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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Evading Murder, Michelle/Terrible Animal Conditions, Egg Sandwich (Brief Lucidity), and More

      by , 10-09-2014 at 02:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in the middle of this story/movie, but it was real life? Hard to explain. I somehow just knew the storyline without anyone having to tell me. I was living in this apartment with a girl. There were these two guys living there also who were murdering people by stabbing them in the side near their heart. It had something to do with money. Everyone who was somehow connected to the money was going to get killed. This girl and I were doing a good job hiding ourselves and being inconspicuous; we were somehow connected to the money.

      At one point, I was playing Ski Free on the computer (anyone remember that game??).

      Many people got murdered. We had somehow still evaded it. For much of the dream, we were in the apartment. At one point, I was alone in the apartment. I went out into the hallway, and one of the guys went after me with his small knife. I somehow got back into my apartment and tried to lock the door, but the lock was flimsy and he kept using his knife, which he slid through the door crack, to unlatch the lock. He was also doing something to the knob on the door as well. I knew I had no chance and it was only a matter of time before he got in. I then was again out in the hallway, and he got ahold of me and stabbed me in the side with his knife. I thought for sure I was done for. I don't remember what happened after this, but I feel like the dream continued a bit longer.


      I was hanging out with this girl named Michelle (no idea who she is IWL). She had big boobs and short, straight dark hair. We were getting along really well, having a good time. She had kind of a loud personality, but I liked hanging out with her. I was then sitting at a table with her and a few other people, when Jarrod, an ex, sat down with us. He had on a baseball hat and a white shirt. He folded his arms on the table and was a little slumped over. I was surprised to see him; I thought he had moved out of state. I said hello to him. As I did so, I noticed these scabs on his face next to his eyes. He didn't say hello back to me, but noticed I was hanging out with Michelle. He then said
      "So you guys get along now?"
      I guess we had met before and disliked each other, but I couldn't remember when that was. I thought it must have been when I was dating Jarrod at some point. I kind of remembered, and said,
      "Oh, I remember now!"
      It was a very vague memory of meeting her and just not liking her personality.

      Michelle was then wearing no shirt. I noticed that she didn't have any nipples. I could see stretch marks on her breasts though. I thought she must have fake breasts because of cancer or something. Her face then looked kind of swollen. It looked like it was carrying up from her breasts.

      Then, I was at a circus. There was supposed to be some sort of petting zoo thing where some people from the audience came down to pet some animals. I was down there getting the animals ready. It was piglets from what I remember. Taylor then came down as well. We were transferring the piglets from one set of bins to another. I then started to clean the filthy litter that was in one of the bins. There was lots of gross, wet poop in it. I felt awful for the condition the animals were in. I knew it really made Taylor mad too; he was passionate about animals.


      I was making some sort of egg sandwich. I cut up a fried egg with my spatula in a frying pan and put it on a sandwich. Dallas was up now as well and told him he should make an egg sandwich too. I had the bread ready for him and everything. I also think I made myself another one. The other one I made was very soggy and had big, slimy chunks of egg that would come out all at once in my mouth as I bit into it. I think I was going to make a third one as well.

      Then, I was in bed at what appeared to be our hotel from our honeymoon, though I was sleeping on the opposite side of the bed than I did when we went IWL. I was asking Dallas, who was up in the bathroom area, if he was going to make himself an egg sandwich. I then somehow figured out I was dreaming, though I could tell it was unstable from the dimness of the room. I decided to try something different. I started to pull off my thumb. It popped right off. I looked at my right hand. No thumb. I then looked in my left hand and saw my thumb. Cool! I did it to my index finger as well. I then woke up briefly and went back into the dream. This happened a few times where I'd lost the dream, wake up, and go back into it. The last time it happened, I couldn't see anything; it was completely dark, even though I felt my eyes were open.
      I woke up and had a moment of panic because I thought I may have gone blind, but I just had my sleeping mask on. -_-;


      I was on some Victoria's Secret talk show, but I was hanging out by this big, raised sandbox with some kids. Some were in it playing, others were with me hanging out to the side. I wondered why I was here with these kids? I looked for someone who may be around my age, but saw no one, the oldest kid probably being around 11 years old. I wondered if I was too old to be here.

      The talk show then started. I wondered what I should do. I contemplated getting in the sand box. I don't think I did. The kids were then all going to do some obstacle courses. I watched a little girl swinging on these metal bars, attaching herself to them with these small metal pieces she had in each hand that latched onto the edge of the bar. She'd then slide on that metal piece to the end, and attach to another. I was worried about her; it looked dangerous to me. Her mom was at the end of the bars.

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    2. Messed Up Magic Show

      by , 08-22-2011 at 04:29 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was sitting in my room, I think I was supposed to be moving away soon. Someone called me on the phone. I picked it up, and it was some random teenage girl that I didn't know. Apparently, a lot of people I didn't know had been calling me lately. She lived out of state, I think she told me she lived in Kentucky. After that, there was awkward silence, and then I told her I was from Tennessee. We talked a little bit more, then there was more silence. I took that opportunity to hang up. I figured she didn't know me anyway so what did it matter?

      I then saw the US from above. My view would zoom from location to location, and snow would cover wherever my vision stopped, mostly on top of houses. I remember thinking that I wished it would snow like that here.

      Then, I was in my old high school's auditorium. The lights were all out and many people were there. There was some extremely dangerous magic show taking place. On the stage, I saw some smiling women with very sharp knives who were coming entirely too lose to stabbing this guy. He didn't seem too concerned with it though.

      Then, I was on the stage on the left side. I was handed a very light stick with an ember burning on the end. I was up there with a few other people who all had the sticks as well. There were burning torches on the sides of the stage. In the middle of a stage was a chair. Someone was supposed to sit in that chair while we lit the tops of our sticks and almost set the person on fire, kind of like what the women with the knives were doing. I saw some people sitting on the right side of the stage who were supposed to come sit in the chair. My old high school friends Sara and Rachel were among them.

      Someone, a guy, volunteered to sit in the chair. We were about to begin. My stick was lit on fire, as was everyone else's. I then decided that this was cruel and I couldn't do it. I put the stick out, threw it, left the stage and ran towards the exit. People started to applaud me, but only a few. It sounded like it was going to escalate to thunderous applause, but it was very short and light. I didn't care, I just wanted out of there.

      I was then standing in what looked kind of like the entrance to my college's recreation center. Behind the counter, I saw a black man who was a bit older than me wearing a suit. He said hello to me. At first, I thought it was my friend Josh, but as I got closer, I noticed it was someone I didn't know. He asked me a question, and I didn't quite catch it. I said
      He didn't repeat the question, but instead started handing out some things, I can't remember what, but he handed me one as well. I figured that he had been trying to ask me something about what he had just handed me.


      I woke up and looked at my phone. It said it was 5:34 (maybe 37? Can't quite recall) in the morning. Huh, that's weird, I thought it was like 10 or 11. I heard my brother getting ready in the bathroom. I looked again, and it still said it was 5:34. Oh well. I went back to sleep.
    3. Nightmare: The Gunman

      by , 07-23-2011 at 01:29 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in what looked like some sort of conference room, but it was at a school. I was one of the only people sitting in there. I was waiting for a friend to come meet me for lunch. I talked to them on my phone at one point.

      Then, I got on a school bus with many other people who were around my age, some a bit older. I was sitting on the left side around the middle, when I noticed a guy that was sitting up front. He was holding a black gun. Was I the only one who noticed this?! This couldn't be good.

      When the bus started to move, the guy with the gun started to fiddle with his gun, talking to the guy sitting next to him. He then put the gun up the the guy's bald head who was sitting in front of him and pulled the trigger. It clicked, but nothing happened. He did it again and again, and another guy, a tall guy who looked like maybe he could do something about this situation, stood up and started examining the gun as the gunman held it.
      "What's this?", the tall guy said as he pulled out some sort of pin from under the barrel.

      Then, it was done. The gun worked. The gunman shot the man who helped him.

      Then, for some reason, everyone had to move up to the front of the bus. I moved by climbing over the bus seats. I was sitting by the window next to someone, I'm not sure who.

      I then saw the gunman had gotten my best friend, Mary Katherine. She was wearing a dark green shirt and was laying face-first in a bus seat across from where I was sitting. I couldn't believe this was happening.

      The gunman then approached me. He put the gun to my head. I squirmed right as he fired, so the bullet only scraped my head instead of going in. It hurt when this happened.

      I then woke up for a minute, and went back to sleep, entering the dream again.

      I was on the bus again, and we were all filing out a door in the back of the bus. I was chaotically trying to get out, and in the confusion, I ended up having to climb over the handrail that was by the stairs. By the time I was finished doing that, everyone was already off the bus and gone.

      Well, everyone except for me and the gunman.

      I ran as fast as I could, but I was exhausted from climbing all over the handrail. The gunman caught up with me and grabbed me. He no longer had a gun, but a knife. I tried to get away, but to no avail. I asked him to please shoot instead of stab me, but he just laughed. He stabbed me, then put the knife to my neck as if to slit my throat. I was dying, I could feel it. I couldn't escape him this time.

      Then, I was with Mary Katherine somewhere. I was talking to her about what had happened, and how it had been a dream. I told her that the man did actually slit my throat (when I'm pretty sure he was just preparing to). I also said something about my middle school.

      After I finished telling her the dream (with those couple of extra details I just listed), she told me she had the exact same dream. I was excited to post in AND the fact that we dreamed the same thing in my journal on Dreamviews!

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