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    1. Hags

      by , 05-08-2008 at 02:48 AM
      Original dream dated May 7, 2008:

      I had a dream about a skinny boy who was tormented by a hag, she sat on his chest and licked his face - eventually, he was able to shake her off and take off on his bicycle, where he raced a train that longer and longer, but not like trains are usually long - like silly putty. It also had the front end of a truck. Eventually, he reached a castle full of the ghosts of old soldiers who had to act out their final battle again and again, and was recruited into their ranks.

      I also had a weird vague dream that was sort of like I was at work, and there was another person, a young blond French man, who was sort of my friend. My boss was being a jerk about stuff not getting done, even though it was impossible to do so much. Then I dreamed something about owls, only the owls were not owls, they were big beautiful black and white birds that looked more like hawks, and they had chicks. Then, something about photographing another type of bird with chicks, using my cell camera. The dream ended with an earthquake and firefighters rescuing two little girls from their house, which was falling down the side of a cliff.

      Then, for some reason, I was a large, muscular man. I had just gotten out of my jeep and waded across a river, I think I was trying to keep someone from tracking me. The landscape was like woods in perhaps Colorado or Northern CA.