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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Evading Murder, Michelle/Terrible Animal Conditions, Egg Sandwich (Brief Lucidity), and More

      by , 10-09-2014 at 02:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in the middle of this story/movie, but it was real life? Hard to explain. I somehow just knew the storyline without anyone having to tell me. I was living in this apartment with a girl. There were these two guys living there also who were murdering people by stabbing them in the side near their heart. It had something to do with money. Everyone who was somehow connected to the money was going to get killed. This girl and I were doing a good job hiding ourselves and being inconspicuous; we were somehow connected to the money.

      At one point, I was playing Ski Free on the computer (anyone remember that game??).

      Many people got murdered. We had somehow still evaded it. For much of the dream, we were in the apartment. At one point, I was alone in the apartment. I went out into the hallway, and one of the guys went after me with his small knife. I somehow got back into my apartment and tried to lock the door, but the lock was flimsy and he kept using his knife, which he slid through the door crack, to unlatch the lock. He was also doing something to the knob on the door as well. I knew I had no chance and it was only a matter of time before he got in. I then was again out in the hallway, and he got ahold of me and stabbed me in the side with his knife. I thought for sure I was done for. I don't remember what happened after this, but I feel like the dream continued a bit longer.


      I was hanging out with this girl named Michelle (no idea who she is IWL). She had big boobs and short, straight dark hair. We were getting along really well, having a good time. She had kind of a loud personality, but I liked hanging out with her. I was then sitting at a table with her and a few other people, when Jarrod, an ex, sat down with us. He had on a baseball hat and a white shirt. He folded his arms on the table and was a little slumped over. I was surprised to see him; I thought he had moved out of state. I said hello to him. As I did so, I noticed these scabs on his face next to his eyes. He didn't say hello back to me, but noticed I was hanging out with Michelle. He then said
      "So you guys get along now?"
      I guess we had met before and disliked each other, but I couldn't remember when that was. I thought it must have been when I was dating Jarrod at some point. I kind of remembered, and said,
      "Oh, I remember now!"
      It was a very vague memory of meeting her and just not liking her personality.

      Michelle was then wearing no shirt. I noticed that she didn't have any nipples. I could see stretch marks on her breasts though. I thought she must have fake breasts because of cancer or something. Her face then looked kind of swollen. It looked like it was carrying up from her breasts.

      Then, I was at a circus. There was supposed to be some sort of petting zoo thing where some people from the audience came down to pet some animals. I was down there getting the animals ready. It was piglets from what I remember. Taylor then came down as well. We were transferring the piglets from one set of bins to another. I then started to clean the filthy litter that was in one of the bins. There was lots of gross, wet poop in it. I felt awful for the condition the animals were in. I knew it really made Taylor mad too; he was passionate about animals.


      I was making some sort of egg sandwich. I cut up a fried egg with my spatula in a frying pan and put it on a sandwich. Dallas was up now as well and told him he should make an egg sandwich too. I had the bread ready for him and everything. I also think I made myself another one. The other one I made was very soggy and had big, slimy chunks of egg that would come out all at once in my mouth as I bit into it. I think I was going to make a third one as well.

      Then, I was in bed at what appeared to be our hotel from our honeymoon, though I was sleeping on the opposite side of the bed than I did when we went IWL. I was asking Dallas, who was up in the bathroom area, if he was going to make himself an egg sandwich. I then somehow figured out I was dreaming, though I could tell it was unstable from the dimness of the room. I decided to try something different. I started to pull off my thumb. It popped right off. I looked at my right hand. No thumb. I then looked in my left hand and saw my thumb. Cool! I did it to my index finger as well. I then woke up briefly and went back into the dream. This happened a few times where I'd lost the dream, wake up, and go back into it. The last time it happened, I couldn't see anything; it was completely dark, even though I felt my eyes were open.
      I woke up and had a moment of panic because I thought I may have gone blind, but I just had my sleeping mask on. -_-;


      I was on some Victoria's Secret talk show, but I was hanging out by this big, raised sandbox with some kids. Some were in it playing, others were with me hanging out to the side. I wondered why I was here with these kids? I looked for someone who may be around my age, but saw no one, the oldest kid probably being around 11 years old. I wondered if I was too old to be here.

      The talk show then started. I wondered what I should do. I contemplated getting in the sand box. I don't think I did. The kids were then all going to do some obstacle courses. I watched a little girl swinging on these metal bars, attaching herself to them with these small metal pieces she had in each hand that latched onto the edge of the bar. She'd then slide on that metal piece to the end, and attach to another. I was worried about her; it looked dangerous to me. Her mom was at the end of the bars.

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    2. Powerpuff Girls Frag, Unstable Lucidity, and Work Stress

      by , 09-07-2014 at 03:18 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was on a huge ship sailing on the ocean. It was nighttime. Something about a shower. The Powerpuff Girls were there. Bubbles broke off from the other girls for awhile because she believed a problem that was going on had no resolution, but towards the end of the dream, it got resolved. I was kind of disappointed that it got resolved for some reason. But what did I expect? The Powerpuff Girls TV show always had a resolution.


      I felt myself falling back asleep after being awake for 4 hours. -_-' But anyway. I was lucid sitting up in my bed, but everything was so dim. I looked at my hands, trying to examine them and make the dream brighter and more stable, but it wasn't really working. I floated into the other room where my husband was sleeping (he got home at almost 5am IWL so he went to sleep in the other room so as not to wake me or keep me up). I started trying to talk to him. He started to get out of bed as I was doing so.
      "Dallas," I rasped. It was surprisingly difficult to talk right now. I kept on anyway.
      "I'm lucid reaming," I said, either I said that or something similar.
      I started to undo his pants,
      but I woke up.

      Similar scenarios kept happening over and over again. I'd feel myself going back to sleep, I'd enter a dream where I'd be in my bedroom, I'd sit up out of my body, but everything would be dim. I'd try to examine my hands to induce clarity, but it wouldn't work. I'd go try to have sex with my husband, but everything would always black out, and I'd start the whole damn cycle over again. Sometimes, I wouldn't even get as far as approaching my husband before I'd wake. I just kept thinking to myself every time before I'd black out that I must not be in a deep enough sleep.

      There was one where I was looking at my hands, and imagining that they were burned or dismembered. Some of my fingers would then look weird and grown together, but that's about it.


      I was in my apartment in my kitchen, which had a brighter, more fluorescent lighting to it than IWL. A short black girl was living with me; she was my new roommate. We were talking about something else too, and I knew she'd be a great roommate.
      "We're going to get along just fine," I said, but she was on the phone. She acknowledged what I said, however, by looking at me and smiling while she was on the phone.
      She then started to tell me why she used a Keurig to make her coffee. I then saw an orange Keurig on the counter making a cup of coffee. I thought about how Dallas and I had gotten an off-brand one-cup coffee maker as a wedding gift, but we still hadn't opened it. I guess there was no use for it now.

      The Keurig then started to malfunction. Water was going everywhere out of the top of it. I was trying to hold the water back. I then noticed how clear and vivid all of this was, and more water started to come out. I realized I was dreaming,
      but woke soon after.


      I had just gotten to work. It was my last week there. Kaitlin was going home for the day; it was two o'clock, and I was coming in to relieve her. I then was by myself, and was trying to think of why I quit, and how I wouldn't be rehiriable. I started to regret my decision. I couldn't go back to Kohl's, and now I couldn't go back here. What had I done? I actually really like this job. Where would I go now? I had no back-up plan.

      I then had a customer who wanted a deli sandwich. I went to the sandwich bar and got some bread. The deli was on the opposite side of the bakery than it usually is. I also had never made a deli sandwich before, but the person working at the deli was already helping another customer. The customer, a female, was telling me what she wanted on the sandwich. I was having a hard time remembering what she was saying. I was also waiting for the sandwich bar to clear up so I'd have room; there were a couple of deli employees there already making sandwiches for customers. I put her sandwich on the end of the bar. I then saw Judy, a lady I used to work with at Kohl's, run up to the sandwich bar to help the deli really quick. I don't recall what else happened with that customer.

      I then had another customer, a younger man, probably in his 30's or so. He ordered some "garlic cheesy bread". I had never done this before, so I tried to repeat his order back to him so I knew I was going to give him the right thing. I had thought he said he wanted a lot of garlic, and I picked up a shaker of garlic salt. I asked him if he wanted lots of garlic, and he said no. So I put a moderate amount on there, and asked if that was ok. He said
      "It's fine," but he didn't seem happy that I had put any garlic on there at all.
      I don't remember anything else about this encounter.

      A lady then came to the counter and asked if Kaitlin was working. I said no, she left at 2.

      I then was cleaning up a mess on the floor. It looked like some small sprinkles of flour had gotten on the floor. There was water all over the floor for me to squeegee up, but there were a couple of long rugs on the ground as well. I kept trying to not get the rugs wet, but I'd always accidentally dip the squeegee into a puddle and it would soak the rug. I was trying to squeegee all the spots of flour up, but I was having a hard time with the rugs and all. I then noticed that water was now pouring all over the floor. I looked over and saw that the clear hose that drained water from something that ran the mixer into the drain was dislodged from the drain and getting water all over the floor. Ugh. I went over and lodged the hose back into the drain. I let it go, and saw it move a little, and thought it may come back out. I tried to adjust it a bit more. I then left it alone. Water and bread dough then sputtered out of something in the mixer as the hose started to function normally again.

      I then started to feel how full my belly was. I had eaten a big breakfast. I burped and puked a little bit in my mouth. Instead of swallowing it though, it came out of my mouth as little red, chunky-looking salsa bits. They landed on the ground, only about three or four of them though. I had eaten some kind of Spanish omlette with salsa for breakfast. I kept going on as if nothing happened; I didn't think any customers saw me, even though there were a lot by the sandwich bar. I then saw someone walk away from the bar who hadn't been helped yet. I guess maybe they had seen the vomit.


      Just a side note...IWL I have not quit my bakery job. I haven't even considered it. This is the second dream I've had about it, however, the other one being a couple of nights ago.