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    1. Cupcakes

      by , 10-29-2015 at 04:01 AM
      I dreamed that my old pet rabbit was alive. I was in a room that was sort of a cross between an old apartment I lived in when I was 12, and my current apartment. The floors were the old ragged brown carpet from the old apartment... the layout was like the bedroom of my current one, except instead of a regular closet, there was a walk-in closet. I was keeping my bunny in there. I didn't want to keep her in her cage. IRL, her "cage" was really just her potty, and she was able to come and go as she pleased... it was basically just the crate I used to transport her to and from her vet, combined with being a litter pan. She didn't spend much time in there. She actually liked to just lie there in it with the door open, for some weird reason. I guess because it was "hers".

      Anyway, in the dream, though, somebody wanted me to keep her in there. It was way too small and dirty, so instead I kept her in the closet. In the dream, I remember sitting down in the closet and petting her, and playing with the fuzz on top of her head. I miss her.

      Then, I started wandering around the apartment naked. I recall lying on the carpet on my stomach (still naked) using a laptop. The carpet was the same sort of dull brown that the old apartment had, but sometimes it was also a wooden floor like my current apartment. It was late morning or early afternoon and there was a lot of sunlight... it may have been summer. The bed I was next to was a mess, unmade and covered in clothes. The mattress may have been lying directly on the floor.

      Then realized maybe i should wear some clothing, and put my fleece leopard-print onesie on.

      I woke up and I was cold, so that explains at least some of that dream. It was about 4 a.m. Tried to do visualizations, but too tired and needed all the sleep I could get, so I let it go.

      Then I dreamed I had a roommate who was a huge asshole and then suddenly stopped being one and I was suspicious of it. Tall dude with long blond hair who fancied himself a "metal head".

      Them I dreamed mom and I were driving around the city I currently live in with my brother, and she kept stopping and giving me painkiller injections to numb my mouth. Except they didn't numb my whole mouth. Specifically the left bottom side of my front teeth. My gums were all torn up and bloody there. So eventually she just gave me a syringe full of clear fluid and told me to use it. i asked what the dosage was, and she just shrugged.

      Then... We were on the upstairs part of a store... it had a similar layout and looked a lot like the grocery store down the street from us but also sold clothing etc... I wanted cupcakes. The ones on the upstairs clearance rack near the checkout lanes were gross looking and overpriced. Like $3.99 for 2 cupcakes with the frosting all messed up. The rest of the baked goods weren't what I wanted. I really wanted cupcakes.

      At some point, mom handed me 3 candy bar things. They were really thin fragile sheets of milk and white chocolate split diagonally along the length of the bar. They were in packaging that was simultaneously gold and shiny but also completely transparent. Unfortunately, they were so fragile that I accidentally broke 2 of them, one quite badly. I was worried they were ruined, that nobody would enjoy them that way, and apologized profusely to my mother. She didn't seem to care very much.

      After picking through the shelves of baked goods upstairs (it was really just one display), I went downstairs (the layout of the store was the same as IRL in a lot of ways, but had escalators instead of stairs) to the bakery section, where they weren't much better. I picked through what was there... A helpful employee tried to help me find something, but all of my options sucked, and the store wanted like $18 for a pack of 4 cupcakes. The cupcakes were all in terrible shape - chocolate cupcakes with the blue and green frosting sliding off or mostly stuck to the plastic package.

      Then at some point in between, we were driving around my old hometown, around one of the more run down areas... Brown figured heavily in the color palette... Lots of crumbling parking lots and dried out grass... it was midday, warm and very sunny, maybe it was late summer or early autumn. Mom was driving, I was in the front passenger seat, and my brother was in the back seat. I don't remember much about the car. It may have been my car, but I don't think it was. It wasn't a nice new car, in any case.

      Anyway, I had decided not to use the mystery syringe because I didn't know the dosing. So I had put the syringe in the glove box and was worried the cops would pull us over, find it, and think it was illegal drugs. But I didn't want to just throw it in the trash because I didn't want anybody to get a needle-stick. For some reason I had a cap, like a pen cap, that could go over the needle... I put it on and put the needle back in the glove box. I decided I'd find a sharps container in a bathroom somewhere and throw it out there.

      Then, I was back in the bakery section of the store, still trying to find cupcakes.

      There were big security monitors above the cashiers lanes, and writing would randomly appear transposed over the images and then disappear. At first it looked like it was that the monitor was scuffed up. I reasoned it was actually Security doing it from their office. Like they were "writing" on the images in real-time, although I couldn't figure out why.

      Woke up and thought about the fact that my dream recall hasn't been great and I hoped I wouldn't forget everything in the morning again. Fell asleep and dreamed about writing in my dream journal... In the dream, I had a notebook and pen on the nightstand. And my boyfriend wasn't there for me to wake up, I was alone in the bedroom. I had the light on and wrote in the notebook while sitting in bed. The walls were a sort of warm creamy yellow color, which they are not IRL.

      Then my alarm clock rang.

      The false-awakening dream journaling did actually help my dream recall. I really did basically write down everything from the past two dreams I'd had, which helped me remember them when I woke up for real!
    2. Santa Claus, Bringer of Storms

      by , 11-09-2013 at 04:04 AM
      Original Journal Entry - Feb. 1st, 2002:

      Santa Claus was actually an evil overlord who derived his power from people giving him pennies (thus granting him control over them). He caused storms and floods that destroyed entire villages. But we robbed him of his power, and he became a decrepit old man who traveled around with a family in a station-wagon. One of the little girls in the family learned his power, that is, to clap her hands and cause thunderstorms. The station-wagon then floated magestically across the ocean, into the sunset.

      Original journal entry dated Jan. 31, 2002:

      I had a dream that I was in a grade school fighting demons with an iron, and was afraid to stand still too long because they would come up through the floor. It had the Gundam pilots in it, for whatever reason. Then there was something about a woman being a train on train tracks going through a flooded city, and meanwhile I was a juvenile delinquent trying to set myself straight and failing miserably.

      I lived in an apartment with the old dude from Men In Black. And then I was taking care of my pet rabbit, and for some reason the radiator was in the bathroom. I was cleaning her cage and set it next to the radiator, and somehow she got out of the cage and into the radiator. I managed to get her out but she was VERY badly burned, and really cut up, so I was flipping out and my mother (who was suddenly there for some reason) was telling me to cut it out because the burns were only third degree (?!) and she wasn't missing THAT much skin. Then mom woke me up (in real life) to tell me that she had let my rabbit run around on the deck for another hour or so. Then I went and checked on my rabbit (this is awake, in real life) who was remarkably unburnt and had all of her skin. *shudder*
    3. Rabbits and Graduation

      by , 03-29-2013 at 10:39 PM
      I had some difficulty initially falling asleep which disrupted attempts to use a mantra. Attempted DEILD last night. Wasn't successful at entering a lucid dream, but it did result in a very long non-lucid that resumed every time I went back to sleep.

      These dreams are non-lucid but there is a very, very low level of semi-lucidity running through them, especially the later ones. I was not lucid but had some idea on a very basic level that it was not real, although I didn't realize it was a dream or even unconsciously influence the dreams. The fact that Bun popped up in the first dream was a clue that my dreaming mind was aware on at least a basic level, as summoning and petting Bun was one of my lucid goals. It's especially telling that in the dream, I was aware that this Bun was not the "real" Bun but she was still a perfect replica.

      #1 - I have a pet rabbit again. I have named her Bun, after my last pet rabbit, and she looks exactly the same as my "old" Bun. I understand that this new rabbit is not my old rabbit (who died of old age) but she looks and behaves a lot like her. I don't feel sad in this dream. I feel happy that I have my rabbit back, in some form, again.

      This is interesting to have popped up in a non-lucid dream, since one of my lucid goals is to summon Bun, pet her, and keep her in my base so I can play with her whenever I want to see her again. This was one of the goals I meditated on as I fell asleep. Alright, I know that's sad, but I miss her a lot.

      On a side note: domesticated house-rabbits can be trained with very simple commands. They're devious, though, and not nearly as obedient as a dog.

      I am building a cage for her. The cage came in a box, in several pieces, and is about 6' long. I've built a rabbit cage before, but this one is put together very oddly, so I'm having some difficulty.

      In addition, New Bun is not trained like Old Bun is, so instead of obediently waiting in the same room as me while I prepare her cage, she keeps running off into areas of the apartment she shouldn't be in. I'm in an old bedroom of mine with light brown carpet. New Bun keeps chewing on the carpet and furniture, even when I tell her "No". I'm not angry, but I am a bit exasperated, because I spent so much time training the last rabbit not to do that and I don't want to have to do it all over again. I keep chasing after New Bun and carrying her back to my room, which is difficult because holding onto a squirming rabbit who doesn't want to be carried AND doesn't want to go where you're taking her is like trying to hold onto an angry water balloon.

      She runs off AGAIN and this time I find her wriggling behind a server case, where there are a ton of wires. She's nibbling on the wires and doesn't pay attention to me scolding her. I pull the wires aside and try to grab her, but she wriggles in further. I disconnect the power so she doesn't electrocute herself. I have to move the entire case and disconnect all of the wires in order to get to her, and by now I'm pretty irritated.

      I carry her (still as squirmy as before) back to the room and set her down. "Stay!" I command. She doesn't listen perfectly, but doesn't try to charge out the door again. I finally finish putting the cage together, and she bounds into her cage and settles down for a nap.

      I wake up. I meditate on the dream and attempt to re-enter.

      I fail at a DEILD and when the dream picks up again, I am non-lucid. My "mother", a woman with short blonde hair whom I have never met, comes into the room where I am petting Bun. She tells me that I need to get ready for my graduation ceremony. I close the door to Bun's cage and tell her goodbye.

      The dream jumps locations and I am in a graduation ceremony that is being held at a place that is somehow simultaneously a yacht club and a water park. There is dance music playing and there is some sort of after-party. DJs have divided into Red and Blue teams, and over the course of the party, people are supposed to vote on which team's mix they like the most. Blue Team wins, although I don't particularly care. They put their mix CDs up for sale, but I'm not really interested; it's all super clubby "bro" techno. The party ends and it's time for me to pack my stuff up and move.

      I wake up and use the bathroom. I meditate on the dream as I do so. When I lie back down the dream resumes. Throughout this section of the dream, I am almost nearly awake; I'm more aware that this is dreamlike but still not aware that I am dreaming, and do not affect the dream even subconsciously.

      A friend of the family is helping me move to college. He looks like Dwight Shrute, for some reason, but he's not nearly as much of a jerk or nearly that creepy. The blonde haired woman - who was my mom before, but is now just a friend - rented a U-haul so she and her family could move their stuff, and is allowing me to pack some of my stuff in it since I'm moving somewhere that's sort of on the route to their new home. It's a long trip, and I ride in the back of the cab. "Dwight" chats with me the whole time. I want to chat with him about a movie about a group of people who make video games, but I can't remember the name of the movie and it's frustrating me.

      Toward the end of the trip, the blonde woman reappears in the passenger seat - I hadn't known she was there, I think to myself, and think that it's so odd that she suddenly appeared there, but don't gain lucidity. I begin to look through my wallet; I only have a $20 and a $5. "Dwight" had paid for the gas and the blonde woman had paid for the U-haul, so I feel like I owe them something. I am debating the tackiness of handing them $25 total and telling them to split the money amongst themselves when I wake up.
    4. Dead Rabbits

      by , 07-06-2008 at 12:09 AM
      Original dream dated July 04, 2008:
      Dreamed that Reese and I were trying to get home from an airport called Mariana airport, and we couldn't. Mom was supposed to pick us up, but never showed up, so we took the bus instead. Somewhere along the line, it turned into Reese driving her jeep, and we got stuck in traffic on the Interstate. It turned out that Mom had never planned on picking us up and there had been a miscommunication. For some reason, we lived in a 2-story white house.

      I had a dream that my pet rabbit had a heart attack and was dying, so I wrapped her up in a purple towel and cried while she groomed my head.

      Original dream dated July 05, 2008:
      I had a dream that I was working on rules for a D20 game, and they turned into rules for the world...

      Somewhere along the way, we got invaded by alien wasps that climbed up your nose and replaced your brain, stealing your soul. It happened to me, and I wasn't technically supposed to get another 'chance' at working things out in the world, but for some reason, I was given one. I had to abide by the rules I'd written, though, which stated that if you lost then it would rain forever and everything would be covered by 500 feet of soil over the next few thousand years. I escaped from the original area (which was quite dangerous) with some friends of mine, including a tall brown-haired man. We got to a coffee shop and tried to figure out what to do. We were sort of stuck in there, at least one of us was covered in blood, and I realized that we were all doomed unless I recovered the book I'd been working on and revised the rule set. The brown haired guy offered to run through the rain for several miles to get it, but it was very dangerous out there and there were zombies, and I argued that if he died it was permanent but I could revive myself... the dream left off there.
    5. Old Dream: Maze Boss

      by , 06-28-2004 at 03:23 AM
      June 27, 2004:
      I had this dream that I had Bunbun and a cat in cages, and they kept getting out, and I was afraid that the cat was going to eat Bunbun so I put her back in her cage, but every time I turned around she was back out of it.

      In the end, I had to keep the cat in the cage and give up on keeping Bunbun in her own cage.

      June 18, 2004:
      Last night I had a dream that the cast of 8 Bit Theater was driving a jet plane down highway 41. I know there was a plot and stuff but I don't remember it, only that they eventually got the plane stuck in a hotel lobby.

      June 30, 2004:
      I had this dream I was fighting the forces of evil in a video game. Or else it was a theme park. But you accessed each room by going through a maze in virtual reality and entering little trap doors. In the end, I had to go to this one area, which had a pretty cool design scheme, and go to the "Jail", which was also technically a portal to Hell. Everything was on fire and the main boss I had to fight was impervious to normal weapons. I realized that in order to kill him, I was going to have to bring a mage with me or else get magical weapons (I was thinking of getting a gun with enchanted bullets). But I realized that enchanted weapons probably wouldn't be enough, nor would one person. So I raised an army and we went and stormed the building and brought that mofo down.