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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Ocean Breastfeeding Frag and the Tallest Ladder

      by , 05-26-2016 at 01:22 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was looking at the ocean. There was a big boat with my friend Tara on it. I needed to breastfeed my baby, and she did it for me? Not with her own milk but with mine? I then saw a note in front of my eyes saying "breastfed this cycle". I then saw myself in the ocean, topless, with relieved, unengorged breasts. I made a joke with Tara saying it couldn't have been the baby who relieved my breasts, so it must have been her. She was not at all amused by this joke; she got super pissed.


      I was at an amusement part, Disney World I believe. I wanted to go on all the rides, but knew I couldn't go on any crazy roller coasters since I'm pregnant. I thought maybe I could go on some milder coasters or simulators instead.

      Dream skip. I was outside with this GIANT ladder. It was super tall and had a platform to stand on and look out on the top. I was carrying this ladder. I put it down. Something about my dad and me climbing it. I had gotten to the top at some point.

      I then remember being at the bottom and feeling a little bruise on my butt. I pulled my pants down to look, and I had a HUGE dark bruise between my right buttcheek and leg. I "remembered" it was from falling from the ladder at some point.

      I then remember seeing it snow. It had stopped earlier after a dusting, but started again; I saw it sticking to the roads. The sky was grey.

      I then was alone in the snow with the ladder. I was putting it down to climb it. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to put it down and have it stay steady for me to climb. I was sinking it into the snow-covered ground, hoping I could sink it in enough to hold it in place. I kept feeling like it wasn't steady enough, and couldn't tell if I just had it sunk into the snow, or if it was sunk in the ground. The bottom rung was covered in snow, and some guy made a comment about it, like I wasn't supposed to skip that rung. There wasn't much I could do though, as it was snowing. I started to climb. I was terrified, but I did it anyway (IWL not a fan of heights). It felt steady enough. I kept going higher and higher. At some point, I remember starting to climb down.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. I Remembered! Kind of.

      by , 05-12-2016 at 12:47 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I finally remembered parts of a dream. Just a frag but here you go.

      I was at Disney World. I rode one of the rides, though it wasn't a roller coaster or anything super high thrill. It was I believe one of those simulator rides, like Star Tours. While on the ride, I remembered that I was pregnant, and I shouldn't be on the ride. That also meant no roller coasters either, which was very disappointing, but it was better that I don't risk hurting the baby. I looked down at my pregnant belly at some point, I think when the ride was over.
    3. The Dreams of an Insomniac

      by , 10-18-2014 at 10:23 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was laying in my parents' bed on my dad's side in the house I grew up in. I kept looking at the clock, waiting for when I had to get up. My friend, Mk's dad, was in the house for some reason. He came in the room and was talking to me. I was kind of uncomfortable. He came in the room and talked to me.

      I was thinking about which work I was going to. Was in the bakery, or the coffee shop? I "remembered" that my old boss from the coffee shop said I could go back there any time, and she was going to schedule me for Thursday (which was the current day in the dream). I never got a solid confirmation that she was going to do that, and I hadn't worked at that shop in so long, I didn't know what to do. I looked at the clock and it was after 5am. It was getting too late for me to go anyway. I decided to stay home.

      I was then at a restaurant at Disney with my brother and I think his fiance? We were in a restaurant. We were then in this place that was holding some sort of scary Halloween show. I didn't want to stay there, so I left. I was then going down some stairs/a ramp (can't recall which). All these moving walkways were coming off of the stairs/ramp going out to the left and right. There were people on the walkways. It was some attraction at Disney that had been modified for Halloween. The employees on the walkways would get you from the main staircase/ramp as they were about to pass you and take you on their moving walkway with them and guide you through the now haunted attraction. I was leaving and alone, so I didn't want to go. I avoided getting the attention of any employees.

      When I got to the bottom and close to the door, I decided I did want to go on it after all. I thought I saw my brother coming in through the door, which would be great because he could go with me, but it turned out to be someone else. I turned around to look at the stairs/ramp and the moving walkways. I watched an employee come up behind a black man and get behind him as he moved onto the moving walkway. He hadn't seemed to have startled him.


      Barely slept, got up around 4am for work. Gotta do the same thing again tomorrow. -_-;
    4. Cookies and Cops, End of Vacation, Weird Rugrats/League of Legends Game, and New Job

      by , 10-15-2014 at 11:30 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a city. I was trying to bake some cookies, all with different flavors of things on/in them. Some were, of course, chocolate chip, another was cinnamon I believe, and there were more but I can't remember them. I put them in the freezer when I realized that I needed to brush some sort of oil over them, so I did. I didn't think I was supposed to do it when the cookies were frozen though. Oh well, too late now; I'm sure they'll be fine.

      Then, something about being with someone else and we were running away from two cops. It kind of reminds me of one of those comedies with Seth Rogen in it, kind of like Super Bad or something; it just had that feel to it. We would hide somewhere in a building, like in a garage, and hope the cops didn't catch us.

      I kept going back to the cookies throughout the dream to work on them.

      My grandma was in this one too at some point.


      Dallas and I were enjoying our last day at Disney World before we had to go back home. We both went off and did our own thing that day. I spent the whole day in one part of the park. I called it "Fantasyland", though it looked nothing like the IWL Fantasyland at Disney World. It had more of a pirate/water feel to it, with many rides that looked like pirate ships that would swing around. There was one that Swung around in some half-tubes of water. I didn't want to ride it because too much swinging around makes me sick to my stomach (true IWL; forget going on carnival rides!). Dallas had wanted to ride that one. I had told him he could ride it, but I didn't want to.

      Towards the end of the day, I was thinking about how quickly our time at Disney went by. I couldn't believe it was already time to go home! I also thought about how I had spent the entire day in one part of the park.


      I was getting online to play League of Legends. I picked my character and was taken into the loading area. My character looked different; it was drawn in Rugrats-style art. In fact, it was from Rugrats (it was a character that doesn't exist IWL). I somehow went back to look at what character I had picked, and I had not picked any Rugrats character. I went back to the loading screen and it was still the Rugrats character. In fact, now that I was looking at it, everyone had Rugrats characters! It must be some event that Riot is doing to promote a new Rugrats things. I saw that the classic characters were there as well. I remember seeing some cut scene of them all coming up individually on the screen and saying something. My character did it, but so did the classics. I remember Tommy, Phil, and Lil.

      The game then started. The map looked wildly different; it was more Starcraft-like than LoL. We spent a lot of time just chatting with each other, not making any moves to do anything towards winning. This lasted for some time, maybe 15 minutes or so. I kept thinking about this and how the other team must be so far ahead of us. I then broke away from the team to go gather resources (another Starcraft reference). I noticed that the others were now gathering them as well. In fact, they were being gathered so quickly, when I tried to gather them, they disappeared super quickly! How odd.

      I then saw something on another screen to my left saying that the only people in the game were me and this other guy. He apologized to me because he told me he was trying to find someone to sell him some weed. I saw him say this on the computer screen in a chat, but then again I saw him, this time I actually saw him, walking around with a cell phone. He was trying to call people to sell him weed.

      Then, I was in the bathroom playing the game again. This time, there was that screen to the left on some what looked like hot plates sitting on the bathroom counter. It had some pictures of characters on it. I started to do something in the game, and the hot plate turned on, making this crazy noise. It also looked like it was plowing hot air into the air (kind of like a teapot). It didn't seem like what was supposed to happen, so I freaked out and turned it off. I turned it on again, and it kept happening. The air wasn't hot that was coming out of it, I now noticed, but maybe a little warm. Still strong though. I turned it off again and gave up.


      I was sitting on this long, silver chair that was an outdoor elevator sitting with Laura, one of my old managers. It had a safety harness pulled down in front of us. It was slowly bringing us down. It was nighttime. It had something to do with going to work. I was talking to Laura about my work concerns. The elevator chair then got to the bottom and let us out. It almost started to go back up again when I realized I had left my purse on it. Laura grabbed it for me, and then it started to go up again. I thanked her.

      I then was walking into a fast food restaurant that I was apparently working at now. I had a bright orange long sleeved shirt on. I noticed that all the other employees had on light blue short sleeved t-shirts. Was I wearing the wrong thing? As I walked further into the restaurant, I noticed some people with bright orange on. I saw some short and long sleeves. I didn't feel so bad now.

      I then sat down at a booth, and my boss, an older Indian gentleman, was sitting there across and diagonal from me. Next to me sat another employee. The boss then told me to scratch out this word that was on my name tag in the background that advertised a certain product they carried and to write this other one in in its place. It was a weird word that started with "cha", but I can't remember the word right now. I started to scratch it off. He was explaining to me what they did: Each employee was assigned a product at the beginning of their employment. It was random. But then, after a bit, they were assigned a new one. That product was the one they had to push and advertise. I thought to myself wow, what a unique advertising strategy. The guy next to me was scratching his word off the tag as well.

      I then saw something written on a menu about employees all being given a nickname. It explained about one guy whose nickname was "Um" because he would slip the word "um" into almost everything he said, both in English and French.
    5. Anti-Rape Movement, Tornado at Disney (Lucid), and Zoning Out at Work

      by , 10-03-2014 at 02:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was outside somewhere in a parking lot. I noticed a car with lots of little signs propped up on the hood that said things like "Blow me!" and other similar statements. Upon further examination, I noticed it was an anti-rape thing that people did. It was like you'd put all these vulgar statements about oral sex on your car while it was parked, and it was supposed to be an anti-rape thing.

      The things were then on my car, though in the dream, I had a mini-van or an SUV, not the car I currently have IWL. Dallas didn't like it at all. It made him mad. At one point, I believe he was taking the signs off the car.

      Then, we were inside a mall. There was a table that had all the signs on it. For some reason, I went to go pick the signs off, and noticed there was a necklace at each place. I started to pick up all the necklaces. Some were gold, some silver. I particularly liked one with a large elephant pendant on it, but I knew it would be way too long on me. I then noticed that the table was set for a dinner that was going to take place that had something to do with the anti-rape thing. The necklaces were gifts. I started trying to put all the necklaces back.


      I was at Disney World at Hollywood Studios, though it didn't look like it at all. I was with my mom. We were walking when I looked behind us and saw that The Tower of Terror was collapsing! I also saw other tall buildings collapsing. I thought maybe it was a tornado. I then saw one off the the right destroying more buildings. At this point, I started to question where we were. Was it Disney? It must be. My mom and I started to run the other direction, and I was thinking to myself that you probably shouldn't try to outrun a tornado. We then came across some tall grass and somehow figured that was the best place to go.

      I then was walking towards the ruined Tower of Terror, thinking about how many people had died in the tornado, when I figured out I was dreaming. I did some finger counts, and only came up with 6 once. The rest of the times I came up with 5. I also noticed that my nails were painted. I then tried to stick my finger through my palm, and it went through.

      I knew I didn't have much time left for this dream, so I decided to fly a little. I was right next to the ruined Tower. I was jumping, trying to get into the air. I then remembered to just let myself float, and it worked. I floated effortlessly into the air. I didn't go very high, but I wasn't trying to. I did let myself float a tad higher, and would start slowly sinking down again, so I'd have to do the floating thing again to gain my height back. I floated into the ruins of the tower; it was literally just the base that was left and nothing more, not even a ton of rubble or anything.

      I then couldn't think of what else to do. I decided to talk to my mom, whom I suppose was nearby somewhere, though I didn't see her. I said
      "Hey, you know I'm lucid dreaming, right?"
      She said
      "Yes, but only for like 5 more minutes!"
      "Less than that!" I said back.

      Nothing else exciting happened. A few minutes later,
      I woke up.


      I was walking through a mall, looking for a particular clothing store. I walking through this laser tag place where kids were running around. One little boy was trying to shoot me. I don't even have a vest on, I thought to myself. I then walked out of it and back into the mall. I was at a dead end. I felt as if this is where the store should be, but it was the same stores that I had already passed. I felt silly for going in circles.


      I was at the bakery. Barry, an older man who works there, was in the freezer getting something. I was standing in there as well in front of the open door. I was messing with my phone and just plain zoning out. I then walked out of the freezer and Barry followed. He was carrying a box. Had he needed to get out of there this whole time? I then wondered how long I had been standing there. He hadn't said anything to me about moving, though.

      I then was in a room that doesn't exist IWL. It was dark in the room, but only the colors of everything around me; there was enough lighting in there. There was a chair in the middle of the room. On it, there was a box of what looked like donut holes. It should have been in the freezer. I picked it up, and it was room temp. Wow, it had been out for awhile! I went up to Barry to ask him if I should put them back or what he was doing with them. He told me he was going to eat them. When he said this, along his bottom teeth, I could see this whitish cream that I could only assume was the filling of the donut holes.

      Shannon, my manager, was then there talking to someone, telling a story, but then she switched her attention to telling the story to me. I couldn't really hear her or understand what she was saying, but she was smiling, so I assumed it was a funny story. She then pulled her phone out to show me something on there. I wasn't sure whether I should just go with it, or tell her that I couldn't hear her.

      I then was out in front of the counter. There were these velvet line dividers up like you see at the movie theater that were leading up to the bakery. These two teenage/early 20s guys came up and were asking me something about getting hired, but I couldn't understand them either. I said
      "I'm sorry, what? I can't hear very well."
      They smiled, and I then quickly added,
      "But you don't have to yell." to make sure they weren't going to start talking too loud. My hearing isn't THAT bad.
      They started to speak again, and I still couldn't understand a word they were saying, though I could hear them. I just felt so zoned out. So, logically, to escape the situation, I just fell onto the floor, knowing that it would actually work and I would be somewhere else. I somehow had an inkling that this wasn't reality, but I wouldn't say I was lucid.

      I then woke up.
    6. Free Tickets to Disney World, and Writing Letters in Bed

      by , 10-21-2012 at 03:46 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was running through some area of the Magic Kingdom in Disney world with my friend, Leigh. It was evening, and there were lots of people around (obviously...I mean...it was Disney World). Leigh was running in front of me. She turned to the left and towards the entrance to a ride. I followed suit. I was really excited...I love Disney World, and haven't been since I was a little kid!

      We ran into the entrance, and ran down lots of off-white stairs with many other people. I started to think about how we got there; apparently, Leigh had won two free tickets. Well I can live with that. But then, I started to wonder if I was dreaming, because this was so exciting and surreal. It felt kinda dream-like, though I honestly hoped it wasn't a dream because I was having so much fun. I tested by trying to stick my fingers through my palms. It failed, so I didn't try another RC; I figured I should just live in the moment and enjoy it, dream or not.

      As I was RCing, we had gotten to the bottom of the all the staircases. We saw a closed gate at the bottom with I think a guy standing in front of it. There was a sign on the gate.

      Then, I was laying in bed somewhere, writing letters to my friend, Aaron. I was suggesting that I liked him and wanted to be with him, but not going right out and saying it; I was using very poetic language. But at the same time, it's like I was watching it happen to someone else. It was me, but it wasn't me. I remember Aaron was in a bed too, though I don't think the same bed. If it was the same bed, he wasn't trying anything with me. I remember seeing a girl I went to high school with, Maegan, sitting on some stairs.

      Then, I was waking up in a bed, very groggy, and Aaron was next to me, though there was a certain unspoken "distance" between us, like we were only friends and he respected it. My mom was there too, laying in her bed. She asked me what I dreamed about, and I told her, through mostly closed lips and gritted teeth (I felt like I couldn't open my mouth all the way for some reason)
      "Disney World and sex." though I didn't mean to say "sex", but it came out that way since my lips were closed and my teeth were gritted. I knew Aaron had heard me, but it was too late to take it back now. I think I went back to sleep.

      I then remember waking with Aaron again, extremely groggy, and getting up to use the bathroom. I slipped big empty M&M bags on my feet, or maybe it was already unwrapped wrapping paper. At any rate, I was shuffling to the bathroom with them on my feet.

      I then was sitting on the stairs on the back patio area at my house, and the letter writing thing was still going on. I then felt like it was me but wasn't me falling in love with Aaron. I saw him from the viewpoint of myself sitting on the stairs next to him, watching him play the acoustic guitar. Most of the focus was on his hands strumming the strings. I thought something along the lines of
      Sometimes, you find love when you least expect it.

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