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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Bulging Floors Signaling Apocalypse, and Getting Pissed at the Hubs

      by , 05-16-2016 at 01:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in the house I grew up in. Everything had a Walking Dead/apocalyptic feel to it. I was watching my old friend Tori's dog, in the dream I believe her name was Jasmine. I had her in the play room. My old cat Pounce was inside of a "baby jail" (those fenced in areas you buy for babies so they don't escape an area IWL). I later moved the dog to the baby jail too.

      I noticed that the floors were starting to bulge, even though we were on the 3rd floor (a nod to my 3rd floor apartment IWL). I knew it meant there was an impending earthquake.

      Later, I saw Tori and I told her that Jasmine and Pounce got along. I then started thinking about needing to pack and condense items to only necessities for the apocalypse. I pictured my family and I in a restaurant sitting and me having to condense some items I had into my daughter's diaper bag.


      I was about to go somewhere with my husband. We were doing something online. I'm not sure where we were. It wasn't anywhere that I know, but what seemed to be a completely different place. I remember seeing houses everywhere, like it was a neighborhood. My husband and I were going to go on a date, and he started to mention something about some other woman being there. I didn't know why that mattered since we are married. I asked him about how pretty she was, expecting him to tell me that she wasn't as pretty as me, but instead, he said she was prettier than me even though I was pretty still. o_o Really?! Of course this pissed me off. I stayed mad at him for the entirety of the dream. I don't think he quite understood why I was so mad.

      There were other parts involving going places and talking to other people, but I can't remember any specifics right now.
    2. Anxious to Go Home and Smoke/Spiderbirds/Winning Money

      by , 10-11-2014 at 10:16 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going to take my brother's friend, Tyler, home; he needed a ride. I really wanted it to go quickly so I could go home to the house I grew up in and smoke the little bit of weed I had left. I thought about my sobriety, but had previously already blown it, so what did it matter? I was planning on when to smoke it.

      I then was on my way home. Someone was with me, but it wasn't Tyler. Crap. I then realized I had forgotten all about him.

      I then was walking on the street and saw all these spider birds; they literally looked like different crosses between spiders and birds. They weren't all in the same area, but scattered about. I remember a black one with a spider's body and a bird's head. There were others, but I can't remember the details.

      I then saw Tyler's dad. He was doing something with a dog and a cat, which were apparently his/his family's. I went to pet the dog, and it bit my arm. He scolded the dog for doing so. I wanted to pet the cat too, which was a cream-colored, short haired cat with greyish tips on its ears and tail, but I don't remember if I did or not.

      There was something about a video game in here as well, some sort of quest/adventure game for the PC. You'd visit different places on the map. There was one that just got unlocked where you went and got $7000. I got it, and it was like I actually had $7000 in real life. I was thinking about how to tell Dallas and what we could do with the money.
    3. The Smart, Hostile Mansion

      by , 09-08-2014 at 02:22 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was now living in this huge old mansion. I was a new resident. It was like a smart house (if anyone's ever seen the Disney Original Movie "Smart House") where it knew its residents and whatnot. When you walked in the front door, you were in a small living area. There were chairs and couches to your right, and a fireplace to your left. On the wall above the fireplace was a small picture that looked like it had fallen onto the mantle. If you were not a resident and a resident had not announced their presence in the house (they literally had to say their name to the house; the house couldn't detect who the person was, but knew their voice and their name), the picture would rise up onto the wall, expand and you'd see that it looked like a huge painting of a man's who looked like Beethoven's face and bust. He would take on an angry expression, would glow electric blue for a second, and then shoot electric blue lasers out of his eyes at whoever was intruding and instantly kill them, turning them into a pile of dust on the floor.

      I was in the car with my mom. She was driving, and I was sitting in the passenger's side seat. Someone else was sitting in one of the back seats, but I'm not sure who it was. We were going to meet up at the house I grew up in with a bunch of women from Dallas and I's wedding: My bridesmaids, mother-in-law, etc. Everyone was going to wear the bridesmaids' dresses that I had my bridesmaids wear. I didn't want to go. Not at all. We were going to be out late, and I didn't want to. I kept thinking about the next day and how I was going to the beach with my mom and dad, but I kept going back and forth on that one, thinking maybe I wouldn't go, but then deciding that I wanted to go because it was the beach.

      Anyway, so in the car, we were painting our nails. They had to be a certain color, brown, because all the ladies at the get together were doing it. I had a base coat of chipped purple nail polish on my toes already, but re-did the ones that were really chipped. My big toe on my right foot had some very chipped polish on it. I touched it with my finger, and it rubbed right off. Guess I needed to redo that one as well. I asked my mom to give me a base coat, except for I called it a "top coat", and she gave me some hot pink sparkly nail polish. I had expected her to hand me some clear polish. Apparently, you could pretty much use any color as a base coat. I started to use it. There was a lot of polish bottles around me now, the colors I remember being sparkly white, the sparkly hot pink my mom gave me, and a dark purple. I was using all the colors to paint my toenails with their base coat. At one point, I was using my finger instead of a brush. I was then painting either my nails or my finger nails now using what I thought was brown, at least it looked brown to me, but I was actually using the dark purple. I then noticed that it looked like a lighter brown with a shimmer because of the purple.

      There was also this bottle of off-white sparkly nail polish that looked like it had some red or pink in it from dipping the wrong brush into it. It got dumped out the window, my window, either by my mom or the other person in the car.
      "Don't do that! You're wasting it!" I said.

      My brother's fiance' then called me. She seemed a little irritated.
      "What time?" she asked.
      "7:30," I replied.
      "It's until 7:30!?" she then asked, thinking that she was going to miss it.
      "No, it starts at 7:30," I replied.
      "Oh, ok," she said. She then hung up.

      Then, we were at my new house, the mansion. Apparently, someone in the party wanted to see it. We would only be there for a little bit. We were then in the house, and I was standing on one of the chairs across from the fire place. No one that was with me went past the point of no return. I had also, for some reason, not yet announced my presence. A group of other people then came in. First, a girl who looked kind of dorky/like a girl scout came in, followed by a group of people who just wanted to see the mansion. Oh shit. They were all casually walking towards the point of no return. Some then started to pass it, angering the picture. It came to life and started to zap them with its laser eye beams. It sounded like photon torpedoes from Star Trek: The Original Series. Many people turned to dust on the floor, and the people behind them kept walking like nothing was happening! What the fuck! I was yelling at them to stop, but no one was listening. They eventually got zapped too; this thing didn't miss a beat. I noticed one of my bridesmaids was about to pass the point, and I told her not to, and she stopped and backed off. She was a girl I don't know IWL. She was quite tall and had on a long, blue and white tie-dyed flowy summer dress.

      The house then was raging because so many people had tried to breach the security. These holographic-but-real giant blue bowling balls started to bounce towards us. I was knocking them back and protecting myself from getting hit. They felt heavy, but not as hard as bowling balls. This went on for awhile. When it ended, my dad, who was apparently there, jumped in front of the fire place in a volley ball bumping stance, like he was ready to take on more bowling balls.

      I then looked out a window to my right that went outside, and saw the holographic-but-real guard dog, who was a little beagle. He was sitting under an overhang chewing on too-ripe bananas. They would pop out of their skin from one of their ends and splatter on the ground. I peeked around to see the splatter, which was just out of my sight, and saw the splatter was black. Weird. It had something to do with the trespassers, like a kind of threat or something. I then started to call the dog, seeing if I could get a voice recognition on my name.
      "Hey! It's Krista Glory!" I said to the dog a few times.
      He didn't hear me though. I "remembered" when I had told the house my name and the dog would appear and run up to me and be excited to see me. This dog must be set on some sort of mode to where he couldn't hear me or was programmed to ignore everything except for the security breach.


      I woke up and wondered where "Krista Glory" came from (my last name is NOT Glory and never has been IWL). Yay dream logic. I love it. XD

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    4. Two Short Lucids, Dog Care Taking and Kohl's, and My Brother's Wedding

      by , 09-05-2014 at 03:13 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was waking up in my bedroom in the middle of the night. I saw that next to me there was no nightstand, and another bed close by. Definitely a dream; I have a nightstand. I got up out of bed and went to go try to phase through a long floor-to-ceiling window. Outside, I could see that it was actually a cloudy morning, not nighttime; I saw little slivers of light. I tried to go through the window, but instead of me going through it, it felt solid, and rose up out of its fixture and went outside with me. It looked kind of like a garage door would look like as it was opening. Wow, I bet this looked silly to my husband, who was in bed still.

      Speaking of my husband, I could faintly hear his snoring coming from waking life, and woke up.


      I went back to sleep, and was again aware that I was dreaming. I got up out of bed and went to try phasing again. I approached a wall. This time, I focused on simply phasing through. I don't know how else to put it, but really, that's all I had to do was think that "This wall isn't solid", basically. It worked, and I emerged in what looked like an alleyway at first with lots of dressers and chests of drawers of all different types and wood colors. They looked old. The wall in this alley was a soft olive green color with a black border on the top. Instead of an alleyway though, it started to feel more like a big room. I approached a dresser, and really started to focus on my surroundings, taking in the color and vowing to remember it. The dresser I approached had something attached to it that had lots of small drawers and doors, kind of like a jewelry box. I started to open some up to see what was inside. I wasn't finding anything. Some of the drawers and doors were to high for me to reach, so I decided to try to make myself taller. I thought to myself I would be taller, and I started to rise. It almost felt like I was levitating, not growing, but nonetheless, it worked! I opened a small door and saw what looked like a small shadow box with some figurines in it. I remember a miniature white teddy bear and some furniture, but nothing else.

      Again, I started to hear my husband's snores, and I woke up.


      The snores got so bad that I had to move to the other room to sleep more, so that's what I did.

      I then was dreaming of something that had to do with these big dogs I had. It's really hard to explain because it seems very abstract and jumbled in my mind. I feel like the dog care taking was kind of video game-esque. I had to go get something for the dogs. I went to Kohl's to get it. I was going up to some registers that don't exist IWL. I didn't recognize any of the employees there. I wondered where David was; he's normally up there all the time. I then approached a desk, I suppose it was the service desk, but it was round and in the middle of the store. Two boys were at it, one that had curly hair. They said whatever I was doing would take 15 minutes. Alright, that's fine. I waited. I do not remember what I got or if I even got it.

      At one point, I remember one of the dogs loving me a lot for something I did.


      I was at my brother's wedding reception. Something about maybe Dallas and I's wedding too? It was in this place that had lots of pathways and slopes, kind of like a hiking trail. I remember seeing my brother and his fiance' after the ceremony. I also remember thinking to myself I guess they decided to get married early instead of in December.

      I talked to a lady about some food there. I was helping to serve the food. She wanted white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. I went to grab her some out of this plastic container with drawers, but then realized that there was another container of fresher cookies nearby. I went to grab one. She was trying to grab one out of the drawer container. I asked if she wanted that one or the other one. I think she took one of each, or two of the old ones. I can't quite recall. My brother's fiance' got cookies as well, the old ones.

      Then, I was talking to an older lady with short, straight hair about a hair stylist. She was telling me she had expected me to leave her the name of someone that I recommended in the city I live in, and I hadn't, and if I could please do so. I wanted to tell her it wasn't my responsibility to find her a hair stylist, but whatever, I wrote down the name of a girl that I used to work with at Kohl's who does hair.

      Then, something about someone Dallas used to work with at his old job. It looked like the job, which resembled apartments or a beach resort, was overlooking a beach, but the "ocean", upon further inspection, was just a really long pond that would fill when it rained. I saw where the pond ended. Dallas was shushing me when I was talking about something to this person because of someone at that job, his boss or something, could hear me.

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    5. Putting Out a Fire, Disinterested Management, and Cancelling Back Surgery (But Keeping the Meds)

      by , 09-03-2014 at 01:55 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at the house I grew up in by myself. I went into the dining room, where I was apparently cooking something on the table. I noticed that there was a puzzle on the table next to whatever I was cooking, and it was on fire. There were other things on fire as well. I froze, trying to figure out what to do. I decided to just pour water on it. I did, and it put the fire out. I examined the puzzle pieces on the table to see if they looked burnt, but they didn't; they looked completely untouched. Upon further examination, I thought I saw some small black spots on the pieces that had been burning, but I may have been looking too hard.

      I was telling someone about the fire, saying that my cat had also caught on fire (I don't remember this happening in the first part but I remembered it as I was talking on the phone as if it did actually occur, if that makes sense). I believe I was on the phone. I told them that I had poured water on the flames to douse them.


      I was working at the bakery, but it wasn't anything like the bakery IWL. It actually looked more like a food court place at a college that I worked at very briefly. Cherie' was working there with me. We were there at night closing. We were cleaning the floors.

      There was a point where I was on a computer, filling out this thing to send my friends free socks. I could pick the color and everything. For one of the pairs I sent, I picked a muted teal color. I sent some to a guy I knew in college named Mason. I also sent some to my mom and Jeremiah. I "remembered" my mom loving them. I finished sending them. I asked Jeremiah, who was on a computer, if he had received the socks yet. I don't remember his answer. I hoped that everyone liked the socks.


      I went back into the coffee shop, because apparently, I was switching jobs again. I think I had already gotten hired. I was there to talk to the managers. I went inside, and it looked so much different than IWL. It was more long-ways, with a back counter that was also quite long. The floors, walls, and ceilings were dark-colored. It was quite busy. I was sitting at a table close to the counter. I then got up and for some reason, a lady that was sitting by the wall started to spout off her order to me. She wanted an Italian sandwich, and she was also telling me about how much meat she wanted on it or something. She asked what breads were good, but she used a different wording. I told her we had white and wheat, but I really liked the Italian 5-grain. I don't remember which bread she got, but I got up and went behind the counter. I had no idea how to fill her order. Why had I even taken it?

      One of the managers, a middle-aged man with dark hair and a dark beard, then came up to me. He seemed super fake-friendly to me. I told him I had worked there when the previous owners owned it, and it was like he didn't even hear what I said. He completely ignored me and started talking. He was talking slowly and looking away from me as he talked. We started to walk back to a back office. At some point, I met his wife who also owned the shop now.

      We were then back out in the cafe', and I was sitting down at the same table again. The guy and his wife were both there now. I wondered if this was an interview, or if I already had the job; I couldn't remember. I also wondered if that woman had ever gotten her sandwich. She was still there at any rate. I imagined that she had probably complained. I then again told the guy that I had been there when the shop first opened, and I was there for four years. He said
      "Oh really?" He really didn't seem that interested.
      I then asked him what hours I would work, if I would open or close. He said I'd mainly be closing. I told him I didn't really like closing, but I preferred mornings. I then asked him what their operating hours were, and he said 7am-11pm. Ugh, closing that late? Really? Eff that.

      I then was getting up to leave, and I had my doubts about them hiring me. They really didn't seem too interested in me, and I had made that comment about closing.

      I was then walking somewhere in a back alley with Dallas. I was really pissed about the owners being such arrogant dicks.
      "What a faggot!" I said very angrily as we walking. I threw something down on the ground. (IWL I don't ever use the word "faggot". It's interesting that I chose it here.)
      "You'll just have to get another job," said Dallas. He handed me a paper restaurant cup of soda. I threw that on the ground, and it was very satisfying for some reason; it hit the ground just the right way and made just the right noise. I said again
      "What a faggot!" I was really pissed.

      I woke up from this dream kind of confused. I didn't open my eyes, but kept them closed as I thought about why I would quit my bakery job because I love it. I didn't want to work at the coffee shop again. After a little bit, I started to realize that I had been dreaming, and that wasn't really what was happening. I felt immensely relieved.


      I was supposed to start work at that coffee shop, but for some reason, I had to get surgery on my lower back first. It had something to do with being inside this weird, cylindrical room with some big metal pole inside of it. It was some kind of mixer or something? I'm honestly not sure, but to operate it, I had to get something in my lower back fixed.

      I was then in the cylindrical room, holding onto the metal pole. There was something on the bottom of the pole, some kind of platform or something, that I was standing on. It started to go up. I was quite close to the wall, and hoped that I didn't get squished or hurt.

      I then decided not to get the surgery. Why bother? I didn't really want that job anyway. The airport called me and I cancelled my flight to Switzerland, which was apparently where I would have to get the surgery. I still wanted the meds though; they had already written me a prescription for three types of meds, one being a pain killer. Mk went to pick them up for me. She texted me something about them as she was doing so, asking me a question about them so she made sure she got the right things.

      I then received a phone call. I looked at my phone, and it was from a country called "Nigiri". I knew that was where my connecting flight was supposed to be. I answered, and the guy on the other line had a very thick accent. He was trying to confirm my flight, which was boarding at that time, and I told him I had cancelled it. He had me hold on for a second, then he told me that it would be a $15 cancellation fee. I told him that I had cancelled the other flight earlier, and I had gotten no such fee. I don't think we said anything else.

      I then was talking to Mk via text again. She was asking me which dog breed she should pick out. She gave me two options. I picked one, and then she came in with two dachsunds that were mixed with some other breed. I was playing with them and hugging them. They were so cute and fun!

      I then was driving to the liquor store. It was a Sunday afternoon (liquor stores are closed here on Sundays IWL), and the parking lot was packed full. I had to drive around to the side to find a place to park. I figured it was the after-church crowd.
    6. Saving Someone From an Unjust System, Can't Understand Anyone at Work, and Weird Life Sim

      by , 08-24-2014 at 02:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a school. It reminded me of the elementary school I first attended when I moved to the town I grew up in, but it wasn't an elementary school. It was more like high school or college. I was taking a class. I remember the class being over. There was a guy who wasn't doing as well who got forced to stay. They put him in some holding chamber.

      I wanted to rescue that guy. The system was super fucked up. I was with some others at this point. We were on some adventure to get some magical thing (I can't remember what it is) that granted wishes. We were going to wish for a giant something that started with the letter C that looked like a Zamboni, the thing they use to clean the ice at ice skating rinks. It had something to do with breaking the guy out.

      We found the magical thing. It lit up when it spoke with its disembodied voice (it had no mouth or anything). We wished for the Zamboni thing that started with a C. Along with it, the world gained a layer of very slick ice and snow. Someone commented on how the first layer of ice would melt and refreeze, making it extra slick. We were riding the Zamboni thing outside in the town. It was nighttime.


      I was at work at the bakery. They were having some roller skating day/party thing, but no one was wearing skates. They were just scooting around the floor on their socks. I asked someone about it, and found out that apparently, the manager said that since someone got hurt last time we couldn't wear skates to the skating nights anymore. I then saw a skating rink with people just scooting around on their socks looking bored as hell. Yeah, I wasn't gonna participate. This was stupid.

      I then was behind the counter helping this customer. It was a tall, lanky gentleman with poofy MC Hammer type pants. I don't remember what he was wearing on top, but it didn't match the pants. He kept handing me things he wanted repackaged, even things that weren't from my department. He handed me a package of raw chicken and right as I thought he was done, he handed me a package of pepperoni slices that already looked like half had been removed. Everything he said to me, I had to ask him to repeat, because for some reason, I couldn't understand him. I repackaged the chicken in one of our plastic containers that we have in the bakery, and wrapped some plastic wrap around it. I was trying to find a way to reprint the chicken label, since in the bakery we can only access the bakery label printing menu. I finally found a way, though, but I felt like it took me forever. I found the meat department label printing menu, and it had all these cuts of meat to choose from. I don't remember which one I ended up choosing. I finally finished with parachute pants man, and he thanked me. He seemed like he was in a hurry, but he was grateful for my help.

      I then was behind the counter by the bakery cases that have the donuts and artisan breads. My manager, Shannon, was there. Her very long hair was down instead of up and contained in a hairnet. She asked these two other girls that were with us if they knew how to do cookies. One said no, so she asked the other. I don't remember what the other said. She then turned to me and asked me something, but again, I couldn't understand her and had to ask her to repeat herself. I still am not sure what she said.

      I then was in the back, and there was a long line of clothing hung up on a rope that went across the middle of the room. I was going through them. They were Dallas and I's clothes. I remember seeing specifically some brown halter top that was hung up weird. Four things then fell off the hanger. I commented to Shannon about it at some point later, saying that 4 things fell off the hanger.

      I then was playing this game that was like a life sim, but with dogs. You could actually pick the animals you wanted. It had graphics similar to PS2 graphics. I had two golden retrievers. It looked like they were in a hamster cage. I was seeing them from a top angled view. They would get it on, then the female would develop big breasts for breast feeding. Then, two pups would be there, and then, they'd be gone, and the cycle would just loop over and over again. I thought it was happening way too fast, so I went into the settings and changed the amount of days that it took? It was weird. I changed it from 12 to 10. I then got a pop-up something saying, with a voice, that I didn't have any animals. So I went through a drop-down list and picked bunnies. This voice then told me how to masturbate the female bunny by sticking this stick thing up into it. The bunny turned over and it looked like it just had a big hole in its tummy. I stuck the stick in there. I actually felt it, too, like it felt rough and scratchy when I did it, but I was doing it right.
    7. Inconclusive Pregnancy Test, Performance With Dallas, Fox the Beagle, and Angry Mashed Potatoes

      by , 08-22-2014 at 02:44 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at this restaurant that had just opened. The inside was wood, and it was small. I was with a group of other people. We were going to work there. It was a small business. I wondered how they would do, if they would get any business or if they'd end up having to close, as so many small businesses do.

      I then was with my old roommate, Katie. We were about to take pregnancy tests. I went into a bathroom stall and sat on the toilet to pee on the stick. Before I could pee on it, I noticed that it was already a little wet from something. I hoped that didn't affect the results. I then put the stick underneath me and peed on it. I waited for the little test area to turn blue. After waiting a bit, I looked at the stick. There were two red lines. I thought it meant a positive result, but one of the lines was crooked, which meant an inconclusive result. I started feeling panicked about the inconclusive result, and wanted to take another one right away. I remember telling someone it was inconclusive.

      I went back to the restaurant thing again. I can't recall what happened.

      I then somehow got a hold of another test. I went to pee on that one, making sure nothing got on the stick before then as to not screw up the results. I peed, and the lines were blue, meaning not pregnant. At least now I knew for sure. I was kind of disappointed though.


      I was watching either a video or I was in third person watching Dallas and I play music together on a stage. I was seeing us from a top view. We had 3 or 4 songs that we did. I sang and he played the electric violin (like he does IWL). My voice sounded airy, but clear and pretty. I had the lyrics to at least one of the songs in my head after I woke up in the middle of the night, but I can't remember them now at all.

      I asked Dallas if there was such a thing as an electric cello. I wanted to learn to play it. I then saw his violin, and even though it was a violin, it was big and upright like a cello. I wondered if the electric violin was this big, how big is the electric cello? I figured the electric violin was so big so it would have a bigger range.


      The beginning of this dream is kind of jumbled. It had something to do with computer viruses.

      Then, I was walking in one of my old houses, though it didn't look anything like any of my IWL old houses. I was walking up some stairs into my old room, which had all of my old toys and furniture still in it. I entered the room and saw an orange fluffy cat with slightly elongated, pointy ears. She was running around the perimeter of the room. I immediately knew I wanted to keep her. I decided that, since she looked like a fox, I'd name her Fox. I thought about calling her Foxy, but I had already known an animal named Foxy (IWL, an old man who lived in our neighborhood had a corgi named Foxy Roxy). I called out to the cat:
      Then, a beagle walked out of somewhere in the room.
      "My name is Fox," she said in a soft female voice, though I think she said it telepathically.
      I went up to her and knelt down in front of her. I put my arms out in front of me to hug her. She smelled of dog, but it was ok. I wasn't sure if she'd hug me back, but she did. She put her paws on my shoulders. I was delighted. Telepathically again, she said
      "I'm sorry if I smell like dog."
      I don't remember my response, or even if I had one. We hugged for a bit. It was such a perfect hug.

      I decided to keep both her and the cat, but I was way more excited for the dog (IWL I've never owned a dog, and would consider myself to be a cat person more than a dog person). My parents were with me now, and we were outside. I had Fox on a leash, though I kept calling her Foxy. I was telling Fox that I could now have a guard dog to protect me. Either she or my dad said something about opening the windows when I leave her in the car. Of course I would. I imagined her in the car with the windows open. I was so, so excited for this new companion! I felt very close to her.


      I was sitting in a restaurant with my old boss from the coffee shop, Teresa. She was asking me if I'd take over the jewelry counter for Emily, because I knew better what I was doing. I looked over to the right and saw Emily's back. She was setting the jewelry cases. I told Teresa I would do it, but I had only set jewelry once. Emily was now Ashley, and she was close to us. She said something to me that was sarcastic as she walked away.


      I was playing some Mario game that wasn't very fun that you had a time limit on before you had to pay a fee to keep playing. That would happen constantly. I decided to stop playing, and this little girl started to play instead. Sherry, my old boss from Kohl's, was there as well. The girl seemed to be doing things on the game that I didn't figure out, like talking to characters in certain ways. A pop-up menu would come up when she interacted with another character, asking who she wanted to respond like. I remember she chose Tingle (from The Legend of Zelda) for one of the responses. I started to walk away as it played. I read a little bit of the text, but I don't remember what it said.

      Now, the girl was a kitten, a black kitten with pink stripes and purple color blocks. I stared at her for awhile. I knew it was very unnatural, but it just made me think about cats breeding with each other that had unnatural colored fur in their blood lines.

      The kitten was then the girl again, and she got into some food on the kitchen counter. I thought that she probably shouldn't eat that since she was a cat. Then, I heard Sherry's voice say
      "She eats angry mashed potatoes. ____ women shouldn't eat angry mashed potatoes!"
      By angry mashed potatoes, I understood her to mean she pouted or was angry when she ate them. Sherry then started to tell me a story about the girl eating angry mashed potatoes in a restaurant.

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    8. Putting My Old Cats to Sleep, and My Grandparents' Big Sale

      by , 10-18-2012 at 03:15 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was giving my old cats, Ziggy and Pounce, to my old manager, Virginia. The room we were in had tons of black cages on the floor with animals in them. They were to be put to sleep; it's why I was giving my cats to Virginia...they were old and sick (IWL both had to be put down, Ziggy when I was 15, and Pounce just last year). I handed the kitties over to Virginia. She seemed very professional and emotionally detatched from the job (I suppose you'd have to be, wouldn't you?).

      Then, I remember walking into my grandparents' house, though it didn't resemble any house I've actually seen before. I went through a couple of rooms, and found them in a wooden room. They were having a huge sale inside their house that had been going on for a long time, day in and day out. They were just getting rid of what seemed to be old junk that was all displayed, lined up on a wall by some windows. I saw Barbie-like figurines, an old Walkman CD player, among other things. People were coming in and buy them for garage sale prices. I think there were also some animals in cages here too, I remember seeing some puppies or small dogs; they were for sale as well. I saw someone, a man, pick up and buy the old Walkman, and something else from one of the bins.

      I then saw Virginia again, and asked her about my cats, and if they'd been put down yet. I asked her while not making eye contact, because I was trying not to show her it was a tough subject, and it did hurt me. She told me that they had, saying one had just recently been put down. I don't remember what else we said, if anything. The animals at my grandparents' were somehow connected to what Virginia was doing.

      Then, I was going through some more things to put out for my grandparents' sale, some more old Barbie doll type toys. I noticed that there were some on display already, and someone had made it so one of the Barbies looked like they were making out with a Ken doll. The Barbie was bent backwards, and the Ken was leaning in and "kissing" her. I kinda didn't know how they were even standing up that way, but I let it be for the time being; I'd fix it later.

      I started to set out some small dog figurines. There were some that were already up there with the Barbies, but I guess I had some other ones. I remember specifically setting out a small, black, fluffy dog, that kind of looked like a Pekingese with a haircut. Its tongue was hanging out.

      Like that, except for it was black. And also a toy.

      I got out some more figurines, I remember one that wasn't a Barbie at all, but it looked like an old McDonald's toy, some superhero or supervillain. I then fixed the Barbie that looked like it was making out with Ken so they were both standing upright and not "kissing".

      I remember thinking that though the stuff I was setting out was mine, I wasn't sure if I'd be getting the money for it, of if my grandparents would be. I figured it would be my grandparents, and I was ok with that.

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    9. Staying the Night at Jake's Parents' Place, Car Washes, and Seeing Old Friends

      by , 10-08-2012 at 03:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with Jake, staying the night at his parents' place, though it looked nothing like either of their IWL houses (they aren't together IWL either). The house was beautiful, clean, and spacious. It almost reminded me of a vacation home. I was lying in a bed that looked like it was in a big living area with these huge floor-to-ceiling windows. The colors in the room were neutral white and off white colors. I remember Jake being beside my bed as I was falling asleep.

      In the morning, I awoke to the sound of Jake's parents coming home. I was so tired, I didn't really care much. I peeked out from my sleeping mask to see if the sun was up yet, and saw that the room was very bright with sunlight. I gathered it was probably around 10am, a time I don't usually like to sleep in to. But I really just didn't care much that morning for some reason, though, I did get up and go walk over towards the windows.

      I then was in a wooden hallway near a sliding glass door that had lots of excited dogs on the other side. A girl was there. She opened the door just a little, I think just to get one of the dogs inside or something, and they all started to come in. She seemed overwhelmed and couldn't figure out what to do. I walked over to the door and the dogs and started commanding them back through the door, one by one. And one by one, they ran back through the door. I got them all outside, one doggy at a time.

      I then was walking back to my bed in the big living room area. I was coming from the direction of the windows. I then saw Jake's parents standing in the middle of the room, just looking out the window. I debated saying hello to them, but decided to just ignore them. They didn't say anything to me either. In fact, they didn't even look at me as I walked over to the bed, which now looked like a small pull out bed from a chair or couch. I curled up under the comfy covers, still very sleepy, slid my sleeping mask over my eyes, and that was that.

      Before I woke up for real, I remember briefly dreaming of chakras and auras, seeing aura photos with the chakras in them.


      I was with Jake again. This time, I wanted to go get my car washed. I told Jake this, but we rode in his car, which in the dream was an older, big navy blue car, to the car wash, which looked oddly like my waking life garage. We got out of the car.

      There were many people working in there, and there was another car pulled in on the other side of the garage as well. When we got there is when I realized that I had wanted to wash my car, but Jake's car was in there instead, since he had driven. I commented about this to Jake. One of the people, a guy, then asked Jake what make his car was, and he completely made up an answer because he wasn't sure. He told them his car was a "Minu (pronounced min-you)". As he said this, he was standing there facing the closed garage door.

      I was then in some room with some people I knew from high school, my friend Leigh being one of the people there. I saw Rachel B., a girl I used to be friends with, walk by with Cora, another girl who used to be my friend but is now just an acquaintance. Rachel B. and I don't talk anymore IWL. As they passed, I heard someone say "Hi, Krista!" I had, at first, thought it was Rachel B., but when I turned around to see who it was, it was Cora who had said hi. She walked past me. They were both wearing the plain black dresses we used to wear for choir concerts in high school.

      I was then in my garage, and I think Leigh was with me too. The garage doors were open this time, and it wasn't like a car wash anymore. In fact, no cars were there. I saw my friend Drew D. standing by the wall in the garage. I said hello to him and we started to talk. I noticed he looked skinnier than I remember him being IWL, and the right (his left) half of his face sagged a little. It looked like he had gotten Bell's Palsy, an infection of one of the facial nerves with the HSV I virus that can temporarily paralyze one side of your face (I've had this IWL). He just kept talking like nothing was wrong, like it wasn't a big deal, which was awesome, but I didn't say anything to him about it, though I wanted to. I just listened as he talked. Another girl then came up excitedly to say hello to him, and gave him a big hug. I figured that was my cue to cut the conversation off.

      I walked away, and out of the garage. It was a sunny day outside. I looked into the garage, and it looked like the floor had been filled with white concrete or plaster or something, some of it looked like it was covering up most of the tornado shelter that's built into the garage. It looked like the house was being completely renovated on the outside; I barely recognized it as the old house I grew up in, though it was still the same aside from the renovations.

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    10. Jane Kills Her Mother, and Being Jumped by Giant Dogs

      by , 09-07-2012 at 04:44 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my house in the kitchen with someone, I want to say kind of a butch-looking girl. I went to the fridge and opened it to find some wine. I pulled out the bottle, and there was only about a glass left. I said something to the girl about there barely being any left, so I was just going to drink it from the bottle. I pulled the cork and put it to my lips.

      Dream skip. Things get interesting here.

      Someone, I think this girl I know in waking life named Jane, had lost her parents (not so in waking life) when she was younger. I was watching the scenario of how how she lost her mom. Apparently, she had lost her parents at different points, first her dad, then her mom.

      The story was that they were at a beach when she was very young, probably about 6 or 7, and her version of the story was that her mother was killed by being swept out in powerful currents or something. I watched the beach come into view from above. I saw it was a sunny day. The beach was secluded and rocky, and lots of areas formed huge, strong currents between the rocks.

      Then, it was like I was playing some weird version of Sim Earth, and I started trying to get rid of the currents by placing waves between the grey rocks where the current got strong. This just pushed the current outwards. I kept trying, and it kept doing the same thing, so I just deleted my wave placements to make it go back to normal.

      Then, I was watching the young Jane and her mother, both very beautiful. Her mother seemed like a very, very kind woman. They were standing in very shallow water close to the shore by a huge rock formation at the very left side of the beach. Something happened to where Jane killed her mother, though it was not on purpose, but an accident. She was stabbed through the middle. I saw the wound, and it was bloody, but not too bloody. The present Jane then had this horrible realization that she had killed her mother, after thinking for years it had been the currents.

      Then, I was getting out of my parked car on a sunny day at this Catholic church in my town. I was going to meet either Jane or Jake, I'm not quite sure anymore. I think it was Jake. I had to walk somewhere though, so I got out of the car, and started to walk away from the church. I got to the corner of the sidewalk, and to my right, I saw a little ways from me, two HUGE grey dogs. No collars, no leashes. They looked like Great Danes. As bad as I want a Great Dane (I do want one in waking life), I did not want a run-in with these dogs. I turned to my left, and again, a ways away from me were two more gigantic grey dogs.

      I started back towards the church, trying to step cautiously as to not startle the dogs. Well, apparently, I wasn't taking enough care in my steps, because first two, then the other two, started to bound towards me. Not out of aggression, but they wanted to greet me. I am very small, even in waking life, compared to Great Danes, but these were even more massive and muscular than their waking life counterparts. I was walking by the parked cars in the parking lot as they started to jump on me excitedly. One bit me on the arm he was so excited, but not hard enough to make me bleed, though I did still feel the pain of the bite.
      "Down! Sit! Stay" I started to say forcefully over and over.
      They backed off a little, but not much. Then, right as I feel like I was getting to my car (I don't think I was going to leave, but I needed shelter), a Golden Retriever started to join in on the fun.

      At some point during all this, I remember calling Jake. He asked if I wanted to meet him somewhere else or something, and I said yes.

      I also remember seeing a photograph of Jake as a child, I think it was Jake anyway, in front of a building with some other children. Jake was not smiling. He looked angry and sad. He had lost his parents (it was bleeding in with the Jane story at that point).

      I know I'm leaving some things out of here, especially in the part where Jane's mother is killed. But the most vivid part of the dream was the dog part, seeing them and being jumped all over by them. Odd.

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    11. Crossing the River, and the Talking Cat

      by , 12-05-2011 at 03:24 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a river in a canyon, surrounded by rock walls. The sky was grey. I want to say I was in Oregon. The water was pretty shallow, but it was moving pretty fast; some of it looked like white waters. There was a girl with me, and there were other people around as well.

      I remember also telling someone that I had Gyrados (a Pokemon) at home. I was worried about moving to a top floor apartment because the water that he required would leak through the floor. Weird.

      I got into the river. I felt the water rush around me; I was about waist deep. I was going to climb over one of the rock walls to the other side of the river. This girl that was with me was being so annoying. She kept telling me everything to do, what I was doing wrong, etc. It was really pissing me off.

      I got to the wall and started to climb. The rocks were damp, dark grey, and mossy. I wasn’t afraid of the climb at all, surprisingly. In fact, I discovered that I loved to climb, and it came to me very easily.

      I got to the top, and the girl was still being annoying. I can’t remember what I did; in all honesty, I think I just ignored her, or maybe I told her to be quiet. Anyway, I climbed to the bottom the same way I did the top. I got in the water, which was rushing very fast; the current was extremely strong.

      I got in anyway. The water was a little deeper on this side of the wall. I saw other people in it, families even, who were not getting swept away because they were on the outskirts of the river in the more shallow parts. I started to get carried away, but I saved myself before I got swept too far. I fought the current and made it back to the wall.


      I was at my house, in my room. The lights weren’t on in my room, and it was grey outside. I think Leslie was there with me. I had all these pets...tons of cats and a dog. They were all kept in the playroom where I keep my cat in waking life.

      I went out into the hallway, and there were 3 identical orange, fluffy cats there. All of their names were Ginger, except for one, who I called Ginger White (why I have no idea…the cat was all orange just like the others). One was in the middle of the hallway, the other right behind it and to the right, and the last by the door.

      I went back in my room, and the phone rang. I answered it, and heard a small voice on the other end. I asked who it was, and they said
      “Ginger White!”
      “Oh! I couldn’t tell it was your voice!” I said back. I can’t remember what else was said specifically.

      Weird. My cat called me.

      I then went in the playroom. The dog in there was in the brown laundry basket beside the door to the game closet. He was a short haired small-medium sized dog with brown fur. He was jumping up and down, trying to get out of the basket, which also had some dirty laundry in it. I brought him some food and water.

      Then, I went downstairs into the living room, and there was a mother cat in a cat bed with lots of kittens. The cat bed was sitting on the far end of the couch on the arm. They were so cute! Some of their ears were flat, like the Scottish Fold breed of cat. They were dark grey with black stripes.

      I laid on my stomach on the couch and started taking pictures with my phone of the cats. I kept trying to zoom in and out, trying to get the best angle I could. Every picture I took was pretty good, but it wasn’t perfect like I wanted. The mother cat was being very good and looking at the camera every time I tried to snap a picture. I kept thinking about how photogenic she was.

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    12. Getting My Family out of Nazi Germany, a Recording Session, and Some Lucidity

      by , 07-04-2011 at 04:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was helping my extended family come to America from Germany so they would be safe from the Nazi army. They weren't Jewish, but they were in danger of being drafted into the Nazi army.

      I remember being in an airplane with them. I don't remember seeing an specific family members, but I knew we were on the plane for a long time. We were flying over from Germany to America. I remember seeing a lot of my family sitting in the back of the plane, only the seats were set up more like they would be on a bus.

      I then remember driving down a road in my town in the daytime. But then, I was out of the car but still on the road. My grandma was with me. I told her
      "Don't worry, you're safe from Hitler now."
      She didn't respond.


      I lived in this huge manchine. I remember I had made friends with this bigger black girl named Olivia who looked kind of like this girl I know named Bri in waking life. We were walking down the street. She was walking her dog. We talked for awhile, and she mentioned to me that I was invited to go to this recording session in Missouri. It was being done by this guy that I know in waking life who comes and records some of the bands that play at the coffee shop I work at. I wasn't actually going to be doing any singing or playing music, but I was going to be doing technical stuff. I remember reading a letter from the recording guy that was inviting me and giving me details of the trip. Olivia had been invited too.

      Then, Olivia asked me to grab her this weird writing thing, it was like a caulking gun but it had ink or paint in it. I gave it to her. She then spray painted some of the pillars at my manchine. They were originally blue, but the spots she painted on them were yellow. She painted some other things. The whole time I was telling her to stop and asking her what she was doing, but she never listened.

      I then remember being back in the manchine. I was in a room with lots of waterways that led to outside. I saw my cat, Belle, jump into the water and start swimming. There was another cat swimming in there too, a black one I think. I was afraid Belle would swim outside and I'd lose her. She tried to go outside when someone opened this door in the water, but they quickly shut it again so she couldn't escape.

      My mom then got mad about Olivia vandalizing the pillars outside the manchine.

      Then, I remember practicing what I was supposed to be doing at the recording studio. It was almost kind of Guitar Hero-esque; I had to press some button every time a note came up. The notes looked like little colored boxes. I wasn't doing very well; it was moving too fast and my timing wasn't right.

      I then remember talking to some people in the manchine. I think I was in my room. One of the people in there was my friend and coworker, Tori. She had also been invited to the recording session. I asked her if she was going, and she said no. She then said she didn't think anyone from my town was gonna go. I then told her I probably wouldn't go then either. She said it was typical that no one from my town was gonna come to the session.

      I was then driving around in my car, just thinking and driving like I do so often in waking life. I then started to think about dreams, and did a reality check by counting my fingers. The first time I counted five, but I did it again and counted six. I was dreaming! I counted my fingers again, and counted 7 or 8. I then made a ton of fingers appear out of my hand. My hand looked super crazy! I shook my hand and all the extra fingers disappeared.

      I then floated up through the roof of my car. There were 2 guys with me, they were behind me. We were flying around above my car. It was like we were flying through a city, there were buildings on either side of us. They were an orange-red color. I looked into the sky. It was a beautiful blue and spotted with clouds. All the clouds were shaped like different things, but I can't remember any specifics.

      I examined my hand to try to keep the dream, but I lost it. I don't think I woke up, I think I went into a non-lucid dream, but I can't remember exactly.

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    13. Houseplane and a Talking Dog

      by , 05-26-2011 at 03:40 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I remember getting in the car with Ryan. We were talking and laughing, even though we were broken up. He leaned in to kiss me, and I kissed back. I wasn't sure what to think of the whole situation, but I just went with it. I was happy. I wondered what that meant, if it meant we were back together. We drove somewhere, not sure where.

      Then, I was sitting at a table with someone. I was telling them about my friend who just came out as being gay. I was very close to their face and talking very softly. I quickly regretted telling them, because I didn't want his mom to find out. I then told whoever I was talking to to keep it quiet so his mom didn't find out, because he needed to tell her himself.

      I then remember being in some house. The sun was going down. When you opened the front door, we were in the air. It was like we were in an airplane. I "remembered" jumping out before with a bunch of other people. It was how we got from one place to another. I knew it was about time for us to jump out again. I remember talking to my dad about it. I had also thought about how everyone else who jumped waited to pull their chute. I pulled it earlier than everyone else did, so it took me a little longer to get to the ground.

      Then, it was nighttime. I knew I still was going to have to jump out of the house/plane, even though it was dark. I wondered how I would find my parachute cord. I figured I could just jump out while holding onto it.

      I then remember being outside. We weren't in the air anymore. I left through the front door, and outside at the neighbor's house, there was a big dog, a St. Bernard. I remember seeing a piece of paper from my dad, saying the dog didn't have a name, but was only known as "the ex's dog", or something like that. I remember talking to the dog, I don't remember what we talking about, but we were talking. I was petting him as well.

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    14. A Destructive Machine, and Dead Dogs

      by , 04-25-2011 at 04:17 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a grocery store/office building. Everyone was lined up at these tables all over the store. We were all in pairs. The person I was with, a guy, was making smoothies with weed in them. He made us each one, and we drank them. They tasted slightly sweet, but mostly earthy. We were trying to avoid being caught.

      Then, the guy was my friend Melody. She wanted to buy more weed, but didn't have the money. Her dealer was there, this big guy. He was asking her for money and she was begging to pay him later. I told her I could contribute $20 but that's it, and she would have to give me some of the weed. She kept saying "Thank you! Thank you so much!". The dealer gave me the baggie of weed. The problem was, I didn't have the $20 on me; I had to go to the bank to get it. I tried to give it back to him until I had my money, but he gave it back to me.

      I then remember being outside my house in the driveway. It was dusk. I was waiting for my motorcycle to come back so I could get back to the store/office with the money. There were lots of people there waiting for their motorcycles to return. Funny thing was, no one was manning the cycles; they were just driving up and people were getting on them. I then had someone warn me to not go back to town, because "everything was getting smashed". I felt like I had heard about this, but still decided I needed to get back.

      I got back to the building. Melody had a sheet from her dealer that she had to fill out since she didn't have the money, explaining why she didn't. She pulled out a pipe. It looked similar to mine, but had a much bigger bowl. She packed it and started smoking. She passed it to me. I took a hit, then heard, saw, and felt something.
      My perpective changed and I saw a wall being shaken.
      I looked up. The ceiling was glass above me. Through the glass, I saw a piece of construction equiptment. It was what was causing all the destruction in town; it had malfunctioned and was out of control. I remember someone referring to it as a "hammer". It was very tall and yellow. It was barelling towards us. There was a clamour to get to the basement; we all ran downstairs as part of the machine came crashing through the glass ceiling. Glass was flying everywhere. I hoped to not get cut, but thought that it would be better than being crushed. I remember being huddled with Melody in a small corner.

      Then, just as we thought the whole thing was over, the whole machine fell down into the building. I thought it was going to land on me, but it landed right in front of me instead. It had trapped some of my friends under it. I remember seeing my old friend Cameron trapped under the huge machine. He was crying out for help, a pained look on his face. I reached out to him.
      "Cameron!", I cried. Many people were reaching out to help him. I remember people touching his face.
      Then, I saw my friend Jason trapped as well.
      "Jason!", I cried out. I reached out to grab his hand.

      I then remember typing out this dream in my DJ here on DV. I remember typing out a weird title in the "Title" box. I worried about the drug content of the dream being discovered by my college.


      I was in Ryan's van with him. We were parked next to my neighbor's house. There was a van parked next to us with two older women sitting in it. They looked like they were up to something. Ryan and I were trying to figure something out or we were talking or something, and after awhile, the ladies were still there in their van. Hmm...

      Then, I remember walking through the halls of what looked like my elementary school. I saw two dead dogs in the hallway. One was a big brown dog, and the other was a small Beagle laying in a space under my neighbor's mailbox. It was like I was inside and outside at the same time. I then knew that the ladies had killed the dogs and left them there. I remember seeing a few girls crowded around the dead Beagle and patting its head. I thought that maybe he was still alive.

      I then remember talking to Ryan. He mentioned a brown dog named Espresso, and I told him that dog was the dead dog in the street/hallway. He gave me a weird, surprised look. He said
      "Oh...", and then something else...can't remember what.
      I remember then telling him that was what the ladies in the van next to us were doing. Either they dumped them there or they placed them there and ran them over.

      I then remember being under some pavilion outside. It was after my first class of the day, and it had a bunch of booths set up for food. I remember looking at one line and seeing two people from high school: Megan and Daniel. They were apparently dating. I remember seeing Daniel wearing a white shirt with small flower shapes cut out of it. I thought about this for awhile: Why would he be wearing that? He's a dude. I examined the sleeves. They weren't ruffled or anything. I decided he was just wearing whatever he wanted.

      I then turned around and saw a Chik-Fil-A booth. I wanted lunch, but they were only giving out biscuits and some nuggets. I remember hearing someone say something about a biscuit being a "snack".

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    15. Transforming into a Dog, and Airbag Troubles

      by , 04-13-2011 at 03:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      I was driving around at night. I was supposed to go pick up my friend Tony from his house. A light came on my dash signaling my airbag was in danger of going off. The light was blue. I figured it was because I had been leaning on my steering wheel or something. It started to make a motion like it was going to go off, and I was afraid it would. I called Ryan to ask him what I needed to do. He told me
      "There's a suit, well, part of a suit in your trunk that you can put on."
      I didn't want to put a suit on to protect me from my airbag. That sounded absolutely ridiculous. So I didn't do it.

      Then, I remember picking my brother up from some house in our neighborhood, and he drove. I told him we had to pick up Tony, and I directed him to his house.


      I was on campus. I was dating some guy that's in one of my classes whom I really am not very fond of in waking life. I was driving, and I parked very close to one of the buildings (very unrealistic to park anywhere near a building on campus in waking life). He called me and asked me if that's where I parked. He then pulled up beside me. I got out of my car, and we gave each other a big hug.

      Then, I remember some kind of contest, and I was voted off out of it. Then, all the people who were voted out came back and got to vote the people out who were still in the contest.

      Then, I remember being at my house. I was in my parents' bedroom. I saw Kacey going into my room. She, apparently, had long conversations with Tabita before bed. I guess I was jealous, and told her
      "I want to talk to you before you go to bed too."
      She asked me if I knew when she did something, can't remember what, and said I could talk to her then. She went in my room and shut the door. I had no idea what she was talking about.

      Then, I remember being in my mom's old van. I was a dog, though my vision was mixed between being black and white and color. I decided to shift completely to a dog, and my vision tunneled a little, and was completely black and white. I think I was a Beagle. I started to bark at some people walking by walking their dogs in my neighborhood.
      "Woof woof!"
      My bark sounded slightly like my voice.

      Then, my alarm clock woke me up. -_-

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