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    1. Thief!

      by , 11-06-2015 at 12:33 AM
      I managed to remember a dream I had the other night.

      In the dream, I was a guy. And I was working with my best friend (also a guy) on a particular job, although I don't completely remember what his part in it was.

      I was some kind of con man. I was trying to get into some sort of nobleman's quarters, for some reason. I remember he was kind of a shithead.

      The architecture of the place was very... Sorr of Tudor... With some fantasy elements thrown in.

      I got in... But he returned while I was there. I tried to go hide in another room, which was like a bathroom, but he knew I was there and sent guards after me.

      I jumped out the window, and managed to make my way down by jumping from stone window ledge to window ledge. But I got to a point where I couldn't, where it was just a sheer drop to the ground, and I was going to have to jump and hope I landed alright.

      I somehow made it, and I was in an area behind the mansion that wasn't quite a backyard. There was a sort of chicken wire fence and high grass. It kind of reminds me of the area behind an apartment complex where a friend used to live when I was little (I got into an argument with her there, in real life, about whether or not you can walk on rainbows. I was heavily in favor of "yes, you can". No rainbow in this dream, though, just me running away from guards.

      As for last night, I vaguely recall something about riding the bus. But that's it.
    2. The Snow (lucid)

      by , 06-12-2014 at 01:35 AM
      I wake up from my usual night's sleep in order to go to the restroom. Don't recall my dreams. When I get back, I settle in, noting in my mind that this would be a good time for a lucid attempt, and then I allow myself to drift off.

      One of the ways I initiate lucid dreaming is visualization. My particular mode is exploring an environment in my head, in detail. I know I'm entering the dream when the environment becomes easier to explore and more unpredictable. Sometimes there is a sense of "breaking the tension" and moving into lucidity. Sometimes it's more gentle. Sometimes I feel like things are still fuzzy and don't get the clarity I want. Like all lucid techniques, it's a mixed bag.

      I grab onto the first location that drifts into my mind - an old apartment I used to live in. I am outside on the front lawn. I walk down the lawn and across the street and head for a stream that is on the other side of the complex. It is lined on either side by thick trees that were simply never knocked down by the developer.

      When I reach the stream, I begin my explorations. I decide to do something I did there a lot as a child - look for rocks that would look good once they had been through a rock tumbler. I pick up a few rocks and examine them, but don't see anything I like. I continue walking down the stream, splashing my feet in the water.

      The stream becomes larger and deeper. I have reached a part of the stream that no longer looks familiar.
      I note that my visualization has become more intense. I walk from the center of the stream to the bank on the side, which has become muddy. As I continue walking, the stream becomes deeper and more turbulent, and has cut deeper into the banks. The banks have gone from the soft dark brown of midwestern soil to a burnt sienna color, and are gaining more of a texture of clay. If anybody has been to Georgia, they may know the color of soil I'm talking about.

      The stream has become closer to a river. I imagine that a "duck" style vehicle could probably float down it now. For some reason, a roller coaster is now running along the side of the bank, but it isn't full scale. I take note of it. I try to assess my dream state, but it still feels "thin". There's not really much clarity, and I feel like trying to exert direct influence right now may cause it to fall apart.

      The roller coaster has disappeared. I now see a pristine snow drift and a snow-covered hill leading upward from the river bank. I decide to see where the snow leads.

      I begin walking through the snowy area. The snow becomes deeper, and as I continue forward, I start having trouble walking through it. I am heading up a steep hill, struggling through the snow. I look up the hill, and realize it leads up a mountain. I look down and I can see the path I've made through the snow. The stream is nowhere in sight - I'm now on a mountain in a mountain range. This is the tallest mountain. It's daytime, and the sky is very blue against the sparkling white snow.

      I decide to continue heading upward to see what is up there. The sky becomes darker. The snow is almost up to my chest, and the way up is still very steep. I have no climbing equipment, so I flounder and climb the best I can. At this point, I feel like I am "deep" enough in the dream to start changing things, but I'm genuinely curious as to where this all leads.

      Upward, in the distance, wind is picking snow up off the drifts and driving it in swirls across the mountainside. Through the wind and snow, nestled under a massive overhang in the rock of the mountain, I see... a fortress? Castle? It's made of stone. There are no lights; even though it is aesthetically beautiful, in a cold way, all of the openings look defense-oriented - places for archers or people with spears. The only place I see a dim light is what I assume is the entrance.

      I reach the door. There is a flat area of stone that forms sort of a "landing", a level area carved out of the rock and laid with decorative stonework. A large, wooden door leads to what I assume is the interior of the fortress. The aesthetic is quite Gothic (but think of something in the style of Rheinstein Castle, not something like Cologne Cathedral). There are lights on either sides of the door, but interestingly, they seem more like gaslights than torches. The wood is stained a warm brown color and the fittings look like they are made of bronze.

      There is a lever to open the door in front of it. I ponder how that really isn't very, you know, secure, but I get the feeling that not everybody is actually able to pull it. Only certain people can. I pull it with no problem, though. The door opens.

      I walk into a gallery with an extremely high ceiling. There are massive chandeliers lit with huge candles, I count about 8 of them, and each one looks like it is the size of a small room. They look a little... Victorian. The whole thing seems cathedral-esque, but when I examine the gallery, I see that there are actually walkways high up on either side where archers could perch. Anybody trying to march through here could be easily sniped.

      I'm not sure what I'm expecting. There are 2 doors at the very end of the gallery. The one to the right is open, and in the room there is a small screen, and it seems to be a bedroom of some sort, which I think is kind of weird. Then I realize it's a place for guards to rest, where they could easily access the gallery, so this might be an area that also leads to barracks. I still think it's a really weird layout. I go through the door that is right in front of me, though.

      It leads to a dark room with stone walls and outlets to a hallway on either side. I'm not sure what I expected, but it wasn't this. The scenery still feels blurry and not 100% real, which is also a bit frustrating.

      I walk through the door directly across me. I am in another room with high ceilings and a large chandelier. Things are getting blurry and kind of falling apart. The architecture is getting weird and I feel like it's getting "wrong". I begin to feel frustrated. I'm still trying to look for a throne room, or something, but I keep encountering weird rooms like this that just don't seem to fit the layout right. I'm looking for a dream character of any sort of significance, at this point, since I haven't really seen anybody.

      There's another screen with someone behind it... I look around for a person. I'm actually looking around for what my dreamscape would consider to be the "leader" of this place, but instead, a woman who looks like a nanny appears. I don't know what small children she'd be minding, I assumed the ones of the head of the castle. At the time, I assumed there would be some, but now that I think about it there don't seem to be any. I think they might be around, but I don't see any. I should have talked to her, and asked what was up, but I didn't. I have an irritating tendency to stay silent during these dreams.

      I can't get the DC I want to appear. I wake up.

      The castle is cool, though. Once I've been to a dream-location, it seems like it can be a little easier getting there again (cottage is still hard, though). I wish I had spent more time examining individual parts of the fortress, rather than just pressing onward. If I end up there again, I probably will.
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    3. Fog (lucid)

      by , 04-23-2014 at 07:51 PM
      Fell asleep meditating on the idea of lucidity, and a particular location ("Home Base"). I don't generally expect to attain lucidity during my first few periods of REM, nor do I really want to. Zoning out and just letting sleep happen is nice, in and of itself.

      I had some new forms of success and ran into some familiar problems...

      Had dreams. Don't recall them. I need to get better about writing stuff down, but don't want to disturb my boyfriend, either. I still don't feel like they were particularly vivid, coherent, or noteworthy... dreams from the first few hours of the night generally aren't.

      Settled back to sleep meditating on home base. Slipped into gray fog. At some point, attained lucidity... had the sense that it was near the very beginning of a dream because I have no recollection of a dream up until that point, but suddenly I was sitting at a table with a pile of colorful alphabet-letter magnets on it. I touched and examined them, and then the grey fog reclaimed the dream. I slowly woke up.

      Settled back down and began meditating again. Body slowly settled back into sleep; my limbs became numb and I felt like I was drifting.

      This is normally the point I'd have trouble with a WILD. At this point, I would normally try to start moving, sit up out of my body, and feel a way that I can only really describe as feeling "tangled in a blanket" - mentally flailing around but unable to really get anywhere or do anything, still stuck in the fog. Sometimes, it's instinctive, so it's been hard to shake the habit, but last night I was actually able to remain mindful and stay still.

      I felt as if I was drifting in a river. My body was numb and the idea of being attached to or "in" it was going away. I tried to sink into the river even more... I felt my head sink through the pillow and my body sink through the bed, and sank down into the gray fog.

      Drifted for a while. I watched the fog so that I didn't end up drifting out of lucidity. I waited for shapes to appear in the fog. Sometimes shadowy shapes would appear. This is normally where I might have trouble again - trying to will them to BE something, without anything really coalescing... wanting them to BE something... getting frustrated and exerting myself too much mentally and waking up as a result. This time, I just let them fade in and out. I still paid attention to them and tried to examine them, but I tried to remain as objective as possible - trying to see patterns and shapes in them without trying to force them to "be" anything. I knew that if I kept doing this, eventually I could coax one of them into reality.

      Eventually a shadowy room came into being, and became reality. I was standing in the living-room of my mother's old apartment in Florida. It didn't have any furniture and was fairly empty. The alphabet magnets from before were scattered on an end table in the center of the room. It felt pretty "solid". I examined the brown carpet and patted the wall. I walked through the room, toward the hallway, running my hand along the wall so that I didn't lose lucidity. I wanted to do a scene change - this place wasn't where I wanted to be, and it was boring. I walked up to the door and willed it to open to a location I actually wanted to be in (again, home base).

      I opened the door, and there was... another door? I opened that door, and behind it was another door. I felt irritated and opened that door, willing it to be the location that I wanted, but it opened into the apartment atrium.

      I walked across the atrium and opened one of the doors to another apartment. That door led back into the atrium. I got an idea - something told me to try to dive through a door and use it like a portal. I dove through a door and
      opened my eyes to my actual bedroom. I should have known that this was potentially a false awakening, but instead I just went back to sleep.

      I dreamed I was hanging out with a few of my friends. We were going to Full Throttle Bottles, but in the dream, Full Throttle was not the store I was familiar with, and it was not in the location where it would have normally been. Instead, we were all walking down a street full of nothing but liquor stores. We went into one of them and a friend bought a bottle of vodka that was in a bottle like a soda bottle and tasted like orange-flavored cream soda. I liked it, so I bought one myself. I kept thinking that it was odd that the store clerk hadn't carded any of us, but didn't manage to figure out that it was because this was a dream.

      We walked up to a place that looked kind of like a castle. It had brown, smooth bricks. I jumped down a wall and my friend grabbed my arm and jumped down with me. I remember thinking it was a very long way to jump and was surprised I hadn't hurt myself a lot, but reasoned that it was because my friend was taller and had held me up kind of like a balloon.

      I then dreamed about a flying cartoon skunk whose super power was smelling so bad that the odor killed evil things.
    4. Apocalypse Elf; Dwarves and Apartments

      by , 11-22-2013 at 11:25 PM
      Original journal entry dated July 16, 2002:

      There was an elf in my dream, and a big castle, and the castle used to have people in it but didn't any more. So the elf, apparently, kept on living there, even though it was a little kid. Something about one parent being a goddess or something. In any case, I don't know what made all of the people leave, only that they came back and found the elf, and assumed that it was a harmless orphan when it probably could have killed them just by pointing at them. Then there was something about the cellar of the castle, and everything in my dream changed so that it was like Harvest Moon (the game), and for some reason the cellar was massive and there was a lot of wheat, and the characters had to live there for awhile because their own houses had flooded. And then I dreamed that we (we being me and some group of people, or maybe I was the elf this time?) were going through a toy store, only it was all salvaged stuff from before some big apocalypse (something to do with the castle), so it wasn't n horrible condition but some of the stuff was old and beaten up. Then I dreamed that they stuffed me into a toy rocket and sent me to the moon. The end.

      Original journal entry dated July 17th, 2002:

      The first dream had to do with baseball. We were all sitting in a field outside of a baseball diamond, watching the team play. Professional teams were playing the first half, but then the people who were watching were going to take over and play the rest of the game. But when we were going to switch, the professionals didn't want to because the game was so close. But they had to give up the field. I was the first up to bat on my team, and I quite unexpectedly hit a home run. Then I was back in the field for some reason, waiting my turn or something, and Lexa drew a comic strip about how the Desk Monster, who was a sentient pile of garbage who lived in a school desk, took over the classroom. It was very funny.
      Then, for some reason, I was walking through an old apartment complex.
      I was walking through the old building... and it was horribly dirty and broken-down. There was dirt and roaches (both the insect and the other kind) and crack-heads and such on the lower levels. There was the atmosphere of hunger and general hopelessness, aside from the smoke and narcotics.
      But there was a level of the building that I had never noticed.
      When I went up there, it was ten times worse than the rest of the building. The walls were rotted through and in some place there were simply gaping holes in the woodwork. What furniture there was was moldy and dirty, and home to myriad disgusting little critters. There were a few people, but they were all in drug-induced stupors. I think I had someone with me, but I can't remember who. The light was dirty and yellow (well, this wasn't much different than the rest of the building).

      The last dream was sort of weird, in a way. In it, we -- we being a random group of adventurers that I don't know in real life -- were lost in the mountains. It was cold, snowy, and glacial. We were all looking for our master, basically our boss, who had gone to investigate a claim in the area. One of the party members, a dwarf, was hoping that it would be a silver mine, since he was a silver-dwarf - that was his caste, I guess - and he mined for and worked with only silver. He talked about the "gaudy" gold-dwarves, but I think he was sort of jealous. I assured him that silver was MUCH prettier. Incidentally, this is another dream in which I was male. Anyway, after much wandering around and a good deal of almost freezing to death we happened upon a rangers'-station and they took us in, warmed us up, etc., and reprimanded us for wandering around in an area we were unfamiliar with. But our master was there! He was very busy in a back room with something. He was a dwarf, I think. Anyway, the silver-dwarf went to watch him work. He was working on a ring. It turns out that the "claim" he was investigating was a special stand of trees with magical wood. You could forge the wood like metal, and it would become stronger than steel. The only thing you could carve it with was another piece of that type of wood. It was a beautiful rosy color, too. Anyway, he was going to make his magical ring out of this. The plans looked VERY complicated, though, and he called it his "masterpiece". But it turns out the piece of wood he was working on actually had the ring he was envisioning INSIDE of it. I briefly wondered if the ring was evil (a la "Lord of the Rings").
    5. Castles and Barges

      by , 11-16-2013 at 09:49 AM
      Original journal entry dated Oct. 16, 2002:

      This one had me and B and S in it and then a bunch of people I don't know because I've never seen them before. We were all fixing up this old castle that was haunted and stuff, and there was this huge library in it, and it was creepy, and old, and dirty, and dusty, and dank... and then there was a store next door that was all for college stuff. And then after we were done, I moved to Antarctica and made a living fishing. I lived on an old barge! It sucked!

      And then I had this dream that I was transported to an alternate reality, or the past, or something, and I was actually a ten year old boy with a red bike, and there were all of these aboriginal people, and a canyon, and then they led me to this old professor guy's lab, which looked like one of those power things from Trigun only, you know, somebody lived inside of it. Yeah. So then we found all of these notes in a sort of Call of Cthulhu-esque way, and found out that he had actually gone crazy, and then there was a landslide, and my bike got wrecked.
    6. Hags

      by , 05-08-2008 at 02:48 AM
      Original dream dated May 7, 2008:

      I had a dream about a skinny boy who was tormented by a hag, she sat on his chest and licked his face - eventually, he was able to shake her off and take off on his bicycle, where he raced a train that longer and longer, but not like trains are usually long - like silly putty. It also had the front end of a truck. Eventually, he reached a castle full of the ghosts of old soldiers who had to act out their final battle again and again, and was recruited into their ranks.

      I also had a weird vague dream that was sort of like I was at work, and there was another person, a young blond French man, who was sort of my friend. My boss was being a jerk about stuff not getting done, even though it was impossible to do so much. Then I dreamed something about owls, only the owls were not owls, they were big beautiful black and white birds that looked more like hawks, and they had chicks. Then, something about photographing another type of bird with chicks, using my cell camera. The dream ended with an earthquake and firefighters rescuing two little girls from their house, which was falling down the side of a cliff.

      Then, for some reason, I was a large, muscular man. I had just gotten out of my jeep and waded across a river, I think I was trying to keep someone from tracking me. The landscape was like woods in perhaps Colorado or Northern CA.