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    1. Fragmentary

      by , 03-16-2013 at 07:01 PM
      I was overtired when I went to bed last night. As a result, my dream recall is garbage. I'll edit this post and add to it as I recall more throughout the day.

      I dreamed that my friend K__ was teaching me and M___ to ride motorcycles and explaining how the throttle worked so we could ride up and down hills.

      I dreamed that I set the stove on fire (I was in an apartment I don't recognize, but it was "mine") and threw buckets of water on it to put it out.

      Woke up and attempted a half-assed wild but my heart wasn't in it. Saw dreamlets of a fireplace (in my "base") and a flash of the reflections of palm trees and a beautiful sunset in the plate glass window of a house on the beach somewhere in California. My sinuses hurt badly again. I am learning to ignore the heater - it helps that the weather's getting warmer - but I need to take a sinus pill before I go to bed at night.
    2. Stolen Files

      by , 03-13-2013 at 03:59 PM
      I attempted to induce a lucid dream tonight but I was too tired, as well as having some sinus pain (and the headache to go with it. The weather is not being kind to me.

      At ~7 pm Pacific time, I lie down to sleep and curl up on my side. This is usually my initial sleeping position, prior to WBTB attempts. I fall asleep easily, reminding myself to be aware of my surroundings and do reality checks.

      I dream that I am driving down a highway with my brother. Judging by the landscape, it's somewhere in southern Kentucky. I'm driving a very nice car, a BMW with some sort of fancy name (I keep forgetting throughout the dream and having to ask my brother). It's black, with charcoal grey detailing on the interior.

      Now my brother is driving. He pulls the car over to the side of the highway, turns it off, and gets out. I assume something is wrong with the car and follow him. We walk down the side of the highway for a few minutes before I ask him, "What's wrong with the car?"
      "Nothing," he says, and shrugs.
      "I thought it broke down or ran out of gas," I say. "I'm going back to the car, we can't just leave it there."
      We turn around and walk back to where the car was. There are several other cars by the side of the road - some older cars, Toyotas and Kias and the like - but my car is gone. After searching up and down the road for a while, I come to the conclusion that the car must have gotten towed. I'm upset with my brother about it, because now we have to go and get it from the impound lot, which will take a lot of time and money.

      I wake up. My head hurts. I perform a reality check. I attempt WILD; I fail. I fall back to sleep and re-enter the same dream.

      My brother and I are still trying to get the car back from the impound lot. We see an apartment complex, and head there. It may or may not be our home. As we enter an apartment, I realize that my laptop was in the car when it was towed. I'm very upset about this. All of my work is done on my laptop, and all of my files are on it. Without it, I won't be able to work or pay my bills. Even worse, I'm also worried someone will be able to bypass my password and other security measures and access confidential files and information.

      I decide to take a shower. There is a small control panel in the shower, and the shower head also functions as a speaker. While I'm showering, I receive an email. I check it on the shower control panel. It's someone saying that they have my laptop and all of the files on it. They have recorded a message for me, and I realize that this person is a 12 year old boy. They are claiming that unless I pay them $1 per file, they will post them all on the Internet.

      I'm glad that I have the recording and email as evidence; somehow, the manner in which my shower head/control panel functions also allows me to get their IP. I send them a message back asking them to please meet with me so that I can pay them a hefty sum of money and recover my laptop. They agree to do so. I set about filing a police report and contacting the proper authorities regarding extortion and the b.s. that this kid is trying to pull.

      I wake up. My head still hurts. I perform a reality check. I try a WILD anyway but am distracted by the pain, and I just fall asleep.

      The dream resumes. I have decided to phone the impound lot to make sure that they actually have my car. I have to ask my brother for the make and model, as I have forgotten.

      I now have a motorcycle. I am trying to get to the impound lot to recover my car. I am riding the motorcycle through the apartment complex. One of the tenants is upset that I have been riding up and down the stairs and riding through her apartment as a shortcut. She's decided to catch me doing it, but she's always waiting at the wrong door and I always get around her. I drive over her bed, which left a tire track on the comforter, but didn't. The entire apartment is done in shades of off-white and pastels, and the comforter is a very light (almost white) cream color. There are fake pastel flowers in vases everywhere. I drive out the back door of the apartment, and she is asleep next to the steps. I drive down the steps but accidentally hit the throttle, and go down the steps on my rear wheel. I drive down the highway toward the impound lot.

      I wake up. It's 6 a.m. My head still hurts. I attempt to WILD, but everything distracts me. I get up, take an ibuprofen, and go make breakfast.

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    3. Weird, Yet Boring

      by , 01-16-2009 at 05:33 AM
      Dreamed that I was desperately trying to get somewhere. For some reason, I was wandering around a shopping complex that also doubled as a small city. I was lost and wandering through the stores. I accidentally knocked some garbage onto the floor at one of the restaurants, the owner didn't care about it but was concerned about me for some reason...
      I was waiting for a friend to come pick me up, he had a motorcycle, he was supposed to take me somewhere (I would assume the place I was trying so hard to get to) and it required taking the highway... the problem was that when he showed up, I couldn't recognize his bike, and it turned out that all he had was a stupid push-scooter.

      Anyway, it ultimately ended with the cops looking for me after the restaurant owner reported me, so I climbed up onto the roof area of a large building that looked like it was made of adobe and carved stuff into the walls with my little three-inch knife.
    4. Clarissa

      by , 05-19-2008 at 02:50 AM
      Original dream dated 5/18/2008:

      Had 2 nightmares the past 2 nights.

      One of them was about college. Sort of normal. The usual - I'm taking a class, paying for it myself and running myself into debt to do it, yet can't get to class on time and never get my homework done. I can't get the motivation to do it, and have missed so many classes that I can never catch up. I live 30 minutes away by car and want to move closer, but can't afford to. My lease is coming up, but I don't want to sign a new lease when I'm failing the class.

      Then, for some reason, I'm wheeling a motorcycle through the university buildings. Nobody notices. I get it up several floors, when I realize that the elevator I intend to use to get farther up only has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. and can't possibly support its weight, and the stairs are too rickety. Somehow, I wind up wheeling it across a narrow beam several hundred feet above the lobby floor.

      Which brings me to the weird thing about universities in my nightmares - I'm always on the edge of some high precipice, because for some reason they have many many floors but all of them end at sheer drops with no railings, or else they're in bizarre configurations that you have to climb from floor to floor like a bug... I'm almost always terrified of falling when I'm in a university-like building in my dream, and the drop is always hundreds of feet. There are always narrow, rickety stairs, or broken elevators, etc. It's an ongoing theme that bothers me.

      Anyway, the next dream involved Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All, who was for some reason on a cruise ship fishing for squid, and was talking with her friend via text message before her parents showed up with her brother and her friend's brother. I have no idea what the point of the dream was.