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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Donuts and Children

      by , 10-21-2014 at 02:03 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Something to do with packaging out donuts. When they were all packaged (there were quite a few boxes), I was looking at them, and there were some glazed and chocolate iced french cruellers, which those aren't supposed to be chocolate iced, only glazed. They also looked really wilted and small. I remember seeing one that was small and had just a little chocolate icing on it.

      Then, I was designing this roller coaster with my dad in the garage. We were picking out different kinds of track. I remember the train on it also looked very sleek, silver and thin with only one person being able to fit in each car. I was thinking about the fact that we had a roller coaster in our garage. We must be rich. The roller coaster was starting and I got in the front car.


      I was with Dallas at the house I grew up in. We lived there. It was nighttime. His mom called. She was actually this guy I dated in the 8th's grade mom IWL, but she was Dallas's mom in the dream. I didn't really want to talk to her. She was asking Dallas if we had any mayo or mustard that we could let her borrow for something she was making. I thought that maybe we did. He put the phone down for a bit. I then went to check the fridge. We had a little bit of mayo, maybe half of a jar. I didn't see any mustard. I guess I was going to have to talk to her after all. I went to go pick up the phone to tell her. It was sitting on the counter, but was a spoon instead of a phone? I started to speak.
      "Hello?" I said.
      She said hello or hey or something.
      "We have less than half a jar of mayo and no mustard. I'm sorry, I thought we had some! I guess we used it all!"
      She said something else, like that's ok or something. We hung up.

      We then, for some reason, were standing at the open front door. Before we could shut it, a blonde little boy, a toddler, ran out. He was running fucking fast, too! Dallas and I went after him. I was running as hard as I possibly could and he was just booking it. I was nowhere near him. He started to go around the house next door. I saw a little alcove with bushes next to the house with a path/shortcut leading to the other side of the house. I could cut him off! I started to run down the path. I was very close to the end, and I saw the little boy stop. I was about to get to the end and get him when this big, tall guy I work with, TJ, stepped in front of me and picked me up. He was talking to me I think, but I don't remember what he was saying. The way his hand was positioned was jabbing into one of my left ribs. It hurt! I tried to get him to move his hand, and I did for a second, but he moved it back, as if he was purposefully pressing on my rib. It really hurt!


      I dreamed something about Kohl's, though I can't quite recall the details.


      I was at my grandma's house, though it didn't look like it at all. I was in the guest room getting ready for the day. I was putting on my bra and underwear. My hair was also pulled back. I had a q-tip that I was sticking in my nose? I guess my nose was a little runny or something (still doesn't make sense but whatever). I had to go out into the living room for something. I walked out and saw the back of my grandma's head. She was sitting on the couch watching TV with some coffee in hand. She had on a hat as well. She turned around and said good morning to me. I then looked to my right and saw two little blonde toddlers, a boy and a girl, standing there looking at me. I wasn't sure if I should be out in my underwear, but at least I wasn't naked. I also felt silly with the q-tip, which I had left sticking out of my nose. I pulled it out.

      I was then going to put these pastries, an elephant ear and a pecan crispy, on this table that had lots of pecan pastries on it. It had some white and yellow iced donuts as well. As I was looking at them, I was "remembering" what my grandma had said about how she gave birth to donuts before she gave birth to babies (like months before, very early on in the pregnancy). Apparently, this was normal. I was also "remembering" that Sarah, a girl I worked with at Kohl's, had also done that; I was "remembering" her working with me at the bakery too. I was staring at the donuts wondering how the hell your body could make donuts. What kind would they be?

      I then figured I needed to put the elephant ear and the crispy into a plastic bag so they didn't go stale. I went and got one and put them in. My grandma was then telling me about how she was sorry she didn't have any plastic tupperware containers because they were all at the old house (which they moved out of 8 years ago IWL). Something about how some doctor lived there temporarily.

      My mom was then there, and she asked me if grandma had told me about the donuts. I told her yes.

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    2. Hanging With Caitlin, a Lucid Flight, The Flooded Forest, and Big Thunder the Alligator

      by , 09-28-2012 at 04:03 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was watching my friend, Caitlin, walk in rhythm down a hallway to her singing the words "It won't take me awhile" over and over again in a deep Jamaican accent. She was wearing light blue bermuda shorts.

      We were then sitting on the couch, watching some late-night TV. I'd say it was probably 1 or 2 in the morning, maybe later. I think we were sitting in my living room. It was dark, save for the light from the TV.

      We were then walking into a kitchen that kind of looked like our neighbor's (from yesterday's dream) kitchen. We were in nothing but our underwear. I think we must have lived there, and were roommates again. I was trying to get my panties all the way on over my butt as we were walking. At the far end of the kitchen were some of our friends from high school, Kayla and Maegan are the ones I remember, though there were more. It was kind of embarrassing, but we were still having a good time.

      Then, all the sudden, I was outside on a wooden porch with my best friend MK's older brother, Adam, whom I rarely see or talk to IWL. Everyone else had disappeared. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Adam looked at me and asked
      "Where did everyone go?"
      I responded
      "The dream must be about to end."
      As Adam was agreeing with me that that must be why, I was thinking wait a minute. This is a dream! Sweet!!
      I didn't even do an RC, since I felt so sure already that this was a dream. I was really excited! So excited, that I wanted to fly with Adam! We walked up to the edge of the porch, and Adam started talking. I, however, was too excited to listen (something I desperately need to work on in my LDs -_-). I kept wanting to ask him to fly with me. He finally finished talking, and I asked him
      "Do you practice lucid dreaming?"
      "Yes," he replied.
      I grabbed for his hand.
      "Would you like to fly with me?"
      "Yes!" he replied, taking my hand.
      I felt our fingers intertwine as I took off. He trailed behind a little at first, but was then next to me.

      I felt kind of out of control as we flew for some reason, I think it may have been because I was losing the dream, and was trying to focus on keeping it. I had to fly in these huge circles. We were flying over a field with grass and some desert-looking plant life. I saw a patch of these purple flowers. Very pretty. Adam then separated himself from me and sank down a bit to fly with another girl. I spiraled down in my giant circle, trying to gain height again, but not being able to. In the sky, I then saw the moon rising in fast motion, though it was still daytime (think about when you can see the moon when the sun's still out--that's what it looked like). It was a 3/4 moon.

      Then, when I was close enough to the ground, my friend Raechel's son, Syler, took me by the leg and started to run with me like I was a balloon. I thought this was adorable, and laughed as he did it. I floated in the air, too, as if I really was a balloon. He ran up the stairs to the porch, and inside, where many people were.


      I was with my dad and my brother, I believe, outside in these extensive woods. It was beautiful. The tree roots were huge, and were everywhere on the forest floor. You could tell it was a sunny day, though not much light came in through the blanket of leaves above. Close by was a house, supposedly our house.

      I was really worried about getting close to any water or anything because of alligators. I was afraid I'd get bitten or killed, though the gators around that part weren't that big, they could still deal a pretty nasty bite. Also, apparently, when we were younger, my dad kept one underneath the stairs that went up to the porch of the house. I didn't want to get near that either, thinking the gator must still be there.

      My dad then told me that the gator was dead, that he had been dead for a long time, but, for my brother's sake, they had kept his body underneath the stairs for some time. Apparently, my brother really liked that gator for some reason. He wasn't around when my dad told me that.

      At some point, we were talking to some woman with short hair who was wearing nothing but what appeared to be a white dress/sack, and black knee-high socks. You could see her naked butt peeking out from beneath the dress/sack. We were standing in what looked like a town square. She took off her dress in one swift motion, and was completely naked underneath. I critiqued it as if it was a movie, thinking to myself that the movie makers did a bad job hiding the fact that she was naked underneath the weird dress/sack she was wearing. She then started to show us all her alligator bite scars. She had a ton of them. She was trying to prove a point with her scars, trying to prove how dangerous alligators really were.

      We were then running through the forest, climbing on the tree roots, having an awesome time! But every time we got close to some water, I'd start to get nervous about gators. We even saw one on a shore at some point. I just wanted to get away from there.

      The woods then started to gradually fill with clear, blue water. I was alright with that, actually, since it wasn't the gators' natural environment. We splashed through the water, which hadn't reached too far over the tree roots yet. The water level, however, kept rising. On the forest floor, below the tree roots, it was pretty deep. But on top of the tree roots, it was relatively shallow, reaching our knees.


      I was walking into my brother's room. He wasn't home. On his desk (which he doesn't have anymore IWL) sat this cryogenically frozen alligator kit. It was in a black box. According to my mom, who was in bed in her room, I wasn't supposed to do anything with it yet, not until my brother got home. It was supposed to be a surprise to replace the alligator under the stairs from his youth.

      Of course, being me, I had to push the limit a little. I had a bottle full of hot water. The instructions called for A FEW drops of hot water to unfreeze the kit and the gator. There was emphasis on the "A FEW" part. I dripped a little onto the kit, and the frost started to melt. The whole kit was shortly thawed out, and I opened it up. There was a TINY purple alligator in there. And I mean tiny as in could fit on the tip of a finger! I then proceeded to carry the gator on my right index finger and the kit over to the other side of the room, trying to figure out what to do with him, when he started to float in the air on a string, like a baby spider would. Shit! I had lost him! He was so tiny, it seemed like it would be damn near impossible to ever find him again.

      I then noticed, right in front of me, a medium-sized aquarium tank full of water and little colored pebbles. It was for the baby gator. Shit again! I had been RIGHT THERE. If only I could have made it in time to put the gator inside. Now I was afraid he'd die because he wasn't in the right environment. Plus, someone might squish the poor little guy.

      I told my mom what happened, and of course, she wasn't very happy about it.
      "I told you not to do that!" A typical mom thing to say.

      I was then on a search for the gator, which, somewhere along the way, got named Big Thunder, I think by my dad's disembodied voice (my dad would name a tiny alligator something like that IWL). I was with other people, though I can't remember who right now. We were searching by some rocks and water. It seemed like we were both inside and outside at the same time.

      We then saw Big Thunder (lol this Big Thunder thing was even kind of hilarious in the dream). He had grown quite a bit in the few minutes/hours I had lost him. He was now an orange-red color, was kind of short and stubby for a gator, and had creepy, huge black eyes. He looked less like a gator, and more like something you'd find in the deepest depths of the ocean.
      "Big Thunder!" I exclaimed. I was glad he was alive.
      Apparently, Big Thunder was an aggressive gator. He proceeded to latch onto my leg and bite down. It HURT. Whoever was with me helped me get him off. Damn, fuck, SHIT that hurt! I didn't seem to be bleeding, but you could see red welts where his teeth had been.

      We then wandered and climbed over the big, grey rocks by the water. Something then went to attack Big Thunder, who was kind of following us. We were worried about him, thinking he may not make it through the attack, when a giraffe came and ate the attacker, and at first, we thought he also ate Big Thunder. We didn't watch this happen, but we looked back when the attack was over, and the giraffe had his cheeks full and was chewing. It was kind of cartoonish. It was a big wtf moment.

      We then noticed Big Thunder was alright. That crazy gator and his escapades.

      I was then in my brother's room again, sitting on the floor and working on something, though I'm not sure what, I want to say it was either a cage or an aquarium, when my friend Mike then texted me, warning me he had charged this nitrogen canister bomb and buried it underneath me, and I only had 20 seconds until it detonated, killing me and anyone in the house, which would also be destroyed. The text read kind of smart-assy.

      My view then changed to a sillouhette of Superman with his arm extended going underground. It was me, apparently, and my view changed back as I saw the countdown on the canister. The digital number read at about 14 seconds. I pushed a button on what appeared to be a touch screen that the numbers were also on, and the countdown stopped, displaying a screen in digitized letters that explained how to re-initiate the countdown. I went back up to Blake's room, and called him to ask him what the fuck I should do about the buried canister, whether or not I should retrieve it, or leave it buried, which is what I planned to do. I just worried that the canister would somehow get jossled under there, and the countdown would re-initiate without anyone's knowledge until it was too late. I can't remember what he said. I asked him some other things too, like what do you even buy these things for (they were sold commercially)? Why would you want one? Is the explosion really that powerful? I really can't remember his answers at all.

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    3. Jane Kills Her Mother, and Being Jumped by Giant Dogs

      by , 09-07-2012 at 04:44 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my house in the kitchen with someone, I want to say kind of a butch-looking girl. I went to the fridge and opened it to find some wine. I pulled out the bottle, and there was only about a glass left. I said something to the girl about there barely being any left, so I was just going to drink it from the bottle. I pulled the cork and put it to my lips.

      Dream skip. Things get interesting here.

      Someone, I think this girl I know in waking life named Jane, had lost her parents (not so in waking life) when she was younger. I was watching the scenario of how how she lost her mom. Apparently, she had lost her parents at different points, first her dad, then her mom.

      The story was that they were at a beach when she was very young, probably about 6 or 7, and her version of the story was that her mother was killed by being swept out in powerful currents or something. I watched the beach come into view from above. I saw it was a sunny day. The beach was secluded and rocky, and lots of areas formed huge, strong currents between the rocks.

      Then, it was like I was playing some weird version of Sim Earth, and I started trying to get rid of the currents by placing waves between the grey rocks where the current got strong. This just pushed the current outwards. I kept trying, and it kept doing the same thing, so I just deleted my wave placements to make it go back to normal.

      Then, I was watching the young Jane and her mother, both very beautiful. Her mother seemed like a very, very kind woman. They were standing in very shallow water close to the shore by a huge rock formation at the very left side of the beach. Something happened to where Jane killed her mother, though it was not on purpose, but an accident. She was stabbed through the middle. I saw the wound, and it was bloody, but not too bloody. The present Jane then had this horrible realization that she had killed her mother, after thinking for years it had been the currents.

      Then, I was getting out of my parked car on a sunny day at this Catholic church in my town. I was going to meet either Jane or Jake, I'm not quite sure anymore. I think it was Jake. I had to walk somewhere though, so I got out of the car, and started to walk away from the church. I got to the corner of the sidewalk, and to my right, I saw a little ways from me, two HUGE grey dogs. No collars, no leashes. They looked like Great Danes. As bad as I want a Great Dane (I do want one in waking life), I did not want a run-in with these dogs. I turned to my left, and again, a ways away from me were two more gigantic grey dogs.

      I started back towards the church, trying to step cautiously as to not startle the dogs. Well, apparently, I wasn't taking enough care in my steps, because first two, then the other two, started to bound towards me. Not out of aggression, but they wanted to greet me. I am very small, even in waking life, compared to Great Danes, but these were even more massive and muscular than their waking life counterparts. I was walking by the parked cars in the parking lot as they started to jump on me excitedly. One bit me on the arm he was so excited, but not hard enough to make me bleed, though I did still feel the pain of the bite.
      "Down! Sit! Stay" I started to say forcefully over and over.
      They backed off a little, but not much. Then, right as I feel like I was getting to my car (I don't think I was going to leave, but I needed shelter), a Golden Retriever started to join in on the fun.

      At some point during all this, I remember calling Jake. He asked if I wanted to meet him somewhere else or something, and I said yes.

      I also remember seeing a photograph of Jake as a child, I think it was Jake anyway, in front of a building with some other children. Jake was not smiling. He looked angry and sad. He had lost his parents (it was bleeding in with the Jane story at that point).

      I know I'm leaving some things out of here, especially in the part where Jane's mother is killed. But the most vivid part of the dream was the dog part, seeing them and being jumped all over by them. Odd.

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    4. Band Sleepover Frag, and The Murderer

      by , 09-01-2012 at 04:10 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in marching band again. We were having some sort of sleepover. It was nighttime, and we were in a house. Next to me was this girl that looked like someone who was in band with me in waking life, Nancy. She was a freshman and I was an upperclassman. For whatever reason, I had taken her under my wing, so to speak.

      She asked me to pull a wedgie for her? I said ok, and she leaned forward, exposing the top of her panties. I noticed she was wearing two pairs of underwear, one peachy/skin-toned, and the other a bluish-green.
      "This one?" I asked as I tugged the peachy one.
      I pulled on it.

      More happened in this dream, but I can't recall what right now.


      I was in bed with JP. It was nighttime. We were in what looked like a hotel, but it was supposed to be at a school. We were both students. I'm not sure why we were in the same bed, there was another bed in the room but it was occupied I believe. I suppose it was like a dorm or something. The bed was next to a big window, with J being on the window side and I on the other. The window showed that we were on a higher floor, I think, and you could see trees and lights from buildings.

      As we were laying in bed, he was saying something about my birthday being the next night, and how he was going to give me "birthday sex". I don't remember what I said. I wasn't really thrilled at the prospect, but this guy was scary (and is in waking life as well).

      The next night, on my birthday apparently, I stayed in another part of the dorm/hotel. I was worried that JP would get upset because of this, but I didn't want to stay there with him. I then had this huge "flashback" of the college years ago, when a dead woman was found in an indoor pool, stabbed to death. They had to remove the body before they had a funeral service. I then made the terrible connection: JP was the killer from years ago. He was assuming a fake name at the college, the name James Holmes (the Batman movie killer from Colorado).

      I knew I couldn't stay. I was in him and I's room, and the light was dim; nighttime again, but there was a lamp that was on on the nightstand. Someone called him and angered him. When he got off the phone, we were then in the living area, and a man appeared from a doorway, looking panicked and concerned. JP went and stabbed a man in the chest. I was sitting on the couch, watching in horror. He came to me then, and carefully chose a short, fat knife from the many knives that he had, all the while talking to me in a cool, calculated, heartless manner. I tried to back away, but he had me. He stabbed me in the lower left chest, but not too deeply, since I was resisting. I felt the pain as he cut me.

      Then, it was like the scene was being replayed, only differently. We were in the room again, and his phone started to ring. I spotted a brown spider crawling on the floor with spindly, long legs. I got up to leave the room, and JP said
      "You better not leave, this phone call may make me angry." I left anyway as he got on the phone.

      I went to the living area and across the room to another door. I barged in and my parents were asleep in the bed there. My mom's head was facing the head of the bed, but my dad was sleeping opposite of her, with his head at the foot of the bed. I shook my dad first saying "Wake up! Wake up!" as I moved on to shake my mother. My mom woke up, and I frantically explained the situation. In the back of my mind, though, I knew we were doomed. She got out of bed, I'm not sure if she said anything. My dad was the only one of us there with the means to defend, and I could not wake him up. I kept trying, but to no avail. I then left the room and ran out the front door as fast as I could. I could run to the lights of the city, or the sparse, dim lights of some homes to my left. I went towards the homes, figuring he wouldn't be able to see me with the dim light. I tried to frantically think of what to do. Should I head to a house and try to knock until someone answered? Or should I run out to the woods? Either way, I felt doomed.

      I awoke this morning being quite afraid still, the feelings carrying over from the dream to my waking self. I'm still calming down, and it's been over an hour since I woke up.

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    5. A Machete to The Thumb, And Various Odd Happenings In My Room

      by , 08-27-2012 at 04:08 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was somewhere with my mom. We were inside, and I remember the colors being bright tones of purple, blue, and there was some darker red in there. She was showing me how to cut things with a machete. I don't like knives or things like that, it's kind of an irrational fear I posses in waking life, and apparently in my dreams too. I wasn't really too scared though, more just worried that she would slip up and hurt me. I kept thinking that a machete blade was so sharp, it would slice at the slightest contact.

      My mom was showing me some way to cut where you threw it in the air and it would come back down. When she did that, it grazed my left thumb. It didn't hurt, and I looked at my thumb and didn't notice anything immediately weird, but then I saw a slight line that went all around the pad of my thumb. I told my mom I needed to go to the hospital right away. I touched the cut part of my thumb, and it was barely attached. It then started to ooze some blood out the sides of the cut. Then I noticed the pain. I held the piece of my thumb to the rest of it, worried it would fall off and I wouldn't be able to save it. I knew there was a time limit on reattaching digits and limbs, and I wasn't about to let that piece of my thumb go.

      We were then at the hospital, which had the same color scheme as wherever we were before, and we went up to the counter. I was holding my thumb, and telling the ER nurse that we needed to get in quick. I hoped she thought it was enough of an emergency to send us back right away.

      Thankfully, she did. We were sent back, and my mom told me that they would put this clear gel stuff around the cut that would "dissolve part of the nerve". I thought they were going to kill my thumb, but I think it was designed to seal the wound quickly, kinda like a heavy-duty liquid band-aid.

      I sat down, and a man with messy brown hair that was a bit shorter than mine and a mustache sat across from me and started to doctor my thumb. I couldn't watch as he lined the cut with the gel. My mom was sitting to my right getting the same thing done by a woman doctor I think. She didn't have a cut though, so I wasn't sure why she was doing it. Oh well.

      When the doctors were done, we got up. My mom showed me the veins in her wrist, and how the medicine was causing some of them to look a white-ish clear color. I then put my wrist out and noticed the same thing. Apparently, that was a normal reaction to the medicine.

      I looked at my thumb, and it looked like it was healing well enough. No blood, and I could barely see the cut anymore. Then, I saw my cat underneath a kitchen table and some chairs, and she was messing with something that apparently was supposed to be my thumb, but looked nothing like it. It was this small white thing, maybe it was the cat's paw or something. At any rate, part of it came off, and some string thing extended from it, like that's what was holding it together. I then saw that the pad of my thumb has fallen off, leaving an indention where it had been before. Well crap, that sucks. I accepted it, however, since there really wasn't anything else I could do about it. I examined the thumb, and it looked like someone had just scooped a bit from the middle. It still had the lines and creases of a fingerprint. I felt alright about it, I knew it was something I just had to get used to.


      I was in my room, and my mom came in and started to look through my stuff since the people painting our house had to do something in my room (IWL we are having the house painted). I went into my closet and watched her do it, hoping she wouldn't get into my top dresser drawer where my pipe was. She then headed over there and asked something about the dresser. My POV then switched to me being behind the dresser. She started to open the drawer, and I ran out and shut it, saying
      "You don't want to look in there. Please don't look in there."
      She didn't argue or anything, she just opened another drawer instead.

      Then, I remember walking out of Peck Hall, a building at my old college, and I was with some other people, my friend JT being one of them. He had his arm around me. In front of me, I saw the back of a girl in a cute black sun dress with grayish flowers on it. She was wearing a headband in her straight blonde hair. It looked just like my good friend Kacey, whom in waking life moved away to another town last year. I asked JT if it was Kacey, and he said no. I knew it couldn't have been anyway. We kept walking.


      I remember a brief fragment about Gabriel texting me saying he was busy or something.


      I was in my room again, looking at some painting that The Sandman apparently did, of an Indian girl getting fucked by a white dude on my bed by the closet...I could hear him explaining it to me. It wasn't his original plan to paint that, he had just started to paint a hand on the closet door, and he was inspired to paint two people fucking. Lolwut.

      Then, there was some weird black contraption in my room. It was a dolly that the painters were using to carry packages or heavy loads, but at first I thought it was a weird sex toy. I touched something that protruded from the center, which I assumed was used for, well, sexual purposes. Hmm...interesting. I then saw the wheels and realized what it really was.

      I then saw this guy laying on the floor next to this girl I had some classes with in waking life named Natalie. At least I think it was her. Anyway, she was giving this guy shot after shot in the leg, right where it bends, a little below the side of the knee. They were supposed to be steroid shots or something. Natalie was giving the shots like a professional nurse would. They were talking as she gave him the shots. I said something about my mom getting steroid shots in her shoulders for her pain. He would occasionally say it hurt, but they would keep talking.

      She finally finished giving him shots. I have no idea how many he gave her; it was quite a few. I saw the part of his leg that was getting the shots was slightly swollen in the spots the needles had gone in.

      I finally got to sleep last night after struggling for hours to do so. I take ambien to sleep now, and I guess I've built up a tolerance, or this batch just sucks. Either way, it's not helping me sleep right now. I had to take an allergy pill to even have any hope I would fall asleep, which I obviously finally did after sitting up half the night watching documentaries on Netflix. Hoping that a visit to the doctor will straighten out the sleeping meds problem. I do eventually need to get off the Ambien, and I will once my life slows down a bit.

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    6. Sunburned With Tats

      by , 11-18-2011 at 03:17 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream Ė Lucid

      I was looking in the bathroom mirror. I think I was on vacation at the beach. Anyway, I noticed that the left side of my face was very red. I was trying to figure out why. I then thought about being on the beach all day. Maybe I hadnít put on enough sunscreen? I kept looking and noticed the red was all over my face and all over my chest. I started being able to feel the tightness and pain associated with sunburn.

      I looked at the counter by the sink, and it was super cluttered. There were little baskets of stuff everywhere. I noticed some aloe vera sitting in a couple of the baskets. I never picked it up.

      I looked in the mirror as I turned out to walk towards the shower. I noticed numerous tattoos on my thigh. It looked like a cartoonified comic tattooed about the Power Puff Girls or something. It consisted of two frames. The background was pink.

      I feel like there were more tattoos, but I canít remember what.
    7. The Stabbing Mystery

      by , 09-21-2011 at 02:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a crowd somewhere, when I felt a prodding at my back. I got away from it, because I knew it was someone trying to stab me; they had been at it for a long time. I had no idea who this person was; they had been very elusive. I actually had a scar on my back from where they did stab me once already. I remember mentioning the prodding to someone.

      Then, I was in my bed at home. It was nighttime. Someone was laying with me, though I can't remember who. I was laying down, when I felt a sharp stab into my lower back. It had come from the mattress, like the perpetrator was under my bed. I could visualize the puncture in my back; it was small but deep, right on my spine, and was definitely bleeding.

      After getting that wrapped up and doctored a little, I remember running my hand across my lower back. I could feel the scar from the previous stabbing, which was only a few inches from where the new injury. It felt like a cigarette burn scar, or something to that effect.

      I was then in a crowded room again. I think it was some sort of dance or party. At any rate, I spotted someone at the edge of the room, away from all the others. He was a short Indian or Middle Eastern-looking guy who was about my age. He was holding up a silver metal...something...

      And then I saw it. A blade popped out of the top. It was a box cutter. This was the guy who had been stabbing me! I said
      He looked at me. He had had no idea that I had been there watching him for a bit. He took off to run, and I chased him. He tried to go up some stairs and through a door, but I caught him and tried to wrestle the box cutter away from him, and finally succeeded.


      I was on a school bus with a bunch of other people, heading to some gathering. I remember my boss, her daughter-in-law Shannon, and her grandson Hudson being there. Shannon's blonde hair was much longer than it is now in waking life. Her and Hudson were sitting behind me, and I think my boss was beside me. We were with some other people too, though I can't remember who. My boss wanted me to give Hudson a snack, so I rummaged through a bag to find the snacks. I pulled something out and offered it to him, but he didn't want it. My boss told me to try the Cheerios. I found the bag of Cheerios, but there were only like 7 or 8 Cheerios in the bag. I started to give them to Hudson. He took the first one and said
      "This is the best Cheerio!"
      I then just handed him the bag.

      We were then out of the bus at our destination. It was like we were in a big, open Colosseum with a dirt floor. It was nighttime outside. I feel like we were there to battle something. I remember we had to take a break, but I don't recall what we were doing before and after the break. All I can remember is us huddled in a group talking to one another, probably strategizing. I also remember seeing my boss's shirt, and thinking it might be see-through, hoping it wasn't, and then looking back and seeing that it really wasn't. She was wearing the weirdest clothing; a dark shirt under a grey and white-striped tank top (resembling one of my own in waking life) that was too small for her.
    8. Trouble at Dakota's, Strange Lucid Moment, and Some Others

      by , 07-24-2011 at 04:09 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at Dakota's house at night. I was the only one there (his aunt and uncle had gone on vacation. Dakota had too, but he went somewhere different). I was sitting in his room (didn't look like his real room, it was a lot bigger), watching TV. Dakota had told me I could chill there while everyone was away, though technically, I wasn't supposed to be there.

      I had fallen asleep, and I woke up. I heard car doors slamming outside, so I figured I probably needed to leave, so I headed towards the door of his room.

      All the sudden, a recording of Dakota's voice boomed over a loudspeaker. It said something about his aunt and uncle coming home. I started to move more quickly towards the back door of the house so I could get out before his aunt and uncle caught me.

      It was too late, though. I walked outside, and there they were. I was very ashamed of myself. I shouldn't have been there. I went to my car. Dakota's uncle came up to me. I said to him
      "I want to redeem myself in your eyes. I'm sorry."
      He seemed pleased with that.

      I then drove off through his neighborhood. It was lit only by the lights of the houses.


      I was again at Dakota's house. It was morning, and Dakota and I had been asleep in sleeping bags on the floor. His head was facing my head.

      His Aunt then came in with a bunch of kids. They sat at the kitchen table. That morning, they were leaving for Oklahoma. I got up and walked by the table. The kids were all playing Scrabble. There were also toys on the table, though I can't remember specifics.

      They eventually filed out the door and got in their red mini van (can't remember the type). They came back a little later because they forgot something.


      I was laying down on some sort of bed or table. An Indian-looking man with dark skin and a black mustache had a small buzz saw blade attached to a handle above my neck, though it wasn't moving. There was a dial ingrained in the left side of my neck that the buzz saw's blades fit perfectly into, and the man was going to help me by using the saw on the dial. I'm not sure what it was he was supposed to be helping me with, though. I think I was hurt or ill, and it was supposed to help me to heal.

      At first, he jokingly got out a HUGE buzz saw and started using it on my neck. It hurt, and I kept telling him to stop. He stopped and laughed as he took the small buzz saw and gently started to use it to turn the dial in my neck. It felt a little uncomfortable. The man was very kind to me as he did this. He talked to me gently, though I can't remember what he said.


      I was on the beach at night with my mom. We had our cat, Pounce, who is very ill in waking life. I'm not sure why we had her, but she got away from us and ran all over the beach. My mom told me to get her. She ran too fast, however. She then ran down some stairs into a men's restroom. At first, my mom wasn't sure we should go in there to get her because it was the men's room, but I convinced her that we could. We went in there after the cat, checking all the stalls.


      I was in the car when I became lucid by counting my fingers, though I wasn't totally convinced yet. I confirmed it by making extra fingers appear out of my hands.

      Then, I hung out the passenger's side window naked as the car drove itself. I felt the wind rush past me as I went. Why I decided to do this with my lucid dream is beyond me.

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    9. Nightmare: The Gunman

      by , 07-23-2011 at 01:29 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in what looked like some sort of conference room, but it was at a school. I was one of the only people sitting in there. I was waiting for a friend to come meet me for lunch. I talked to them on my phone at one point.

      Then, I got on a school bus with many other people who were around my age, some a bit older. I was sitting on the left side around the middle, when I noticed a guy that was sitting up front. He was holding a black gun. Was I the only one who noticed this?! This couldn't be good.

      When the bus started to move, the guy with the gun started to fiddle with his gun, talking to the guy sitting next to him. He then put the gun up the the guy's bald head who was sitting in front of him and pulled the trigger. It clicked, but nothing happened. He did it again and again, and another guy, a tall guy who looked like maybe he could do something about this situation, stood up and started examining the gun as the gunman held it.
      "What's this?", the tall guy said as he pulled out some sort of pin from under the barrel.

      Then, it was done. The gun worked. The gunman shot the man who helped him.

      Then, for some reason, everyone had to move up to the front of the bus. I moved by climbing over the bus seats. I was sitting by the window next to someone, I'm not sure who.

      I then saw the gunman had gotten my best friend, Mary Katherine. She was wearing a dark green shirt and was laying face-first in a bus seat across from where I was sitting. I couldn't believe this was happening.

      The gunman then approached me. He put the gun to my head. I squirmed right as he fired, so the bullet only scraped my head instead of going in. It hurt when this happened.

      I then woke up for a minute, and went back to sleep, entering the dream again.

      I was on the bus again, and we were all filing out a door in the back of the bus. I was chaotically trying to get out, and in the confusion, I ended up having to climb over the handrail that was by the stairs. By the time I was finished doing that, everyone was already off the bus and gone.

      Well, everyone except for me and the gunman.

      I ran as fast as I could, but I was exhausted from climbing all over the handrail. The gunman caught up with me and grabbed me. He no longer had a gun, but a knife. I tried to get away, but to no avail. I asked him to please shoot instead of stab me, but he just laughed. He stabbed me, then put the knife to my neck as if to slit my throat. I was dying, I could feel it. I couldn't escape him this time.

      Then, I was with Mary Katherine somewhere. I was talking to her about what had happened, and how it had been a dream. I told her that the man did actually slit my throat (when I'm pretty sure he was just preparing to). I also said something about my middle school.

      After I finished telling her the dream (with those couple of extra details I just listed), she told me she had the exact same dream. I was excited to post in AND the fact that we dreamed the same thing in my journal on Dreamviews!

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    10. Weed in Class and Rage in the Grocery Store

      by , 07-20-2011 at 03:14 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at some school, sitting in a classroom in the very back. We weren't sitting at desks, but long tables like some of the classrooms at my college have in waking life. I was smoking weed out of a pipe. I "remembered" that I had done it like every day in that class, and no one ever said anything. I was sure that they smelled it.

      As I smoked, I watched the smoke come out of my mouth. I looked at the backs of the people's heads in front of me. I remember specifically a girl with long, very curly brown hair.

      Then, I remember being in line for something. Kim, a coworker, was there. She was waiting on some medicine or something. I guess we were waiting to go into some room and take whatever we needed out of it. I ended up going in there, and there was money (the amount was $120), hair ties, and other items sitting on this desk. I took the hair ties, which ended up being Kim's. I said something to her about them, I think I asked her if she needed them or I told her I had them. I don't remember her response. I also remember wondering who would take the money. I was surprised no one had yet.

      Then, I was in line for something else inside of a school building. I hadn't originally signed up for it, but I was there anyway for some reason. I had with me a strap-on vagina? Wtf. I was trying to wear it (I don't need it?), but I couldn't get it on.

      I was then picked to go next along with my friend Dakota. We went to another room or something, I can't remember exactly where we went. But we only had a limited amount of time to be there. So what did we do? He got on top of me and we started to make out on some platform. No one else was around. I kept thinking "I'm making out with a gay guy.". (He is gay in waking life).

      We came back, but my memory of what happened next evades me.


      I was in a cafeteria, sitting at a table. I looked to my left and saw Chris with his new girlfriend, who, in the dream, was a black girl named Ebony. He looked thinner and he had more hair, kind of like in my previous dream about him. I saw her hug him, and I let out a scream over the noise of the cafeteria. I got up and ran off.

      I was then coming back, but I was now in a grocery store. It was like I was coming out of one of the back rooms. As I walked out, I looked to my left again. There was Chris, shopping for groceries. I remember him wearing baggy blue jeans, but I can't remember what he was wearing on top. I stood there in shock as I stared at him. He saw me and stared back. I could feel that my face looked very sad.

      Then, Chris took a frozen loaf of bread and threw it at me. It hit me in the face...it hurt. It really hurt. I went up to him just as his girlfriend was coming up to him. She was carrying a big box, almost as big as her. As I grabbed Chris, I said to Ebony
      "I know who you are."
      She kept trying to get Chris's attention and trying to find out what was going on.

      I shook Chris. He was against a shelf. I was eye-to-eye with him as I desperately got upset with him. I don't remember exactly what I said, but his face contorted into a smile and he laughed at me. I thought about taking his button-up shirt and ripping it, but I didn't do it. Then, he said
      "I miss the old Krista."
      I looked at him.

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    11. In Pain and My Drunk Family

      by , 05-24-2011 at 11:30 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Didn't sleep much last night, but still managed to have a dream.

      I was staying in a hotel room by myself for some reason. I remember brushing my teeth with extremely minty toothpaste. The area by the sink was covered in my things.

      I then remember my parents and brother coming home from vacation (my mom and bro just came back today in waking life). I was trying to tell them about how much pain I was in (I'm in a lot of pain right now in waking life for some unknown reason). They were all very drunk, and didn't care about what I had to say. I kept getting really frustrated with them, trying to tell them, but they were just laughing and carrying on about who knows what, pretty much completely ignoring me.

      I remember then being in my parents' room at my house. My whole family was in there, and Dakota was there too. They were still very drunk. My mom pulled out a pack of Marlboro Menthols (mom doesn't smoke in waking life, she hates that I do it). She asked me if I wanted a cigarette and that we could talk. I got mad at her for smoking, and didn't want to talk anymore because she didn't listen the first time.

      I then remember standing outside my hotel room. The wall was knocked out of it, so I could see inside. I was puzzled for a minute, wondering why it was this way...I was very close to lucidity, but I have no idea what got me out of it. I remember seeing a bunch of my stuff everywhere, like folded up pairs of pants and stuff. It was a mess. I hoped no one stole anything out of there. I also remember seeing my mom with the cigarettes again. She was a little more sober this time.
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    12. The End of the World, Talking Cats, and More

      by , 05-13-2011 at 04:40 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a room with my ex, Chris. We were laying in bed, though the set up was weird. We weren't laying next to one another, but he was laying on the opposite side of the bed than me so our feet were facing each other's heads. I apparently lived with Chris. I remember getting up out of bed to take some Tylenol because my whole body was sore (pain leaking into my dream from waking life...sore from dancing all night a couple of nights ago). I got back into bed.

      I then remember us getting up out of bed. Chris looked so much different. He was muscular and toned (in waking life he's very big). I thought he had done a good job working out to get to this point. When he talked to me, though, he was a huge douchebag. I don't remember exactly what he said, but he was being an ass. I then knew that we weren't really together anymore, we just still lived together.

      Then I remember being in bed with Chris again, although this time, he was sleeping next to me. I wanted to cuddle with him, but refrained. I knew he probably didn't want to. I remembered that we hadn't even had sex in forever.


      I remember being in the middle of town somewhere with a whole bunch of other people. The sky was grey and cloudy. I was mad at myself because I kept somehow missing History class at 10:25. I had only been to one the whole semester apparently.

      Anyway, I then remember seeing some person in a cape fly in front of us. He landed and started to talk to us. He looked like a superhero. He was basically telling us to remain calm, and explaining to us that some sort of disaster had occurred. I figured out that the disaster was a volcanic eruption. The man in the cape flew away. I asked myself if I was dreaming, but it felt so real that I didn't possibly think I was. I thought the superhero man had just been using special effects to make it look like he was flying. I then took my phone out of my pocket and looked at it. I had missed calls and texts from my college's emergency alert system. One of the texts said there was some sort of government warning.

      I then remember seeing flashes of parts of my town covered in volcanic ash, signs that had been knocked over and destroyed, buildings that were hit. I asked someone where the volcano was, and they replied "Ashwood". I was really shocked and upset by that, because I used to live there, and I have a really good friend who still lives there. I immediately wanted to make sure she was alright.

      Then, I saw these women dressed in all purple who had this eerie calm about them as they tried to get the crowd to listen to them and not panic. I knew they were trying to trick us, into what, I'm not sure, but I didn't trust them, not for a second. I remember one approaching me and trying to talk to me, holding out her hand, but I told her no.

      I thought that this must be the end of the world, or at least the beginning of the end.

      I was then in some hotel room by the beach. I walked out onto the balcony, and saw that the volcanic eruption had taken out the railing on the balcony. I saw a couple of the chairs laying in the hill of sand that had accumulated up to the balcony. I looked to my left, and saw the rest of the hotel was in the same situation. I watched the waves of the rough ocean crash onto this wooden walkway that was used for beach access. I knew it was only a matter of time before it was destroyed by the waves. I then saw some lady push these girls sleeping in these beach chairs off the balcony and onto the sand hill. I thought she was just trying to wake them up by doing so. The girls woke up and started to laugh as they went down the hill.

      I then remember being in the hotel room, and seeing my mom there as well. A lady in purple was also in there, calmly trying to tell me what to do, all with the eerie, calm smile on her face. My mom was trying to get me to listen to her, but I wouldn't. I turned and ran out of the hotel room.


      I was in my house. I remember being in the bathroom, looking for some Tylenol or some pain medicine. I rummaged through this basket we have sitting on the bathroom counter. At the very bottom, I found a sample pack of Xanax. I thought it was probably very old. I looked at the date on it, at it had expired in 2006. I didn't care. I opened the pack, which contained a sample of not only Xanax, but another sample of some sleep aid and one of some allergy medicine. I took out the Xanax, which was in yet another pack within the pack. I opened it and took some Xanax. My brother then came in the room and asked why the Xanax was there. I told him I took some.

      Then, I remember being in a hotel by the beach again. It was the same one from the previous dream. The balcony was still messed up from the sand hill. I remember my friend Virginia being there, though there were definitely some other people there as well. We were on some trip. I remember us going down the elevator. Our room was on the 4th floor.

      I then remember us being in some hallway. We were trying to figure out how we were going to do this performance. We were going to all dance to "Love Game" by Lady Gaga. We just needed more people for it, and had a lot of details to sort out. I remember Virginia cutting up some strawberries and putting them in this plastic container. I helped her cut some up. I remember she said we needed 20 pieces. When we were done, we had to take them back out. Something about the way we drew them out of the container determined something for the show. I remember us talking about how we needed to keep the costs down to $150 per person who was participating (we apparently had a lot of stuff we had to pay for for the show). I remember someone talking about everyone paying $200, but I said that wouldn't work. They argued with me a little.

      I then remember having my own apartment again. I had just moved in. I had a cat and 5 mice as pets. The mice were running around under some TV stand. I was keeping the cat from messing with the mice. I looked under the bed, and I saw a pair of shining eyes. I thought it was a rat, and I was a little upset, because I had just moved in. I shouldn't have rats. I then remember leaving, and worrying about the pet mice. I don't remember where I went, but I came back. Lo and behold, what I thought had been a rat under the bed was really another cat. He was brown with fuzzy, messed up fur. I tried locating the mice. I found them under the TV stand. 4 were still alive, and one, a red one, was dead and bleeding. I was really upset. I collected the rest of the mice into the container that Virginia had used for the strawberries. There were still a couple of slices in there. I closed the container. All the mice just stood at the edge of the box and stared outside (the box was clear).

      Then, I remember seeing the cats talking to one another. They were talking about leaving into the apartment next door through these open windows. There were more cats over there, apparently. They wanted to visit them, and have them be able to visit. I said no, and closed the windows. One of the cats said
      "I can just open the windows again."
      I was pissed.

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    13. In Pain All Night, and "Robin Rooms"

      by , 04-05-2011 at 04:42 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      All I remember from my first few dreams of the night is me walking around outside at night, in a city I believe. I remember Ryan being in part of the dream, and me ordering food at some restaurant. I also remember repeatedly taking large doses of ibuprofen throughout the dream, because I was in pain (I was really in a lot of pain last night in waking life, and it came into my dreams big time ).

      I even remember a false awakening in which I took another large dose of ibuprofen.

      In fact, when I woke up, I was hesitant to take anything, because I couldn't remember when I really took my last waking life dose of ibuprofen. -_-


      I was in a chemistry lab at school. I was sitting at a lab table with 3 other people, one of them I remember being someone I went to high school with, Zach. We had to do a project which involved taking data, doing some calculations, and making graphs. We then had to present the information to the class.

      I remember talking to Zach about it a little. I also remember being on my laptop, typing out my data and putting it into a huge chart. The chart format made perfect sense to me. I printed it out, and was all ready to present. I showed it to someone at the lab table the next time I was in class, and one of the girls at the table told me that everyone was going to get a zero because I wasn't supposed to use a chart. I got upset about this, because I had worked very hard on it.

      Then, I remember being in the middle of a mall or some sort of lobby area. I remember being at a kiosk computer and seeing an escalator in the background. My friend Rachel was with me. I told her the situation, and she asked to see the project. I pulled it up on the computer. She told me I should be fine as long as I had calculated the N-2. I showed her where I did that, and she said I should be ok and to not worry about it. I remember contemplating skipping my classes that day. I had already planned on skipping my first couple of classes. I remembered that I needed to turn in that report in one of my last classes, however.

      Then, I remember an old lady approaching Rachel and I. I was holding a cup of water. She wanted to show us something in her room. We were then in her house, and Rachel and I were racing to get to her room. We were laughing as we ran. When we entered, I knocked into something and spilled a lot of my water on the floor. I didn't want to tell the lady, since it was only water. I tapped the wet area with my bare foot to feel if it was very wet, and it was only a little damp.

      The lady's bed was right in front of us, and the room was dimly lit by only a little sunlight leaking through the blinds. The lady sat in the corner and talked to us. She asked us if we wanted to see her "robin room", which was a room in which one could observe robins through the window. It took the place of modern day things like TVs, video games, etc. I was excited about this, because I had "remembered" my grandma having one in her old house. It was also very rare for homes to have those anymore. Rachel and I both told her yes. The lady wheeled across the room in her rolling desk chair, right over the area I spilled water on. She didn't notice the spill. She did something that opened the wall up into this attic-type room with two plushy looking chairs in the middle, with a small window at the very top of the high wall. It looked old and cozy. I told her my grandma used to have one of those "robin rooms" in her old house.

      Then, the room raised into the ceiling, as if it had only been a backdrop for a play, and I saw this huge scene that looked like something from Charlotte's Web. It had Charlotte singing to the pig about being happy, and lots of happy barnyard animals joining along. I remember one of the 7 dwarfs being in the loft of the barn, and an old man working on something up there. It had an animatronic feel to it. It was weird.

      Then, I had an FA in which I got up out of bed, thinking about the "robin room" and still thinking it was real. My room was rather empty; barely any furniture was in it. I walked over to my closet, and my mom walked into my room. I asked her if she remembered grandma's "robin room", and she said, happily and thoughtfully,
      "Well...yeah!" She smiled.

      Then I really woke up. I'm skipping all my classes today too to catch up on some work and to rest...I feel absolutely out of it.