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    1. Suburbia

      by , 12-03-2013 at 11:06 PM
      1. I dream that I am in a grocery store, and that part of the grocery store is a bar. There's a girl in a cutoff shirt, or something. I pay for my groceries and park my cart outside the bar. The bar's very dark - the walls and floor have been painted black. I have a beer and buy a 6 pack of cider. When I return to the cart, someone has stolen half of my loaf of bread, and 6 eggs out of my egg carton. I complain to management and show them, and ask if they will reimburse me for the bread and eggs.

      2. I dream I am in the attic of an old house. I've broken in. There's a lot of old stuff stored in here, some of it mine... how my stuff ended up in here, I don't know. Some friends and I have packed it into boxes. The attic is filling with water, and I'm moving through thigh deep water trying to sort through these boxes.

      We hear people in the house below. I get worried that they will discover us, so I start trying to put the boxes away neatly so they don't realize that their attic is full of someone else's things. I'm also worried they'll notice the water pouring down from their ceiling, since it's draining but I don't know where it went. Another friend gets on a cot that's built against the wall and starts talking about how in his college dorm, it was so tiny that he had to pull his knees up any time someone opened the closet.

      We decide the coast is clear and start handing boxes to someone on a ladder outside the door. From there, it's easy to go down the ladder and through a hole in the fence into my own yard. The boxes have some of the homeowners' stuff as well... I plan on selling it at a yard sale.

      My house is an old white two story. It's about a hundred years old, and there's nothing particularly special about the house itself. The yard is full of trees; one is much older than the house, and towers above it. It is an old oak tree. My grandpa is there now, and he is talking about how everyone cuts down their trees, and everyone's yard looks the same, and it's bland and sterile. I look at the yards of the other houses on the street (somehow they are bland-looking mansions) and see that they are all treeless and perfectly manicured. I flop down on my side and roll down the hill, and my brother (who is suddenly there) does the same thing, while our mother walks behind us. When I look up the hill, the contrast between my yard and the rest of the yards is striking. The trees rise above my house, and their branches weave in and out of each other. My grandfather comments that having so many trees in the yard is pleasant and adds character to the house. I pat the perfectly mowed, perfectly green grass at the bottom of the hill and tell him that the rest of the neighborhood seems very sterile in comparison.

      I wake up briefly and then go back to sleep, and the dream resumes, although it has lost some vividness.

      I continue from the bottom of the hill into a neighborhood beyond the bottom of the hill. I walk along a sidewalk. It is bright and sunny outside, and probably June or July. There are some preteen girls standing in a yard, chatting, and a little boy in a red striped shirt on a big wheel. This neighborhood is also quite uniform - suburban America, at its most mediocre. The vividness is returning. I realize I am dreaming and try to push through into full lucidity, but the dream is still too thin and everything goes black, and I wake up.
    2. I Just Want To Find The Bathroom

      by , 11-25-2013 at 10:21 PM
      Dream 1:
      I am a member of some sort of death camp or something. This starts out as a run of the mill nightmare - I'm terrified of being executed. The people running the camp use some sort of liquid, rather than a gas, to execute prisoners - it soaks right through clothing, rubber boots, etc. (it doesn't matter) and kills you pretty much instantly. The chambers they keep/use this stuff in look like 1960s era technology. One of these chambers malfunctions, spilling the liquid all over the place - it kills a bunch of little kids who are walking single file through the hallway, but it also kills a lot of the officers who are leading/marching them along, as well as the ones operating the thing... as soon as they realize what's happening, they start trying to get away from the liquid creeping along the floor. I overcome my horror at the situation and decide to escape, but not before locking the heavy metal door behind me. Because f*** those guys.

      I escape and it's some sort of heavily forested environment. I am half-dead when I encounter a band of orcs. They decide not to kill me. Eventually, I join their ranks, after a few rites of passage (I'm a dude in this dream). During all of this, there are some skirmishes over territory. One of their older (and more respected) members is old and ailing. Their way of dealing with situations like this is to hasten the warrior's death, rather than letting it drag out. With a great deal of ceremony, they build a pyre, and set him atop it wrapped in ceremonial robes. He's doused with some sort of flammable liquid and they set the whole thing on fire.
      I get mortally wounded in one of the border skirmishes. It's a gut wound, which means I'm going to die slowly and horribly anyway. They wouldn't normally allow the honor to an outsider, but I've proven myself to the group over and over again, so I've earned the same honorable death. The dream ends with me climbing atop my own pyre and being set alight.

      Dream 2:

      I dreamed that I was walking by a bus stop with my brother. The landscape was flat, more like the Midwest than where we currently live. A coworker of mine (T) was there waiting for the bus. My brother and I were going to a bar on a local riverboat (it was John's or Jack's or something). We invited her to come along, but she only had 11 minutes until the bus arrived, so she didn't have time to hang out at the bar with us. She'd been standing at the bus 76 stop, but realized that she needed the bus 71 stop around the corner, so she said she had to go.

      My brother and I continued onto the boat. We saw that there was somehow an amusement park on it, and there was a spinning ride that was called The Eagle. We went up the steps to the park (the bar was below) and debated getting on the ride. While we were discussing it, the boat departed from the shore. I pointed out that none of the various rides had safety measures (like railings to prevent you from getting too close to the ride while it was in operation). M and I agreed that it was too unsafe, and decided to head down to the bar.

      As we make the decision, the riverboat starts to tilt. Something's wrong, and the boat is starting to sink in the water. It hasn't fully sunk, and the staff is trying to calm everybody down, saying the situation is under control, even though it pretty clearly isn't. The bar starts evacuating their patrons to the upper deck, since the lower deck is getting perilously close to completely flooding.

      The boat tilts even more, and water rushes across the deck. Somehow the whole thing turns completely upside down. My brother and I have moved close enough to the edge that as it gets submerged, we're able to avoid getting trapped underneath the boat. We hang on the edge of the capsized boat while I try to figure out if we can make it to shore by swimming, or if we should stick close to the submerged boat and hope that enough of it stays afloat that we can hang onto it. I decide that it's too far to shore, and any rescue operation is going to be looking for us here. I suggest to M that we stay with the boat.

      Dream 3:
      I am at a museum. There is a huge (like 50 feet tall) tank of water. It's set up so that when you touch it or it comes in contact with a conductive object, lights and patterns flash through it. They drop a metal ladder into it and I'm worried that it's going to break the glass as it scrapes against the side. They're demonstrating the effects that it produces, but the effect right now is underwhelming - all of the lights and colors are inside a little box that a scuba diver in the tank is holding. I was expecting the whole tank to light up. I decide the whole thing is a waste.

      Dream 4:

      For some reason, I have a collection of Barbie dolls and My Little Ponies. Some of the Barbies are themed (like one has tiny Sailor Moon costumes and there is a Darien doll). Another has a white dress, and I have a package of clothes with long white gloves and high heels, and am thinking about opening her and putting the gloves and heels on her.
      I am organizing these toys. They are on what looks like a store rack, but they're mine. I want to play with them, but I realize I'm far too old for that, and that if I open them it might ruin any value they have to collectors.
      I am going to play with one, but then my mother starts a fight with me, and when I come back to my Barbies, the mood is ruined. I get some ponies out, but they are only made of colorful stiff cardboard, so I'm disappointed. I toss them up into the air, and they rise higher and higher, and are picked up by a gust of wind, and disappear into the sky.

      Dream 5:
      I am flying a kite. It's a very large kite. I am with a blonde girl with chin-length wavy hair, and she is watching me fly it. Rather than a string, the kite is attached to a bolt of fabric. It's difficult to hold onto the spool because the wind is so strong and the kite is so large.
      The girl asks if she can fly the kite. I hand her the spool and she tosses it into the air. I get angry and say,"Why did you do that? Now I'll never get my kite back!". The spool bounces through the air across the field. I run after it and manage to grab it. The girl asks to fly it again, and promises she won't throw the spool again. I'm an idiot in this dream, so I tell her fine, she can fly the kite as long as she doesn't throw the spool. I hand her the spool, and she throws it again. I yell at her again.
      I look in the direction of the kite, and there is a huge rainbow in the sky. It is so brilliant and intense that it looks solid. I want to take a photo of it, so I dig through the car (which is a subaru SUV) for a camera. I find what I think is my camera and turn it on, but when the shutter extends from the body of the camera, I realize it is not mine, but belongs to my friend. I frantically begin digging for my cheap little point-and-click. I find it, but it won't take a photo no matter what I do. I'm getting very frustrated because the rainbow is fading. I start trying to take a photo with my camera, but it doesn't work, and when I finally get a photo, the rainbow has faded to traces of red. I'm really disappointed, but a faceless friend (the one who owned the other camera) reassures me that he got a good photo of it, and he will share it with me once he gets it off his camera. I feel somewhat better.

      Dream 6:

      I am in a rundown sort of house. There's a great-room that leads to two bedrooms and a bathroom, and above it is a closet, bathroom, and bedroom. I am staying here with my aunt, and have just arrived, but apparently my aunt is She-Ra.
      I'm trying to find somewhere to put my coat away. There is a coat closet at the top of some rickety stairs. I shut myself in the closet because I want to be alone. After I eventually put my coat away, I begin to look for a bathroom. There is a bathroom in the downstairs bedroom, but it's IN the bedroom, and I'm really uncomfortable about this because there's no way to lock the door even though there are 50 different controls for the lights. I head upstairs where I know there's a bathroom. I wander through some bedrooms, but I can't seem to find the bathroom, even though I know it's there. For some reason I end up in the coat closet again. I hear some yelling and crashing, like someone is having a tantrum in one of the bedrooms next to the closet. Suddenly the wall collapses. I guess the Hulk is living there too, because he's peering through the crumbling wall and looks as confused as I am.
      "What are you doing in there?"
      "I just want to find the bathroom "

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    3. Boats, Holes, and Webcomics

      by , 11-24-2013 at 11:32 PM
      Original journal entry dated Dec. 15th, 2002:

      First I had a dream that I lived in this weird old house and there were two trees in the back yard - a pine and a birch. I decided they weren't enough because we needed a good shade-tree and planned on planting on oak or an ash, but the hole I dug was way too big. I also ran a boating company with my uncle, but in my dream my uncle was some big fat redneck (none of my uncles are fat). this one guy wanted to rent a boat but he was half-blind and stupid and drove his car into the hole I dug for the tree. Then I went to get him a boat. But the boats weren't in a real river, they were in a fake one where we could control the currents with switches and stuff, but I messed up and hit the wrong switches. I could also, incidentally, breathe underwater, so I did a lot of lever pulling and such in these complex underwater tunnels beneath the river. Then I went inside to watch TV, creating a nice seque between dreams...

      ... in this dream I was watching the news when all of the sudden the picture started to change. The guys from "Megatokyo" had decided to interrupt the feed from the news network and take over the TV channel. They managed to keep it up for about 3 hours before the channel wrested control of the channel back. In the meantime I was very entertained by their antics.
    4. Apocalypse Elf; Dwarves and Apartments

      by , 11-22-2013 at 11:25 PM
      Original journal entry dated July 16, 2002:

      There was an elf in my dream, and a big castle, and the castle used to have people in it but didn't any more. So the elf, apparently, kept on living there, even though it was a little kid. Something about one parent being a goddess or something. In any case, I don't know what made all of the people leave, only that they came back and found the elf, and assumed that it was a harmless orphan when it probably could have killed them just by pointing at them. Then there was something about the cellar of the castle, and everything in my dream changed so that it was like Harvest Moon (the game), and for some reason the cellar was massive and there was a lot of wheat, and the characters had to live there for awhile because their own houses had flooded. And then I dreamed that we (we being me and some group of people, or maybe I was the elf this time?) were going through a toy store, only it was all salvaged stuff from before some big apocalypse (something to do with the castle), so it wasn't n horrible condition but some of the stuff was old and beaten up. Then I dreamed that they stuffed me into a toy rocket and sent me to the moon. The end.

      Original journal entry dated July 17th, 2002:

      The first dream had to do with baseball. We were all sitting in a field outside of a baseball diamond, watching the team play. Professional teams were playing the first half, but then the people who were watching were going to take over and play the rest of the game. But when we were going to switch, the professionals didn't want to because the game was so close. But they had to give up the field. I was the first up to bat on my team, and I quite unexpectedly hit a home run. Then I was back in the field for some reason, waiting my turn or something, and Lexa drew a comic strip about how the Desk Monster, who was a sentient pile of garbage who lived in a school desk, took over the classroom. It was very funny.
      Then, for some reason, I was walking through an old apartment complex.
      I was walking through the old building... and it was horribly dirty and broken-down. There was dirt and roaches (both the insect and the other kind) and crack-heads and such on the lower levels. There was the atmosphere of hunger and general hopelessness, aside from the smoke and narcotics.
      But there was a level of the building that I had never noticed.
      When I went up there, it was ten times worse than the rest of the building. The walls were rotted through and in some place there were simply gaping holes in the woodwork. What furniture there was was moldy and dirty, and home to myriad disgusting little critters. There were a few people, but they were all in drug-induced stupors. I think I had someone with me, but I can't remember who. The light was dirty and yellow (well, this wasn't much different than the rest of the building).

      The last dream was sort of weird, in a way. In it, we -- we being a random group of adventurers that I don't know in real life -- were lost in the mountains. It was cold, snowy, and glacial. We were all looking for our master, basically our boss, who had gone to investigate a claim in the area. One of the party members, a dwarf, was hoping that it would be a silver mine, since he was a silver-dwarf - that was his caste, I guess - and he mined for and worked with only silver. He talked about the "gaudy" gold-dwarves, but I think he was sort of jealous. I assured him that silver was MUCH prettier. Incidentally, this is another dream in which I was male. Anyway, after much wandering around and a good deal of almost freezing to death we happened upon a rangers'-station and they took us in, warmed us up, etc., and reprimanded us for wandering around in an area we were unfamiliar with. But our master was there! He was very busy in a back room with something. He was a dwarf, I think. Anyway, the silver-dwarf went to watch him work. He was working on a ring. It turns out that the "claim" he was investigating was a special stand of trees with magical wood. You could forge the wood like metal, and it would become stronger than steel. The only thing you could carve it with was another piece of that type of wood. It was a beautiful rosy color, too. Anyway, he was going to make his magical ring out of this. The plans looked VERY complicated, though, and he called it his "masterpiece". But it turns out the piece of wood he was working on actually had the ring he was envisioning INSIDE of it. I briefly wondered if the ring was evil (a la "Lord of the Rings").
    5. Hurricanes, bombs

      by , 11-10-2013 at 07:32 PM
      I took 3 mg melatonin before bed. I don't know if it did my dreams any good, but I slept pretty well.

      I dreamed that I was staying at somebody's house... a couple, who were maybe in their 60s. I don't remember the man very well, but the woman had shoulder-length dyed brown hair and wore sort of flowy pastel blue clothing with lots of jewelry. Their house was on the edge of the water. It was mostly open to the air, with pastel curtains hung between pillars. It reminded me a lot of some of the houses in Florida. When I asked about hurricanes, they said they'd rather live on the edge of the water than relocate to a hotel on slightly higher ground where they would just drown anyway.

      Then, there was some sort of hurricane/typhoon. The house was blown to pieces. Somehow, the couple was unaffected by the craziness going on around them, but extremely concerned about me. Even though I hung on, I ended getting blown away.

      The dream shifted. I was entering a city that was built on the water. I descended on the city from the air, somehow. The houses' walls were made of white plaster, and the rooftops were glittering ceramic tiles in all sorts of jewel tones. The architecture reminded me a lot of the American Southwest. There were canals between all of the houses. Somehow, all of this was on top of a mesa that rose out of the sea. I recall that I was able to get into the city because my cousin J helped me get a passport.

      The environment around the mesa reminded me a lot of coastal South Africa. There was a cave system inside of the mesa, with different levels to it, all of them filled with enough water to pilot a boat around. The poorest people lived in boats in the lowest levels of the cave system (which also opened to the sea, through a tunnel that looked very mouth-like). The richest people lived in the houses on top of the mesa. The lowest level was very dimly lit, and the cave walls were made of sort of a brown clay.

      I was at the lowest level, and suddenly had a boat. My boat was a little house-boat, about as small as a house-boat can get. The lowest level of the mesa, where I was, had terraces, with waterfalls. I thought the sound of one particular waterfall was very annoying, so I tried to pilot my boat to a higher level. One of the other residents was an extremely skinny man with tan skin and a shaved head. He stopped me and said they wouldn't allow boats at the higher levels, because the water was too shallow. I thought that sounded like bullshit, but turned around anyway.

      The dream shifted. I was somehow involved in a plot to detonate a bomb somewhere in Sweden. I don't remember why. I remember moving there because my friend had moved there to teach English (which she does in real life) even though I really wanted to move to Norway instead.

      My great grandfather lived in a run down little shack there, and wore a ratty red robe. I remember thinking that he looked very thin and frail. He was trying to tell me in broken English that what I was doing was evil, and begging me not to do it. I was doing it for his good as well as my own, although I don't remember how. After I had completed the task, I was able to move my great grandfather to a much better apartment. He still wore the same ratty red robe, and he refused to talk to me.

      I woke up, rolled over.

      Dreamed my roommate was talking about getting married to one of our other friends, but I don't recall anything else.

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    6. Santa Claus, Bringer of Storms

      by , 11-09-2013 at 04:04 AM
      Original Journal Entry - Feb. 1st, 2002:

      Santa Claus was actually an evil overlord who derived his power from people giving him pennies (thus granting him control over them). He caused storms and floods that destroyed entire villages. But we robbed him of his power, and he became a decrepit old man who traveled around with a family in a station-wagon. One of the little girls in the family learned his power, that is, to clap her hands and cause thunderstorms. The station-wagon then floated magestically across the ocean, into the sunset.

      Original journal entry dated Jan. 31, 2002:

      I had a dream that I was in a grade school fighting demons with an iron, and was afraid to stand still too long because they would come up through the floor. It had the Gundam pilots in it, for whatever reason. Then there was something about a woman being a train on train tracks going through a flooded city, and meanwhile I was a juvenile delinquent trying to set myself straight and failing miserably.

      I lived in an apartment with the old dude from Men In Black. And then I was taking care of my pet rabbit, and for some reason the radiator was in the bathroom. I was cleaning her cage and set it next to the radiator, and somehow she got out of the cage and into the radiator. I managed to get her out but she was VERY badly burned, and really cut up, so I was flipping out and my mother (who was suddenly there for some reason) was telling me to cut it out because the burns were only third degree (?!) and she wasn't missing THAT much skin. Then mom woke me up (in real life) to tell me that she had let my rabbit run around on the deck for another hour or so. Then I went and checked on my rabbit (this is awake, in real life) who was remarkably unburnt and had all of her skin. *shudder*
    7. Old Dream: Electrical Storm

      by , 01-21-2008 at 03:29 AM
      Original dream dates to around January 20th 2008, not sure on the exact date:

      I dreamt that my friend T___ and his brother (I have not seen T since he joined the army) and I were having an argument. It involved power (as in, electricity) or something, and various power cells (I guess areas that were powered by a connection at a particular point) or something like that. We were arguing about how we needed to cut power/there needed to be some sort of lock down, it was critical that the power was cut for some reason, but I was arguing that if we did that we would be without power ourselves. T was communicating with his brother via radio or telephone and pretty much following his advice. He offered a very convincing reason for why we ought to go with the original plan, so I finally went along with it.
      I looked out the window - we were either high up or in some sort of special building, and it was a very large window with a good view of the city and possibly a bay from what I remember - and there was a beam of light shooting up into the sky.

      Then, somehow, we were running or traveling through somewhere, very fast, on some sort of jeep, and my brother was with us as well... I don't know if someone was following us, or we were in a hurry, or what was going on, although I knew that it was important to get the hell across the river. T said we were going to have to pretty much drive into the river and try to coast at least half way across, and we could swim the rest, but as long as we got that far we'd be ok. He warned us that as it sank, the jeep was probably going to roll, and that we needed to try to get out of it as quickly as possible before we turned upside down because it was very easy to get disoriented and drown as a result.

      We managed to coast maybe 1/3 of the way across before the jeep started sinking, listing as it did so, and as we were warned it started to roll, so we scrambled to get the doors open. In the confusion, I didn't manage to see if my brother had also escaped, and when I surfaced and didn't see him I panicked because I thought that he hadn't gotten out in time. He broke the surface, though - it turned out that he'd gotten tangled up in a strap but still managed to get out of the door before the water pressure got too great. After that, we all started swimming for the opposite shore.
    8. Old Dream: Drowning Parakeet

      by , 05-06-2003 at 04:10 AM
      April 30, 2003:
      More bad dreams last night. I really hate the vibes in this apartment, and this time Abby wasn't there to make me feel better. I mean, when you wake up from a nightmare, the first thing you want to do is hug something soft, particularly something that purrs when you hug it. I don't really remember what they were, only that I woke up worried. I'm not sure what I was worried about in particular, because I can't really remember the dreams. Something about corrupt cops, but I don't know if that was the focus of the dream or just a minor detail.

      June 5, 2003:
      First, I had this dream with a lot of fighting. And mud. And blood. Lots and lots of blood. When I woke up, I nearly puked. Thank God the details are blurry now.

      Then I had a dream about some dark, musty place... like a basement, or a dungeon, or something... there was a lot of broken boards and wood piled up in one corner... there may have been a tiny window, but I don't really remember. I was talking to some dark-haired guy... he had blue eyes. I think they were blue. They may have been green or lightish hazel. The lighting in there was too poor. I don't remember the conversation.

      And then, I had this dream that I lived in a house out in the middle of nowhere, or something. I was talking to an older man for a little bit... there were some old ladies dressed up really nicely, I think there was a party or something? Then mom was out on the back porch, she had a very brightly colored parakeet... but our backyard flooded, and the parakeet fell into the water... I rescued it, and somehow revived it with CPR. Then suddenly, all of the water was gone, and the yard was dry, only there was a HUMONGOUS bear coming into the yard, we were afraid it would try and get into the house, and then the dream ended.

      Then I started dozing off again, and as I was dozing off I dreamed that I was following 3 little cables, and when I found the source of one a voice said "Oh, dear..." and I woke up.