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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Lucid Orgasm and a General Life Update

      by , 05-20-2016 at 03:02 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was definitely lucid last night for a little bit, but the only things I remember about it are:

      -It felt like I was loosely hanging onto the dream, as in I would feel the head buzz and see the dream form, and then it would go dark and happen again, and
      -I was naked and imagining someone having sex with me though they never materialized in the dream, and I had a SUPER intense orgasm when I started to touch myself. I am pretty sure I was not woken from the dream afterwards either, something I have been getting better at over the years. I was focusing, in the dream, on not being woken up.


      I was looking at my UHRS report online. I saw some weird numbers that looked like I had missed a ton of questions, but on closer inspection they looked ok. I had notes in red underneath some, one I remember saying something along the lines of "don't just do a few and get tired of them." There were no capital letters used.

      I had other dreams too, NLDs, but this had been a weird morning for me as my daughter is hanging out with her Nana for the weekend and I got to sleep in (!!!!!) which never happens. I'm trying to recall but it's proving difficult. Also, I've had a lot on my mind as we are moving a week from today and there is so much that still needs to be done and I am stressed beyond belief. Definitely hampers my recall.

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    2. Silently Shut Down :(

      by , 05-17-2016 at 01:41 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I did not sleep very well last night. Lots of waking up. I know I dreamed a lot but I only remember a bit of a slightly explicit dream from this morning.

      I was at some school. I think the school day was either about to end or had ended. I wanted to give oral sex to one of my good friends C (a female) for some reason. I know I had talked to her about it at some point. I wanted to do it in the shower. Thinking about it really turned me on. I felt like there was some penis involved somewhere, but it wasn't my main focus.

      I was then in the shower with her, though we were clothed and there was someone else in there as well. It didn't even really look like a shower, but a little hallway and another room seemed to break off of it. As I turned the water on, I had to move some floor mats out of the way so they wouldn't get soaking wet. One got a little wet on the edge as I moved it. I believe it was navy blue.

      Then we were just in there and nothing was happening; she seemed blissfully ignorant to my desires, though we had talked about it. I didn't want to go out and say what I wanted either, I just wanted her to know since we had already talked about it. The other person in the shower was this guy I met once IWL named MH, but he goes by his last name, H more often than his first name. I was trying to hint to C that I wanted her by saying the letter "O" and some other things. MH then said
      "Oh you want oral?" or something like that.
      I said,
      "H!!!!" and left the shower. For some reason, I really didn't want him to do that, as if I'd get in some sort of trouble for those words being uttered. I didn't think C wanted him to know that we were planning on it, and I had apparently told him, as he knew exactly what I wanted to do to her.

      Then, I was sitting in the hallway of the school as many people walked by. I was upset. Then, this guy I was in group therapy with IWL, SW, a slightly creepy old black man, said he could help me. I followed him to a room and it was dark and quiet. He wanted me to give him oral, and I didn't want that at all. I left him in the room alone.

      I remember being in classrooms at some point in this dream.

      I have never given a woman oral, or even made out with a woman, but as I've become more comfortable in my skin, I've really realized that it's something I wish I could try, as I find it quite sexy, but am married to a man. Granted he would be totally fine with it as we have discussed it many times, but I wouldn't be comfortable doing it inside of our marriage.

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    3. The Mentally-Challenged Boy and the Girl Who Loved Him, Plus Some Weird Stuff

      by , 05-11-2016 at 01:39 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I decided after I woke up from this dream to jot it down in my phone so as to keep it fresh in my memory, and it worked great. I remember more of this dream than I have of any dream in quite some time.

      The setting was some sort of school. We were in a classroom, and it was daytime outside. I was not a participant in this dream, but an observer. I watched this mentally-challenged kid of maybe 19-23 years of age interact with his beautiful girlfriend, the sister of a girl I knew IWL who passed away in a car accident in 2012. He was wearing a suit or tuxedo, had dark brown, short hair, and he spoke and acted slowly. The sister, Liz, loved this boy just as much as he loved her. I could see and feel how much they loved each other. The love they had was so pure, something of a rarity to be sure. I saw them together in the classroom, just sitting with one another. The boy was going to ask Liz to marry him.

      Then, I saw this scene of the boy's dad teaching him how to have sex? Like the boy was on top of his dad, but it was understood by me that this was not meant to be perverted at all by either the dad or the boy. I assumed he was teaching him so he would know when the time came with Liz. This was more like a flash back, as I understood that Liz and the boy had already had sex.

      Liz thought she might look fat or pregnant. This part was in my notes and I remember it, but not much about it.

      There was a little more involving the boy and Liz, but I can't remember details.

      Then, dream shift. I'm in a stand up shower stall with my husband. It was in a public place, but I'm not sure what kind. I looked in the full-length mirror in the shower and I was wearing a long maxi skirt and a mid-drift top. The color scheme of both was red and blue. Looking at myself while facing the mirror, my hips looked a little wider, but my tummy looked flat. Turning to the side, I could see that I looked fat or pregnant. I felt slightly exposed and uncomfortable in the outfit, as I still have baby weight on me. I wasn't sure why I was wearing a mid-drift.

      Then, we were under the running water in the shower, naked. I was washing Dallas's back with my loofah. He was then lying face-down on the shower floor, and I continued to wash his back. A college-aged black girl with glasses then walked in the shower, saw us, and turned around, apologizing. She then noticed the time and said
      "Oh, it's only 10:45!"
      She then left the room. I guess we had until 11am to shower or something.
    4. What Happens When You Lower Your Ambien Dose...

      by , 10-22-2014 at 01:36 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Alright. So I'm trying to wean myself off of my Ambien. I took a half of one last night and fell asleep no problem, but I woke up at around 2:30am, remembering only fragments about work, and started freaking out a little, thinking I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. I took a benedryl and went into the other room (my husband was breathing very heavily in his sleep and it was also keeping me awake). This is what happened after I fell asleep.

      I was lucid, but I don't remember if I entered the dream lucid or if I became lucid later. I am having a lot of trouble recalling the specific details of this one, other than we were in a house, and I was trying to cheat on my husband with this guy I knew in middle/high school named Carter H. My husband was around during the dream, and we were trying to avoid him by going into different rooms and such. I do remember at one point Carter expressing how he would treat me well and was excited about being with me. I told him I was excited too. I think I was topless during that part in a bedroom.

      There was a point where I was outside in a garden, and I was afraid of losing the dream, so I took some advice from Hyu and started touching everything around me. There were plants in the plowed ground. I touched their leaves, feeling their realness. They felt a little muted, but it wasn't bad. It helped me to stabalize the dream.

      This dream was quite long, and I can't recall the little details of it all. It was a very...strange LD for me. I seemed to be in a weird mindset (I would never cheat on my husband IWL, especially with someone I barely know and have no interest in!).

      I then woke up.


      I was in a fairly normal-looking room; nothing weird was going on at all, but I decided to do a nose pinch RC just to keep my awareness up. I did it, and...I could breathe! I was super surprised; I thought I was awake! I think I said "What??" or some kind of exclamation. I did it again just to be sure, and sure enough, I was dreaming.

      Spoiler for Explicit content:

      I woke up and wondered why I did something so superficial with these LDs. I wanted to have another one where I summoned Mike or delved into past lives. Sadly, I didn't get to. :/

      Again, I would like to reiterate that I really don't have any interest in cheating. I love my husband very much. I am really kind of taken aback by these dreams, especially since I was aware that I was dreaming for them. I'm actually a little embarrassed to post them.


      I was in a dressing room at a department store. I had these black and white comics that I had made that depicted my cheating LDs. One was only a page long, the other a few pages. I taped them to one of the dressing room doors. I then watched people pick the comics up and read them. Some teenage guys read them and laughed. I left the dressing room for a bit. I didn't really want the comics there anymore. I went back and took them down.


      I was laying in the guest bed with my husband. We were getting ready to go to sleep. My husband put on one of my sleep shirts similar to one I actually own IWL but not the same. It was black with 3/4 length sleeves and lacy shoulders. It was tight on him, but he didn't seem to mind. I was wondering why he was wearing that (he usually doesn't wear any kind of shirt to bed). I guess he must be anticipating a very cold night. I said something about it being a girl's shirt. Again, he didn't seem to mind.


      Something to do with typing these entries up and an Animal Crossing game that you could only play with a wireless controller and could only play online for a certain amount of time. I was called by a video/game rental place and was asked if C (the assistant CS manager at my job) was my sibling. I told her no, she was my boss. I thought they asked me to verify the spelling of her name after that, but I couldn't hear them very well.
      "What?" I asked.
      They said something again, but it didn't sound the same as before.

      My DJ entries were all centered and spaced like I was writing them in poetry format. I was typing them up. I didn't want them centered, I don't think.

      I then was signing on to play League of Legends. They had really updated the game. My friend Jeremiah was online, and sent me a game request. I was in the middle of doing something else, but I guess I could play a game with him. I accepted his request. I picked my champion, a female one that doesn't exist in the game IWL, and we were then playing. It then looked very cartoony and very much so like FFII graphics. I started getting attacked, but the map controlled so weird. I didn't die, but it was a close call. I went to the settings, and I couldn't change the graphics back; I had to do it outside of game. There were two options I could have picked from, Cartoon or Realistic. It was a new feature that I didn't know about. Cartoon was checked by default. I considered quitting and taking the penalty for it.


      I seriously felt like I was having fever dreams all night. I'm not sick, no fever or anything, just...what. I don't even know. It probably has something to do with lowering my dose of Ambien and taking that benedryl. It affected my recall as well. I have to stop taking the Ambien though, so my entries may be like this until I even out. I will eventually go down to taking a quarter of an Ambien, then eventually completely being off of it. I am actually happy for that. I miss sleeping naturally; I haven't since November/December of 2011, so for three years.
    5. Playing a Weird Guitar, Funny Sims Editing, A Little Lucidity, and More

      by , 09-26-2014 at 02:32 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was holding a guitar. Dallas was teaching me how to play it. I had my fingers on the strings, which were going both vertical and horitzontal, like a tic-tac-toe board. He was teaching me how to put my hands on the strings and only strum one at a time, not hitting any others at the same time. I wasn't sure how that was possible, but I did it. I moved my other hand on the neck to produce different notes. It actually sounded good! I played a couple of scales, making the end of the last legato on the last few notes.

      I then was approached by a little boy. He was this girl I knew in high school's son, John. He gave me a hug, then, very articulately and adult-like, started to tell me about this video game he played called "Kingdom Health"; I assumed it was more of a Christian version of Kingdom Hearts. He then was telling me how much he loved my recording of Moonlight Sonata Movement III. He said he really liked the one that I had that played backwards. I was thinking about the recordings, and how they weren't that good since I'm not really that good at playing that song all together, only certain sections of it. I was thinking about how the backwards recording sounded, however, and it was quite smooth.


      I was pushing around these three infants in a shopping cart. I was in a building, though I'm not sure what it was. They were wrapped in blankets. One was a boy and two were girls. I kept thinking about how I needed to change their diapers, particularly the boy's, but I hadn't yet. I reached down to touch the boy's face to make sure he was even still alive. His eyes opened so I knew he was. The weird thing about the babies was they were like "training" babies; it was like a sim game of taking care of babies. I knew they weren't "real", but at the same time, they were.

      I kept thinking about this the whole dream, but never doing it. Someone else, a girl, was with me at some point. Also at some point, I was in an arcade.

      There was then a point where I didn't know where the babies were anymore. They were gone. I figured they had gotten taken away from me.


      I was at Dallas and I's wedding, though it was taking place in a beautiful church rather than the place we really did get married. There were many people there. I remember the atmosphere being fun.

      At one point, I heard my old friend Josh on speaker phone with my friend Caitlin. He sounded like the Josh I remember (haven't spoken to or seen him in ages IWL). The phone looked more like a small radio than a phone. I then announced to him
      "You know you're on speaker phone, right?"
      His voice was then replaced with another guy's voice. I don't remember what he said, but he was talking directly to me. I do know it was because Josh didn't want anything to do with me anymore.

      A bit later, I thought I spotted Josh at the wedding, but upon further examination, it was an older man. Of course Josh hadn't come for the wedding.

      I then was having a good time in the sanctuary of the church with my family and friends, and I became lucid. I started to walk to the side of a table, like the gravity was switched and I was standing up sideways, but I quickly woke up right after. -_-;


      I was with my friends Rachel and Chad, a married couple. They were playing piano duets, Chad playing the left hand part and Rachel playing the right. I didn't even know they knew how to play piano! I saw the music going by as they were playing. The right hand looked complicated. The song was in a minor key. I think I wanted Dallas and I to be able to do it too.

      Then it was like I was controlling a Sims game. I made my character have this glitched black doberman looking dog. He kept getting bigger and bigger. I then put my character in fish net tights, a shirt, and I think a skirt? And my character was a middle-aged balding guy. I made his thighs get bigger too. He looked ridiculous.

      I was making my character walk around at night outside. The viewpoint was not a traditional Sims overhead view, but a closer view similar to that of many FPS games. There was an NPC at the backdoor of a building trying to deliver a package. I made my character go up to him to tell him he had to go around front. He did just that.

      I then wanted to take my character downtown to go party all night. I looked at his needs bars, and saw that all but one were completely full and green, with the one not being completely full just a tad bit drained. I just had wanted to make sure his energy was up, but since I had just created him he was full. I then made him start to run through some grass towards downtown. The character was taking huge steps because he had long legs. I then was the character, and I felt myself running and taking these giant steps.


      I was at work at the bakery. A girl I used to work with at the coffee shop, Virginia, was working on the decorator's side. She was helping a customer with something. I was feeling very lightheaded and tired. I walked around to the back. I think I was eating something and trying not to get seen. I then was trying to exit the dish washing area, and I started to feel so tired and lightheaded I fell to the floor. Wow, why was I feeling so off?

      I then realized that I was dreaming. The tiles on the floor instantly became more vivid, being a light olive green color and a light pink color. Almost as quickly as it came, however, I felt it fading. I rubbed my hand across the tiles to stabalize the dream. They felt quite real. I then started to run my hand over the wall, and it felt like only pressure on my hand. I got up off of the floor and started touching everything I came across. There was some black metal grating over this small electronic thing that looked like a digital thermostat or something. I ran my hands over it and felt how realistic it was. I then reached into the grating and pushed a button on the thing. It was locked with a code, and the small screen said something like "Cal9". I thought about how dream text constantly changes.

      Spoiler for Explicit content:


      My sleep was fragmented last night, so I don't feel like I remember as much as I could have. I know there was more to all of these dreams except the last one, but I can't recall too many details, only generalities. I have been quite stressed lately, so I'm guessing that has something to do with it.

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    6. A Couple of Frags, Playing With Telekinesis, and Shattering Glass Out of Anger

      by , 09-23-2014 at 02:19 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      All I remember about this one is that it had something to do with taking a trip somewhere. I remember being in some form of mass transit, an airplane maybe?


      Spoiler for Explicit content:


      I was in a room in an unfamiliar house. I was using telekinesis to control this thing on the computer. I was there with someone else, a girl. It was like I would try really hard, focusing my energy, and it would affect this graph that was measuring the output of energy. It was like a graph that measured sound waves. It would go crazy when I'd focus my energy. The program was made for people to practice using their psychic/telekinetic powers on. I could feel the energy surging in my system. I was really proud of myself for being able to do it.

      I then was pressing these buttons with my mind that were on the computer screen.

      Then, there was this face underneath the ceiling fan. It was a light purple vampiric looking face. I did the same thing with focusing my energy, and when I did, the face would scream. I kept doing it over and over. It was really cool to see how I could focus my energy. The last time I did it, I made him say "Ha!" instead of screaming, something I had apparently never done before.


      The beginning of this dream had to do with champions from League of Legends. You'd play different "episodes", like quests, and had to accomplish certain goals in a given amount of time. You played in a building that had lots of marble floors and was big and elegant. There was one episode where you didn't have a time limit.

      I was in a house that I apparently shared with a girl I work with, Nicky. She and I shared a bedroom. I walked up some stairs and to the bedroom, looking through the door. The room looked similar to one I had when I was quite young, 4-5 years old. It had two beds. Nicky's was on the right, mine on the left. It was nighttime. I was apparently doing something that made noise, though I can't recall what. I saw that she was going to bed. I didn't want to wake her. She turned on a lamp beside her bed so I would have some light. I didn't understand why she didn't turn the one on beside my bed. I then couldn't remember if I even had one beside my bed or not.

      I was then somewhere else, not sure where, but I was inside the same building from the beginning of the dream. I was really pissed off at Dallas and Nicky. Nicky had told something to Dallas that had to do with oral sex, some episode of some TV show, and it was supposed to be funny. It had something to do with something underneath the floor, some phallic-shaped thing. Dallas thought it was funny, but I was so mad about it. I couldn't believe she'd tip him off like that, and that he, of course, found it funny. I was really pissed. I was yelling at Dallas about it, and he was getting irritated with me for doing so. I don't think I ever found Nicky to yell at her about it.

      I then went up into this big room with cream colored marble floors. It was a courtroom of sorts. It had to do with the "joke" about oral sex. As I walked into the room, a trial was in session where many people were being sentenced to death. I walked by a small room to my right where the people who were to die were being executed by a small guillotine. A woman was the executioner. I heard her say something, like "Off with your head", and she'd let go of the cord. I didn't watch the execution, but I heard the head drop to the floor. I also saw that another person was walking towards the room now. They were sentencing people one after the other.

      I went up to stop this trial. I spotted a metal cover on the floor underneath a table leg. Someone said I had to move the table. Dur. So I did, and I opened up the cover. There were these green stick/pick type things in there, like the ones you'd stick in a cupcake that had balloons or a number on them. I dug through them looking for the phallic thing. I found a slightly phallic looking thing that had a really big head that made it look like a mushroom. I took it out. It was somehow linked to this trial. I don't know what happened with the trial after that, though.

      I was then leaving the room and was really mad still. I tried to punch a wall, but it was like punching through water and I couldn't hit it hard enough. I tried it a few more times with the same result. I then approached a very large window, I'm talking floor to ceiling and quite elegant looking, and tried to scream to break it. It didn't work, so I punched through it with my right hand, shattering the glass. It hurt my hand so much that part of it went numb. I examined it to see if it was bleeding. It was just red on the pinky side. I was on the verge of being lucid here, like seriously, the very freakin edge, but I decided that if I wanted to shatter more glass, I needed to take another form. I was then on this circular golden platform that looked like it was in the sky. It had a wavy walkway that came off of it that went further up into the clouds. It reminds me now of an area of Etheria in KQ7. I selected a character in third person that I wanted to be, a champion (like in League of Legends). I was a character that resembled Sivir, but I could only be this character for a certain amount of time. There was a bar at the top of my screen made of 5 of the same icon that was slowly greying out as the time passed. I was then in first person again. I was then in the same building again on a higher floor. I was in a room with some people now. I approached another window and focused my energy, similar to my last dream, and screamed. The high vibrations shook and then shattered the glass. It was satisfying.

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    7. Ripped Off, End of the World (Brief Lucidity), Drunk (Lucid), and Cheating with My First Crush

      by , 08-30-2014 at 04:08 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at a school, an elementary school I believe. I went somewhere else to go get these pictures made. I got there, and the people who were taking pictures were a bunch of young brothers, and when I say young, I mean kids. They all had black bowl-cut hair and solid-colored sweaters. They were lined up from tallest to shortest. They were posing us (I believe more people were with me now, Dallas's sister being one) in these weird, cheesy poses. The way they talked seemed kind of shady. I think one that was talking had a weird accent. There was also something to do with these multi-colored pies; there was one that was bright yellow, which I assumed was lemon, and then there was a blue, a pink, and some other colored pies. I don't recall what they had to do with the photo shoot though.

      Anyway, during the shoot, I had a vague feeling I may be getting ripped off, but it was too late now, I was already getting photos taken. They finished and left. I was talking to someone else afterwards, and they said I got ripped off.


      I was living in an older-looking house with Dallas. The inside was quite dirty; the sinks in the bathroom were supposed to be white, but had this grime stuck to them making them look off-white. I was laying in bed with Dallas for the night when his mom came up to us with some cleaning supplies, and was yelling at me about something to do with the cleaning. She left the room, and there was some white, foamy cleaning stuff on the carpet that she had spilled. Ugh.

      I then was scrubbing a small section of the sink with a rag in the bathroom, and noticed that the grime was coming off when I did so. At first, I had thought the grime was just discoloration from old age, but I could see the white that was underneath. I didn't scrub it all off however; I don't think I had time, or I just simply didn't want to finish it all up at one time. I thought about how the past tenants obviously didn't clean; I thought it was supposed to get cleaned.

      Later, I said something to Dallas's mom about the white foamy cleaning stuff on the floor. I didn't want to further anger her as I told her this., so I told her a bit cautiously. I don't think she got mad. She did start cleaning it up.


      I was looking at an envelope that had the name and address typed up instead of written. I saw my old roommate's name as the sender. Wow, why was she contacting me? Weird. I then thought about how I had heard that she had been married, and took another look at her name on the envelope. I saw that her last name was now "Garrison" (Idk what it really is IWL).

      I then saw pictures of her. There was one with her and some roommates. She looked a bit different, a little longer face and she looked older, but quite happy. There was another one of her on the floor kneeling by a couch with some guy and then one guy that she dated and his roommate, whom I dated at one point. She was looking up at them eagerly. I wasn't sure what she was doing. I thought it was wild that her new husband was friends with her ex and my ex. I couldn't imagine how her ex could even stand to be around her anymore, but it looked like they were all friends. Maybe she had changed.

      She had, for some reason, also given me a cellphone that looked like an old, beat-up Blackberry. I thought it was her phone. I then saw on the screen some words scrolled by. They said
      "Jared's phone"
      Jared was my ex (thought that is the wrong IWL spelling of his name), the friend of her ex from the photograph. Idk why she had given me his phone. I knew in the dream, but can't remember.

      I was standing outside of an apartment complex during the daytime, looking into the distance. In the sky, I saw these flecks...hard to explain. It looked like the sky itself was a mirage or something. I thought I must be seeing things. The flecks then started to come closer to where I was. They were then close enough for me to notice that they were HUGE hailstones; they were the size of soccer balls. I saw them hitting the ground and shattering. God damn, these could kill a person. As they got closer, it was starting to snow a little around me, with a few giant hailstones raining down. I needed to find shelter. I went to the nearest apartment building.

      I then was in an apartment. I looked out the window and saw huge lava waves slowly moving over the land. Well, this is the end of the world, isn't it?

      I somehow, at this point, realized I was dreaming. I was in a stairwell, I believe. I then saw Dallas in front of me, and said, as always
      "I'm dreaming!"
      He smiled and seemed excited.
      I sadly don't remember anything else about this lucidity.


      I was super drunk in a house made of light-colored wood. It was the middle of the night. I was trying to cook things on the stove, one thing was mac and cheese. I was by myself. There was something about a kitten and how it squeezed itself under a door and got stuck in a room that no one was in and that no one would be back at for awhile. I thought about how I was going to spend the next day, my day off, hung over.

      I became lucid at some point, and saw my best friend whom I consider a sister, Mk, there with me. She was sitting down with her head turned the other way. I wanted to interact with her, maybe ask her something deep and meaningful, but I couldn't think of anything. I got her attention anyway and said
      "Mary Katherine!" She turned her head towards me and looked at me. I continued
      "Tell me something meaningful!"
      She then replied
      "Heaven is real," she said with a straight face, and then continued with "I don't want to bullshit you by saying...." and continued on to talk about things she could have said instead or something. I don't remember anything else about it.


      I was heading to my first crush, Nick's house with my friend Caitlin. The house was located on the other side of the street in a different place than it is IWL. IWL, we were friends with his younger sister, but no longer are. She was supposedly having a party that night, one that she had told Caitlin about years and years ago, the last time they spoke. It was evening. We were there outside the front door, being cautious. We "remembered" the night before being really drunk and going into their house (a nod to my last dream; I "remembered" the events as if it had happened the night before), which had appeared to be empty at the time. We were looking for Nick, or at least I was. We were going to make out (a nod to my teenage years), but I would be cheating on Dallas. But for some of the dream, I was thinking it was Nick's brother I was looking for, not Nick. I dunno, it was weird.

      So anyway, we went into the front door of the house. We didn't see anyone at first. Nick's dad then came out of a room to the right, and looked very pissed. He told us to get out. We started to leave, walking down the concrete stairs of the front porch, and he was saying how he had been there the night before when we were drunk, and how he had been yelling from the room for us to get out, but we didn't listen. Damn. We didn't hear anyone at all.

      Then, it was nighttime, and I was with Mk and my mom about to get on a school bus to go to the party. We were outside my old friend Courtney's house, which, in IWL, is right next door to Nick's house. The bus came and I got on. Mk and mom already seemed to be on. The bus was full of small children, probably about kindergarten-aged to first grade-aged. Mom and Mk were sitting towards the front middle of the bus on the right side. I sat down and told my mom or Mk that I didn't want to do this anymore, I didn't know it was all these kids, and that I was going to get someone to come pick me up from the location we got to. The reason was that I wanted to go make out with Nick; I was supposed to meet up with him.

      All the sudden, the bus was back at Courtney's, and dropped us off. I don't remember if mom was with me, but Mk was. She went with me next door to Nick's. I saw a light on and heard drums; I knew it was him, because I "remembered" that he played drums. I was listening to him play, thinking about how he had been in band but quit.

      We were then in his backyard. It was still nighttime. I was barefoot. He came out of the house from the back porch. I don't remember what we talked about. I was walking around the back yard with bare feet though, and he told me to watch out for dog poop. I then remembered that they had dogs. I saw a small dog there as well. I then "remembered" stepping in dog poop back there before with bare feet. I started to run back towards the concrete, feeling the soft ground sinking a bit beneath my feet. I hoped it was just dirt and not dog crap.

      I was then walking with Nick in the back yard. I "remembered" us making out that night at some point, and how different it felt now that we were older. He then was yelling something to his dad, about how tonight he was taking a break from his girlfriend Gina (IWL I don't know his girlfriend's name, or if he even has one). He was cheating as well. I then was thinking about whether or not we had sex as we were walking back towards the porch, and I couldn't remember. I then "remembered" him having anal sex with a girl in his back yard. I saw it happening. It was graphic. I saw it close up.

      I then was leaving with Mk, going back towards the road so my mom could take us home. I was telling her that I didn't think that his parents liked me. I then heard his mom behind us say
      "I like you just fine!"
      I turned around and saw her. She seemed happy

      We were then in the car. I was sitting in the passenger's side seat. The car looked like Mk's mustang on the inside, but a bit different. I think my mom was driving. I was thinking about how I had just cheated on Dallas. I was wondering whether or not I should tell him. It was a huge moral dilemma in my mind. A song started to play on the radio. It was a female vocalist, singing something about the weekend.

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    8. Portal Travel and Visiting Hyu (Lucid), Hotdog Bun Drama, and an Alternate Version of "Hook"

      by , 08-03-2014 at 01:49 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I had woken up for a little while and I was having trouble going back to sleep. I decided to try to meditate to see if that would help. I cleansed my chakras and did some affirmations, and it worked!

      Not only did it work, but I felt myself enter a dream. I was lucid immediately, and it felt quite stable. I was in my room at my parents' house. It was set up the way I had it when I was in middle school/part of high school. It was dark and nighttime out.

      Of course, the first thing I did was call to Mike, but I got no response. Oh well. Onto other things.

      I decided to try to make some portals. I hadn't done that in a very, very long time. The first portal I made was to erm...a sex world where I was the only female. I figured since this was my dream, I could go wherever I wanted, even if it was just for pleasure. Anyway, I drew the outline, and it was the oily rainbow color that it usually is, and jumped into it. Details will be spared, but it was an interesting experience.
      I woke up for one part of it, but I DEILD'd back into it. When I went back into the dream and other things happened, I woke up and again had to DEILD.

      Upon the second DEILD, I found myself again in my dark childhood bedroom. I drew another portal and entered it. I intended to go to an astral world. When I got there, it was outdoors and sunny out. It had some nature around, so it wasn't like a city. I decided to try to change my outfit. There was, conveniently enough, a full-length mirror in front of me. I stepped away from it for a second, and imagined myself in a long, strapless, ballroom-type red dress. I stepped back in front of the mirror, and the dress looked nothing like I imagined, being a short, tight red dress -_-. I then tried again, and this time, it was a skimpy, see-through black lingerie type outfit. Nope. I kept doing it and getting different red and black dresses. I finally settled on a black one, I believe, though again, it didn't look like the one I imagined.

      At some point,
      I woke up and DEILD'd again. I was back in the dark bedroom. This time, I decided to try to get to Teraluna, since it had been awhile since I'd tried. I drew my portal, and was going to write "Teraluna" in the center, but I decided to just fill it in instead. I jumped in, and was then inside of another dark room. Hyu was asleep on a bed there. I figured he must be sleeping IWL. I approached him.
      He opened his eyes.
      "Krista?" he said. He seemed surprised to see me.
      "It's been so long since we've talked," I said to him. I don't remember his response. I do believe there was more conversation here, though, of course, I can't recall it. -_-'

      We were then somewhere else, another world. I didn't see Hyu, but I was with a tall, thin person in a green shirt with a bob haircut. I thought maybe it was Hyu, but it was a woman...I saw that she had boobs. I was kind of confused, because it still seemed to be Hyu; I felt that it was, though the looks were deceiving. He told me it was him, and that he had just changed his form. Ahhh. Makes sense now.

      I do not remember all the details of every place that we went, but we traveled around via portal quite a bit. There would be times when I woke and DEILD'd, and I'd end up back in the dream with Hyu where we left off. I also know that he changed his form a few times, once appearing as the tall skinny Asian guy that he first appeared to me as.

      There were also points where I would do a finger count RC, but it would always fail; I would always count 5 fingers on each hand. Interesting.

      Finally, I woke, and decided to end the DEILD chain. I was a little disoriented at first, thinking that I was still in my room at my parents' place. I turned over and went to sleep, entering a non-lucid dream.


      Dallas and I were going to have a wedding ceremony. We were already married, but we had to have the formal ceremony. It was to be at a church. I pictured us walking in from outside with many other people, me in my dress and Dallas in his tux. It was a sunny day. I was picturing it in 3rd person.

      Scene skip, though the wedding thing still applies. I was eating at a restaurant with a couple that looked to be in their mid-thirties. They also looked kind of country, and quite skinny. I remember the man had a country accent. There was someone else with us, but I can't recall who. The guy got up to go to the bathroom or something, and I saw on his plate three hot dog buns. They were not separated, but still whole without the slit down the middle being all the way through. I started to separate them for him. One of them looked very lopsided, and I was trying to fix it. He came back, and got onto me about trying to help him to separate his buns (lol separate his buns). He said it was rude. I apologized. I had only been trying to help.

      Then, I got up to go do something. When I returned, no one was at the table; it's like everyone had gotten up to go, and no one was watching the table. There was a bill on the table, plus an extra fee of $4 for leaving without paying. Ugh, frustrating. We hadn't intended that to happen.


      I was watching some weird version of the movie "Hook", where Hook is redeemed and finds his place in the human world. Towards the end of the movie, someone says "run home Jack", like they do in the actual movie, but it jars something inside of Hook, and he remembers that his name is actually Jack, and he gets overjoyed as he remembers his true identity, and somehow gets to the human world, though I can't remember how. I then remember seeing a commercial in the movie of an older version of him being topless with only underwear on. He was very fat with boobs, and trying to cover up his nipples as he jumped around with other people on the TV screen. I don't know what he was advertising, but he failed to cover up his very large nipples at one point. Pretty sure it wasn't an accident. Something about breast milk. I saw some coming out of his nipples. He was talking about "alternative milk". I thought about how that wasn't possible unless you were lactating after pregnancy. I couldn't believe they put that in the movie.


      I was "recalling" my dream adventure with Hyu, trying to put the details together. I don't remember Hyu being there at all. All the worlds were somehow linked within a story line that was chained together through children's nursery rhymes and such. I remember being in a city at one point, and my brother being there at another point. He was talking on the phone. I remember at one point being in a bathroom and pooping...a lot.

      I think these false memories made it harder for me to recall more details of my lucid adventures. Ugh. Dumb.


      So more lucidity, and a visit with Hyu! Meditation really seems to help, and of course intention. I've also noticed over the years that I tend to LD more when I am laying on my back to sleep, which is not a common sleeping position for me. When I was meditating, I fell asleep, and I had been laying on my back as I usually am while I meditate. But there have been times where I haven't been meditating, but I've fallen asleep on my back, and even had a WILD that way. An interesting observation. I wonder what the link is between LDs and sleeping position? Does anyone have an ideas, or has there been any research done on it (formal or informal, it doesn't matter)?

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    9. "Katie Did", Trouble Summoning Mike (Lucid), and Swimming In the Boat Pool

      by , 08-02-2014 at 03:58 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work. I was putting together these big boxes with four big pastries each in them. The boxes were on the racks we use to bake. I was choosing random pastries for the boxes. I seem to remember a small chocolate cake being one I was using. I was calling the boxes "surprise boxes", since the customers would get random pastries.


      My old (crazy) roommate, Katie, had purposely framed one of the cake decorators at work, who, in the dream, was the drummer's wife in my husband's band. She hid pieces of weed in between random packages on the sales floor, and she had told me that she had done all this like it was no big deal. She told me how she avoided the cameras very cleverly while doing so, making it look like nothing was going on. I "remembered" I hadn't seen the drummer's wife at work in awhile; now it made sense as to why.

      I was then at work, but it was nighttime. I was supposed to be working an overnight shift, but it was some kind of drill. Many others were there with me. We filed into a room, like a tornado safe room, and I thought we were supposed to duck, but I don't know if anyone did. I was sitting on the floor, saying to myself that I knew who had really hid that weed, but I didn't know if I should say anything or not. A guy was then next to me, and I told him that I knew who did it. He said I should definitely tell someone.

      We were then dismissed early, around 2am, even though we were supposed to be pulling an overnighter. I went home, and my husband was on the couch, watching a movie on TV. The movie was actually depicting the same type of situation, with someone being framed the same way. It was coming up on the part that someone told on the framer. I sat down with him, and started to talk to him about the situation with the crazy old roommate. He then straddled me and started doing small pelvic thrusts, just to be his silly self. The old crazy roommate then walked in from another room in the apartment. Um...what? Why is she here? She then sat down on a chair and started to talk to us. Dallas then turned the TV around to where I thought she couldn't see it, but the TV was a cube-shape, and had 4 screen on it, so she could see the big screen, and we were treated to a smaller screen. I knew that if she saw the rest of the movie, she'd know I was going to tell. I then fell asleep.

      When I woke, I was on the couch still, but the crazy old roommate was gone. I thought for sure she had left, but I then heard her voice from the other room. She said
      "I'm going to have to hear drums when I get home."
      I knew she was referring to her drummer boyfriend playing.
      I then saw a woman standing on a porch that was right in front of me, even though I was in the living room. She was talking on the phone. I asked her if we had all fallen asleep on the couch with the TV on, and she said we did, though she seemed slightly irritated that I interrupted her phone call.


      I was in my apartment, and I knew I was dreaming. Not sure what triggered it. I saw my husband in the kitchen, loading dishes in the dish washer. I went to go take his belt and his pants off, but I guess I got too excited, and woke up. I fell back asleep again.

      I was in a room somewhere, when I just knew I was dreaming. The dream seemed quite unstable, so I examined my hands. I started trying to call out to my spirit guide, Mike, but my voice wouldn't come out, no matter how hard I tried. I started to run around, trying to say
      "Mike? Where are you? Spirit guide? Where are you?" but the words 'Mike' and 'guide' would only come out as rasps. I ran by a mirror on a dresser.

      I then woke up, but it was an FA. I then woke up for real, and went right back to sleep and into the same dream, being fully lucid again. I was in the same room again. I decided to make my friend Ashley appear. It got kinda raunchy at this point, so I'll spare you the details. All I'll say is we fooled around with scissors, I think the point being that they would not hurt me in a dream. Throughout the experience, I kept examining my hands, as to not lose the dream again due to excitement. It worked, and I did not lose the dream.

      I then saw this vial of dark purple-red liquid. I called it "dream juice". It didn't have much contents left. I looked in the mirror, and started to pour it on myself. I ran out, and made another vial appear in my hand. I thought about how looking in the mirror watching it appear made it easier to make it materialize. I then started to pour some of it in my mouth. White chunky stuff was in my mouth along with the dream juice. It was kinda weird.

      Then, I started going throughout other rooms in the area, looking for Mike. Why couldn't I find him? I felt as if this shouldn't have been an issue. I ran into a few DCs, asking if they were Mike, or if they knew who Mike was. They all told me no, until the last one I encountered, who was an older woman. I asked if she knew where Mike was, and she said yes, and pointed to another room.
      "Mike?" I called out.
      "Yes?" said another voice.
      A man then emerged, an older gentleman with grey hair, a small grey beard, and a mustache. He reminded me of a janitor. He had been working on something in that room.
      We spoke for a bit, but I don't remember many details, other than he spoke to me about always changing his identity, always being another person. He then said
      "Oh, there is an event I need to invite you to. It's taking place the 4th through the 7th."
      I then saw something on a piece of paper that said it was to start at 7:08pm.
      I never got any more details about this event, because I woke up.


      I was on DV, and got a notification, a warning that someone had corrected one of my typos. I had spelled "sue" wrong? Proper grammar and spelling was supposedly a big rule. I then thought about other DJ entries from the past that I had been really tired when I was typing them out. I knew they were full of errors, but they never got corrected.


      I was having to go to work, but it looked like I was just working behind a counter with shelves of bread and baked goods behind me. A woman came up and asked if we had any fresh-baked bread yet that morning, and I looked, and only saw some fudge and some desserts, but no bread. I guess we were behind that morning, so I told her no, we didn't. I then went out from behind the counter, and my manager, Shannon, took over. An older lady who was there with her young granddaughter asked her if she had any "peanut bread" yet. Apparently, this woman would come get this "peanut bread" a lot, and would scam us somehow. Shannon was quite rude back to her, and replied with
      "How about no?"
      I had NEVER heard her speak to a customer like that! Wow.

      My 6-year-old nephew Gary was here at some point, but I can't remember what for. He was asking me questions.

      I then was at a computer with Dallas, taking these timed quizzes. They were some sort of graded multiple choice assignment, but for what, I'm not sure. I was at the computer taking them, and I skipped over a the last part of a long section to come back to later. The timer was still running on it though. I went and did the final, three question section, and started trying to answer those questions. The timer on this one was mere seconds, though, and I didn't finish in time, only getting one out of three correct. I then had the option to re-do that section, and the questions were now about some area of Disney and Mickey Mouse. I was asking Dallas if he knew the answers. I had to guess on a lot of it. One of the questions was a three part question. I ran out of time on this one after answering two questions. I got two out of three of them right, and got a little screen that said so, like a congratulatory screen. I then tried to go back to the other section so I could finish, but I couldn't click on it at all. In fact, the only one I could click on was the last section that I had done twice now. I had run out of time on the other section. I then saw bars on the left hand side of the screen indicating how many questions we had gotten right. The bar by the section I had skipped some on was about 75% full. I guess I hadn't done too bad for myself, despite skipping questions.

      I then was back in my apartment. I had to go out and meet Dallas's mom at this little building by the front office of the apartment where Dallas and I had taken the test before. I exited my apartment, and saw that the stairs were gone, but just from the third to the second floor. It also appeared that there was trash and random things on the second floor. I guess they were doing some type of construction. I carefully made my way down, hoping not to fall. I somehow made it down just fine, though I had to be very careful and precise with my movements.

      I was then outside during the daytime with Dallas's mom. It was morning. We were standing in front of this huge, clear pool of water that was only supposed to be used for boats. It was not open for the day yet. There was a gate in the middle of it, and two small water ways for the small boats to pass through. I could see the small building where the test was in the distance. I jumped into the water, fully clothed. It was very comfortable, a little warm even. I think the water had been too cold before, and Dallas's mom was saying something to me about it. She then jumped in as well, and we were swimming around in the water, even though we weren't supposed to be in it. A small speedboat then came through one of the water ways. I figured we probably needed to get out before we got in trouble.

      I then was looking at a computer at my typed up dreams from the night on my DJ here on DV. I could only see some of the text against the black background of my DJ; the rest of it was hidden. I highlighted it with my mouse, and I could see it again.

      At some point, I became lucid in my apartment, but either it didn't last, or I just forgot what happened.


      Wow, so either my subconscious was trolling me with the janitor Mike thing, or I dunno what. It didn't seem like Mike; his personality was much different. I felt like he was having to be incognito for some reason? I'm not sure. It was strange that I couldn't summon him, though. Maybe it was because the dream wasn't very stable? Though at that point, it had stabalized quite a bit. Hmm. Weird and interesting.

      I will say, though, that it seems to be becoming easier for me to become lucid. I don't normally have this many LDs in the same week (knock on wood). I am being more intentional about becoming lucid, thinking about it before I fall asleep, and definitely when I wake up and have to pee or something, which is the best opportunity for me to do a WBTB. Hoping that this lasts; I am very much so enjoying all this lucid time.

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    10. Blacked Out At a Hotel Party

      by , 11-10-2012 at 04:46 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at my house, sitting in my room. It was evening, and I had this awesome idea to book a hotel for the night, since I didn't have work in the morning and it was the weekend. I thought it would be something fun to do for a night or so. I thought I could bring some drinks and maybe a game system or two, and I'd be set. I was thinking I'd probably go to Nashville.

      But I didn't want to go alone! So I called up my good friend Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy, and asked her to go with me. I told her we could just get a room with a single queen bed to save on price if she "didn't mind that sort of thing". She didn't mind.

      We were then in our hotel room in Nashville. It was now dark. The room was pretty nice and spacious. The lighting was dim. The bed was to the left, and the TV to the right, with big windows at the end, covered with translucent off-white curtains. The carpet was a dark red, I believe.

      I was really excited for this. It would be fun to treat myself to a weekend out in a hotel. I couldn't wait! I then "remembered" doing something similar with Jake once, where we stayed in a hotel room, and I went to sleep while he stayed up and played games.

      Then, I was with Christina Yang, Dr. Shepard (also from Grey's), and another woman. We were by the bed in our hotel room. Dr. Shepard and the woman were then lying side by side on the bed; it was an invitation for Yang and I to join. I got on top of Dr. Shepard, and I told them Yang would take the girl. We had been drinking, and apparently Yang hadn't really drank before. She stumbled into a hallway in the room and threw up on the floor. She then came over to the bed, and I was looking down at Dr. Shepard as I took a swig of drink from a bottle when...

      it was then the next morning. I couldn't remember a damn thing about the night before! I must have blacked out. I asked about it, though I'm not sure who I asked, and was told it was a crazy awesome night! I asked if I drank a lot and I was told yes, though I honestly only remembered drinking a little. I was not nearly as gone as Yang, and yet, I couldn't remember anything! I had a feeling it had turned into a foursome/orgy type of thing. Sigh. And I didn't remember. That would have made for some interesting memories.

      I then asked Yang what it was costing us to stay at this hotel per night, and she said it was $200 something. Shit! I barely have the money for that. Definitely not the money to stay two nights. I suggested to Yang that we stay in a cheaper hotel that night, one under $100/night. She suggested a hotel in Mt. Juliet instead of Nashville. I was fine with something like that, but we needed to check out ASAP. Yang then disappeared off somewhere, and I was left to pack everything up. I looked over by the big windows, and there was a small dresser there with a Wii, a small tin, and a Playstation 2 neatly lined up on top of it. The Wii and the tin were mine, but the PS2 was Yang's. I then walked by an ironing board, and hanging off the edge was a navy blue cable knit jacket. I then remembered that that had been the jacket Yang had on when she threw up on the floor, so it probably had vomit on it. I left that alone.

      I then was trying to find the hotel exit. I rode in the elevator a couple of times, which moved very fast up and down. I talked to a man in the elevator the second time. I commented on how fast the elevator was.

      I then was down in some basement area, and an older lady there, I think the hotel owner or some employee there, said the only way out was through this basement maze. She opened a door to it to show me. She said that I'd throw up in there quite a few times because of something with the amount of oxygen down there. I looked through the door and saw some people walking through, one a man. He leaned down to vomit. Ugh, gross. This can't be the only way out, right? I backed away from the door. I needed to find Yang; evening was coming again, and I didn't want to get charged for another day in this hotel.

      I found Yang at some point at told her about the PS2 still being in the room. I then started to worry about the Wii and the other valuables that were still sitting in the room. I thought that since we had been away from the room for so long, someone may try to steal all of that stuff; it was sitting out in the open, after all.

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    11. The Writing on the Wall, Disappointing News, and Some Short Dreams

      by , 09-14-2012 at 03:06 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in the bonus room at my house, sitting at the table where my mom's old laptop used to be when I was younger. I was talking to Daniel online. It was like I was on Minecraft, and we were writing to one another on a dirt wall, like some kind of weird chat room almost. I would go and do something else, and Daniel would tell me when he wrote on the wall, so I'd go back to the wall and look at what he wrote. Then, I'd write something back.

      I remember him writing that my "expectations of him were too high". I wrote back, I think saying something about how they weren't. We wrote many other things, all were kind of linked to our relationship in some way. We aren't dating IWL, and in the dream, we weren't either. It was weird.

      Then, we were at his house. I was spending the night. He mentioned that we never have sex and that he really wanted to. We laid down in the white sheets, both already mostly naked, and he started to kiss me. I started to kiss him back. He was immediately ready to have sex, and we were about to, when someone walked up to us and started talking to Daniel. He was polite and talked back. As soon as the guy left, he wanted to pick up where we left off, but I looked at the time. 10:00 or maybe it was 10:30, one of those. I had to be up and ready for work. I told him so, and he was, again (apparently), disappointed.

      I also remember being with him somewhere else, though I can't recall where. He was wearing a dark red shirt.

      There was also one point in this dream where I became lucid, but I quickly lost it.


      I was in a parking lot, and in an empty parking space was this bundle of large silver and black balls. They looked metallic. I touched them, and they felt weird, like they were liquid and solid. After poking at them for awhile, it dawned on me that it was probably mercury, which is, as we all know, toxic. It was too late though, I had already touched them. I wasn't too terribly concerned about it; there wasn't much I could do at that point.

      Then, I was watching a movie with someone in the glassed-in porch in my house, and the large balls appeared in the movie in an explosion. The movie mentioned something about uranium. I said to whoever I was watching the movie with
      "I had a dream about this, and I've never seen this movie before!"


      I was in a waiting room somewhere. Someone had asked to meet with me in private. I was called back, and led into a room by an overweight woman with unnatural dark red hair. We sat down at her desk, her on one side and me on the other. The room was dark; no lights were turned on. She pulled out a pipe and some weed, and offered me some. I had a little bit. I thought it was weird, but cool, that this woman smoked. She then got a little more serious as she started the conversation.
      "Krista, you made a 77 on the GRE."
      I replied
      "Is that the combined score or the raw score?"
      She didn't answer, and continued on with
      "I think you should reconsider applying to graduate schools."
      I then proceeded to explain to her how I screwed up the math part, and I wasn't going to send those scores in anyway. I probably mentioned that I was going to retake it. She just continued to look at me with a serious look on her face. She didn't nod or acknowledge anything I had said.

      She then got up and started to talk in a more cheery manner about personal matters. She left the room for a second. I stood up and saw her stash on a book shelf. I thought about taking some, but decided better of it. She'd probably notice, and I wouldn't want to get caught stealing her illegal substances. Shortly thereafter, she walked back in the room, still going on about personal things.

      This dream was the most vivid of all the ones I had. For some reason, it just seemed very real.


      I was sitting on the couch in Jake's apartment. Jake was sitting in the chair next to the couch. He was dragging a metal engraver across his face, but nothing was happening; no cuts were being made. Apparently, it was made that way, so it could easily cut metal, but not skin. It was freaking me out all the same, because I kept thinking it would eventually cut him if he bore down hard enough.
      "Jake. Stop it. Jake! Stop it!" I kept saying.
      He didn't stop. He kept dragging it across his face. Once, he did it, paused, and then stared at me, as if he was trying to achieve some kind of dramatic effect if he did actually start to bleed.

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    12. Odd Fragments

      by , 09-02-2012 at 04:16 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my mom and brother outside a weird, cartoony house somewhere, though I'm not sure where. For some reason, I was really mad at both of them. It had something to do with the job I had in the dream, though I can't remember what the job was. I was crying and screaming at them irrationally with my mouth full of beans and mashed potatoes. I remember spewing some little crumbs out as I did so.


      Something about watching these sex acts between guys and girls and also girls and girls. It was like it was happening to someone else as I watched, but it was indirectly happening to me? Like someone else and I were "getting away" with it. I remember we getting in my car in the parking lot at this outdoor mall we have, and getting stopped by cops. They talked to us through my open windows as we sat in the parking lot. We somehow were doing something illegal, though I'm not sure what. We talked our way out of it, and apparently had many times before, but I knew they were probably on to us.


      I was with Jake (maybe?) at my house. We were collecting items...some of the sex dream from before somehow had something to do with this dream. Collecting the items had something to do with the sex acts. I remember running and jumping to get this brown paper three-pointed hat from atop a very tall shelf. Apparently, no one else could get this.
      "Did you get it?" Jake asked.
      I uncurled my fingers, and the hat was all crumbled in my hand, but would be just fine if I uncrumpled it. It wasn't ruined or anything.
      "Yup!" I responded.

      Not a very restful night of sleep last night, sadly. -_-
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    13. Lots of FAs and (Some Explicit) Lucidity!

      by , 08-28-2012 at 03:20 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my friend Leigh, though I don't remember where, it was somewhere weird. We were looking at these colorful patterns on the wall. We had to choose from them for something. I kept thinking they reminded me of spirographs, but they weren't spirally at all; most were, in fact, star patterns. I told Leigh the ones I liked, which included some light blue shooting stars, some circle with a rainbow on the top, and I can't remember the last one. She didn't like the first one I picked, and so she told me the ones she liked. We both liked the one with the rainbow, and I think she said she liked the last one I picked as well.


      I was in my room, and MK was there. She went into my closet to look for something, I'm not sure what, but she sounded upset about it; she said something in a whiny, sad voice. She knelt down at this old wooden toy box I have in there where I used to keep my pipe. I didn't want her to smell it, though it didn't really matter because she knows I occasionally smoke, but I rushed over and sat on the toy box anyway, and said something to her about whatever she was upset about.

      I guess I must have left the closet at some point, because the next thing I knew, I was standing in my room again, and I figured out I was dreaming. I wondered if MK was still there. I went over to the closet, and before I opened it, I said I wanted Ray to be in there. I concentrated on that for a minute, then opened the closet door.
      "Ray?", I said. Nothing. He wasn't there. Neither was MK.
      But my closet had all these pretty dresses that weren't there before. I remember a poofy, prom-ish looking, sparkly light blue dress, and a small white halter dress with a big sparkly black belt around the waist. I really liked that one!

      False awakening. I couldn't sleep, so I just decided to get up. I went to the computer, and my friend from Ireland, Ray, had messaged me on Skype.

      Or had he? I thought I could see I had a couple of messages from him when I had been laying in bed, like maybe "Good morning" or something, but there wasn't really a message there. Maybe I should just go back to bed.

      Laying in bed again, and I hear what sounds like a phone ringing (from the caller's end), and I rushed over to the computer. When I had went to lay down again, I had accidentally hit something to video chat with Ray. His face popped up in a thumbnail by his messages.
      "Oh shit!" I said as I covered my mouth, "I accidentally video called you! I look awful!"
      He didn't say anything, and I was trying to avoid looking right at the camera or his face.
      "I'll be right back, I'm going to go make a cup of coffee."
      I catch a glimpse of his face. The camera showed a side view of him at the computer. He was smiling. He looked kinda like another guy I know in waking life named Levi. I thought that as I walked off to go downstairs and make coffee.

      When I got downstairs, I went to the Keurig carousel for some coffee. It was full; I guess my mom had gone to the store before she left for Wisconsin. I looked at all the different coffees, and noticed she had accidentally gotten decaf. It was some kind of decaf vanilla coffee I had never seen before. I looked at the other coffees. I picked one and put it in the machine.

      I then looked at the refrigerator, and had a feeling I was dreaming again. I looked at some advertisement that was magnetted to the fridge, looked away, and looked back again, and the words had changed. I can't remember what they said. I kept doing that and the words kept changing. I was so amused, I was reading the new phrases aloud as they changed, kind of narrating what was going on.

      I then went back upstairs and decided I needed to go fly. I walked into the bonus room and to the two big windows at the far end. The couch was still there (we got rid of it recently in waking life), so I climbed it and started to try to break the window by ramming my body into it. I was met with very realistic resistance. So I tried it again and again. I had a vague feeling of being trapped, and that it was my subconscious telling me something. I kept ramming the window until it finally gave. Parts of it broke, but the window itself tumbled to the concrete below. I watched it fall and shatter.

      I then stepped outside. It was a nice, sunny day. In the dream, there was some roof there for me to stand on (not so in waking life). I started to wonder if I was really dreaming, or if this was real and I was losing my mind. I thought about people who confuse dreams with reality. So I decided to try to hover a little before I flew. I kept jumping up and down with less-than-promising results. I did know that I was dreaming, though. I didn't worry too much about all that after the initial "Holy shit I'm going to have to pay for that window and get locked up in the loony bin" moment.

      I then had another false awakening. I was laying in my bed, staring at the ceiling, but I knew I was dreaming immediately this time. I actually had a ton of FAs, a lot more than I can really remember other than me waking up and losing the dream again. This seems to happen to me quite often in LDs--if I have one FA, you can bet I'll probably have more.

      I then was at the bottom of the stairs, trying to think of how I could properly spend this LD. I wanted to have a deep, spiritual experience, but I didn't know how to induce it. I kept thinking I had to slow my breathing down and really calm my mind, but I felt my waking body breathing, and it didn't feel like I was able to take in enough oxygen, even though I was breathing through my mouth. I tried to concentrate on getting in touch with my inner self (or "higher self", whichever you prefer), which is one of my lucid goals, one that I think will be very beneficial if I can properly implement it.

      Then, I felt the buzzing of SP, and my vision turned to some hypnogogia. I then was having yet another FA in my bed.

      I didn't know what to do with all this lucid time. So I decided to get down and dirty and have sex with Ray. If you want to read the explicit details,
      Spoiler for explicit content:

      Then I finally woke up.

      And all I have to say now is hot damn. Probably the best sex dream I've ever had.

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    14. A Machete to The Thumb, And Various Odd Happenings In My Room

      by , 08-27-2012 at 04:08 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was somewhere with my mom. We were inside, and I remember the colors being bright tones of purple, blue, and there was some darker red in there. She was showing me how to cut things with a machete. I don't like knives or things like that, it's kind of an irrational fear I posses in waking life, and apparently in my dreams too. I wasn't really too scared though, more just worried that she would slip up and hurt me. I kept thinking that a machete blade was so sharp, it would slice at the slightest contact.

      My mom was showing me some way to cut where you threw it in the air and it would come back down. When she did that, it grazed my left thumb. It didn't hurt, and I looked at my thumb and didn't notice anything immediately weird, but then I saw a slight line that went all around the pad of my thumb. I told my mom I needed to go to the hospital right away. I touched the cut part of my thumb, and it was barely attached. It then started to ooze some blood out the sides of the cut. Then I noticed the pain. I held the piece of my thumb to the rest of it, worried it would fall off and I wouldn't be able to save it. I knew there was a time limit on reattaching digits and limbs, and I wasn't about to let that piece of my thumb go.

      We were then at the hospital, which had the same color scheme as wherever we were before, and we went up to the counter. I was holding my thumb, and telling the ER nurse that we needed to get in quick. I hoped she thought it was enough of an emergency to send us back right away.

      Thankfully, she did. We were sent back, and my mom told me that they would put this clear gel stuff around the cut that would "dissolve part of the nerve". I thought they were going to kill my thumb, but I think it was designed to seal the wound quickly, kinda like a heavy-duty liquid band-aid.

      I sat down, and a man with messy brown hair that was a bit shorter than mine and a mustache sat across from me and started to doctor my thumb. I couldn't watch as he lined the cut with the gel. My mom was sitting to my right getting the same thing done by a woman doctor I think. She didn't have a cut though, so I wasn't sure why she was doing it. Oh well.

      When the doctors were done, we got up. My mom showed me the veins in her wrist, and how the medicine was causing some of them to look a white-ish clear color. I then put my wrist out and noticed the same thing. Apparently, that was a normal reaction to the medicine.

      I looked at my thumb, and it looked like it was healing well enough. No blood, and I could barely see the cut anymore. Then, I saw my cat underneath a kitchen table and some chairs, and she was messing with something that apparently was supposed to be my thumb, but looked nothing like it. It was this small white thing, maybe it was the cat's paw or something. At any rate, part of it came off, and some string thing extended from it, like that's what was holding it together. I then saw that the pad of my thumb has fallen off, leaving an indention where it had been before. Well crap, that sucks. I accepted it, however, since there really wasn't anything else I could do about it. I examined the thumb, and it looked like someone had just scooped a bit from the middle. It still had the lines and creases of a fingerprint. I felt alright about it, I knew it was something I just had to get used to.


      I was in my room, and my mom came in and started to look through my stuff since the people painting our house had to do something in my room (IWL we are having the house painted). I went into my closet and watched her do it, hoping she wouldn't get into my top dresser drawer where my pipe was. She then headed over there and asked something about the dresser. My POV then switched to me being behind the dresser. She started to open the drawer, and I ran out and shut it, saying
      "You don't want to look in there. Please don't look in there."
      She didn't argue or anything, she just opened another drawer instead.

      Then, I remember walking out of Peck Hall, a building at my old college, and I was with some other people, my friend JT being one of them. He had his arm around me. In front of me, I saw the back of a girl in a cute black sun dress with grayish flowers on it. She was wearing a headband in her straight blonde hair. It looked just like my good friend Kacey, whom in waking life moved away to another town last year. I asked JT if it was Kacey, and he said no. I knew it couldn't have been anyway. We kept walking.


      I remember a brief fragment about Gabriel texting me saying he was busy or something.


      I was in my room again, looking at some painting that The Sandman apparently did, of an Indian girl getting fucked by a white dude on my bed by the closet...I could hear him explaining it to me. It wasn't his original plan to paint that, he had just started to paint a hand on the closet door, and he was inspired to paint two people fucking. Lolwut.

      Then, there was some weird black contraption in my room. It was a dolly that the painters were using to carry packages or heavy loads, but at first I thought it was a weird sex toy. I touched something that protruded from the center, which I assumed was used for, well, sexual purposes. Hmm...interesting. I then saw the wheels and realized what it really was.

      I then saw this guy laying on the floor next to this girl I had some classes with in waking life named Natalie. At least I think it was her. Anyway, she was giving this guy shot after shot in the leg, right where it bends, a little below the side of the knee. They were supposed to be steroid shots or something. Natalie was giving the shots like a professional nurse would. They were talking as she gave him the shots. I said something about my mom getting steroid shots in her shoulders for her pain. He would occasionally say it hurt, but they would keep talking.

      She finally finished giving him shots. I have no idea how many he gave her; it was quite a few. I saw the part of his leg that was getting the shots was slightly swollen in the spots the needles had gone in.

      I finally got to sleep last night after struggling for hours to do so. I take ambien to sleep now, and I guess I've built up a tolerance, or this batch just sucks. Either way, it's not helping me sleep right now. I had to take an allergy pill to even have any hope I would fall asleep, which I obviously finally did after sitting up half the night watching documentaries on Netflix. Hoping that a visit to the doctor will straighten out the sleeping meds problem. I do eventually need to get off the Ambien, and I will once my life slows down a bit.

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    15. Sex and Final Fantasy Frags

      by , 08-20-2012 at 01:43 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was having sex with Jake in his room. I thought it was something we'd probably regret later since we weren't using a condom. The fact that we aren't dating anymore in waking life didn't seem to be an issue. Oh well, I guess it's already happening now. He then pulled out for awhile.

      Then, I was playing FFVII in the living room at my house, and I wanted to tell my brother that I beat it. I then didn't remember fighting Sephiroth. Hmm...

      More fragments, but at least now I'm actually remembering things instead of waking up with vague feelings and having the dream "on the tip of the tongue" so to speak.
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