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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Lucid Flight Through a Cloud Break, Online Multiplayer Video Games, and More

      by , 10-07-2014 at 03:25 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was staring out the window in a house. It was nighttime outside, but I could see this weird break in the clouds that had a reddish tint to it, as if the sun was setting behind that small break, but it was nighttime. I'm not sure exactly what triggered it, but I figured out I was dreaming! Very cool. I examined my hands to stabalize. Then, just for fun, I did a nose pinch RC, which is something I've been practicing IWL lately, but have never done in a dream. I could breathe! So that's what it feels like.

      I then decided to fly towards the break in the clouds. I phased right through the window, no resistance or anything, which doesn't ever happen to me. I then started to jump to take off to fly, but once again remembered to just let myself float up. I did just that, and it was so easy! When I was in the air, I used this same technique to move to the left or the right. This is one of the first times in a long, long time that I have flown and not started to immediately lose height while in the air.

      As I approached the break in the clouds, it started to look more purple than red. I briefly thought of Dreamer because of the purple. I then went into the break and saw what looked like a Mario Galaxy world with all these giant floating black bombs with faces and red tops among other things I can't recall right now. I feel like I saw them all from a different angle than the one that I entered the break at.


      I felt myself falling asleep and entering the dream. I was with Dallas. I was sitting on the kitchen floor with him in the house I grew up in. There were all these kitchen utensils on the floor scattered about. I told him that since we were dreaming, he could do whatever he wanted to me (I definitely meant sexually ). I was kind of excited so I briefly lost the dream a couple of times, but went right back into it. I took off my pants, which of course made me more excited and once again I briefly lost the dream but went back into it immediately. Dallas then took this long straw-type thing with lube and inserted it into my forearm. Totally NOT what I expected at all, and if felt so weird! He kept sliding it in and out, and I couldn't even look at it because I was afraid to see it.
      "No! Not that! Don't do that!" I said.
      He kept doing it.


      I was at Dakota's apartment. Someone else lived there as well. I hadn't heard from Dakota in years, much less seen him. He was sitting on the couch smiling, but it was a sad smile. I talked to him a little, though I can't remember what it is we talked about. I noticed he was wearing a dark green sweater, and he looked so much thicker than usual. Not fat, just...thick. He had a really thick neck that was as wide as his head.


      I was playing this online multiplayer game where you would get put in a house in one of 8 places. The house would be themed randomly and would have a shop in it for food. The house would be where you "lived" in the game. I got put in one but I don't remember the theme. I went up to the counter in the back to buy something, though I don't remember if I actually did or not.

      I then was doing something else and not paying attention to what was happening in the game. Three girls came into my house. One had a short blue dress on but I don't remember what the others were wearing. They then started to change all my furniture and make all these alterations to the house itself. It then kicked me out of the house, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. Wtf! I was then looking at all the houses in the area from an above view, kind of like The Sims.

      I then somehow got another house. I was then working in the food area, which, in this house, was in the front. I felt as if I was in first person now instead of third person gaming. Other people would come in and buy food from me. I was then making some kind of chicken pita sandwich when a girl came up and was telling me how it would be good if I did it a certain way. I was still doing it my way. I then noticed that the girl looked like one of the girls who kicked me out of my house before; I noticed her blue dress. I asked her if she was, and she said yes, and I cussed her out and she left.

      I then saw some sort of small purple pop up that came up when someone wanted to buy your house. It would give you an option on whether or not to sell it to them for a certain price.

      I then was on a menu area where you could pick a place to visit, one of the 8 places you could be assigned a house. They were represented by little icons. There were 3 areas in the "fun" category, which was off to the left of the screen, separated from the rest, and the rest were in multiple categories, all except the "fun" category. I don't remember anything about what the categories were called. There was a mountains area and a town/village area, but I don't remember any of the others.

      I decided to visit a different area, though I don't recall which. I then was calling a book store inside of the game with my phone outside of the game. Some kid answered and was talking really fast, so I couldn't understand what she was saying. I heard another kid giggling in the background. The girl kept repeating whatever she was saying really fast, so I couldn't understand her. She started to sound impatient. I then figured out she was asking me if I was over 21. I said yes. She then started telling me about a porn book that was on sale and a lesbian book. I turned to the person that was with me (I guess someone was with me now) and said
      "This is an adult bookstore!"
      I was amused, but not interested. I hung up the phone.

      I then visited the town/village area, and heard some music from KQ7 playing, the music from Archduke Fifi la Yipyap's party. There was a stage at the front of the town, which looked 16-bit, that had small flies moving around on it. The area looked quite primitive.


      I was feeling myself fall asleep. I would see images around me that looked like movie screens playing clips of movies. I then was in a dream where it looked as if I was looking through my cupped hands to see what was going on. I don't remember what it was now, but it looked vivid and stable. However, it didn't feel stable. I then woke up.


      I was playing this game, though I was inside of the game playing it. It was like League of Legends, where you pick your player, but it was an open-world game instead of a MOBA. We were underground in an area with lava and some very small erupting volcanoes that separated the sides of the cave. Right before the other side, there was a pool of what was supposed to be hot water. You still had a team. I don't remember who my character was, but Dallas was playing as Captain America, and someone else there was some girl from Captain Planet, the Asian one (was there an Asian girl on that show? I think there was). She had on a white shirt and a short orange skirt and white pants/leggings underneath the skirt. She was hovering around above the ground and shooting around magic spells. I thought that she was the weakest, but whoever was playing her knew how to play her so she wasn't as weak. I only saw her from the back.

      I then saw people from our team walking over the lava to get to the other side and getting hurt, but not dying. Dallas (Captain America) was trying to explain how to do this so you didn't die (you weren't really supposed to walk on the lava at all). He was saying you just had to avoid the small erupting volcanoes and the "magma" (he used the word magma) that was pooled around them. I think I tried it and died. I know someone else did too, someone who had done it without dying before.

      Dallas was then using a bucket to scoop lava out of the lava pools and dumping it in the water to try to make a pathway. The lava just evaporated and disappeared though when he did this. He didn't think it would work (like it does in Minecraft), but it was worth a try.


      I was telling Dallas about my dream and that he was Captain America.
      "How appropriate," he said.
      It made sense why he said this in the dream, but not IWL.
    2. Volcano Game Show, and "Who Is CH?"

      by , 09-10-2012 at 04:23 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was watching something happen at a volcano. It was supposed to be some show. The host, a man, was using the volcano to help people. But the last person he helped, another man, had gotten killed by the eruption. There was a girl, the man's daughter, whom was about my age, telling me about it all, wanting someone to get him to stop before he killed someone else. That dad wasn't completely naive to the deaths, but he felt like it was doing more good than bad.

      I remember being in Jake's apartment. I think that's where the girl lived.


      I was looking at Facebook, scrolling through my timeline, and saw back to where I had a friend request from one of my old professors (we are Facebook friends IWL). I didn't know who he was at first, so I posted his profile picture, the back of what was supposed to be his head, covered in brown hair and looking in a mirror, but the mirror reflected the back of his head again. Next to the picture, I put his name, and wrote "Who is CH?". It didn't have any responses. Then, I saw that I figured it out and accepted his friend request.

      At some point, I remember having to go on a trip somewhere. I was excited, but I couldn't figure out what clothes to pack, since all my white camisoles were dirty, and most of the clean shirts I had required I wear a white cami underneath.

      There was more to these dreams, but I didn't really sleep a whole lot. My insomnia is back in full-swing (stressful week ahead -_-).

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    3. GRE Fail, Inside a Video Game, Searching For Liquor, and Star Trek Weirdness

      by , 09-04-2012 at 04:42 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was sitting at a desk in a classroom with many other people, lots of them I knew from high school. The desks were all set up in this huge square. We were taking the GRE.

      It was very quiet in the room, of course, as we all bubbled in answers on our papers. There was a test proctor walking around keeping time (it's a timed test). During this time, I remember looking across the room and seeing Rob, this guy I went to high school with. I knew he had taken the test quite a few times because he kept doing poorly.

      We then had a break to all get up and go use the bathroom and such.

      I then remember sitting back down, this time I feel like I was sitting around the area that Rob had been sitting. I remember my high school friend Sara being there as well, though her hair was shorter than I remember. We were about to take the writing portion of the test. I went through the opinion/argumentative writing part, and felt just fine about it. Time was called, and then we started the next writing portion, analyzing an argument, a part of the test where you have to be able to read a simple argument, and pick out its fallacies. The short argument was on the paper in quotations, bigger print and italics. I don't remember what it said exactly, but I spent a lot of time thinking about what to write. I had been nervous about this part of the test to begin with. During this time, I actually remembered that this was supposed to be a computer-based test now, not paper-based, but I just didn't worry too much about it.

      I wrote a couple of sentences on my notebook paper, but then erased them. Someone close by to me warned me they were about to call time. Not two seconds later, the test proctor called time. Fuck! I didn't have anything written! I was going to have to take it again. The score was going to be completely unacceptable to any of the graduate programs I wanted to attend.

      I then was in the same room again, retaking the test. The same group of people was in there. I don't remember details of this part.

      Then, the tests were taken up when we were done. They were put in colored folders, I seem to remember purple being one, on this bin/shelf that looked like it was in my closet, but it wasn't my closet? Weird. Well, I wanted to see mine and maaaybe correct some things on it if I could, but I knew that was cheating, and I'm sure they kept a close eye on them. I kind of thumbed through them, but didn't make any corrections. I was afraid I'd get in trouble just for touching the tests. I remember seeing the bin/shelf of results throughout the rest of the dream.


      I was with my friend Mike and some other people. We were in some video game. I don't know what our mission was, but it involved getting some items to someone behind a big door at the back of the bar. The door was inaccessible unless we had these items.

      We were in an old, dark, dilapidated bar sometime in the distant future. There was all this swamp area inside of it that would kill us if we touched it. I don't remember who touched it first, if it was me or someone I was with, but we all ended up just jumping in the swamp. I remember thinking it would hurt to die, but it didn't. I remember floating down into the swamp, feeling a little weird, and then, we were alive again inside the bar.

      We then saw the bar as it had been thousands of years prior. It had a few people in it, and looked brighter and, of course, it wasn't worn out and dilapidated. There was also no swamp area. We went up to the bar and the bar tenders, I remember for sure one was a woman, said something to us.

      Then, it started to age in fast motion. I watched out a window as the trees outside withered and died (apparently this was the end of the world or something), and the light looked more and more orange, like a sunset. The bar was then the same swampy bar we had originally walked into. There were still people tending bar, but they were, of course, not the same people as when the bar was young. One of the girls that was with us reached behind the bar for these orange drinks.

      I remember us falling into the swamp again, and this time, I was more prepared for the feeling. I again saw the swamp around me, and the people I was with falling inside the swamp as I was. We were then alive again in the bar shortly after falling into the swamp.

      I remember something about us having to collect hairpins for some reason? I don't know if we ever did, but I remember it having something to do with our mission.


      I was with Mike again, but this time, it was just us. We were 15 years old again for some reason, but we knew we had been older before. It was weird.

      We were outside on a sunny day, and Mike wanted to find some booze. I asked him if he wanted beer, liquor, or wine, and proceeded to explain where we could find each of them. I don't remember what he said, but we went to go look.

      We approached this extremely windy tunnel, and Mike had the idea to get out this black umbrella so we could block the wind with it (it was kind of video-gamey here). We opened the umbrella, put it out in front of us to block the wind, and slowly walked through the tunnel. You could see the white wisps of wind around us, again, like you probably would in a video game. We finally made it out to the other side, and the umbrella was tattered and torn. But we made it out!

      Then, we were in some bar, and asked for a bottle of some kind of booze, I can't quite remember which, though I think it was liquor.
      "How old are you?" the bartender asked.
      I had my ID out just in case.
      "15" replied Mike.
      Lolwut. He isn't going to sell it to us now, idiot!
      He then went back to get us our liquor. HUH?!? That should NOT have worked!

      We then saw him getting our liquor, and another male bartender, who was apparently pissed at for some reason, spit inside the bottle before giving it to the original bartender to give to us. Ewww. He then gave us the bottle of liquor. I tried to take a swig of the amber liquor, but it was mostly slimy, like spit. I spit some of it out, and took another. The same thing happened. It rested in my mouth for a second before I decided to swallow it. Just the idea that I had drank someone else's saliva was gross, but I didn't puke or spit it out this time. I guess when you're 15 and you find liquor, you just take what you can get.


      Weird half-asleep dream this morning.

      I was inside some volcano that was going to erupt the next day; it was inevitable. Spock from Star Trek was building this very small (and when I say small, think a child's playhouse) building out of small, square, crumpled white pieces of paper. I saw many were not squared off, so with my mind, I squared them off. It was all then white wicker instead? Other Star Trek characters were there as well.

      The building was supposed to be sacred, a shrine of some sort. I remember the floor of it being completely wicker, and I remember building a lot of it with my mind, though Spock was supposed to be building it. I then saw Spock with long, straight black hair, and he was sad. He said it was no use, it would be destroyed by the lava from the volcano. The tiny building was complete, save for a roof. He then rolled this white rack over to an opening in the wall of the building
      "These are hangers" he said. I then saw some hangers on top of the rack. I supposed they were for coats or something for people visiting the building. I guess no matter how doomed the building was, he was kind of in denial about it, in a way. He wanted to believe it would be ok, even though he knew it was going to be destroyed.

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    4. The End of the World, Talking Cats, and More

      by , 05-13-2011 at 04:40 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a room with my ex, Chris. We were laying in bed, though the set up was weird. We weren't laying next to one another, but he was laying on the opposite side of the bed than me so our feet were facing each other's heads. I apparently lived with Chris. I remember getting up out of bed to take some Tylenol because my whole body was sore (pain leaking into my dream from waking life...sore from dancing all night a couple of nights ago). I got back into bed.

      I then remember us getting up out of bed. Chris looked so much different. He was muscular and toned (in waking life he's very big). I thought he had done a good job working out to get to this point. When he talked to me, though, he was a huge douchebag. I don't remember exactly what he said, but he was being an ass. I then knew that we weren't really together anymore, we just still lived together.

      Then I remember being in bed with Chris again, although this time, he was sleeping next to me. I wanted to cuddle with him, but refrained. I knew he probably didn't want to. I remembered that we hadn't even had sex in forever.


      I remember being in the middle of town somewhere with a whole bunch of other people. The sky was grey and cloudy. I was mad at myself because I kept somehow missing History class at 10:25. I had only been to one the whole semester apparently.

      Anyway, I then remember seeing some person in a cape fly in front of us. He landed and started to talk to us. He looked like a superhero. He was basically telling us to remain calm, and explaining to us that some sort of disaster had occurred. I figured out that the disaster was a volcanic eruption. The man in the cape flew away. I asked myself if I was dreaming, but it felt so real that I didn't possibly think I was. I thought the superhero man had just been using special effects to make it look like he was flying. I then took my phone out of my pocket and looked at it. I had missed calls and texts from my college's emergency alert system. One of the texts said there was some sort of government warning.

      I then remember seeing flashes of parts of my town covered in volcanic ash, signs that had been knocked over and destroyed, buildings that were hit. I asked someone where the volcano was, and they replied "Ashwood". I was really shocked and upset by that, because I used to live there, and I have a really good friend who still lives there. I immediately wanted to make sure she was alright.

      Then, I saw these women dressed in all purple who had this eerie calm about them as they tried to get the crowd to listen to them and not panic. I knew they were trying to trick us, into what, I'm not sure, but I didn't trust them, not for a second. I remember one approaching me and trying to talk to me, holding out her hand, but I told her no.

      I thought that this must be the end of the world, or at least the beginning of the end.

      I was then in some hotel room by the beach. I walked out onto the balcony, and saw that the volcanic eruption had taken out the railing on the balcony. I saw a couple of the chairs laying in the hill of sand that had accumulated up to the balcony. I looked to my left, and saw the rest of the hotel was in the same situation. I watched the waves of the rough ocean crash onto this wooden walkway that was used for beach access. I knew it was only a matter of time before it was destroyed by the waves. I then saw some lady push these girls sleeping in these beach chairs off the balcony and onto the sand hill. I thought she was just trying to wake them up by doing so. The girls woke up and started to laugh as they went down the hill.

      I then remember being in the hotel room, and seeing my mom there as well. A lady in purple was also in there, calmly trying to tell me what to do, all with the eerie, calm smile on her face. My mom was trying to get me to listen to her, but I wouldn't. I turned and ran out of the hotel room.


      I was in my house. I remember being in the bathroom, looking for some Tylenol or some pain medicine. I rummaged through this basket we have sitting on the bathroom counter. At the very bottom, I found a sample pack of Xanax. I thought it was probably very old. I looked at the date on it, at it had expired in 2006. I didn't care. I opened the pack, which contained a sample of not only Xanax, but another sample of some sleep aid and one of some allergy medicine. I took out the Xanax, which was in yet another pack within the pack. I opened it and took some Xanax. My brother then came in the room and asked why the Xanax was there. I told him I took some.

      Then, I remember being in a hotel by the beach again. It was the same one from the previous dream. The balcony was still messed up from the sand hill. I remember my friend Virginia being there, though there were definitely some other people there as well. We were on some trip. I remember us going down the elevator. Our room was on the 4th floor.

      I then remember us being in some hallway. We were trying to figure out how we were going to do this performance. We were going to all dance to "Love Game" by Lady Gaga. We just needed more people for it, and had a lot of details to sort out. I remember Virginia cutting up some strawberries and putting them in this plastic container. I helped her cut some up. I remember she said we needed 20 pieces. When we were done, we had to take them back out. Something about the way we drew them out of the container determined something for the show. I remember us talking about how we needed to keep the costs down to $150 per person who was participating (we apparently had a lot of stuff we had to pay for for the show). I remember someone talking about everyone paying $200, but I said that wouldn't work. They argued with me a little.

      I then remember having my own apartment again. I had just moved in. I had a cat and 5 mice as pets. The mice were running around under some TV stand. I was keeping the cat from messing with the mice. I looked under the bed, and I saw a pair of shining eyes. I thought it was a rat, and I was a little upset, because I had just moved in. I shouldn't have rats. I then remember leaving, and worrying about the pet mice. I don't remember where I went, but I came back. Lo and behold, what I thought had been a rat under the bed was really another cat. He was brown with fuzzy, messed up fur. I tried locating the mice. I found them under the TV stand. 4 were still alive, and one, a red one, was dead and bleeding. I was really upset. I collected the rest of the mice into the container that Virginia had used for the strawberries. There were still a couple of slices in there. I closed the container. All the mice just stood at the edge of the box and stared outside (the box was clear).

      Then, I remember seeing the cats talking to one another. They were talking about leaving into the apartment next door through these open windows. There were more cats over there, apparently. They wanted to visit them, and have them be able to visit. I said no, and closed the windows. One of the cats said
      "I can just open the windows again."
      I was pissed.

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