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    1. Baseball and Bands of Rogues, Bamboo

      by , 11-23-2013 at 11:29 PM
      Original journal entry dated Oct. 4th, 2002:

      Had a dream about a futuristic setting, boys and girls school, somehow involving rival baseball teams and two best friends. Two guys. Well, supposedly two guys. Then one of the rival teams tries to bully one of them, he fights back, scuffle, gets in trouble, etc. For some reason the school is segregated and he does not know his friend is a girl. Finds out in the locker room by accident. Weird romance ensues.

      Second dream, somehow in it got captured by a band of rogues, one of the men tried to attack me, I ran to the leader who knocked the guy around a little and made it clear to leave me alone. Which would've been comforting except for the whole belonging-to-him thing, if you know what I mean. Not so bad, he was handsome, long blonde hair, nice bod, nice face, etc. Generally a weird dream.

      Original journal entry dated Oct. 15, 2002:

      Dreamt that I was lying on a bed, in a bedroom. Full or queen-sized bed, with a comforter with a flower pattern. As it was dark in the room, I could not see the color of the comforter clearly, I believe perhaps it was mostly a brown or tan with hints of purple or green.

      It was dark, and the air smelled as if there had just been a storm, or perhaps there was about to be one. I could hear the sound of branches rustling and bamboo clacking just outside the window, possibly in the back-yard. I could see the shadows of tree leaves playing on the ceiling. I was comfortable and happy.

      In the dream, I dozed off. When I woke again, it was morning, the room was full of golden-ish light. The carpet was a gold color. I heard someone in the kitchen, presumeably cooking.
    2. Attic, Snake

      by , 11-20-2013 at 08:23 PM
      Nov. 19:

      Dreamed I was sharing an attic bedroom with a roommate, but there wasn't enough space for both of our beds. She'd already set hers up, and I was trying to explain that there wasn't enough space and I didn't have anywhere to sleep, but she just told me that was my own problem.

      Dreamed I had a pet ball python but forgot to get it a heat rock or food. It was living in a tupperware bin, and I fed it hot dogs. Mom had the car, and wouldn't let me use it to drive to Petsmart, but she wouldn't take me either. I was worried that my snake was going to die. Mom said that, instead, she was driving to a different city to return a keyboard she'd bought (because it sucked). I'd bought the same model and asked if I could go with to return mine as well. She still refused to stop at Petsmart.

      Nov 20:
      I can't recall my dreams. I have a vague impression that they involved cars.

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