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    1. Evil Clay, Murder Squid

      by , 11-09-2013 at 04:06 PM
      Original journal entry dated Feb. 9th 2002:

      I had another bizarre dream last night. In it, M and A were going to a college in California, and they were driving there. I was going to a college in Michigan, and bummed because I couldn't go with my friends. My mother and her boyfriend were going to a casino somewhere. Anyway, M and A, instead of using a map, rolled up a little ball of clay and gave it a face. It would shout directions at them and tell them how to get where they wanted. But it was EVIL. And its strength came from mirrors. So at one point, they smashed every mirror in the hotel room trying to kill it. But it WOULDN'T DIE! And they'd given my mother one of them, too. As for myself, I had stayed home trying to figure out how I could follow my friends, but they showed up at my house saying that they hadn't been able to get to California. And then my mother and her boyfriend came home.

      Original entry dated Feb. 1st, 2002:
      Regarding several dreams taking place over a period of time:

      Dream #1:
      I dreamed about a vampire who was actually a large anthropomorphic lion, only he kept falling into lava and coming back to life. And I dreamed that I was at the Russian Olympic games, where one of the sports was to swing around a pole and see how far one could vault into the water. This feat was performed by 6 foot tall 8-year-olds. I sat in the bleachers, only I didn't have a ticket, so when they came around looking at peoples' tickets, I forged one and tried to remain inconspicuous.

      Dream #2:
      I dreamed that we were in a car trying to cross a bridge, which was actually a large ramp across a channel - you accelerated and then flew through the air and landed on the other side - but we kept crashing and dying.

      Then I was on an ocean-liner with my aunt, and there was a murderer loose, and he would claim his next victim by slashing them on the thumb a day or two before he killed them. And my aunt got a slash on her thumb, so then she was really scared, and then my finger turned into a squid, so we all became vegetarians because we could no longer stand the sight of shrimp.
    2. Cars and Dogs

      by , 01-05-2006 at 05:19 AM
      "I had a very odd dream. Odd for me, in that it was a dream and not a nightmare, and had people I know in it.

      I dreamed, first, that my roommate and I had gotten our other roommate a gift. The gift was a very small dog dish, with dog biscuits. He was very happy about the dog biscuits because they were from Germany. I sampled a dog biscuit and agreed that they were very good.

      He was masterminding this television program where people wrestled each other live in their livingrooms, him and y were taping it, what ensued was a rampage through our livingroom where we all tried to best each other using a combination of sleeper holds, water, and dog biscuits... then everybody (K, C, me, P, M, Ky, and a whole slew of other people) decided to drive to campus, because it was the first day of classes. On the way there was this radio show where they only played the main riffs from all of the hit songs. We got stuck in traffic but nobody minded. When we got there, we continued taping the show, and small groups of people chose slightly different routes to the main part of campus. Somebody had brought a radio with and had it tuned to the same station we were listening to in the car. For some reason, everybody had been rained on, even though it had never rained, and we were wringing out each others' hair and clothes. We merged into one large group and started picking up other people along the way, acquaintances of people in the group. I think when the dream ended, we were heading toward S Hall dorms."

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