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    1. Boring and not so boring; Office, Kung Fu

      by , 11-04-2015 at 04:49 AM
      It was very dark out the whole dream, like midnight dark. I was working in a several story high office building, but it wasn't like a skyscraper or anything. Just a several story brick building, very boring on the outside, and it looked a lot like the building from The Office.

      Anyway, the woman in the cubicle kind of behind and across from mine was maybe in her mid to late 50s, stocky but not fat, with frosted dark blondish hair. She wore a sort of suit jacket and shell with a skirt and some low heels. Her jacket was sort of a pinky color, her skirt was more of a taupe. I can't remember if she wore glasses, but I don't think so.

      There was another woman there, a middle-aged black woman who was very no-nonsense, and I think maybe she was supposed to be one of the Human Resources people.

      I vaguely recalled the older lady leaving, but I turned round to talk to her and she was gone... I asked where she went, and the other woman told me she was gone - as in, gone for good, she'd left the company. I was a little bit surprised by this, since I hadn't realized she was leaving, otherwise I'd have said goodbye.

      So the other woman was leaving for the night, and I didn't want to be in the building all alone, so I decided to leave, too. I got out into the parking lot and she got into a very tiny white car that looked sort of like an older BMW but very, very small. I recall thinking that it was a very expensive car, and that someone else in the company had one, too. Anyway, she drove off. I didn't have a car. It was extremely dark outside, and sort of rainy.

      I briefly woke up. When I started dreaming again, I wasn't lucid, and the office building had turned into a really swanky hotel. I went back inside. The lobby was really brightly lit, and I recall there being a lot of gold stuff... maybe the carpet was even a gold color... it was fancy in the "trying too hard to be fancy" sense, where it came off as not being as fancy as it was trying to be (but still pretty fancy). Not exactly gaudy, either, though.

      Suddenly I was a kung fu master who had somehow ended up getting a job at this hotel... for whatever reason. I don't recall what it was. I just recall going into sort of a ballroom/meeting room and everybody was completing handwriting assignments. Not quite calligraphy. I recall a professor coming through and grading them by marking them with streaks of watercolor, and he gave me a really bad grade, which I was pissed off by because my handwriting was clearly very good! I'd just written in a different language than everybody else. So we argued about it - I don't recall the exact words, or even if there were words at all, I think there was more of the sense that I was protesting than me actually saying anything specifically and the assumption that an argument had happened - and then eventually he wiped off the bad mark he'd put on it.

      After that, I went out into the lobby and Donald Trump was there with his daughters. He was arguing with the receptionist.


      So I ordered a FitBit yesterday. My boyfriend has one because I got him one for his birthday, and I'm interested in the heart rate tracker and sleep tracker. It's hard for me to tell how much sleep I get, and I know I wake up a lot.

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    2. General Weirdness, Running From Bad Guys

      by , 04-08-2013 at 03:25 AM
      Took Nyquail prior to bed because I am having a lot of trouble sleeping and my sinuses hurt. I have been taking fish oil, vitamin B complex, and vitamin D. The dreams I had were very vivid.

      I was running away from a group of people. I don't know why. I was with a parent, although I don't remember them clearly; they were not one of my parents from real life. Eventually, I think they got caught, but I was still free.

      I was in some sort of super large apartment complex. I came across a playground and decided the slide would make good cover for hiding in. It was a weird thing with 4 slides all connected in the center, no ladder, and a "lookout" tower on the top which was sort of a solid tube with holes in it. The only way to get up it was to climb up a slide.

      I am not lucid but I control reality somewhat without understanding what I'm doing. The bad guys naturally know the slide is somewhere I'd hide. They climb up the slide. I crawl vertically up the lookout tube, hoping I can hide above them and they won't look up. They do.

      I cause the slide to become super slick so they lose their traction and slide back down. I know this isn't going to work in the long run so I rewind to earlier (before I hid in the slide) and choose a different route. Instead of hiding in the slide, I run through a bunch of brambles and heavy bushes and brush, making myself insubstantial enough to not be slowed down by them, while the people chasing me have to stop and fight their way through. It works.

      I get to a high school. The dream shifts. I'm now one of many kids in the school. My class is full of normal kids, and one kid who is an elf or an alien or something. I'm also some kind of space-elf or whatever. We never go home; we all sleep in our classroom on little cots.

      In the dream, I am waking up. I took a nap or something on my cot. For some reason, I'm completely naked and I feel overheated. (I have been having some issues with a sudden fever/overheating at night so I highly suspect that I actually felt really hot in real life) and apparently, I tore off all of my clothes in my sleep (I have also done this in real life).

      The sensation in this dream is extremely vivid. I can feel the fever on my face and the sweat on my skin. More distinct is the feeling of being completely naked and sheets moving over my skin. When I woke up from the dream, I was fully clothed and nothing in my room had been disturbed - normally, reality would intrude at this point in a dream and even though dream logic tells me I am naked I can still feel my clothes on my sleeping body. It would have been a cue to lucidity. This dream was so vivid, however, that it overrode that.

      I don't care about being naked, I just get up and dress myself. The other space-elf-whatever is embarrassed for me, though. We're all supposed to go to some sort of formal dance or prom later, we've all got dresses and formal clothes and stuff. There is a mental flash of being there and dancing and then I'm back in the classroom, understanding that that's supposed to happen in the future. We head outside for gym class.

      New dream. I am riding a bus. I'm riding it with my mom or... somebody. All of the bus stops are old houses and apartments that I used to live in. I am supposed to stop at one specific apartment but I don't want to, so I don't pull the wire. Mom doesn't either - she either forgets or expects me to. She complains that we'll have to walk farther to get there now. I don't intend to walk back at all, though.

      We get off at a stop that's sort of like a strip mall. Mom wants to go shopping. I've been looking through job listings, and there is a job at an airport nearby carting luggage around and retrieving heavy luggage for people. I decide that I don't want it.

      Shift. I am in a hotel room. I'm waiting for a friend there. There are advertisements on the TV. There's some sort of phone/remote control that lets you select TV programs and order room service. One of the specials is some kind of dinosaur show and a special bed they will bring up to your room. I don't want that; I just want to go to sleep, but I fall asleep with the remote and roll over it, pushing a bunch of buttons. I wake up worried that I may have inadvertantly ordered something, and there is a message for me. I play the message and listen; the guy talking on the other end sounds like Captain Sisko from Star Trek. It's just an advertisement for their stupid dinosaur show thing (which is for families with kids anyway).

      I wake up.
    3. Rose Petals

      by , 03-19-2013 at 04:41 PM
      I don't remember much about last night's dreams, beyond being back in college and in a class. My computer screen was a hologram suspended above the desks. I was openly browsing a porn website, but nobody really seemed to care. There was a girl who was taking a class on playing the fiddle, and I was jealous because I wanted to learn to play. I began telling my classmates about a woman who played the harp with a bow.

      Then I was going to a job, which was inside of a hotel. I was carrying a handful of fake, dried rose petals. I was very protective of my fake rose petals, if other people tried to look at them or take them from me. There was a man inside, wearing sort of a hotel-concierge-uniform, working on an arrangement of cut roses. I wanted to set my petals down but was worried someone would mistake them for real ones and clean them up and throw them away. I showed them to the man and woman, and they seemed fascinated by them.

      Then I was in an elevator going up to a room. In the other room, there was an obese woman conjuring illusions in a large, cylindrical fish tank.