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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Playing a Weird Guitar, Funny Sims Editing, A Little Lucidity, and More

      by , 09-26-2014 at 02:32 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was holding a guitar. Dallas was teaching me how to play it. I had my fingers on the strings, which were going both vertical and horitzontal, like a tic-tac-toe board. He was teaching me how to put my hands on the strings and only strum one at a time, not hitting any others at the same time. I wasn't sure how that was possible, but I did it. I moved my other hand on the neck to produce different notes. It actually sounded good! I played a couple of scales, making the end of the last legato on the last few notes.

      I then was approached by a little boy. He was this girl I knew in high school's son, John. He gave me a hug, then, very articulately and adult-like, started to tell me about this video game he played called "Kingdom Health"; I assumed it was more of a Christian version of Kingdom Hearts. He then was telling me how much he loved my recording of Moonlight Sonata Movement III. He said he really liked the one that I had that played backwards. I was thinking about the recordings, and how they weren't that good since I'm not really that good at playing that song all together, only certain sections of it. I was thinking about how the backwards recording sounded, however, and it was quite smooth.


      I was pushing around these three infants in a shopping cart. I was in a building, though I'm not sure what it was. They were wrapped in blankets. One was a boy and two were girls. I kept thinking about how I needed to change their diapers, particularly the boy's, but I hadn't yet. I reached down to touch the boy's face to make sure he was even still alive. His eyes opened so I knew he was. The weird thing about the babies was they were like "training" babies; it was like a sim game of taking care of babies. I knew they weren't "real", but at the same time, they were.

      I kept thinking about this the whole dream, but never doing it. Someone else, a girl, was with me at some point. Also at some point, I was in an arcade.

      There was then a point where I didn't know where the babies were anymore. They were gone. I figured they had gotten taken away from me.


      I was at Dallas and I's wedding, though it was taking place in a beautiful church rather than the place we really did get married. There were many people there. I remember the atmosphere being fun.

      At one point, I heard my old friend Josh on speaker phone with my friend Caitlin. He sounded like the Josh I remember (haven't spoken to or seen him in ages IWL). The phone looked more like a small radio than a phone. I then announced to him
      "You know you're on speaker phone, right?"
      His voice was then replaced with another guy's voice. I don't remember what he said, but he was talking directly to me. I do know it was because Josh didn't want anything to do with me anymore.

      A bit later, I thought I spotted Josh at the wedding, but upon further examination, it was an older man. Of course Josh hadn't come for the wedding.

      I then was having a good time in the sanctuary of the church with my family and friends, and I became lucid. I started to walk to the side of a table, like the gravity was switched and I was standing up sideways, but I quickly woke up right after. -_-;


      I was with my friends Rachel and Chad, a married couple. They were playing piano duets, Chad playing the left hand part and Rachel playing the right. I didn't even know they knew how to play piano! I saw the music going by as they were playing. The right hand looked complicated. The song was in a minor key. I think I wanted Dallas and I to be able to do it too.

      Then it was like I was controlling a Sims game. I made my character have this glitched black doberman looking dog. He kept getting bigger and bigger. I then put my character in fish net tights, a shirt, and I think a skirt? And my character was a middle-aged balding guy. I made his thighs get bigger too. He looked ridiculous.

      I was making my character walk around at night outside. The viewpoint was not a traditional Sims overhead view, but a closer view similar to that of many FPS games. There was an NPC at the backdoor of a building trying to deliver a package. I made my character go up to him to tell him he had to go around front. He did just that.

      I then wanted to take my character downtown to go party all night. I looked at his needs bars, and saw that all but one were completely full and green, with the one not being completely full just a tad bit drained. I just had wanted to make sure his energy was up, but since I had just created him he was full. I then made him start to run through some grass towards downtown. The character was taking huge steps because he had long legs. I then was the character, and I felt myself running and taking these giant steps.


      I was at work at the bakery. A girl I used to work with at the coffee shop, Virginia, was working on the decorator's side. She was helping a customer with something. I was feeling very lightheaded and tired. I walked around to the back. I think I was eating something and trying not to get seen. I then was trying to exit the dish washing area, and I started to feel so tired and lightheaded I fell to the floor. Wow, why was I feeling so off?

      I then realized that I was dreaming. The tiles on the floor instantly became more vivid, being a light olive green color and a light pink color. Almost as quickly as it came, however, I felt it fading. I rubbed my hand across the tiles to stabalize the dream. They felt quite real. I then started to run my hand over the wall, and it felt like only pressure on my hand. I got up off of the floor and started touching everything I came across. There was some black metal grating over this small electronic thing that looked like a digital thermostat or something. I ran my hands over it and felt how realistic it was. I then reached into the grating and pushed a button on the thing. It was locked with a code, and the small screen said something like "Cal9". I thought about how dream text constantly changes.

      Spoiler for Explicit content:


      My sleep was fragmented last night, so I don't feel like I remember as much as I could have. I know there was more to all of these dreams except the last one, but I can't recall too many details, only generalities. I have been quite stressed lately, so I'm guessing that has something to do with it.

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    2. Re-Stringing a Guitar, Refusing to Kill the Roses, Dinosaurs!!!!, and the Swim Bakery

      by , 08-04-2014 at 02:46 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a building, working on re-stringing a guitar. The strings were all in place except for one or two. I looked at them very closely, and they didn't really look like guitar strings at all, but different types of silver necklaces. The one I was working on looked like it was made of small ball bearings.


      I started to tighten it into place. When I felt it was just tight enough, I started to pluck it. Hmm. It still seemed a bit loose; it gave a bit instead of making a sound.

      Then, I was talking to someone about chewing tobacco. I was being told that someone else really likes it to be as fresh as possible. I then had some chewing tobacco, and I put some in my mouth and literally started to chew on it. I then remembered that that isn't how you actually use it. I put it in my lip instead. I wondered why the hell I was doing it, because I hate chewing tobacco, not to mention it's terrible for you.

      At some point, I did go back to trying to put the string on correctly.


      I was going on a trip with my family. I mainly remember my mom being there. We were going somewhere in Georgia, Marietta I believe, and it was tax-free weekend, so the roads were bad, and the town was crowded. I saw many streets with people and cars on them. I remember seeing cars driving up some concrete stairs outside somewhere.

      I then saw my old boss, Sherry. She was standing in a doorway, and had a bunch of things behind her, though I have no idea what they were. She was telling me that the roses I was bringing with me should be killed when I was done with them. It had something to do with the chance that the roses could spread something. She then walked away. I couldn't bear to kill roses! I imagined myself purposely killing roses by pulling them apart. I just couldn't bear to. I would not do it. I told my mom I couldn't kill the roses.


      I was observing some dinosaurs. It was daytime in a desert oasis type region. I saw a green parasaurolphus laying down by a lake. I thought about how hot she must be, and how she probably would have to stick her head in the water to cool down since she was cold-blooded.


      I then was inside the scene, swimming in a nearby cave full of water. It was a shallow cave, and I was right by the opening. A green velociraptor started to swim towards me from outside. I knew I needed to avoid him so he wouldn't see me. I started to quietly swim to the side. I went underneath part of the rock structure and out of the line of the raptor's vision. He swam past me. I was still cautious so as not to attract his attention.


      I was working where I am now, but it was ran from the water. Like...being in the a pool and swimming was part of the job.

      I was then in a back stockroom. It was absolutely huge, way bigger than IWL. The floors were filthy, covered in grains and stuff to make bread. I thought about how this must attract pests. I also had never remembered seeing it so filthy before.

      I was then sitting down in a hallway. I don't remember what I was doing, but I was sitting with my back against the wall. I then saw a small, grey creature about the size of an iguana zooming around the wall and onto the ceiling. I thought that it was a huge spider, but then I thought that there was no way there was a spider that big. It must be a lizard of some sort. It scurried into an opening on the ceiling. I then caught a glimpse of its six legs. Whaaat?! I was thinking about whether or not there was a species of lizard that has 4 legs and 2 small arms, but nothing came to mind. Weird.

      I was then telling my boss, Shannon, about what happened. She interrupted my story when I was telling her about it, saying
      "A gecko?" as if she knew exactly what it was.
      "No," I said, "It had 8 legs! It was a spider!"
      I said it had 8 even though it had six. I thought about this in the dream, and how it was inaccurate. I did not correct myself, however.
      This seemed to be satisfying enough for Shannon. She did not argue about what it was anymore.

      We were then in a pool, and Brandi, a lady I used to work with at my old job, was there as well. Shannon was there also. I was some sort of lead baker. Brandi had been as well, but she couldn't handle it and had to step down. I "remembered" her getting really stressed out. She did the right thing though by stepping down. Now it was just me. I wondered if I could handle it.

      There was then a meeting in the pool. I got on a swim noodle and headed over to the group. I did something to try to be funny, but no one laughed or anything. I felt stupid. I then went underwater with the noodle, and it was taking me a way longer time than I thought it would to get back up to the surface. I wondered when my head would break the surface, because I could only hold my breath for so long. I kept thinking it should have already come, and that I would feel it any second.

      I do not remember if I ever made it back up or not,
      because my husband's alarm woke me up.


      Second time in the past week or so that I've dreamed about having to re-string an instrument. I do not play any string instruments IWL, and have no experience re-stringing anything.

      Also, dinosaurs. Fuck yeah!

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    3. Free Tickets to Disney World, and Writing Letters in Bed

      by , 10-21-2012 at 03:46 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was running through some area of the Magic Kingdom in Disney world with my friend, Leigh. It was evening, and there were lots of people around (obviously...I mean...it was Disney World). Leigh was running in front of me. She turned to the left and towards the entrance to a ride. I followed suit. I was really excited...I love Disney World, and haven't been since I was a little kid!

      We ran into the entrance, and ran down lots of off-white stairs with many other people. I started to think about how we got there; apparently, Leigh had won two free tickets. Well I can live with that. But then, I started to wonder if I was dreaming, because this was so exciting and surreal. It felt kinda dream-like, though I honestly hoped it wasn't a dream because I was having so much fun. I tested by trying to stick my fingers through my palms. It failed, so I didn't try another RC; I figured I should just live in the moment and enjoy it, dream or not.

      As I was RCing, we had gotten to the bottom of the all the staircases. We saw a closed gate at the bottom with I think a guy standing in front of it. There was a sign on the gate.

      Then, I was laying in bed somewhere, writing letters to my friend, Aaron. I was suggesting that I liked him and wanted to be with him, but not going right out and saying it; I was using very poetic language. But at the same time, it's like I was watching it happen to someone else. It was me, but it wasn't me. I remember Aaron was in a bed too, though I don't think the same bed. If it was the same bed, he wasn't trying anything with me. I remember seeing a girl I went to high school with, Maegan, sitting on some stairs.

      Then, I was waking up in a bed, very groggy, and Aaron was next to me, though there was a certain unspoken "distance" between us, like we were only friends and he respected it. My mom was there too, laying in her bed. She asked me what I dreamed about, and I told her, through mostly closed lips and gritted teeth (I felt like I couldn't open my mouth all the way for some reason)
      "Disney World and sex." though I didn't mean to say "sex", but it came out that way since my lips were closed and my teeth were gritted. I knew Aaron had heard me, but it was too late to take it back now. I think I went back to sleep.

      I then remember waking with Aaron again, extremely groggy, and getting up to use the bathroom. I slipped big empty M&M bags on my feet, or maybe it was already unwrapped wrapping paper. At any rate, I was shuffling to the bathroom with them on my feet.

      I then was sitting on the stairs on the back patio area at my house, and the letter writing thing was still going on. I then felt like it was me but wasn't me falling in love with Aaron. I saw him from the viewpoint of myself sitting on the stairs next to him, watching him play the acoustic guitar. Most of the focus was on his hands strumming the strings. I thought something along the lines of
      Sometimes, you find love when you least expect it.

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