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    1. Dredged up dream

      by , 11-05-2015 at 06:48 AM
      I don't remember any of my dreams last night, beyond waking up and reminding myself to remember what I'd just dreamed about.


      However, while trying to remember at least a few fragments of it, I somehow dredged up an ancient dream from when I was like... 4 or 5 years old.

      I was in a store in the mall with my aunt S. It was a clothing store, think of like Ross's but a much older one... the name escapes me... the chain has mostly faded away. I don't think I've seen one in a long time.

      Anyway, I lost my aunt somehow. I'm wandering around through the aisles looking for her, when I see a yellow Mylar balloon with a smiley face on it floating in the middle of the aisle I'm looking down. A balloon is interesting, but I'm looking for my aunt. I continue looking down the aisles. When I turn around again, the balloon is behind me, a few feet away.

      As I go through the store looking for my aunt, every time I turn around or look down the aisle, the balloon is there. I start to feel like it's following me. It goes from interesting to weird to unsettling.

      I finally find my aunt and complain about the balloon. I can't really articulate what's going on or why it's upsetting me, though. Either way, she either doesn't believe me or doesn't care. Little kids say weird shit all the time, after all.

      I follow her out of the store and we meet up with my grandmother and my cousin outside in the main area of the mall. There is a giant yacht in the middle of the mall, just sitting there. It's huge. Not quite the size of an ocean liner, but definitely way too big to just be sitting there in a mall. I recall that the lighting in the mall was very dim, and the ground was very... kind of fake brown marbly. Very "generic mall". The yacht was very white.

      I wouldn't quite classify it as a nightmare, but I remember that it was an upsetting dream. At the time that I had it, I still didn't have a firm grasp on the idea that dreams are different from reality, so I spent a while believing that a balloon had really chased me around a store. I didn't like Mylar balloons for quite a while after that.
    2. Strawberries [lucid]

      by , 04-26-2014 at 09:15 PM
      As I fall asleep, I practice visualizing and mentally exploring my "base". It has gotten more detailed as it has grown organically over time. I've only managed to reach it in one lucid dream, which was blurry and short, but... well, time and patience. I think part of my problem is that I tend to think of it as 'home', but when my dreaming mind goes "home" I end up in old apartments and bedrooms. I may need to rename/reframe it as something else, like Focal Point, or simply the Cottage. It will be a good springboard, once I manage to make it into a stable setting.

      I've worked on visualizing it as I fall asleep at first not because I expect to have my first lucid dream there (there's a great deal of NREM before your first dream) but because I want visualizing that setting to become automatic for my V-WILDs later at night.

      I've had a lot more success with V-WILD than anything else, although the dreams tend to be "fuzzier" - not sure why. They tend to fade quickly. I suppose it's something I'll need to work on.

      My first few dreams... I don't recall them. I wake up. It's 7-8 in the morning and I don't need to get up any time soon, so I let myself start drifting off to sleep. I decide to try a WILD but I'm too sleepy to want to put much effort into it, so I decide to drift and latch onto the first setting that presents itself.

      That setting is the store that I work in. It is a dreamlet that I am standing behind the row of cash registers. I am still mostly awake at this point, but I decide to go with it. I mentally "walk" out from behind the counter and start walking toward the market section of the store.

      As I "walk", the visualization gains vividness and clarity. It begins to become more than merely a visualization, although it is not yet a dream. In the past, I may have tried to "push" it into a full blown lucid dream, but that mistake can cause the dream to collapse. I have learned to simply let it gently glide into a dream.

      By the time I reach the center of the market, it has become a full blown dream. It's still "thin", though (hard to explain). I am standing in market. The layout has changed, though, and it's not the store I recognize. I'm standing next to an open refrigerated section with several shelves lined with cartons of fruit - strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc. The dream begins to fade a little bit. I run my hands over the fruit, trying to stabilize it. It doesn't seem to work very well. I remember that I need to engage more than one sense, and one of those senses is taste. I grab a strawberry and try to shove it into my mouth, but there is something like a force-field in front of my mouth, preventing me from doing so. I can't seem to put it in my mouth with my hand, so I toss it into the air and catch it in my mouth. It tastes how I would expect a strawberry to taste. I begin walking down the aisle, and the dream fades.

      When another dream begins, I am no longer lucid, although I still have an instinctive feeling that what is happening is not "real", although I am not sure why.

      I am riding in a small, worn wooden boat across a gunmetal gray lake, toward a barren shore. The sky is overcast and gray, and the lake is very flat and still. There is a man waiting for me on the shore. He is very tall and thin - almost gaunt - and dressed in odd-looking dull gray leather armor. There is a thick red woolen scarf wound around his shoulders, neck, and the bottom half of his face. He has messy black hair. I think of him as my cousin, even though he is nothing like any of my cousins in real life except for being very tall. I reach the shore and step out of the boat. The dream shifts and fades.

      I later had other dreams, but they were fragmented and I can't recall them.
    3. I Just Want To Find The Bathroom

      by , 11-25-2013 at 10:21 PM
      Dream 1:
      I am a member of some sort of death camp or something. This starts out as a run of the mill nightmare - I'm terrified of being executed. The people running the camp use some sort of liquid, rather than a gas, to execute prisoners - it soaks right through clothing, rubber boots, etc. (it doesn't matter) and kills you pretty much instantly. The chambers they keep/use this stuff in look like 1960s era technology. One of these chambers malfunctions, spilling the liquid all over the place - it kills a bunch of little kids who are walking single file through the hallway, but it also kills a lot of the officers who are leading/marching them along, as well as the ones operating the thing... as soon as they realize what's happening, they start trying to get away from the liquid creeping along the floor. I overcome my horror at the situation and decide to escape, but not before locking the heavy metal door behind me. Because f*** those guys.

      I escape and it's some sort of heavily forested environment. I am half-dead when I encounter a band of orcs. They decide not to kill me. Eventually, I join their ranks, after a few rites of passage (I'm a dude in this dream). During all of this, there are some skirmishes over territory. One of their older (and more respected) members is old and ailing. Their way of dealing with situations like this is to hasten the warrior's death, rather than letting it drag out. With a great deal of ceremony, they build a pyre, and set him atop it wrapped in ceremonial robes. He's doused with some sort of flammable liquid and they set the whole thing on fire.
      I get mortally wounded in one of the border skirmishes. It's a gut wound, which means I'm going to die slowly and horribly anyway. They wouldn't normally allow the honor to an outsider, but I've proven myself to the group over and over again, so I've earned the same honorable death. The dream ends with me climbing atop my own pyre and being set alight.

      Dream 2:

      I dreamed that I was walking by a bus stop with my brother. The landscape was flat, more like the Midwest than where we currently live. A coworker of mine (T) was there waiting for the bus. My brother and I were going to a bar on a local riverboat (it was John's or Jack's or something). We invited her to come along, but she only had 11 minutes until the bus arrived, so she didn't have time to hang out at the bar with us. She'd been standing at the bus 76 stop, but realized that she needed the bus 71 stop around the corner, so she said she had to go.

      My brother and I continued onto the boat. We saw that there was somehow an amusement park on it, and there was a spinning ride that was called The Eagle. We went up the steps to the park (the bar was below) and debated getting on the ride. While we were discussing it, the boat departed from the shore. I pointed out that none of the various rides had safety measures (like railings to prevent you from getting too close to the ride while it was in operation). M and I agreed that it was too unsafe, and decided to head down to the bar.

      As we make the decision, the riverboat starts to tilt. Something's wrong, and the boat is starting to sink in the water. It hasn't fully sunk, and the staff is trying to calm everybody down, saying the situation is under control, even though it pretty clearly isn't. The bar starts evacuating their patrons to the upper deck, since the lower deck is getting perilously close to completely flooding.

      The boat tilts even more, and water rushes across the deck. Somehow the whole thing turns completely upside down. My brother and I have moved close enough to the edge that as it gets submerged, we're able to avoid getting trapped underneath the boat. We hang on the edge of the capsized boat while I try to figure out if we can make it to shore by swimming, or if we should stick close to the submerged boat and hope that enough of it stays afloat that we can hang onto it. I decide that it's too far to shore, and any rescue operation is going to be looking for us here. I suggest to M that we stay with the boat.

      Dream 3:
      I am at a museum. There is a huge (like 50 feet tall) tank of water. It's set up so that when you touch it or it comes in contact with a conductive object, lights and patterns flash through it. They drop a metal ladder into it and I'm worried that it's going to break the glass as it scrapes against the side. They're demonstrating the effects that it produces, but the effect right now is underwhelming - all of the lights and colors are inside a little box that a scuba diver in the tank is holding. I was expecting the whole tank to light up. I decide the whole thing is a waste.

      Dream 4:

      For some reason, I have a collection of Barbie dolls and My Little Ponies. Some of the Barbies are themed (like one has tiny Sailor Moon costumes and there is a Darien doll). Another has a white dress, and I have a package of clothes with long white gloves and high heels, and am thinking about opening her and putting the gloves and heels on her.
      I am organizing these toys. They are on what looks like a store rack, but they're mine. I want to play with them, but I realize I'm far too old for that, and that if I open them it might ruin any value they have to collectors.
      I am going to play with one, but then my mother starts a fight with me, and when I come back to my Barbies, the mood is ruined. I get some ponies out, but they are only made of colorful stiff cardboard, so I'm disappointed. I toss them up into the air, and they rise higher and higher, and are picked up by a gust of wind, and disappear into the sky.

      Dream 5:
      I am flying a kite. It's a very large kite. I am with a blonde girl with chin-length wavy hair, and she is watching me fly it. Rather than a string, the kite is attached to a bolt of fabric. It's difficult to hold onto the spool because the wind is so strong and the kite is so large.
      The girl asks if she can fly the kite. I hand her the spool and she tosses it into the air. I get angry and say,"Why did you do that? Now I'll never get my kite back!". The spool bounces through the air across the field. I run after it and manage to grab it. The girl asks to fly it again, and promises she won't throw the spool again. I'm an idiot in this dream, so I tell her fine, she can fly the kite as long as she doesn't throw the spool. I hand her the spool, and she throws it again. I yell at her again.
      I look in the direction of the kite, and there is a huge rainbow in the sky. It is so brilliant and intense that it looks solid. I want to take a photo of it, so I dig through the car (which is a subaru SUV) for a camera. I find what I think is my camera and turn it on, but when the shutter extends from the body of the camera, I realize it is not mine, but belongs to my friend. I frantically begin digging for my cheap little point-and-click. I find it, but it won't take a photo no matter what I do. I'm getting very frustrated because the rainbow is fading. I start trying to take a photo with my camera, but it doesn't work, and when I finally get a photo, the rainbow has faded to traces of red. I'm really disappointed, but a faceless friend (the one who owned the other camera) reassures me that he got a good photo of it, and he will share it with me once he gets it off his camera. I feel somewhat better.

      Dream 6:

      I am in a rundown sort of house. There's a great-room that leads to two bedrooms and a bathroom, and above it is a closet, bathroom, and bedroom. I am staying here with my aunt, and have just arrived, but apparently my aunt is She-Ra.
      I'm trying to find somewhere to put my coat away. There is a coat closet at the top of some rickety stairs. I shut myself in the closet because I want to be alone. After I eventually put my coat away, I begin to look for a bathroom. There is a bathroom in the downstairs bedroom, but it's IN the bedroom, and I'm really uncomfortable about this because there's no way to lock the door even though there are 50 different controls for the lights. I head upstairs where I know there's a bathroom. I wander through some bedrooms, but I can't seem to find the bathroom, even though I know it's there. For some reason I end up in the coat closet again. I hear some yelling and crashing, like someone is having a tantrum in one of the bedrooms next to the closet. Suddenly the wall collapses. I guess the Hulk is living there too, because he's peering through the crumbling wall and looks as confused as I am.
      "What are you doing in there?"
      "I just want to find the bathroom "

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    4. Boats, Holes, and Webcomics

      by , 11-24-2013 at 11:32 PM
      Original journal entry dated Dec. 15th, 2002:

      First I had a dream that I lived in this weird old house and there were two trees in the back yard - a pine and a birch. I decided they weren't enough because we needed a good shade-tree and planned on planting on oak or an ash, but the hole I dug was way too big. I also ran a boating company with my uncle, but in my dream my uncle was some big fat redneck (none of my uncles are fat). this one guy wanted to rent a boat but he was half-blind and stupid and drove his car into the hole I dug for the tree. Then I went to get him a boat. But the boats weren't in a real river, they were in a fake one where we could control the currents with switches and stuff, but I messed up and hit the wrong switches. I could also, incidentally, breathe underwater, so I did a lot of lever pulling and such in these complex underwater tunnels beneath the river. Then I went inside to watch TV, creating a nice seque between dreams...

      ... in this dream I was watching the news when all of the sudden the picture started to change. The guys from "Megatokyo" had decided to interrupt the feed from the news network and take over the TV channel. They managed to keep it up for about 3 hours before the channel wrested control of the channel back. In the meantime I was very entertained by their antics.
    5. Hospitals, Boats, Virtual Duck-Hunt

      by , 11-23-2013 at 09:28 AM
      Original journal entry dated July 20, 2002:

      I had a nightmare that I was in the hospital because I was going to have a baby, only it was actually twins. (this may be because back in reality, I had a stomach ache). Anyway it pretty much resulted in the doctors have to make a few strategic incisions, which I was not happy about. On the other hand one of the little boys was adorable. Or would have been, had he not born an incredible resemblance to a prune.
      So I had to go to the bathroom really bad, but the bathrooms in this hospital were absolutely DISGUSTING. They were old and even sort of old-fashioned, and very rusty and cracked, and disgustingly unclean. Most of them didn't even work. And none of the working ones were free, either. And the place really stunk. So I had to wait for someone to get done so I could go, but even then I didn't want to touch the toilet seat because I was afraid I'd get an infection because those incisions were still healing. And there wasn't enough space in the bathroom stall, either.

      Anyway, then my dream cut to an alternate reality where I was blessedly not having a kid and instead my dog had puppies. So everybody was eating in the hospital cafeteria even though I don't know why we took a dog to a human hospital and then I needed to find a way home. I knew I could take this one public transport, if I wanted to. But before I did that I had to do work, and for some reason we ("we" meaning my fellow patients and I) were treated like criminals and forced to do heavy cleaning duties and stuff. So then I found a combination grandfather's clock/guillotine, and it had a secret panel in it which led to a very old wrought-iron elevator, but the elevator didn't work so I couldn't escape. Then I had to go back to the person in charge and get on the transport. Then the woman driving the transport wouldn't let me on without payment, so I gave her some chicken soup.

      And then there was this riverboat cruise thing, and alligators and stuff. And the guide kept yelling at me to get out of the water but I couldn't because there wasn't enough room in the boat, since he had taken too many people with him. And the water was very murky and dirty. For some reason we were in the Rock River, which runs through Rockford, IL, but it's only fitting that I'd have a nightmare about Rockford.

      So then my dream changed and I was playing Virtual Reality duckhunt with some guy, only we had lifepoints too, and we wound up having a shootout because I was cheating.
    6. Anxious Lucid

      by , 03-14-2013 at 03:52 PM
      Semi-lucid/gaining lucidity

      I recall several dreams from last night.

      #1 - I had a dream, but don't remember what it was. I wake up.

      I attempt WILD but cannot tolerate lying on my back; roll over on my side, and fall asleep. While I fall asleep, I still focus on my intent to go lucid: "The next thing I experience is a dream; I am aware; I am in complete control."

      #2 - I am in a small taco restaurant. It's a hole-in-the-wall restaurant; the walls are avocado green, and the paint is chipping. There is some sort of unnamed danger or dangerous situation. I am looking for M__ , but I can't find him, and I'm getting nervous and anxious. I am calling out, "M__? M__? Where are you?"

      I have been dreaming for roughly 30 in-dream seconds when something filters into my brain. "I need to be aware. I need to be aware. I need to be lucid," I think. As this happens, my awareness increases. I begin to realize on a basic, non-lucid level that I am dreaming. That awareness increases and leads to a further desire to become lucid, until the dream scene loses its fogginess and I am fully lucid.

      I know that I am dreaming. The anxiety of the dream that led to my lucidity has not faded, however - I'm still anxious and scared, even though I know that this is a dream and I am theoretically fully in control of the environment. I don't like the taco place at all and, although I know that I should explore my current environment to reinforce my lucidity, I am anxious to get out of there.

      I remember Advanced Lucid Task I, which is "Find a treasure map and follow it to treasure". I decide that it is far better to pursue that than hang out in the creepy taco place. I attempt to do a scene change by closing and covering my eyes and focusing on an outdoor scene, but fail. When I open my dream eyes, I also open my real eyes.

      I wake up. I immediately do a reality check; nope, I'm actually awake. I attempt to WILD but I feel overheated and I can't get comfortable, I'm way too hot. I get up and turn down the thermostat. I lie back down.

      #3 - I am riding a bus alongside a canal. The road is actually level with the water, and the concrete sides of the canal rise above us. I'm riding it with a friend but I don't remember who. It's a coach bus, rather than a city bus. It connects with a ferry and a cruise line called "Olympia". I can only get to where I want to go to on the cruise line, but I'm worried that I don't have enough money. Right now, the emotional tone of the dream is fairly neutral.

      The bus reaches its destination, and we get off the bus. I read a sign that indicates where the ship we're looking for docks. It docks in a ruined old building; upon inspecting a city map (note: appearance of a map possibly has something to do with my earlier focus on a treasure map) and based on my knowledge of the area, I realize that it is an old orphanage that was destroyed by a fire.

      I take several photos of the orphanage with my camera. When I look at them again while I am showing them to my companion, there are ghosts in them; I am immediately extremely afraid, and the tone of the dream changes to one of great anxiety and fear.

      I wake up. I'm not as hot any more, and much more comfortable.

      #4 - I have a small blond boy with me. He needs to go to the bathroom. There is a van that is supposed to be a bathroom. The child climbs inside and begins to enthusiastically pee everywhere, like a fire hose. The whole thing is presented with the buzz and excitement of a 90s television commercial that is aimed at kids. The kid finishes peeing and climbs out of the van... he is soaked in urine. The woman who is in charge of him (I have switched to 3rd person) complains that he smells awfully ripe, and doesn't want to put him in their car; the man he was with doesn't seem to think it's a big deal.

      #5 - I am running a chatroom. An idiot comes into my room and is being very annoying. I ban him from the room, but am unable to block his messages. He is spamming me with messages, and it's becoming increasingly irritating. I look for a support button for the website I'm running the room for, so I can ask how to ban him from sending me messages.

      The dream shifts. I am now recording clips of myself pushing and riding a medical cart up and down a beach, so that I can edit it into one video and put it up on the website.

      #6 - I am an old man. I am dressed in a rough gray scarf, a worn gray suit, and a brown jacket. My skin is old and dry and wrinkled by age. I am now not the old man, I am watching the old man. He is walking down a city street. It is more like an urban slum, like the areas of large cities that are forgotten and neglected.

      He -- I mean, I, now -- watches a train go by. He/I meets up with a companion, a bigger guy with a shaved head. We want to go into a building, which is an orphanage, but the building is right along the train tracks and you have to walk across the tracks to reach the door. We have to time things carefully; the woman in the building opens the door, we wait for the first train to pass, and then leap before the next comes. The woman is wearing a plum-colored, old-fashioned traditional British maid's outfit, with frills along the apron. She has brown hair and looks like she is in her late teens or early 20s.

      We go through the door. The orphanage is now a restaurant. There are corrugated metal stairs leading upstairs, where the food is served. We are on kind of a foyer. The restaurant has 3 floors, we are on the middle. The door behind us has turned into one of those metal gates that shopkeepers raise and lower to open or close their stores at night. We are level with the street; the street is now paved with bricks, and the train track is gone. Each of the levels of the restaurant is level with the street. I feel the floor moving beneath me; the restaurant is actually a truck.

      I wake up. Attempt WILD, fail. My heater is distracting me. I think I will have to turn it off at night.

      #7 - I fall asleep. I am in a small town in an area with a temperate climate, although I can't say specifically where. It is summer. There are several wooden buildings, many of them shops. I am now playing a video game. I go into a shop and meet a character and befriend him. He is a large bald man who looks like a biker. I go into another shop, a leather-working shop, and there is a cutscene. A man comes in with a gun and threatens to shoot the shopkeeper. The biker I befriended shows up with perfect timing, and disarms him. I understand that if I had not befriended the first character, the cutscene would have ended more tragically. I exit the shop.

      Ninjas bound through the trees on the outskirts of town. I realize that I am in no shape to combat ninjas without armor. I re-enter the leatherworker's shop and ask about armor. He tells me to give him a pattern for what I want, within an inch of my measurements, and he will produce it for me. I have an idea of what I want, but I need to find a photo and draw a pattern. I go back outside.

      The ninjas are dancing around in the trees. There is a female ninja with long hair and a long, pale blue scarf. She is wearing some kind of dark purple 70s pantsuit/leotard. She slices off the ear of another female ninja with short, blonde hair. She springs off of tree branches, and it looks like ballet. I think to myself (semi-lucidly) that that is ridiculous and could never happen in real life because those branches would not support her weight and nobody can jump like that.

      I wake up.

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    7. Liquor Store

      by , 03-02-2008 at 02:30 AM
      This dream occurred in March, 2008:

      I had a dream that my mother and I found an old, run-down liquor store that was two hundred years old (or something along those lines) and looked like it was going to collapse or something. It had a big Jack Daniels sign outside, and there were a bunch of busted barrels outside that were falling apart. It was a cool old store, so we debated buying it and renovating it. We went inside, and the inside was much nicer than the outside. It was being run by two guys, who owned an old black-and-white dog, which rolled over on its back and begged for me to rub its belly. I did, and managed to hit the spot that made its leg thump.

      Then, I dreamed I was driving around with Eli and some other friends on a tour of other buildings. One old building in particular was historically significant, but it looked like a stark, lonely shack, and no plants grew around it. Then, we were boating down a wide, slow, blue river with lush vegetation on its banks. I was telling Eli about how I had a dream about a liquor store. I was watching large gears float down the river. They had blue glowing runes inscribed on them, and belonged to some other civilization. After this, I woke up.