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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Teaching With my Friend, and Being Terrorized and Shot by College Boys

      by , 06-16-2016 at 12:48 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I dreamed a little more than this last night, but I really felt the need to record these, as they were quite vivid, the second one also being very intense.

      I was teaching at a summer school/camp with my friend Rachel, who is also pregnant. Her baby had a rare birth defect where its heart was developing outside the body (this is a real thing btw for those who aren't aware). She and I were sitting together and she started crying. I closed my eyes and felt so sad for her. I put my hand on her leg. I believe I may have even shed a tear. I asked her about the operations they would have to do on the baby. The sadness I felt for her was very intense.

      We were all assigned one child for the program. They would actually live with us (and apparently I lived at my parents' old house with them). Mine was a little blonde girl in the 5th grade.

      The program's classes were divided into grade levels. Both Rachel and I's kids were in the 5th grade level. The classes were held outside in these station/kiosk type things. I saw my child playing there. I then had to pee so I went to the bathroom. The stall was like a port-o-john but only had a small, narrow place to sit and a narrow hole to go in. It was built for kids, and I "remembered" this from when I was at this same school as a child. I started to go but was peeing on the floor. I adjusted and peed on my underwear. They were soaked by the time I was done so I took them off and threw them in the garbage. I then heard people outside. A young female teacher saw the pee on the floor coming out from underneath the stall. She assumed the toilet had been backed up and overflowed and I let her think that, as I didn't want to tell her that I peed everywhere. She got a plunger-type thing and started to plunge it. Dirty, poopy water came out and splashed me in the face; I guess it was backed up.

      I then was walking back to the play areas outside with the teacher; it looked to be evening outside. I was telling her that I had never planned on becoming a teacher, but I was excited to start my real teaching job in the fall.


      I was in what was my mom's car in a parking lot at night with my brother. We were parked but I'm not sure why. Both of our parents were dead; they had died not long ago in the dream, maybe days or weeks prior. We now were using their car.

      These two college-aged white guys came up to the car and started trying to harass us into letting them in. They wanted to rob us. We locked the doors and wouldn't let them in. They started to laugh and got an ax and baseball bat and took them to our tires. Whatever, we were still safe. I saw and heard glass breaking as they did this, but I wasn't sure what it was coming from. We watched these douche canoes fuck up our car. I kept thinking about our parents, and how empty it felt without them.

      I then decided to call 911. My brother was just going to call the police, but I felt we needed urgent help. I misdialed it at first, dialing 912 or something instead, and then redialed and was given hold music. I didn't care, I'd wait if I had to.

      My brother then had to get out of the car for some reason; I think the cops were there. The guys saw the opportunity and tried to get in the unlocked door, but I locked it and the back door (which was also unlocked for some reason) quickly, before they could get in. They were mad, and I gave them two birdies, one with each hand. This infuriated them, and one pulled a gun on me and started to shoot. He hit me in the neck multiple times. I saw the hole in the barrel light up with each shot, and felt the shock of being hit. I was in shock, surprised that he had actually opened fire. He seemed surprised as well that he had actually shot me. I was holding my neck and saw a cop in the back window. I held my hand out to him and he reached back to me.

      I then was out of the car, I think with my brother, walking to an ambulance. I was getting dizzy and woozy from loss of blood. We walked by the guys who tormented us; they were sitting on a curb smoking (at least one was smoking) while police searched their car. I hoped they were going to get arrested. I was then laid on a gurney on the back to the ambulance, which was actually on an open trailer being pulled behind it. I heard them say they could see my bone and my heart, which is how bad the wound was. I was then being driven with my neck wrapped up tight in a scarf. No one was back there with me.

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    2. Silently Shut Down :(

      by , 05-17-2016 at 01:41 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I did not sleep very well last night. Lots of waking up. I know I dreamed a lot but I only remember a bit of a slightly explicit dream from this morning.

      I was at some school. I think the school day was either about to end or had ended. I wanted to give oral sex to one of my good friends C (a female) for some reason. I know I had talked to her about it at some point. I wanted to do it in the shower. Thinking about it really turned me on. I felt like there was some penis involved somewhere, but it wasn't my main focus.

      I was then in the shower with her, though we were clothed and there was someone else in there as well. It didn't even really look like a shower, but a little hallway and another room seemed to break off of it. As I turned the water on, I had to move some floor mats out of the way so they wouldn't get soaking wet. One got a little wet on the edge as I moved it. I believe it was navy blue.

      Then we were just in there and nothing was happening; she seemed blissfully ignorant to my desires, though we had talked about it. I didn't want to go out and say what I wanted either, I just wanted her to know since we had already talked about it. The other person in the shower was this guy I met once IWL named MH, but he goes by his last name, H more often than his first name. I was trying to hint to C that I wanted her by saying the letter "O" and some other things. MH then said
      "Oh you want oral?" or something like that.
      I said,
      "H!!!!" and left the shower. For some reason, I really didn't want him to do that, as if I'd get in some sort of trouble for those words being uttered. I didn't think C wanted him to know that we were planning on it, and I had apparently told him, as he knew exactly what I wanted to do to her.

      Then, I was sitting in the hallway of the school as many people walked by. I was upset. Then, this guy I was in group therapy with IWL, SW, a slightly creepy old black man, said he could help me. I followed him to a room and it was dark and quiet. He wanted me to give him oral, and I didn't want that at all. I left him in the room alone.

      I remember being in classrooms at some point in this dream.

      I have never given a woman oral, or even made out with a woman, but as I've become more comfortable in my skin, I've really realized that it's something I wish I could try, as I find it quite sexy, but am married to a man. Granted he would be totally fine with it as we have discussed it many times, but I wouldn't be comfortable doing it inside of our marriage.

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    3. The Mentally-Challenged Boy and the Girl Who Loved Him, Plus Some Weird Stuff

      by , 05-11-2016 at 01:39 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I decided after I woke up from this dream to jot it down in my phone so as to keep it fresh in my memory, and it worked great. I remember more of this dream than I have of any dream in quite some time.

      The setting was some sort of school. We were in a classroom, and it was daytime outside. I was not a participant in this dream, but an observer. I watched this mentally-challenged kid of maybe 19-23 years of age interact with his beautiful girlfriend, the sister of a girl I knew IWL who passed away in a car accident in 2012. He was wearing a suit or tuxedo, had dark brown, short hair, and he spoke and acted slowly. The sister, Liz, loved this boy just as much as he loved her. I could see and feel how much they loved each other. The love they had was so pure, something of a rarity to be sure. I saw them together in the classroom, just sitting with one another. The boy was going to ask Liz to marry him.

      Then, I saw this scene of the boy's dad teaching him how to have sex? Like the boy was on top of his dad, but it was understood by me that this was not meant to be perverted at all by either the dad or the boy. I assumed he was teaching him so he would know when the time came with Liz. This was more like a flash back, as I understood that Liz and the boy had already had sex.

      Liz thought she might look fat or pregnant. This part was in my notes and I remember it, but not much about it.

      There was a little more involving the boy and Liz, but I can't remember details.

      Then, dream shift. I'm in a stand up shower stall with my husband. It was in a public place, but I'm not sure what kind. I looked in the full-length mirror in the shower and I was wearing a long maxi skirt and a mid-drift top. The color scheme of both was red and blue. Looking at myself while facing the mirror, my hips looked a little wider, but my tummy looked flat. Turning to the side, I could see that I looked fat or pregnant. I felt slightly exposed and uncomfortable in the outfit, as I still have baby weight on me. I wasn't sure why I was wearing a mid-drift.

      Then, we were under the running water in the shower, naked. I was washing Dallas's back with my loofah. He was then lying face-down on the shower floor, and I continued to wash his back. A college-aged black girl with glasses then walked in the shower, saw us, and turned around, apologizing. She then noticed the time and said
      "Oh, it's only 10:45!"
      She then left the room. I guess we had until 11am to shower or something.
    4. Am I Passing This Class? and The Baby Girl Who Started Her Life Again

      by , 10-19-2014 at 10:25 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going into a math class. It was the last day of the semester (not sure if it was high school or college). As I was walking in, I couldn't remember if I had gone to this class during the semester more than a few times. I was thinking about the grades she had posted for me, and there were some holes and about as many grades. Ugh what was I gonna do?

      I sat down and there was a shorter, kind of stout black woman teaching the class. She was very lax and laid back. I was starting to wonder if she had even held class for half the semester. She handed out a test, our last one of the semester. It was a multiple choice test. The questions had little to no math relevancy. I don't remember them specifically right now, but the first one had some numbers in it, but the question was silly, and the next ones just had nothing to do with math at all. Man, this teacher must not care at all. I then "remembered" taking another test like that with her before and getting a bunch of them wrong. It didn't seem like there should really be any wrong answers since it was so silly...

      I later saw the teacher somewhere outside of class. Also, something about writing two papers on two different books or pieces of writing. It was and extra credit assignment for the math class. I wasn't sure if I needed it or not, but I wasn't going to take my chances. I couldn't decide which one I wanted to choose to write on for the second one (I had already picked the first out). I'd start writing in purple sharpie, but then I'd scribble it out. I asked someone, maybe the teacher, about what I should do. She gave me some suggestions on what pieces to write about.

      Then, something about Dallas and I having had a baby, a girl. Someone else was taking care of her, my mom I think. The baby then decided that she didn't want to be here anymore, and wanted to start over again from a newborn. I think she got really depressed about something. So she did that, and was an infant again. I then was wondering if Dallas and I should keep trying to have a baby since we had one already apparently. I then went to go see my daughter. I asked someone where she was and they told me that Debbie was watching her. I started to go down into this basement area that was supposed to be the break room at Kohl's, either down some stairs or a ladder. I started to see the tops and backs of these ladies' heads. They were two very gossipy ladies at Kohl's. They were sitting down on the couch watching TV. I didn't really want to interact with them, though Debbie was their friend. I went down there all the way. I saw that it looked as if some of them literally were living in the break room. Interesting. I didn't see Debbie or the baby anywhere. I then asked someone something. I then saw this pink dollhouse/cage thing that had plastic, interchangeable cribs in it. I was flipping through the different ones, watching them come up through the floor (I think I was pushing a button to change them out), when I heard R's voice. She is a lady that I work with at the bakery. She was saying "Sen and Simpy! Sen and Simpy!" (meaning Ren and Stimpy). She was talking about the themes of the cribs they were using for the baby. I kept flipping through them and didn't see any like that, though sometimes, two cribs would pop up, and then five.
    5. Going to Africa, School (Lucid), and At Kohl's Again

      by , 10-14-2014 at 02:01 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with a group of people. The next day, we were going to Africa. I'm not sure what the purpose of the trip was. I was supposed to be careful in certain areas, however, so I didn't catch any diseases.

      Then, the next day, I was in Africa with this group of people. We were by a desert area. I was trying to remember how I had gotten there. I "remembered" before the flight, but I was drawing a complete blank for the flight. I could not, for the life of me, remember being on the plane!


      I was in a classroom. I was sitting at a desk/table next to a guy. There were many students in the room. The teacher, a guy, was teaching. I had these workbooks, three I believe, and the teacher was telling us to do something with them, like go to a certain page or something. I was trying to follow the directions; I wanted to do well.

      I then was driving up to my high school. It was morning. I looked at the front of it, and it looked like my elementary school, but it had my high school's name on it. I parked and started to walk in. I got almost to the door when I realized that I had forgotten my backpack. No matter, I'll just make it appear on my back. I tried to do that, and it made me realize that I was dreaming! I walked into the school and into a room. My brother was in there playing the piano I think? I don't know what we talked about, I can't recall, but I then wanted to make angel wings appear on my back. I looked at my brother and saw that he had these what looked like costume green fairy wings on his back. I concentrated on making the wings grow and then saw them coming off my back. They also looked like costume fairy wings, only white. Eh, I was close. My brother was then talking, but I couldn't hear anything at all; there was no sounds whatsoever, as if someone had hit the mute button on my dream. Everything then went black around me. I was not all the way out of the dream yet, however. I took off into the air, letting myself float like a leaf in the wind. The wind was blowing me around quite a bit, but I let it; I was going with the flow. I felt myself flying for a few seconds, and I then, unfortunately,
      woke up.


      I was working at Kohl's again. There was a newer girl working with me. She was telling me something, and I was talking back to her, telling her I had worked there for almost 3 years now. I then thought to myself how that didn't seem quite right. I briefly became lucid while looking at a shelf, and thought to myself I could either keep the lucidity or go on with the dream, but I lost it for some reason.


      I had another, very explicit lucid dream, and while I sometimes do a spoiler tag, this time, I really don't think I want to type it out. Sometimes, these dreams get too personal to share online. Sorry, guys.
    6. Elementary School Class and Handheld League of Legends

      by , 10-04-2014 at 11:09 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was sitting in a classroom at what appeared to be my elementary school. My friend Grace was there among other students. There was a guy there, either this guy named CJ or TJ that I went to school with as well, I can't recall which. I was in the classroom and it was somehow connected to Kohl's. I found it funny because I can't work at Kohl's again, and yet, here I was in this classroom. I don't recall too much more other than C/TJ rubbing my shoulders and singing me a song.


      I was playing League of Legends on a 2DS. I was going down towards the bottom of the map which is where my Nexus and everything were. There were minions breaking through this extra small wall of turrets that were there in beginner games only (not true IWL), but they would respawn after being destroyed after about a minute. I saw a minion break through and then another turret respawned. I went to attack some of the enemy champions. My ult was ready, so I got in front of one and used it. I turned into a HUGE giant, and a cutscene happened where my character was telling stories about being Batman. Instead of stomping on and pwning the enemy, he told stories, which bored the enemies so they left. Well, whatever works, I guess.

      I then needed to stop playing, which I somehow did. I then was on the computer looking something up when I noticed the time. It was 4:35pm. At first I thought it was AM and I needed to get ready to get to work, but I saw the PM and was relieved. I commented on this to Dallas, who was in the room with me now.

      Then, something about a roommate I had who was in her bedroom. She wanted to play League with me. I picked up my handheld and I was getting attacked! I thought I had gotten out of the game? Weird. I ran away from the enemy champs. The one chasing me the closest was a Wonder Woman-looking champ. It now looked like a 2D side scroller. She was blinking red and yellow very rapidly, which meant her ult was charged and she was about to use it. I somehow got away from her. I then was in a 3D 1st person view on the system, looking over a fence to an area below at sunset. It was really quite pretty.

      I then was trying to figure out if I could save and quit without getting penalized. I wanted to restart the game. I opened the menu and there was a "Start Over" option.
    7. Having to Repeat a Year of High School and Knocking Out Animals

      by , 09-20-2014 at 11:06 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Something about turtles. That's all I remember.


      I was at school sitting in a classroom. It was my first class on my first day. I was having to repeat my junior year of high school. I had already taken the class I was in. I was thinking that all my friends were seniors now and they were all going to graduate before me. I then was thinking that I had only had to repeat a few classes and that I would still graduate with them.

      I then was outside in the parking lot trying to find a parking spot. I was driving a white and yellow paper van; it was like I was just guiding it with my hand like a toy rather than actually driving it. I guided it into a parking spot, then decided to pull it through to the one in front of it.

      Then something about Kermit the Frog and the football stadium. He had gotten everyone together for something, either a game or some kind of pep rally, I'm not sure; at any rate, it was something he always did every year, and everyone had a good time at it. He then started to tell everyone to go home. He had given up on it for some reason, and when confronted and asked to not cancel it, he was very adamant about his decision.


      Something about animals at some park/safari thing. The signs when you entered it looked like the font and style of Jurassic Park. I don't remember too much other than someone having to keep knocking out these miniature animals for some reason. I want to say the miniature animals were some sort of big cat, but I'm not entirely positive. One kept waking up, and they had to keep hitting its head against the wall to knock it out. It just wouldn't get knocked out. There were other types of knocked out animals as well.
    8. Bathroom Frag, Remodeling Target Frag, and Late for Class

      by , 09-15-2014 at 11:20 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in the guest bathroom. The light was on. The counter was covered in colognes and stuff, but I also noticed that Dallas had put his brush in there for me to use. He must not have seen the new brush I bought for myself. I also guess he didn't want me to wake him up using our bathroom.


      I was at Target, though I'm not sure if I was working there or not. I may have just been shopping. It looked as if they were completely remodeling the front of the store; I saw a lot of white walls and boxes. It didn't look like the Target I was used to at all; it really caught me off guard.

      Cherie' was there at some point. Someone called her name, and she had been kinda close to me. She stopped and looked in the direction of the voice who called her. I only saw the back of her head, not her face. Her hair looked darker and wavier, but I knew it was her.


      I was getting ready to go to school at the high school I attended. I was running behind schedule, however, and I was going to be late. I was at the house I grew up in looking in the pantry for something to eat for breakfast really quick. I found some Fig Newton cookies, two packages of them in fact, but they were being saved by someone else in the house, one of my friends who was also there though I can't recall who they were right now. Other than that, there wasn't anything I could eat for breakfast really quick.

      I kept getting upset at my mom and whoever else was there, saying that I needed to find a place to write this paper that was due in my second class of the day, so I needed to get to school ASAP. I was telling them they didn't understand, and was starting to be a smartass. My mom was getting mad at me for getting so upset and being smart with her. I kept looking at the clock and seeing how late it was; I would never get to school on time.

      When I finally got to school, the first class had already started. I saw people walking in the hallway from their lockers heading to their first class. It was weird though; not everyone was attending school that day, only the people who had a later start day for classes. The rest of the people had the day off, the ones who had started school at an earlier date that year.

      I then had a thought about skipping class, that once people missed one class they could say "Fuck it" and just not go and not care. I didn't want to do that.

      I kept stressing myself about the paper. I knew I needed to get to a computer quickly to write it up before the next class began.
    9. College and the Bloody Musical, and Being Taught to Fill a Syringe

      by , 09-10-2014 at 01:55 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in college. It was the first day of the semester. I was in what looked like the break room at work putting things in a locker.

      I was then in a theater in a theater class. Dallas was the teacher. He was showing us footage of a musical that he wanted us to do. It was about this group of people who just went around and shot people. I wanted to be in the chorus, not a main character, and I said so to Dallas/the class. I then thought about Dallas and this was his first time directing a musical. I knew he'd be nervous, especially on opening night.

      We kept watching the footage. It was quite the bloody show. People would get shot, and there would be a lot of blood.

      I then was in the locker/break room again. I was sitting at the table in there. A lady gave me a sheet back with grades on it. I was doing really well! Not all perfect scores, but lots of good scores. I thought about how this time around I was going to all my classes, as opposed to all the other times when I would neglect a class all semester and fail it or have to drop it (this never happened IWL, but has in my dreams many times).

      I was then back in the class, but this time, I was on stage with some other girls. We were the shooters at some sort of outdoor party underneath a pavilion. I remember something about trying to load a silver gun for one of the other girls. I loaded it up alright, but was having trouble turning off the safety and getting it ready to shoot. Someone took it from me and did it themselves.

      I then was in some sort of formation with the girls. It was a T shaped formation, with two in the front and the rest of us behind in a single file. There were maybe 5 of us total. I was second, being only behind the two in the front. It was then like we were very deep underwater, thought the pavilion was still there and everything, and we had to link our arms together in a special way while at the same time plugging our ears because of the water pressure change. It was weird. We were being directed how to do so by some people talking to us, I believe my mom was one of them. I was looking in front of me, and saw that my dad was one of the people in front of me. He had this tube coming out of the back of his head by his ear with a plastic bubble around it. There was pink liquid medicine in the bubble. I somehow got it to go in the tube, because that's how he was taking his medicine, but it came right back out again. Um...not sure what to do about this. He had no idea what was going on with the meds, and for some reason, I didn't tell him. I somehow got him to tilt his head forward, and the meds went back in the tube. Some came out again. Ugh.

      Then, we were getting ready to go up to the surface. We linked arms in the weird way we were supposed to, but I couldn't get my hands up to my ears to plug them. It was too late though, we were racing up to the surface quite fast. I heard my mom's voice call out
      "Protect your ears!"
      I was trying really hard to get my hands to my ears. I got my left one, but my right one was still uncovered. I couldn't get my hand to it. My right ear started to ring and I felt a lot of pressure in it.

      I then woke up before we hit the surface.


      I was being taught how to fill a syringe with medication for shots. A woman was showing me how to do it. We filled this syringe with a medicine that looked like apple juice. She didn't have me tap it for air bubbles, and I thought back to seeing nurses doing that with syringes that had the glass shaped in such a way that it looked like bubbles connected together. I don't know how else to describe it, and I can't find a good picture on the internet to show you what I mean. I asked the woman about that. I don't remember her response, but for some reason, we didn't have to tap the type of syringe we were using for bubbles. I guess only the people with the bubble-shaped syringes had to do that. I assumed something about them also being amateurs.

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    10. Annoying Classmate, Neighbor's House, and Feeling Useless at Work

      by , 09-06-2014 at 02:43 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was sitting in a classroom, trying to do some work. I sat down in the front row, and this black guy who resembled someone I went to elementary school with who was sitting next to me kept bugging me. I kept telling him to stop. I'd get up and move down a seat, but he'd keep bugging me. I was getting frustrated.


      I was at my childhood neighbor's house. They have a very big family IWL (they have 4 kids; 3 boys and a girl) but now, there were even more people there. There were two other little girls there as well besides their daughter, who was having a birthday that day, her 15th. Wow, I couldn't believe she was already 15.

      The two other little girls, though, there was something different about them. They looked normal enough, but they were made in a Sim game; they were real, but they weren't. It's hard to explain. I don't even really understand it.

      Anyway, I was going to spend the night there. I remember one of the other little girls, a girl of probably 10 or 11 with blonde hair was there. I think I was playing with her or talking to her. I knew how much the dad loved her. I couldn't imagine how terrible it would be if something happened to her. I don't really know why I was thinking about that.

      At some point, I saw my dad walking around looking at something. I saw him and then I saw my mom. My parents were here! I was so happy to see them! They had not told me that they were going to be in town, but oh well. I was just happy that they were there.


      I was working at the bakery. I had just gotten there. It was evening time, and I was supposed to get off at 8pm. All the lights were off for some reason; I couldn't even hear the humming of the cases or any kind of electrical appliance. Yet we were still open. Weird. I thought about how that had happened before.

      I was working with Kaitlin, a girl that works there IWL. She had broken up this big sugar cookie that had M&Ms in it and put it in large sample cups, but kept it behind the counter. I thought maybe she wanted to eat it. I then saw that she had found all these cake orders somewhere, but I had no idea where they had come from. One was a box of all these different slices of different cakes. It was a "variety cake box" that someone had ordered. The box it was in was colorful and advertised the fact that it was a "variety cake box". There were two of these sitting up on the counter. I saw some cakes in plastic packaging on the floor behind the counter as well.

      I then was by myself for a little bit because Kaitlin went to lunch. I kept going out from the back and picking up another sample thing of those cookies to eat. I was also trying to help customers, but I didn't feel like I was doing a good job. I then was on the phone, which was on the right side of the wall as opposed to the left, and it was an older guy asking me if there were any locations in Nashville. I told him I didn't think so, but I'd check. Normally, there is a laminated list of store names, numbers, locations, and phone numbers on the wall by the phone for reference. I was looking for it, but some new lists had gotten put up, though I don't remember what they were. They looked shiny and new though, very white with a fresh coat of laminate. I finally found the list, thinking that maybe there was an Antioch location, but alas, there wasn't. I got back on the phone with him to tell him there wasn't. He asked if I knew when there would be one built, and I told him I wasn't sure.
      "Oh ok..." he said.
      I then had an idea.
      "Sir, what's your phone number? I can call you when I know one is going to be built." I knew this may be quite a long time from now, or never, but I offered anyway.
      "Oh, thank you, sweety." he said, but his tone made it sound like he didn't want me to call.

      I couldn't decide whether or not to ask him to clarify whether or not he wanted me to call, but I felt like if I did, I'd be annoying him, so I didn't say anything. I didn't hear anything on the other line, so I guess that was him saying goodbye. I hung up the phone.

      I then heard a lady out by the counter saying that she was from somewhere I can't remember right now and that she was just looking. I was really tired at this point for some reason. I went out there and she was looking at the decorated cake book. She was a short, older black woman wearing a red vest like they do at Walgreens. Maybe she was a Walgreen's employee. I don't think I ended up helping her. I think Kaitlin was back now and she was helping her instead. I felt even more useless now.

      I then was at Subway for a short 10 minute break. I realized that I was not on my lunch, but was still on the clock, and I had left the store. Oops. I saw Taylor, a guy I work with. He was there as well on his lunch. I told him I felt like I just had to get out of the store for a little bit.

      Then, I was back at the bakery, and Patti, one of the decorators, was coming in. I asked her what she was doing. She said she was working 7-close. She didn't seem happy about it. I recalled a conversation I had with her about the new scheduling system and how it was going to interfere with her watching her grandkids in the evening (I really did have this conversation with her IWL). I thought to myself the nightmare is coming true.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Screwing Up in a Repeat Class, and Practicing Writing on Cakes

      by , 08-31-2014 at 02:33 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a college classroom, and we were each assigned a personality type and had to find the description in the book, fill it in on a worksheet, and the read it out loud to the class. I had taken this class before, but I couldn't recall the answer. I flipped through the book looking for it. I finally thought for sure I found it. I read it out loud, but I was then told that I was wrong. Ok...so I flipped around the book some more and found another one.
      "Ok, this is for sure the right one," I said. I really did think it was.
      I then read it and filled in the blank on the sheet. It still didn't sound right. Upon second glance, I noticed that I had read the description for "Pepsi". I got up to go somewhere really fast. I hoped no one noticed my now second error.

      I came back and was assigned, by the teacher, who was a middle-aged female, an extra assignment to help me understand the personality type better. Everyone then left.

      I then was going to another class taught by her. It was the same subject matter, but a higher level; it was a 4000-level class. It was really late at night though; I was looking at the white analog clock on the wall and seeing that it was almost 10pm. I was also the only one in the classroom besides the teacher. I figured that no one had signed up for it but me. I "remembered" when I signed up for it. I also "remembered" taking many classes on this subject in the past, and she was my teacher every time. The subject was something like social work. Since it was just her and I, I told her that I had taken many classes before and I had the notes all somewhere but not with me. I don't remember what we talked about, but we didn't really talk about the subject. I do feel like it was easier for us to talk one-on-one instead of in a crowded classroom. We didn't get to leave until almost 11pm. I figured that this class would probably get cancelled since I was the only one in it. I thought about how this would affect my credit hours; it would put me right at 15, the minimum I had to have to stay a full-time student (it's 12 IWL). I also thought about how I would want another class in the same subject to replace it. I also noticed that it didn't really feel that late; it felt like it was only 7pm or so. I said this to the teacher. She was talking about getting home to her kid and how getting out so late affected that.

      I then was somewhere else, I believe in the teacher's office. She was telling me that the class got cancelled. She was standing up doing something in a small closet at this point, and I was standing very close to her on her left side. I noticed the gray in her hair. She then started to talk about _____ Williams (can't remember the name she used). He was her nephew. I knew right away that she was talking about my old friend Jennifer's husband. I told her
      "I know Jennifer. She was my first friend when I moved here."
      She then asked me
      "Would you like to go to church?"
      Not being a church person but not wanting to be rude, I asked
      "What church do you go to?"
      "I don't go to one," she said.
      This answer caught me off guard.

      Still in the school, I then was watching my husband, who was wearing a light blue shirt and shorts, walk into this passage that slanted upwards. The opening was the interstate. He was going to take the interstate to get somewhere faster. I didn't want to take the interstate, so I walked inside the building to wherever I was going. When I got there, I saw many people walking out of an opening. It reminds me now that I am going back and thinking about it of people getting off an airplane and walking into the terminal. I saw my husband walking out as I was getting there. I guess the interstate really wasn't any faster since we got there at the exact same time.


      I was at work. Shannon wanted me to work on writing on cakes. She gave me a cake and told me to practice writing "Happy Birthday Charles" on it. She gave me some icing. I twisted the bag and let some excess come out of the tip before I started. Little strings of teal icing came out and went onto the floor. I then went to the cake and started writing. For some reason, I was writing "Charles" first at the top, as if I was going to write "Charles, Happy Birthday" instead of "Happy Birthday Charles". The icing was coming out way too big, and I wasn't going to be able to fit Charles on there because I was also writing way too big. I didn't finish his name before I reached the end of the cake. I scraped the icing off and started again.

      I tried over and over to do this, always starting by squeezing some icing out first. The closest I got to succeeding was when I wrote "Happy" too far to the right, but it fit. I had started it too far to the right, but the H was very pretty and it looked really nice. The second word I don't think was "Birthday" but I'm not sure what it was. At any rate, it looked like it was moving, and it had some red, white, and blue star-shaped sprinkles around it. The effect that it looked as if it was moving was really cool, and I knew Shannon could do it, so I was really proud of myself.

      I was then looking at different cake templates. I was writing on an actual cake, but at the same time, it was a book I was flipping through, looking at the different templates for cakes.

      I then was going to write on the wall in icing. I was writing very close to a light switch. I wrote "Call" and then below it, I started to write "5-5-5". As I was writing it, I started to hear a beep every time the icing was coming out of the bag. I knew that this was some kind of icing that you set with heat. It was coming out in a thin, blood-red gel. I got a little nervous, hoping Shannon didn't hear it because it could stain the wall. I then turned the tip to switch the setting of the icing to a different type and color. I continued to write the 5's. The icing was still red, but looked more like a strawberry jelly now, and no more beeps. I was writing big, so I had to write the 5's at an angle because the light switch was in the way.
    12. Saving Someone From an Unjust System, Can't Understand Anyone at Work, and Weird Life Sim

      by , 08-24-2014 at 02:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a school. It reminded me of the elementary school I first attended when I moved to the town I grew up in, but it wasn't an elementary school. It was more like high school or college. I was taking a class. I remember the class being over. There was a guy who wasn't doing as well who got forced to stay. They put him in some holding chamber.

      I wanted to rescue that guy. The system was super fucked up. I was with some others at this point. We were on some adventure to get some magical thing (I can't remember what it is) that granted wishes. We were going to wish for a giant something that started with the letter C that looked like a Zamboni, the thing they use to clean the ice at ice skating rinks. It had something to do with breaking the guy out.

      We found the magical thing. It lit up when it spoke with its disembodied voice (it had no mouth or anything). We wished for the Zamboni thing that started with a C. Along with it, the world gained a layer of very slick ice and snow. Someone commented on how the first layer of ice would melt and refreeze, making it extra slick. We were riding the Zamboni thing outside in the town. It was nighttime.


      I was at work at the bakery. They were having some roller skating day/party thing, but no one was wearing skates. They were just scooting around the floor on their socks. I asked someone about it, and found out that apparently, the manager said that since someone got hurt last time we couldn't wear skates to the skating nights anymore. I then saw a skating rink with people just scooting around on their socks looking bored as hell. Yeah, I wasn't gonna participate. This was stupid.

      I then was behind the counter helping this customer. It was a tall, lanky gentleman with poofy MC Hammer type pants. I don't remember what he was wearing on top, but it didn't match the pants. He kept handing me things he wanted repackaged, even things that weren't from my department. He handed me a package of raw chicken and right as I thought he was done, he handed me a package of pepperoni slices that already looked like half had been removed. Everything he said to me, I had to ask him to repeat, because for some reason, I couldn't understand him. I repackaged the chicken in one of our plastic containers that we have in the bakery, and wrapped some plastic wrap around it. I was trying to find a way to reprint the chicken label, since in the bakery we can only access the bakery label printing menu. I finally found a way, though, but I felt like it took me forever. I found the meat department label printing menu, and it had all these cuts of meat to choose from. I don't remember which one I ended up choosing. I finally finished with parachute pants man, and he thanked me. He seemed like he was in a hurry, but he was grateful for my help.

      I then was behind the counter by the bakery cases that have the donuts and artisan breads. My manager, Shannon, was there. Her very long hair was down instead of up and contained in a hairnet. She asked these two other girls that were with us if they knew how to do cookies. One said no, so she asked the other. I don't remember what the other said. She then turned to me and asked me something, but again, I couldn't understand her and had to ask her to repeat herself. I still am not sure what she said.

      I then was in the back, and there was a long line of clothing hung up on a rope that went across the middle of the room. I was going through them. They were Dallas and I's clothes. I remember seeing specifically some brown halter top that was hung up weird. Four things then fell off the hanger. I commented to Shannon about it at some point later, saying that 4 things fell off the hanger.

      I then was playing this game that was like a life sim, but with dogs. You could actually pick the animals you wanted. It had graphics similar to PS2 graphics. I had two golden retrievers. It looked like they were in a hamster cage. I was seeing them from a top angled view. They would get it on, then the female would develop big breasts for breast feeding. Then, two pups would be there, and then, they'd be gone, and the cycle would just loop over and over again. I thought it was happening way too fast, so I went into the settings and changed the amount of days that it took? It was weird. I changed it from 12 to 10. I then got a pop-up something saying, with a voice, that I didn't have any animals. So I went through a drop-down list and picked bunnies. This voice then told me how to masturbate the female bunny by sticking this stick thing up into it. The bunny turned over and it looked like it just had a big hole in its tummy. I stuck the stick in there. I actually felt it, too, like it felt rough and scratchy when I did it, but I was doing it right.
    13. Manipulative Pregnancy, and Art and Music

      by , 08-13-2014 at 01:06 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was living in some strange society that very much so valued pregnancy. Everyone was still human, but there were these weird dolls that looked like small, humanoid potatoes whose bellies would pop out if you were pregnant. It's like you'd set it, it would tick like an egg timer for a few seconds, and then, either the belly would pop out or it wouldn't. The dolls were sitting on a small side cabinet type thing. The people in charge kept them. They were checked daily.

      I was pregnant, but only a week into it. I was still married to Dallas, but for some reason, I wanted to bring Cherie' into our relationship. I did something to where it "set" her to being my wife too. I saw a diagram of her laying in the middle of my bed. I then somehow "set" her to be pregnant too. She did not know about any of this.

      I then changed my mind, however, and changed her "settings" back to how they were before, not with Dallas and I and not pregnant. I then went to check my doll, and its belly did pop out. Cherie' was right behind me, and went to do the same when I was finished. I watched her from behind. She said, before anything happened with the doll,
      "There's no way I'm pregnant."
      The doll's timer clicked a few times, and then its belly then popped out. She was quite surprised. I knew that she would soon have a miscarriage, however, since I "set" her back to not being pregnant. I did not say anything to her as this all was happening.

      Then, I was thinking about being pregnant. I then thought about how some people just gave birth to photographs, not babies. I wondered if I was going to be one of those people.

      Dream skip. I was inside some building. Others were there as well. I was watching a blue octopus "walk" on the land. He was quite close to me, and I was quite taken by the creature. A man then crushed the octopus against a wall to kill it. It then looked like it had deflated. I was so pissed that someone would do something like that! The poor creature! The man carried off the deflated body of the octopus.

      I was then with someone, and we were looking for the guy. We were walking around in some hotel/apartment type building. We found him in a room, and it was a man I work with, Barry. I then couldn't be too mad at him, because Barry is a nice guy.

      Then, this other person and I were outside watching this guy delivering a pizza to a couple of people on the other side of a barbed-wire fence. The pizza was in its box and the box was inside of a white plastic bag. There may have been other food in there as well. He tossed it into the fence, and it got stuck towards the top. The people on the other side couldn't get it, but the pizza guy started to walk away like he didn't care. The person I was with and I went to go dislodge the bag for the people on the other side of the fence. We started to do so, trying not to get pricked by the barbed wire, and then,
      I woke up to the sound of my cat playing with a plastic bag.


      I was at a school/job, taking some art course. I, IWL, do not draw or paint. I was learning in the dream, and had to take over for someone for awhile whose normal job was to keep up with all the artwork by doing the art and then keeping up with and maintaining it. There was a lady who then came in to make sure I was doing everything correctly. She commented on these shelves that had lots of paintings on them, and how they needed to be straightened up. I looked at the shelves, and they were indeed covered in paintings. I told her I was getting to it and that I had just gotten there. She then handed me a paper that showed how I had scored. I did great in everything; it showed 100s next to many explanations, but there was one that had a 7. It meant a 7/10. I was pretty sure it had to do with maintaining the shelves.

      I then was in the art room drawing and looking at the classic-looking analog clock on the wall. I noticed it was almost time for me to take my lunch; I was going from noon-1. I was drawing the silhouette of a woman with long, flowing hair holding a rose.

      I then told someone I was going to lunch. I then went into a band room. The chairs were set up in an arch, as you usually see in a band room. I saw my old friend from high school band, Alex S., sitting on the far right side in the front with his trombone. Other people were in there as well. He asked something about bass trombones, and who played. I raised my hand, and he said
      "You play?" He seemed excited. I then said
      "No, but you play both, don't you?"
      He said yes, he did. He then got up to let me have his seat. I walked up to the seat, and took the trombone. I hit it against something on accident, and it made a "dong" noise a couple of times. I was a little embarrassed. I then was not holding a trombone, but a violin, I believe. I then noticed my old cat, Ziggy, sitting close by. He was watching me. I looked into his eyes, and asked him with my mind
      "How am I doing? Am I doing alright?"
      I was referring to the art now. It was like he had been there for the review that the lady gave, or he was somehow also the lady who gave it.
      He started at me, looking into my eyes as if to acknowledge that I was communicating with him. I noticed how big his eyes were. I "remembered" how he always sat in that spot by the low brass section. I then saw his tail flick the ground. His tail looked fluffy and brown, in contrast to his orange and white fur, though, in the dream, I cannot remember what color his fur was. I knew it was Ziggy, but his fur looked different, though I could't tell you exactly how.

      My husband's alarm then woke me up.


      IWL, Ziggy was my best buddy growing up. He was, to me, a guardian. He watched over me and was always there when I was sad or sick. He made sure I was alright at all times. We had to put him down when I was 14 years old because he was very old (18) and very sick. I miss him still, even now that 12 years have passed since then.
    14. A Brutal Murder, Being Berated, Cars and Spiderwebs, and a School Project

      by , 07-28-2014 at 03:59 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work, but it looked different. We were behind the counter. I was there with a couple of other people. There was one girl there who looked very tired. She had long, straight light brown hair and very tired eyes. She was probably about my age (25) or a bit younger. She needed a ride home from work. We got into my car. I was kind of tired too. The car was driving, but I noticed that I was sitting in the back seat with the tired eyed girl.
      "I should probably be sitting in the front," I said to her. I stopped the car as we were going through this gate and got in the front seat.

      Then, there was this lively old woman with us. She was quite energetic. She wanted us to drop her off on the side of the road so she could walk to her vehicle. We did just that. We got out though as well. We were walking on the sidewalk with this woman. She had a cane, but she wasn't using it. In fact, she started to jog! We couldn't keep up with her. We then were approaching her vehicle, or at least what we thought was her vehicle. It was a golf cart. It had a black bag with a big bow on it strapped over the seat. I thought she had been very trusting to leave that outside. Upon further examination, the golf cart had this HUGE control panel. It was so big, it took up the entire front window; you could not see out of it at all. I figured that maybe it drove itself. The old woman sat down in the seat, and was wondering how you worked it. I guess it hadn't been her vehicle, but a special vehicle that the public could use to get from place to place. There was a guy there that I assumed she was asking. We walked past her and the cart.

      I dropped the tired girl off, but noticed something as I was driving. I noticed that the cart with the lady had not moved, but there were dead bodies strewn on the street by the car, about three or four of them. Holy crap, someone came and murdered them! I thought maybe a fight had broken out and gotten taken too far. I returned to the area where the cart was and saw what I had feared: The old woman was dead, along with a few others. I think I asked someone who was there if she was dead, and they said yes. I told them I had seen the scene from a distance. I started to cry.

      Then, one of the people whom I thought was dead, a blonde guy who was probably in his twenties, opened his eyes. He looked like he was in so much pain. He said nothing, but his eyes told me everything. I was broken down crying now at this point, kneeling on the ground. I started to stroke the guy's knee to comfort him. I was so happy he was alive, but I still could not stop crying. It was then that I noticed that all the other people were literally torn apart; I saw someone's head detached from their body, an arm, and other torn apart body parts. The man with his eyes open in front of me was the only one who was not torn to shreds.


      I was going to my friend Cherie's apartment. It was daytime outside and sunny. My husband may or may not have been with me, I can't quite remember. I think we had just gotten back from a vacation.

      We got to the apartment. It was much different than IWL. It was more of a town home than an apartment, and was white and clean on the outside. There were many others that looked the exact same, as you would see in a town home community. I went inside, and Jeremiah and Cherie' were there in the living room. I went into the middle of the living room.

      Then, I noticed Cortney D., a supervisor from my old job. She was standing behind the couch (at this point the apt looked a lot like my current one IWL). I "remembered" that she lived in the same complex as Cherie'. She had her hair pulled back into a small ponytail, and was wearing a black shirt with a colored shirt (can't remember the color) underneath; it looked like an outfit she would wear to work. I was excited to see her, because I always really liked her, but was afraid she would be mad at me because of the way I quit. I got her attention, and she said
      "Krista." She walked up to me with a sense of urgency. She continued,
      "Why did you do that?!"
      I tried to explain to her how awful that job was, how bad I felt we were all treated there, but she kept countering me, asking me what did I expect, it's retail. She then stormed out. I was sad that she was angry, and I kept thinking of other things I should have said, but none would have made her feel differently. I didn't understand how she could continue to settle for such a crappy job.

      Other things happened after this. I remember leaving the apartment, but nothing else.


      I was driving to my old college's campus in a new car. It was a dark grey sedan, and very nice-looking. I felt weird and tired. It was morning. I don't know why I was going there. There was some kind of big event taking place.

      I parked in a gravel lot, and walked over to where the buildings were. I sat down on a bench underneath an overhang. I noticed that lots of college kids were walking around dressed up like it was Halloween. I saw people in knight costumes, and I think some Mortal Kombat costumes as well. I did not know what was going on.

      I then realized that they were in the marching band, and today was the day that the college hosted Contest of Champions, a high school marching competition, and that they always performed a show at intermission in their Halloween costumes (this is true IWL). All the college kids then started to dance with each other. It was like they were a flash mob; they all just seemingly spontaneously started to couple off and dance. I knew that they had planned it.

      I got up to go back to my car. I went into the field where the cars were. There were many, many more now. I clicked my clicker on my keys, and some tail lights light up, so I figured I had found my car. But then, another man, an older, heavier black gentlemen, got in the driver's side. Whoa, I thought, there must be some mistake. I opened the trunk to the car, which was actually more like a minivan than a sedan. Not my car after all. I felt embarrassed for trying to get into another person's car, though he did not say a word to me about it. I kept walking.

      I kept on clicking my clicker, and I noticed that when I did, other cars' headlights would flash. What the hell? How was I ever going to find my car now?

      I then was at an impasse, literally. I had approached a fenced in area. The fence was wooden and old, and actually relatively short. The only way I could get to the other side of the fence was to open up the old wooden gate. I then called an old friend, Tori, and asked her about the car, because I knew that she had had a car like mine. She said that hers had done that too, unlocking other people's cars instead of hers. When I got off the phone with her, I went to go open the gate, but it was covered in spiderwebs! I could not get a hold on it without touching one. I saw the webs up close, and noticed that lots of ants had gotten caught in the web. I saw one get caught in it towards the top of the fence. Ugh. So gross...I hate spiders. So I looked all over the fence for a place I could touch it without getting web on my fingers, and there was none. I put my hand on it regardless, and immediately took it away again. I saw the holes in the web where my fingers had pierced it. I then briefly opened the gate, but I couldn't even go through it without walking into webs. It only opened on the bottom anyhow; I would have had to push to get it to open all the way. I considered climbing the fence. I don't remember if I ended up doing it or not, but I knew it was an unacceptable thing to do for some reason.

      Then, I was in some sort of bakery/coffee shop on campus. The interior was all wooden, and since it was summer, there were only a couple of people there. I thought maybe it was closed for the summer. I then noticed the manager, a middle-aged woman, standing in the doorway talking with another woman who looked a bit younger. She was blonde with glasses. I thought to myself that the manager must have to be here every day, even during the summer when their hours were limited. The table I was sitting at was one with Eileen, a woman from my old job. She was a regular there. I think she was eating doughnut holes. She was talking to me about coming to that place every day for breakfast. I don't remember anything else from the conversation, but we talked a bit. I think I also ate a doughnut hole. It was glazed. I think they were homemade.


      I was working on a project for a class at my apartment. I was working on it on the bed. It was supposed to be a circular cut out with whatever we liked to put in it in the center. I decided to do mine like a collage, with cutouts from magazines in it. I was going to put some pictures that I had of me, friends, and family on top of the magazine cutouts. I also was painting it. I had painted the edges of the circle green, but noticed I had gotten some paint on the sheets and on the pillowcases. Nothing I could do about it now, though. I painted some shades of blue on the inside as well, and noticed that I had made the top of the circle a light blue, and it gradually faded to a darker blue. It wasn't my intention, but I liked the way it looked.

      I had made the inner circle separate from the outer. The outer was a cut out of some construction paper that I painted green. I made the entire inner circle, and put the outer circle around it to see if it had the correct measurements. It wasn't perfect, but absolutely workable. The outer circle was a little big or small at just one area, the bottom right corner. I knew it wasn't going to be a difficult fix. I think I asked my husband about how it looked. At this point, it kind of looked like a pokeball.

      I kept thinking about the assignment, and wasn't sure if I was doing it right or not, but I didn't remember the teacher, who was the black man from my precious dream, saying anything too specific.

      Someone else was then in the apartment, a girl who was also a student. I asked her something about the assignment, about the specifics. She wasn't sure either.


      You might see my recall of last night and say "Damn, Krista, you must have gotten some good sleep to have all these dreams." That would be my first thought too, but I actually did not sleep well at all. I kept waking up every hour, and would have a lot of trouble going back to sleep. I know I dreamed way more than this too, but these are the only ones I remember. My husband also was having trouble sleeping, and he had a lot of vivid dreams as well. We made turkey burgers last night, and never have made them before. That's the only thing I can come up with for why neither of us could sleep, and we both had super vivid dreams.
    15. Getting Kicked Out Of Band, Muscle Men in The Ocean, and Adopting Annabel Lee (the Cat)

      by , 07-19-2014 at 03:14 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a school, a college. I was trying to pick out a class to get me to 18 credit hours to complete my major. I was filling out a paper, but it was like the paper was also a computer. I needed to choose one of these medical classes that I really was interested in taking, and the course numbers were 96, 98, and 99. I saw one, and then it disappeared. I could not find them anymore on the paper; they had already filled up. The only course numbers I was seeing were numbers in the 60's and I remember seeing 89. Those were not courses I wanted to take, however. I was frustrated. I wouldn't be able to take them until they were offered again the next fall.

      I was trying to fill in the credit hours so I could stay a full-time student, so I signed up for a music class with my husband. I sat down in this single arch of chairs in front of the conductor's podium. It wasn't in a classroom; it seemed to be open to the whole building. In fact, the whole building seemed to be set up this way. At any rate, I noticed the band was all reed instruments, which was fine, because I play the bass clarinet. I remember seeing people with saxophones and bassoons. It was also a very small band. I sat down somewhere towards the right on the arch. The band instructor stepped up to the podium. She was a shorter black woman with lighter skin with reddish hair. It was actually difficult to tell if she was black or white. She seemed like a hardass; she never cracked a smile as she addressed the class. I was nervous too; this seemed like a class full of musical experts, and I had not played my bass clarinet in years. She wanted us to get right down to playing, and singled me out, since I seemed to be the only bass clarinet, telling me to play. I told her I could not play that day because I didn't have a reed, but I would get one for the next time. She said
      "Get out of my classroom."
      I guess she really didn't like that I wasn't prepared for class. I got up and left, angry and a little embarrassed. I wasn't going to come back either.

      I talked to my husband later in the dream about the class, about the instructor. I remember also seeing the small reed band practicing as the instructor instructed them.


      I was working at Target, setting up some summer set in one of the departments. I was a new employee there. I think it was the accessories department. I was unloading boxes and putting things on the shelves. I felt like there wasn't much rhyme or reason to it, but they had not given me any. I kind of had the freedom to put them where I saw fit. I can't recall exactly what items I was putting out.

      I then had to go take some empty totes to the back, and had to ask someone where the back was and what to do with the empty plastic totes. I had the empty totes on a cart, and rolled the cart behind me as I followed the person to the back room. It was a large back room; I remember seeing a dumpster, and someone throwing boxes into it. I don't remember what this person told me to do with the totes, but she was pointing out where things were back there.

      I was then back out on the floor in the accessories department. I had to go find something for the display that I didn't have on me. I went walking around, searching for these items. I encountered a room that had flowers floating in tubs of ice water. They were pretty white flowers, and looked healthy. I knew they were in the ice water because it was so hot and the water needed to stay cold for the flowers.

      The dream then shifted as I was searching, an absolutely seamless dream shift. I was walking around, looking for something, a job that I enjoyed. I was transitioning into these random areas, one I remember being a movie theater. I remember then seeing a girl sitting on what appeared to be my parents' bed in the house I grew up in. She was blonde, but her head was shaved. She looked quite androgynous, almost like a girl I knew at my old job IWL, though the girl at my old job had red shaved hair. I got this jealous feeling about her.

      I then encountered Jake. We were then looking around together for something we enjoyed doing. We then walked onto a beach. It was a sunny day. We went out into the ocean, which was so calm that there were no waves at all, and noticed these men swimming in this formation around some kind of float in a deeper part. Their formation was perfect; think synchronized swimming. Looking closer at the men, I noticed that they were all super buff and muscular. We asked what they were doing, and they said they were some kind of coast guard or beach guard, though those weren't the words they used; I can't remember exactly what they said. But Jake joined in with them; he really wanted to be a part of it. They seemed like they were glad to have him, even though he was not buff and muscular; they were very accepting and happy. I noticed the androgynous girl was with him too. I knew they were good friends, maybe even lovers. That is why I got the jealous feeling about her when I saw her.

      I did not want to participate, and started to swim back to shore. I watched them swimming with the men, and noticed that they were not perfectly in sync with them, but it would, of course, take practice to get as good as they were.

      I then started to walk somewhere else. I was on a paved walkway that was shaded by trees. Looking back on it now, it was kind of like in the area that the Renaissance Fair is in every year here. There were many people about.

      I then noticed a very fluffy cat; her fur was a creamy, very light tan color, almost with a pinkish hue to it. She looked scraggly and dirty. I noticed she had clumps in her fur too. Poor baby! She was a stray! A couple of people said something about her, and I said
      "Well if she isn't anyone's, I'm going to take her in!"
      I didn't think twice about it; the kitty needed a home, and I was going to take her. I named her immediately, calling her Annabel Lee after the poem by Edgar Allen Poe. I pet her scraggly fur after that at some point.

      I remember her being in a warehouse-type area with me after that.
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