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    1. The Cruise (lucid)

      by , 03-29-2014 at 08:30 PM
      I am in a library. I'm not aware that I'm dreaming at the moment. The library is very odd, not much like the sort of library most people are accustomed to. It's very open and airy, almost more like a gigantic greenhouse or atrium than a library. I'm looking through one of the shelves. Instead of books, it holds cubes and rectangles of light. There's a young woman near me, and I think I vaguely know her. We may have come to the library together.

      Someone taps me on my shoulder. I turn around to look at them. The person is an older man, probably in his 60s or so. He has ash blond hair with some grey mixed in. I immediately know that this is The Doctor. He tells me that I'm dreaming. I suddenly realize that I am dreaming, and begin to wonder what I should do next.

      He points out one of the massive (4 story high) glass double doors, toward a dock on the edge of the tropical-looking bay, and tells me that a ship is coming into port. The edge of the horizon shimmers, and a cruise ship materializes and sails out of the shimmering portal. It's one of the largest ships I've ever seen, far larger than the largest existing cruise ships, so large that there is an actual city full of glass buildings atop it. I know that it's sailing on the water right now, but is also a space ship.

      "Why don't you explore a little bit?" he suggests. "Go on a cruise." The cruise ship is becoming clearer and more in-focus now. I decide that sounds like a fun idea.

      I jog to the dock and lift off into the air, then teleport to the deck of the ship. The tropical sun is very warm and bright, and all of the colors are intense. I'm amazed by how intense and realistic it is.

      I shade my eyes and look around. There's a large Olympic sized pool, and a woman in a straw hat and turquoise bikini sunning herself next to it. There are various tables and chairs, set up for outdoor dining. It's so bright that I have to squint, so I walk under the shade of a beach umbrella. The difference in brightness and temperature is startling.

      I feel the dream beginning to fade. I grab a towel and squeeze it in my hands, running my fingers over it. I drop to the ground and lick the deck (yes it's weird, but it works) but it just tastes like concrete. I'm irritated; why doesn't anything in my dreams taste like anything but what it actually is? I lick the concrete again, trying to make it taste like something else, but it still just tastes like concrete.

      The dream stabilizes again. A nearby table has a bowl of fruit on it. I grab a green-skinned apple and bite into it. It doesn't taste like an apple - it tastes like a ripe, juicy peach. It's extremely juicy and very good, so I continue eating it. I toss the core aside and decide to try to explore and see what's below deck. A door appears in the deck, and I open it and try to float downstairs, but everything goes dim and the dream falls apart.