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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Insight About Love and Sadness, Work Crap, Grandpa's Death, and More

      by , 09-27-2014 at 02:09 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Lindsay M., a lady who frequented the coffee shop I used to work at IWL, was telling me about love. She talked about how she didn't just love in a romantic sense. She also said she used to hate love.


      I was working in the bakery, but it was different, more spacious. I think I was there early in the morning. This guy who recently got promoted IWL, Jo, was there with me. He was suspicious of me. He said
      "I know you're smart, but there's something off about you..."
      I didn't feel welcome.

      There was more to this one, but I can't remember.


      I was at my grandparents' old house with Dallas, my grandma, and my grandpa. We were all sitting in the living room talking. My grandpa was sitting in a chair in front of the fireplace. I was glad Dallas was able to meet both my grandparents. I then remembered that my grandpa was dead, and I saw that his head started to look kind of see through, like he was a hologram or a ghost. I figured my grandma was somehow keeping him so alive in her memory that he was appearing here. Hard to explain.

      He was then gone. Grandma then said she needed to go to bed before she noticed that he was gone. I remember seeing her laying in bed. I then was out in the living room again. I saw, sitting on a small table, a shirt of my grandpa's that he wore all the time. It was just a t-shirt folded once longways. I didn't touch it. I thought to myself that the smell of my grandpa was probably almost gone from it by now.

      I then started to channel the spirit of my grandpa. I asked him about my grandma's sadness. He said
      "Sadness is disillusion."
      His voice was strong and confident, and sounded much younger that he was when he died. I asked him more questions about sadness, and about how to make grandma feel better. He actually gave me some very insightful answers, but, of course, I can't remember them.


      I was working at Kohl's, though it looked different. I looked outside and saw that there were some weird looking, low dark clouds moving around in the sky. It looked like we may get a tornado. So logically, I went outside. Others were there with me as well. This big gust of wind picked up and blew this white powder all over us. I saw others covered in it, and then, saw myself in third person. I also was covered in it. We were then inside and looked at the weather channel on a TV. There was a map of the United States with some dark storm cloud areas over our part of the country, some with lightning bolts in them, and then out west there were some more dark clouds as well. There was a man on the screen talking about the weather. There were no tornado warnings or anything. Odd.

      I was then walking around the store when I remembered I was supposed to be at my grandpa's funeral! I kept checking my analog watch, which was saying it was around 4 something, and the time was way earlier on it than the actual time, which was about 7pm. My watch had slowed down. Great. Ugh. I frantically talked to David, a supervisor, about having to leave early. I don't remember what he said, but I think he gave me the go-ahead to leave.

      I then was getting ready for the funeral. I was then thinking that I had already been to the funeral, but I had actually already been to the memorial. I was at the funeral home and saw that not everyone was seated yet. I was actually early, and I thought I had missed it all.


      I was at work at the bakery once again. The lighting was dark for some reason. I was working with Nicky. She was working on decorating some things. There were also these Japanese themed cakes laying about, a bunch being on a high shelf. One of the cakes was sitting on the front counter. Nicky told me to watch it, because it would change. I didn't see it physically change, but I saw that it was a slightly different shape than it was a second ago. Interesting. I asked Nicky about all the Japanese-themed cakes, something about if they were the new theme right now. She said they were.

      Then we were talking about cleaning. Nicky was telling me we had to get everything cleaned up perfectly, or the people coming to do the "medical inspection" wouldn't do it. Apparently, this "medical inspection" was a big deal, and they were going to come the next day, so we had to make the place look perfect. I thought about how difficult that would be since we kept getting customers.

      Then, this couple came up to the counter, a guy in his 20's and a girl of the same age. They were picking out this cream cheese iced coffee cake square when the girl suddenly shot back and was on the floor some feet away. The guy was looking at her. I could have sworn I heard her saying
      "Why did you punch me?? Why did you do that?"
      but he hadn't laid a hand on her. I saw the whole thing. She did it to herself. I then started to think, for some reason, that I had imagined that she was yelling that at him. It was like I had tuned out and replaced the reality of what happened, which I have no idea what it was, with what was going on in my head.

      A girl I used to work with at the coffee shop, Leslie, then came up to the counter with some other people. She came behind the counter to get what she wanted. She got these small brownie/cake squares and put some icing on them. She was in a hurry and was working/talking quickly.

      Then, on the other side of the counter, another lady came up wanting 17 of the small cake squares. She wanted all chocolate and no vanilla. There weren't 17 chocolates in the case, so I had to go grab some more. There was a pan of them that I had decorated. The each had a small colored flower with small green leaves coming off either side.The first ones looked pretty good, but I had started to rush towards the middle of the job, and the leaves were long and janky-looking. I think Nicky and I gave her a couple of those. I don't quite recall how that one ended up.

      Nicky then took a look at my decoration mess and said it looked good. What? The first ones, maybe, but the last ones? No way. They looked horrible. I saw Nicky carrying them off and the leaves looked like they were sticking up past the flowers. Ugly.

      I then was opening wooden drawers on the decorators' side, and came across unsliced, unbagged loaves of bread. Bread drawers. Interesting. I then started to think about how the decorators must have gotten new storage back there because all these drawers and such looked new.


      I was swimming in the ocean. There were other people there, but only a few in the ocean. I saw an area in the waves that looked like it had a strong undertow. I swam too close to it and got sucked under. I struggled to get back up, but I was being held underwater. I was still pretty close to the surface, but it was just out of hand's reach. I accepted that I was probably going to drown and tried to let myself ride the panic.

      I then had an FA, though I remember nothing about it.


      I was working at JC Penny's for some reason. I stated that I was going to take a break, though I had no idea what their break policy was, if I got a 10 or 15 minute break or whatever. I started walking around the back trying to find the entrance to the break room. I noticed I was wearing a maxi skirt. I also needed to use the restroom. I saw the entrance to the restroom from the back. Two girls were walking down the hallway to get there. I saw something about a family restroom.

      I then was all the way in the back again, and saw these computers along the wall where you could apply for a job at Penny's. I only saw 2 initially, but noticed there were 4-5 total. They looked like arcade games kind of, and were quite big. I then looked down at my clothes and noticed that I was wearing the apron I wear at the bakery that has the name of the bakery on it. Hmm...did Penny's have a bakery?


      I went to use the bathroom in our apartment. When I got to the toilet, two big pieces of crap gurgled out of the drain, as if they hadn't flushed all the way. Must have been Dallas. I flushed it, and noticed as they swirled around the bowl that both pieces of crap were much bigger than they looked.


      I've been noticing lately that many details of these dreams are evading me, but I am remembering substantially more dreams per night. I also could have sworn I had an FA at some point during the night, but I can't remember it now.

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    2. Brief Lucidity, Bed Bug Scare, The Swimming Pool and Robin Williams, and Free Donuts for Roi

      by , 09-14-2014 at 03:20 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I felt myself entering a dream. All around me was this texture that looked like it came out of DK64; it was a light brown bamboo-like texture with some green leaves. I let the dream world finish forming. I then noticed that I could kinda see through the texture that was in front of me; it was like it was a sheet covering a big window. I could see that there were trees outside, and that it was daytime. I pulled the sheet back to reveal the big window, which was looking out onto a landscape with lots of trees. I started to walk through this landscape, and felt that the dream was quite stable, but I guess it wasn't because I woke up with no warning whatsoever.


      I was laying in bed in the morning, and I asked Dallas if he was itchy. He said yes. I hoped we didn't have bed bugs; for some reason, I was afraid that we did. He got up, but I stayed in bed for a minute. I then got up too, and looked at the bed behind me. There were a few of these black/grey ant-looking things up by my pillow. There were about as big as two quarters each. Ugh. Is that what bed bugs look like? I wonder how long they'd been there for? I then thought about how at least now we could save the embarrassment of having to tell the apartment complex that we had them since we lived in a house now (not true IWL).

      I then started to wake up in the middle of the night in our bed. Phew, just a dream, but I better ask Dallas again if he'd itchy just to make sure. I started to tap him with my right hand to wake him up. My touch felt very "muted"; my hand felt kind of numb to me touching him, but I felt the pressure. I assumed it was just because I was just waking up (missed dream sign D: ). I asked him if he was itchy, and he said yes. Hmm...maybe it wasn't as much of a dream as I had thought it was.

      In the morning, we got up. Again, he was up before me. When I pulled my covers back to get out of bed, I noticed that, on the inside edge of the comforter, there were these tiny black gnat-looking bugs crawling around, and there was also a dead wasp and a dead bee. What the heck? I got out of bed and went to get Dallas to tell/show him. I told him about the dead wasp thing and how weird that was.

      I believe there was more to this one, but I can't recall.


      I was outside in a swimming pool in Oregon. There were many others swimming as well. I was there visiting my parents. It was daytime, and there were many palm trees around, as if I was in Florida or somewhere more tropical. I was thinking about the time of year it was and how in the heck it was still warm enough for swimming. I knew it wouldn't last too much longer.

      I then saw, sitting at the end of the pool on the edge with his feet in the water was Robin Williams. He had a bright smile on his face and seemed to be glowing he was so happy. I swam towards him and we spoke, but I don't remember what we spoke about.

      Dream skip. There was a point where I became lucid. I'm not sure when or what triggered it, but I was lucid. I decided to fly. I took off into the air from wherever I was and was flying quite fast and had a good amount of control of where I was going for the most part. It was evening, I believe, and I was outside. I flew higher until I was above the clouds. I looked down at all the clouds below me. It was very pretty. I started to lose height for a bit until I was below the clouds again. I thought to myself to simply rise up again instead of thinking too hard about it. I gained a bit more height.

      Then, back to the NLD. I was inside somewhere in a small room with white walls, and I figured out that the Robin Williams thing happened awhile ago, and he wanted to meet back up with me, but the day before we were supposed to meet up, he killed himself. I figured it out by looking at his planner and his calendar, which was hanging on the wall; he had written in light orange ink "Krista" on October 3rd (not an accurate date I know but it's a dream). In fact, all of his writing was in light orange.

      I then spent a lot of the dream trying to figure out how to go back in time or how I could meet up with him anyway. I'm honestly not sure if it was one or the other or both, because it feels quite jumbled in my mind. There was a point where I was back in the swimming pool.

      I also feel like there was some more lucidity, but it was very brief.


      I was inside somewhere, preparing donuts for some group thing. I called the person I was going to give free donuts to. I was going to just pick a random person. I picked a person with a very short name, it was something like Roi or something; it seemed, in the dream, that the person I was calling was from a video game, Fire Emblem maybe (I know there is a "Roy" in that game). He answered though, and didn't sound like he had any sort of accent. I was asking him about the donuts and what kinds he wanted and stuff. As I was talking to him, I was in a room where we were getting trays of donuts ready and putting the boxes together and stuff. Others were there as well, I remember Courtney S. being there among them. I then left the room to go do something else, and asked the guy to hold on a second. I was still holding my phone. I was looking for something. It had to do with the donuts, but that's all I remember. I was thinking to myself this guy probably doesn't believe I'm getting ready anymore because all the noise from the other room had stopped. I then got back on the phone with him. Fortunately, he was still there. I was telling him I was doing something that I really wasn't doing, though I don't remember what it was. I was frantically searching for something still.

      Then, we got off the phone. We had everything set up on long white tables; there were many boxes of donuts there, most being all chocolate iced or a combo of half chocolate iced and half glazed. My box for the guy I was on the phone with had lots of different kinds in it. I remember a vanilla iced and a maple iced, and there were some with an orange icing on them. As I was looking at the orange icing, I wondered if it was cheese or icing. The ones with lots of icing had the icing overlapping onto other donuts. It looked kind of messy, but they'd at least taste good. I did wonder, though, if I was supposed to use those kinds of donuts since everyone else seemed to have the same two kinds. Oh well, too late now.

      People started to come in to get their donuts. I was trying to spot my guy, whom I expected to look Asian. He was one of the last ones to come in, however. When I saw him, I was actually sitting on a platform or something a little above everyone's heads. The guy looked like a guy I knew that came into the coffee shop regularly IWL. He was young, about 30 or so, had a small dirty blonde beard/mustache, and light brown hair on his head. He looked up and saw me, and he spoke to me, though I don't remember what he said.

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    3. Dreaming About Lucid Dreaming: An Underwater Game

      by , 08-11-2014 at 03:12 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at Disney World on my honeymoon, but I wasn't with Dallas, I was with Jake, an ex. We were in this building called DisneyQuest that was not like the real one at all. We were waiting in a crowded waiting area with a long, high top table, and probably other tables as well. Jake and I were sitting at the high top table. Many other people were as well. We were waiting to get in. Somehow, I got in first, and he had to continue to wait. He didn't seem to mind.

      I was then inside. There was this thing you could do in there, some kind of quest (quest was in the name of the activity), where you jumped into this huge underwater area/maze. There were lots of items you could pick up in there, but you could only keep them if you brought them back up before you woke up from your lucid dream. So basically, you were down there lucid dreaming with many other people, racing to get items that you wanted to keep.

      I was then standing in a small cave-like square room with a square hole cut out of the stone floor that had water in it. It was an entrance to the lucid maze. At first, I was hesitant to go down there because I was scared of running out of air. I then "remembered" (again with the "remembering") that there were air pockets I could always swim up to if I needed to; apparently, this is something I had done before. I gathered my courage and was going to dive in, but ended up jumping in feet first instead.

      I was then swimming down underneath the water. There were all these open treasure chest-type things with items in them, and all kinds of different ways you could go. The atmosphere was a bit dark, but not so much so that you would have trouble seeing anything. I was looking for a specific book. It was something I had ordered and forgotten to pick up, so I figured I'd get it here. Many other people were swimming about as well grabbing items. It was like a race/game. I kept swimming and finding more places where items were. One area on the edge looked like an old, broken down temple entrance. It had some chests with items outside of it.

      I was then woken up by my husband's alarm. He put it on snooze. I went back to sleep into the same dream.

      I was still swimming underwater, but it was after everyone had left. The item chests were all empty. It seemed like it was after hours.

      Again, the alarm went off. Woke up, went back to sleep in the same dream.

      I was then going into the waiting area to see if Jake had gotten in yet. I approached him, but did not go too close. He was still sitting at the table. His back was turned to me, and he was drinking a red beverage out of a long, tube-like glass. I figured it was an alcoholic beverage. I decided to leave him be.

      I then was back under the water. The items had been refilled, and more people were swimming about. I kept thinking about my body being asleep up in the cave room with the entrance I started in, and how I'd have to start all over from there, empty handed, if I woke up. I had a lot of items, and it was hard to carry them all. I needed some sort of container for them. I noticed that people had used containers to carry their things if they had a lot. As I was grabbing for an item in a chest, a lady and her small son swam by. The lady was talking to the son about an item that he wanted.

      I was then thinking about the book that I wanted to grab. I thought about how it looked. The cover had a Mii looking character dressed in a funny outfit from Tomodachi Life. I then figured I did not need to grab it, because the hotel had delivered it to my room.

      I then had the feeling that I was going to wake up,
      and I did. To my husband's alarm. Again. Went back to sleep after he turned it off. Same dream.

      I was then going to get Jake so we could leave. I went into the waiting area. We were then in a cab, getting taken back to our hotel. The cab driver was a white middle-aged male. He was talking to us, but I wasn't really listening. I was thinking about all the other parks, but I wanted to continue what I was doing at DisneyQuest. I then looked over at Jake, and he had his dick out. He was playing with it. I was really hoping that the cab driver wouldn't turn around and see, because he'd kick us out. He was slapping it on his stomach, and it was making a wet slap noise. I was afraid he was going to start jacking off. I felt embarrassed, but at the same time, compassionate for him; I knew he had a problem. I just didn't want the cab driver to notice.

      We were then standing up somewhere outside, and he was talking to I think the cab driver. He had on these short brown cargo shorts, and you could clearly see his hard-on bulging beneath them. He turned to the side, and it was so obvious from that angle. At least he was wearing pants now.

      I then started to think that this situation was not right somehow. Wasn't I married to Dallas, not Jake? I'm so happy with Dallas, I want to be with him, not Jake.

      The final alarm then woke me up, and I was awake for good.


      I thought that this was a very interesting concept for a dream. I wouldn't say I was lucid or semi-lucid for any of it, but it was a strange state to be dreaming that I was lucid dreaming within a dream. I also liked how towards the very end of the dream, I noticed things weren't right. Of course, that happened right before my husband's alarm went off for the final time. That would have definitely been my lucid trigger. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this dream.
    4. My Wedding Photographer Runs a Roller Coaster, Apparently

      by , 07-14-2014 at 12:55 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Something about two guys.

      When I woke up, in the middle of the night, I told myself I'd remember this dream. I think it's time to start keeping a notebook beside me again to take brief notes between awakenings...


      I was swimming in an in-ground pool with my friend Courtney S. It was sunny and beautiful outside.

      I then remember thinking about my wedding photos, and whether or not they were edited yet. I was in line to speak with my photographer, who had just gotten back from vacation. When I saw her at the front of the line, we were inside and she was sitting behind this counter/podium. I said hello to her, and something about the photos. She smiled and was excited when she responded, but I don't remember exactly what her response was, though I feel as if I misunderstood her, thinking that she had finished editing the photos. I saw her handling photos, many of me when I was a child. I "remembered" them being in an album at my wedding for the guests to look at, but I did not see any photos from the wedding itself.

      I remember doing more things involving my wedding, though I can't remember much of the specifics. My old work friend Nicole may have been there at some point.

      Then, I was hanging out with someone I knew when I was in elementary school, Alex H. We were having fun, I don't remember what we were doing, we may have been swimming. I had a feeling he was ready to leave. I asked him if he wanted to stay longer, but he said he had to go. I understood. We had a good time, and I was not disappointed that he wanted to leave.

      I then was waiting in line to ride some really fast indoor roller coaster with some friends, though the only one I remember knowing was Courtney S. It was a ride that usually had a very long wait time. I remember the colors being shades of purple and blue with dim lighting. The ride had something to do with the photographer/photography, though I couldn't tell you what the connection was, other than the photographer was the ride operator. Though this photographer was not my original one, but she was someone that my wedding photographer had hired. It was a woman around my age (25) or maybe a bit younger, and she looked very bland; her face had a blank, dull look to it. I remember hearing an old woman asking her a question, and her responding with a quick "No". The woman asked her another question, and received the same response. I walked away before I could hear any more of the conversation.

      Anyway, the negative photographer (ha, see what I did there? ) was standing behind a podium, though this time it was a roller coaster operating panel. We did not wait as long as I had remembered waiting for the ride before. At the end of the ride, you would win a lot of coins, mostly silver coins like quarters and such, because it was apparently also some sort of race. One of my friends in the dream, a short, chubby girl about my age with a dirty blonde ponytail and round glasses who resembles Kristin, a girl I met at at my old job IWL, said that if you were on the last cart on the roller coaster, and you finished last, somehow cheating the system, you would win double the amount of coins as the winner.

      We were then boarding the coaster. I got on the last car on the train. The shoulder straps came down, and the train started to move up. The chubby girl then jumped from somewhere on my right into my car with me. She was trying to cheat the system to get more coins.
      "Get off!" I said to her, more than once. I was concerned about her safety.
      She finally jumped off as the train was moving towards the main track. She jumped onto the last bit of floor left beside the car. When she jumped, the train was moving a little faster, so she had to run a little after she landed, and came very close to falling off the edge.

      The ride was very fast, but very short. I had remembered it being a longer ride, and then I figured out why: The photographer who had run it the last time was the main photographer, the one who shot my wedding. This other girl was just trying to get us in and out of there as quickly as possible.

      I then was at a machine that was dispensing the coins to those who won. I cupped my hands under the dispenser, and it started to pour coins out. I had quite a few, just enough to overflow my hands a bit.

      I remember the chubby girl had gotten on a car behind me so she could cheat the system.

      Remembered much more from last night than the past few. Just goes to show how journaling your dreams really aids in the recall of them. Hoping to step back into lucidity more often again, especially with the new mindsets that I've adopted. I'll keep you guys posted.

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    5. Swimming With Caitlin, The "Evil" Politician

      by , 08-21-2012 at 01:40 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was asked by my friend Caitlin to go swimming at about 10am. I went and met her at the pool, which was the outdoor pool to this sports complex in our area. It was sunny and the perfect day to swim. I remember being in the pool in the shallow end, talking to Caitlin and having a good time.

      Then, Caitlin asked me if I wanted to go to a movie later. She wanted to see The Dark Knight Rises. I just wanted to go back to the pool, and I told her so. I think she went along with it at first.

      Then, when we were done hanging out, I posted a picture on Facebook of Caitlin in the pool, but it was an old picture, not the one from that morning. It was a picture of her in the pool taken from very far away, and no one else was in the picture at all.

      The picture was then not one of Caitlin at the pool, but of her in the front of a very large, tall room. Everything around her looked black: The walls, the silhouettes of the people, everything. Except for Caitlin. The picture zoomed in to her. She was behind a podium standing on a stage. She was wearing nice, lighter-colored clothes, and was smiling while she talked. I then put a halo on her head and made fun of her, joking about "evil" politicians, something along those lines.

      Then, I went to Jake's, even though I had told Caitlin that we'd hang out that night. I didn't think too much of it until Caitlin texted me, asking what I was doing at 8 that night, and said that she wanted to go to a movie, and listed a bunch of movies and their times. I didn't really want to go to a movie still, but I think I said I'd go, though I can't quite remember.

      Then, I was smoking with Jake. I took a hit from the glass pipe, but it tasted like burning wood. I looked in the bowl, and there were big chunks of charcoal in there.

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