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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. What Happens When You Lower Your Ambien Dose...

      by , 10-22-2014 at 01:36 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Alright. So I'm trying to wean myself off of my Ambien. I took a half of one last night and fell asleep no problem, but I woke up at around 2:30am, remembering only fragments about work, and started freaking out a little, thinking I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. I took a benedryl and went into the other room (my husband was breathing very heavily in his sleep and it was also keeping me awake). This is what happened after I fell asleep.

      I was lucid, but I don't remember if I entered the dream lucid or if I became lucid later. I am having a lot of trouble recalling the specific details of this one, other than we were in a house, and I was trying to cheat on my husband with this guy I knew in middle/high school named Carter H. My husband was around during the dream, and we were trying to avoid him by going into different rooms and such. I do remember at one point Carter expressing how he would treat me well and was excited about being with me. I told him I was excited too. I think I was topless during that part in a bedroom.

      There was a point where I was outside in a garden, and I was afraid of losing the dream, so I took some advice from Hyu and started touching everything around me. There were plants in the plowed ground. I touched their leaves, feeling their realness. They felt a little muted, but it wasn't bad. It helped me to stabalize the dream.

      This dream was quite long, and I can't recall the little details of it all. It was a very...strange LD for me. I seemed to be in a weird mindset (I would never cheat on my husband IWL, especially with someone I barely know and have no interest in!).

      I then woke up.


      I was in a fairly normal-looking room; nothing weird was going on at all, but I decided to do a nose pinch RC just to keep my awareness up. I did it, and...I could breathe! I was super surprised; I thought I was awake! I think I said "What??" or some kind of exclamation. I did it again just to be sure, and sure enough, I was dreaming.

      Spoiler for Explicit content:

      I woke up and wondered why I did something so superficial with these LDs. I wanted to have another one where I summoned Mike or delved into past lives. Sadly, I didn't get to. :/

      Again, I would like to reiterate that I really don't have any interest in cheating. I love my husband very much. I am really kind of taken aback by these dreams, especially since I was aware that I was dreaming for them. I'm actually a little embarrassed to post them.


      I was in a dressing room at a department store. I had these black and white comics that I had made that depicted my cheating LDs. One was only a page long, the other a few pages. I taped them to one of the dressing room doors. I then watched people pick the comics up and read them. Some teenage guys read them and laughed. I left the dressing room for a bit. I didn't really want the comics there anymore. I went back and took them down.


      I was laying in the guest bed with my husband. We were getting ready to go to sleep. My husband put on one of my sleep shirts similar to one I actually own IWL but not the same. It was black with 3/4 length sleeves and lacy shoulders. It was tight on him, but he didn't seem to mind. I was wondering why he was wearing that (he usually doesn't wear any kind of shirt to bed). I guess he must be anticipating a very cold night. I said something about it being a girl's shirt. Again, he didn't seem to mind.


      Something to do with typing these entries up and an Animal Crossing game that you could only play with a wireless controller and could only play online for a certain amount of time. I was called by a video/game rental place and was asked if C (the assistant CS manager at my job) was my sibling. I told her no, she was my boss. I thought they asked me to verify the spelling of her name after that, but I couldn't hear them very well.
      "What?" I asked.
      They said something again, but it didn't sound the same as before.

      My DJ entries were all centered and spaced like I was writing them in poetry format. I was typing them up. I didn't want them centered, I don't think.

      I then was signing on to play League of Legends. They had really updated the game. My friend Jeremiah was online, and sent me a game request. I was in the middle of doing something else, but I guess I could play a game with him. I accepted his request. I picked my champion, a female one that doesn't exist in the game IWL, and we were then playing. It then looked very cartoony and very much so like FFII graphics. I started getting attacked, but the map controlled so weird. I didn't die, but it was a close call. I went to the settings, and I couldn't change the graphics back; I had to do it outside of game. There were two options I could have picked from, Cartoon or Realistic. It was a new feature that I didn't know about. Cartoon was checked by default. I considered quitting and taking the penalty for it.


      I seriously felt like I was having fever dreams all night. I'm not sick, no fever or anything, just...what. I don't even know. It probably has something to do with lowering my dose of Ambien and taking that benedryl. It affected my recall as well. I have to stop taking the Ambien though, so my entries may be like this until I even out. I will eventually go down to taking a quarter of an Ambien, then eventually completely being off of it. I am actually happy for that. I miss sleeping naturally; I haven't since November/December of 2011, so for three years.
    2. Being Skeptical of a Spiritual Healing Store, Murder?, and Topless/Carrying Kids/Real Life League

      by , 10-05-2014 at 02:26 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at the mall with I think my friend Ashley. She had gone off to do her own thing. I was thinking about coloring my hair something crazy, like light blue or pink. I "remembered" when my hair had been very short and straight and a bunch of different colors at once, like in vertical stripes. I remember pink and light blue being two of the colors. I thought my hair had looked quite cute that short.

      I then was in this place where the people there did some sort of spiritual healing ritual. It was very expensive, and I felt like the things they were saying to the customers were generic and recycled; it had no meaning, therefore it held no weight. I didn't want to try it, but they talked me into it. The main person doing it was a man. He said something about my aura being purple. He was using this machine/crystal thing that had a purple glow to concentrate my energy. As it was happening, I felt different, but I wasn't sure if the thing was working or it was just the power of suggestion. When it was over, I didn't want to pay as much money as they were asking so they gave me a discount. I don't remember paying or the amount I paid.

      Something about me getting left at the mall. I believe Ashley had left because we had been there for so long.


      The store from the last dream that did the spiritual healing was somehow a suspect in the disappearance and death of a girl. I was at my friend Grace's house with some other people. The people from the store had brought all the stuff from the store to her house in the living room. We were going to question them. We were then in the kitchen and Grace was pouring us all a glass of milk. I didn't have the heart to tell her I don't drink milk. She was getting glasses out of a cupboard that was very high up. She left a small thing of chocolate milk up there with a tall glass. Everyone else had gone in the other room but me. I opened the cupboard to get the milk out and take the glass, but I then remembered that Grace is picky and was probably putting it up there so no one else would take it. I left it there.

      We were then in the other room with the store people and all their stuff. I think we were trying to play it off like we weren't questioning them or anything, just having a house call or whatever. I felt nervous about it though because I didn't want them to play the game back. I didn't stay in the room for much of the dream.


      I was inside of this pen outside with some other people. It was like it was my job, though I'm not sure what we were doing. There were other pens around as well. I was topless. I hoped no customers saw, but I'm sure they did. I finally put on a light blue t-shirt that I own IWL. I did not put on a bra, however. I then put on the white button up I usually wear to work IWL, though in the dream, it was a much tighter version. I stepped into the shirt instead of unbuttoning it to put it on. I thought I had slid my arms into the sleeves. I then had a jacket or something on over all of that, and I could see that the white work shirt was crooked. I took the jacket off and saw that I hadn't put my arms in the sleeves. I started to do so, and the damn shirt felt so uncomfortably tight around my tummy! I commented about the tightness of the shirt. I put the jacket back on and it was less crooked now, but still kind of crooked. I kept trying to straighten it. You could also see these black circles/stars from the blue shirt (that aren't on the IWL version) peeking out the top of the work shirt.

      I then was in a pen with some little kids (the pens seemed to be segregated by age). One wanted me to pick him up, and I awkwardly did. I was holding him in the middle of my body. I couldn't see while holding him, but I carried him around the pen. After putting that one down at some point, I picked up a smaller, younger little boy. He was probably only a toddler. I decided to try to pick him up another way, the way I usually see people carrying children: On their hip. So I picked him up and carried him on my right side. It was much easier, and the right way to do it. I could see and everything. I carried the child around the pen and gave him to his mom. I then noticed that his mom had one arm and a small stump mid arm for her other arm, as if her arm hadn't fully developed. I then noticed that the child had a leg like that. I hadn't noticed at all. I was proud of myself for not noticing and looking past physical deformity.

      I then wanted to play League of Legends...in real time, though it was much different than real LoL. I watched these kids running around a pen playing it. It was nighttime and dark. The kids all had a light blue spark following/around their heads. I heard this crazy monster noise and one of the kids was attacked and "died". Something happened to the blue spark, though I can't quite recall what. It moved. I didn't see this part, but I knew the kids would respawn. I was then "remembering" the death/respawning happening to me. I couldn't remember what it felt like to be "dead". I wanted to play with the kids, but only certain age groups could play together; I would have to play with adults.
    3. Elementary School Class and Handheld League of Legends

      by , 10-04-2014 at 11:09 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was sitting in a classroom at what appeared to be my elementary school. My friend Grace was there among other students. There was a guy there, either this guy named CJ or TJ that I went to school with as well, I can't recall which. I was in the classroom and it was somehow connected to Kohl's. I found it funny because I can't work at Kohl's again, and yet, here I was in this classroom. I don't recall too much more other than C/TJ rubbing my shoulders and singing me a song.


      I was playing League of Legends on a 2DS. I was going down towards the bottom of the map which is where my Nexus and everything were. There were minions breaking through this extra small wall of turrets that were there in beginner games only (not true IWL), but they would respawn after being destroyed after about a minute. I saw a minion break through and then another turret respawned. I went to attack some of the enemy champions. My ult was ready, so I got in front of one and used it. I turned into a HUGE giant, and a cutscene happened where my character was telling stories about being Batman. Instead of stomping on and pwning the enemy, he told stories, which bored the enemies so they left. Well, whatever works, I guess.

      I then needed to stop playing, which I somehow did. I then was on the computer looking something up when I noticed the time. It was 4:35pm. At first I thought it was AM and I needed to get ready to get to work, but I saw the PM and was relieved. I commented on this to Dallas, who was in the room with me now.

      Then, something about a roommate I had who was in her bedroom. She wanted to play League with me. I picked up my handheld and I was getting attacked! I thought I had gotten out of the game? Weird. I ran away from the enemy champs. The one chasing me the closest was a Wonder Woman-looking champ. It now looked like a 2D side scroller. She was blinking red and yellow very rapidly, which meant her ult was charged and she was about to use it. I somehow got away from her. I then was in a 3D 1st person view on the system, looking over a fence to an area below at sunset. It was really quite pretty.

      I then was trying to figure out if I could save and quit without getting penalized. I wanted to restart the game. I opened the menu and there was a "Start Over" option.
    4. A Couple of Frags, Playing With Telekinesis, and Shattering Glass Out of Anger

      by , 09-23-2014 at 02:19 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      All I remember about this one is that it had something to do with taking a trip somewhere. I remember being in some form of mass transit, an airplane maybe?


      Spoiler for Explicit content:


      I was in a room in an unfamiliar house. I was using telekinesis to control this thing on the computer. I was there with someone else, a girl. It was like I would try really hard, focusing my energy, and it would affect this graph that was measuring the output of energy. It was like a graph that measured sound waves. It would go crazy when I'd focus my energy. The program was made for people to practice using their psychic/telekinetic powers on. I could feel the energy surging in my system. I was really proud of myself for being able to do it.

      I then was pressing these buttons with my mind that were on the computer screen.

      Then, there was this face underneath the ceiling fan. It was a light purple vampiric looking face. I did the same thing with focusing my energy, and when I did, the face would scream. I kept doing it over and over. It was really cool to see how I could focus my energy. The last time I did it, I made him say "Ha!" instead of screaming, something I had apparently never done before.


      The beginning of this dream had to do with champions from League of Legends. You'd play different "episodes", like quests, and had to accomplish certain goals in a given amount of time. You played in a building that had lots of marble floors and was big and elegant. There was one episode where you didn't have a time limit.

      I was in a house that I apparently shared with a girl I work with, Nicky. She and I shared a bedroom. I walked up some stairs and to the bedroom, looking through the door. The room looked similar to one I had when I was quite young, 4-5 years old. It had two beds. Nicky's was on the right, mine on the left. It was nighttime. I was apparently doing something that made noise, though I can't recall what. I saw that she was going to bed. I didn't want to wake her. She turned on a lamp beside her bed so I would have some light. I didn't understand why she didn't turn the one on beside my bed. I then couldn't remember if I even had one beside my bed or not.

      I was then somewhere else, not sure where, but I was inside the same building from the beginning of the dream. I was really pissed off at Dallas and Nicky. Nicky had told something to Dallas that had to do with oral sex, some episode of some TV show, and it was supposed to be funny. It had something to do with something underneath the floor, some phallic-shaped thing. Dallas thought it was funny, but I was so mad about it. I couldn't believe she'd tip him off like that, and that he, of course, found it funny. I was really pissed. I was yelling at Dallas about it, and he was getting irritated with me for doing so. I don't think I ever found Nicky to yell at her about it.

      I then went up into this big room with cream colored marble floors. It was a courtroom of sorts. It had to do with the "joke" about oral sex. As I walked into the room, a trial was in session where many people were being sentenced to death. I walked by a small room to my right where the people who were to die were being executed by a small guillotine. A woman was the executioner. I heard her say something, like "Off with your head", and she'd let go of the cord. I didn't watch the execution, but I heard the head drop to the floor. I also saw that another person was walking towards the room now. They were sentencing people one after the other.

      I went up to stop this trial. I spotted a metal cover on the floor underneath a table leg. Someone said I had to move the table. Dur. So I did, and I opened up the cover. There were these green stick/pick type things in there, like the ones you'd stick in a cupcake that had balloons or a number on them. I dug through them looking for the phallic thing. I found a slightly phallic looking thing that had a really big head that made it look like a mushroom. I took it out. It was somehow linked to this trial. I don't know what happened with the trial after that, though.

      I was then leaving the room and was really mad still. I tried to punch a wall, but it was like punching through water and I couldn't hit it hard enough. I tried it a few more times with the same result. I then approached a very large window, I'm talking floor to ceiling and quite elegant looking, and tried to scream to break it. It didn't work, so I punched through it with my right hand, shattering the glass. It hurt my hand so much that part of it went numb. I examined it to see if it was bleeding. It was just red on the pinky side. I was on the verge of being lucid here, like seriously, the very freakin edge, but I decided that if I wanted to shatter more glass, I needed to take another form. I was then on this circular golden platform that looked like it was in the sky. It had a wavy walkway that came off of it that went further up into the clouds. It reminds me now of an area of Etheria in KQ7. I selected a character in third person that I wanted to be, a champion (like in League of Legends). I was a character that resembled Sivir, but I could only be this character for a certain amount of time. There was a bar at the top of my screen made of 5 of the same icon that was slowly greying out as the time passed. I was then in first person again. I was then in the same building again on a higher floor. I was in a room with some people now. I approached another window and focused my energy, similar to my last dream, and screamed. The high vibrations shook and then shattered the glass. It was satisfying.

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