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    1. Baseball and Bands of Rogues, Bamboo

      by , 11-23-2013 at 11:29 PM
      Original journal entry dated Oct. 4th, 2002:

      Had a dream about a futuristic setting, boys and girls school, somehow involving rival baseball teams and two best friends. Two guys. Well, supposedly two guys. Then one of the rival teams tries to bully one of them, he fights back, scuffle, gets in trouble, etc. For some reason the school is segregated and he does not know his friend is a girl. Finds out in the locker room by accident. Weird romance ensues.

      Second dream, somehow in it got captured by a band of rogues, one of the men tried to attack me, I ran to the leader who knocked the guy around a little and made it clear to leave me alone. Which would've been comforting except for the whole belonging-to-him thing, if you know what I mean. Not so bad, he was handsome, long blonde hair, nice bod, nice face, etc. Generally a weird dream.

      Original journal entry dated Oct. 15, 2002:

      Dreamt that I was lying on a bed, in a bedroom. Full or queen-sized bed, with a comforter with a flower pattern. As it was dark in the room, I could not see the color of the comforter clearly, I believe perhaps it was mostly a brown or tan with hints of purple or green.

      It was dark, and the air smelled as if there had just been a storm, or perhaps there was about to be one. I could hear the sound of branches rustling and bamboo clacking just outside the window, possibly in the back-yard. I could see the shadows of tree leaves playing on the ceiling. I was comfortable and happy.

      In the dream, I dozed off. When I woke again, it was morning, the room was full of golden-ish light. The carpet was a gold color. I heard someone in the kitchen, presumeably cooking.
    2. Demon Dogs

      by , 11-21-2013 at 11:16 PM
      Original entry on March 18, 2008:

      So first I dreamed about this one river, and it was very very polluted, and these guys decided to go fishing. Only they found this one invisible island. At first it seemed like a really wonderful, idyllic place, and this nice old lady invited them inside.

      Note: if a "nice old lady" invites you ANYWHERE, it's a good idea not to go. In fact, run really fast in the opposite direction.

      Anyway, so of course they listened to her, and they went into this house and down these stairs into this, like, underground mansion thing. Which seemed really great and everything at first, but then they started to notice discrepencies in stuff that they didn't notice at first. The woman had a pet dog, like a big mastiff, only it seemed a little strange sometimes, like it couldn't quite fit entirely inside of its form. Like sometimes the walls would flicker, or there'd be stains where there shouldn't be, or the furniture or the stuff hanging in the closet would seem really weird for a second, that sort of thing. Then one of them made the mistake of looking behind the shower curtain and there were a bunch of skinned bodies hanging there. So all of the sudden the illusion fell away and they realized that they were in a structure made entirely of bones and decomposing bodies and other stuff like that, the remains of people and animals and stuff. She'd fed some of them to her "dog", which was actually this huge demonlike thing. So anyway, she turned out to be a pretty ooglay monster thing herself, and chased them. They jumped into the river and managed to get to their village. The mayor, who was a woman, and looked strangely... well, familiar... led an expedition to the island with a bunch of big tough guys, only when they got there the place was deserted and all of the bones and stuff were dried up.

      Ok, dream number two, there's this really busy police office and they're trying to catch this one serial killer dude who's responsible for a bunch of really gruesome murders. But well the police office is really busy, and they're very overworked and everything. They get this call from this one woman who seems to sort of be freaking out, there's a bunch of growling and snarling in the background that sounds like really pissed off dogs, and she's asking them to send people over. The cops are like, "We're really busy and we'll send animal control, ok?" and then they hang up before she can say anything. So the woman's stranded on the bed with her two kids, and she DOES own a doberman, only it's sort of dead right now because she's being attacked by evil vicious snarling demon-babies. And one of them goes after her kid so she winds up wrestling with it and it sinks its teeth into her arm.
      So the cops are looking at this newspaper clipping later on, and the headline is "Woman And Children Found Dead In Bedroom, Eaten". And they chalk it up to this serial-killer who's been going around. They just can't seem to catch the guy.
    3. Chainsaws

      by , 11-16-2013 at 07:32 PM
      I don't recall much of my dreams last night.

      I recall a group of children, and one of them had a chainsaw, and I was trying to warn them that the chainsaw was dangerous, but they weren't taking me seriously. I looked away as the one with the chainsaw started swinging it at the crowd.

      And then... people who turned into cans of mush? Looked kind of like canned pumpkin. I don't recall why, except that some of the cans were diseased, and they were needed to defeat some sort of evil ghost by piling all of the mush on top of it, and all of this was taking place on a boardwalk above a nasty polluted pond. I also recall a very gaunt woman with stringy blonde hair.

      There was a lot of blood involved. Otherwise, my dreams were disjointed.

      Then, I dreamed I was buying a bike. The store I was wandering around in also had a grocery section. I was looking for something specific there, but I don't remember what, and then my mother was grocery shopping with me.

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    4. Zombie Epic

      by , 11-15-2013 at 11:47 PM
      Sept. 18, 2003:
      I had this dream that I was back in my aunt's old house, and there were all of these zombies everywhere. And they weren't stupid, shuffling zombies, even though they were all nasty looking, they were cunning and intelligent zombies. They'd plan traps and pull all kinds of tricks and stuff, and this made them far more dangerous than your average zombie. And of course, the old standby - get bitten by a zombie, and you turn into a zombie.

      So I'm holed up in this house, and there are zombies everywhere, and of course houses are not terribly secure, especially old ones. And this person busts in, and I think he's a zombie so I try to kill him, but it turns out he's one of the few people left who's still human... his name is, of all things, Sniper, and he's a sharpshooter. He's also a total asshole, but that's beside the point.
      The problem - we have several guns (Sniper's are very nice and very deadly, mine's a worn out rifle and a pistol) but very little ammunition. The odds that this house has ammunition are slim to none. If we go outside to get it, we're toast. I have a feeling that Sniper sees me as a minor annoyance/possible human shield, at best. Especially since I have a habit of forgetting to reload the shotgun and running out of ammunition at the worst possible time.
      Anyway, we secure the house as much as possible, you know the drill - board up the windows, etc. Except we're gonna run out of stuff to board windows up with, so we decide to secure a smaller but tactically crucial section of the house. By this point we're running pretty low on ammunition, although I've gotten a few chances to prove that I'm not completely worthless. Just mostly.
      So once everything's secured, someone knocks on the front door. Sniper opts to open it since he has much better aim than I do. So he cracks the door open, and there's a woman standing out there, and she's obviously a zombie. But she pleads with him a little bit, says she only wants some money, that she needs to feed her kids (who are little zombie-lings by this point). So Sniper, in an odd fit of human compassion, opens the door to pass some money through, and the two evil children attack him. He shoots them before they can bite him or anything and the mother runs away, dropping a pistol that happened to be fully loaded. So we're like “cool, ammo”.
      So then I had to go down into the basement, I don't remember why, I think it was to look for food and see if there was any ammunition down there (even though odds are, there was not), and I get freaked out when I see this zombie (the one from earlier) trying to get in through the basement windows... she can't, though, because there's a metal grating over them. So I grab what I need (no ammo down there) and run upstairs again. And that's when the dream sort of faded out.
    5. Headless Children

      by , 11-13-2013 at 09:35 AM
      Original journal entry dated Feb. 22, 2002:

      Ok, to begin with, I had a nightmare (what's new?) that I lived all alone in a weird dorm with a basement that had creepy stuff in it. I had a cat, too, but wasn't supposed to. It was a very sweet cat. It was like Abby, only gray.
      Then my dream shifted, and I dreamt I was a grandmother. We had packed our two grandchildren (both boys) up into the car when I noticed that one of them looked sort of funny. As in, you know. Headless. So, naturally, I started shrieking at the top of my lungs until my husband came over and showed me he was ok. Apparently, I'd been mistaken (about him being, like, headless). Then I looked over and the OTHER one was missing the same vital part of his anatomy. So, again, I flipped out. At the end of the dream, it turned out that I'd been hallucinating... not that this was much comfort.

      The worst part about the nightmare was that I'd wake up, look around, check what time it was, then go to sleep and resume the same horrible dream. This continued from about 7 a.m. until 9:30.
    6. House Unfolded

      by , 11-10-2013 at 05:32 AM
      Original entry dated Feb. 16, 2002:

      Nightmare #1:
      I had a nightmare that I was in this deserted ruined city-place, and there was nuclear ash everywhere. The city was quasi-inhabited by the ghosts of children, who told me that I couldn't leave because nobody leaves. I tried to leave anyway, by climbing over a crumbled wall and biking down a deserted and shattered highway. I could bike a LOT faster in my dream than in reality - in fact, I was amazed by the speed at which I was going. There was something nameless and terrifying behind me, and I didn't want to look back because I knew that if I did I'd see nothing there but a tremendous wall of brute evil force... like a visual shock-wave from a bomb blast... and then I opened up my eyes, I was lying in bed in the pitch-black and felt something sitting at the edge of my bed. Something like a man but not a man. It terrified the hell out of me. I could feel it there like... a dead weight... solid as a rock. I was paralyzed with fear, but finally gathered the courage to lunge for the light. When I turned it on - of course nothing was there. Perhaps that was when I really woke up and the nightmare ended, or at least I hope so.

      Nightmare #2:
      There was a house that was - how can I put it? - unfolded. It existed in more than three dimensions, so to speak, and was very frightening to experience. There were ghosts living in it. There seem to be a lot of ghosts in my dreams. One of them was a sort of... respectable old gentleman, who would be kindly if he weren't so sinister in a way. The house was a labyrinth, and I kept getting lost and becoming very afraid.

      Nightmare #3:
      I had a nightmare that I had died. In it, my mother and brother and I lived in an old Victorian mansion. I couldn't move on, and wanted very badly to communicate with them, but the only time I could was that split second when they hovered between sleep and waking. At night I was chased by hell-hounds, and was sort of held back by things that I thought of in my dream as "death-bones".
    7. Careful With That, You'll Put An Eye Out

      by , 01-19-2009 at 05:37 AM
      Had a nightmare that I was doing my makeup and somehow accidentally stuck myself in the eye with a pair of tweezers. I didn't think it was that bad, so I went to the mirror to look at it and realized I'd jammed it in pretty deeply. Despite the apparent severity of the injury, it didn't hurt. I pulled the tweezers out of my eye, still didn't hurt even though I felt the tugging sensation, and realized there were more things stuck in my eye... like a magician's handkerchief or something... all said and done, I pulled out another pair of tweezers AND an eye lash curler. Much to my horror, I then realized that my entire eye was gone and there was nothing but a gaping red hole (which was amazingly not bleeding). I didn't know whether to freak out or not, because I was still shocked by it.

      Then, I dreamed that I had twin kids who were about 8 years old, and I was pissed at them for some reason.

      Then, I dreamed that I had taken some sort of exam or something like that... scored really well on some test, or something, and gotten a highly coveted award along with a new position. I don't remember what it was, though, except that there was a list of benefits from the position, but for some reason it just felt like something straight out of high school. Also, for whatever reason, when all of this was being read off, I was sitting in the woods, and I was wearing some kind of dress made from calico, and everyone was sitting on logs, even though it was some sort of technical position I had tested for.

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    8. Haunted House

      by , 01-15-2009 at 05:33 AM

      Another stupid "haunted house" dream. How boring. I mean, it was terrifying at the time, and I knew something was in the house (the attic, I guess) and I had stuff written in Satanic script on my forehead (much to my horror) and I was terrified during the dream, but haunted house dreams seem to be pretty common for me, so... boring.

      Other dream:
      I was half-asleep and heard little running foot-steps, like those of a child, and then a child's voice whispered loudly in my ear, "Hey!" I woke up and looked around, but didn't see anything. I then went back to sleep.
    9. Drowning and Countryside

      by , 01-07-2009 at 05:17 AM
      I haven't documented my dreams for a while, so I lost a few. Here are the ones I remember (from while on vacation and afterward):

      Dreamed that I had to go get my grandfather (grandpa M) and bring him somewhere - a party, or something. It was sort of important. Along the way, we got dumped into a (freezing) river. He sank to the bottom, and I had to dive down and search around for him and drag him back up, worried it was too late. Every time we got to the surface, he got dragged back down again and I had to fetch him. Amazingly, none of this killed him, and we got to the other side.

      Dreamed that I lived in a house - sort of decrepit, or maybe more like a trailer, or cobbled together, but anyway, it didn't have enough walls, some parts were just... open. I knew that there were dangerous things and people living in the hills and was constantly worried, especially since the house was so exposed in the parts that didn't have walls.

      Dreamed that I had a little brother/cousin/kid/whatever, a toddler, only I was unable to take care of him, so a former classmate of mine took custody of him. I felt like shit since the main reason I couldn't take care of him was that I didn't have a good enough job. Even so, the place they lived in was very bare, almost no furniture, and not very safe. There was a part on an upstairs landing with no rail at all, period (for some reason, I knew a giant planter was supposed to go there, but there wasn't there and that's why there was just a drop with no railing).
    10. Nightmares About...

      by , 11-16-2008 at 12:15 AM
      Random nightmare about Nazis, but for some reason they were dressed as circus clowns.

      The next night I had a dream I was playing a shitty internet Flash game that kept crashing. It was all about some sort of reverse-World of Warcraft world and one of the main characters in it was an annoying sea goddess.

      Followed by a weird nightmare that was like a combination of a documentary on drug runners and Stephen King's "Christine":

      Dreamed there were these guys who gathered and smuggled this plant you had to chew to get high. If you got caught you were looking at a lot of time in prison. Somehow, in the dream, I got coerced into helping these guys. Unfortunately, the feds showed up, and I was the only person who didn't have anywhere to hide. For whatever reason, though, they didn't see me, because I hid the only place I could think of - behind the place's guard dog.

      This was followed by a sequence that's scrambled in my brain but led to me standing outside of a rundown/abandoned shack. I'd driven there in a small fuchsia sports car, it looked like a newer Mustang. There was a broken down car there. The house was inhabited by the ghost of a small child; the broken down car was possessed. Little kid ghost was terrified of the car. I approached the car, and the inside began to fill up with water which streamed down the windows as the engine revved. Like any sane human being, I flipped out and ran back to my own car (whose door was open) while little kid ghost tagged along (by holding onto my hair?). I said "you can't go with me, I don't know what to do with you" but it cried and was insistent and I was about to be run over by a possessed demon car, so I didn't argue. I had trouble getting into my car because my legs wouldn't cooperate for some reason (I was so scared my knees had locked). Somehow I managed to hit the gas and take off, with the possessed car in pursuit. I managed to lose it along the way - I guess it couldn't go outside a certain radius - but my own car was out of control, I was cutting people off and driving in the wrong lane of traffic, and my brakes didn't work. I was yelling at little ghost kid to hit the brakes, but all it would do was cry. I then pulled up outside of a small family restaurant owned by a Yugoslavian family and walked inside. In the dream, I knew the family, but didn't know how to explain what just happened.

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    11. Swingsets, Children

      by , 11-04-2008 at 12:10 AM
      Had a creepy dream that I was in a house in the middle of nowhere. It had belonged to long-dead relatives, one in particular a woman, who had left behind a quilt and some other odds and ends, but all were relics from the 1800s. In any case, the house had little ghost-children who wandered around outside and on the porch, even during daylight. They wanted me to come outside and play. I was understandably reluctant.

      Then dreamed I was swinging, only I couldnt get the swing going, and when I did, I kept falling off.
    12. Marathon Dream

      by , 06-15-2008 at 02:55 AM
      (original dream occurred June 14, 2008):
      I had a dream that my apartment got hit by a hurricane. It rained so hard that you couldn't hear anything, except in the dream, it rained so hard that everything was completely silent. For some reason, peoples' voices were as clear as bells. I couldn't see more than 2 feet in front of myself. My mother and her boyfriend had gone outside to look at the rain, as it was raining pretty hard - the sudden increase in the intensity of the downpour sent us scrambling inside. In the dream, the area must have flooded, because I remember there being a large lake where there hadn't been one, and people perched atop the hills on the golf courses.

      (original post titled June 16, 2008):
      I had a very, very long dream.

      First, I slept for around... probably 14 hours. It wasn't laziness, I simply didn't wake up.

      I dreamt that I was a student at some sort of academy, like a wizard academy, but not like Harry Potter in the slightest. This was in a fantasy-type city - first off, think elven architecture. Very elaborate architecture, mostly stone and some sort of golden stuff. Most of it was devoted to the campus of this academy, and the pursuit of wizardry in general.

      There were a bunch of other children there - I recall I was a child, just an older child. My brother was also at this academy, if my vague recollection is right. There was a stone ogre/troll in one of the more open areas, except that it was also roofed and fenced... in any case, all of the children who were up to mischief got together, including me, and poured some sort of oil in its ear, which brought it to life. It came to life and wreaked all sorts of havok until it was finally gotten under control. One of the head wizards (of the city) called me in, and told me I'd been the cause of a similar incident involving the same monster before. I remembered it, vaguely, and he showed me a document I'd signed.

      The eldest mage commented something along the lines of, although I had learned no magic I had a strong blood-line, and I ought to marry a dragon. I knew the dragon in question, a coppery, gold-colored dragon. Unfortunately, I don't think that giant lizards are very sexy. That was pretty damn weird, although I have to admit that wizards are usually pretty damn weird.

      In any case, as the dream progressed, I became the mastermind of some sort of coup of the city. There were rulers, a king and a queen, but their essence was contained in 5 spheres in the heart of the city, that were closely guarded. In the center of the city was a massive lake that was incredibly deep. Anyway, 3 of the spheres were King, Queen, and some sort of snow-man. I don't know what the remaining 2 were. The city's defenses were impenetrable as long as the spheres of the King and Queen remained in place, but I got ahold of all 5 spheres, and I threw them in the lake. The Snow-Man was some sort of guardian of the city, I don't know, but at one point I retrieved him out of the lake. I think the fourth sphere was that of the Master of Ceremonies - in order to actually take control of the city, I had to be sworn in as king. I needed the Snow-Man at my disposal in order to convince him to swear me in.

      After this, the dream got more jumbled. I also woke up briefly, although I don't remember much, and I know that I felt really sleepy so I went back to bed.

      After this, I had a dream about Cinderella, but not in the sense that we think of her, as this had absolutely nothing to do with the original story. Rather, it was about cinders. Something about a young man, and the girl in question was under some sort of death-spell, and he got a chance to save her by drinking cinders in some sort of potion. But rather than saving her, he wandered off into some sort of dream-land, and failed in his mission. Ever since that point he had been a very morose spirit.

      In the dream, there were 5 men who governed various Aspects of something - I don't remember what the thing was. In the dream, it presented itself as a web-page, but I know that it wasn't a web-page, that was just the manner in which I browsed it. It was like a collection of information, and you accessed it through these personalities, and he was one of them. He had a long face and ash-grey hair. Each man had an Aspect, one had the Aspect of Strength, but his was the Aspect of Death (or something like that) due to his history. I was considering switching from the guy governing the Aspect of Strength to this man and his Aspect, because of some information that I needed to browse, but I was reluctant.

      I woke up after this. I felt better/not as sleepy, although the dreams were very weird, but I had slept for a disturbingly long time. Usually that happens when I dream actively, and I felt like I'd been dreaming almost the whole time that I was asleep. I think these dreams were influenced by the fact that I've been playing too much D&D. Maybe I should ease off on RPGs for a while.
    13. Clock Watchers

      by , 05-10-2008 at 02:49 AM
      Original dream dated May 9, 2008:

      I had several dreams, probably around 4, all of them related by the fact that the characters in the dreams all passed through the same downtown bus station. The buses all went to different, and distant, destinations, but each main character (or busload of people) witnessed four disembodied hands that popped into existence and flew around like birds. This scared them, because they knew it didn't "belong" in their world, although they weren't all sure why. It was evidence of some interdimensional leak.

      One busload had orphans on it, the dream followed them but I can't remember much, beyond that they were also anthropomorphic puppy children and I think there were three of them. One dream dealt with a superhero who had a vision of being a little boy trapped in the closet of a burning building - the little boy himself had been prescient, and had seen this coming and been unable to prevent it despite telling his mother about it minutes beforehand. His parents had been fighting, he had left the stove on, it exploded somehow, killing his father and starting a massive fire, and he hid in the closet and locked the door. His mother was pounding on it, trying to get him out. He escaped by crawling down a chute into the basement. There were gremlin/rat things in the basement that had orchestrated this whole thing, all to get him on their side, so they could steal a magical hat that his sister had - but he only had a sister in an alternate world. They successfully stole the hat while he distracted her, but I'm not sure what happened after that.
    14. Hags

      by , 05-08-2008 at 02:48 AM
      Original dream dated May 7, 2008:

      I had a dream about a skinny boy who was tormented by a hag, she sat on his chest and licked his face - eventually, he was able to shake her off and take off on his bicycle, where he raced a train that longer and longer, but not like trains are usually long - like silly putty. It also had the front end of a truck. Eventually, he reached a castle full of the ghosts of old soldiers who had to act out their final battle again and again, and was recruited into their ranks.

      I also had a weird vague dream that was sort of like I was at work, and there was another person, a young blond French man, who was sort of my friend. My boss was being a jerk about stuff not getting done, even though it was impossible to do so much. Then I dreamed something about owls, only the owls were not owls, they were big beautiful black and white birds that looked more like hawks, and they had chicks. Then, something about photographing another type of bird with chicks, using my cell camera. The dream ended with an earthquake and firefighters rescuing two little girls from their house, which was falling down the side of a cliff.

      Then, for some reason, I was a large, muscular man. I had just gotten out of my jeep and waded across a river, I think I was trying to keep someone from tracking me. The landscape was like woods in perhaps Colorado or Northern CA.
    15. Old Dream: Sword Ritual

      by , 07-31-2003 at 03:59 AM
      July 30, 2003:
      I was some sort of woman. I don't remember, like, some sort of nobility. But not exactly nobility. This is beside the point. I had this awesome power over the weather and elements... I summoned up this snowstorm, it was the coolest thing I've ever seen, EVER, awake OR asleep. It was like... nothing... and then all of the sudden millions of crystals of ice whipping around everything, and then when several feet of snow had fallen within like a minute, I flipped it off like a switch and then changed the weather so that it all melted within a few seconds. It was really neat. There was this little girl whom I liked a lot and wanted to protect, not my own but the daughter of a friend. Then the dream got sort of weird...

      Well, some background on the dream - my husband loved me a lot, we lived in a nice place, etc... I was also some kind of sorceress... then I changed forms for some reason, into a sort of... centaur form... The next thing I remember in the dream was that the little girl was complaining about a boy in the powder room who wouldn't leave her alone... it was the portrait of the son of some other noble guy, and it had become some sort of malevolent spirit for some reason, although I think it may have been that the kid wasn't nice to begin with. So I decided to avoid a fight by just intimidating him and wove some sort of... protection spell? Ward? Something where I traced a form in the air that was myself, holding a sword (which was meant to be some sort of threat, I guess).