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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Work at the Bakery AND Coffee Shop, Getting Shot, Starcraft, and More

      by , 10-06-2014 at 02:43 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work talking to Taylor about going to Oregon together on a trip.

      I then remember being in an apartment with him at night and seeing what looked like a small tornado hit the glass on the floor-to-ceiling window.
      "Take cover! It's a tornado!" I said as the thing pounded on the window once before disappearing.
      It left an indentation in the glass and some debris behind that stuck to the window. It looked like machine parts. I then felt silly for freaking out about it because it apparently wasn't a tornado. Something about a stag and these waves of dirt on the Earth that had to do with the stag.


      I was working in the coffee shop again. It was under new management like it is IWL and was inside of an apartment instead of a shop. It was really slow, as you would imagine business would be. I knew it was only a matter of time before the shop went under. I didn't understand why they would do this when they had had a perfectly good shop in the first place. I was talking to someone about this.

      I then noticed that there was more room towards the back for people to sit down in, a little area with tables and chairs. Maybe this place wasn't so small and insignificant after all.

      It was then liked I was in the bakery, and we had to make all these special orders for people. There was one for a therapist that I stopped seeing awhile ago. I didn't recognize that at first until I saw her. I hoped she didn't see me, but too late, she did. She said
      "You need to come back and see me!" in a cheerful tone.
      I didn't respond.
      I was then preparing these cupcakes/brownies with cookies on top. Shannon showed me how to put the cookies on top. I started to put one cookie on some and three on others, but decided that two was the best choice to make them all even. I fixed the ones with one and that had one and three and made them all have two. I then came out with an extra cupcake/brownie thing and had to cut it and the edges to make it the same size as the others. I clipped the edges off the way I thought they looked best. I wasn't sure at first if I was doing it right, but I compared it with the others and thought it looked passable.

      I was then outside. There were chairs, tables, and umbrellas. It was sunny and daytime out. I knew what was going to happen next: Someone was about to open fire on the coffee shop and go on a shooting spree. I even knew there would be some people who wouldn't make it. Then, a man's voice yelled
      I dropped to the sidewalk, and other people there did as well. I was underneath a table and heard the gun going and going and going. It just kept shooting. I was afraid for my life.

      The shots then ended and I got up. Inside at a table there were some dead people, some black men that were from Africa. I walked around a little and started to notice a wet feeling on the back of my neck. I then saw blood dripping down my leg. I had been shot in the back of the neck! I needed help before I lost too much blood. A man found me, I think it was Keith, one of the previous owners of the shop. He was so upset that I had gotten hurt. He helped me to a hospital. At some point, I saw blood dripping onto the floor. At another point, I saw the wound after the bullet was taken out. It was quite small and looked to be scabbed over already.

      At another point, I felt that this wasn't real, and I became lucid. There was a guy with me who looked like my husband's best friend, and I said
      "This is a dream!"
      He was quite close to my face and he just looked at me. I then woke up.


      I was at work at the bakery. It was nighttime. I was working with Taylor and Kaitlin. I was supposed to get off of work at 9, but we were so slow and caught up that I clocked out at almost 8 o'clock. As I was leaving, I saw Taylor and Kaitlin working on something. I hoped that they didn't need my help. I had to be at work by 6am the next day anyway. I was thinking about how Shannon would probably be mad at me for leaving early, but oh well, too late now.

      I then briefly woke up and thought that that had really happened. I then went back to sleep.

      I was back at work, and the computer screen there was a buttery yellow color. I had left it that way; I was supposed to clean it off before I left. There was a note typed up in the top left corner of the screen with some quote about cleanliness from the assistant CS manager. I started to scrape the yellow stuff off with my fingernail.


      Again, I was working at the coffee shop, though it looked different. Two girls came in, one about 12, the other a teen, and ordered some drinks, a cafe' au lait for the older one, and some kind of latte for the younger one. I realized that we had no milk. We also had these weird milk steamers that were hand-held. I looked in vain for milk. I remember seeing some black coffee that looked steamed and bubbly. I felt bad for making the girls wait. What kind of coffee shop runs out of milk?? I had to apologize for the wait to the girls. The younger girl then changed her order to an amaretto latte. I then ran to another coffee shop to borrow milk. I told the guy working that I needed enough milk for a cafe' au lait and a latte. He poured some milk into a steaming pitcher for me and gave it to me. I looked inside the pitcher, and it didn't look like there was barely any milk, and it looked like it was separated; the white part was on the bottom, and on the top it looked like water. Ok...weird...

      I then was back in the coffee shop and looked in the pitcher again and saw that it was full of orange juice! What...the heck. I didn't want to make these girls wait any longer, so I decided to change the OJ into milk by thinking about it. I realized I was dreaming for a split second while doing this, but quickly faded back into the NLD. I was kind of succeeding at the beverage change. I eventually steamed it, which I remembered how to do surprisingly well. It now definitely looked like milk. I gave them the drinks. I couldn't remember exactly what the younger girl had said she wanted in her latte. She then went over to a self-serve area and put some kind of amaretto powder into her drink. Alright, whatever!


      I was in the library in college. I was getting on a computer. Jason was next to me on a computer. He was playing Starcraft. I then also started to play. My base was right next to his. We were both playing as the Zerg race. I was literally trying to build on his land. I built some kind of something, honestly I don't remember what it was, I think it was to make the most basic attack Zergs (can't recall what they're called). His drones started to attack them. I then started to try building a base around his, but he kept attacking me as I was doing so. I would succeed, but his drones would kill off any progress I was making. I decided to quit because I didn't think we were supposed to be playing Starcraft on the library computers anyway. It then showed a screen that had the word FEMALE on it inside of a bar and the bar filled up almost all the way in a lime green color. It was a bonus for being one of the few female Starcraft players. I went on there again and immediately got attacked by more advanced Zerg fighters. I quickly quit again, this time receiving no bonus.
    2. Anti-Rape Movement, Tornado at Disney (Lucid), and Zoning Out at Work

      by , 10-03-2014 at 02:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was outside somewhere in a parking lot. I noticed a car with lots of little signs propped up on the hood that said things like "Blow me!" and other similar statements. Upon further examination, I noticed it was an anti-rape thing that people did. It was like you'd put all these vulgar statements about oral sex on your car while it was parked, and it was supposed to be an anti-rape thing.

      The things were then on my car, though in the dream, I had a mini-van or an SUV, not the car I currently have IWL. Dallas didn't like it at all. It made him mad. At one point, I believe he was taking the signs off the car.

      Then, we were inside a mall. There was a table that had all the signs on it. For some reason, I went to go pick the signs off, and noticed there was a necklace at each place. I started to pick up all the necklaces. Some were gold, some silver. I particularly liked one with a large elephant pendant on it, but I knew it would be way too long on me. I then noticed that the table was set for a dinner that was going to take place that had something to do with the anti-rape thing. The necklaces were gifts. I started trying to put all the necklaces back.


      I was at Disney World at Hollywood Studios, though it didn't look like it at all. I was with my mom. We were walking when I looked behind us and saw that The Tower of Terror was collapsing! I also saw other tall buildings collapsing. I thought maybe it was a tornado. I then saw one off the the right destroying more buildings. At this point, I started to question where we were. Was it Disney? It must be. My mom and I started to run the other direction, and I was thinking to myself that you probably shouldn't try to outrun a tornado. We then came across some tall grass and somehow figured that was the best place to go.

      I then was walking towards the ruined Tower of Terror, thinking about how many people had died in the tornado, when I figured out I was dreaming. I did some finger counts, and only came up with 6 once. The rest of the times I came up with 5. I also noticed that my nails were painted. I then tried to stick my finger through my palm, and it went through.

      I knew I didn't have much time left for this dream, so I decided to fly a little. I was right next to the ruined Tower. I was jumping, trying to get into the air. I then remembered to just let myself float, and it worked. I floated effortlessly into the air. I didn't go very high, but I wasn't trying to. I did let myself float a tad higher, and would start slowly sinking down again, so I'd have to do the floating thing again to gain my height back. I floated into the ruins of the tower; it was literally just the base that was left and nothing more, not even a ton of rubble or anything.

      I then couldn't think of what else to do. I decided to talk to my mom, whom I suppose was nearby somewhere, though I didn't see her. I said
      "Hey, you know I'm lucid dreaming, right?"
      She said
      "Yes, but only for like 5 more minutes!"
      "Less than that!" I said back.

      Nothing else exciting happened. A few minutes later,
      I woke up.


      I was walking through a mall, looking for a particular clothing store. I walking through this laser tag place where kids were running around. One little boy was trying to shoot me. I don't even have a vest on, I thought to myself. I then walked out of it and back into the mall. I was at a dead end. I felt as if this is where the store should be, but it was the same stores that I had already passed. I felt silly for going in circles.


      I was at the bakery. Barry, an older man who works there, was in the freezer getting something. I was standing in there as well in front of the open door. I was messing with my phone and just plain zoning out. I then walked out of the freezer and Barry followed. He was carrying a box. Had he needed to get out of there this whole time? I then wondered how long I had been standing there. He hadn't said anything to me about moving, though.

      I then was in a room that doesn't exist IWL. It was dark in the room, but only the colors of everything around me; there was enough lighting in there. There was a chair in the middle of the room. On it, there was a box of what looked like donut holes. It should have been in the freezer. I picked it up, and it was room temp. Wow, it had been out for awhile! I went up to Barry to ask him if I should put them back or what he was doing with them. He told me he was going to eat them. When he said this, along his bottom teeth, I could see this whitish cream that I could only assume was the filling of the donut holes.

      Shannon, my manager, was then there talking to someone, telling a story, but then she switched her attention to telling the story to me. I couldn't really hear her or understand what she was saying, but she was smiling, so I assumed it was a funny story. She then pulled her phone out to show me something on there. I wasn't sure whether I should just go with it, or tell her that I couldn't hear her.

      I then was out in front of the counter. There were these velvet line dividers up like you see at the movie theater that were leading up to the bakery. These two teenage/early 20s guys came up and were asking me something about getting hired, but I couldn't understand them either. I said
      "I'm sorry, what? I can't hear very well."
      They smiled, and I then quickly added,
      "But you don't have to yell." to make sure they weren't going to start talking too loud. My hearing isn't THAT bad.
      They started to speak again, and I still couldn't understand a word they were saying, though I could hear them. I just felt so zoned out. So, logically, to escape the situation, I just fell onto the floor, knowing that it would actually work and I would be somewhere else. I somehow had an inkling that this wasn't reality, but I wouldn't say I was lucid.

      I then woke up.
    3. Muppet Love/Tornadoes, Moving/"Desephirated", and a Musical/Our Nephew at Work

      by , 08-20-2014 at 03:00 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with Dallas, watching TV I believe. Not sure where we were. He was looking at something with small conch seashells in it, a jar or package. I had noticed he had collected some seashells. I asked him what he needed them for. He told me for fucking. I guess he masturbated with them. I noticed he was only picking up the smooth shells.

      Then, something about muppet people. They lived in a town. Jake was in love with one of them, and I was jealous. The muppet loved him too, I think. I wondered if the muppet people had real lives, or if they were just for a performance to make it look like they lived real lives.

      Then, Dallas and I were watching the weather on TV. We were outside, though.There was a storm system, but it was way west of us, showing us only getting the rain from it. Dallas commented on this. I was a little disappointed, because I kinda love storms. I then saw a tornado off in the distance. It was quite far away, and not moving towards us. There was then another one closer to us, but it was made out of what looked like muted multi-colored hoops. That one was moving towards us. I calmly said we should find shelter. I asked Dallas where he wanted to go. Dallas wanted to go take shelter in this restaraunt. The multi-colored tornado came closer, and I watched as it went through buildings, but didn't destroy them. It looked like it hadn't even touched them. This weird tornado must not be destructive.


      I had just moved into an apartment with Dallas, but I was still moving things out of two other apartments: One that I had had by myself that was actually quite spacious and beautiful, and one that I shared with Cherie' (neither of these places resembled their IWL counterparts). I was finishing up getting things out of the apartment I had by myself with my mom's help. We had gotten pretty much everything out.

      I then was at the apartment I had shared with Cherie'. I saw my laptop in there; I had forgotten about it. It had a solitaire screen pulled up with the cards jumping around, kind of like when you win. I thought about how long it had been there on that screen. I then thought about how I had to use a different computer to do everything. I couldn't think of which computer I was using, however.

      I then was driving somewhere in town, when I zoned out. I noticed what I thought was too late that I was about to hit a red train. I thought for sure I was gonna die, because a collision seemed imminent. I closed my eyes and braced myself, but then I only ended up going in between the cars somehow. I then got a phone call. It was someone from the company that owned the train. I noticed I was inside what looked like an inside of a space station or something of that nature; everything was metal. The man on the other line was warning me about what just happened. He wanted to make sure I was alright and that I didn't do something like that again. I told him I knew. I felt so silly and a bit ashamed for doing what I did.

      I then was in one of the old apartments. My laptop was there. My mom was wanting to sell it, and the young man who wanted to buy it was there. I told him that it wasn't actually for sale, but I had extra laptop cases he could purchase. I was carrying one, and had two black ones sitting on a table nearby. The first one on the table looked too girly; it had floral-looking patterns on it. We then looked at the second one on the table, which I could have sworn was different, but it was exactly identical to the first. The one I was holding onto wasn't for sale.

      I then was on the laptop. I think now I was finally at my current apartment, though it looked nothing like my IWL apartment. I was watching a video of my brother playing some Final Fantasy game. I was watching the end of the game, where a three-headed pixelated Sephiroth boss got defeated. The end screen came up, and one of the heads of the Sephiroth was missing, and blood was pooled on the ground. The background was black. It said "DESEPHIRATED". I thought about how my brother had played this for some gaming website that had asked him to do it, and they paid him for it.

      I was then standing next to my friend Charles. There were other people there as well. He was playing the same game my brother had played for money on some kind of handheld system. I was leaning up on him watching him play. I thought about how weird it was that I was leaning on him. He then gave me a look to tell me to get off of him, so I did.


      I was at the bakery where I currently work. Dallas had just had a performance in a musical that was in the same building. His mom was there, and she gave him a copy of the program of the musical. There was a note written on it that just said "NY". Nothing else was on it. I had thought that I saw some more things written on it. I turned it over, and the back had nothing either. Weird. I then figured out that our nephew, Gary, had written it. Daw. Kinda cute. It made more sense now, at any rate.

      I then was trying to write something on the program as a note of when the show took place. I took what, in the dream, was called a "wax gel pen". It looked like an amber-colored crayon. I started to write, but the writing that it made was chunky and illegible. I was trying to write "2014" in the corner. You could kinda tell that's what it said, at least the 0, 1, and 4, but the 2 looked weird. I tried to fix it, but then it looked like the letter G. I also tried writing something else, I can't remember what, but it looked like just the letter W which isn't what I wanted to write. I gave up on that venture.

      I then was in the back in an area that doesn't exist IWL at the bakery. I was wearing these huge, rubber black gloves that we use to get things out of the oven. It had a low ceiling, and I had to duck down to move around back there. The freezer was back there. Dallas's mom and Gary then came up. He saw me and I held my arms open for him to come and give me a hug. He ran up and I hugged him tight and for a long time. Gary then wanted to go in the freezer. I didn't want to let him go in there, I think for safety reasons. I opened the freezer door, which had no handle so I had to pull on the side, to let him feel how cold the air was in there. I felt the cold air rushing out. I asked him if he could feel it. He was laughing, and if he responded, I don't remember what he said.

      I then started to walk towards the other part of the back of the bakery, the part that actually does exist IWL. I was ducking down still while I walked. When I finally got to the area that exists, I could stand all the way upright again.


      I was in bed, playing Tomodachi Life on my 2DS. It was morning, and Dallas had already gone to work. I wanted to put it to sleep and stop playing for a bit, but I accidentally did so while still having the game open (IWL, I did this and it totally screwed up my 2DS and I had to get a new one). Crap. I went to wake it back up, and all the sudden, I had a small plate like the ones Dallas and I have IWL with two HUGE red ants on it with a blob of ketchup as well. The ants were alive, and looked to be attached to one another, as if they were mating, but they looked like they were a part of one another; the second ant didn't appear to have a head or anything, just a seamless attachment to the first ant. The first ant didn't appear to have any eyes or a mouth, just two antennae. Ugh. Creepy looking shit. Behind them, I saw two other ants that looked the same, though the first ant on this pair had eyes.

      I then realized I was holding the plate, and quickly dropped it. I didn't want to get stung or bitten by these ants. The ants then moved towards the ketchup to start eating it. God, this whole thing was so fucking weird...

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    4. A Reunion With My First Flame

      by , 09-24-2012 at 03:32 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was seeing my old friend from middle school, Jennifer D., at her house. She was wearing a royal purple shirt. We were in her bathroom, which, now that I think about it, looked kind of like my parents' bathroom at my house. I started talking to her about some movie they made about my high school called "The SHS Tornado Movie" (obviously this didn't really happen IWL). I then "remembered" watching it on a bus. I saw a scene with her and her ex from middle school, who was also my first kiss IWL, Nick. He was wearing a baseball cap. They were crouching down in a dark hallway with other students, and he was being a jerk to her. I also saw him standing by a wall that had been taken out by the tornado, and these whiffle-ball sized white things, I guess they were supposed to be hail, were swirling around close to him. I thought I was also in the movie too, albeit briefly.

      I then asked Jennifer what the story was between her and Nick. I knew they had broken up way back when we were all 14 and 15 years old, but I didn't know what really happened. She started to tell me. I knew it had something to do with her vag, I guess he did something to her she didn't want done or something. That's what I always assumed happened anyway.

      Then, Nick was there. He looked very young, like he was still in middle school, though it was years later. Neither Jennifer nor I had seen him in years. He got in the shower, which was located in the very left corner of the room (there were like 4 showers in the bathroom for some reason). He started saying he was washing off a lot of grime. Jennifer didn't seem too uncomfortable, but I felt the tension. I don't think Nick felt weird about it at all, but I know Jennifer did.

      When he got out of the shower, he stood next to me in the hallway. He asked Jennifer to do "twinkle toes". Jennifer was reluctant, because apparently, it was kind of stupid, but he kept trying to get her to do it anyway. She finally caved, and started to do these exaggerated tiptoes down the hallway. Nick then joined her and started to do the tiptoes towards her. They then tiptoed around each other. Apparently, it was just something they came up with when they were dating.

      Nick then got in the shower again, but this time, it was a different shower, one in the middle of the bathroom by the wall. Jennifer's mom then came in the bathroom, and looked in the shower and saw Nick. He said hi to her, and she talked to him back. I thought she was going to be pissed, but she wasn't.

      Jennifer was then gone, but Nick and I were still in the bathroom. He was then in another shower. I kept feeling like he wanted me to get in there with him, but I wasn't going to do it. He then pulled the curtain back to where I could see the entirety of his naked body. I tried to avoid looking directly at his junk by looking right at his face as he talked, but I could still see them in my peripheral vision. I want to say he was talking to some random girl at this point. She was outside the shower, and fully clothed. He didn't seem sexually interested in her.

      I then went over to one of the other showers in the room. The shower was actually two different showers connected to each other. I exclaimed this out loud, because I thought it was cool. I then felt like I had been there before, like I had watched that "SHS Tornado Movie" in that shower. I then looked at the bottom of the farthest left of the connecting showers, and it was filthy. I assumed this was the grime Nick had been talking about, since he had used that shower. I walked over to the other one, and it was less dirty, but still pretty dirty around the drain, which was covered in small stones. I assumed the stones were for decoration or some kind of fancy filtration system. I tried to run some water to clean it, but though it did wash a little of the dirt away, a lot of it was stuck tight to the shower floor.

      I then remembered something from another dream I had a long time ago. I remembered it as if it happened in real life. It was dark outside, and I was seeing Courtney's house. She lived next door to Nick (this is true IWL). I must have been in the 7th grade or something. I apparently hadn't been to either house before, and, while at Courtney's, I went inside of Nick's house. I remember it all being very unfamiliar.


      I woke up and went back to sleep.

      I wanted to find Nick again. I kept thinking I was going to ask him to have a drink with me or something. Something about him being in the shower again.


      Woke up and went back to sleep again.

      I found Nick, after years of not talking or seeing one another. I was outside in the daytime. I had heard he worked at some pizza place. I saw lots of outdoor venues and kiosks on the street I was walking down. Many men were walking around there, busy as ever. I looked around, trying to find a place with lots of pizza dough. I saw a place that looked like it had balls of pizza dough to be prepared.

      I then saw Nick, carrying some full white sacks. He was wearing all white. I approached him. He was telling me about some guy he was dating, and it wasn't going well. It then looked as if he had been trying to lay the sacks down, but they were attached to his white clothing at the sleeves. I then just gave him a hug. He said something, like "You don't have to do that", but I kept hugging him. He hugged me back, and we started to sway back and forth, like we were slow dancing. He then said something to the effect of
      "We always start dancing again when we see each other."
      We then switched to each only having one hand on the other person, my left hand on his shoulder, and his hand, though I can't remember if it was the left or the right, I think his right hand, was either on my shoulder or waist, and we started to actually slow dance.

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    5. Abandoned In a Tornado, and Weird Middle-Eastern Stuff

      by , 08-23-2012 at 02:39 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my mom, brother, and MK at a house that definitely didn't look like any I've lived in. I'm not even sure where we were, it felt like a mixture of my town now, a place in Oregon, and a desert.

      Outside, the clouds were starting to get dark. I saw a particularly dark patch of clouds behind the house. I then saw something on the weather channel about how the storms that were coming had a history of producing tornadoes. And by having a history, they meant that the storms produced tornadoes years ago, at least that's how it felt in the dream. The storms had been around for a long time, just not in the area I was in.

      I looked out the window at the sky, and couldn't tell if the darkest of the clouds was moving towards us or away from us. I thought they looked like they were moving mostly towards us, but not dead on. While trying to gauge this, an old man that had been standing beside me said that the clouds were moving towards us.

      Then, off in the distance, I saw a pretty good sized tornado. It was pretty much staying in place as it twisted. I looked at it for a second to take it in, and briefly I saw it on a basketball court in someone's driveway with a basketball player? Anyway, I said to my mom and brother (MK wasn't there anymore)
      "Tornado! We need to get in the shelter!"
      So we started to go outside to the shelter. My mom and brother were in front of me as we walked out the door. I then remembered that my cat, Belle, was still in there.
      "Wait! I have to get Belle!" I said.
      I turned around and went back in the house to get Belle. The room I entered had all the lights turned off, and the carpet was navy blue. Belle was laying on the floor all stretched out as cats like to do. I scooped her up and went back out the door.

      My mom and brother had left, and I had no idea where the shelter was. I started to walk up this very steep, grassy slope into a wooded area. I then noticed that Belle was no longer in my arms. I turned around, and she was a few feet in front of me. I started to go towards her, but she ran. I was calling after her, so scared I was going to lose her, when she ran into a black man and he bent down to pick her up.

      Then, right before I woke up I had this weird image of a bunch of Middle Eastern people in a movie. As they spoke, (mostly) black glyphs appaeared over them, kind of like weird subtitles I suppose. I remember one glyph looking like an emblem of some sort; it was a circle with a big "S" in the middle, and it was embellished with wings and intricacies with some spots of red and blue in it. It was the beginning of a word.

      Then, I was seeing a Middle Eastern news cast with the anchor at a desk outside with a horse mascot head on. Otherwise, he was wearing a suit, or something nice.

      During/right after that last part, I was trying to remember the dream I had just had. It was really weird, like I was still kinda dreaming but I was still consciously trying to remember the tornado dream. Not sure how else to explain it...it was odd.


      I was in a dorm looking for an outfit to wear. Jake was with me. I was going through my closet, looking at what I had.

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    6. Nightmare at Disney World and Some Others

      by , 05-18-2011 at 04:36 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was outside at night, looking for my coworker, Nate. I was on some sort of drug. I found him sitting on a park bench. I sat down next to him and talked to him for awhile, talking about a dream I had that night.

      Then, he asked me something about the drug I was on. I told him it was some kind of fake weed. Then, we started making out. It was really intense and really good. I remember him pulling away once, and me involuntarily gnashing and grinding my teeth. I smiled and we started making out again.

      Then, I remember being in his room, and laying on his bed. He had taken all his clothes off except for his underwear. He looked nothing like he does in waking life. He was all muscular and tan and was wearing a blue thong. I instantly found him unattractive. He started talking to me about his figure or something.

      I then was sitting on a bench outside talking to some girl who was supposedly his sister. Her name was Emilee. She was very blonde. They had another sister as well, who was also blonde. Anyway, I was talking to her, and she started talking about sex. Then, her mom approached us. She sat on the bench and started asking why I was there and what we were doing since it was so late. Emilee started to make up some weird story about my boyfriend since high school breaking up with me, and something about elephants. Her mom thought it was bullshit and asked Emilee to leave. She left, and her mom started talking to me, asking me what really happened. I didn't think I could make up a believable story in that short amount of time, so I just winged it. I told her that Emilee was right, I had just broken up with my boyfriend since high school and I needed a friend. I also told her I had no idea what she was talking about with the elephants. Her mom seemed to believe me.


      I was entering Disney World before they opened. The sun was just starting to come up. I walked by this roller coaster that they were testing out before they opened. It had weird cars, they were all bugs. I remember specifically some being smiling, yellow caterpillars. I remembered I had ridden that coaster before.

      There was nowhere to walk by the roller coaster except for super close to and between the tracks. I'm not sure how I ended up there, but I tried to avoid the carts as they were run through the track over and over. The sun was up now as well. As the carts were continually run through, the coaster started falling apart. Pieces started to fly off. I had to dodge a few. I even saw a whole section of cart fly out into a field somewhere. I started to think that they should probably close that ride.

      Then, I remembered I was meeting my family there. I saw a huge line by the entrance to the park closest to the messed up coaster. I don't remember where I met my family, but we found each other. My dad started talking about how we were under a tornado warning. I looked into the sunny sky, and in the distance, I saw a huge wall of dark clouds coming towards us.

      We all went to look for shelter. We came across this tent that had lots of wicker furniture under it. My parents wanted to stay there, but I lifted a piece of it up, and it was super light. There was no way we could hang on to anything there. I told them we should go to the arcade instead. We left and entered an arcade. Perfect, we'd be safe here. My brother started to play ski ball while we were there. I decided to play as well. For some reason, I was having trouble throwing the ball up into the goals. The thing was built weird, to where I had to roll the ball on the edge of the machine for it to get it into any goals. After the ball getting rolled back to me a few times, I finally started to get the hang of it. I felt like I was doing pretty well. Our games ended, and the machines started to feed out our tickets. My brother had scored higher than me, and got a few more tickets. I remember my score being 21.6 or something like that. I took my tickets and started trying to fold them up, but was having problems. My dad asked me something about the tickets.

      The next thing I knew, we were in the car, driving through Disney World. My dad was driving. He said
      "Doesn't that look like a funnel cloud?"
      I looked to the right. Sure enough, a huge, billowing funnel had formed out of the wall of clouds. What was eerie about it, was that everything else was light and sunny, save for that area. My brother said something, I don't remember what, but as we drove, the funnel started making its way towards us. It was a full-blown tornado now, and a huge one at that. My dad said, frantically,
      "Why is it coming this way?!"
      I told him to drive. It made its way behind us...right behind us. But it kept going to the left instead of following us. It was tearing the park apart. I could see a ride with people in it caught in the middle of the tornado. We were safe, though. We were out of its path.

      Then, I remember being outside under some structure. We were all sitting down on the ground. We were talking. I asked my mom where my phone was. She said she didn't know. I started thinking about where I had been, and figured out I may have left it at Nate's (going back to my previous dream). I got super pissed at my mom about it though, blaming her and asking her why she didn't pick it up or remember it. My brother pulled a bulky phone out of my mom's pocket, and said something about how she had taken that instead. I was yelling and screaming at her about it, saying I hated her and such. I had a glass in my hand, and I threw it to the ground. It just bounced. Fuck that. I picked it back up and threw it to the ground again. It smashed everywhere. My mom started yelling at me.

      Then, I figured out where we were. We were by that crazy messed up roller coaster. They were running it again, testing it out. We were alright where we were; we wouldn't get hit by the carts in the area we were in, but we were still very close to the tracks. They were randomly firing off the carts. I looked to my left, and my brother was standing on the track. He was going to try to jump out of the way right before the cart hit him.
      "Move, B, move! Get off of there!", I said.
      He stood there. I saw the chain start to move under the track.
      "Move! Now! MOVE!", I yelled at him.
      The cart started coming towards him. It was the smiling yellow caterpillar cart. He tried to jump, but he didn't move in time. The cart hit him and he was thrown off to the side. He looked up at his legs. As he did so, I did the same. They were bloody and gored. I ran to him, screaming
      "Hospital. Now. Call the hospital! Now!"
      He started to cry. I knelt down beside him and held him, crying, telling him it would be ok. He hugged me as I tried to comfort him.

      I woke up with a grimace on my face. I was still very sad. It took me awhile to fall asleep again.


      I remember something about entering a Shoney's (ew), and seeing some really tall fat lady who was supposed to be their mascot. She approached me and handed me some fried thing. She was talking to me in character. I started to eat it. It wasn't too bad, a little chewy, but not awful. The end of it was sweet, almost like it was an M&M. I tried to ask the lady what it was, but she was talking to someone she worked with, she seemed upset about something.


      I was with my friend Mike at a restaurant. We were drinking. I had an almost empty glass of wine and a full cup of beer. I sipped the beer. It was really good. Mike told me it was Sweetwater Blue. I loved it. I knew I needed to finish my wine. Mike suggested that I just down it.

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    7. Tornado Drill? And Seeing my Dear Old Friend

      by , 05-05-2011 at 04:07 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my room. There were lots of people in there with me, mostly people around my age. I also remember my brother being there. It was nighttime outside. Looking out the window, the weather looked really tumultuous. I remember all the lights being off in my room.

      I then remember something about a tornado, or maybe it was just a tornado drill that we were supposed to be doing. I remember a girl, who was "new" (new to what, I'm not sure). She suggested that we have a "cake party". The places she suggested that we have it were very strange, like at a Winn Dixie, and there was another place she mentioned, but I can't remember it right now. No one thought it was a good idea, and no one wanted to participate. I remember something at this point about being in my closet.

      Then, my friend Tori came up to me and said that if one of us had presented the "cake party" idea, which was originally Tori's anyway, more people would have been in on it. It had something to do with the way the new girl had presented it.

      I then remember seeing Ziggy, my old cat (we put him to sleep about 7 years ago in waking life). I remember seeing him in our kitchen. I pet him. He meowed. I thought to myself "He looks so young, healthy, and full of life!" (I think something along these lines every time I dream of him). He ran around, jumping off of walls and doors. He seemed so vibrant! I pet him some more and listened to his meow.

      A backnote on Ziggy: Ziggy was my friend for years, until we put him down (he was very old and sick). He was my protector, in a sense. I felt like he was a guardian angel to me almost. I miss him dearly.

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    8. DEILD Explorations, Part 2: Seeing Hyu and Testing My Dream Senses

      by , 04-30-2011 at 09:13 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      *Continued from Part 1*

      I then heard music playing loudly. The singer was a male, though I don’t remember the words. I remember feeling someone else there with me. I thought to myself
      “How can I sleep with the music so loud?”
      Oh wait…I’m already asleep. Duh. The music then changed to a slower, lyricless song. It had a lot of sitar in it. I decided to enjoy and listen to the music. I felt myself falling, falling, falling, but not fast. It was a slow fall as I tumbled in space towards my dream.

      The music ended as I landed in my dreamscape. I had entered the dream with some guy. We were in some office-type room, each of us behind a computer. The guy started to talk about the music that had been playing. I examined my hands. Too many fingers, and some looked like toes. I started walking around the room trying to figure out what to do. I floated around, looking for empty walls to draw portals on.

      I then woke up again. I immediately DEILDed into another dream, feeling the same slow tumbling sensation as before.

      I was in a room similar to the one I had been in before, but the guy was gone. I decided to try to see Hyu. I repeated my portal process of writing his name on the wall with my finger, drawing a circle around it, and saying where I wanted to go. It looked the same as before; similar to oil rainbows. I colored the portal in with my hand and entered it.

      I then fell into darkness. I was in a pool of gooey stuff, it felt weird, but not gross. I then saw an opening into another room. I started going towards it. The room was colored dark blue with a poster of guitars on the wall above a desk. It was daytime outside, I could see it through the windows. At first, I wasn’t sure if I had ended up in the right place and hesitated, but changed my mind and went in.

      I entered the room, and turned the corner into another room. Sitting in a chair to my left was Hyu. He looked older than what I remembered.
      “Hyu!”, I said. He replied
      “Hey Krista, haven’t seen you in awhile.”
      I had this bizarre feeling that he was awake. It was like he was awake, but seeing me at the same time, even though I was asleep and dreaming. He then got up out of the chair. He had a backpack on his back. He was on his way to class. He started to go towards the front door.
      “Can I come with you?”, I asked as I followed him. He told me no, I couldn’t. He had some report to do or something. He walked out the front door. I said something to him about wanting to see Japan, and if I should do that next. I can’t remember his response. He was a distance away from me at this point.

      I then woke up again and DEILDed.

      I was looking up at trees silhouetting the night sky. I tried to fly upwards, but woke up.

      DEILDed again.

      This time, I saw a town close to mine in waking life. In the dream, it had been devastated by a tornado (not so in waking life). I remember seeing an older couple in front of a destroyed building. The woman was bawling, saying that the town should be taken off the map. I was semi-lucid at this point.

      I walked around in the rubble for a bit before I snapped into full lucidity. I phased through a wall to get outside. I then started to walk into a green field. For some reason, I threw my phone onto the ground. It shattered into many pieces. I decided to pick up one of the pieces, turn it into something yummy, and eat it. I picked a piece up. It felt like a light, powdery cake. I ate it. It tasted like powdered sugar.

      I then decided to test my other senses. I looked all around me, taking everything in. I saw many green trees, and some horses fenced in a barbed wire pen in the distance. I tried to smell, but for some reason, I couldn’t smell anything.

      I then decided I wanted to ride a horse, since it’s so hard for me to do so in waking life because I’m extremely allergic. I walked up to the pen. My friends Courtney and Caitlin were there. I decided that since I was dreaming, I could phase through or climb the barbed wire pen. I started trying to climb it, but it felt very uncomfortable. Well duh, it’s barbed wire…it’s not gonna feel good. As I tried to climb down, I noticed I was stuck. I looked down at my feet. There was a screw that had gone through the bottom of my pinky toe, rendering me stuck, though there was no blood. My first instinct was to panic; that stuff grosses me out to no end in waking life. I then decided I needed to calm down and figure out how to get unstuck. I made a comment about it to Courtney, saying I was stuck on a screw.

      I then made the decision to yank the toe free. I had to face my fear. Without looking, I yanked my toe free of the screw. It hurt a little. I looked down at my foot. Still no blood, but I could see where the skin was broken and torn. I imagined a bandage on my toe. Courtney commented on how cute the bandage was, and that she never had cute bandaids. I looked down and there were Hello Kitty bandaids on my big and second toe, but not the pinky toe. I tried again, and a bandaid appeared on my pinky toe.

      Then, I woke up again. I was going to DEILD again, but was afraid I’d never remember all this if I DEILDed too many times in a row. O_O

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    9. DEILD Explorations, Part 1: Shooting For a Resolution

      by , 04-30-2011 at 09:07 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I remember being outside with some group. It looked like it was around dusk. I looked up at the sky, and the dark clouds were making spirals. I knew that this was not a good sign. I then saw a tornado come out of the middle of one of the spirals. I then saw a flash of a television screen. The TV said that we were under a "Huebert Warning", meaning that the potential for bad weather was very high. It was called something else, too, something that started with a Y, but I can't remember what the name was.

      I then remember seeing a man in camo, a soldier I believe, stuck inside of one of those shovel-scoop construction machines (the actual name of this machine evades me right now). The shovel kept closing in on him over and over; it was out of control. He looked like he was in a lot of pain. I then remember seeing many people trying to help him get out of there. They finally rescued him.

      I then remember being at McDonald's with my mom. She was trying to order this chicken salad wrap, but without the wrap, because she can't eat gluten. The lady behind the counter seemed annoyed and just generally upset about being at work. She kept misunderstanding my mom, who kept trying to order. I remember seeing the chicken salad spread all over this chunk of wheat bread. The lady finally really understood what my mom was saying. Then, my mom tried to ask for celery and carrots, and the lady said that they didn't have them, or something. I butt in at this point, because I saw some sitting on the counter. I said
      "She wants those, the celery and carrots."
      My mom then ordered a fruit bowl instead.


      I was at the coffee shop I work at, but it looked much different. Everything seemed spacier. We weren't getting a lot of business. I then remember hearing that there was a tornado warning, and people started to go to the back. I was directing them as they went. I then saw them pass the back room, and go outside, where it was nighttime and raining. Outside was the shore of a lake. Beside the lake was a tree shadowing some green grass. Everyone went to sit outside by the shore. I thought that was kind of silly, since, oh I don't know, THERE'S A TORNADO WARNING?

      Then, I turned to go back to talk to my boss, who was in the office (which was MUCH bigger than in waking life). She was sitting at the computer. She saw me enter, and said something about how we weren't going to the back yet, because the radar wasn't showing anything bad yet. I told her
      "I know, everyone went outside."
      She then got up and hugged me, spinning me in circles. I closed my eyes, enjoying every second. I felt so loved at that moment, like she was a mother to me almost. She started to crouch down closer to the ground as she was spinning me, and I felt like I was 4 years old again, being held in the arms of my mother. It was such a warm, loving feeling.

      Then, I remember some guy coming from behind me to ask about a sandwich. It sounded like Chris, my ex, so I kind of snapped at him. I turned around, and it wasn't Chris. It was some shorter bald dude. I quickly apologized for the misunderstanding. I told him I had thought he was someone else. I went behind the counter to find his sandwich, he had said something about a "Panera salad". Weird.

      This must have triggered something in my brain, because at that moment, I did a reality check. I counted 6 or 7 fingers, with some being very short and stubby. It's a dream! I started trying to think of what I should do. I almost just took off to fly, but thought better of it, knowing that I had a goal preset before I went to bed, though I couldn't remember what it was. At first, I just started to explore, walking around a bit. Then, I remembered my goal: To resolve something with one of my exes.

      I was still behind the counter, and I floated up to where a blank wall was. At that moment, inside the dream, I had an idea to improve the functionality of my portals. I started to write my ex's name on the wall with my finger. As I wrote it, it showed up in the oily rainbows that have occurred with some of my other portals. I then drew a circle around his name with my finger, and calmly said "I want to see A". I started to color the circle in with my hand, and then it was an oily rainbow circle. I jumped through into blackness. I was afraid I might wake up, but tried to shove that fear aside.

      I was then standing in a room somewhere. My ex was right there in front of me, sitting at a computer desk, doing something on the computer. I got his attention by saying his name. He turned to look at me. I rubbed my hands together so I wouldn't lose the dream.

      "Hey Krista," he said "what's up?"
      I sat down in front of him and said
      "A, I have to ask you something. Why didn't we work?"
      He looked at me for a minute, then disappeared. I was then holding a phone, and he was on the other line. I tried to get him to reappear, but gave up and just talked to him on the phone as I got up and walked down a concrete path. He started telling me about how he had another girlfriend now. I then told him
      "I'm just not affectionate, A. And you are."
      He said
      "What do you mean?"
      I started to explain that I'm not a touchy-feely person, and then got no response.
      "A? A??" I said into the phone. Nothing but silence followed.

      I felt the dream ending. I woke up, and stayed completely still so I could DEILD.
      *Continued in part 2*

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    10. Late for My Final, Tornadoes, and Other Weirdness.

      by , 04-29-2011 at 02:58 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I woke up in my bed. I looked out the window, and it was very cloudy. I looked at the stereo clock across from me (don't have that anymore in waking life). It read 11:30. SHIT! How did I sleep so long? I was supposed to have a final at 10, and now I was an hour and a half late. I wondered why the hell my alarm didn't go off. I looked at my phone. The alarm was still set. I tried to do an RC on the clock to see if I was dreaming, but it passed. Well this sucks.

      I got up and started trying to figure out what to do. Then, the phone rang. I answered it. Some lady was asking me why I wasn't taking my final. I apologized and said I had slept in too late because my alarm didn't go off. She told me to just go ahead and get over there as fast as I could. I threw some clothes on and left.

      As I got to the parking lot outside of the auditorium, I noticed a tornado forming in the parking lot. It spun for a bit then disappeared (I actually saw something like this happen in waking life a couple of days ago O_O). It then happened again. The clouds looked super ominous.

      I got into the room I was supposed to be in for my test, and saw a line of students with notebooks and neatly organized papers going up to my teacher. Shit, I thought, I was supposed to have my notebook together for her. I frantically started trying to get my worksheets and stuff together. I got up to the teacher, and she told me I should have done that before now. I told her I knew. I started tearing sheets out of my workbook (don't have a workbook for that class in waking life) to put in order for the notebook. When I finished putting everything together, I handed it to her to check. There were candy wrappers all over and between the pages. As she was looking at it, I was cleaning up the wrappers.

      I then remember sitting down in a classroom that looked very similar to one of my elementary school classrooms.


      I was with Ryan. We were at my parents' house. We were trying to play Cupid and set a couple of people up on a date. I remember the guy being obese, and I think the girl was too. I remember seeing the guy in my parents' house. Him and Ryan were talking about cars.

      I then remember Ryan and I looking at these receipt paper printouts that looked into the future of these people, and some other people as well. I remember Ryan talking about them spending 60 days of the summer together, but I corrected him and said it was winter break, because they had gotten together during the fall semester. He agreed with me.

      Then, I remember being in my car with the obese guy beside me in the passenger's seat, and Ryan in the back. I reached for my sunglasses in the cup holder. The obese guy had to move for me to get them. I started to back out of the garage. I noticed my mirror was about to hit the edge of the garage as I was about to pull out. I pulled back up, adjusted my wheel, and tried again. Only I had adjusted the wheel way too much. I said
      "I don't know why I can't back out of here!" I thought that Ryan was getting frustrated with me, because he's so into cars and driving.
      I finally made it out.

      Then, I was standing in a room with everyone. The obese guy was holding a very fat cat. He put it down, and I picked up an ugly brown argyle sweater that was sitting on something behind me, and I threw it on the cat. The cat started walking around with it draped over him. Someone asked if the sweater would fit the cat. I said
      "It's a size 24!" We all seemed to agree that it would fit the cat. We laughed.

      I remember driving down the street, and seeing that the sky was very cloudy. I saw a piece of dark cloud stuck to some telephone wires. Then, as I drove a little further, I saw a few people standing on the side of the road. One had a little dog on a leash. A tornado formed above them. I thought they were screwed, but they just stood there as if nothing was happening. As the tornado disappeared, it got smaller and smaller. It was then very tiny, and stuck to one of the guys' shoe. He started trying to shake it off.

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    11. Marine Biology School, an Alternate Past, and Ryan Weirdness

      by , 04-14-2011 at 03:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      The first dream I had, I'm almost positive I was lucid, but all I remember about it is being in a forest. As soon as I woke up from it, the details were gone.


      I was with Kacey. I remember being at work at first, and then we were at some marine biology school. That's where she was studying. I went to sit in on one of her classes. My data analysis teacher, Dr. D, was teaching. I thought that was cool that she taught biology and statistics.

      I sat down at a desk, and pulled out a bowl of oatmeal. I was eating the oatmeal throughout the class. Dr. D taught and showed us some film clips of marine life. When she showed us the clips, she turned the lights off.

      When the class was over, she turned the lights back on. I got up out of my desk, and looked in front of it. There was a huge pile of oatmeal spilled there. And I mean HUGE, there is no way anyone could eat that much oatmeal in one sitting. I commented on it to Kacey, saying that I guess I spilled some. She said
      "Yeah, that's why someone asked what that sound was." Apparently, it made a weird noise when it spilled.
      I cleaned up the oatmeal, scooping it into a plastic shopping bag. I put the bag in a suitcase, which was lined with plastic. I bundled up the plastic, and threw everything away. I looked back in my suitcase, and the oatmeal was still there. I threw it away.

      Then, I remember some guy coming up to talk to me. He looked about 30-35 or so. He was blonde with a mustache, and had a high-pitched voice. He asked if I remembered him, and started talking to me about my dad, and how he had been one of his patients. He said his voice was so high because he had "X syndrome" (fragile X syndrome in waking life). He walked away. I could not for the life of me remember who he was.

      I went outside, and the guy was out there smoking a cigarette. Kacey had said something to me about me needing to avoid him or something. He started talking in his high-pitched voice again.


      I was with some friends, some people that I'm not close with in waking life. We were all apparently close friends though. It was a group of about 5 or 6 of us. We were at a restaurant, Cracker Barrel maybe.

      Then, I remember starting to go back in time. I started to experience an alternate past. I was with the same group of friends, and we were at a gay club. It was an actual gay club we have close to town in waking life, but this one was in a different town. I thought about that for a second. It was dark in the room, definitely a club setting. We were all laughing and having a great time. The time setting was either right at the end of or the end of high school. We were sitting at a table with a bench waiting for the drag show to start. I remember a little bit of the drag show. It was kind of movie-esque. I remember thinking to myself at some point
      "If I would have done this, I wouldn't be the same person I am now."

      Then, I remember it being stormy. It wasn't nighttime anymore. We were in some other building now, and were being herded into a hallway with lots of windows because there was a tornado warning. My old 7th grade English teacher, Mrs. B, was directing us where to go. I remembered seeing other people go into these interior rooms with no windows. I was baffled: Why would my teacher bring us into this room? There were windows everywhere. You could see how dark the sky looked out the windows.

      I decided to say something. I asked Mrs. B why we were out in this room when there were so many windows. She said we had to be there. I started to argue with her, yelling about how stupid and unsafe this was. She yelled back. I think there was some physical fighting involved. I knew I was getting in trouble, but I didn't care. I was pissed.

      Then, I remember being in a bus, driving away from the area. The sky looked clear, but then I saw a tornado form. It was a smaller tornado, but I saw it pick up a barn. It wasn't too far behind us. I "remembered" when this had happened in my "real life".


      I was in my room with Ryan. He had apparently moved into my family's house with me. I thought about how awkward that would be, with him staying in my room and my family being there. He came into the room wearing this dark blue button-up shirt with a light blue shirt underneath. His pants were blue plaid pajama pants. We were apparently going out to eat or something, and I didn't have the heart to tell him that his outfit looked bad. He said he really liked that shirt. I thought it looked like a girl's shirt.

      I remember there being some big, black grill-type thing in the middle of the room. It was more like a box, that when you opened it, it started to get hot. You could see the hot, glowing metal. You closed it when you wanted it to shut off. I opened it, and there was some wolf in there, but it wasn't a real wolf. It bit my hand and I laughed, because it didn't bite it hard. Apparently the wolf-but-not-wolf was my friend.

      I then remember something about my cat, Belle, being caught in there and needing to be let out. I remember seeing her running around my room.

      Then, I saw that Ryan had cleavage. It wasn't weird
      until I woke up.

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    12. Money Debate and the Porn-Making Teacher

      by , 03-20-2011 at 04:13 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      I remember being at some indoor pool.

      Then, I was in line outside for some vote/debate about money. We were all heading into this small, garage-type building to pick up our money of choice, either paper and coined money or something else, I can't remember what though. The conservative people wanted paper and coined money. My friend Rachel was with the people on that side. The liberal people wanted something else, the type I can't remember. I was among the liberal people. The funny thing was, even though we were on opposite sides of the political spectrum and were about to debate something, we were all friendly with one another. There wasn't any tension.

      I then remember us entering the little garage building and picking up our money choice, each type of money being on a separate table on opposite sides of the small room. Other things happened after this, but I can't remember what. I know we were all waiting for the debate though.


      I was in class. The class was being taught by some guy who made pornos. He was in his 30's, and had dark hair and facial hair. We were supposed to calculate some statistic about porn. I was looking at a Facebook-type page that had to do with porn. The more I scrolled down, the more pictures there were, but the girl's crotch was always censored out, except for in some cartoon picture of two people smoking cigarettes after sex.

      I started to calculate some statistic about me and how many times guys had asked me to do an act they'd seen in a porno, or something like that. I was then going backwards down a road on a hill, I guess that symbolized me thinking back or something. I'd stop when I thought of something, then I'd keep going. After that, the porn-making teacher stopped by my computer and told me I was doing a great job.

      Then, I was with my family, the porn-making teacher, and his assistant. I was falling for the teacher. I sat on his lap, and we were very flirty with one another. I want to say he was eating dinner with my family, though we weren't at home, I have no idea where we were. After dinner, the assistant was trying to get the teacher to leave, but he kept stalling and I kept delaying him so he wouldn't leave.

      Then, there was a tornado warning, and the skies got very dark. I told him now he couldn't leave, he had to get in the tornado shelter with my family and I. I think he did, but someone didn't, someone didn't enter the shelter and said they'd be fine and were going to drive home anyway, though I can't remember who it was. I want to say it was Ryan.
    13. Threatened to Wear Makeup and Another Tornado

      by , 03-14-2011 at 04:18 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      I know I had a dream before this one, but it has been forgotten. I do remember Ryan was in it though.

      I was in my room, listening to some tape of me either speaking a short story or a song to some music in the background. I was listening to it on a cassette tape on an old tape player. I remember also looking at the words/lyrics on paper, and then seeing notes of other songs/stories I wanted to record, but hadn't finished.

      Then, I was somewhere else. Many other people were around me. We were all outside. It was kind of video game-like. There was some evil "boss" in control of everyone there. He wasn't human, but I'm not sure what he was. He was very big; not quite a giant, but maybe 8 or 9 feet tall with big hands and other features. I kept thinking "Bowser" in my head, like from Super Mario, but he didn't look like Bowser. I remember my friend Tony being there. What was odd, was that Tony and everyone else around me was wearing makeup, mostly eye shadow and eye liner. I was the only one who wasn't (I also don't wear makeup in waking life). I asked Tony if I had to wear it, and he said yes.

      Then, the boss came up and started saying things to me, threatening me to wear makeup. He also threatened Tony's life. He picked Tony up and crumbled him into a ball. There was also a huge crowd of people circled around us. I knew Tony would be ok though, so I wasn't too concerned. I somehow knew I could leave the place at will, and I kept trying to, but it was difficult. I was trying to will myself back to my room so I could get my eyeshadow. As I was about to disappear, I saw Tony sitting right in front of me. I mouthed "I love you" to him, and he mouthed back, "Krista, I love you", and then I was in my room again.

      I grabbed 3 palettes of eye shadow. I had regretted tossing my good eye shadow, because all I had left was cheap stuff. I grabbed one palette of very bright-colored eye shadow, and started to put it on in the mirror. I put on a bright yellow right above my lid, and a bright, shimmering magenta on my lid. I kept going outside the lines and making it look messy, but I somehow managed to make it look decent. I smudged the point where the colors met to blend them with my finger, and just ended up wiping some off instead. I didn't bother fixing it.

      Then, I was outside of a parking lot with tons of people. My family was with me, I mainly remember my mom and brother being there. The clouds looked dark above our heads, like it would storm. Then, a huge cloud-to-ground lightning strike came from the sky very close to us, and struck the ground continuously for a good 10 seconds without stopping. I knew that to be dangerous, and was concerned that a tornado was on its way. It looked like the sky was clearing, but I saw that as a bad sign. We all started to head down to an underground gym that we have in our town.

      We went down the stairs into the gym, and opened the door. There was a HUGE line of people waiting to get under there. We waited for awhile. My mom commented on my eyeshadow, telling me how nice it looked. We somehow got to where we needed to be in the gym, and there were windows everywhere. I thought that was a terrible place to be during a tornado, so I left without saying anything and entered a room in a next door building that was windowless.

      The threat of the weather then passed, and I met back up with my family. They wondered where I had been, so I told them I had left to go to a safer place. They asked why I didn't tell them, and I said something about them not understanding or them not wanting to go anyway. The sky was now clear, and I had found out that we were under two tornado warnings in the span of an hour.
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    14. Pregnant, Lenghty Vacation Dream, and My Wedding Day

      by , 03-02-2011 at 05:33 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      I was in some sort of cabin, I remember the lighting being warm and dim. I thought I might be pregnant, but I wasn't sure. My cat was pregnant, and for some reason this correlated with me in some way. I looked at an ultrasound picture of my uterus, and saw a small flicker on it. Then, I knew I was pregnant. I knew I needed to quit smoking. I was kind of anxious about being pregnant.


      I woke up from this dream, rolled over to go back to sleep, and had a brief, vivid hypnagogic hallucination that I was Ryan, and I was working in an auto factory. There were some older men around me. Then I really felt the need to pee, so I snapped out of the hallucination.


      I was going on vacation with my old friend, Bret. We were going to fly to a different country. When we got there, we were trying to find a hotel. We found one, but it didn't have free Wi-fi, though that wasn't a huge deal. I also remember thinking about having sex with Bret, but the thought was brief, as I'm with Ryan, I'm not attracted to Bret that way, and he's gay.

      Then, I remember waking up on a blow-up mattress on the floor of the hotel room. Bret had slept in one of the beds, which he told me was not a very comfortable bed. We went down to the beach. It was a beautiful, sunny day. The ocean was very calm, and the shore was covered in small seashells. I waded in the ocean. The water felt warm and comfortable.

      I remember being on a mountain, and seeing two huge dragons. One was a male, and the other a female. They were friendly and meant no harm. The male accidentally exposed himself enough to where the town below could see him, and everyone started to panic.

      Then, we were going to try to find another hotel. Bret ended up going back to the airport to go home kind of on a whim. Then, Jeff, a man I don't associate with anymore in waking life, was there instead. I was annoyed at this. Again, the thought of sex came up, but, again, I'm with Ryan, and Jeff is kind of a dick.

      Jeff wanted to find a hotel with Wi-fi, so we drove around at night, looking for a hotel. We found one and stopped at it. They had free Wi-fi, but not a continental breakfast, which was a big deal, because I didn't have a lot of money, so I needed as much free food as I could get. I remember being in the hotel, in the lobby. The front desk has a display case of foods and stuff to buy. Jeff was chatting it up with the person tending the desk.

      Then, we were back at my house. Jeff was still there. I remember talking to my mom about the trip briefly. I was then in my room, and Jeff had dissappeared, and I couldn't figure out where he went. I looked into my mom's office, and he was there, going through files on her computer. He was looking at patient files for my dad's patients (my dad's a psychiatrist in waking life). I said
      "Jeff, get out of here. Get out. What you're doing is rude."
      He got up and replied,
      "This is my ex, I need to warn people about this.", or something like that. He was referring to the fact that she had been seeing a psychiatrist.
      I told him to get out again. He finally left the room.

      Then, I went back into my room, and looked out the window. Two tornadoes could be seen in the distance. I said "Oh shit...", and went downstairs, leaving all my stuff up there. I got everyone in the hall closet. Jeff was in the cubby under the stairs, and there was no room for anyone else in there because it was so cluttered. I briefly thought about going upstairs to get my purse and stuff, but quickly dismissed the thought.

      After that, I left the closet, and looked outside. The tornadoes had cut a huge path through our back yard. There was a lot of water flowing through one of them, kind of like a creek. I went to get my mom to show her. She stared with wide eyes.

      We then went outside to assess the damage. I told my mom I hoped that Mary Katherine's family was ok. We were looking to see if any homes were damaged, but none appeared to be. It was just the huge path that the tornado cut through the yard.

      Then, by the ditch behind my house, I saw a tornado forming. I ran back inside, and we were all in the closet again. Jeff and my mom were in the cubby under the stairs this time.

      After that, I left the closet again, and the windows of the porch had been blown out, and the porch had been ruined. I saw some sparks flying around part of the porch. I wondered if one of our cats who lives out on the porch was alright.

      Then, I went upstairs to my room to get my iPod. I picked up an iPod that was sitting on my bed and scrolled through it. It went to Facebook, and some Facebook pages. It also had an attachment on it that would buckle it to your belt. I then knew it was Jeff's iPod and not mine. I brought it downstairs, but dropped it on the way down. I picked it up, and the screen was cracked. It was very broken. I approached Jeff and told him what had happened, and he looked irritated. I was going to tell him I'd replace it, but I decided not to. I figured that he had enough money to do it himself, since he's such a big business man.


      I was playing something on the piano in my family's piano room. It was my wedding day, and I was wearing a strapless wedding gown. I was reading music, and two of the notes kept on clashing. I kept playing them, thinking something must be wrong. Then, my brother said "It's Bethel, just go with it." In the dream, Bethel was the composer of the music.

      Then, we ran upstairs, and for some reason, my brother and I were fighting. I grabbed the back of his shirt (like I used to do when we were younger and we'd race to get to the computer), and he was thrown into the wall. I told him if he broke any of my bones before my wedding, I'd be really pissed off.

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    15. School and Work Combined...Really?

      by , 02-28-2011 at 05:50 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      I was in some building at a computer. It looked like one of the computer labs at my college. I was checking my email and my school assignments. I realized that I had not done 2 assignments for my bosses at work. I figured I would be able to make it up and they wouldn't care that I was turning it in late.

      Then, one of my bosses announced that all the people in the room needed to split into 2 groups, one who had completed the homework, and one that was behind. I joined the one that was behind. My boss was the leader of that group, and said that he would give us half credit for completing the assignments late. I figured half credit was better than no credit at all, so I decided to get going on the assignments.

      I was then back at the computer, and one of the assignments was posted by my coworker, Jessi. She had written it all in lowercase letters, and wherever there was the letter 'i', she had typed two 'i's" ('ii'). Then, at some point I was talking to my other boss.

      Then, I was in the shower, and Jessi was outside the shower, reading the assignment to me. My assignment was something creative I think, and I had to be in the shower to complete it. In front of me was a 11 or 12 year-old-girl. She was kind of big with medium-length brown hair. I only ever saw the back of her, but I was helping her shower or something. I was talking her through it. She got out of the shower, and I realized that I had been in the shower for a very long time, and I had barely showered myself. I think I had only cleaned the top half of my body. The water started to get cold, and I felt like I needed to get out even though I wasn't finished.

      I stepped out of the shower, and there was a lot of excess water pooled in the bottom of the shower. I drained it. I was in front of a classroom. The kids in the classroom were talking about how long I had been in there, and it was about time I got out. In the front of the room, I spotted a guy, Steve, whom I was friends with in the 8th grade, and haven't seen since in waking life. He looked exactly how I remember him. We talked for a bit. Then, my friend Courtney came up, and Steve asked her to get coffee with him.

      Then, I was at Steve's house for some reason, and he was laying on a couch. He said something about getting coffee, and I said "Oh with me?", but then, I remembered that he had asked Courtney and I said "Oh, you're getting coffee with Courtney. You guys will have fun!"


      I was driving, looking at the stormy-looking clouds. I thought I saw a tornado forming. The clouds looked really cool.

      Then, I was at a local restaurant where my coworker Jessi had apparently started to work (her boyfriend works there in waking life). She was training on the register with a manager, and I was talking to her about the new job while I ordered my food. Then, she said "Oh, are you a student?", or something like that. I said yes, and she handed me a cup. She said something about me getting another drink for being a student. She started to ask me another question (I realized she was going to do this 3 times total), and I realized that she had charged me $3.89 for the first drink. I thought that I was supposed to get it for free, so I told her I didn't need another drink, and I didn't know I was getting charged for it. She took it off my bill.

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