worked it. I guess it hadn't been her vehicle, but a special vehicle that the public could use to get from place to place. There was a guy there that I assumed she was asking. We walked past her and the cart.

      I dropped the tired girl off, but noticed something as I was driving. I noticed that the cart with the lady had not moved, but there were dead bodies strewn on the street by the car, about three or four of them. Holy crap, someone came and murdered them! I thought maybe a fight had broken out and gotten taken too far. I returned to the area where the cart was and saw what I had feared: The old woman was dead, along with a few others. I think I asked someone who was there if she was dead, and they said yes. I told them I had seen the scene from a distance. I started to cry.

      Then, one of the people whom I thought was dead, a blonde guy who was probably in his twenties, opened his eyes. He looked like he was in so much pain. He said nothing, but his eyes told me everything. I was broken down crying now at this point, kneeling on the ground. I started to stroke the guy's knee to comfort him. I was so happy he was alive, but I still could not stop crying. It was then that I noticed that all the other people were literally torn apart; I saw someone's head detached from their body, an arm, and other torn apart body parts. The man with his eyes open in front of me was the only one who was not torn to shreds.


      I was going to my friend Cherie's apartment. It was daytime outside and sunny. My husband may or may not have been with me, I can't quite remember. I think we had just gotten back from a vacation.

      We got to the apartment. It was much different than IWL. It was more of a town home than an apartment, and was white and clean on the outside. There were many others that looked the exact same, as you would see in a town home community. I went inside, and Jeremiah and Cherie' were there in the living room. I went into the middle of the living room.

      Then, I noticed Cortney D., a supervisor from my old job. She was standing behind the couch (at this point the apt looked a lot like my current one IWL). I "remembered" that she lived in the same complex as Cherie'. She had her hair pulled back into a small ponytail, and was wearing a black shirt with a colored shirt (can't remember the color) underneath; it looked like an outfit she would wear to work. I was excited to see her, because I always really liked her, but was afraid she would be mad at me because of the way I quit. I got her attention, and she said
      "Krista." She walked up to me with a sense of urgency. She continued,
      "Why did you do that?!"
      I tried to explain to her how awful that job was, how bad I felt we were all treated there, but she kept countering me, asking me what did I expect, it's retail. She then stormed out. I was sad that she was angry, and I kept thinking of other things I should have said, but none would have made her feel differently. I didn't understand how she could continue to settle for such a crappy job.

      Other things happened after this. I remember leaving the apartment, but nothing else.


      I was driving to my old college's campus in a new car. It was a dark grey sedan, and very nice-looking. I felt weird and tired. It was morning. I don't know why I was going there. There was some kind of big event taking place.

      I parked in a gravel lot, and walked over to where the buildings were. I sat down on a bench underneath an overhang. I noticed that lots of college kids were walking around dressed up like it was Halloween. I saw people in knight costumes, and I think some Mortal Kombat costumes as well. I did not know what was going on.

      I then realized that they were in the marching band, and today was the day that the college hosted Contest of Champions, a high school marching competition, and that they always performed a show at intermission in their Halloween costumes (this is true IWL). All the college kids then started to dance with each other. It was like they were a flash mob; they all just seemingly spontaneously started to couple off and dance. I knew that they had planned it.

      I got up to go back to my car. I went into the field where the cars were. There were many, many more now. I clicked my clicker on my keys, and some tail lights light up, so I figured I had found my car. But then, another man, an older, heavier black gentlemen, got in the driver's side. Whoa, I thought, there must be some mistake. I opened the trunk to the car, which was actually more like a minivan than a sedan. Not my car after all. I felt embarrassed for trying to get into another person's car, though he did not say a word to me about it. I kept walking.

      I kept on clicking my clicker, and I noticed that when I did, other cars' headlights would flash. What the hell? How was I ever going to find my car now?

      I then was at an impasse, literally. I had approached a fenced in area. The fence was wooden and old, and actually relatively short. The only way I could get to the other side of the fence was to open up the old wooden gate. I then called an old friend, Tori, and asked her about the car, because I knew that she had had a car like mine. She said that hers had done that too, unlocking other people's cars instead of hers. When I got off the phone with her, I went to go open the gate, but it was covered in spiderwebs! I could not get a hold on it without touching one. I saw the webs up close, and noticed that lots of ants had gotten caught in the web. I saw one get caught in it towards the top of the fence. Ugh. So gross...I hate spiders. So I looked all over the fence for a place I could touch it without getting web on my fingers, and there was none. I put my hand on it regardless, and immediately took it away again. I saw the holes in the web where my fingers had pierced it. I then briefly opened the gate, but I couldn't even go through it without walking into webs. It only opened on the bottom anyhow; I would have had to push to get it to open all the way. I considered climbing the fence. I don't remember if I ended up doing it or not, but I knew it was an unacceptable thing to do for some reason.

      Then, I was in some sort of bakery/coffee shop on campus. The interior was all wooden, and since it was summer, there were only a couple of people there. I thought maybe it was closed for the summer. I then noticed the manager, a middle-aged woman, standing in the doorway talking with another woman who looked a bit younger. She was blonde with glasses. I thought to myself that the manager must have to be here every day, even during the summer when their hours were limited. The table I was sitting at was one with Eileen, a woman from my old job. She was a regular there. I think she was eating doughnut holes. She was talking to me about coming to that place every day for breakfast. I don't remember anything else from the conversation, but we talked a bit. I think I also ate a doughnut hole. It was glazed. I think they were homemade.


      I was working on a project for a class at my apartment. I was working on it on the bed. It was supposed to be a circular cut out with whatever we liked to put in it in the center. I decided to do mine like a collage, with cutouts from magazines in it. I was going to put some pictures that I had of me, friends, and family on top of the magazine cutouts. I also was painting it. I had painted the edges of the circle green, but noticed I had gotten some paint on the sheets and on the pillowcases. Nothing I could do about it now, though. I painted some shades of blue on the inside as well, and noticed that I had made the top of the circle a light blue, and it gradually faded to a darker blue. It wasn't my intention, but I liked the way it looked.

      I had made the inner circle separate from the outer. The outer was a cut out of some construction paper that I painted green. I made the entire inner circle, and put the outer circle around it to see if it had the correct measurements. It wasn't perfect, but absolutely workable. The outer circle was a little big or small at just one area, the bottom right corner. I knew it wasn't going to be a difficult fix. I think I asked my husband about how it looked. At this point, it kind of looked like a pokeball.

      I kept thinking about the assignment, and wasn't sure if I was doing it right or not, but I didn't remember the teacher, who was the black man from my precious dream, saying anything too specific.

      Someone else was then in the apartment, a girl who was also a student. I asked her something about the assignment, about the specifics. She wasn't sure either.


      You might see my recall of last night and say "Damn, Krista, you must have gotten some good sleep to have all these dreams." That would be my first thought too, but I actually did not sleep well at all. I kept waking up every hour, and would have a lot of trouble going back to sleep. I know I dreamed way more than this too, but these are the only ones I remember. My husband also was having trouble sleeping, and he had a lot of vivid dreams as well. We made turkey burgers last night, and never have made them before. That's the only thing I can come up with for why neither of us could sleep, and we both had super vivid dreams.
    5. Married To Two People, Work Drama, and Two Funerals

      by , 07-12-2014 at 03:50 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in what was supposed to be my apartment. I had married my husband, but also this girl I know from my old job named Whitney, who, IWL is a lesbian. I was laying on the couch in the living room, and I thought to myself that I wasn't sure how I felt about marrying a woman, but I had asked her to marry me. I then thought about my husband, and I felt better. I remember they walked into the room and Whitney came over to the couch. She was dressed a lot more girly than she ever does IWL; she had bright red lipstick on. She and I gave each other a little kiss on the lips, and I thought to myself I had never kissed a girl before. Then, either I thought about or someone asked me about whether or not the marriage would be recognized in Tennessee.


      I was working my last day at my old job, though the area looked much different. The registers were all in the same area of the store, close to a wall, and the walls were all white. I remember speaking with Jaime, one of my old managers, and asking her if it was ok that I was there because I hadn't shown up for my last three shifts. I don't remember her exact response, but she said it was.

      I was checking people out at the registers. I remember one of my old supervisors, David, being there helping to check people out as well. One of the "higher-ups", as I like to call them, was checking himself out. At the time I did not see this as weird, but IWL, that is definitely not allowed, even for the "higher-ups". He was a black man who resembled one of the IWL district managers, though, in the dream, I never saw his face, only his back. I went to go help him bag his things. He was buying many of the same dress, a spring/summer dress for a young girl. I think it was white and a soft, minty green color with thick tank top sleeves (as opposed to spaghetti strap sleeves). I was neatly piling the dresses on the counter, one on top of the other. I don't remember what he said to me first, but I said
      "I'm helping you bag."
      He then laughed at me and said something else. Whatever he said really pissed me off, though. I walked out of the register bay, and was looking at his back. The next thing that came out of my mouth was
      "Well I hope you have a nice fucking day!"
      I knew I would get in trouble, but I didn't care. It was my last day anyway, and this guy deserved it. What a corporate douche. I thought David would get pissed at me for it, but again, I really didn't care.


      I was going to a funeral for my grandpa (IWL he passed away on Memorial Day). I remembered him being alive recently, and my brother and I speaking with him. He was smiling and laughing as we talked.

      I was in the funeral home with my brother. It was spacious and had lots of seating. I don't remember anyone else being in there though. The room seemed empty.

      Then, I found out someone from my new job, someone my brother had worked with also (he works for the same company I do IWL), had passed away. It was a very kind, older white man who was short with a white mustache and white hair. We were then at his funeral. I remember sitting in the very, very front of the funeral home with my brother. I remember crying, but I wasn't able to remember the man's name, and neither was my brother. I kept going back in my memory, trying so hard to remember, and I kept coming up with George Lopez, but it didn't sound right. We were saving a seat for my old store manager at my old job, Sherry. She came in and sat next to us. I still could not remember the man's name, and I kept on thinking and thinking about what his name was.

      Well, there you have it, my first DJ entry in over a year. I didn't get too much sleep last nigh, probably didn't end up asleep until almost 4am, unfortunately, so I'm surprised I remember three dreams. But hey, no complaints from me. I love dreaming.
    6. Ryan and the Strange Suicide, Facial Morphing Lucid, and "Remembering" Sleep Therapy

      by , 10-27-2012 at 04:02 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with Ryan. Apparently, his marriage didn't work out, so he went back to me. I was leaning and cuddling on him.

      We were then watching some news clip I think of a Middle Eastern or maybe a Spanish guy in a bike race. Something happened, and he started shouting in another language, took a gun, and blew his face off. I didn't look at the part where he killed himself.

      His white shirt with various little logos on it was then laid out in front of us. It was clean of any blood, surprisingly. I thought to myself that maybe they washed it. I touched it. I then caught a whiff of sweat. It was from the shirt. I thought about how very hauntingly strange it was that his shirt still smelled like sweat and all that, but he was no longer alive. It was a bit unsettling.

      Then, we were outside this small house, and moving on some sort of train with it. I think we were sitting down. The train then picked up speed, and we were then going so fast, that everything, including us, started to look polygonal; the best thing I can compare it to would be N64 graphics. We just kept going faster and faster.


      I then woke up for a bit, tossed and turned, then, when I got comfy and I got my brain to stop going a mile a minute, I felt the buzzing in my head associated with SP. I knew I was going to be in a dream soon, so I concentrated on staying calm so I wouldn't jar myself out of it.

      I then was sitting in my living room, staring at an orange cat sitting on the floor. It looked like Pounce, a cat we had to put to sleep last year. I thought that was odd...I must be dreaming. To check, I stared at the cat, and concentrated on changing its appearance. It then changed into an orange and white cat that looked like a cat named Kira I looked after one time. Definitely a dream!

      I looked at my hand, and I counted 8 fingers. That's...a lot more extra fingers than I'm used to seeing in dreams. Oh well. My mom then walked quickly by, and down the hallway. I went after her, about to tell her we were in a lucid dream, but I couldn't really talk...it was weird, like something was blocking my voice from coming out.

      I then went into the bathroom instead, and looked in the mirror. My face looked weird and dark at first, and was slightly covered by my hair, so I got closer to the mirror, and...my facial features were all mixed up. As I continued to look, some features disappeared completely, and my face looked almost like a blank sheet of skin. Very, very strange.

      I woke up after that, but kept my eyes closed, and soon enough, I was feeling the buzzing again. I decided to experiment, and tried to concentrate the buzzing to my heart to see what happened. I didn't notice much difference, so I concentrated it to my head instead. I buzzed for awhile, then, I was again in a dream. I don't remember much from this one, except for there was a point that I was outside, flying amongst the green trees in the daytime, little by little gaining height. I still don't think I could talk.


      I then was in a non-lucid. All I can remember from this is that I was "remembering" a dream "memory". As I was "remembering" it, I wondered if it had been real memory or a dream memory, but ultimately decided it was real. I was "remembering" going to an Asian man's house for sleep therapy. He was in his thirties, and had glasses. I "remembered" sitting in a big living area with him on lots of pillows that covered the floor. I then "remembered" sitting on a bed with him, and watching him smoke heroin out of a glass pipe? It was so weird. I did not join him in partaking of the dangerous drug. I don't think I was supposed to tell anyone about him smoking the heroin.

      That's really all I can remember though, is "remembering" going to sleep therapy at this guy's house, and watching him smoke drugs, wondering whether or not it all really happened. I'm sure there was more to it than that, but that's all I can really recall.

      I have had a majorly busy week at this new job. I absolutely love it; I am SO blessed to have this job. It's had to be the first thing on my mind though, so dream recall has had to take the back burner. Next week won't be as busy, so I'll be trying to remember more dreams.

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    7. Neglected Guinea Pig, Brief Lucidity, Pill Anxiety, and an Inappropriate Child

      by , 10-24-2012 at 03:23 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at home, and started to think about a guinea pig my brother apparently had. It looked like it had tortiseshell fur, which is black with yellow-orange flecks. I hadn't heard about it in awhile. I then "remembered" what happened. He had moved the guinea pig's container, which was a HUGE glass aquarium-type thing, like you'd see the rodents in in Petsmart, into the garage, because he had rearranged his room. I then had this realization that Blake hadn't paid ANY attention to this guinea pig in a couple of months. The guinea pig was probably dead.

      This made me pretty mad, because he has a fish too (IWL he actually does have the fish), and he was bad about cleaning out its tank (IWL this really is an issue...at least for me). I couldn't fathom how someone could take in a living animal, and then just forget about it and let it die. I approached Blake about it, and he didn't seem too concerned, though he did acknowledge that he had forgotten about him. He went into the garage to check up on it. I didn't want to look, because I figured the poor little guy was definitely dead by now. However, when Blake came back, he said the guinea pig was fine and just sleeping. I pictured it asleep in its food dish. I wondered how it stayed alive for that long with no food, water, or having its cage cleaned out. I told Blake it had probably been eating its own feces to stay alive.

      This next stuff gets a little confusing in my mind. I'll try to put it into some sort of order that makes sense.

      I realized I was dreaming, so, to not lose the dream, I kept repeating in my head "Stay in the dream, stay in the dream..." which at least helped keep the dream colorful and vivid. I also did some hand examinations, not to RC, but so I wouldn't lose focus on the dream world.

      I saw that I was in my room. I walked up to the mirror, and saw myself. I looked the same aside from my hair, which was short, straight, and dark red. I also had short bangs. Looking back, the hairstyle reminds me of flappers from the 20s. I smiled, cause it looked good. I was then topless and my boobs were way huge. I thought it was kinda hot really, and started to think about sexy time things, but it wasn't really working too well. I looked at myself in the mirror again, and I still had the different hair.

      I then woke up, but DEILDed into another dream. I was then staring at some picture on the wall of my room. I repeated the "Stay in the dream..." stuff, but I don't think it lasted very long.

      I DEILDed again, but this time, I went into a non-lucid. The guinea pig situation was still an issue. But this time, when I confronted Blake about it and he checked on the little guy, it was dead. Big surprise. That's what happens when you neglect an animal for 2 months. I just didn't understand why it wasn't a huge deal for Blake. I don't know if I confronted him or not about the issue, but I know I was angry, and thought to myself how mind-boggling it was that someone could take responsibility for an animal's life, and just forget about it. I pictured the guinea pig in its cage in the garage, dead in its food dish. I thought back to the previous part of the dream where the guinea pig was alive, and figured that I had just dreamed that up.


      I was sitting at a kitchen table in someone's house, and I took a little white pill called "Molly" and washed it down with some water that was in a glass to my right on the table (something I've never done or seen IWL and never EVER want to do...I've seen stuff like this mess up too many lives). It was nighttime outside. I don't remember who I was with, but I started to freak out before it kicked in, saying to myself in my head stuff like well you can forget going to sleep tonight and stuff like that. I immediately regretted taking the damn thing. I contemplated texting Aaron, who had done it before, and telling him, but I didn't.

      I then remember being in a room with some other people. We were apparently waiting on Austin to come over. I knew he just wanted to smoke. I was starting to feel the pill now, and I felt hyper and twitchy. Ugh. It was stressing me out pretty badly. Austin was then there. I don't remember much else about that part, other than there was a small point where I became lucid while I was sitting next to someone and talking, but I just let things go on as they were instead of taking advantage of the moment.

      I was then running around outside at what I think was dusk with this little boy of about 10 years old. He was chasing me and laughing. I felt weird about it, like the little boy was somehow inappropriately attracted to me. He then grabbed my waist as we ran, and then, he moved his hands under my shirt and on my waist. Definitely inappropriate behavior. I kept running for a second or two before I woke up.
    8. Putting My Old Cats to Sleep, and My Grandparents' Big Sale

      by , 10-18-2012 at 03:15 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was giving my old cats, Ziggy and Pounce, to my old manager, Virginia. The room we were in had tons of black cages on the floor with animals in them. They were to be put to sleep; it's why I was giving my cats to Virginia...they were old and sick (IWL both had to be put down, Ziggy when I was 15, and Pounce just last year). I handed the kitties over to Virginia. She seemed very professional and emotionally detatched from the job (I suppose you'd have to be, wouldn't you?).

      Then, I remember walking into my grandparents' house, though it didn't resemble any house I've actually seen before. I went through a couple of rooms, and found them in a wooden room. They were having a huge sale inside their house that had been going on for a long time, day in and day out. They were just getting rid of what seemed to be old junk that was all displayed, lined up on a wall by some windows. I saw Barbie-like figurines, an old Walkman CD player, among other things. People were coming in and buy them for garage sale prices. I think there were also some animals in cages here too, I remember seeing some puppies or small dogs; they were for sale as well. I saw someone, a man, pick up and buy the old Walkman, and something else from one of the bins.

      I then saw Virginia again, and asked her about my cats, and if they'd been put down yet. I asked her while not making eye contact, because I was trying not to show her it was a tough subject, and it did hurt me. She told me that they had, saying one had just recently been put down. I don't remember what else we said, if anything. The animals at my grandparents' were somehow connected to what Virginia was doing.

      Then, I was going through some more things to put out for my grandparents' sale, some more old Barbie doll type toys. I noticed that there were some on display already, and someone had made it so one of the Barbies looked like they were making out with a Ken doll. The Barbie was bent backwards, and the Ken was leaning in and "kissing" her. I kinda didn't know how they were even standing up that way, but I let it be for the time being; I'd fix it later.

      I started to set out some small dog figurines. There were some that were already up there with the Barbies, but I guess I had some other ones. I remember specifically setting out a small, black, fluffy dog, that kind of looked like a Pekingese with a haircut. Its tongue was hanging out.

      Like that, except for it was black. And also a toy.

      I got out some more figurines, I remember one that wasn't a Barbie at all, but it looked like an old McDonald's toy, some superhero or supervillain. I then fixed the Barbie that looked like it was making out with Ken so they were both standing upright and not "kissing".

      I remember thinking that though the stuff I was setting out was mine, I wasn't sure if I'd be getting the money for it, of if my grandparents would be. I figured it would be my grandparents, and I was ok with that.

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    9. Murder Suspicions and Baby Bunnies in the Road

      by , 10-14-2012 at 04:35 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in some weird, mostly white, circular room. It looked kind of like a lounge or something. It was supposed to be DV I think. There was a big pillar in the middle of the room. Lots of people were milling about. The Sandman was the one I remember by name. The rest, I'm not sure who they were.

      I was very suspicious of The Sandman, and many of the other men there, mainly the people who were supposed to be The Sandman's male friends. I remember him and his friends being older men, and his friends being in business suits. The Sandman, however, resembled my dream guide, having shoulder-length brown, scruffy hair, and a mustache.

      Anyway, I was suspicious of him and his friends, because there was a murder, and I suspected one of them. I would listen to them talk and stuff. I think they knew that I knew I suspected them, so that made me even more anxious about the whole thing.

      I was then driving through my neighborhood, towards the entrance/exit. It was nighttime. A possum ran out in front of me on its hind legs. I started saying "Get out of the way, possum!" and stuff like that (like I do IWL ), and I narrowly missed him. I then saw a bunny and her babies in someone's yard that had just crossed the road. I was nowhere near hitting them. But then, more started to appear, mostly baby bunnies. They were all scattered in the road, and I was so afraid to hit them. It eventually was to the point where they were EVERYWHERE. I remember hearing one of the bunnies "screaming", as if they were in terrible danger. It sounded like a loud cat's meow.

      I then was out of the car, and kneeling at the side of the road by someone's yard next to a bunny family. I remember lots of white baby bunnies at this point. I went to touch the mamma bunny, and accidentally touched one of the babies, who was apparently a newborn, because it felt slimy, warm, and hairless. I was afraid that now, the mamma bunny would reject the baby.

      I was then washing my hands in my bathroom at my house. I finished, and saw a white baby bunny in my sink. How it got there was beyond me. I thought maybe he had been stuck to my hand or something, and I hadn't noticed. It looked dead at first, but upon further examination, I discovered that it was still alive, but barely. I looked down at the small, slightly damp bunny, and asked
      "Are you dying?"
      The bunny nodded.
      I then either asked if it knew where its mamma was, or if there was anything I could do, and it shook its head no.

      I then was in the DV place again, only this time, it was a section that had an indoor pool. I was getting angry at The Sandman's friends, though now, they looked like older teens/in their 20s. I remember one having a shaved head. I tried to flip them off, but my finger just wouldn't work right. I had to pry it up with my left hand, and still, I couldn't hold it up. Ugh, so frustrating! I was walking after them, still yelling and being angry, when they went through this purple set of doors that just seemed to appear out of nowhere on the wall. The doors had windows on them, and I could see them peeking through the windows, looking at me. I then decided to moon them. I knew I'd probably get in trouble with someone, but it was going to be so worth it. I turned around and pulled my pants down, and exposed my bare ass to them for a second or two before I pulled them back up and walked away, not looking back at all to see their reaction. I felt really, really satisfied with myself. I was thinking about the small birthmark on my butt and whether or not they saw it.

      I then was heading over towards my friend Courtney, who was in the pool I believe. She was trying to leave; she was moving away (she just moved to Ohio IWL). I almost felt like she was trying to get away from me. She went up the ladder to get out. I talked to her a bit. She was disappointed in me for mooning those guys (she had seen the whole thing from her spot in the pool). But the conversation started to get much friendlier.


      I was on campus at my old college, walking into the cafeteria area where I had that last job that didn't work out. I had no idea why I was going in there; I didn't want a confrontation with any of the employees. The restaurant I worked at was right next to the entrance, and in the hallway right outside, there's a door that goes into the back area of the restaurant. An additional hallway that doesn't exist IWL was there too. It's hard to describe in words.

      Anyway, I walked into the cafeteria area, and saw that it was very vacant. It must be around 10am, when many of the restaurants are still trying to open up. There was a fat lady whom I didn't recognize at the cash register. She was wearing a black shirt, and looked to be about middle aged. Her darker blondish hair was up in a short ponytail. Whew, someone I didn't work with or recognize. I figured she was my replacement. I then wondered if everyone else I had worked with, including my manager since I didn't see her, had also quit (wouldn't be surprised...the turnover rate there is very, very high IWL). As I turned to look directly at the fat lady, I fell down onto the floor.

      I then walked in the back. I didn't even know why I did it in the dream. I thought that the people back there would recognize me, and that I wasn't supposed to be back there. However, I don't remember even seeing any people back there. It was vacant, like the dining area.

      Then, again, I was suspicious of a murder, but it was in a different setting: My house. The Sandman was no longer involved, but people who resembled his older friends from the last dream were still there. I was super suspicious. The guys would apparently come to my house sometimes and chat with my mom. They worked with and really supported my dad.

      I then remember being in the car with the suspected murderer, a middle-aged man with a shaved head. He was driving, and I was in the passenger's side seat. I hinted that I knew he was the killer.

      I was then in the porch, and I walked out into the kitchen. There was a girl there, one that looked to be a bit younger than me, so probably about 20-22 or so. In the dream, I knew her, but not too well. We were talking, and I started to talk about Emilee, a girl I went to high school with who was killed in a drunk driving accident a few months ago IWL. Emilee had apparently been really close to this girl. Her eyes started to water as I talked about her. Mine did as well; it was a very tragic topic. I told her that I had to serve Emilee's alleged murderer every day at the coffee shop (I guess I still worked there in the dream). IWL the man behind the wheel of the car she was in was her age, and has many charges stacked against him. In the dream, it wasn't a car accident, but she was the victim of a cold-blooded murder. And the man who did it was the guy I confronted in the car, the one who helped my dad. I think I was one of the only ones who suspected him.

      I then was in the living room with my mom. I was sitting on one of the red chairs we have in there. I squatted down onto the ground and lowered my voice as I started to talk. I asked her if she thought this bald guy, whom I called Drew (it was supposed to be my IWL acquaintance, Drew D.) who was now peeing in the bathroom (I could hear him peeing), was the killer. She said yes, but she also said he really backed my dad financially. I told her I had confronted him about it. I then heard him start to pee in the toilet again. I then thought about me being the next victim, my name being in the headlines as "The Anderson's girl" being killed.

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    10. Watching a Weird Jurassic Park Movie in a Cave

      by , 09-21-2012 at 03:15 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a dark cave, I think, and was with a group of other people. There was also this woman and her grown son, who was mentally retarded. We had brought both of them down for some reason; they were not conscious, at least the son wasn't. The "camera" zoomed out and showed me, and I killed the woman with a hammer-type thing. A little blood splattered onto the "camera", but not much. Apparently, me and this group of people then removed the woman's lips, and set them on top of the son's own lips. It showed us laying the pair of lips down on top of his. It looked flawless, as if they were his own lips.

      Then, we were watching some movie in the cave. It was like Jurassic Park, but with a weird twist. The non-dinosaur themed theme park where everyone was opened up to another dimension, one where dinosaurs still existed. It then looked like they were in a desert, and a T-Rex ran up and started to chase everyone. The graphics looked really bad, like it was an old movie; the T-Rex was moving way too fast, and it looked like he was a computer image superimposed onto the desert scene. The T-Rex then ran by this line of people, and ate the head off of one of them, flinging the body aside. Then, it was like the T-Rex was chasing us, the movie-goers. He was running towards the camera.

      I remember seeing a group of people sitting behind me, taking notes on the movie. I believe I was also taking notes.

      I know I dreamed more than this, but I slept really hard last night, and can't remember many more details than that. On the upside, I needed the sleep pretty badly; insomnia has been kicking my ass to the curb lately. I feel a lot better today than I have for awhile. Yay for sleep!

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    11. Dead Cats, Being Chased, and Rescuing a Jonah Hill Lookalike

      by , 09-11-2012 at 04:58 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at my house. It was like I was in a video game, and I was lucid. I don't remember at what point I became lucid, I just remember that I was.

      I went into the piano room. It was very dark. I walked up to the piano, and faintly saw my mom sitting there, playing, though I didn't hear any music. I sat down on the piano bench next to her. She stopped playing. For some reason, I thought she was going to be upset with me. Instead, she put her left arm around me and hugged me. We pulled away, and in her mouth, I saw a light blue pacifier.


      I was, again, in a video game. I was with my mom, dad, and my cat, though I'm not sure if my brother was there or not. We were outside in a field with trees, like a more realistic, less blocky-looking Minecraft. The sky was blue, but it didn't look sunny. My dad was holding something the whole time, I think it was my cat.

      Also with us was JP. I didn't know how we got into this situation with him, I didn't know why he was there. He was being his sly, charming, shady self, and for some reason, we were following him around. I kept wanting to tell my dad that JP was bad news, but I didn't want to do it in front of JP, in fear that he would hurt me or my family. I was surprised my dad couldn't tell something was wrong with him, since he's a psychiatrist. Maybe he did, but had the same fear as I.

      At some point, we met JP's dad, whom I've never actually met IWL (I don't think he ever met him either, actually). He had the shaggy brown hair and mustache, but he looked a bit different than my guide, I think. I only ever saw him at a distance. I want to say he was in some other "dimension" of the world.

      We were then underneath some white stone pavilion. JP wanted access to the "rainbow realm", and my dad had the means to get there. I knew it was bad, bad news if JP had access to that world for some reason. But my dad gave him what he needed anyway. All I had wanted my dad to do was pull his gun and kill him, but I knew JP had a gun too, and I didn't want anyone else to get hurt who didn't have to. I then watched as JP put together the rest of his portal or whatever it was, and he was surrounded by a rainbow glow. I think it made him more powerful.

      We were then in what was supposed to be the "rainbow realm", but it looked the same as the original dimension, save for JP's dad was there too. The next thing I knew, we were running from them. My mom and I were both holding a different Belle (my cat). The one mom was holding was white, like IWL Belle is, and the one I was holding was a smoky grey with some brown speckles mixed in. As we ran, JP and his dad threw knives at us. One hit the Belle that mom was holding. My mom tossed her dead body aside. As she did, I saw the body as it came by me. I saw the stab wound, and the cat was no longer white, but looked like the one I was holding.

      I was getting tired; my legs felt like they were going to give out. JP's dad, the one pursuing me the most, threw a knife at me that narrowly missed. I then tripped and fell, exhausted. As I fell, to save the cat, I tossed her aside and hoped she ran away. JP's dad closed in on me, though I kept trying to crawl away.

      I woke up before he caught me.


      I was in my house in my brother and I's bathroom. There was something inside the shower behind the half-closed curtain, but I wasn't sure what it was. I took a brown Kroger shopping bag with some objects in it, and hit it, whatever it was; I never saw what I was hitting. I then saw Belle, my cat, come out of the shower. She looked like she had a little nick in her fur on her neck, but there was no blood or anything. She was just fine. I pet her a bit.

      I then walked into some gym-type room with lots of exercise machines. Not where I needed to be, and as I was leaving, I saw a ton of machines on the wall, as in suspended on the higher parts of the wall. On one of them, an exercise bike I believe, I saw someone I went to high school with named Jason.

      I was then back at my house. I went into my parents' bedroom. None of the lights were on, but it wasn't pitch dark, just kind of dim. I started to go into the bathroom, when I saw two white cats that looked like Belle right outside of it, one pouring blood from a wound in her head/neck area, and the other dead, her eyes lifeless and cloudy. I touched the dead one, who looked more like a kitten than a full-grown cat, and her body was cold. I looked to the other, a more grown up cat, and she was trying to keep walking on, trying to keep going despite the bloody gash in her head. I started to get very upset, because not only was a cat dead and the other critically wounded, I knew I had done it when I hit the thing in the shower. I knew it, and I knew that the Belle that I pet in shower did not get hit. It was weird. I started yelling for my brother to call someone so we could get this cat to the animal ER. I didn't have very high hopes of her making it.


      I was at some house party with a bunch of people I didn't know. It was nighttime. I had been talking with some guy right outside the house, and apparently, I was being a smartass. In fact, I was an asshole apparently, according to everyone at the party. I don't think I was trying to be, really, I was just coming off that way.

      They all started to kind of gang up on me, calling me a jerk and stuff, telling everyone who didn't know that I was a jerk. I took it by being a smartass back to them. Then, I decided to be nice and polite to everyone instead.
      "I can be nice too," I said.
      The main guy whom I had been talking to before said something like "Oh yeah?" back.
      I then started to reintroduce myself to everyone with a huge, genuine smile on my face.
      "Hi, I'm Krista, it's nice to meet you!" I said to the people around me, each individually, shaking their hands. That seemed to be working!

      I then remember being inside the house for a little bit.

      Then, outside again, I introduced myself to a guy that looked like Jonah Hill. I think someone brought him up to me so he could meet me. We chatted for awhile, and started to kind of like one another. I knew he was kind of getting a crush on me.

      We then were on a brown, wooden boat on this very big lake. Things started to get Minecraft-y here (so who can guess what game I've been playing lately? ). The boat kept almost overturning, and then, I fell out of the boat. The water was very, very cold. So cold, my legs were going numb, and I could barely move them. The guy who looked like Jonah Hill (I'm just gonna call him Jonah from now on) helped me out of the freezing water and back into the boat.

      The boat then overturned, and we both fell out. I remember being underwater and seeing him. I was trying to reach him before he went over a waterfall that was not far from us. The current would take us there if we weren't careful.

      I then pulled out a dirt block (Minecraft) so I would float, and while underwater, picked up another dirt block, and swam more quickly to Jonah, who was heading straight for the waterfall. I gave him the dirt block so he'd float too, and pulled him to safety.

      Then, we were back at the house where the party was, and he cutely asked me if he could have my number. I smiled and said
      "Yeah! Hold on, let me go get my phone."
      I went back in to get my phone.

      Then, I woke up.

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    12. Volcano Game Show, and "Who Is CH?"

      by , 09-10-2012 at 04:23 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was watching something happen at a volcano. It was supposed to be some show. The host, a man, was using the volcano to help people. But the last person he helped, another man, had gotten killed by the eruption. There was a girl, the man's daughter, whom was about my age, telling me about it all, wanting someone to get him to stop before he killed someone else. That dad wasn't completely naive to the deaths, but he felt like it was doing more good than bad.

      I remember being in Jake's apartment. I think that's where the girl lived.


      I was looking at Facebook, scrolling through my timeline, and saw back to where I had a friend request from one of my old professors (we are Facebook friends IWL). I didn't know who he was at first, so I posted his profile picture, the back of what was supposed to be his head, covered in brown hair and looking in a mirror, but the mirror reflected the back of his head again. Next to the picture, I put his name, and wrote "Who is CH?". It didn't have any responses. Then, I saw that I figured it out and accepted his friend request.

      At some point, I remember having to go on a trip somewhere. I was excited, but I couldn't figure out what clothes to pack, since all my white camisoles were dirty, and most of the clean shirts I had required I wear a white cami underneath.

      There was more to these dreams, but I didn't really sleep a whole lot. My insomnia is back in full-swing (stressful week ahead -_-).

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    13. Jane Kills Her Mother, and Being Jumped by Giant Dogs

      by , 09-07-2012 at 04:44 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my house in the kitchen with someone, I want to say kind of a butch-looking girl. I went to the fridge and opened it to find some wine. I pulled out the bottle, and there was only about a glass left. I said something to the girl about there barely being any left, so I was just going to drink it from the bottle. I pulled the cork and put it to my lips.

      Dream skip. Things get interesting here.

      Someone, I think this girl I know in waking life named Jane, had lost her parents (not so in waking life) when she was younger. I was watching the scenario of how how she lost her mom. Apparently, she had lost her parents at different points, first her dad, then her mom.

      The story was that they were at a beach when she was very young, probably about 6 or 7, and her version of the story was that her mother was killed by being swept out in powerful currents or something. I watched the beach come into view from above. I saw it was a sunny day. The beach was secluded and rocky, and lots of areas formed huge, strong currents between the rocks.

      Then, it was like I was playing some weird version of Sim Earth, and I started trying to get rid of the currents by placing waves between the grey rocks where the current got strong. This just pushed the current outwards. I kept trying, and it kept doing the same thing, so I just deleted my wave placements to make it go back to normal.

      Then, I was watching the young Jane and her mother, both very beautiful. Her mother seemed like a very, very kind woman. They were standing in very shallow water close to the shore by a huge rock formation at the very left side of the beach. Something happened to where Jane killed her mother, though it was not on purpose, but an accident. She was stabbed through the middle. I saw the wound, and it was bloody, but not too bloody. The present Jane then had this horrible realization that she had killed her mother, after thinking for years it had been the currents.

      Then, I was getting out of my parked car on a sunny day at this Catholic church in my town. I was going to meet either Jane or Jake, I'm not quite sure anymore. I think it was Jake. I had to walk somewhere though, so I got out of the car, and started to walk away from the church. I got to the corner of the sidewalk, and to my right, I saw a little ways from me, two HUGE grey dogs. No collars, no leashes. They looked like Great Danes. As bad as I want a Great Dane (I do want one in waking life), I did not want a run-in with these dogs. I turned to my left, and again, a ways away from me were two more gigantic grey dogs.

      I started back towards the church, trying to step cautiously as to not startle the dogs. Well, apparently, I wasn't taking enough care in my steps, because first two, then the other two, started to bound towards me. Not out of aggression, but they wanted to greet me. I am very small, even in waking life, compared to Great Danes, but these were even more massive and muscular than their waking life counterparts. I was walking by the parked cars in the parking lot as they started to jump on me excitedly. One bit me on the arm he was so excited, but not hard enough to make me bleed, though I did still feel the pain of the bite.
      "Down! Sit! Stay" I started to say forcefully over and over.
      They backed off a little, but not much. Then, right as I feel like I was getting to my car (I don't think I was going to leave, but I needed shelter), a Golden Retriever started to join in on the fun.

      At some point during all this, I remember calling Jake. He asked if I wanted to meet him somewhere else or something, and I said yes.

      I also remember seeing a photograph of Jake as a child, I think it was Jake anyway, in front of a building with some other children. Jake was not smiling. He looked angry and sad. He had lost his parents (it was bleeding in with the Jane story at that point).

      I know I'm leaving some things out of here, especially in the part where Jane's mother is killed. But the most vivid part of the dream was the dog part, seeing them and being jumped all over by them. Odd.

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    14. Possible Lymphoma, A Beautiful House, and Beheading Knives

      by , 08-30-2012 at 04:06 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at the doctor's with Jake. We were getting tests done. The room was white, and I was sitting on the white table, and a female doctor came in. She told me she had reason to think I had lymphoma. She then gave me this sample cup with some transparent red liquid in it. It was a home test for lymphoma that I was supposed to mix with urine to get the results.

      I was then at home, and debating on whether or not I should tell my mom, or anyone for that matter. In the dream, it wasn't as much of a death sentence as it is in waking life, but still wasn't good news to hear. I didn't want to tell anyone yet, not till I knew for sure, anyway.

      I went into the bathroom, and pulled down my pants to pee in the cup. In my panties was this note saying something along the lines of since my er...vaginal discharge was still wet after a certain amount of time, I had lymphoma. Gross, I know. I was then holding some magenta, heart-shaped pad. I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I think I threw it out and peed in the cup.

      I then sat the cup with the pee and red liquid on the bathroom counter. It was still red; nothing had changed. Hmm...that must be a good thing, right?

      I then saw a clear plastic bag on the counter that the cup had come in. It had a dropper in it, and instructions saying how to exactly conduct the test. If the test was positive, the red solution in the cup would turn green. Apparently, I had screwed that one up by peeing directly in the cup. It also said something about putting that magenta, heart-shaped pad in my underwear and wearing it for a certain amount of time. Oops.

      I then took a big swig of pure urine, where I got it, I'm not sure, since I had peed only in the red liquid. It was warm and disgusting. I spit it out.

      I was then freaking out to someone about lymphoma.
      "Am I going to lose my hair?!" I panicked.
      I don't remember the response, I think it was something like "not necessarily."

      I then was posting a question about it on some forum, I think it was DV but I'm not sure, but instead of referring to it as lymphoma, I referred to it as "schuza". Lolwut.


      My family and I were house shopping (IWL we are selling our house here and moving to another state). We were looking at a beautiful, huge house. It was so big, it was like a maze. My mom and I were walking around, going in at out of beautiful rooms. We walked into this one room with a very nice bathroom.
      "I want this room!" I said. I was so excited!
      Then we went into another room, and the bathroom had a HUGE, beautiful shower. The shower was white, and glassed-in, with different "stations" in it for washing.
      "No, I want this one!" I said. I've always had a thing for nice showers (true IWL).
      The room also had a little "nook" where a twin bed sat. On the other side of the nook sat another twin bed. I thought that was the coolest thing! I wanted it so bad, but I have a queen-sized bed, and there was only enough room for a twin. Oh well, if I had this room, I could use the nook for other things.
      I really hoped my parents bought this house. It was so wonderful.

      We continued to explore the house and its endless rooms. There were big and small rooms, so many to choose from for bedrooms!


      I was outside in the driveway with my mom. There were other people there as well, people that my mom didn't like. One was a little boy with dark hair and a bowl cut. My mom was saying how much I didn't like him and how annoying he was. She said I should behead all of the people there because they were annoying. I then had a sword in my hand. I didn't want to kill, I never want to kill, no matter how much I'm "annoyed".

      Then, the child laid on the ground. His head was then a knife blade, with a very small space between the blade and the body that was supposed to be the neck. I knew I needed to do it for some reason, as much as I abhored the idea, and the fact that I have a strange phobia of blood. In one swipe, I cleanly severed the "head", and blood oozed out. The driveway was then carpet, and I was afraid the blood would stain.

      I then had to do it again to five or so other people. Their heads were knives also, and in one swipe, I cleanly severed them. Blood oozed out. I told my mom I did it, and she was proud of me. She didn't think I could do it. The only thing she said I was supposed to do that I didn't was slowly stab the first person in the head with a steak knife so they would suffer. I said no, I would not do that. If I had to kill these people, I would make it quick and painless.

      The blood stains and the bodies were then gone, and we were in the house. We started to hear what sounded like the tornado siren. We went outside, and the sky was clear and blue. We stood in the driveway and looked over the house in the opposite direction, and saw this big, strange cloud moving quickly towards us. It was sparkling. It was really weird.

      I then heard my mom say something to her friend Lisa, who wasn't there with us, but maybe on the phone? She said
      "I said to paint i's, not eyes!"
      The sparkles on the clouds then appeared to be eyes.
      "Oh! I guess I'll have to redo it then!" said Lisa's disembodied voice.


      I was laying on the couch in the living room with Jake, watching TV. It was dark in the room save for the TV, and nighttime outside. Jake was cuddling with me. He was spending the night, and we were sleeping on the couch. I then heard someone come in the back door, and thought he probably wouldn't be able to stay now since someone else was home. Oh well. I was so tired, I was gonna just fall asleep despite the fact that Jake was probably about to be told to go home. Maybe they wouldn't notice us in here.

      So yeah...the first dream and the second to last were kind of fucked up. O_O

      Also, I wonder why I keep dreaming about Jake? We dated for awhile, and though we aren't anymore, we are still friends. But he has been in so many dreams lately. Odd.

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    15. Disconnected Fragments

      by , 08-19-2012 at 02:44 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was reading an email from The Sandman about cannibalism? I don't remember exactly what it said, but it was a long email.

      Then, I remember seeing a very dark court room, and seeing some guys burst in. I heard a woman's voice, she was "the queen". She said she didn't care how, but the guys were to stop whatever was going on in the courtroom. I didn't see what all happened in the courtroom, but I knew that the guys had destroyed it and everyone in it. I'm not sure what the goal of the queen's orders was supposed to be.

      Then, I was in the kitchen at my house. I was doing something at the sink and talking to my mom, who was standing across from me by our porch. She said
      "I'm going to the gym. I haven't been this week."
      "Neither have I," I replied.
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