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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. My Mom's a Meanie, and The Peaceful Freezer

      by , 07-31-2014 at 11:59 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work, but my mom was working there too. She had been there longer than me. In fact, she was one of my bosses. We were getting a corporate visit that day, and everything had to be perfect.

      When I got there, I was quickly told what to do by another boss, a woman. Then, I was left on my own without a clue as to what needed to get done. She had spoken so fast, I couldn't keep up, and I was still fairly new, so I didn't understand the priorities like they did.

      I looked at all the projects around me, and started on one of them. I was making these animal models out of some kind of dough, like a sugar cookie dough, and putting them on a pan. There were bright, neon colored icings there as well. I did some normal cookies as well, because I was pretty sure that's what I needed to do. I "remembered" seeing animal cookies and regular ones before, at least I thought I did.

      I did a few of those, but went on to do something else. There was some pink, Lego-like model of a castle that needed to be put together for display purposes, but I didn't think that was a priority since it wasn't edible.

      I then had to go to lunch. I was with my friend Charles for lunch. We were in the break room, which was dark. When my hour was up, I realized I had forgotten to punch out for lunch. Shit. I couldn't think of what to do.

      I was then back in the bakery, and my mom was there, freaking out, saying I should have done the Lego thing first, and that I wasn't supposed to make the dough into animals. I was supposed to make the dough into tight spirals with the frosting in it. I started to do that. I "remembered " that an old work friend, Shelley, had done the animals when she worked there. She had posted pics of her with them on Facebook. The animals were actually just a seasonal thing.

      The corporate visitor then came, and was walking around with my mom, giving disapproving looks and saying things weren't right. Ugh. I knew I would be in trouble for it all, too.

      When the visitor left, my mom came up to me, and I started to cry because I was so frustrated and upset. I was afraid I'd get fired. My mom was sitting down at a table and mocking me as I cried. She would copy me in a childish voice. That made me even more upset.


      Again, I was at work, but it was a mixture between my current job at the bakery and my last job at Kohl's. I was in the bakery, but I felt like it was still Kohl's. I wondered why they had rehired me. I heard people talking about it, and they said it was because they really needed the help.

      I was working on something with one of my current managers, Will. I worked with him the whole time. He was very positive and uplifting, unlike the last dream where my mom was freaking out and mocking me.

      It was then close to the end of my shift. I needed to go get some new white note cards; I had just bought some, and they were all browning on the edges, as if they were old and dirty. I think I was going to do this with Mary Katherine. We had discussed that at the end of my shift, at 5:30, we would go.

      I then was in a freezer at work, though it did not look at all like the freezer we have IWL. It was smaller, boxier. I went in and shut the door. It was cold, but so quiet; it was surprisingly peaceful in there, probably because when the door shuts, it locks and seals to keep any outside air out. I really liked it; it shut out all the noise. I had to go back out though.

      I went back into the freezer soon after, and thought it would be a good idea to meditate in there. I shut the door and started to begin my thought process on meditation, but someone opened the door. I figured I probably didn't need to be in there meditating anyway since I was at work.

      Then, I was done with my shift. Dallas had texted me to ask me if I wanted to meet up with him at 5:30. I couldn't, because I was meeting up with Mary Katherine. I can't remember whether or not I told him this, but I know I thought about doing so.

      I was walking around a lobby area that looked more like Kohl's than the bakery. There were a few babies crawling around on the floor. I said hello to one, a red-headed baby boy. He said hello back to me. He didn't sound like a baby, but more like an older child. I knew this was a special child. I "remembered" him being there all the time. I said hello to a couple of other babies too.

      I was then talking to my friend, Ashley. I was trying to explain something to her, a way I believed I think, and she countered me by saying I needed to adjust my views. She then referred to two other girls that were there. They were sisters. She said it was ok for them to think that way, because they had it hard when they were children, but it isn't ok for me to think that way because I didn't. One of the girls, a bigger girl with long, wavy dark hair who was working behind a counter, nodded in agreement. I saw the girls' mother there as well. It upset me a bit that Ashley had said that to me. I thought that maybe, in a way, she was right, though.

      Then, I was outside sitting on a bench. It was nighttime. I feel like there may have been snow. Amy Z., the mother of one of my childhood friends, approached me with a baby, and said I needed to meet him. She held him up to me, and I said hello to the baby. He said hello back. She tried to give him to me, but I said
      "I actually have to be somewhere." She took the baby away.

      I was then with Ashley again, somewhere by the freezer. She was saying something to me about the freezer, something about making snowballs or snowmen out of the snow that would collect on the floor. I still had some feelings of anger towards her for what she had said to me. I thought about not replying to her when she spoke to me. I don't remember if I actually did or not.

      Then, I saw some weird images that were supposed to be the freezer, but it looked like a 2D game of Tetris. There were different settings that could be turned on and off, and some went on a timer, like a deep freeze kind of thing that would cause it to snow inside the freezer by blowing frigid air. A drill came through the floor at one point, ending the game. Maybe it was on a time limit? There was a voice speaking about it, but I can't remember what it said.

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    2. Being Kicked Out of My Own House, A Bit of Lucidity, and School Anxieties

      by , 01-15-2013 at 05:48 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going to my house with Caitlin and her boyfriend, Israel. I'm pretty sure my brother was there too. It was nighttime. We had apparently bought a new house, and this one was on the market or something. But Caitlin and Israel wanted to stay there and hang out all night.

      When we walked in, a younger Mexican couple came in shortly after we did, and told us we needed to get out. They had a key, and let themselves in the front door. They were in charge of the house now that no one really owned it. They yelled at us for awhile, and then left.

      Right after they left, I remember looking out one of the windows next to the front door. Caitlin and Israel had parked their cars on the other side of the road to make it look like they were at the neighbor's place instead of ours. I remember a white pickup truck being out there.

      Of course, we didn't leave. Caitlin and Israel gamed in the living room, and I went upstairs to my room to try to sleep. All the furniture was still there, my bed included. I slid my sleeping mask over my eyes, and tried to sleep, hoping that if the Mexican couple came back, they would take pity on us because I was trying so hard to get some rest. I tossed and turned (which is exactly what happened last night IWL).

      Then, two little Mexican girls climbed into bed with me. I was happy to have them there. I figured that now the couple could never kick us out, seeing that there were small children here.

      Morning then started to break, and only one child was there now, curled up under the covers. Though now, she wasn't a child, but a kitten, a white, fluffy kitten resembling my waking life cat, Belle. I remember seeing her fluffy tail poking out and waving. It was kind of like she was still the girl, but in a kitten's body? I dunno, it's hard to describe.

      I then noticed that the little girls were playing a joke on me. They put up these really inappropriate posters on my walls of naked, HUGE women (they sort of resembled Jabba the Hutt they were so huge). One had speech bubbles coming from the mouths of the women. It was supposed to be funny, though I don't remember what it said. I was really concerned that the Mexican couple would come and see. I told the girls to take them down. They ripped the one with the speech bubbles off the wall, tearing it down the middle, leaving the side scraps taped to the wall. Underneath it was a fat, cartoon vagina.

      I then had a thought to myself "This is a dream". Wait. This is a dream! I floated up from my bed, and saw some posters above my bed. I decided to phase through the wall to see where it would take me, though I didn't really think about the destination; I was a bit hasty with that decision. I just ended up back in my room after easily phasing through the wall.

      Well, I thought to myself, I better think this through. I then really noticed one of the posters above my bed. One was of a bald, younger black man with lighter-colored skin trapped inside a crystal (it looked like the crystals you can break in Super Mario Galaxy, which I have been playing a LOT of lately). I decided to try to phase through to see what kind of world he was in. First, though, I tried to interact with him. I put my hand up to the crystal, and he did the same, and smiled at me. I started to phase through, and I went somewhere VERY briefly, though I can't remember any details because I either woke up or went into another, non-lucid dream.


      I was in a math class with a woman teaching. We were finding number patterns. For every one that we found, the teacher would give us a $50 check. I remember we were asked to find a sequence, and I was writing it down in pencil, and I raised my hand to give the complete sequence, which happened to be the numbers 1-16, in order. I was writing the sequence down on a white envelope that had been torn open. I can clearly remember writing the numbers down, correctly and in order, despite dreams liking to mix things like these up. I received a check for $50.


      I was now in a doctor's office or hospital, though it did not resemble one. I'm not sure why I was there. There was a man there too, who was getting worked on before me. A nurse then came in and examined my foot. She took a silver tool that resembled pliers/some sort of clamp, clamped it on my big toe, and squeezed down, cracking my toenail, which had old, lighter-colored blue nail polish on it. It took me a second to realize exactly what she was doing, because she offered no explanation beforehand; she just did it.

      "Are you removing my toenail??" I asked, taken aback.
      "Yes," she replied.
      "Why? It's going to hurt isn't it?"
      She replied, saying that removing the nail would make something easier, though I can't remember what.
      I then said back, very upset,
      "I don't want you to do that. Fix it! Fix it!!! There's no reason for this!"

      But it was too late; the nail was cracked in three places. I removed my foot from her grasp and refused to let her remove the nail.

      I then went on to a psychology class I was apparently taking. A friend was there with me, though I can't remember whom, or if it was someone I even really know IWL. The teacher was female, and she started to lecture, giving us the definition of psychology. I figured i should take notes. I scrambled through my things, looking for a sheet of paper. I realized I was so not prepared for this class. All the paper I had didn't have lines, and there were very few sheets anyway. I started to write, in orange highlighter, on the inside spine of a black and grey fabric trapper keeper. I write in huge letters, and spelled psychology "Psychollogy". I was desperately trying to keep up with her as she lectured.

      The class ended shortly after, since it was only the very first day of classes. I couldn't remember if I had another class after that or not (in the dream, it was Thursday, the day school starts back up again IWL). I was going through my things again, looking for my schedule. But I just couldn't find it. I racked my brain trying to figure it out, and thought that maybe I had chemistry afterwards. I then remembered a dream memory like it was real life; I had dreamed that I had another chem class, and I skipped most of the classes (I did actually dream this once; in my dreams, I remember many dream memories as if they really happened). I thought that I had tried to take chemistry 3 different times.

      I then was looking through a book I had, and I found many $50 bills tucked away inside its pages. I also found a fake-looking $20 bill that had a blank back side to it. I remembered the math class. I suppose I had forgotten about the money. I figured I should put it in the bank.


      I was in my room, laying in bed. It was morning, and I could hear my brother talking to my mom. My brother was supposed to be out of town with his girlfriend, so I figured something must had happened with them.

      I was then at my brother and I's friend Charles's house. I walked in the kitchen where Charles was, which looked different than his waking life kitchen, mostly because it looked like it was on the opposite end of the house, and my brother was there too, along with another person, I think it was supposed to be Charles's little brother (he doesn't have one IWL). Blake (my brother) was talking to Charles about what happened with his girlfriend, but when he saw me, he stopped talking. I asked them what was going on, and my brother just held up his hand to me like he wasn't going to tell me. I guessed they needed some guy time, and I was intruding.

      Charles's little brother then chimed in and said something about Blake's girlfriend situation, and either Charles or Blake told him to be quiet, or shushed him.


      IWL I'm about to start going back to school to work on another degree, and I guess I'm a little anxious about it since I haven't been in school for over a year now. I'm sure it will be fine, but I'm taking some difficult classes, I have two labs, and I'm also working part-time. Glad I got a bit of lucidity, though I'm surprised I did since my sleep has been hella fragmented lately. Hoping for some better, more restful sleep tonight.

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    3. Eating Raw Seafood, and Playing Pokemon With an Unwelcomed Presence

      by , 01-09-2013 at 07:31 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)

      I worked at Subway and the coffee shop I used to work at. I’ve had that dream theme before. I remember closing up Subway at night, and the back was very dark and eerie (a common occurrence in these dreams as well). And we were wading through water full of raw shrimp and lobster. We’d crack them open and eat them…raw. This happened more than once.

      I also remember feeling anxious about my schedule, thinking I had missed work at one of the jobs.


      I was playing a Pokemon game in my brother’s room with Jason. It was nighttime. As usual in these dreams, I didn’t know how he got there, who let him in, or whatever, but he was there. And he was kicking my ass at the game. I would KO him, I remember specifically using some crazy powered-up attack and killing him (he barely had any health left), but his Pokemon had some special move that revived him. It was a Squirtle-like Pokemon, and he used some move that had to do with his shell, and it brought him back up to full health. I had really crappy Pokemon for the most part, so he really had the upper hand. I kept on commenting on this. He really didn’t have a whole lot to say.

      I also remember him talking to my brother a little bit, and me wondering why in the world my brother was even tolerating his presence, knowing what he did to me.

      The whole time, I noticed the feeling I got when he was around: Nervous and excited. I figured it was coming from him. I just wanted him out. I wanted him to leave my house, but I couldn’t say it. I don’t know why.

      Then, the game turned into some cut scene that was like an anime show. As we watched (I was sitting on Blake’s old bunk bed on the bottom bunk and the TV was on the opposite side of the room from where it usually is), I took the opportunity for us to go in my room. Inside were Sara, Caitlin, and Nick B., the first guy I ever kissed. Sara and Caitlin were at my computer. I introduced them to Jason. Sara said
      “Who is he, your boyfriend?”
      And I said
      “No, it’s just…Jason. This is Jason.”
      I hesitated, because I wasn’t sure what to call him. I debated saying “friend”, but he isn’t my friend. So I just said his name. Jason repeated me and said “Jason” as he shook Caitlin’s hand.

      I kicked everyone out of my room and house because I was ready to go to bed, and ready to get Jason the hell out of my house.


      I then went on to dream of Jason and his family. We were now inside what appeared to be the Pokemon game. Jason’s family was sitting by a tree at night with their backs to him. I heard something about him having hurt his family in the past.

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    4. Pregnant and Practicing with a Baby Doll, and a Very Awkward Thanksgiving

      by , 11-14-2012 at 04:45 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was walking around with a life-like baby doll in my arms, but I was acting like it was a real baby. There were many other people around in the area I was in, which, I honestly have no idea where that was. I think it was in a big mall or department store or something. I remember having to change the baby doll's diaper, and being confused as to how to do so. I stood there with this baby doll who had a dirty diaper on, trying to think of who to ask about changing it.

      I then realized that this was a baby doll, and that I was just practicing for when I had my real baby, which I was pregnant with. It was Jake's baby. I looked down and rubbed my belly. I was showing a bit, and, underneath my hand, I could feel the new little life moving. I felt the outline of her body. I got really excited about being pregnant! I exclaimed to someone that I could feel the baby. I then looked at myself in a mirror, and saw my baby bump. I felt really giddy!

      My joy then immediately turned to worry; I started to fear losing the baby. I was afraid that any little thing that made me panic or get angry or something would cause me to miscarry.

      I then started to tell people that I was pregnant and that I was excited for my little girl to come into the world. No one responded. I remember even telling a girl I'm acquainted with IWL, Maegan, but she just stared at me like everyone else. I also remember calculating my due date, which came out to be sometime in March, but that didn't seem right for some reason, as if it was supposed to be later than that.


      I was at my house. It was Thanksgiving, and family kept coming over. I was standing in the living room when my ex, Chris, and his girlfriend came through the door. They sat down on the red chair that's in the corner of the room.

      Um...what? Who invited them? I thought maybe my mom did. I know I sure didn't, but no one said anything.

      I was then upstairs with my brother. We were in the bonus room, when Chris brought us a tray with a small silver bowl of what looked like chicken broth up to us. He said it was soup, and set it down. It only looked like broth to me, not soup; I was skeptical. My brother started to eat it. I then heard Chris from downstairs telling his girlfriend he had saved all the chicken and rice for them.

      Uh, no, this isn't cool. I stormed downstairs and into the living room. There were other relatives in there sitting on the couch I believe, but I didn't care. I was kicking Chris and co. out. I stood firmly in front of the couple, who were both sitting in the same small chair, and said, sternly and forcefully,
      "Get out of my house. What are you even doing here anyway? And was that our soup?"
      He said no, it was their soup. I then said
      "Well, that doesn't matter. You're in my house. And I'm kicking you out. Go!"
      They stood up and left. Thank God. But I still couldn't figure out why they would want to spend Thanksgiving at my house. That had to be awkward for them, too.

      I was then working, but it didn't look anything like work, though I was doing the same thing. I was working behind a very long cash register counter, about the length of the room we were in, with some other people. A middle-aged lady with very short blonde hair came up to me and this other girl with lots of jewelry and a check. I can't remember what she was trying to do, it was something complicated, and she was trying to explain to us what it was, but the girl I was with took her small, flimsy light brown wallet from the counter and opened it, saying her ID wasn't in there and we needed her ID for what she wanted to do. I took over and started to calmly ask some questions to see if we could sort everything out. The people next to me behind the counter then took over and started to ring her up on their register. Well, I guess that takes care of that.

      I was then in the same building, but I was leaving work now. Chris was there for a little bit, and I told him why I got so mad.
      "I heard you talking about the soup," I said.
      He said "Ohhh..." as if it made sense now as to why I was so mad, you know, besides the fact that he brought his girlfriend into MY house on Thanksgiving.

      Ahem. Anyway.

      Chris was then gone, and I was standing with a short, stout middle-aged woman who was supposed to be Chris's girlfriend's mother. I felt really awkward when she started to talk to me like we were friends. I talked back to her, and was polite and nice, but I didn't exactly know what to say besides making small talk.

      We were then waiting on an elevator. A small screen popped up in front of us of a cartoony, poorly-drawn picture of his girlfriend, with "Ji's" written above it in bubbly, black block letters. It was supposed to be Chris's Facebook profile picture, and "Ji's" was a business or something. The mom stared at it longingly. I felt even more awkward.

      The elevator then opened, and we stepped inside. She started to tell me about how she was moving to Knoxville. I told her she better make sure she had all of her stuff together, and she said she knew, and just kept talking about it, and that she had to move around a lot. I thought that maybe she was in the military or something. She was talking to me as if I was any other person. I felt a little better about it then.

      She then commented on the fact that the elevator wasn't moving, as if someone had hit the emergency stop button right before our floor. The door then opened to an outside area. The area was lit, but looking up at the sky, you could see many stars; it was nighttime.

      I also remember seeing a flash of a white screen with black writing that quickly streamed by on it at some point. I remember it said something about love, "Love is not ____." (can't remember that last word) was one of the sentences in the stream of writing that whisked by my vision, or something like that. Whatever it was, it was saying something about what love wasn't.

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    5. And Along with the New Job, the Work Dreams Have Returned

      by , 10-30-2012 at 03:44 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was walking outside of work at night, though it looked different than IWL. Someone, I guess a supervisor, then came up to me and told me that on my file on the computer, there was a note that said they were keeping an eye on me. Wow what? Shit. I was worried they'd fire me now; it sounded like they were suspicious of me for some reason. I needed to do a better job at work so they wouldn't think that anymore. The general feelings in this dream were worry and dread; I wanted (and needed) to keep this job.


      I was at work, behind the counter, though it looked a bit different than IWL. It was almost like I had been sleeping there too; I felt like it was early in the morning, well before opening time, and I was drowsy. There were other people there as well, I remember specifically a guy being at another cash register next to mine.

      We were all getting gifts and stuff in the mail. I had gotten three dark blue and purple flowers that were in bushels on top of long stems that kind of looked like this:

      Except for the ones in the dream were darker, more bunched together, on long stems and didn't have all the crazy leaves. The flowers were the same general shape though.

      Anyway, the only thing I had to put them in was this small, clear/whitish translucent bottle. It already had water in it, so I put the flowers inside. One kept drooping because it was too top-heavy for the small bottle with all its tiny flower bushels on the top. I kept trying to fix it, but it just wasn't working; the same flower kept drooping. I took them out and asked the guy next to me if he had a vase or something. He said he didn't, so I then asked him to just hand me a big black cup. He did, and the flowers went in there just fine. Not a vase, but they fit...better than nothing!

      I remember too at some point seeing that my old friend Alex H. worked with me there. He was at one of the registers.

      Then, a manager got on the intercom and announced that soon it would be Fairy Wing Day, and we could dress as fairies to work. I got excited and started to plan out a fairy costume. I already have some wings.

      I then imagined or saw someone who worked there walk by with fairy wings on.
    6. Neglected Guinea Pig, Brief Lucidity, Pill Anxiety, and an Inappropriate Child

      by , 10-24-2012 at 03:23 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at home, and started to think about a guinea pig my brother apparently had. It looked like it had tortiseshell fur, which is black with yellow-orange flecks. I hadn't heard about it in awhile. I then "remembered" what happened. He had moved the guinea pig's container, which was a HUGE glass aquarium-type thing, like you'd see the rodents in in Petsmart, into the garage, because he had rearranged his room. I then had this realization that Blake hadn't paid ANY attention to this guinea pig in a couple of months. The guinea pig was probably dead.

      This made me pretty mad, because he has a fish too (IWL he actually does have the fish), and he was bad about cleaning out its tank (IWL this really is an issue...at least for me). I couldn't fathom how someone could take in a living animal, and then just forget about it and let it die. I approached Blake about it, and he didn't seem too concerned, though he did acknowledge that he had forgotten about him. He went into the garage to check up on it. I didn't want to look, because I figured the poor little guy was definitely dead by now. However, when Blake came back, he said the guinea pig was fine and just sleeping. I pictured it asleep in its food dish. I wondered how it stayed alive for that long with no food, water, or having its cage cleaned out. I told Blake it had probably been eating its own feces to stay alive.

      This next stuff gets a little confusing in my mind. I'll try to put it into some sort of order that makes sense.

      I realized I was dreaming, so, to not lose the dream, I kept repeating in my head "Stay in the dream, stay in the dream..." which at least helped keep the dream colorful and vivid. I also did some hand examinations, not to RC, but so I wouldn't lose focus on the dream world.

      I saw that I was in my room. I walked up to the mirror, and saw myself. I looked the same aside from my hair, which was short, straight, and dark red. I also had short bangs. Looking back, the hairstyle reminds me of flappers from the 20s. I smiled, cause it looked good. I was then topless and my boobs were way huge. I thought it was kinda hot really, and started to think about sexy time things, but it wasn't really working too well. I looked at myself in the mirror again, and I still had the different hair.

      I then woke up, but DEILDed into another dream. I was then staring at some picture on the wall of my room. I repeated the "Stay in the dream..." stuff, but I don't think it lasted very long.

      I DEILDed again, but this time, I went into a non-lucid. The guinea pig situation was still an issue. But this time, when I confronted Blake about it and he checked on the little guy, it was dead. Big surprise. That's what happens when you neglect an animal for 2 months. I just didn't understand why it wasn't a huge deal for Blake. I don't know if I confronted him or not about the issue, but I know I was angry, and thought to myself how mind-boggling it was that someone could take responsibility for an animal's life, and just forget about it. I pictured the guinea pig in its cage in the garage, dead in its food dish. I thought back to the previous part of the dream where the guinea pig was alive, and figured that I had just dreamed that up.


      I was sitting at a kitchen table in someone's house, and I took a little white pill called "Molly" and washed it down with some water that was in a glass to my right on the table (something I've never done or seen IWL and never EVER want to do...I've seen stuff like this mess up too many lives). It was nighttime outside. I don't remember who I was with, but I started to freak out before it kicked in, saying to myself in my head stuff like well you can forget going to sleep tonight and stuff like that. I immediately regretted taking the damn thing. I contemplated texting Aaron, who had done it before, and telling him, but I didn't.

      I then remember being in a room with some other people. We were apparently waiting on Austin to come over. I knew he just wanted to smoke. I was starting to feel the pill now, and I felt hyper and twitchy. Ugh. It was stressing me out pretty badly. Austin was then there. I don't remember much else about that part, other than there was a small point where I became lucid while I was sitting next to someone and talking, but I just let things go on as they were instead of taking advantage of the moment.

      I was then running around outside at what I think was dusk with this little boy of about 10 years old. He was chasing me and laughing. I felt weird about it, like the little boy was somehow inappropriately attracted to me. He then grabbed my waist as we ran, and then, he moved his hands under my shirt and on my waist. Definitely inappropriate behavior. I kept running for a second or two before I woke up.
    7. Murder Suspicions and Baby Bunnies in the Road

      by , 10-14-2012 at 04:35 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in some weird, mostly white, circular room. It looked kind of like a lounge or something. It was supposed to be DV I think. There was a big pillar in the middle of the room. Lots of people were milling about. The Sandman was the one I remember by name. The rest, I'm not sure who they were.

      I was very suspicious of The Sandman, and many of the other men there, mainly the people who were supposed to be The Sandman's male friends. I remember him and his friends being older men, and his friends being in business suits. The Sandman, however, resembled my dream guide, having shoulder-length brown, scruffy hair, and a mustache.

      Anyway, I was suspicious of him and his friends, because there was a murder, and I suspected one of them. I would listen to them talk and stuff. I think they knew that I knew I suspected them, so that made me even more anxious about the whole thing.

      I was then driving through my neighborhood, towards the entrance/exit. It was nighttime. A possum ran out in front of me on its hind legs. I started saying "Get out of the way, possum!" and stuff like that (like I do IWL ), and I narrowly missed him. I then saw a bunny and her babies in someone's yard that had just crossed the road. I was nowhere near hitting them. But then, more started to appear, mostly baby bunnies. They were all scattered in the road, and I was so afraid to hit them. It eventually was to the point where they were EVERYWHERE. I remember hearing one of the bunnies "screaming", as if they were in terrible danger. It sounded like a loud cat's meow.

      I then was out of the car, and kneeling at the side of the road by someone's yard next to a bunny family. I remember lots of white baby bunnies at this point. I went to touch the mamma bunny, and accidentally touched one of the babies, who was apparently a newborn, because it felt slimy, warm, and hairless. I was afraid that now, the mamma bunny would reject the baby.

      I was then washing my hands in my bathroom at my house. I finished, and saw a white baby bunny in my sink. How it got there was beyond me. I thought maybe he had been stuck to my hand or something, and I hadn't noticed. It looked dead at first, but upon further examination, I discovered that it was still alive, but barely. I looked down at the small, slightly damp bunny, and asked
      "Are you dying?"
      The bunny nodded.
      I then either asked if it knew where its mamma was, or if there was anything I could do, and it shook its head no.

      I then was in the DV place again, only this time, it was a section that had an indoor pool. I was getting angry at The Sandman's friends, though now, they looked like older teens/in their 20s. I remember one having a shaved head. I tried to flip them off, but my finger just wouldn't work right. I had to pry it up with my left hand, and still, I couldn't hold it up. Ugh, so frustrating! I was walking after them, still yelling and being angry, when they went through this purple set of doors that just seemed to appear out of nowhere on the wall. The doors had windows on them, and I could see them peeking through the windows, looking at me. I then decided to moon them. I knew I'd probably get in trouble with someone, but it was going to be so worth it. I turned around and pulled my pants down, and exposed my bare ass to them for a second or two before I pulled them back up and walked away, not looking back at all to see their reaction. I felt really, really satisfied with myself. I was thinking about the small birthmark on my butt and whether or not they saw it.

      I then was heading over towards my friend Courtney, who was in the pool I believe. She was trying to leave; she was moving away (she just moved to Ohio IWL). I almost felt like she was trying to get away from me. She went up the ladder to get out. I talked to her a bit. She was disappointed in me for mooning those guys (she had seen the whole thing from her spot in the pool). But the conversation started to get much friendlier.


      I was on campus at my old college, walking into the cafeteria area where I had that last job that didn't work out. I had no idea why I was going in there; I didn't want a confrontation with any of the employees. The restaurant I worked at was right next to the entrance, and in the hallway right outside, there's a door that goes into the back area of the restaurant. An additional hallway that doesn't exist IWL was there too. It's hard to describe in words.

      Anyway, I walked into the cafeteria area, and saw that it was very vacant. It must be around 10am, when many of the restaurants are still trying to open up. There was a fat lady whom I didn't recognize at the cash register. She was wearing a black shirt, and looked to be about middle aged. Her darker blondish hair was up in a short ponytail. Whew, someone I didn't work with or recognize. I figured she was my replacement. I then wondered if everyone else I had worked with, including my manager since I didn't see her, had also quit (wouldn't be surprised...the turnover rate there is very, very high IWL). As I turned to look directly at the fat lady, I fell down onto the floor.

      I then walked in the back. I didn't even know why I did it in the dream. I thought that the people back there would recognize me, and that I wasn't supposed to be back there. However, I don't remember even seeing any people back there. It was vacant, like the dining area.

      Then, again, I was suspicious of a murder, but it was in a different setting: My house. The Sandman was no longer involved, but people who resembled his older friends from the last dream were still there. I was super suspicious. The guys would apparently come to my house sometimes and chat with my mom. They worked with and really supported my dad.

      I then remember being in the car with the suspected murderer, a middle-aged man with a shaved head. He was driving, and I was in the passenger's side seat. I hinted that I knew he was the killer.

      I was then in the porch, and I walked out into the kitchen. There was a girl there, one that looked to be a bit younger than me, so probably about 20-22 or so. In the dream, I knew her, but not too well. We were talking, and I started to talk about Emilee, a girl I went to high school with who was killed in a drunk driving accident a few months ago IWL. Emilee had apparently been really close to this girl. Her eyes started to water as I talked about her. Mine did as well; it was a very tragic topic. I told her that I had to serve Emilee's alleged murderer every day at the coffee shop (I guess I still worked there in the dream). IWL the man behind the wheel of the car she was in was her age, and has many charges stacked against him. In the dream, it wasn't a car accident, but she was the victim of a cold-blooded murder. And the man who did it was the guy I confronted in the car, the one who helped my dad. I think I was one of the only ones who suspected him.

      I then was in the living room with my mom. I was sitting on one of the red chairs we have in there. I squatted down onto the ground and lowered my voice as I started to talk. I asked her if she thought this bald guy, whom I called Drew (it was supposed to be my IWL acquaintance, Drew D.) who was now peeing in the bathroom (I could hear him peeing), was the killer. She said yes, but she also said he really backed my dad financially. I told her I had confronted him about it. I then heard him start to pee in the toilet again. I then thought about me being the next victim, my name being in the headlines as "The Anderson's girl" being killed.

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    8. A Deadly Camera, and Flooding the Bathroom

      by , 10-12-2012 at 04:04 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was standing in the kitchen at my house. My brother and my mom were there, and outside, it was evening. My brother was standing at the open back door, talking to my mom. I then caught a glimpse of Austin, an ex, walking in the back yard towards the house next door. He was wearing a muted yellow hoodie that looked hippie-ish, similar to the clothing he wears IWL. He stopped for a second, and kept walking.

      What?! Austin? Weird. I thought I was imagining things at first, but no, he had been there, plain as day in the back yard. Doesn't he remember that I lived in that house? Did he see me too?

      I was then out in the front yard. The sun was going down. I saw that next door, in the driveway, there was a party. I assumed that's where Austin was. His girlfriend was probably there as well. I didn't go over. Instead, I sat/laid in my front yard. I was sure they noticed me there, so I felt a little weird about just lying down in the yard alone.

      I then was at Jake's apartment, spending the night. My brother was there too. We were all sleeping in the living room. I was on the big chair, Jake was on the couch, and Blake was on the floor. It was nighttime and dark in the room; no lights were on. Jake had this black camera with a red light set up on a tripod in the middle of the living room. It was a security camera that scanned the room, back and forth, and also, it could move around the room on the tripod. You could either arm it or not. Either way, if it saw you or a target, it would sound an alarm, and, depending on whether or not it was armed, it would either not hurt you at all, or it would shoot rounds and rounds of bullets at you. Jake was out of the living room and in his room, while I was still in the living room on the chair, when he told me that he had it armed. He said it like it wasn't a big deal. At this point, the camera was pointed away from me, looking in the opposite direction. I thought about if it saw me, I'd be instantly killed; this was no joke. I would die. But as long as I didn't move, I'd be fine.

      Then, I decided I needed to get up for some reason, and had to walk past the camera. I somehow got past it and back without getting shot at. Whew. That was close.

      Then, Austin and his girlfriend were there...and Jake hates Austin (true IWL, even though they've never met). But at this point, Jake was asleep on the couch. I was really baffled about Austin being there...it was weird. He seemed fine though. He was being his kind self, and his girlfriend, whom I've never met IWL, was being very sweet to me.

      I then started to talk to him about Jake. I think we were doing something with the camera at this point, or at least talking about it. That's when Jake woke up and started to freak out, telling us to shut up and to get out. Blake was still fast asleep on the floor throughout all this mess. I was worried the camera would start to shoot us, but it didn't. Jake was so angry, but he didn't hurt us or anything. He was just really pissed that Austin was there, and that we'd been talking about him. I guess he hadn't been asleep after all, but listening in to what we said. Or, I thought, maybe the camera had recorded us, and while we had our backs turned, he watched the recording of us talking about him.


      I was at my house, and Jake was there too, still pissed from the Austin thing. I don't know why he was there, I think to pick up some of his stuff. I remember him asking where one of his things was in my room. Whatever. I wished he wasn't so mad, but he was, and I guess there wasn't anything more I could do about it. I think we were talking about the camera too.

      I then walked into the bathroom. The light was bright in there. I used the toilet, flushed it, and it proceeded to overflow all over the place. I felt the cold water on my feet as it continued to pour out and flood the bathroom. It was coming out at a pretty fast rate. I tried to block the flow from getting much further into the bathroom with a dark blue rug we have by the toilet. It kind of worked, and the flow had also slowed down, but the toilet made a noise, and a fresh wave of water started to pour out. I called for someone, I think Jake, who was in my room. I opened the door that connects the bathroom to my room, hoping the water wasn't going to get in and onto the carpet. It wasn't yet, but if it flooded much more, it would spill over. I told him what happened. I think I also told my mom, because I needed help getting the toilet to stop, and also, cleaning up the mess.

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    9. Telekinesis and Minecraft With a Sleepless Jake, and Being Pulled Over by Cops...in Minecraft

      by , 10-03-2012 at 04:17 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was inside of some weird Minecraft world. It was underground/nighttime. Jake was there with me. Well, he was sort of there with me. He was not doing so well; he was struggling with bad insomnia due to I think withdrawals. Some other people were around as well.

      I was walking around in this dimly-lit underground cave, when I saw a group of monsters coming from a dark space around the corner. A disembodied voice called them "Ents". They looked kind of like goblins, and not blocky like Minecraft mobs are. I avoided them as best as I could, not wanting an encounter.

      I was then in a dark room with Jake, who was tossing and turning in a bed. I heard my mom say to him that she struggled with tinnitus too. Weird. I thought to myself that maybe tinnitus was a withdrawal symptom.

      Throughout the dream, I was able to move and change things with my mind (a theme that recurred throughout this dream). For example: I could fill in spaces in the cave wall that exposed the outside with my mind. I could also teleport as well, just by thinking about it. I can't remember exactly when all of these events occurred, but they happened quite a few times.


      I was, again, in a Minecraft world, though this time, it had more real world elements in it. It was also, again, nighttime.

      I was at a house with Jake and some other people. I believe there was a little party going on. He wanted to go home and go to bed; he didn't seem to be having a good time.

      I was then riding in the back right side of a minivan. I'm not sure who was driving, but we picked up Jake, and a little later, a girl I know named Brittany. We picked them up from the road; I suppose they were trying to walk home. I guess we must have been in some sort of cab. I wanted Jake to come back to my place to stay, not with me in the same bed, but in a different bed, just so he was there with me, and not all alone.

      We were then pulled over by police as we were nearing my place. There were 2-3 cops there. One came to the driver's side window, shining a flashlight inside, and asking if we had any drugs in there. Everyone said no. They decided to pat us down anyway, just in case. A female cop patted me down as I was still sitting in the car. Another cop asked how it was going, and she said
      "Good, except for the left side of her chest," or something to that effect.
      I said back, stating a fact,
      "No, it's just the left side of my chest is..."
      The female cop interrupted with
      "A broken rib? Missing a rib?"
      "No," I replied, "my ribs kind of fold in on each other right there, so they stick out a little." This is a fact that's true IWL.
      She seemed good with this answer. I felt my ribs, thinking about one being missing, as the cop had thought.

      I then noticed, right before we left the scene, that Jake and Brittany had left. Apparently, we were around the vicinity of at least Jake's house, and he wanted to go home. I saw him walking through his front door. Sigh. Oh well, can't do much about it now.

      I was then at my old apartment for some reason. I was getting something from there that I had left when I moved, I suppose. I hoped my crazy old roommate didn't come home and see me.

      I was then in a Minecrafty house. There was a bed in there that I could sleep in, but I decided to make another, and try to place it way out of the reach of any mobs. I somehow accidentally placed it inside some light blue blocks on the ceiling. I could see its outline inside the blocks. Whoa O_O. I then "right-clicked" it (it was like I was there, inside the game, and right-clicking at the same time) to try to sleep in it, but it wouldn't let me. I looked out the window and saw blue sky, indicating that it was still daytime. I had to wait until nighttime to sleep in the bed.

      I then walked out of the room, and back into it. The bed was then on the floor, sitting at an angle. Well, I guess it glitched out inside the blocks on the ceiling, and moved onto the floor. I broke it down with my hand, and tried to place it back in the ceiling blocks. I couldn't get it to go there at first, but I think I finally succeeded. I was thinking about sleeping in it, going to bed early and how that would help me get some extra sleep. It would be safe, and away from any mobs that may spawn in my vicinity. It was still daytime, however, though evening was nearing.
    10. Weird High School Reunion, and Quitting an Unjust College

      by , 09-30-2012 at 04:48 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was watching something that looked like Pokemon with Jake on the TV in the living room of my house. It was nighttime, and I was gonna try to sleep, so I paused the show. Then, Jake unpaused it. We kept going back and forth like that, until I got irritated and told Jake I was trying to sleep, and that's why I was pausing it.


      I was watching some movie, or was involved in some movie-like situation, where the woman who plays Dr. Cameron on House was a photographer, though she looked like the character she played briefly on How I Met Your Mother, Zooey. Yes, that's right, I was in the band again at my old high school. My old band teacher wanted some photos of apartments made. Apparently, this got done every year. My band teacher really liked her photography for some reason. She was supposed to be taking pictures of apartments for him. He started to look at them, and they were obscure pictures. Like weird pictures of inside the apartments. I remember one being of right outside the apartment, the stairs leading up to it and the sign above the door which read "APARTMENT".

      Well, the band teacher didn't like that. He was looking for pictures of the apartments from a bird's eye view, not this weird abstract stuff. He fired her, and then, someone told her she was going to die at 25. She didn't believe it, since she was 24, but apparently, she did end up dying.

      Leonardo DiCaprio was in there somewhere too, but I'm not sure where he came into play.

      I was going to some high school reunion thing (IWL a couple of weeks ago I went to a brief choir reunion to sing the National Anthem at my old high school's 10 year anniversary, where they named the football stadium). I remember Kayla being there. I put my purse in a locker in the girl's locker room, which, in the dream, was underneath the stadium. Many other people were there as well. The lockers were very tiny, and I didn't have a lock, so I just put my things in a locker in the middle of the wall of tiny lockers and hoped for the best.

      I also saw a girl I knew of in high school and actually met and had classes with in college, Megan H. In IWL, she's very conservative and Christian. In the dream, she was a photographer, and only put on the front of being very conservative and religious, though I seemed to be one of the only ones who could see that. She had apparently gotten in big trouble with the law at some point, like gotten arrested, but I'm not sure why. She still acted like her bubbly, Christian self in the dream, though it seemed almost strained. She came up to me with a smile and started talking to me. She was holding a camera.

      Megan, Kayla, and I all went up into the stadium, which was HUGE and very packed with people who had gone to the high school in the past 10 years. It was nighttime outside. As we were walking, I heard the brass players that were on the field play this one chord, and I got annoyed, because they were going to start playing some silly song that they always played in high school (the brass sections were such goof-offs in high school IWL -_-). They were a few of the brass players that went to high school with me. I remember specifically a trumpet player named Micheal being down there. They were wearing their high school band uniforms.

      We sat down on the far right edge towards the top of the stadium. Megan sat behind me, and I think Kayla as well. Megan started to talk and talk and talk to us. I turned around to listen. She started talking about weaves, and some black guy with, and I quote, "plastic in his hair". A big black girl with a weave and a white V-neck shirt that was sitting next to Megan (who btw is very white haha) turned to her and said "Mmmhmm!" as if she was agreeing. I then turned back around, and everyone around us was quiet and turned around staring at us, as if they were waiting for us to shut up so they could do the National Anthem or something. I felt a little embarrassed at first, but Megan kept obliviously talking, and I just ignored the stares since I had barely said a word; it was all Megan. I then thought about a waking life memory, how the choir alumni had been down there a couple weeks prior doing the National Anthem instead of the band alumni.

      Then, I wanted to check my phone for the time or something, but it was dead. I would hold down the button, but it wouldn't turn on. I had had a feeling it was going to die, since when I had gotten there the battery was so low. I got up to leave during this part for some reason, when everyone was waiting quietly for the National Anthem. I was the only one getting up to leave. I started to go down a stairway that lead to underneath the stadium, but the dance team was under there doing some slow, almost interpretive dance, and then behind them, I saw pom-poms and only a little bit of the cheerleaders. I went down another way.

      I was then back at the lockers, and lots of people were there again. Part of the wall and lockers had been removed, and you could see to the other side of the wall, which was the guy's locker room, I believe. It reminds me now of Minecraft; it looked as if "blocks" had been removed from the wall. I asked someone who did this, and I think they said some Freshman girl did it or something. At any rate, my locker was still there. As I opened it to grab my purse, I hoped no one had stolen anything. I felt the bottom of my purse to see if I could feel everything that was in there. I was especially checking for my wallet. At first, I didn't feel it, but then I did. Thank goodness!

      I checked my phone again, and it was still dead. It came on very briefly, and then died again.

      I was then riding home with Megan's family. Megan's dad was driving. We got into my neighborhood, and he dropped me off at where my street starts so I had to walk a couple houses down to get to my place. I got out, and was holding this blue notebook. Papers and folders were crammed into it and falling out. I was trying to get it all together, when I said to Megan's dad
      "I've been unemployed for 9 months," and I said other things as well, but I can't remember what. We had been talking about how I'd been, I guess.
      He responded with
      "Good morning, Superman." He smiled when he said this.

      I then woke up.


      I was at my college again, but it was like it was mixed with Minecraft. I remember going through some caves, seeing obsidian and torches and some wooden doors. I saw lots of zombies too, and they would change appearance randomly with the light levels. I killed them.

      Then, I was heading out of the cave and onto the campus. A tall, handsome, kind-looking Arab man then approached me. He didn't speak English very well. He offered me a single pink rose, and asked me to walk him to class. He told me his name, but it was something really complicated, so I can't remember it, and couldn't throughout the dream. Anyway, I took his hand, and I walked him to his class. We were walking over blocky, stone Minecraft terrain that was imposed on the campus. It was daytime outside. We talked while we went to his class.

      This happened again too, where he found me standing at another cave entrance, and asked me to walk him to his class. He gave me another single pink rose, and we walked around campus to his class. He was so kind, a very sweet person whom I really enjoyed being around. This time, before we parted, I gave him a big hug. It was so warm and loving, a beautiful embrace. We lingered for a while, just hugging.

      For a little bit, I thought about how JP had been represented in some of my dreams as an Indian or Middle-Eastern man. I then thought that this man was nothing like JP or the character that represented him, and carried on, walking by myself now that the Arab man was gone to class.

      Then, he stopped showing up. I was really upset, because I knew it was because the dean of the school, who looked like my old high school principal, Mr. Nolan, didn't like him because he was Arab, which automatically made him "suspicious", as if he were a terrorist or something. I was absolutely furious. The area I was in at this point was cave-like, and had another, older looking Arab guy around, and some other people as well. I think I asked him where the other guy went. When I asked, I simply referred to him as Ahmed, because I couldn't remember his complicated name. I don't remember what he said, though I already knew what happened. I was going to take action; this was absolutely disgusting and ridiculous.

      I went into the dean's office. Apparently, Mr. Nolan wasn't there that day, and the guy standing in for him looked kind of like an old assistant principal, Mr. Lichens, except for he had a bowl cut and was much skinnier than the real Mr. Lichens. He had the same color hair, red, and glasses though, as the IWL Lichens does. He looked up as I entered. I immediately started to go off. I began by throwing a small object, and yelling, filled with rage, (this isn't word-for-word, but it's as close as I can remember it)
      "I quit this school! You bastards, Ahmed is not a terrorist! He is a nice person who just wants to learn! You're just afraid! Not every Arab is like Osama bin Laden!"
      I'm sure I said some other things too. Lichens lookalike started to look angry the second I started to yell. I stormed out, and he immediately got on the phone with Mr. Nolan, telling him that I just quit the school, which I could hear through the door I had come through. God damn, I was angry. I was so very, very angry. It was so unfair that they did this! I turned around and yelled at the door, hoping he could hear me through it as I could hear him. I think I called them bastards again.

      I was then standing with some people, one I remember being a girl named Melissa that worked at the job I recently quit. She was standing with another girl, apparently her partner. They were so in love, it was so sweet. I hugged Melissa, and she was whispering to me about how happy and in love she was with this other girl. I was very happy for them.

      I was then getting some things out of a cubby in the band room from high school. My tennis shoes were in there. I thought about all the high school band kids there.

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    11. Resolving The Job Issue: What I'm Too Stubborn To Do IWL. Thank You, Brain! :)

      by , 09-29-2012 at 04:16 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at my house, in the living room. It was morning, and the room was dimly lit. My mom had just gotten back from Oregon. My brother, Blake, and his girlfriend, Sarah, were there too, but they were in his room, asleep still. My mom came in and started to bitch about Blake's girlfriend. I disagreed with her about what she was saying.

      Then, I was in the kitchen with Blake's girlfriend, Sarah. She was getting something from the cabinet under the sink. She was talking to me as she did, I think trying to give me advice or help me with something.

      Some more happened at the house, but I can't remember what.


      I was at my old college, in the building that the job I recently quit was in, though it looked different. I was there to vote for the President. It was very crowded. I think I was there with someone too, but I can't remember who.

      We walked up some very crowded stairs to a table where you voted. It was much different than in waking life; it was just a fold-out table with some pieces of plastic or cardboard set up on it as "walls" to separate the voters. I got up there, and took a piece of paper. It was like a checklist of the candidates. I don't remember who I picked, and then, I realized that I wasn't really paying much attention when I voted. I got up and looked at my ballot. I was making sure I at least didn't vote for Romney, and checking for an "x" marked by Gary Johnson's name. I saw his name, simply "Gary" on the sheet, but I hadn't marked it. I had marked one below it, some female candidate from an off-the-wall party. I wanted to change it, but obviously, I couldn't. Someone in charge of the voting then took my ballot and put it with all the other ballots. I thought to myself that at least I didn't vote for Obama or Romney, but that didn't make me feel any better about it.

      Then, I was walking by some restaurants in the same area of the building. I spotted someone working at what looked like a Pizza Hut booth who looked familiar. He was tall, thin, and had glasses, though I couldn't see his hair because of his Pizza Hut hat. He looked at me and said something like
      "Oh, it's just you."
      I asked him
      "Are you mad at me?"
      "Yes," he responded, "you just quit!"
      He then looked away, and continued doing what he was doing.
      I was still trying to place him in my mind. Was he a Pizza Hut employee? I was never friends with anyone who worked there...

      Then it hit me: He was the supervisor of the whole restaurant area, Toby. He was the one who put my name in the system and such. Shit...well, I'm here, better try to make this right.
      "Let me explain to you what happened," I said.
      He agreed to let me explain myself, and came to sit with me at a table.
      "Listen," I started, "I have depression, and it got really bad...that's why I quit."
      "Depression?" he said, a bit skeptically, but he was listening now, at least.
      I talked to him about it, saying it was hard to explain. He had to get up and go take care of something at the Pizza Hut real quick, but came back. He talked to me about how he had to work at Quarto's (what he called the Pizza Hut) since they were understaffed, and told me they hired someone else where I used to work named Wilma. He also told me that Mallisha, a girl that I worked with there, had her baby. He seemed a lot less angry now. He looked at me as we talked with kind eyes, trying to understand.

      I thought to myself afterwards how I had resolved the issue. I felt good about it.


      I was again at the college, but the area looked different. I was sitting down talking to my old manager, Gloria. She was being very kind to me, and seemed happy. I think she was so happy because it was the end of the workday on Friday, and she didn't work on the weekends. She asked me how I was, and we talked a bit. She never asked about how I quit, she never asked about any of that stuff. It was like I had never left.

      I then saw some people I worked with there, the one I remember for sure being Gwen. She was with someone else, another girl. They were about to go shoot this movie or something, that was supposed to be what would happen during a real bomb threat. I then pictured them dressed as zombies, wandering around this tent set up in a gymnasium. I then pictured an above view of them laying on a gurney surrounded by other gurneys with people on them, all naked except for plastic wrap covering them, so you could only see outlines of their nipples...it was weird, but apparently, that was part of the shoot they were doing. Gwen is also black, but her body was white in this part of the shoot. I thought I was supposed to help with that somewhere in there. I pictured myself in the middle of the craziness, with zombies walking around in the tent, and tons of people calmly filing out. There were different tents set up in there as well, and the same thing was happening in all of them.

      I then saw what looked like a Pizza Hut commercial. Mallisha, some other employees, and Gwen all filed out of what I assumed was Pizza Hut, in slow motion. They all appeared to be in what looked like Pizza Hut uniforms, with red shirts and black pants. It was nighttime. I got excited, and got chills because I knew these people, and was happy for them that they were on TV! Mallisha, who looked thinner than IWL, I assumed it was because she had her baby, led the line, as if she was the boss or manager, and looked back at Gwen, who had lighter skin than IWL, who was in the back of the line. It showed Gwen doing the same to Mallisha. They were heading towards a bus. The whole thing was in slow motion. There was a male voice narrating in the background the whole time, but I can't remember what it said.

      I was then outside in some closed-in concrete porch area with a bunch of people who worked at the restaurants on campus. It was nighttime. They were all working on some big event, which I'm assuming had something to do with the movie shoot or the commercial. I was sitting all on my own, feeling like I didn't really belong there since I had quit, when someone called my name.
      "Krista! Come sit with us!"
      I wasn't sure who called me over, but I went towards the direction of the voice, and sat down on the ground with a group of girls that contained some Latino girls and also Gwen, who finally looked exactly as she does IWL, though she wasn't the one who called me. I was sitting next to her. She was wearing a tight grey dress.

      Gwen then started to talk to me. Her voice sounded exactly how I remember it.
      "Let me update you on what's happened since you've been gone," she said. "They wanted to promote me to manager, but I declined. (insert some things I can't remember here). Next to that one restaurant, you know, Seaweed or something."
      IWL, the "Seaweed" place she was referring to was really Pizza Hut.
      She was very kind and informative.

      I then was in some hallway, which wasn't nearly as crowded as everywhere else had been, and I saw Toby again. I got his attention, because I wanted to talk to him some more about the whole mess. I took his hands, and led him to a wall. His back was facing the wall. Then, there was a door there, and someone started to come out. I led Toby away from the door. The red-headed guy who came through the door looked at us. I felt like he must think something funny is going on between Toby and I. Toby was then against the white-painted concrete cinder block wall. I started to talk.
      "I've been having more bad days than good," I said.
      "Bad days? Everyone has those," he responded.
      I then went on as I was looking down, trying to adjust our position again,
      "But I think I've forgotten how to have good days," I said to him.
      He seemed very understanding to my plight. His eyes spoke volumes to me. I again went on.
      "I'm sorry for quitting like that," I said, "it was very unprofessional of me."
      We then hugged. We hugged for quite some time. It was a nice embrace, very comforting.
      As he pulled away he said
      "We might have a meeting on Monday." He then walked away and through a door, not looking back at me. Maybe he was embarrassed for showing so much emotion and understanding, I don't know.

      At any rate, I guess I still had my job there, though I honestly didn't want it back. I thought to myself that I better tell my mom when I get up for work on Monday. I was also proud of myself for resolving the problem, and how it didn't go over nearly as bad as I thought it would.

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    12. Zombie Workers, Sleeping On a Porch, and Quitting Work All Over Again

      by , 09-27-2012 at 03:38 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in what appeared to be a cave system, but it was supposed to be at the restaurant I recently quit. The manager was evil, and was turning all the employees into zombies. I refused to let that happen to me. As the zombie workers tried to attack me, one by one, I fought them off. I remember them having red, glowing eyes.


      I was asleep on our neighbor's front porch, underneath my sleeping bag. It was nighttime. I rolled over, and the door opened. Lisa (the neighbor) checked on me, and then went back in. I rolled back over. I wondered how I was sleeping out there and not being freezing cold.

      I then remember going inside, I guess it was time to get up. The sun was just starting to come up. Lisa came down the stairs. Something about the cat needing to go outside.

      Then, I was sitting on the porch with Lisa and her husband, Steve. One of her sons, Kael, was there briefly as well. He walked up to us for a little bit. He was smiling and gently swaying from side to side.

      An owl then flew by, and I held out an orange prescription bottle of assorted pills, one Lisa had put together, of some antibiotics and antidepressants. The antibiotics looked like some I took last year IWL for an upper-respiratory infection. They were large green and blue capsules. The owl landed and took a beakful of the pills, and flew away. Apparently, Lisa did this all the time, fed the animals pills. It was supposed to help them. I was worried, though, since the owl had taken so many. He took quite a few of the antibiotics, which I felt like we needed for some reason. No one else really seemed all that concerned.

      Spoiler for Expicit content:

      Then, we were back on the porch. He was smoking a cigarette, and was surrounded by the empty orange pill bottles. I picked one up, took out a pencil, and wrote "STFU" on the white label, and put it down next to him.
      "What did you write?" Steve asked.
      "Shut the fuck up," I said, and stormed away.

      I came back a little later, and that particular bottle was gone. I assumed he got angry and threw it (IWL he has a pretty bad temper).

      I was then at home, standing in my mom's office with my mom and my brother. They were on the other side of the room. I opened up the farthest left window and looked out. It was a grey, overcast morning. My brother then said
      "It smells like smoke in here."
      I then replied with
      "I didn't smoke, Steve was smoking a cigarette," or something like that.
      He then came back with
      "No, not cigarette smoke, weed smoke."
      I then turned all defensive and said
      "I only had one hit! I'm not even that high!" though I don't remember smoking weed in the dream, unless it was sometime when I was on the porch with Lisa and Steve.


      I was in a room with lots of people. A man who looked kinda like a guy I knew from my college Swing Dance Club, Alan, came up behind me and gently put his arms around me. I hugged his arms back. I was very comforted by his presence. I was very happy and content being around him, being held by him. At one point, he whispered "I love you" to me. I think he thought I was asleep. I'm pretty sure I said it back. "I love you, too."

      I was then sitting on a hospital bed, in what looked like a hospital room. The walls, floors, and sheets were all white. Sitting on two chairs in the back of the room were my old boss from the restaurant in the first dream, and a big, tall black guy who looked kind of like a guy I went to school with when I was younger, and Kenan from the show Kenan & Kel. My old boss asked me
      "So why were you in the hospital...?" She named off a few mental illnesses that could have put me in.
      I said
      "My depression got really bad." A vague statement.
      She then said
      "Oh I understand, my son deals with that sometimes," and she patted the guy next to her on the back.
      I was then handed a form I had to sign. Something on it was highlighted in yellow. I also remembered I didn't have a doctor's note, but no one asked me for one.

      As people walked by the room, I scanned for the guy from the beginning of the dream, but I couldn't find him.

      I then was following one of the girls I used to work with down a long hallway. She explained to me that since I'd been gone, they had done some renovations, so everything was located in different places now. She then told me that I either need to stay or quit, and to not do what I did again.

      As I was walking, I realized that I had no idea how or why I had come back here; I quit for a reason. But I kept on walking.

      Then, I was heading to a huge auditorium with quite a few other people. I still couldn't find the guy. The leader of the group couldn't quite decide which way the auditorium was. There were two, actually, and we needed to be at a certain one. We finally decided on one of them, and walked in.

      There were blue, auditorium-style seats in the audience and on the stage. The ones on the stage went up very high. We filed in the ones on the stage and sat. I was scanning the room for the guy that held me, wanting to find him again. I scanned in the rows of guys, who all appeared to be in tuxes, but I couldn't find him. I saw one that looked kind of like him with a blue baseball cap on, but it wasn't him. All I could remember about the guy who held me, besides what he looked like, was his last name being "Creech"; I had no idea what his first name was. I remembered this from seeing it written down somewhere.

      We were all then watching the opera class rehearse for a show. We were watching from the audience seats now, as they performed in the stage seats. Their costumes were all farmer-ish; one girl looked kind of like she was supposed to be Little Bo Peep.

      I then heard my old choir teacher from high school yell out that she needed to see me and Zach, a guy I was in band and choir with in high school. We got up and started to walk upwards (we were in the stage seats again). I then noticed Zach and I were wearing our old high school marching band uniforms, and everyone else was in my old college's marching band uniform. I felt silly, still being in my high school uniform. I guessed it was because we came in late, and had to wear some kind of uniform.

      When we got to the top, my choir teacher talked only to me, and not Zach at all. She said, with a plastered-on smile, as is the norm for her IWL,
      "Don't do what you did again. If you're going to quit, then quit. If you're going to stay, then stay. There are plenty of other people who would like to be up there."
      Inside, I was very upset that she was saying these things to me. I have depression, and it got really, really bad, and that's why I left. She then asked,
      "Can you do that for me?"
      I said
      "I...I don't know."
      I was crying at this point.

      I then walked away, planning on just removing my uniform and leaving, never to come back again, when I remembered I wanted to find that guy, "Creech", again. I turned around to go back. People were filing out of the auditorium, including the farmer-dressed opera members, who were talking about singing. I scanned the line for Creech, but couldn't find him.

      I then ran into the girl that led me down the long hallway. She said if I was going to quit, to hang up my uniform. Sigh. I didn't even want to give them that.

      I was then in the back, and there were some fat, ugly girls in full-length black choir dresses. They were apparently on the "sidelines" of the choir, so to speak; if I quit, one would get to sing. I remember one with curly hair and glasses talking about it. I took off my uniform (no longer the band uniform, though I'm not sure what uniform I was wearing), and was wearing clothing underneath. One of the girls took off some chunky light brown sandals, and asked where her "wide shoes" were. I put on the sandals she took off, first making sure they weren't the "wide" shoes; their size said something like 7/6 or 7/8, but no "W" to indicate that they were wide. They were kind of wide on my feet, but fit well otherwise. I knew that one of the girls was excited to sing; they seemed very happy, and were going on about it.

      I was then walking back down the long hallway, free of my uniform. I felt lighter without it on. I looked down at the light brown sandals as I walked.

      I was then behind the counter making a sandwich for a little girl. As she came up to me, I didn't say anything. She spouted off her order. I cut the bread pretty easily. This was what I had signed up to do, not run around and do some weird choir thing too; I was supposed to be making sandwiches! But I realized that I didn't want to be there either. I started putting some gloves on; they were small, and hard to get on my hands. I debated just walking out.

      Oddly enough, I loved choir in high school, and would love to be in a choir now if I could.

      The sandwich job though, I fucking hated it. Just for the record.

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    13. The Burning Basement, Work Regrets, Roller Coaster Malfunction, and More

      by , 09-25-2012 at 03:33 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was auditioning for some choir class, and the teacher, a woman, wanted us to do something crazy and dangerous before we could get into the class. I wasn't gonna do anything but sing for my audition; that was just overkill for her to ask us to do anything else. If that meant I couldn't be in the class, then so be it. I saw a girl stand in this one spot to start the audition.


      I was in a basement sitting at a round table with some people, Rachel T. from high school being one of them, and Jake may have been there too, I'm not sure. I don't remember who else was there. We all had baggies of weed. I had a very tiny amount in mine, Rachel had a ton, and whoever else was there had a bag with a ton.

      Then, all the sudden, I'm talking to my mom, who's freaking out. Apparently, the basement had partially caught fire. For some reason, in the dream, I pictured the inside of a car partially blackened from a fire, like it wasn't the basement, but a car. It was nighttime outside around the car.

      No one got hurt in the fire or anything, but my mom was freaking out nonetheless, more so about the weed. She said, through tears,
      "I thought you quit doing that stuff!"
      I said
      "I still do it sometimes," and I was thinking to myself that I did it once a month, but I don't think I told her that part.

      Then, we were in the basement again, the same people, the same situation. I thought about asking Rachel T. for some of her weed, since she had so much, and, since we were hanging out, maybe we were good enough friends to where it would be ok. I decided not to, however. I saw her putting the weed she had dumped out back into the bag.

      Someone was then lighting up a pipe, and, out of the top of the bowl, I noticed something molten, like lava, was about to drip out onto the carpet. I told whoever it was to be careful, and then saw it drip out onto the carpet. A small, glowing, orange spot was then on the carpet, and I feared the basement would burn again.

      I was right; the same thing happened again. Only this time, it was like I was in Minecraft, and all the sudden, I was floating around through tons and tons of lava blocks like I was in Creative Mode. I was afraid I was going to die, but I wasn't even getting hurt. I saw lots of lava and stone blocks, and lots of fire as well. It was like I had gone underneath the basement, and was trying to fly back up. It was weird.


      I was at my old college, standing outside one of the restaurants, one I worked at very briefly. It was very bright in the room. I saw someone standing around the register area on the other side of the counter, a woman, reviewing an application.
      "You are the best person for this job," she said to another girl. The girl, who was standing by the side door, I think, was very excited. They told her to come back there. I could barely watch; I hoped they didn't recognize me there.

      I then ran through the side door and behind the counter. I guessed they were closing; it appeared as if they were shutting down. Everything seemed neat and clean. There weren't many people back there, I think, actually, there was just one girl that I remember working with. She wasn't in uniform, she was wearing jeans instead of black pants, and she looked quite a bit more mature and calm than how I remember her. She was doing some cleaning. I only got a brief glimpse of her, however, and then, I ran out an opening on the other side that doesn't exist IWL.


      I was playing some game that appeared to be, upon first glance, a Roller Coaster Tycoon game. The game was set at nighttime. I was building a coaster that had a huge, steep hill, and then a drop. I built the hill extremely high, I think the game said it was like 100 meters high.

      I then was picking people to ride my coaster, from what looked like a Minecraft inventory. No one had names, but they were named by their occupations, and the images in the spaces in the inventory were close-ups on their faces. I picked a few people, and started the ride. I watched the cars go up and up and up, into the blue sky and clouds, even though it appeared to be nighttime. I was nervous, as if I was actually riding the coaster (IWL I'd be freaking out at the extremity of the height, though I do love roller coasters).

      As soon as the cars started to go over the hill, a bunch of them disconnected and flew off. Only the first one or two made it to the end of the drop, and then, the end of the ride. Oops. I guess the drop was too fast or something. I watched a car fly off into the distance, heading towards a mountain. I then got a notification in the top left corner of my screen, saying that part of my coaster crashed or malfunctioned, something like that. I then was on the inventory screen to pick more people to ride the coaster. I remember picking "Doctor", whose image was a close-up of the light thing they used to wear on their heads. I remember lots of white in the picture. I picked a few more, but can't remember exactly who they were.


      I was listening to myself talk to a psychiatrist, but I wasn't in body, nor could I see myself or the psychiatrist. I felt like I was in the office at some point. My view kept looking around as I listened to myself talk. I was trying to explain to the psychiatrist that I've always tried to do things right and avoid getting into trouble, and that I did this ever since I was a child in school. At first, she didn't understand what I meant, and repeated back to me a false assumption. I had to re-explain it to her. My view was then of a Minecraft cave, with some very shiny, silver blocks with a curved, spiky-looking pattern on them. I was excited for some new materials to mine, some that I had never seen before.

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    14. A Reunion With My First Flame

      by , 09-24-2012 at 03:32 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was seeing my old friend from middle school, Jennifer D., at her house. She was wearing a royal purple shirt. We were in her bathroom, which, now that I think about it, looked kind of like my parents' bathroom at my house. I started talking to her about some movie they made about my high school called "The SHS Tornado Movie" (obviously this didn't really happen IWL). I then "remembered" watching it on a bus. I saw a scene with her and her ex from middle school, who was also my first kiss IWL, Nick. He was wearing a baseball cap. They were crouching down in a dark hallway with other students, and he was being a jerk to her. I also saw him standing by a wall that had been taken out by the tornado, and these whiffle-ball sized white things, I guess they were supposed to be hail, were swirling around close to him. I thought I was also in the movie too, albeit briefly.

      I then asked Jennifer what the story was between her and Nick. I knew they had broken up way back when we were all 14 and 15 years old, but I didn't know what really happened. She started to tell me. I knew it had something to do with her vag, I guess he did something to her she didn't want done or something. That's what I always assumed happened anyway.

      Then, Nick was there. He looked very young, like he was still in middle school, though it was years later. Neither Jennifer nor I had seen him in years. He got in the shower, which was located in the very left corner of the room (there were like 4 showers in the bathroom for some reason). He started saying he was washing off a lot of grime. Jennifer didn't seem too uncomfortable, but I felt the tension. I don't think Nick felt weird about it at all, but I know Jennifer did.

      When he got out of the shower, he stood next to me in the hallway. He asked Jennifer to do "twinkle toes". Jennifer was reluctant, because apparently, it was kind of stupid, but he kept trying to get her to do it anyway. She finally caved, and started to do these exaggerated tiptoes down the hallway. Nick then joined her and started to do the tiptoes towards her. They then tiptoed around each other. Apparently, it was just something they came up with when they were dating.

      Nick then got in the shower again, but this time, it was a different shower, one in the middle of the bathroom by the wall. Jennifer's mom then came in the bathroom, and looked in the shower and saw Nick. He said hi to her, and she talked to him back. I thought she was going to be pissed, but she wasn't.

      Jennifer was then gone, but Nick and I were still in the bathroom. He was then in another shower. I kept feeling like he wanted me to get in there with him, but I wasn't going to do it. He then pulled the curtain back to where I could see the entirety of his naked body. I tried to avoid looking directly at his junk by looking right at his face as he talked, but I could still see them in my peripheral vision. I want to say he was talking to some random girl at this point. She was outside the shower, and fully clothed. He didn't seem sexually interested in her.

      I then went over to one of the other showers in the room. The shower was actually two different showers connected to each other. I exclaimed this out loud, because I thought it was cool. I then felt like I had been there before, like I had watched that "SHS Tornado Movie" in that shower. I then looked at the bottom of the farthest left of the connecting showers, and it was filthy. I assumed this was the grime Nick had been talking about, since he had used that shower. I walked over to the other one, and it was less dirty, but still pretty dirty around the drain, which was covered in small stones. I assumed the stones were for decoration or some kind of fancy filtration system. I tried to run some water to clean it, but though it did wash a little of the dirt away, a lot of it was stuck tight to the shower floor.

      I then remembered something from another dream I had a long time ago. I remembered it as if it happened in real life. It was dark outside, and I was seeing Courtney's house. She lived next door to Nick (this is true IWL). I must have been in the 7th grade or something. I apparently hadn't been to either house before, and, while at Courtney's, I went inside of Nick's house. I remember it all being very unfamiliar.


      I woke up and went back to sleep.

      I wanted to find Nick again. I kept thinking I was going to ask him to have a drink with me or something. Something about him being in the shower again.


      Woke up and went back to sleep again.

      I found Nick, after years of not talking or seeing one another. I was outside in the daytime. I had heard he worked at some pizza place. I saw lots of outdoor venues and kiosks on the street I was walking down. Many men were walking around there, busy as ever. I looked around, trying to find a place with lots of pizza dough. I saw a place that looked like it had balls of pizza dough to be prepared.

      I then saw Nick, carrying some full white sacks. He was wearing all white. I approached him. He was telling me about some guy he was dating, and it wasn't going well. It then looked as if he had been trying to lay the sacks down, but they were attached to his white clothing at the sleeves. I then just gave him a hug. He said something, like "You don't have to do that", but I kept hugging him. He hugged me back, and we started to sway back and forth, like we were slow dancing. He then said something to the effect of
      "We always start dancing again when we see each other."
      We then switched to each only having one hand on the other person, my left hand on his shoulder, and his hand, though I can't remember if it was the left or the right, I think his right hand, was either on my shoulder or waist, and we started to actually slow dance.

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    15. Awkwardness with Ryan and His Wife

      by , 09-19-2012 at 03:49 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was walking down a dark, desolate road alone at night. I was going slightly uphill. The only building in sight was a well-lit house to my right. I then was talking to Ryan, though he wasn't there with me. We were either on the phone, or communicating telepathically. He was saying we could walk and meet up somewhere and go on a trip. I think I just wanted to drive. Plus, Ryan is married, and you would think that would be kinda weird...

      I then saw Ryan and a bar chart of all the vacations he'd been on. It measured how much fun he had on each trip. The first one had the highest bar, and it was marked "Universal". He and I, in waking life, went to Universal Studios last year. Apparently, in the dream, it was the most fun vacation he'd ever had.

      Then, I was at Ryan's house, though it looked a bit different from how it looked in waking life. I was sitting in the living room on the floor next to the couch Ryan was sitting on; there were two couches, the one he was sitting on, and the one his wife brought when she moved in with him. Across the room in a chair sat Ryan's wife. She was wearing an orange shirt. Well of course she's gonna be here, I thought to myself, Ryan is married now. I avoided looking her directly in the eye. We all sat around and talked. The whole thing was kind of weird for me. I kept thinking about how they were married now. I wondered about their relationship, about whether or not they've had a good marriage so far.

      Someone then came to the door and knocked. Ryan's wife got up to get it. It was one of her friends. I then looked behind me, and could see upstairs (he doesn't have an upstairs in waking life). The door to their room was shut, but you could see a light on through the cracks. I guess they were hanging out alone. There was this almost awkwardness between Ryan and I, like he wanted to be with me, but he was married. I didn't really want to be with him per say, we just had a nice relationship at one point. I imagined myself snuggled underneath the covers of his bed.

      Then, I was no longer at Ryan's, but I was checking on this device I had made to detect certain kinds of waves from different planets; I was trying to see if other planets were trying to communicate with us. The device I had was made out of Proactiv bottles? It was weird. But I got something from Neptune, though I wasn't sure exactly what it was. I figured it was probably just interference or something, but I kept my hopes up.

      At some point, I remember writing on a piece of paper with different colored permanent markers. I picked up the paper, and saw that the ink had bled through onto the table.
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