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    1. Careful With That, You'll Put An Eye Out

      by , 01-19-2009 at 05:37 AM
      Had a nightmare that I was doing my makeup and somehow accidentally stuck myself in the eye with a pair of tweezers. I didn't think it was that bad, so I went to the mirror to look at it and realized I'd jammed it in pretty deeply. Despite the apparent severity of the injury, it didn't hurt. I pulled the tweezers out of my eye, still didn't hurt even though I felt the tugging sensation, and realized there were more things stuck in my eye... like a magician's handkerchief or something... all said and done, I pulled out another pair of tweezers AND an eye lash curler. Much to my horror, I then realized that my entire eye was gone and there was nothing but a gaping red hole (which was amazingly not bleeding). I didn't know whether to freak out or not, because I was still shocked by it.

      Then, I dreamed that I had twin kids who were about 8 years old, and I was pissed at them for some reason.

      Then, I dreamed that I had taken some sort of exam or something like that... scored really well on some test, or something, and gotten a highly coveted award along with a new position. I don't remember what it was, though, except that there was a list of benefits from the position, but for some reason it just felt like something straight out of high school. Also, for whatever reason, when all of this was being read off, I was sitting in the woods, and I was wearing some kind of dress made from calico, and everyone was sitting on logs, even though it was some sort of technical position I had tested for.

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    2. Conveyor Belt

      by , 07-10-2008 at 12:11 AM

      Another nightmare.

      Dreamt that I was on a trip with my cousins on my dad's side of the family, we drove up to an old decrepit building that looked like a warehouse, it was some religious thing and we had to go inside.

      It was sort of like a conveyor belt/rollercoaster ride, and very dark inside, with all sorts of terrifying machinery. Halfway through I was invited to pick something up by a kind of monster/beast, but I declined, and said that I didn't want to take anything out with me. IT looked angry, but it let me go.

      I wanted to tell the other people waiting in line the trick about not taking/keeping anything, but was worried the trick would not work for them. I also wanted to accompany my cousins back in even though I was terrified, but was worried that the thing would not let me go free a second time.


      Dreamed about college again. Yeah, still having college nightmares.

      Dreamed that I was taking an English course with Prof. Dimino, but hadn't been going to classes/hadn't kept up on my homework, and now I was terrified that I was going to fail and there was nothing I could do about it.
    3. Ugh, Middle School

      by , 06-19-2008 at 03:01 AM
      Original dream dated June 18, 2008):

      Had a dream I was in middle school again (and therefore, generally terrified). I stopped in a classroom to have a conversation with Bruce Campbell, who rather than simply being in Spiderman WAS Spiderman.
      I discovered, to my chagrin, that the lock combination on my locker was the same as the lock on another locker, and that this was a prevalent problem. I went to go and point it out to someone.

      A group of little assholes had hurt a friend of mine, and they had decided to start messing with me, too, so I actually decided to get even with them. I got into a fight with them and managed to beat the shit out of at least one of them. One of the others was this big, fat girl with a snout like a mole or a shrew that was constantly oozing mucous. She expressed her displeasure at the fact that I'd harmed a friend of hers, and we got into a yelling match about who had started it. Ultimately, it didn't matter, because the gang of kids wouldn't leave me alone, so I got them isolated in a park and took them down one by one.

      The next dream was also pretty jumbled. I was riding with Mom and my brother to class, and class started at 11:40 (in the dream, I was back in middleschool, again) and I was late, again, but Mom wanted to stop by the beach first. On the way, we discovered that an orange tabby cat had accidentally hitched a ride on the outside of our car. We opened the window and grabbed him and pulled him in. He was very soft and friendly, and I liked him a lot. He behaved as if he were somebody's pet.

      When we got to the beach, Mom wanted to leave him there because she didn't want a cat in the car, and I said that was cruel because he'd obviously come from somewhere else and was clearly somebody's pet. She said we'd come back for him, but I said he didn't know the area and was bound to wander off (and I didn't believe her, anyway). She left, but for some reason the beach area had been transformed into a jungle kingdom. In any case, I decided to stay with the cat until Mom came back because my reasoning was that the cat's life was more important than one missed day of class.

      As I wandered through this area, I found a huge tree that also had a throne, and a pelt nailed to it. I took the pelt down and kept wandering. There were wood-and-vine tunnels, like tunnels through a massive tree, and apparently I'd stumbled into the kingdom of some sort of nasty dictator. In any case, I found a snake - a large ball-python - and played with him for a bit. Then I heard a legend about a snake that came out of the throne from a hole in the back of the tree that it was carved out of, so I went to investigate. I found the hole and knocked on the trunk next to it, and the snake slithered out. He was a very pretty snake, very glossy and red and black, and very docile, so I picked him up and draped him over my shoulders and walked along with two snakes and the cat. People were scared of the snake, for some reason.

      I came to a beach, where three men were planning on crossing, one of them called himself Columbus and they were determined to cross the sea, only all that they had was a lttle dinghy. But some sort of reward was being offered for getting to the other side. I decided to accompany them on their adventure, for some reason, but once we got the boat launched from the beach, the dream sort of faded out.

      In the next dream I was at an old apartment (from when I was.... in middleschool) and getting ready to go to class. Thankfully, I wasn't actually in middleschool any more - this was like a special event where college grads went and talked to the kids. I was still late, though.
    4. Cars and Dogs

      by , 01-05-2006 at 05:19 AM
      "I had a very odd dream. Odd for me, in that it was a dream and not a nightmare, and had people I know in it.

      I dreamed, first, that my roommate and I had gotten our other roommate a gift. The gift was a very small dog dish, with dog biscuits. He was very happy about the dog biscuits because they were from Germany. I sampled a dog biscuit and agreed that they were very good.

      He was masterminding this television program where people wrestled each other live in their livingrooms, him and y were taping it, what ensued was a rampage through our livingroom where we all tried to best each other using a combination of sleeper holds, water, and dog biscuits... then everybody (K, C, me, P, M, Ky, and a whole slew of other people) decided to drive to campus, because it was the first day of classes. On the way there was this radio show where they only played the main riffs from all of the hit songs. We got stuck in traffic but nobody minded. When we got there, we continued taping the show, and small groups of people chose slightly different routes to the main part of campus. Somebody had brought a radio with and had it tuned to the same station we were listening to in the car. For some reason, everybody had been rained on, even though it had never rained, and we were wringing out each others' hair and clothes. We merged into one large group and started picking up other people along the way, acquaintances of people in the group. I think when the dream ended, we were heading toward S Hall dorms."

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    5. Old Dream: Libraries and Alternate Dimensions

      by , 04-30-2003 at 04:08 AM
      April 22, 2003:
      I know I've been studying too much when I have a dream that I live in a library!

      April 27, 2003:
      Every time I close my eyes, I dream that I'm studying - or I'm in a library, or something. The insomnia's worse than the dreams.

      April 28, 2003:
      All night I had dreams about exams - that as I was going to take my exam, a huge tornado hit, and I had to go and hide in one of the offices. For some reason, my old Geography professor was doing paperwork there. I was supposed to fill out this form explaining that I couldn't take my exam because of a tornado. Then my brother got hit by a car with these 2 annoying prissy girls in it. They broke his leg and they kept trying to compensate us for it by giving us makeup... my mom was really pissed off, so was I, he didn't seem to give a damn, and Mom told them she'd see them in court. Then I found out that I'd been exempt from the exam to begin with - EXCEPT that I was supposed to have turned in ANOTHER form verifying that I was, indeed, exempt...

      April 29, 2003:
      I had a dream that there was some sort of alternate dimension, and we were on a film project to film it, or something. And it was just a huge movie, and all of the people in there were actors - they knew they were actors, and would go to other dimensions to "star" in them (like movies). So there was this one, and he had really long black hair, and he was supposed to be like the antihero/supervillain type, and he starred in this one dimension as a swordsman (a la Highlander) and then hopped to the next to become an evil sorcerer. But he didn't start out as one - just as a sort of twisted, misguided sorcerer. Then he got into a fight with this humongous hairy beast, and it killed his son, and he got all angsty/dangerously insane, and created a dimensional bubble where he screwed with reality. Then he turned into a woman.