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    1. Snow, Snow, Snow

      by , 11-13-2013 at 06:18 PM
      Lots of dreaming about snow.

      In my first dream, there was a blonde woman driving a red convertible around. I think that there was also a movie being filmed... I don't recall, I think it was like one of those B horror flicks. The landscape was super snowy, and it was up in the mountains.
      Anyway, she ran into a unicorn. It was gray, with a kind of bronze colored horn. There were some Bad Guys (pretty one-dimensional, they looked like mobster thugs) that wanted to kill the unicorn.
      Somehow, the movie was concluded, and the blonde woman started driving around. She drove up onto an outcropping, like a huge ice cliff that jutted overhead, extremely high up... the view I had was from way below, all I could see was a plume of snow kicked up by the car wheels. Then she drove over the side of the cliff (somehow part of the Bad Guys' plan?), but instead of crashing, the car was suspended in the air by a spider-web-like strand of ice.

      I then dreamed I was working on an art project. Somehow I hadn't been told about part of my homework. I needed to turn it in TODAY. I was inking my work and crying and arguing with the teacher that I'd joined the class later than everyone else, and it wasn't fair because I hadn't been told about the homework, and I ought to get more time.

      Now it's Christmas. There is a Christmas tree full of hamsters that are dressed as unicorns. They have tiny stuffed unicorn horns on their heads that flop around a little bit.

      Next, I am drawing Sonic the Hedgehog fanart for N, a friend of mine who loves Sonic the Hedgehog. It's hilarious because the fanart I drew a) Mocked terrible Sonic the Hedgehog fanart, and b) Is something I actually drew in real life. N thinks that my fanart is hilarious. I decide that if the teacher is going to be an asshole, I'm going to turn in terrible fanart as part of my homework, so she has to suffer through looking at it. I am now standing next to the ice cliff that the woman drove off of. I dig out handfuls of snow and eat them.
    2. A Cure For The King

      by , 04-01-2013 at 11:19 PM
      I am in an old apartment, the one we lived in when I was in high school. I dream that I have 3 pet hamsters. I only meant to buy 2, and the 3rd one is very small and snuck in with the others. They're very bitey and nip at my fingers whenever I try to handle them. 2 are typical "golden" hamsters, and one is a mottled tortoise shell color. I have placed them in a cage I purchased, but the cage seems to have come without doors, so they simply keep crawling out of the cage. I finally locate the door for the cage, but it's very dented and doesn't close properly. In addition to this, the cage has little "windows" (gaps in the bars) and they just squeeze out through there. I'm worried since I don't want a hamster population explosion in the apartment complex.

      I wake up. I try to WILD but the kids next door are being super loud, which is obnoxious since it's about 7:00 in the morning.

      I am in a Dwarven city. I am incorporeal, simply watching the dream. The city is a network of underground tunnels, many of them lined with thousands of polished gemstones that reflect the torch light. The gemstones become more numerous and precious in the tunnels that lead to the houses of the wealthier citizens. There are also a few Hobbits who live here. Many of the tunnels converge in caverns, which have shops and restaurants and markets.

      I follow a character who's a hobbit. He's supposed to be an idiot. He's running around inside of the dwarf tunnels frantically looking for someone. There are areas of the complex that are specifically off-limits to him because he caused so much trouble... specifically the home of a very wealthy hobbit whom he caused a lot of grief. He's running around and being disruptive again.

      Dream shifts - either it's a new dream or there's a huge break in the narrative. 2 men are trying to canoe across a freezing cold lake. For some reason, they're naked. The canoe tips and they end up falling into the lake, which is super cold. One of the guys tips the canoe back over and the water inside instantly freezes. He climbs into the canoe and starts digging the ice out of it with a shovel. The other guy is still treading water in the lake, complaining about the cold; the guy in the canoe tells him to wait and take deep breaths, he's trying to empty the canoe out.

      Mikasan, here is approximately half of an answer to "what was the treasure" for you. This dream was definitely non-lucid, but it looks like the Dwarves still had my treasure map... haha. Apparently, the treasure was a cure for a rare disease:

      Scene shift... 2 Dwarves are searching for something that seems very important to them. They have a map. One of them looks like Lokmin, from a prior lucid dream. What they're searching for is apparently a huge cliff above a lake... there was supposed to be an inscription on it, but the stones have eroded and fallen into the lake. They have to fish the stones out of the lake and try to piece them back into place. The portions of the inscription that they can make out alludes to some kind of cure for a disease... something about "the king was the single one I could cure". They need to know what the cure was, which the inscription is supposed to talk about, if they can find the pieces. While Lokmin is dangling from the cliff face, one of the pieces crumbles and falls on top of him (it would have weighed several hundred pounds) and he tumbles into the lake with the slab of stone.

      I never went lucid or found out what the cure was. I hope poor Lokmin's alright!
    3. Old Dream: Aquatic Hamsters

      by , 09-03-2003 at 03:56 AM
      Sept. 2, 2003:
      I had this dream that my uncle had a fish-tank, only instead of fish there were hamsters swimming around in it. When I asked, "Aren't you worried they're gonna drown?" and he was like "No, they've lived in water all their life, they fell in there when they were babies". Then I dreamed I was in an office doing secretary work. There was some other stuff, but I've forgotten it already.

      Sept. 4, 2003:
      I had a dream, but I don't remember very much. My alarm clock went off and I hit the snooze button. Then I had a very realistic dream that mom called me on my cell phone, and the reception was really really bad, but I woke up halfway through the dream (so I know it was a dream).

      I've had weird dreams, and I haven't been sleeping well... I don't know why I feel so ill but I just can't sleep. I reached that state of overtiredness that isn't caused by a lack of sleep, so much as too much stress. I mean that state where you're actually almost hallucinating, and you're paranoid because you're jumping at stuff that you see out of the corner of your eye, but isn't actually there. And all of the freaky dreams don't help either.

      I mean, aside from the hamster-fishtank dream, I had a dream I was talking with Mom on the cell phone, but I had a nightmare too. I had a dream that I woke up and somebody was standing in my bedroom, but then I dreamed that I fell asleep again, or something. I know there wasn't anybody in my room, for several reasons. The first: my door was locked. I always lock and close my door when I go to sleep. Second, none of my roommates are like 6'3 or 6'4" tall and male. Third, it had that nice, surreal quality that makes you think "Hmm, I'm dreaming."