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    1. Moving Day

      by , 11-01-2015 at 11:56 PM
      So last night, I had a lot of trouble with inductions... again... I'm just out of practice. Frustrating, but I'll get back in the swing of things. I tried to go directly to Rome, but I'm just not familiar enough with the location, so I'll try my house next time.

      During my second attempt, I ended up with an Out of Body Experience instead of a lucid dream... yes, I know they're technically the same thing, but the OBEs always unsettle me. And I'm always blind during them, since they tend to send me straight into the Void, which I hate. So I got irritated when it happened and just reclined back into my body and went to regular sleep.

      I dreamed that my boyfriend and I lived in a different part of town than we do right now... in the dream, we lived really close to my brother. We were moving. My mom, my brother, and one of my boyfriend's friends was helping us. This particular friend is extremely chill, never gets upset over anything, is even more patient than my boyfriend is (patience of a saint), etc. I was in the car with him, and my boyfriend was in my car with my mom and brother.

      We were moving to a different section of the city... maybe even a different city further south... in any case, I lost the address of the house we were moving to, which was sort of like a ranch style duplex thing, and I don't have the directions either. The siding of the house was white. Houses in my dreams always tend to be white, for some reason.

      Anyway, so we get onto the wrong on-ramp, and we pass my boyfriend and my car and aren't able to turn around to join/follow them, so we're on the freeway straight to a different city (and no off-ramps along the way). His friend is getting progressively more irritated and pissed off. I've never seen this guy get pissed over anything, ever, and he kind of reminds me of one of my cousins as well, so I think this is hilarious and start laughing. Which makes him angrier, which makes me laugh harder.

      I was such a dick in that dream.
    2. Obe

      by , 03-22-2013 at 08:16 PM
      I don't remember much of last night. Again, I was distracted and not focused on dreaming lucidly, although I did ponder it as I fell asleep.

      I had one of my out of body experience type things. Sometimes, while asleep, even though I am not dreaming I will instinctively "sit up" out of my body and begin an OBE.

      I was not able to easily fully free myself from my body, this time - for whatever reason. But I WAS able to see - in the past, I've always been blind - although I wasn't able to fully open my eyes. I was quite aware that this was a form of dream, although I was unable to control its course. I stumbled around my dream-room, half-blind and unable to control my limbs very well at all or free myself from my blanket, which I felt like I was entangled in.

      I realized that this wasn't working well and lay back down, attempting to visualize and possibly break out of the OBE into a regular lucid dream. I also attempted to do a scene change to sky, which didn't work.
      Unfortunately, I lost lucidity.

      I know that this wasn't a misadventure with sleep paralysis because I've gotten very good at differentiating. When I woke up, my bed and bedroom were unmussed despite the fact that in my OBE/dream, I had completely wrecked my bedroom and knocked/thrown stuff everywhere. Unless I then cleaned them up in my sleep... lol.

      I was woken up by my smoke alarm chirping. I had to get up and change the battery. While I did so, I tried to ponder the dreams I had, but I couldn't recall any of them. It was frustrating. My dream recall seriously hinges on how stressed and distracted I am.